BREAKING NEWS From Georgia – They Killed HER!

BREAKING NEWS From Georgia – They Killed HER!

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Dear. Patriots, please, subscribe, to our patriotic, channel like, and share this video so your friends, can see it thank. You. Breaking. News from Georgia, they killed her thanks. To Barack Obama and his liberal buddies, who have been busy manufacturing, the race or they have pushed for close to a decade race relations, in America are, now at an all-time low we. Have witnessed, police officers, being slaughtered in the name of white justice, on almost a daily basis, and Trump, supporters, violently, attacked, for having an opinion outside, of the liberal hive mindset, a group, of criminals has done the unthinkable to. A white woman true. To form the mainstream, media is silent, on this horrific crime that has left the city and Jerry gasps stunned for. The last eight years Obama. Made sure to fan the flames of division, by pitting the races in America, against each other instead. Of Obama focusing, on unifying, the country he, made sure to fracture, our nation, successfully. Setting back race relations, 50 years in the process in fact. The, situation in, our country is so bad that black people are seeking to segregate, themselves from, white people in businesses, colleges. And even in communities, in the country then. On top of it all the violence, against, white people has, increased however. You, won't hear about it on the news since it does not fit the liberal media's race-baiting, agenda, that, does not change the facts, now, another white woman has been brutally, murdered by a group of African Americans, and many people, wonder when the violence will end just days. Before Thanksgiving, 29. Year old Chelsea Bella the manager of Barcelona, wine bar was murdered after three black men robbed the popular, hangout in Atlanta, Georgia according. To the Atlanta, Police Department three. Black men forced, Beller to open the store safe before they mercilessly, shot, her the. Three male criminals, fled the scene they, may have been able to get away with their horrific crime, if it were not for a twist of fate one, of the suspects, cut his face on a razor fence which gave the police DNA. Where they were able to identify him, as Samuel, lot aunt, quickly, turned himself in to the police but. That still left the others in the wind but, that has just changed, and now a second, suspect has been apprehended, in the vicious crime here. Is more from fox 5 atlanta. Karlis, Bailey 20, of Lithonia, was charged, with murder and armed, robbery police. Said he was already booked into the DeKalb County Jail on unrelated charges, and, remained, there as a Friday afternoon that, bond his.

Charges, Come less than a month after the arrest of Samuel, OTT 21. Who, was charged with felony murder assault. Kidnapping, and, false, imprisonment, and connection, to the same crime according, to police police. Have been on the hunt for the man since investigators, said they stormed, into the Barcelona, wine bar during the early morning of November, 19th, as employees. Were closing for the night surveillance. Video showed the men running into the patio area entrance, pulling, a man who dived to the ground as they approached, inside, with them two, men dressed, in black hoodies, were, seen on the video near the dishwashing station binding. The hands of employees, with electrical, tape. Investigators. Then said the men forced the manager, 29. Year old Chelsea Bella into, the upstairs office where. They forced, her to open the safe before they mercilessly, shot, her Belair was rushed to Grady Memorial Hospital. But later died, police. Said the men then fled the scene but not before one of the men later, identified as, Samuel. Lott cut, himself on a razor fence. Investigators. Said they then carjacked, a lift driver and a nearby yeah burger. From, there police, said the man got nervous a few blocks away after, a Georgia Tech officer, made a u-turn to perform, a traffic, stop the, men drove down the side street from the main road parked, the car and discarded, a sweatshirt, masks. And latex, gloves. Investigators. Said they were later able to pull DNA evidence, connecting. Aught to the violent, crime, meanwhile. Investigators, with. The Atlanta Police Department have, not yet released how they were able to connect Bailey to Bella's murder Bailey. Has been in the DeKalb County Jail since December, 11th, when he turned himself in, for an outstanding warrant on an eerily similar crime, but in this case no, one was seriously injured, this. Crime is heartbreaking. What, makes it sadder is that if the races were reversed, then, it would be a top stir all over the news this, young woman was brutally shot down but, there will be a lawyer out there who will argue that the reason his clients, killed her was all based on systematic, racism and, oppression in, the country, hopefully. Bella's, friends and family, will see justice done in this case if there's. A liberal judge then, the criminals may get off with a slap on the wrist and quick payout for their pain and suffering let's. Hope for real justice, dear. Patriots, please, subscribe, to our patriotic, channel, like, and share this video so your friends can see it thank. You, Obama's. Private jet grounded, after where he was caught trying to sneak into, now. That we have your attention with a wonderful, Obama conspiracy.

