BREAKING NEWS!! FBI Agents Threatened To Harm Trump In “Frightening” MISSING TEXT- BreakingNews24

BREAKING NEWS!! FBI Agents Threatened To Harm Trump In “Frightening” MISSING TEXT- BreakingNews24

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Dear. Patriots, please, subscribe, to our patriotic, channel like, and share this video so your friends, can see it thank. You. Breaking. News, FBI, agents, threatened to harm Trump and frightening, missing text messages, the. Ongoing, investigation. Into possible, corruption at the FBI, has led us to some startling, revelations. Our ones. Trusting, view of that part of law enforcement, has been shattered, forever while. Most of the agents who enter the elite law enforcement, agency, probably go and with pure motives and a desire to keep their country safe it appears, that the further up in the ranks they go and more prone to corruption they, become, details. Are still emerging in, this case and since, a congressional, probe is still ongoing the facts are difficult, to confirm which, is normal, at this stage of the investigation at, the, moment however true. Pundit, who has a reputation of, excellent, fact-checking. Reports. That the missing text messages, and emails between high-ranking. FBI officials, paint a bleak story, for anyone interested in an impartial justice system, this. Is much larger, than just texts, between two FBI agents, a high-ranking. FBI, official, confirms, a number of the missing 50-thousand, FBI text, messages, as well, as other texts and email, messages among, FBI brass, reportedly. Discussed, initiating. Physical harm to President, Donald Trump the. FBI official, urged the US Department, of Homeland Security, which oversees, the US Secret Service to. Launch an investigation, of the Justice, Department, the FBI and, all text messages, missing and otherwise, that threatened the president this. Is dangerous territory and. All FBI, text, messages, and personal, phones should be examined, the official, said it would, reveal some frightening conversations. Did. FBI brass discuss, the assassination. Of President Donald. Trump if not, what, was the nature of the threats against, the president from inside the alleged premier law enforcement. Agency, in the United States, director. Ray wants a lid on this the, FBI official. Said many. Know there was talk of harming, Trump politically, but there is a group here in DC, HQ. That, understands, it goes deeper, we, need a special, counsel or Homeland, Security, somebody.

Has To clean this up outside, of DOJ, it is, unacceptable. This. Is much larger than just texts, between two FBI agents, the. Fact that these messages, were missing for so long was bad enough now, though the, contents, of the messages, are even worse than what we'd feared these, are agents who were sworn to uphold the, law who are basically taking, the entire justice, system with a grain of salt trying, to bend it to get their preferred person, into office that's. Not how this system is supposed to work we, do the voting they, do the cuffing of the lawbreakers. It's a nightmare like level of corruption that would lead to this type of communication. Text. Messages, just don't disappear. The FBI official, said not, here someone. Outside DOJ. Has to look at all emails, and texts, these, FBI, bosses. Are bad, people you've, only scratched the surface the. High-ranking, FBI, official, called on lawmakers and, the Inspector General to focus on the text and email, messages of FBI deputy director, Andrew, McCabe the official. Referred to McCabe's official, and personal, correspondences. An anti-trump. Treasure trove, as, reported. Yesterday in true pundit, members, of the FBI and Justice, Department's, top brass at their Washington, DC. Headquarters, and, other field offices, are now using, burner phones to, stay under the radar of federal investigators. And lawmakers according. To FBI insiders. The. Shocking, revelations. Come on the heels of news that the FBI, deleted, thousands, of text messages between anti-trump. FBI, agents, before investigators, could review their contents, while. That is disturbing on one level FBI. And DOJ hierarchy, employing, the telecom, habits of drug cartel, bosses reaches, a new low for the once heralded federal. Law enforcement agency, in the DOJ, and breaks. Federal, laws as well the. FBI failed to preserve five, months worth of text messages, exchanged, between Peter sterzick, and Lisa Paige the, two FBI employees. Who made pro-clinton and anti-trump. Comments, while working on the Clinton email and the Russia collusion, investigations. And now. More text messages are Mis from more FBI, agents, according. To the Justice Department that means, fifty thousand text messages. Fifty. Thousand. For. The hill yesterday Attorney, General Jeff Sessions on Monday announced the Justice, Department, will investigate, missing, text messages, sent between two FBI agents, critical, of President, Trump joining. The course of Republican, lawmakers who are eager to recover, the exchanged, GOP. Officials have, seized on the messages, as evidence, of FBI bias, against, Trump in the probes into Russian election, meddling and Hillary Clinton's, use of a private email server as, Secretary, of State we. Will leave no stone unturned to, confirm with certainty why these text, messages are not now available, to be produced, and will use every technology, available to determine whether the missing messages, are recoverable, from another source sessions. Said in a statement, again. It's, difficult to verify much, of the information, that is swirling, around this case at the moment and as always we encourage you to check things out for yourself and stay informed the, very nature of the FBI, is that it's secretive, and under, normal circumstances. That's a good thing the, information, that has been uncovered. Is pointing, to the distinct, possibility if, not, probability.

