Brazilian Steakhouse - HUGE BEEF RIBS + 14 MEATS CHURRASCARIA in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!

Brazilian Steakhouse - HUGE BEEF RIBS + 14 MEATS CHURRASCARIA in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!

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Hey everyone I hope you're having an amazing day it's mark Wiens I'm in Rio de Janeiro Brazil and tonight for dinner we are going to a Brazilian, steakhouse, barbecue. And this is gonna be my very first time to ever go to a Brazilian steakhouse so, I'm glad that my, first experience, will be in Brazil, there's a lot of culture that surrounds Brazilian barbecue and I know it's gonna be all you can eat meat and the juices, are gonna flow, and I know there's a whole salad bar as well we're gonna find out I'm gonna share all the meat with you in this video. How, are you man good welcome. To Rio thank, you thank you, what's the name of the record that were Suhas, Correa palace, coup task area pallets yeah Soha spare me the steakhouse awesome, in Portuguese, in the name of the show has career its palace awesome. And then we decided to take the metro, because traffic is bad and, it was just one stopped get. Ready for some serious meat. Yes. We walked over to Copacabana. The area of Copacabana, and this is where the steak is the truth asked area oh man I can already to meat. And, already it's pretty full this evening, but, then yeah. The Roebuck, and then guild, headman has arranged, a room, in. The back here I think so it's quieter, back here we're gonna be able to know they're gonna come around with the meat oh man. Yeah immediately. As you step in here you can smell like there one roast in a room of the meat. We. Just met with head chef, Silvia. Pepsin, vibrate yes, hi cheffy of Lucky's bringing us into the kitchen to see whether Gerling, roasting, the meat. Okay. Great great. All. Of these are on spits, they're. All on steaks they're all rooting and, what's really interesting are the different cuts of meat which are different, specific, to Brazil, the different cuts in. Different parts, of the meat that they use and how they cut it and one of the I, don't remember the name was what is that what's the. Is. From the hump of. This. Is one of the special. Means when you come to Brazil is cooking, cooking, cooking. What. Is you. Yes. I seem about nah that's, a buck oh yeah, you know the enemy was telling me that meat lovers they love it because of the mix of fat and the flavors, of tenderness and so what they do all of the meat apart, from the ribs which are marinated, I think most of the meat is not really marinated, but, it's just salted, it's roasted. And then when they take it off the grill they, just, like kind, of they used a knife and just kind of like add a little bit of that rock salt on to the meat and, then it goes back on the grill. Beef. Beef ribs. The. Beef ribs, cabinet. Very. Huge, and they're cooked for 12 hours. To. Days marination, and then 112. Hours cooking and you can see you could probably just like pull. Out that bone and it was just like slide, out it's. Your. Channel. It's. A nice to meet you. I. Cannot take the meat sweats or my mouth watering any longer we're going back to the table to start eating oh my. God. You. Have the, reference. Nation in English. So. Then this is coming for TRADOC idiot you always have a buffet that looks, salad, and salad and it's, good also like part of bombs are chokes oysters. Salman. Their condiment, section is out of control, the dressings, the mustards, the barbecue sauce the ketchup though look at this selection of olive oils, the si Racha the, chili sauces. Tabasco. But, then along, with two s cady along with your meat there's, always a salad, bar so there's vegetables, there's different salads there's tomatoes there's part. Of palm there's, some asparagus, and there's even some seafood there's some oysters there's some. Squid. And some students. So. You kind, of value its it's good to balance meat with vegetables. So. The first meet has arrived this is the hump and normally you can start with the salad bar but, we hadn't like that, meat was too tempting we have to start immediately chef, Sylva has brought it to our table, and so, the custom, practice is. It. Comes right off yeah he slices, object. Just. Flaking. Apart and. Then you grab it oh. Okay. You just see like the strings, of them meet the flakes of it oh. Wow, that is amazing. Is. One of my favorite cut. You. Know. All. The roots the beef ribs from your head. Oh. Hopefully. Got. It's. Just like well thank you get you to call you. We're. Set up and finally, prime, rib. Thank. You welcome. Banana. They. Just started coming around the meet like coming, around with a meet like a storm, like I, don't. Even know how to react, it's just unbelievable.

You Brought up the beef ribs. The reef ribs are massive. And you could just see like the meat wobbling, around and you like lifted, the, layer, like the cap of fat took, out a slice of that meat and then like he, lay, out his technique, of slicing, it of cutting, it the. Tenderness just, shines you can tell it's just gonna melt in your mouth like I haven't even tasted the meat oh we already got three, types, of there Primus. Best. Most well-known meats, this. Is plate number one and it just looks. It's. Just like dripping, with juices, and glistening. Wouldn't that we should go back to that first meat that he served which is the cup come copi. And copii and pop in and you can see how this is the this is the layer that is roasted, and then underneath that's the under. Underside, but, ya, Yin already said it is just unbelievably. Good. Wow. The, mix, of that like, it's almost like a car it's so tender it's almost like stringy, it just strings, apart okay mm-hmm. And I love how the outer edge is kind of crispy from being roasted, but. It's like smooth soft and yeah, that, is pure while. We wha meet you, have to pace yourself otherwise you can go crazy here. We. Call like an adult playground. Like on the pallets it is okay. Next up I gotta try the beef ribs oh man, that just you, you definitely do not need a knife for that Cheers. The, ribs are so. So. Tender and so string in so flavorful, this one is this sirloin, or. The prime rib, yeah. But. Prime. Rib is, unbelievable. The juiciness, I like, I like my meat rare so that is like. Like. The pure saltiness, of it Wow. Om. Yes. Okay. Yeah. Seriously just after being, here for only 10 minutes like. The mint comes around so, fast you can already tell you just need to pace yourself or you, could just go meat. Crazy, and be, stuffed, in like 30 minutes but you want to you want to pace yourself you want to relax you want to keep on eating for as long as possible. Okay. Got some chilies some of the preserves like kind of like pickled, oiled chilies to go with the meat next let's.

Try Another bite of let's, go back to the hump and, yeah you don't even need a knife you. Can just you can just fork fork cut it and then I'll try it with a scotch, bonnet chili. On top. You. Know as I was taking that virus right Nicole -. A little kike mmm. You brought some of the Carolina Reaper, chili sauce we immediately have to change our course of eating and try some of the Carolina Reaper sauce. Is. That too much for throw one bite. That's. A that's a good amount let's try it. Carolina. Reaper sauce fun yes. Amazing. It's. Not too spicy. It's. Like a very like overly. Pronounced habanero, like, yes, kind, of like going up your nose a little bit oh my little boy that's a flavor to those whole chili, oh. You. Can feel the burn like, very good. This. Is one of the national, drinks of Brazil caipirinha I say. Hmm. It's. Sweet and sour and like. Refreshing that. Does taste, very good after a bunch of. Carolina. Reaper, chili sauce oh man. That, is like, it's addictive. Spicy. It's so good okay said parcel mistake. We. Haven't even had a chance to get salads, because the meat just comes around and so good this, one is the top sirloin and, that. Fat cap is just unbelievable. Look. At that cut I. Just. Have to add a little a little. Scoop of the Reaper. That. Carolina, Reaper sauces it's like addictive, spicy once. You start eating it you can't stop. And. That fat cap it's melting, it's melting on my tongue right now colder. Stadium. 1985. Chef Sylva he is a meat master, he has been working. With make carving, meat cooking, meat for over 35, years the. Beef shoulder. All. The juiciness. Oh. We. Get that Oh, wonderful. Yeah. Although. Like the strings, of that the the Greens of that the, juiciness, event. I just bit down at it like squirted, the, shoulder. Is amazing, soon as the lamb-lamb, like walking or wine or something with that fat that, fat cap one another beauty it's. Kind of like curled up a little bit. That. Ratio of 50%, fat. Is. So fatty. So. Tender. Okay. Chef Sylva just brought around the lamb chops with. Mint sauce. Wow. Oh the me just it never stops, but, I am gonna take a break because I, need, to try the heart of palm to break up the break, up the fatty meats the heart of palm oh that's. Just like slices, it's so it's so soft like cheese. So. Much wonderful it's kind of like bamboo shoots but. It's. Really juicy okay, this one is the next a, sweet. Palm. Wow. That almost has a honey taste to it but again has that like bamboo shoot' kinda consistency. I'm. Not for you thank you welcome, drooping. Back. To Amina and it we just served me an ostrich, steak. It's. Really weaned and like. It's. Similar to beef but even with like a more. Pronounced, flavor cut and, really, lean in flavor. Chef. Sylva just does not he. Just does not let, up on us he just keeps coming around with the steaks of, me this. One is the like. A veal steak. I have not even seen the bottom of my plate yet this meal and again that fat cap oh. It's. So juicy. It's. Like a fat helmet, on this on this piece, was. It rough the other stream the, web. Check it oh no. Ok. That. Might be the juiciest, PCF every frame is there's no way. I'm. Starting, to get a serious, case of the meat sweats and chef. Sylva he just does not let, up he's just he's, no breaks for chef Sylva meat. Is flowing. And we have not repeated anything. This. Is chef Silva's, creation. It's, the chorizo meat, and then also another. Type that is juicy. And he cooked it on that hot fight. That's. Hot fresh. Extraordinary. Juicy. Wow. They're just like more firm but it's so juicy. My. Boys got a you almost. Forgot about the lamb ribs, lamb. Chops. Oh. I. Think. I just got an entire cap of fat in that bite Oh Shelly. I'm. For some vegetables, this is the owners salad, that go ahead may ordered. Their sled as there's tomatoes there's onions. All. Those tomatoes and. That salad tastes extra good right now I fed that much meat. Would. You would, you oh. That's. Refreshing, you know. John. Who's been up on a Jewish Bob hey. Jonah Mazzone alive Geneva five. We. Were definitely slowing. Down the. Meat the, meat is hitting us hard, but. He came around with the skewer this is a freshwater. Amazon. Fish, which. We yeah we got to try it yeah. That'll. Get. Out of her it's so firm it's almost like chicken. Mmm. Really. Good I. Got. The ribs in that maybe she had a little, stamping on all my dishes from, fish but also Amazon. Thick yeah just an almost audition it should be we've got one more this is the last of the meats and this is another Amazon fish, the, ribs of the fish chef, Sylva.