Of Him sneaking into America through. Alaska, here's, what's really happening. Former. President, Obama was on a recent, trip to Asia and flew home flying. Home to, America, from, Asia usually. Requires people to land somewhere on America's, west coast this, is totally, normal Obama. Landed in Alaska, presumably. On a private flight wearing. A polo shirt and some pants totally. The outfit you are when you're sneaking, into a country then, Obama took selfies, with a baby and it went viral, literally. Everyone. On the Internet probably saw the picture, and knew that Obama was in Alaska because that's exactly what, people do when they sneak into the country right, so. Let's just squash, that rumor while we're ahead Obama. Was not sneaking, into the country since. When is it considered sneaking, into America when. Someone is a citizen, here that's, called going home if you have half of a brain and at least a quarter of that half works that's. Right all it takes is one-eighth of a working brain to know the conspiracy. Theorists, on this one audience going. Home is not sneaking in if Obama. Wants it to sneak anywhere, he, could probably do, it let's. Not be literally stupid, change, our genders and think, this is a sneak in Mexican. Sneak and because they don't live here Obama. Flew in went, viral and is flying home now. That's not the truly big deal the. Real story here which many outlets, are ignore and which, many conspiracy. Theorists, hit the nail in the head on is this, Obama. Is meeting with Eric Holder and Nancy, Pelosi to headline a fundraiser, for the National, Democratic redistricting. Committee in DRC, people. Think the meeting will try to figure out ways that they can realign, the political, districts, in hopes to benefit, the Democratic, Party so they can take back any districts, they lost to Republicans, that's, actually. Pretty normal, I'm quite. Certain that redistricting. Will be a goal any time you lose your districts, to the opposite, team that's, not even the real shimmery, part of the shiny tin half story the. Real juice of the beef is that this meeting might extend beyond the talks of redistricting, this. Might really be the beginning of defeating, Republicans, in 2020. We, don't know if Trump will run for re-election in. 2020. But the Democrats, need to do something, to win they, failed miserably in, 2016. And got crushed by right-wing enthusiasts. Who were sick of the whining the political, correctness the lame protesting.