That The agents in question, who didn't have a personal, preference for, President Trump have been using that secretiveness, to hide their corruption and support, of Hillary and her bid for president, the. Problem with their defense now is that because of the tight lid they keep on internal, correspondence. It would be very difficult for this evidence to have been tampered with by anyone, other than an agent we, will report more information, as we have it but as of right now it looks like the entire Justice. Department, has some serious, explaining to do h. /, t true, pungent dear, patriots, please, subscribe, to our patriotic, channel, like, and share this video so your friends, can see it thank. You breaking. Sessions. In full panic trump, just discovered, wh, Oh deleted FBI text, messages, Attorney. General Jeff Sessions was just questioned, for hours about the Russian nonsense, about the meddling, with election, that, was a joke but now sessions, might be in panic mode after what was just discovered, about who deleted the FBI text, messages, even. Though the FBI released, about fifty thousand text messages, that were shared between FBI's. Investigator. Peter sterzick, and FBI attorney, Lisa page there, was still a gap of messages, that went missing there, are a few reasons why sterzick, and Paige wouldn't want any of these messages revealed, any, work-related. Text. Messages, were understood, to happen, but the couple was having an affair Paige. Was stray Sox mistress, if that, information, leaked weren't damning enough then, they would be shaking in their boots even more when the rest of the critical information is, revealed this, information, could involve anything from the secret society, meeting that allegedly happened around, the time of Trump winning the election, - Russian meddling and fake news -, an attempt, to take Trump and his family out of the presidency, the. Lack of transparency, and potential, alienation, of the FBI to the United States is overwhelming. And readers, are head over heels with a ton of information to, filter through fifty. Thousand text messages, is a lot of deciphering, then, to find out there's a potential, five-month, span that is missing well, that's, going to be a long few nights of reading it, might take a team of analysts, to figure out what's going on in all those text messages between sterzick, and Paige how. Does anyone get any work done if they're texting 50,000. Times. Sessions. Will have to act upon this which, is exactly why he should be extremely nervous can. You now see why Comey, got out while he could sessions. Might also find himself being implicated in something, we, won't know until the five-month period of, missing text messages, is recovered, the. Gateway pundit, had more this. Weekend the FBI released, 50,000. Text messages, between top FBI, investigator. Peter sterzick, and his mistress and top FBI, attorney, Lisa Paige thought but the FBI, told Congress. Thousands, of text messages between, the two agents, were deleted, during a five-month, period from, December, 2016. To make, 2017. The. Premiere international, intelligence, agency, said they lost them, the. FBI lost five months of text messages, between chief, FBI, investigator. Peter sterzick, and his mistress and FBI attorney, Lisa Paige the. Two agents, were using Galaxy S five phones preloaded, with the Samsung, Knox security, suite, reporter. Jack posed Abhishek says the text messages, could not have been deleted altered, or disabled, by anyone, other than an FBI system, expert, Jack. Posed Abhishek, is notorious, on Twitter and very much hated by liberals, in Philadelphia, my, hometown, the, Liberals who I've talked to or read, comments, on social media, from dislike, Jack because he consistently points. Out truths, that are trying to be covered up to, point out the primary security, system, of the galaxy, s5, phone is something that most people wouldn't look up no or think, about once. Jack posed a biack points, this out then, people's, minds wonder, about what's, happening, if the, FBI investigator.