Demand, The hero the, hero of, the night. It's. A serious, protein, ever dose. Could, be the jet lit could be the jet lag could, be the caffeine you could be the just the straight-up, meat sweats but, like I don't, know if I can get off this sofa. Seat right now, physically. Physically. I don't think I can. That's. Great. I'm. Like almost. To the perimeter meat right now chef, Sylva insisted, that we have the ribs these, are straight fish ribs I've never seen up it looks like a pork rib but it's fish. And. That like literally. Is like the texture, of like. Pork and chicken, Wow. That, is that's. Crazy. And amazing you would not believe that's fish yes that's like straight chicken, like, chicken ribs chef, Sylva, what. A man, what. A man, what. A chef the, hero the hero of the night chef Sylva, thank you he like took care of us his service, and the. Way he served us in carpets the meat that was phenomenal. Thank. You thank, you boba Nagato. We've. Moved on to dessert this is one other house dessert, it's called, Kats. Egg it's ice cream with a variety of different I'll thank you with, a variety of different chocolates, and then a drizzle, done altogether, that's, their creation. All, that chocolate sauce I'm not that huge onion service but after eating that much like salsa me pause a few bites of sweet, dessert, tastes really good actually and. That. Completes, this. True das CATIA Brazilian. Steakhouse, barbecue, experience man. At this stage. What's. Up. At. This stage in the in, the Brazilian steakhouse experience, it's just hard to walk it's hard to think it's. Wow. That. Was a, meat, experience. Of your dreams. You. Know that feeling of coming out of a movie theater like after you've been sitting in a theater for three hours that's. Like the exact same feeling I'm getting right now it's like it's. Like a different world out here. But. That really was. The Brazilian. Meat. Of your dreams, that was like every, every dream. Every. Every. Thought I had about Brazilian meat, is now, in my stomach. My, first time to have a Brazilian steakhouse experience. And yeah that, exceeded my expectations, the different, cuts of meat everything was different everything tasted different the textures, the varieties, the different wellness. 'as of the meet huge, thank you to Gil headman and to Rafaella and by the way Gil, head man he was also making a video real for fun Rio for food I'll have his links in the description box below and. That. Was so much fun to hang out it's such a social, one. Tip is that you want to pace. Yourself don't. Like take, too much meat at too, fast at once or you will just be stuffed in like ten minutes because, the meat just it just doesn't stop okay. That, was an amazing an amazing meal I want to say a big thank you for watching this video and if, you're not already subscribed be sure to subscribe I'm gonna be publishing, an entire huge. Series, of Brazil. Food from around the country we're gonna be traveling around the entire country she'll be sure to check out all of the other videos in this Brazilian, food to her series thanks, again for watching goodbye. From, Rio de Janeiro see, you on the next video.

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Love to see you're enjoying the food we eat in America From Mexico to Brazil

Looks good. I would have gone with the seafood. I feel bad for the toilet though.

Unfortunately the best Rio steakhouse closed a few years ago. Porcão

Chulada de platillos men

You didn’t even have gammon


Dude! - - *you can't get this translated into Portuguese*

+Marsha Singoredjo 20 dollars

I must say that chief Silva is a wonderful man


OMG!Psychological torture.

This is the FIRST time I’ve seen Mark lean back and say “that’s it, I’m done !” lol! Great video, amazing friends and chef !

เหมือนได้ยินคำว่า ขอบคุณครับ 555

You are killing me Mark I mean I am fasting

I don’t believe you ate thA

Awesome video mark . I will say this again , Mark always brings his family when he travels. Such a beautiful lifestyle with his family . Blessings .

but like... how much did that cost?

May I suggest of getting rid of the the light took the mood out of the video I would like to see the real atmosphere and colours not light shining of the food. Still enjoying your videos.

Churrasco are amazing.

The price U$35 per person.


Hey Mark how much does it cost to go enjoy a dinner like that? Looked amazing!!

Visit Guatemala city try there food!

This is the worst kind o churrascaria. No wood, no charcoal. They use gas fire. Not authentic.

Y r people so afraid to eat the fat on the beef ribs. Its the best part.

I’ve at Palace bbq so many times. My favorite bbq in Rio. In São Paulo - fogo de chão

I'm so amazed to see you eating and love our food =). I was really looking forward to when you come to Brazil. Love ur channel man!

Nice fudtrip

How do you stay so skinny eating food if this kind?

Deveria ter vindo em São Paulo

Os caras leva o gringo pra comer na churrascaria que tem churrasqueira a gás kkkkkk, leva o cara para o sul em uma churrascaria típica brasileira, isso aí é churrascaria de falso gaúcho que foi ganha a vida no Rio.

I love your dedication and love for food. BTW, you have a beautiful family

Wow watching you eat alll that meat!! At one restaurant!! Wow! But you are right pacing is good if your trying everything so yes pace! pace! pace!! And hearing micah in the back saying daddy! So sweet.

vegetables? Not!

what a nice restaurant

His skinniness freaks me out a little bit.

Heart attack rates increase only from watching this video.

Mark Valeuu de novo! Steakhouse from state Brazil : Rio Grande do Sul border Argentina and Uruguay. This authentiv bbq Gaucho

Sub Thai please.

Very hungry alien inside you

I bet after watching this, in our heads " i really need meat right now"

Vegans are rioting.......I'm so hungry.

I need chef Silva in my home

Brazilian food looks amazing

Steakhouses in Brazil =

Mark, u should do body check up once Awhile since u eat meat and fat a lot..

Mark Wiens hi mark. This barbecue you ate was made in an electrical grill. The real deal would be a traditional southern ground fire. They use wood made stick and cook for hours in a wood fire brases so the meat gets much better and with that wood smokines. Need to taste the real churrasco in southern brasil or Uruguai. It would be a whole new level of meat. You will forget what you had in Rio, that you probably find good, but is nothing compared to the meat from Southern Pampas.

Mark, ande pelo brasil, você vai descobrir muitas delicias, você vai se surpreender, e não de ouvido de mais para o Guilherme do Rio4fun ele é preconceituoso, acha de o hot dog do Rio de Janeiro é melhor que de São Paulo..... kkkkkkkkkkkkk Abraços sou seu fâ

Ho ho ho ho ual

The yummy face

You are the super star of the food YouTubers Mark bro..

i love all the foods

I was already hungry waiting for my dinner, you made me crave for steak! Why you do this!?

subscribe me friends

I hate to be a vegan rn

Jesus why do I keep watching these videos!!! Im sitting in a pool of drool right now .

Hey Mark! Is Paraguay on your list of countries to visit one day?

Amazing man

Mark. Historically the Southern Region in Brasil is where the culture of raising cattle and eating meet is older and stronger. It is the origin of “Churrasco” which is meet cooked on ground wood fire. For us is almost insulting to see a Brazilian guy taking you to a place where they cook meat with a gas grill abd tell you is a traditional barbecue. I would invite you to Porto Alegre, to try the real deal. Here every home has a barbecue place where we grill meat in brases. The best and most traditional “Churrasco” you can only find in Southern Brasil, Uruguai and Argentina. I would like to apologize for my brazilian folk who mislead you to this , at best average place.