The Inability, for people, to know their gender and the fact that most liberals are losers, people. Had enough of them in America fought back, Americans. Were tired of dealing with cry babies, this. Is Obama's, first walk into politics, since January, and some theorists, believe this is the start of the Democrats, plan to defeat Republicans. And take down president Trump slim. Chance considering. The left can't meme nor can they do anything remotely intelligent. Their, mo box is filled with crying violent. Protesting, and getting, offended by everything mix. In a few gay dance parties, if you really want to maybe. It was secret and someone, blew the lid off it did. Trump expose, the meeting I'm not. Really sure but it seems like most news outlets, know about it like, I said don't. Fall for the OMG Obama, is having secret, meetings when, the meetings are talked about by mainstream news. Sources. State that Obama, will headline a fundraiser, for the in DRC which, is the National Democratic redistricting. Committee, he's, meeting holder, and Nancy, Pelosi perhaps. To talk about the in DRC or maybe, even other things. This meeting, is set to take place in Washington DC, this is also, Obama's, first waltz, back into politics, since about January. 2017. He. Clearly had a good few months off, now, he's jumping, back into politics, possibly. To get a three year headstart on helping, Democrats, regain, control of the White House in 2020. Yeah, no, chance for that we're. Going to vote like there's no tomorrow to make sure liberals, don't ruin the country any further, Eric. Holder Nancy, Pelosi and Barack, Obama are only missing their fellow dingbats, Maxine. Waters and Hillary Clinton maybe. If Hillary Clinton wasn't. Busy, selling nasty woman t-shirts, on Twitter then, she would have time to go to the meeting or maybe, she wasn't invited. She, lost once so, why would Democrats, want her back low. Blow, maybe, but, selling or promoting t-shirts. For Samantha, bee or Planned Parenthood, kind of warrants a silly low blow joke dear. Patriots, please, subscribe, to our patriotic, channel like, and share this video so your friends, can see it thank. You breaking. Trump. Just announced, a huge surprise. President. Trump has done more than any president in recent history to, keep the promises, that he made while on the campaign trail that's, because, he's a real man of his word who made grand promises, those, promises. Are necessary, changes, that needed to be made to make America, great again that. Means that everything he promised was common, sense and implementable. Everything. From securing, the border to bringing manufacturing jobs, back, to the United States is just a sample, of the issues that Americans, want to be fixed, Americans. Want Trump to support, these problems, because it makes our lives better not. The lives of illegals, not, the lives of administrators. At the UN the lives of middle-class Americans who. Voted him into office that. Means that every project that the president, funds, he has to answer to those whose tax dollars, are dearly given he's, not catering to the super rich or the extremely, poor who live on welfare he's, working, for those who run a small business or work nine to five for, 40 plus years and retire if there able to of course. Retirement. Depends on Social Security those. Are the people who depend on the government to do its job and nothing less that's, why the president's. New infrastructure. Plan is such a welcome, announcement the. Washington, free beacon reports, how Trump will divide the two hundred billion dollars. Washington. Reuters, the Trump administration is, finalizing. Its long-awaited, infrastructure. Plan which, would push most of the financing, of projects, to private investment and state and local tax payers according. To sources familiar with the proposal, taking, shape, president. Donald, Trump who, spoke frequently of, improving US infrastructure. During his, 2016. Campaign may, preview the plan in his January 30th, State of the Union address. But, details are not expected, until afterward. The sources, said to. People briefed, on it said it would likely recommend dividing, 200 billion dollars in federal funding, over ten years into four pools of funds the, administration. Is structuring, the plan to encourage 1.3. Five trillion, dollars, in state local, and private financing. To build and repair the nation's bridges highways. Waterworks. And other infrastructure. One, source said, the numbers. In the Trump plan are still in flux and could change before he unveils, it the, prospects, of winning approval and Congress, are uncertain, given that Republicans, have only a 51, to 49 majority. In the Senate many. Republicans.

Want To use private sector investment, to finance infrastructure. Projects. To avoid increasing the national debt Democrats. Believe that government, money is necessary to, produce such, a large package, this. Is an excellent, move on the part of successful business, owner Donald, Trump he, understands. What it takes for the private sector to want to invest in a national, project like this if the, government, can defer some of the cost now then, it will make a stronger budget, in the future under. The Trump plan being shaped the, largest, share of the federal money - 100. Billion dollars, is expected. To go toward cost-sharing. Projects, with local governments. Similar. To grants the. Goal would be to reduce the ratio of federal, funding which often, now is 80%, by awarding, funds only to projects, that are able to provide more local, funding or leverage private investment. Set, a business, lobbyist familiar, with the discussion, some. Fifty billion dollars, would be earmarked for rural projects, the lobbyist, said those, funds, would help governor's, on projects, like roads broadband. Access and, replacing, aging lead, pipes, including. A pool for rural infrastructure. Could also reduce concerns. Among some Republican. Senators, who fear will areas, may be unable to attract, private investments. Twenty. Five billion dollars would go toward existing, federal infrastructure, loan programs, that seek to spur private investment. The lobbyist, said the. Final twenty five billion dollars would be designated for so-called, transformative. Projects, an effort. Being dubbed American, spirit projects, they, could include high-speed, trains or the Gateway tunnel the stalled proposal, to build a new rail connection, between New, York City and New Jersey the. Plan may not deliver any additional, federal money than in years past the. Proposal, could take 200 billion dollars from existing, spending, plans although, the administration. Has not yet committed to whether it would come from existing, programs, or whether the money would be found elsewhere the.