And Attorney were using that phone and it's a generic security suite, which might provide backups, or traces, of deleted, text messages then, people will immediately ask where are the phones and are we investigating, the phones yet, once. People realize, that the Knox security suite, may have been held but, then only truly deleted by an FBI Systems. Expert, then, that's where the lack of trust and inability to be transparent, comes to play people. Will need and want the truth people. Will expect someone, to discover, more information. But it often takes a team of independent, people putting, their name on the line for the sake of transparency and, justice, Jack. Just did that and now the doors are opening wider for the purpose of an investigation. Washington. Examiner talks. More about recovering. Lost text, messages, from the phone a sharp. Digital, forensic, expert, may still be able to recover them said, Andrew xeam creator, of bleach bit the software, that Hillary Clinton's, subordinates, used to clear information from, her private server in general. Whenever any software, deletes, any information. Traces. Are left on the storage device though, they become disorganized like, the proverbial needle in the haste. Zyne, said that success requires physical access, to at least one of the unlocked, devices. And it, depends, whether the messages, were accidentally. Or intentionally erased. As well, as other factors, as the, device is used over, time the, chances, of accidental, overwriting, become, more likely and because, so much time has passed since the critical period in the sterzick page case success. Is not likely on the, other hand individual. Text messages, are small so, maybe a few survived. Investigators. May be able to recover deleted text. Messages from the cell phones used by the parties, agreed. Dennis Williams a partner. At pathway, for in6 LLC, who worked three decades, with the FBI, including. As director, of the Greater Houston regional, computer, for in six laboratory, the. Key is to find the cell phones and have an independent forensics. And Technology, Group study, investigate. And uncover. The lost text, messages, from the specific, five-month, period.

Sessions. Must be freaking out he, knows he has to deal with this but, there's always the possibility that, he gets dealt with as a response. Well, sessions, push forward, and the man the phones be located, and investigated. Or, will he turn the other cheek and get out as Comey did this. Is going to be huge what, is your prediction for what happens next, dear, Patriots, please, subscribe, to our patriotic, channel like, and share this video so your friends, can see it Thank, You Hillary. And Obama go, into hiding after shocking. Topics, of memo released holy. Crap this is huge, in what. Is one of the most terrifying but, not surprising. Interviews. Ever to come out of the political arena, Republican. Representative, Paul Gosar from, the great state of Arizona is now suggesting, that the Obama administration. Had indeed weaponized, the executive, branch in pursuit of partisan, political purposes. Congressman. Gosar, came to this conclusion after, reading a classified, four page memo which was composed by Republican. Congressman, Devin Nunis from California, Nunez. Who, chairs the house permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, claimed. That in the memo goes. Described serious, abuse of executive power, as a habit across the Obama administration. The Justice, Department, the CIA and the FBI the. Memo is yet to be released to the public, ghosts are linked the following, Obama era operations. And events as prime examples, of a pattern of the highly partisan weaponization, of, the executive, branch by Obama and his lackeys the. Fast and furious gun-running, operation the. Handling, response, and cover up of the September, 11th 2012. Islamic. Terrorist, attack on the diplomatic compound, in, Benghazi where, four lives were lost including that of our ambassador to Libya the IRS, is targeting, of dissident, charities, and nonprofits. Such as the Tea Party and the surveillance of persons, connected, to Donald, Trump's presidential, campaign, and Donald Trump himself. Partial. Transcripts, below. Mansur. I want, to pivot really quickly to this infamous, hashtag, release the memo hashtag, about the memo that the House Intelligence Committee. Chairman, wrote about explaining. What was going on with the FISA warrants. That were issued, by the Obama, administration, can. You tell us I know that you've read the memo it hasn't, obviously. Been, released to the public what, can you tell us about how this memo came about and what's in it goes. Uh well. This, memo is a summary, of emails and traffic that has been picked up by the intelligence. And judiciary. Systems, some. Of it is exactly what you may have seen that has been exposed to the sunlight already, other. Things may not but, what it basically does, is that, if you, don't think that fast and furious, if you don't think that Benghazi, for, the lack of accountability if, you don't think the IRS and if you don't think the unmasking. Has something to do with the weaponization of, our Department, of Justice and our intelligence, services, think, again man. Sir Wow, okay. What. Is the likelihood that this memo would be released by congressmen Nunis, goes-r. In, our conference, there, is a heated, debate about when not, if and we, want it out sooner than later the, American, people need to see this there. Are other things associated with, it because this is just the tip of the iceburg it names names, and those, names they should be owed their day and country, but if it is what's presented there are some heads that need to go to jail and not come out for quite some time goes. Our reiterated. His description, of the aforementioned pattern, of partisan, political weaponization.