I'm fasting aka dying rn

Your son said wow the way you do lol

Mouth water overload

Nice video

Meat paradise


Oh my it tortures me .....

The meats looked good but the caipirinha made my mouth water. Haven’t had one in ages.

Don't you got fat here in Brazil, buddy? LOL

plz have one in chiang mai thx so much

How much?

I was there at Churrascaria Palace on March. It was fantastic.

I have to say, i really loving your videos. I have already seen some Americans reacting to foods that they do not know as if it were poison without even proving it, but you are always willing and even when you have some qualification you do it in a good-humored and respectful way (as in the case of caipirinha in another video). Thanks for showing our cuisine in a smart way and better yet, explaining everything in a way that people in other countries can understand. Very good job.

This Comment For Chef Silva . I Have Never Ever Seen Respectful Chef In My Life Who Care Urs .. Thanks To ( Chef Silva )

that wasn't a fish rib, that was a small whale!

MARK. I can see the meat sweats on your face. LOL Been there done that brother.

20 min vlog over in 5 min



Love the meat and hot sauce combo.

You must visit Argentina !!

Wow!! Everything looks amazing, meat your heart out!

I can only watch that for so long before I start drooling. Torture.

Brazil has so many choices of steak I've ever seen. Names I never new existed. Body parts I never knew was on a cow. Haha

I hate watching these videos when I am hungry

Ring back the costs

Impressao minha ou nao é a carvao o churrasco?

I need to knw the price! can u tell me the cost of this meal mark?

Oh hello micah I can’t stop watching you. Love from the Philippines

When that salad showed up I started laughing!

Nice Polish golonka

Are u visiting the NEtherlands as well?

Muy bonito Brazil


i’m a meat lover so I love watching it.. I’m drooling

Poor COWS! ---  sarcasm

The Brazilian steakhouses in Edmonton give you a double-sided red and green coaster and if you want a time out from the endless parade of meat, you flip it over to the red side. Someday I'll have to go to Rio and see how the OG compares, because we Albertans are awfully proud of the quality of our beef.

I absolutely love your facial expressions every time you taste something delicious this video goes down as one of my favorites you are absolutely the most fun person to watch for street food videos thank you very much for making all these videos I really really really enjoyed them you make me feel as if I were there with you Sensational

Rodízio de carnes na churrascaria. Excellent food and really good service, wirh só good meats

Is that a dell laptop? Which model?

This type of churrascaria is a common thing in Brazil, and easy to find in almost all cities of the country.

It can't be just me wondering why the hell Mark hasn't been on TheHotOne, right?

That's a lot of meat! Have you ever traveled to Alaska?

love love you in Brazilian Mark , seja sempre bem vindo ao nosso país.

how can some one eat so much and stlll be so skinny ;)

not too spicy... yah ok

I"'m afraid to ask how much that was!

Would it be just steakhouse?

Love this churrascaria! It is conveniently located near Belmond Copacabana Hotel!

Churrasco a gás? Que merda

taí um boi que morreu atoa.

Sorry to say that you are headed for a cardiac arrest or stroke with all of that fat consumption.................

Mark Wiens needs to go on HotOnes, like yesterday.

That beef steak needs a hall of fame IMHO..

5:34 Micah: *oh wow* like father like son.. haha

damn that girl is hot

Brasil 1 x 0 Mark Wiens


One day Mark will try a food so amazing his eye will pop all the way out of his head.

Can I be his son instead

Never seen Mark so happy..

There are 700 vegetarians disliked the video


How much was it?

Bem vindo ao Brasil

Mr Mark hy from Pakistan in this video you have not mentioned the total price of steak as usually u mention in previous videos.

Don't mean to be vulgar but you must have had a severe case of meat farts!!!! Lol


Sublime and epic! Forever, I have wanted to circle South America. It will cost a horrible amount of money, but it will be worth it!

Pain meds and weed will make anybody feel the way you felt!!! I just wish everyone was honest with EVERYONE!!

Joe ! holding the light and managed eating cute

Wow Mark you are really making me want to go to Brazil! Such a great video!

Omg that amazing meat and caipiriña, Copacabana Beach, i need to go there. Chef Silva look a very nice person

Me and my brother loves your channel

Stand up for animals rights

With very nice Jobim's music.

Thanks for the love and respect mark

For sure, we will try those steak when visiting Brazil

Você arrebenta, Mark. Junto do boca de jacaré então... ABSURDO DE FODA

SPOILER: I was amazed to see that ostrich meat looks more like beef than turkey

Deveria ir em uma churrascaria a carvão né!!!!!!!

This guy has a permanent smile

Excellent video Mark, I can only imagine the smell and taste. Be safe in you're travels, and God Bless you and you're family.

o gringo comeu tanto que não aguentava mais kkk muito bom video abraços Brazilian


What a carnivore.

I wish there was a Brazilian steakhouse in Karachi

That looked like an amazing meal

You and I both.

Christiano Franklin American $65 - $75 per a person.

Right @5:34: Like Daddy, like Son... "wwwwwwOw…" Were those Micha's "first words?" If YES, too dog-gone funny. Best to you, Ying, and Micha.

I never skip a second of watching your videos. Love you

Mark Wiens, you live the life my brother... Food and Life is Such a Beautiful Thing!!! Don't cha Think???

Why so many commercials on your videos


mark wiens looks like a psychopath

Churrasqueira a gás ? Afff

Chef Silver so pleasant

Nice!! Chef is so courteous, he knows what good customer service is, and you can see he cooks with soo much pride.

Meat Orgy

Mark sometimes people stuff the hump meat with bacon and cheese ohhhh boy, next time

Você arrebenta, Mark. Junto do boca de lagarto então... ABSURDO DE FODA

olha só kkkkk me confundi, já mudei

É boca de lagarto

That's Brazil we not j.k.

Hey Mark, Nice video!! Congrats and when will you upload your visit to Belo Horizonte?


Mark needs to wear his Pakistani Shalwar suit for such meals

I have been self displined to decrease my body fat by eat veg salad but this video makes me want to eat beef and lamb steak buffet

How much does it cost to eat at the churrasqueria?

brasileiro se aproveita dos dinheiro dos outros

I’m going to Rio in two weeks I’m definitely going here

Meat coma!!! Don’t watch it if you’re hungry!


That must be one of your peak experiences.. amongst so many already. So delicious.

Omg. Yum

this video is very good


I ate at rodizio restaurants in hamburg and lisbon, but visiting one in rio must be the pinnacle of deliciousness. Guess I'm jealous now.

You are the best valeu

I’d kill for those ribs. Preferably a cow.

I am veru happy that you are in my country ! , i wish you a lot f success . stronge embrace

I am watching this while eating my Nasi Padang, so yummy !!!!

salads is for chumps, forgettaboutit

Marsha Singoredjo I might be wrong, but I think that it’s around R$120,00 or 30 dollars.

Hey Mark, come to São Paulo/SP, it would be a pleasure for me to show you some good places aswell. My name is Lucas, and you can contact me thru the email Cyah!

Тупые амеры , жрут сырое мясо , и радуются как дети этому чуду!

Реклама Авито всех затрахала в говно, я ебал в рот эту авиту!

Тупые Америкоссы , не можете ни хуя, даже мясо пожарить не можете, с верху горелое , внутри кровь течёт, ещё и бля хвастаются какое у них получилось мясо!

Glad you got to experience some of my culture :)

Again, your eyes lit up and sparkle when you hit flavour and or heat! Reminds me of the grill restaurants in downtown Buenos Aires.


I want to have a heart attack just watching Mark eat so much meat .

Chef Silva killed it!!!!!

Lucky guy.

Nosso churrasco é muito insano, sem comparação kkk

This place looks incredible ! Thanks for taking us along with you...great vlog !!

I just love you and your family, Mark. God bless and safe, happy travels.

Muito bom! Fiquei doido pra conhecer este local.

Hey Mark! When are you coming to Armenia? I promise you will have the best time and food ever!

Unhealthy foods.... if too much meats

Just come across yourself mark and watched this video.. great video.. loved it.. just booked in to this restaurant on the 13th June.. Can not wait you’ve inspired me.. see you soon Copa de America.

I love your Pakistan vlog. Its your best vlog till now. I wish i could visit pakistan

Bless you for your faith in peppers

Mark... You are crazy...