Administration. Is unlikely, to rule out any forms, of funding including. Increasing, the federal gas tax or creating, the vehicle, mileage tax which, would put electric, cars that now use the roads but do not consume, much gasoline on, the same footing as cars with internal, combustion engines, sources. Said, Donahue. The Chamber of Commerce president is, also, expected, to recommend, expanding, the ability, of states to access, private investment, funds to complete projects, reducing. The federal permitting, process, and addressing, state and local permitting rules, he. Will call for more federally, backed workforce. Training including. Creating an apprenticeship. Task force as part. Of that Donohue. Will reiterate the Chamber's call for passing comprehensive immigration, reform, a proposal, where business, has been at odds with the Trump administration. One. Of the great things about President, Trump is the hue stands what the government, is supposed to be doing they, have a very select, few jobs, including. Defending us and keeping, the roadways, safe, focusing. On those jobs and not on expanding, the power of the government is a welcome, reprieve from the previous leadership, in the White House it appears. As though the last resident, of the White House was growing monster, in Washington, Trump's. Plans are what will make America, great those. Ideas, must include, small government with great accountability. Dear. Patriots, please, subscribe, to our patriotic, channel like, and share this video so your friends, can see it thank. You breaking. News from Florida, assassins. Killed her the. Democrat Party keeps the nation on the brink of the government, shutdown because they want to legalize, 800,000. Illegal, alien criminals, meanwhile. Something. Awful happened in Florida and it seems like the Democrat Party could not care less. Osceola. County officials, have confirmed that 42, year-old Janice Marie's Inga de Torres of Kissimmee, was, forced into the trunk of her car she. Was tortured, for her ATM. Card and then suffocated, with garbage bags, the, woman was later found dead on the side of the road it, was later confirmed the murder was the case of mistaken identity in, a murder-for-hire plot sparked. By love triangle, involving individuals. Who reside in our nation illegally, she. Lost her life because of mistaken, identity in a murder-for-hire plot that, happened here in the United States of America, we're law-abiding. American, citizens are, supposed to be safe and secure.

According. To investigators, fish and marine Lopes, Ramos, wanted to murder a woman who was involved with a man she also had romantic feelings for, so. She proceeded, to hire Alexis, Ramos Rivera and his girlfriend, glorion Marika Yanis Montes to, kill the woman but, they mistook sanctity, Torres for their target and abducted, her instead, since both women worked at the Ross Dress for Less store, in Kissimmee Florida after, closing, the suspects, followed the wrong woman out of the dark store all the way to her apartment, there, they forcibly, put the victim in the back of her vehicle and then drove away the kidnappers. Then proceeded, to force Zynga. To give them her ATM, card and PIN number so they get withdraw money from her account. Detectives. Believe they did eventually realize. They'd kidnapped the wrong person, but went through with their plan of murder regardless, they, tied the victims hands and legs with zip ties and, then, they duct-taped, her head, Zynga, data Torres died of suffocation from, garbage, bags, Ramos. Rivera and Montez continued, to use Zynga, data tourist cards, after they dumped her body by the side of the road prompting. Authorities to stake out ATMs. In the area where they were all apprehended. Without a struggle, Ramos. Rivera Montes. And Lopez, Ramos, have been charged with first-degree murder, hopefully. They will get the death penalty, vibe. Breitbart. Illegal. Alien crime accounts, for over 30 percent of murders in many states. Republican. Presidential, candidate, Donald Trump deserves, credit for forcing, all 17, Republican, candidates, to talk about the social costs, of illegal immigration, but, it is not Trump's issue we. Will be making a fatal mistake if we let the media discuss, it that way as Ann. Coulter, has pointed, out this, is the most critical issue of the 2016. Race because, this is the issue that will define whether or not there will even be an American, nation recognizable. As the home of the free and land of the brave but. Illegal immigration, is not an cultures issue any more than it is Tom Tancredo issue. It is, America's, issue not, only because it will define America, in the 21st, century but because it also defines, American, elections, and who will be voting in elections in. 2020. And Beyond it, also illuminates, the power of the mainstream, media to keep his shoes off the national, stage, think. Of illegal immigration this way if the liberal media can keep illegal alien, crime out of the kitchen table debate they, can keep any issue out of the debate and they, will if they can get away with it for those reasons illegal.