Of, The executive, branch when asked about former, US ambassador Samantha. Power's requests, for unmasking, American, citizens, identities, captured, via FISA, surveillance, operations. Among, whom were Trump associates, and he. Added, poleaxe, let, me ask you this there, were some reports over the last year, and we actually were part of reporting, this that, there were a number of individuals, in the Obama administration. Who had requested, the unmasking, of the identities, of Americans, who were swept up in foreign wiretap and cement. The power the, former, ambassador to, the United, Nations who, doesn't really have a national, security function, had conducted a large number of these unmasking. Requests, are we, going to learn more about that are we going, to see into the operation. Of the outgoing administration. And why they did what they did goes-r Joel. I'm going, to be very careful I'm not an, attorney but, if you don't think that fast and furious, if you don't think that Benghazi, for, the lack of accountability, if you, don't think the IRS and, the unmasking. Are tied together with the weaponization of, our department, of justice, and political advocates. Think, again, poleaxe. Wow. So, this could relate back to those controversies. As well. Goes. Our here's. The thing if you, look have fast and furious, Joel, this, was about one of the most precious and most instrumental, aspects, of individuals, to hold a government, accountable, having, the Second Amendment if you, can take that if you can like the accountability, that popped up with Benghazi where, you didn't protect American, citizens and those in harm's way if you can target your opposition, with the IRS and then you can mask them with anybody and then spread that information not. Just unmask, them but spread that information to all other agencies and, top brass now, what, you've got is the beginnings, of a banana. That. Means that you have an autocratic, demise, to the democracy, and to the Republic and hold your political foes to their detriment, listen. To the interview, this. Is what happens when the American, people get suckered into electing, a nobody who came out of nowhere as their president all because. Of his skin color nothing. Else Barack. Hussein Obama is a man who has never even run a lemonade stand until, the day he decided, to run for office and, he, never stood out in anything other than knowing how to read a speech well enough that the liberal population. In our country could, fall for him unconditionally. And now, we learn he is what President Nixon could, have only dreamed of being please. Share, if you want to see the Obama administration.

Investigated. Dear, Patriots, please, subscribe, to our patriotic, channel like, and share this video so your friends can see it thank. You breaking. Trump, pissed, gaudí, just exposed, secret, society, plotting Trump assassination. It, should, come as no great surprise that President, Trump has a lot of opponents, in Washington. To, be fair they made their positions, clear long before he took office and have, been sticking to them ever since the, opposition, was made even clearer with the Russia collusion, investigation. That has been launched and drugged out for the past year many. Of us hope that even though the left was violently, opposed, to President Trump, and many of his policies they wouldn't actually resort. To violence to silence, him we, might have been wrong it's. A perfectly legal recourse, for a party who doesn't believe in a candidate, or president, to check him or her out thoroughly and see if there are any inconsistencies, that. Can be exploited, for the purpose of removing them from office, what. Isn't perfectly, legal, is having forces, within the Justice, Department, said about falsifying. Evidence or, withholding. It from a congressional probe, but that is just what's been happening, the. FBI was supposed, to be investigating. President, Trump's campaign, but, when it became clear that they were compromised, Congress, started, to investigate, some of the members of that special investigation. What, they found was proof positive that, many laws were broken in an effort to keep President, Trump from office leading. The charge, and justices in the FBI's, former prosecutor. And current representative. Trey Gowdy along with representative, John Radcliffe, according. To Real Clear Politics. They informed, Fox News that this information, could spell the end of some careers on Capitol, Hill reps. Trey. Gowdy and John Radcliffe, join F and sees Martha McCallum to talk about another newly, released text, message between FBI, agents, Peter stroszek, and Lisa page this.