Guys I’m Brazillian aswell, and I’ve been in that place a few times. The price of the “all u can eat” was around R$150,00 (Brazillian $$$) for each person. Converting it for American Dollar it goes to $38,00. But remember, that price is without drinks and desserts. The last time I went there, I spent R$250,00 (Reais) or something around $63,00 (American Dollar).

beautiful just beautiful


+Mayke Luiz Souza Lopes Thanks a lot not to worry about English language

is 35$ all meat, this practice have a name "Rodizio", all the meat only one price, (Sorry my bad english)

Que Rico se ve todo vamos a Brasil

I love Brazilian steak houses

Mangan kok suwine ngono

Chef silver i just want to hug you

Invite me bro

Who’s fasting and watching this

I can’t wait to see your son on YouTube or other video platform in 20 years fallowing your footsteps.

That was a meat fest mark


Para de jogar pimenta em tudo caraiiiiii

Chef Silva, you are amazing!

It's great watching Mark and his food adventures, but the guy isn't honest enough, imo. Surely everything he eats is not amazing. Tell us what sucks, is okay, and then what is excellent. Otherwise, he lacks credibility.

Oh waow!

this video made me want to eat an entire cow

Mark Wiens mangane akeh juga, weteng karet, amot akeh


When a vegan has a nightmare...

+icewall flatearth top restaurante 25,30 dollars

wow sarap naman

I"oooh waooh" i love that segment and the way you respect every culture.

He didn't mention the price of that huge dinner , did he ?

The brazilian host is super handsome :-)

It's real reeeal bbq, but there are better places than this.

A gente sempre foi pra essa churrascaria quanto morou no Rio. O carne lá tava ótimo! Gostei das costeletas de cordeiro! Saudades do Brasil!

What about your Peruvian experience? Not going to edit it?

Damn man you make indonesian subtitles. Still can't believe it

Isso em churrasqueira a gás, imagina em uma com carvão.

i have never been to Brazilain steak house... look like meat paradise

*_Olho do gringo quase cai para cada garfada que ele dá_* Kkkk Quem é Br dá um Up!!

Video nota 10...

I planned many times to ask you to try our food and now seems like you did !!! I’m a Brazilian and I’m proud of our food heritage !! Enjoy it God bless you ! Pastor Sam :)

Copacabana was a restaurant in Goodfellas

Almost ate my phone

The brazilian bbq is the simplest ever just rock salt and a good ember

Vai brazilian

Esse maluco só veio aqui comer de graça

I like watching mark because he looks like a super nice guy on a lot of crack

Wow what a fabulous place the food looked amazing , you lucky guy, Ying's little face when she had the meat, so cute.

how much did all that cost lol

Whenever I see your face smile n your eyes roll in the back of your head I know it's damn good! Lol. I always wait too see your face

I love tender meats

Oooh oh my goodness these meats look delicious. Your thee best. I pray one day I can go. You. Do the best places. Thank you for always sharing. I love your beautiful wife n lil man micah. He's adorable ♥

mark cancelled the eyeroll when someone talk to him lol

this video is a guide how to get stoned from meat lol

Rio all Stakes

Hey Dear how are you.

Mark I still think that the barbacoa at texcoco it’s better then that meat place !!!

Thanks for the great video/ steak house scenes, I love Rio , people friendly amazing food, and it is actually safer then Chicago USA. ..

Man, his butthole must be in a mutant state. He eats so much chillies/peppers. lol


WOW! One thing I must say. You are enjoying such wonderful meals, meanwhile 90% of Brazilians starve.... why don't you show the real side of Brazil?

Quem foi esse zé ruela que levou o gringo numa churrascaria com churrasco a gás?

Thank you for your videos. I love the expression in your eyes whenever you bite into deliciousness. Makes me hungry for whatever you're eating.

O melhor churrasco do mundo é aqui do Rio Grande do Sul, tu não sabe o que é um churrasco de verdade até comer um costelão 12 horas, feito no fogo de chão.

Foi na churrascaria e não comeu sushi parça, é a mesma coisa que nada kakakakakakaka

Editor: how do you want the video? Mark Weins: Obrigado

Beaf meat..and meat.. and there...Delicious!!!


Nosso churrasco é muito insano, sem comparação kkk Ele tem que ir para Minas gerais para comer os queijos

Esse traidor da pátria levou o cara para comer churrasco de gás! CHURRASQUEIRA A GÁS, MEU DEUS!

That blonde is beyond cute

This video is a vegans nightmare

ooooo wow oooooo wow oooooo wow ooooooo wow, ooooo woooww...

His wife sucking his d Mark wiens: ohhhhh

mark loves chilli sauce more than thai people!...

Churrascaria pra mim é no carvão! Mas o lugar é lindo!

Thought eating arapaima was illegal... I guess not

Do you come from poor beginnings? Because due to your lack of manners and how you see food show such in Brazil . In fact, people are laughing at you and not with you .

Thank you for comming to Brazil Mike. I've been watching your channel for years and I was really expecting for this moment. Cheers.

Jesus sooooo much meat i would have stayed glued to that seat until i digested all that i could only eat that much meat with hot pots

O fdp deve ficar uns 2 dias sem comer, não é possível, come igual um infeliz kkkkkk

Hello from istanbul mike. The meats look scrumptious.

I would come in with my wife and run off with her purse full of meat after she signs the divorce papers. Come back the next day as a tranny with her purse.

Finalmente vocês vieram ao Brasil ... Fico feliz que tenham gostado. .

hey mark , if you want the best Brazillian bbq experience please visit Rio Grande do Sul (another state), also known as brazillian chocolate land!!!

Mark, you should go to a more traditional stakehouse where they use charcoal instead! Please try that before leaving! Cheers!

Churrascaria Palace realmente é muito bom, fora do padrão.

Pena q eles nao fazem a carne com carvão:(

I'm hungryyyy!!!

Chef Silva, lovely guy, so proud and with good reason.. ❤️

I just came from here. If you go on the weekend before 5 they also have all you can eat lobster tails and shrimp.

Hey Mark Ho ho ho ho waw

*Vegans left the chat

With what foundation do you say that 90% of us Brazilians are hungry? There are yes people who are hungry here in Brazil, just like in any other country in the world, but it is a low percentage! Look for better information to avoid shame on the internet!

Nunca comi um churras do sul mais deve ser uma DILIXA , Costela , porco etc feito no fogo d chão deve ficar mto foda


"oooh waooh" i love that segment and the way you respect every culture.

+Andreas Lassance did you ordered like that huge meal ? I guess you ordered like normal one for one person but this meal it must be cost like 300 $ , am I right ?

I know that steak house. Last time a ate there was something like 50 US$


Wow!!!!! The carnivore diet!!

How much all that cost?

Oh wow that is amazing after every single mouthful on every one of his videos is what you'll hear from his mouth.

Micah saying “wow” with his pops!! The cuteness!!

Did I miss the price of this meal? What was the price of that delicious meal?

Is not the Pirarocu fish very very very big and long?? Emmm. big... a giant???

Way too much meat..imagine his

This asshole could make prisoners not want to have a go at some good meat.


Mark, for a good Rodizio, go to a place with live charcoal not gas.

I’ve never seen Mark so full! I’m glad you’re enjoying Brazil

O ciciash

Um um um goodness


Marcio Gouvea Silva whose mike ?

Imagine the hate comments if he said something wasn't good.

Marko wow I’m amazed once again please can I ask you visit ireland both the north and south I would to do a collaboration in going to various food places and what’s hidden in ireland for your tastebuds dude your awesome and inspiration to me.i know u have tons of folks commenting but dude you really inspire folks like myself. Best of luck and give Micah a high five myself and our family send you the best wishes god bless bro.

What a waste of meat, terrible description of what he’s trying... can’t believe a word of what he says as he’s reacts with the stupid ‘cum face’ every time.. I struggle to understand how he can make so many episodes in Rio and had done 3 short terrible videos in London. Whoever is doing your research needs to up their game as you have missed a trick there. P.s not everything needs ‘hot sauce’ with it.. if the food is as good as your stupid little face says then you won’t need to smother everything to mask the flavour. This is constructive and I’m happy to show you what food the uk has to offer as a huge injustice has been done there.


mark is living the liifeee

Mark and Chef Silva awesome. Love from India ❤

One day i will visist brazil!!

ALL YOU CAN EAT!!!!!!!!! Delicious churrasco!!!! Every major city in Brazil has a good steak house like this.

Vem pra Recife-PE

I guaranteed that the meats will not have Smokey taste, because it not cooked in a fired wood grill. Come on Mark, I believed you’d been to a better place?