Immigration, Is much more than an issue of Public Policy it is the poster, child for media, malpractice, the. Media's attempt, to suppress public awareness over illegal, alien crime and the effects of illegal immigration on American, workers job, and wages, is nothing less than censorship. On a massive scale we. Need to start talking about it in those terms and hold the media accountable. For the lack of ethical, standards, the. Mainstream, media including. Sadly. Major, segments, of the presumably, conservative. Media like, The Wall Street Journal. Are working. Overtime to, keep the American public and the American voters. In the dark on the scope of illegal, alien crime the, murder of Kate Steiner in San Francisco, exposed, only the tip of a massive iceberg, and the media, establishment is. Desperate, to avoid dealing, with the iceberg underneath. Let's. Look at a few numbers you, haven't seen them in the New York Times Atlantic. Constitution. Or the Miami, Herald nor, have they been featured, on NBC, Nightly News or, CNN, so. The, average American. Is blissfully, unaware of, them between. 2008. And 2014. 40%. Of, all murder convictions. In Florida, were criminal, aliens in New, York it was 34, percent and Arizona. 17.8%. During. Those years criminal. Aliens accounted, for 38%, of. All murder convictions. In the five states of California, Texas. Arizona. Florida. And New York while, illegal, aliens, constitute. Only 5.6. Percent of the total population in, those states that. 38 percent represents. 7,000, 85 murders out of the total of eighteen thousand, 643. That. 5.6. Percent figure, for the average illegal. Alien population in, those five states comes from US Census, estimates we. Know the real number is double, that official, estimate, yet. Even, if it is 11 percent it is still shameful, that the percentage, of murders by criminal, aliens is more than triple, the illegal, population in, those states the. Federal Bureau of Prisons category.

Criminal, Aliens includes, legal immigrants, who have been convicted of serious crimes but, over 90 percent of incarcerated. Criminal, aliens are illegal, aliens so, it is reasonable to use these numbers as a close approximation. Of the extent of illegal, alien crime this. Is what today's democrat party, and some Reno actors, in the Republican, Party want to this great nation to become it's. Like they want a cesspool, of third-world crime, and pestilence. What, do they care they, and theirs won't ever have to leave a store late after working for minimum wage all day only to be killed in such a savage manner, please. Share, if you agree there should be no legalization. Of illegal aliens, dear, Patriots, please, subscribe, to our patriotic, channel like, and share this video so your friends can see it thank. You huge. Breaking, news massive. Raid just now they, ignored him time. Is up the, US Immigration, and Customs Enforcement, Agency. Is finalizing, plans to raid California. And retain at least, 1500. Illegal, immigrants, who broke into the country, the, idea, is to begin the raid in San Francisco, and travel, to numerous other cities, which, I will not mention the. Expected, number of arrests reached upwards, of, 1,500. President. Donald Trump warned mayors and governors about. Being a sanctuary city or state and now, Trump is allowing, ice to do their job ice, has not announced the date of the raid nor, should it be published as that, would provide illegal, immigrants, to flock to other states in hopes to seek refuge from the consequences, of breaking into a country, president, Trump has warned local leaders numerous, times about being host to illegal immigrants, especially, criminals. Those, who oppose will criticize Trump, for allowing ice to do their job but, those in disagreements, should remember that former, President, Obama had deported, more than 2.5. Million illegal, immigrants, Obama's. Nickname, was DePorter in chief President. Trump, is not close to attaining, a nickname until he meets or beats Obama's, deportation. Numbers, and Trump, has a very long way to go until that's a possibility. The, sweeping rate starting, in California, will target the illegal, aliens however. It's, the criminals, who are most likely the most sought-after in. Particular. The ice agents, will be delighted to arrest violent, illegal immigrants, the, violent, offenders who are illegal aliens may pose a threat to ice agents, and there, could be a battle, to detain the suspects, there, could be an all-out war shootout.