Time Strazza, comprised a secret, society of federal, agents work to prevent Donald Trump from becoming president. It is, possible, these text, messages that are missing perhaps, they really were lost perhaps. It is another strange coincidence. Ratcliffe, said it is, harder and harder for us to explain one strange, coincidence, after another, we. Know that sterzick and Paige had an intense anti-trump. Bias he. Said and that's, okay, so, long as they check it at the door and do their job we, learned today in the thousands, of text messages we have reviewed, that perhaps they may not have done that we. Know about this insurance, policy that was referenced, trying to prevent Donald Trump from becoming president. Radcliffe. Continued, we learn today about information. That in the immediate aftermath of, his election, there may have been a secret society of, folks within the Department, of Justice and the FBI to. Include Paige in stir sock working, against him I'm not, saying that actually, happened but, when folks speak in those terms they need to come forward to explain the context, about. The secret society, Gowdy, said you, have this insurance policy in spring, 2016. And then, the day after the election, what, they really didn't want to have happen there, is a text, exchange between these two FBI agents, these supposed, to be fact centric FBI agents, saying perhaps, this is the first meeting of the secret society, so, I'm going to want to know what secret, society, you are talking about because. You're supposed to be investigating. Objectively, the person who just won the electoral college so. Yeah I'm going, to want to know the. Evidence that these to bring paints a scary picture as to what has been happening, mind closed doors we. Trust those in law enforcement to, look out for the best interests, of the nation this. Is just the opposite, they seem to be looking for their own best interests, and the, laws and will of the people are no more than an afterthought, or a punishment, to be avoided. According. To your news wire the Inspector, General also discovered. That the FBI, failed to preserve five, months worth of stock, page texts, for a crucial, period in the Russia investigation. From, December, 14. 2016. 2 May 17th. 2017. Considering. The explosive, information revealed. By gaudí and Radcliffe, regarding, one of the text messages, it has become clear the FBI, is attempting, to cover its tracks, gaudí. The chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform. Committee vowed. To investigate. The text messages, further I'm going. To want to know what secret, society, are you talking, about because, you are supposed to be investigating, objectively, the person who just won the electoral, college I'm going. To want to know he said on Fox in a. Tweet on Monday, Ratcliffe, said that his review of the stroszek page texts, revealed manifest, bias among, top FBI, officials, against Trump, the, DNC pushed, for this investigation, into, Russian collusion, and it was the worst possible move they could have made from. The perspective, of the mainstream, media or any of the powers that be in Congress they, could have carried on and hinted and pushed the narrative, without the investigation. But they didn't they were just so sure that he was guilty so, sure that he had to play the same dirty colluded. Game that they were playing that, they had to have transparency, well. They, got their transparency. And when, they did we all got to see the dirty underbelly, of how the Liberals, fight their political battles h. /, t RealClearPolitics. Dear. Patriots, please, subscribe, to our patriotic, channel, like, and share this video so your friends can see it thank.