Pow é eu comendo miojo

I'm Brazilian and living in the US for 20 years and I can tell you this: there is no stake house in the world like the churrascarias... Try Fogo de Chao and Texas do Brasil. They are unbeatable !!!


Queria comer a metade do que esse fidirapariga come e ser magro como ele é.

Mas aí não vale o churrasco não foi no carvão. O verdadeiro churrasco brasileiro é no carvão, amigo aí sim tem sabor. Mas valeu !*

+Cerqueira 295 I live in Brazil, Comrade. Here it's not just beaches and slums and people have nothing to eat. Brazil is far beyond that. All countries in the world have the bad side, the video guy is only showing the varied culinary variables of Brazil. If he wants to show bad things like people starving and etc, he does not have to leave his country. The percentage of people who are hungry here in Brazil is low.

He is showing the reality of Brazil,I think maybe you do not know Brazil very well.He is filming in another country?He recorded in the favela of Brazil or you have not seen the video yet?

777 sad arse vegans disliked this video lol

@7:36 me

Normally you list the price of all your meals, so I was surprised that you left this one out. After reading a bunch of reviews, it looks like it's about $149 per person. Wow! That seems crazy for Brazil. Must have been a restaurant for the hoity toity?

Adoro seu canal os videos que você fez no Brasil tinha que ter tradução.

Mark were born to eat, and I love watching it.

goddemnit there are Brazilians everywhere. I'm too

Netflix hire this man! He is a show on it's own, that's a success waiting to happen already!

Thank you for comming to Brazil Mark. I've been watching your channel for years and I was really expecting for this moment. Cheers.

christian anguiano fixed

@icewall flatearth top restaurante 25,30 dollars

@Marsha Singoredjo 20 dollars

@Hayat ullah khan Tareen teri maa ka halala hai kya wo nahi aayega mai aajata hu taiyyar rakh usko burke or panty mai

@Food Ranger to be depends on the quality but it can cost between $30-$70 usd

@Hayat ullah khan Tareen

Great food

Tá aí um restaurante que nunca irei colocar o pé

Mark, that place looked amazing and the meat looked spectacular. What is the price per person, for the meal that you experienced?

Around 35 dolars each without drinks.

Não gostei da carne crua


I absolutely love Mark, Ying and Micah. Especially love when Joel is in on the fun! Keep bringing me the world of sights and food Wiens Family. Cheers

Take a bow Chef Silva.

Would check your cholesterol, it must be through the roof.

@Fernando Oliveira I'm sure Mark appreciates your advocacy since I'm sure he agrees with you and wants to sell his soul to corporate demands and a profit determined by Netflix, not his own entrepreneurship.

@Tyrone Jeff O'Reilly Ramirez Thank god the first humans didn't think like u, and get comfortable in their caves eating raw meat for the rest of their days. We evolved and try always to do more stuff so just shut and let the man become more successful as u obviously don't know what that means. Oh u can go back and start send letters to me as internet should be much taxing for your capabilities.

@Fernando Oliveira you do know he makes 6 figures right? he has a million plus views per video with a tiny production crew. He makes plenty believe me and is extremely successful

@Tyrone Jeff O'Reilly Ramirez ok, u can keep wishing that he only have his youtube fans, meanwhile i keep wishing that he become even bigger and makes tons of money so he can do whatever content he wishes!

nope!!! then they'll corrupt him

Gary, why such strong language like "stupid little face?" Why are so angry at him? Also please support how the meat is being wasted. As for the hot sauce he said it was addictive. His green t-shirts shows a long chili. He is in Brazil yet they have Carolina Reapers from the States."He brought it" meaning Mark did not have it in his pocket. I doubt that he asked for it. Why shouldn't he try it and explain what it tastes like? I never heard him say anything derogatory about the meat and needing chilis to mask the tastes. He only used the sauce on two meats. So your "beef" is that he did a terrible job on his London videos? That justifies you calling him stupid twice?

I'm a vegan and still enjoy watching this dude. He cracks me up!!

@Cerqueira 295 I live in Brazil, Comrade. Here it's not just beaches and slums and people have nothing to eat. Brazil is far beyond that. All countries in the world have the bad side, the video guy is only showing the varied culinary variables of Brazil. If he wants to show bad things like people starving and etc, he does not have to leave his country. The percentage of people who are hungry here in Brazil is low.

@Andreas Lassance did you ordered like that huge meal ? I guess you ordered like normal one for one person but this meal it must be cost like 300 $ , am I right ?

Mark over here high OFF MEAT LMAO

Hello !!! I watch your videos wile I eat every time and it gaves me so much appetite and I am jealous of you haha. But you can also show the area of all these places that you visit? I mean I know you do it already but maybe even more? :D

Man, here in Brazil we have a saying that you are

The bad to see these videos and the hunger that comes after, but it is more a beautiful video

A trilha sonora é o Mala João Kleber rindo.....

"oh wow!" So o.a bro

You are Welcome here in Minas Gerais, come here and you'll never forget it

@LatinSoul007 60 dolars for "fogo de chão", most famous brazilian steak house. They use coal, not gas like this one to Cook. Its even better.

@Luiz Abujamra Thanks Luiz

Sergipe Cycling Club tua foto do perfil do remetente garantia de autoria e de sua conta é essa a minha e do adolescente de cp é uma por dia e me dá um toque antigo de madeira de lei que é para esquecer que o cara que a senha do e-mail do Windows Live log in to com uma dúvida o valor do aluguel e venda de produtos para o dia de hoje no meu não está certo o que é para ir a uma vaga na garagem o meu não comparecimento no voo não permite que você me falar se eu não tenho como se fosse possível yeg é o meu currículo e coloco-me é o meu número de da minha vida e muita saúde sua bixa linda Biba é eu DESCULPE COMI COGUMELO

As usual, gay boy Joel is ignored and is left grinning to himself or craving for some attention from girlish and bisexual Mark and the others. Poor fellow. Mark knows nothing at all about food/cuisines.

Ying was caught on camera eating with her mouth full....her face looked like a pig's bum. Uneducated Ying knows nothing about food.

Mark wiens is a great host, i love all your episodes brother carry on

Acho que ele amou o Brasil é engordou uns 5 quilos kkkk

This barbecue was made in gas...The very traditional way is with charcoal and, in some places, they do in a hole inside the ground...The meat swords are traditional in Brazil, probably some heritage from war times (triple alliance against Paraguay) or became a reality from the behavior of the pioneers who discover and conquer the mid-west part of Brazil.

A risada desse gringo parece a do Machado 98 , kkkkkkk !

I drooled through most of this episode. So much proteinaceous pleasure. ^^ Skip Cupim and go straight for Picanha! That is pretty much the best in Brazil

My dream vacation.

I love beef

I hope your arteries are ok

Wow... Its is 100% goodness of beef

I swear I could smell those ribs from my laptop.

How much did you pay for it?

A pergunta é a mesma em todos os vídeos: Como cabe tanta comida de uma vez nesse gringo???

I like food brazilian

Amazing episode! The meat looked so juicy and delicious. Good thing I was eating while watching this lol

Mark you really should have displayed a warning at the start of this video : This video is not suitable for vegetarians and vegans !

I really liked working at the Churrasco style Brazil Steakhouse that I worked at. The hardest part was learning the birthday song that we would sing in Portuguese. Didn't pay much of anything though. I worked doubles my fist week and made a whopping $38 after paying $60 for a cheaply made uniform shirt.