Or Gang, fight as ice runs through the ruin land of California, detaining. And deporting, the proven illegal immigrants, who are violent is essential, because it returns California. To a safer, Haven for legal residents. Unfortunately. Some, residents, in California believe. In the sanctuary, city state, concept, but, they won't be supporters, for long if their child was a rape or murder victim, at the hands of an illegal immigrant, with a violent, tendency, the. Federalist, Papers project, shared more on the raid Trump. And the Justice Department have, bristled, at the fact that state and local sanctuary. Laws around the country, are not only, unconstitutional. But they interfere, with the goal of cracking, down on illegal immigration. The. Operation, sources. Say will, target people who have been previously, identified for. Deportation, including. Those who have been served with final, deportation, orders and those who are criminal illegal aliens, that. 1500. Is a low target and this number could rise as they come across other immigrants. Called, collateral, arrests, this. Would be the first large-scale targeting. Of illegal immigrants, in California. Since Governor, Jerry Brown signed legislation, enacting. A statewide sanctuary. State law acting. Director of Immigration and, Customs Enforcement, Thomas. Huggins said that California better, hold on tight he. Said the federal government, will not permit, California, to be a sanctuary, state for illegal aliens and would, have no choice but to conduct, at-large arrests, in local neighborhoods and at work sites which, will inevitably result. In additional collateral arrests. Instead, of focusing on arrests, at jails and prisons, where transfers, are safer, for ice officers and, the community. California. Senator Dianne, Feinstein was. Not happy when she learned about the ice raid, she. Believes immigrants. May be targeted, in the raids only because they live in California, and Trump may be attempting, to make a point about his sanctuary, city warnings, fines, teen also, noted that the administration. Is carrying, out its enforcement, actions, to make a political point and not based on the security, of the country finds. Teen is incorrect, the, point of a massive scale ice raid is to gather criminals, and deport, if necessary, some. Of the offenders might have a violin, history and removing, them instantly, makes any city a little bit safer, than it was the day before due. To America's weak prison, system, that doesn't do much to reform, criminals, into productive, citizens, the offenders who were violent before may often repeat, their previous, actions, how, many times do people get, out of prison and go right back in if the.

Criminal Is an illegal immigrant then they should be deported to their homeland, the. Federalist, Papers project, mentioned, that immigration, officers. Would be called in from other parts of the country the, extra, manpower will, be useful, if a gun fight or violence breaks out during, a roundup of illegals. Critics. Will have very harsh words for President Trump, and him allowing ice to do their job but critics can be silenced, by reminding, them that Obama deported, over 2.5, million, from America, that, number is more prominent than many major American, cities, imagine. Waking up and your, entire city is empty it's, like Will Smith and I am Legend and you're, the only person left. I suppose. The violent creatures hiding in rundown buildings, could be the remaining violent, illegal, immigrants, who hid from ice that's. How many people Obama deported, and Trump, is nowhere close to that number the. Concept, of a sanctuary city would be acceptable, if it refused to protect violent, criminals, if an, illegal, alien was caught doing a victimless crime, like jaywalking. Or something, silly then, their punishment, could be discussed, someone. Like that could be placed on probation and in the path to citizenship. Their, probation, would include a stipulation, where one violation, is instant, deportation. The, violent illegal immigrants would be immediately, deported then, again, would, it be worth taxpayer, money to keep them in jail then, deport, them some. Violent, criminals who get deported may not ever face punishment in their homeland they, might return to America, illegally, sooner. Than we know the. Sanctuary, city concept, needs to be eliminated, if it's not removed then, it needs should, be reworked, so that violent, offenders, are not protected, we, cannot protect, drug dealers murderers, and rapists. Any. Sanctuary. Cities, protect, the wrong people and leave the American citizens. At risk. You.

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