You, Breaking. Nail karma just stormed, Chuck Schumer's house he's. Afraid for his life. Kratts senior United States Senator, in New York, Chuck, Schumer is the reason the government went on lockdown this week because, he wanted more money for illegals than he did for our military the. Shutdown was resolved, when he folded like a cheap suit, after acting as the hero for these so-called dreamers, who ended up with nothing after Schumer, cost active, military several. Days of pay it, was a loss on all accounts, for his stupid statement, and now he's paying for it in a personal way with who just stormed, his New York City House he. Had it coming when. Liberals and illegals, don't get what they want they have only one reaction, Schumer. Is feeling, the full wrath of that now as Trump gets the last laugh The. Washington Post reports. In the. Hours after US, senators, struck a deal to end the government shutdown, Monday, scores. Gathered, near the US Capitol to protest what they saw as the Democrats, decision, to abandon the dreamers young, undocumented. Immigrants. Who were brought to the United States illegally as children or, overstayed, their visas, one. By one the demonstrators, called out the names of Democrats, who voted with Republicans. To end the shutdown shouting. Shame, on Tuesday. A group, of about 100. Protesters gathered, again rallying. In a purr Senate Park and then heading to lawmakers offices, to demand to vote on immigration legislation, that. Senate Majority, Leader Mitch McConnell r-ky. Has, vaguely promised, those. Protests. Continue, now into the dark and have also taken a turn down Schumer's, street where he lives in New York City which, isn't coincidental. They, thought he was going to be the guy to give them what he wanted but he caved and now they're showing him one of the reasons Trump is so strong on immigration they. Aren't here to work, they overstayed, their visas, and don't, want all the freebies of living, in our free country to be taken away, Breitbart. Was there life to show the dreamers storming, Schumer's personal, residence, he, can advocate for them all he wants thinking, that there's no threat of having to face the consequences. Of his deplorable decisions. For American, citizens, however, now. He's getting the perfect dose of karma The Post continues. Walter. Barrientos, of the immigrant, rights organization. Make the road New York, said, his group and those aligned with it have sponsored, actions, in New York as well as in downtown, Washington. Holding, rallies, and vigils in, Manhattan, and at the home of Senate, Minority, Leader Charles. E Schumer D, NY who, led the shut down effort but then back down over, the weekend. Dreamers. In their advocates, gather near the US Capitol, on Monday to declare, their frustration, at the reopening, of the federal government, without protections. For immigrants, we. Are planning on being relentless, and our pressure for the next two weeks, barrientos, said we, can't allow him to fail us again, since.

The Trump administration announced. In September, that it would phase out the Obama era deferred, action for childhood arrivals. DAC, a program. Immigrants. And their advocates, have protested, flooded, congressional. Offices, and been arrested, in acts of civil disobedience. All in, an effort to force a vote on legislation that, would allow dreamers, to stay legally, in the United States, send. Democrats, led, by Schumer forced, a government, shutdown last week, refusing. To support a last-minute spending, bill if it did not include protections. For dreamers but. By Monday after. A weekend, of Republican, claims that Democrats, had prioritized. Illegal, immigrants, over American. Citizens, senators. From swing states were telling Schumer that their stance could hurt them badly in November's. Midterm elections. The Democrats. Then accepted, a deal they had rejected Sunday, agreeing. To reopen the government as, long as McConnell, said it would be my intention, to consider immigration, legislation and. Coming weeks there. Are multiple, competing efforts, in both chambers of Congress to, determine what such legislation. Would say however. And even, if a bill allowing dreamers. To stay past the Senate it could, face an uphill battle and the more conservative House, senators. Who voted today, for the promise of a symbolic vote on the DREAM Act are not resisting, Trump they are enablers, Christina, he- executive. Director and co-founder of United, We Dream the, nation's largest immigrant. Youth led organization, said, Monday, Republicans. Played games to holding. The DREAM Act hostage, and pitted the safety of immigrant, youth again, Children's, Healthcare proving. Their cruelty to the world, Schumer. Needs to let all his dreamer Friends end take his own advice and see how that ends up if it's, good for America, then he should open up his own home and prove it stand, by your socialistic. Convictions. And share your wealth better, than tax payers being taxed. You.

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The FBI is supposed to protect this country and the president. Trump is a brave man.

The FBI top brass have been indicted and President Trump is in danger. CIA EX Director was well just like the past case with both Kennedy's and possibly John Kennedy JR

Seriously, what would the FBI stand to gain by harming the president? This is ridiculous!

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