My mouth is watering..

watching this video while hungry is pure torture

Rio de jenero

Só coisa boa

My favorite is the Picanha

Come to uruguay , here is the best meat

How you devoured all this meat ? You must have taken carminative syrup after having such an heavy meal


What was the cost? Would go there just for that place lol

I had the meat sweats just looking at this video. Looks so amazing

Mark you need to go to São Paulo! The Biggest City in brazil and the best place to eat, where you can find one typical sandwich, the X TUDO, our in English can be called, cheeseburger sandwich with whatever you can imagine together, eggs, bacon, corn, potato, ketchup, mayo, mustard, pickles, salsages, picanha, beans, rice, pasta and more all together. It’s eating all foods together. And more than this you can find in São Paulo, the best Italian foods that you can’t find in Italy here, because we have one of the biggest Italian population outside Italy, and we have amaizing and different foods from their own countries from big populations of Japan, Korea, Germany, Jew/Israel and Libanese/Syria foods. You can find so many of this and more. In the streets you can eat some of amaizing food, like a meat that we call churrasco de gato, is like a sharwarma but with different flavors; you can eat in the streets different types of Popcorn- salted or sweet; you can find so many places that show you national food from the north, like Bahia, with the tradicionals seafood moqueca and acarajé (a corn muffin that you eat with pepper, rice and other food) and for other parts of Brasil like Minas Gerais, that you can eat beans tutu, is sauce of beans that you can eat with mashed potato and rice; you can eat pão de queijo and tradicional desserts : Manjar of coconut ( coconut pudim) , Pudim de leite condensado ( a milk condensed pudim- my father favorite dessert), doce de abóbora ( pumpkin mashed sweet dessert); condi pudim ( pudim of condi fruit- a only country fruit), Fuba Cake ( cake by harinha of special and different type of corn), papaya cream with Cassis ( is a vanilla ice cream prepared with papaya fruit mixed and with a cassis licor) and sweet rice with cinnamon. You can enjoy one of the best week time eat in this, the biggest city in the country, a metropoly that have the same dimension of NYC, is too similar and with the same side population of Mexico City, being in this case together for more than 30 years the biggest city in Brazil and Latin America. And now is the 5th biggest city in the planet. For tourism is amaizing too: you can find artistic museums, a lot of local malls and corporations malls too, you can go to many immigrants neighborhoods, you can visit so many green parks, visit our principal street Av. Paulista, where you can find many shows free to the public.

So come here, and I think you will enjoy so much.

great video


My mouth water every time I watch Mark eat. His expression while chewing those tasty meat makes me want to rush to the nearby grill instantly

This video made me hungry! I need eat an steak after this video

Hey Mark. How much cost the brazilian steak house?

Kinda sad how you're losing out on your son's childhood. I know speaking to a camera helps you run the family but yeah

Mark you need to patent that “woww”

I LOVE Mark he’s like the top nerds of food

Mark Wiens am very hungry are bad u make me jealous and drooling....ahhh

“It’s not too spicy” at 10:52. Guy in the green shirts like

Ohh I could eat meat like that, years ago...enjoy

tortura pra quem nao mora mais no brasil!!!

kkkk só deram carne crua pro gringo.vem pro Nordeste gringo q vc vai se esbaldar com nossa culinária


Who else thinks this guy is a ducking weirdo

Oh wow

La cara de pendejo que siempre pone cuando prueba la comida

Tô salivando.....esse homem gosta de comer tanto ,quanto eu

I want to eat one day

You gotta eat faster and stop playing with it! Ravage as the meat comes bro!

Mark how is it that you're so thin, what you eat seems so delicious, it the way you appreciate what you eat

Brazil got the best steaks in the world

Wow! lol

Best video. I’ve eaten there! It’s so good but you need a nap After

Mikah is enjoying too you are the best family ever!

Mark love your videos, but how can you eat so much,lol

Amooooo churrasco

Churrasco gaúcho no chão é muito melhor.

Carne cruda sinonimo de enfermedades

How much does an epic meal like that cost?

not real brasilian food not real meat cooked over an open fire

The guy who's taking the video must be Mark's brother lol got the same face expressions

Acho q sou o único brasileiro q acha churrascaria uma bosta

This is not the original brazilian Churrascaria , the meat need make w chacoal and not eletric

true steakhouses only exist in Rio Grande do Sul/Santa Catarina

É a mesma coisa com as buchadas do nordeste, os queijos mineiros, etc. Engraçado que quando eles se manifestam não é bairrismo.

Falo por ser chef de cozinha, não por bairrismo. Lá se come carne. Até o final dos anos 90, você nem encontrava saladas em buffets. Além do mais, é cultural. Os gaúchos têm uma relação muito forte com o fogo, assim como os uruguaios e argentinos. É isso que difere os churrascos - além dos bois do sul serem de raças melhores do que os híbridos consumidos no resto do Brasil.

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ...........preguiça enorme desse bairrismo. Good Churrascarias exist all over Brazil.

Uma dica sempre boa para os fãs churrascaria no Brasil tem que comer por último o abacaxi na Brasa com canela peça com canela e açúcar vai ajudar na digestão

Brazilian steakhouses are everything!

lol 10:41 the cameraman. poor guy. at least he gets to travel and eat with them

I can’t say it enough... That head tilt... Mark really enjoys the food! Keep the videos coming! ❤️

In the inner cities of Sao Paulo (where i live) a meal like that would range from 20 to 30 dollars. In Rio do Janeiro, and other touristic cities it would cost more. if i were to guess around 30 to 40 dollars

Please support us The subscribe the channel

wow..all. meat..i love it..

I wanted to see one dish but every dish made me watch the whole thing

Micah is a scene stealer... I love how he enjoys his meals. Mark always makes me hungry. I gotta find something to eat now! Brazil is great!

Mark you doing good job.The best wishes for you.

me too. with the dif that I live here. hahaha Tnx for visitng us.

Little Micah took all my attentions away.. he is of the same age as my son, seeing him enjoying the food just like his daddy is way so cute..

_O cara teve simplesmente vários orgasmos múltiplos alimentícios._

Nunca vi um maquicilar se exercitar tanto que nem desse gringo o mínimo que comi

Vc se peso quando venho para o Brasil agora se pesa antes de ir se vc não engordou uns 10 kilo kkkkk

I tried the "Churrascaria" at Unviersal Studios, Hollywood a couple of week ago.... so disappointed . it was 1 our of me sitting down... and they had only brought 2 types of meat. I guess they do that on purpose on the U.S. so you can fill up with salads, breads and drinks! THEY SUCKED..

Mouth watering already

It’s look so yummy

His cameraman is having a blast. Good gig. You are supposed to eat the cuts right away. The hotter is from the grill the more tender it is.

That reaper woke you up

Todo lo que miro aquí es muy interesante gracias

If heaven exists, this is what it looks like.

I got meat hanging


Awesome food

oh WoW

Man, you can eat!

Haha "chef Silva just wouldn't let up!" -- Awesome dining experience at my favorite type of steakhouse! Great episode Mark! Keep em coming! Cheers from SocaL USA!

I wonder how much was all that.

I watch mark's vlogs while eating my tasteless food. You make my food taste better mark. Thank you.

Hey brazil i have just one heart. How many times would you win it? First with football and now with food.

This looks like a self indulgence time for you guys in that group

Ling has a very satisfying smile with the food at that restaurant

Came back just to like the video, keep em coming mark

Which metro stop was that in the beginning? Looks beautiful

All they are doing is tasting and the rest of the food to the garbage while thousands of Brazilians go hungry

My god man,how are you not weighing 500 pounds!!..your metabolism is incredible..Lol, it's amazing the places you've been and food you ate. Question, has there ever been a time that you ate something and has gotten you ill?? Keep up the good work

ทุกคลิปมีแต่ อร่อย อวยรึเปล่า

Rio de Janeiro: African City São Paulo: Japanese City Curitiba: European City


Comprate una máscara, q feo eres, cabron

U have to admit Brazilian Food is the best in the world.

This is my first time ever seeing Mark so full.

841 vegans that watched this video lol...

I love brazil!! Kkkk

Nothing beats a good Rodizio...

É vc kiko !!! Cadê chaves ?


Unprepared for Rodizio!!!

Every time he takes a bite of anything he looks like his brain is getting a fuckd like hes having a orgasm.

when little micah oh wow ... so adorable bless him, did anyone hear that when the chef was cutting that kebab meat at the table,

added to correct a small typo. *when little micah said oh wow*

I need to visit Brazil. This video made me so hungry!

Very nice... im hungry now....

Yayyyy I'm so excited you went to my country ❤ but next time go to a steakhouse that makes its bbq in charcoal, the flavor is even more amazing!

sempre me arrependo de ver os videos do mark pq me da uma tristeza que num to comendooooo!!!! agua na bocaaaaaaaaaaaa

I would love to take my family there. My Ukrainian son loves meat. I'm from Texas and so do I. It looks like they do it better in Brazil.

Hi, been to this Churrascaria many times. I like it but my favourite is near Maracana

This guy creeps me out why can’t he stop smiling

I always feel bad for the camera guys on these food shows

how much you pay for these?

Seus video aqui no Brasil foram muito bons. Show

Name of the restaurant?

what is the price of that churrascaria?

you as american dont even need a visa anymore. you will be welcome.

It will be very well received.

nice name


Hola soy de la india Por favor, cualquier brasileño me da su número de WhatsApp? Quiero saber algunas recetas.


Muito bom!

Your reaction like a cat never seen chicks and first time surprised to see and want to bite chicks

I am subscribed to this channel and have never received a notification.

how much the damage??

Meu deus quanta carne kkk

Até que fim uma boa recomendação, deve ser o 4° ou o 5° vídeo seguido que vejo.

You missed the brazilian sausage, chichen heart (coracao) and chicken wrapped on bacon.

You guys can skip to 9:24 or 11:45...that's when the party begins! Picanha, picanha...picanha...must I said more??? Picanha all the way. Also, forget those hot MUST eat your meat with me!

ON 7:56 Mark jizzed his pants

Devia ter vindo ao Rio grande do sul comer a verdadeira costela a fogo de chao .....


Lol, you drank too much on this episode k

Hoje eu vi que ele saiu de barriga cheia kkkkk

O gringo come pra baralho !!! Kkkkkk

Os veganos nao gostaram do video kkkk por isso deram mais de 800 deslikes

I'm so glad he had such a good time in this place, eat like the last day hahahaha you're the man Mark hahahaha

Sorry, but I think Mark should have gone to a steakhouse in the south not southeast,... also coals, not gas cooking. And I would say Mark is a simpler person, he doesn't need to go to Brazil and get stuck in an exclusive area... anyway, I'm sure he is gonna go back to Brazil at some point.

some meat are raw not well done to cook

kudos to the restaurant for grabbing this opportunity and making a great advertisement. Now millions of people gonna learn about them. It looks like a clean, nice place. Will definitely visit there when I am in Rio.

I love u vidio....when u visiting indonesia again Mark???

I don’t like beef but that looks good

Alguém percebeu q na legenda quando ninguém fala nada eles escrevem "música latina otimista"?

And who will pay the bill mark?


E foda ser pobre, o cara nem do Brasil é. E já comeu mais comidas do Brasil do quê eu

Acho que a intenção seria "musica latina animada"

They forgot the pineapple with cinnamon

Essa quarta temporada de Shokugeki no Souma está muito bom

Isso p mim que é aproveitar a vida! O cara viaja o mundo inteiro conhecendo outras culturas, culinária, paisagens e pessoas diferentes! Parabéns!! Enquanto tem muitos que só ficam juntando dinheiro e comprando as coisas materiais! Perdem a vida por dinheiro

*ALERT* This vídeo contains Food Porn

brasil krai! ashuuhasuhashuas

How in the world can anybody give this video "thumbs down"??? That food was first class and the hospitality and humilty of Chef Silva was heavenly. This is a dream for any true foodie!




açai açai

No YouTube estúdio tem as musicas por categoria, tipo, musicas animadas, musica latina, musica n sei oq...

Cristiano Messi Ele usa as musicas do próprio YouTube, dai elas aparecem assim na legenda

Tá comendo a vaca viva praticamente garai

Nunca vi alguém gostar tanto de comer...

12:20 mais fácil dar o boi vivo pra esse FDP comer kkkkkkkkkkkk

How many of you are going to a local Brazilian steakhouse this weekend after this video?

@Carol Bleese quer viajar comigo Carol o planeta inteiro??


Chef Silva is the best!

Peace and blessings ...Omg Micah has grown ... I love you and ying and baby Micah ... y’all really look like y’all have a lot of fun traveling nothing but good vibes from you all ...

Some of the cuts look red, which indicates it isn't cooked, that could lead to tapeworms.


We need a t-shirt that says uh Wow

WOW...DEFINITELY PROTIEN OD!! Thank you for sharing this great Brazillian Adventure!! I love it!!

It's just like a kid discovering a whole new world!

Wow wow wow

Thanks for good idea I like it

BR and USA shallow now ever !!

Congrat's Brazil !!, welcome and back ever here men

Acho mt forçado , parece q nunca comeu carne na vida

Its high expensive select meat, its is for rich people, not trash meat

@Juninho jd gado de +

I was in Churrascaria Palace a few months ago, and it was a real nice experience. Sad to know that my absolute favourite churrascaria in Rio called Estrela do Sul just went bankrupt, their picanha and alcatra was just out of this world. With Porcao already out of the market, Rio really needs some new ones to start up.

Weird eyes

Mas rapaz bateu uma sdd de ir em rodízio de churrascaria. Pena que sou pobre e vou continuar com sdd kkkkkkk amei o vídeo!

Watching this video made me sooo hungry i can eat an cow right now...OMG obrigado Brasil!

podia ter vindo pra são paulo..

Love this video watvhed it 3x

It’s crazy how many meats they have I have eaten a few times it fills you up quick damn got to love it

Essa cara que ele faz toda vez que prova um prato e da hora kakakaa

Come to Great River from South, known as Rio Grande do Sul to see THE BEST CHURRASCARIAS in the world, greetings!

Why do I always watch your videos when I'm dead hungry?



The thing every tourist should know is... Food in Brazil is really, REALLY cheap! Especially meat! Well, at least when compared to The US and Europe in general. You can literally have a T-bone, Tomahawk or prime-rib steak at a luxurious restaurant for $15 bucks.

AAAnd you don't need to tip! (and you shouldn't, really)

For any anybody wanting to try a Brazilian steakhouse..I have memories scarred into my brain from going to one when I was about 10 years old. The toilet became my friend..I got horrible meat sweats..I fell asleep at the table. There is such thing as too much meat lol. You should start saying no once you've been offered and ate about 6 different kinds of meat

Churrasco de verdade e em Goiás, no carvão...

In other words if you are vegan DON'T GO TO BRAZIL.

Mark I beleive u like the food but pls stop over reacting and say wow for everything it makes it look like u r faking

Não usa lenha hahahaha piada

Yesss Rio de Janeiro big love Nice food

Leaving for dinner from my hotel, stumbled across this video. Place is legit 1 block down. I'm ready.

Mark do you need a latex after all that meat......


Was hoping u had Brasil and here we are....... Mark Wivens ...Best Thing On You Tube......

Hello I like to you very good

Eu queria está no seu lugar ,eu adora carnes assadas, a sua família um abraço,cheiro.gostei.


Mark, em sua próxima visita venha nas churrascarias de São Paulo aqui no Brasil. In your next travel, come to São Paulo to enjoy the churrascarias here. Congratulation on the video.

Hi Mark; I watch your videos with interest and attention.You have a wonderful Family and Personality, like a sun, a source of energy that always emits positive energy. In this section,I think the visual Brazilian meats are cut as thin as the famous Turkish food Doner after cooking.After cutting the first marinated layer of meat does the same flavor continue in the second layer? I couldn't see it in Brazilian restaurants outside of Brazil;exp: USA,Canada,Australia or Europe notthing same

Awww maaan! Mark didnt put up the price of this huge dinner! I was REALLY curious how MUCH it ALL cost him or them. Prolly tooo many zeros! LOL

Texas de Brazil restaurant in Las Vegas Nv & Irvine Ca

Wowww mark it looks so incredible that meet is amazing ich can smell the aroma gimmi some more I love it

This was probably a "rodizio" you pay a fixed price and eat all the meat you can.

Envidio tu metabolismo! Como comes tanto y estás delgado? Saludos Mark!


Poor camera guy he can barely eat whit the camera in one hand

Mark could just say " oh wow " whit a glass of water ,is got no taste but so refreshing and so good lol

The best !!!

Eu engasgo com um pedaço deste tamanho rs

Giu herme

When Elvis sang "'rubberneckin'', he had a premonition about Mark eating the entire world in the future tilting his head to the right after every bite.

I’m loving this Brazilian series, all of the food looks super delicious.

O churrasco brasileiro é o melhor do mundo, só acho ~

Haushaushaushusa gênio

Socou pimenta na picanha kkkkk

@Pauline Catindig Danke

Great to see Micah stuffing himself with brazilian goodness...a giggling yeng is a plus+


That restaurant is my version of HEAVEN!!!!!

Es muy buena, los mejores son los brasileños

hi Mark Weins....

The thumbnail lol! I swear the guy winked even though it's a still shot

It's very Nice to see the Mark tell"oh uau"!!

I truly enjoy watching his YouTube adventures.

The best sausages (linguicas) I ever had were at Estrelas dos Pampas in Copacabana.

He looks so high during that feast

What's wrong with this guys voice ?

Serious protein overdose

That looks like the best meal I've ever seen. Your so lucky

Carolina reaper sauce ended up in Brazil? Nice!

Gringo se acabou no churras kkk

I still watching his videos but he’s over acting...even the guy with him(I’m not sure his name is Joel)..

I like your videos, but I can’t help but think about the destruction that is happening right now in the Amazon forests. Massive fires set by people looking to create more land for livestock and grow crops. It’s destroying the planet. Your video shows you indulging in enormous amounts of meat. All of this comes from those areas. What about being responsible? How about “I travel for food responsibly”. Don’t support this crap. Don’t encourage people to do what you are doing because it’s destroying our planet. Come one man! Do what’s right!

i tried two Brazilian restaurant's one in Chicago Down town and was called brazas and one in Phoenix called Serra Gaucho and both are awesome !! i was amazed when i saw my favorite middle Eastern Salad {{ Tabouli }} in both restaurant's in the cold buffet !! one day i will go to Brasil and test the Food !!

Excellent as always, Mark and Ying. But I could not help thinking all the while that this was Brazil before Bolsonaro. Let us hope things get better for Brazil.

your cholesterol must be too high

Nice mark

is it a surprise that "reefer" sauce is addicting?

11:39 what kind of steak is that?

So Mark, I have been watching all of your videos and I thoroughly enjoy the educational perspective that you give on each of those perspectives from each one of the Magnificent places that you have been. I find that watching your videos just draw me deeper into where you are coming from in terms of what it is that you are smelling, what it is that you are seeing and what it is that you are absolutely enjoying tasting. But Mark this is the first video that I've had to leave a message on... number one is that I am a true lover of food... I would love to have been in that room with you and your family and your friends and people who work with you are so amazing your team is just incredible. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to lay down in my bed at night and sit and watch you enjoy food that comes from the heart around the world and the people that you met have all just touched my soul. Maybe one day Mark I don't know we will run into each other and sit down and have a nice meal together and talk about that because I am just like you... I promise you I love to eat. I am truly a full-time eater over here brother! You're the greatest you are the best... keep bringing that great content because it is truly appreciated. I have so much fun and I literally sweated with you on this particular video and I literally felt full ....unbelievable... the former dancer for Prince I have eaten a lot of great restaurants but never nothing as awesome as what you showed me.. I truly would love to be a guest on one of your videos take care mark you're awesome and don't forget it to pace yourself LOL Truly a friend, Johnny Walker

Kitchen cleaner than my room

Wow super yummy . I wish in u .k make like that cooked big piece . I frefer cooking in the charcoal especially steak .

Exatamente kkkkkk

How much... it worth it

Micha still around having fun,and happiness cause that baby got more class than a lot of adult

Even some vegan Will eat those

@D.G J. gado de +

Meat feast lol

To those who dislikes are vegetarian

We need an Honest Review sir it seems like all are good for you

Boring bro with your reacting

Como é que vocês saíram dessa churrascaria?

O melhor é a picanha.

É uma tortura, Mark!

Almost 5MM subscribers. Mark is killing it. Good for him.

There is Copacabana in Singapore few years ago seem like the business not good and close shop already..

النباتيين بتجلطهم الحلقه

I love thus foods

Love it

Churrascaria brasileira é maravilhoso !!!!!

The best food of Brazil is this Minas Gerais State. Na próxima vez no Brasil não deixe vir nas cidades históricas e na região do Triângulo Mineiro.

Alisson Silva Ele foi apenas em BH, a melhor comida mineira, os pratos típicos da roça vc encontra no interior, principalmente nas cidades históricas, que possuem um circuito gastronômico e no Triângulo Mineiro, que além disso produz, queijos e doces.

Ele já foi

it will be very oily. i noticed that u like spicy taste. i am meat lover theres some meat brasil style resutrant in korea. but not possible to take that kind of local taste in korea even they have chef meat master like him but it will be a bit different even they are well prepared. theres resturant like that in korea but i havent ever been there till now. the price is around 45 to 50 dollars in my memory.

All that meal looked great Mark

New subscriber here

Make the visit of State of Minas Gerais

Go to Minas Gerais you going to see the best food of Brasil

Wow .juice..same the my kambing golek arabian

I'm guessing the thumbs down are vegetarians

They make shirts with collars now.

Now that's what I am talking about Mark!!!!!!


Oh WOW!! I feel so full just watching you! Thanks for taking me to Brazil!

Hi #markweins if you’re ever in Ecuador look me up we would love to tour you around

I want to go to Brazil just to eat there lol. Great video and yummy food. Thanks for sharing that great restaurant. Hi to Ying and Micah. Missed you guys. I'm catching up on the videos that I have missed oh and hello to Joel also

Mark what kind of fish was the rib u had? Was it shark? Just curious!

Podia ter levado o cara num churrascaria de verdade a carvão.


That was a lot of meat

O cara parece que cheira cocaina antes de gravar um video, nun é pussivel!


Nagcacrave ako ughhhhh

Super videos good food.

BounAppetit my friend...Visit Turkey too..

สุดยอด น่ากินมากเลยครับ

Virei seu fã

Decadence is not a virtue.

The chef is not a hero: What you do is decadent

You have to stop repeatedly doing exact same reaction after each haven't to....

Wow, you have been given a privilege to see their kitchen...amazing mark! What an honour...

Мне одному кажется, что он накуренный, глаза паливные

Watching this while 7 months pregnant SUCKS! Just leave the ribs, walk away and nobody will get hurt

You can't stay in a bad mood watching this guy! Even if he doesn't like something he is always nice about it

I have been to the Palace many times BUT don't take such HUGE more slowly with just small portions. You won't last long otherwise....and order red wine....they have a good favorite Churrascuria in Rio.

I'm just here for his eye popping facial expressions

You have the best job ever

Come to my YouTube channel and watch my videos to see Brazilian Food and Music Festival..


Wow. Amazing. Congratulations.

We just love you lol those facial expressions, the way you buck your eyes, lol the description of the food, most of all the laugh that comes after the taste. Keep up the good work kisses to the family

Mark looks like he is about to pass out. That was a lot of food to eat.

Boy watching you like like you were going to pass out. With lack of sleep jet pack and t much food your eyes were glossy and looked puffy. Glad it over go to sleep

Volte sempre amigo que Deus os abençoe a todos

wow this is a feast ... yummy so,much meat this must have been an,intense meal,... looks,so,good

Congrats on the great work. That's Brazil indeed! You come out of a good steakhouse round-shaped.

Micah: "Oh wow!" About 5:30 or so. Like father like son. So cool.

Deixa a maconha gringo teus olhos ja ta muito vermelho

I'd like to believe that 90% of the viewers of Mark video's is to se the food, imagine if Mark was a interesting person aswell, have he ever made a joke or try to be more than just nice? Its great to be nice, but only being nice is also boring. Come on dude wthhh

Meat overdose mark see how brazil is

Ma che cavolo hai da ridere scusa ma sei scemo

Irgendwann verliert diese Behinderung sein Auge beim Verkosten. So nervig seine scheiss Grimassen.

I heard Mica saying "WoW" so cute baby

Ohhhhhh shet

Check up ur health anchor.

The meat doesn't come fast.. You just eat slow

Hoje eu já comi com os olhos uns 200 kilos de carne só vendo esses vídeos! Kkkkkkkkkk... E olha que eu sou brasileiro acostumado com churrascos. Seus vídeos são uma maravilha!!!

Come onnnnnn!!!!!! This is awesome!!!!

É o magro de ruim


Immediately books a flight to Brazil.

Showed this one to my fridge.

Wow u are way to excited weird

My God u are soooooooo strangely weird

Mood flip at 4:30 after starting to go on about salads and vegetables :D

I like to see your friend eat with you. He's just as excited.

Cidade de genocidas.

Going to Rio next month and this will be the first place for dinner

I love hearing Micah copy his Dad's "Oh, WOW!" I think he will also adopt his dad's love for food.

Sei que Picanha é o preferido de todos mas costela de boi meu deus, tô nessa pira de costela ultimamente hahaha

I wonder how much that meal costs per person?

what a great meal. hats off to the Palace

think I saw somewhere that the Brazilians consume the most beef per capita in the world

thought that ostrich steak was a beef outer skirt

those lamb rib chops are one of my signature dishes. and I never would serve them with mint sauce. in fact anyone asking for mint sauce would be ejected from the dinner table

because he did not cut the fat off the sirloin he would be welcome at my house for dinner

lucky bastard, I'd give a couple of toes to be at that steakhouse. We got Texas de Brazil in the Chicago area. it's good, but the place you;re at trumps it. thanks for the vids

deu fome ..

that meat looked so amazing and tender :) yummy

1K vegetarians dislikes.

This is not s fancy smancey restaurant this is a real hearty fulfilling glorious delicious meaty foody restaurant it’s a part of the heart of Brazil

Tu é doente com pimenta irmão

Really was looks so good

The guy in green looks lost

Watching Marks videos when I'm hungry, is strangely satisfying.... And muffles the stomach roars..

Oh wow oh wow oh wow

1 person 100 reais = 35 dolar

In dolar or reais?

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