BREAKING NEWS Out Of Illinois, Look What Scumbag Illegal Just Did! THANKS OBAMA!

BREAKING NEWS Out Of Illinois, Look What Scumbag Illegal Just Did! THANKS OBAMA!

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Dear. Patriots, please, subscribe, to our patriotic, channel like, and share this video so your friends, can see it thank. You. Breaking. News out of Illinois, look what scumbag, illegal, just dead thanks. Obama an illegal. Alien on a Greyhound, bus threatened, to shoot and kill passengers. Which prompted, a massive police chase that began in Wisconsin, and ended in Illinois the. Illegal alien is now facing terror, charges, police. Responded. To a call around 9:40. P.m. Friday, from a bus passenger, who claimed there was a person, threatening, to kill people Fox six reported, sighting, the Racine County Sheriff's. Department. Margarita. Vargas, Rosa's 33. Of Chicago, was, pacing back and forth in the alt or the back of the bus and appeared, to draw what passengers, believed to be a weapon from his waistband. Deputies. With the Milwaukee, and Kenosha County, Sheriff's Office's, both attempted, to pull the bus over but. The driver didn't, stop the vehicle, Fox, News reported, Racine. County, Sheriff Christopher, smiling, said the bus driver thought it was a training exercise by, law enforcement or. Thought, he was going to stop someone. Passenger. Patrick Todd told the Chicago Tribune, the bus occupants, were confused, by the drivers, actions and kept yelling at him to pull over law. Enforcement officers, began. Chasing the bus in Wisconsin. The release said the, pursuit ended near the eggs for Illinois Route. 173. Near wodsworth. Passengers. Complained, in an interview, about the driver not stopping, when officials placed spike, strips, in front of the bus he. Didn't stop after the first spike strip he, went on to Illinois passenger. Patrick Dodd said and then, he hit the second spike strip God. Said the people in the back of the bus began, to holler you need to stop he, said another. Passenger, Terrance, Williams of New Jersey said, he thought police were escorting the bus not, realizing. What was happening, in the back he, was also confused, about why the bus driver took so long to pull over the. Laws you see emergency. Lights you, pull over Williams, said the, police were, in front of us they, were in back of us I think. He ultimately recognized, that this was a serious event when we spiked his tires, smiling, said at the driver, Vargas. Rosa's was ordered off the bus at gunpoint, according. To Fox six and was, taken into custody without, incident. Smiling. Said the man made threats to law enforcement as he was being transported to jail, Vargas. Rosa's is in the US illegally and was, previously deported to Mexico, in 2012. The Daily Herald reported. Other. Outlets, have reported that, Vargas Rosa's, has been deported five times. Vargas. Rosa's reportedly, faces, charges of felony terroristic. Threats and disorderly, conduct, simply. Deporting, these scumbags, doesn't, work they, just come right back no problem if we. Were to tattoo deported, on their foreheads then it would make it impossible for them to come back and remain, undetected, and we. Need to build the wall together. We will make America great again, dear.

Patriots Please, subscribe, to our patriotic, channel like, and share this video so your friends can see it thank. You breaking. McCain, hit with massive, investigation, before he dies this, will kill him new. Information is now raising significant. Questions, about the senator from Arizona, John McCain, and his role in delivering the, now infamous and totally discredited, 35-page. Fusion GPS, dossier, on President, Donald Trump and Russia to the US intelligence community, under. Barack Obama's. Corrupt administration, the. Dossier was allegedly, paid for by the Democrat, Party and the crooked Hillary Clinton's, campaign and actually, picked up by the GOP, traitor, John McCain in order to stop then candidate, Donald Trump from winning the Republican, primaries, and interestingly. Enough McCain's. Office refuses, to answer three pressing, questions, about his involvement in the dossier via. Breitbart, one. Did, McCain know about the role of the controversial, fusion GPS, firm in compiling, the dossier in August. Testimony, released, publicly last, week the co-founder, of fusion, GPS, revealed, that an associate, of McCain first reached out to Christopher, Steele the, former, British spy who compiled, the questionable, dossier, in order, to obtain the anti-trump. Information, from a to pass to the FBI's, leadership, in the. August 22nd. Testimony, fusion. GPS, co-founder. Glenn R Simpson, divulged, that contact, between steel, and McCain's, office was initiated, by David Cramer a former, State Department official, who was described, by Simpson, as a longtime advisor, to Senator McCain. Simpson. Said that Cramer related, to still that Kramer and McCain were at a security, conference in, Nova Scotia where, the contents, of the dossier were discussed with the two by Sir Andrew wood a former, British ambassador, to Moscow Cramer, had reached that to steel for more information, Simpson. Stated, Simpson. Made clear that the request for more information. Was initiated, by McCain's, associate. Kramer, he, said that Woods sharing, of the information, with McCain and Kramer, at the security, conference cost, David, Kramer to follow up with Chris Steele, and that it was passive, in other, words it, was initiated, by mr. Kramer, Simpson.

Said That the goal of McCain's, camp in obtaining the, dossier information, was to inquire about the documents, contents, with FBI leadership, in a. New York Times Oblast, week, Simpson, infusion GPS, co-founder. Peter Fritz wrote that they helped get the dossier to McCain, using an emissary, with the goal of McCain, passing, the information, contained, in the questionable, document, to US intelligence agencies. While. Kramer reached out to Steele who, was hired by fusion GPS, to assemble, the dossier it was not immediately clear whether Kramer, or McCain knew about the firm's involvement. In the anti-trump, document. Breitbart. News twice, sent the following question, to McCain's office but did not receive a reply, given that fusion gps, is openly an opposition, research, firm did Senator McCain know that he was sharing political, opposition research. On Trump with the Intel community a January. 11th, statement, from McCain attempted, to explain why he provided the documents to, the FBI, but did not mention how he came to possess the dossier or whether, he knew who funded, it upon. Examination, of the contents, and unable, to make a judgment, about their accuracy, I delivered. The information, to the Director of the FBI. Kane said at the time that, has been the extent of my contact, with the FBI or any other government, agency regarding. This issue, to. Dig, McCain no the anti-trump, dossier, was funded by the Democratic. National Committee and Hillary Clinton's. 2016. Presidential, campaign, in. October, the Washington, Post reported, that in April, 2016. Attorney. Mark E lives and his law firm Perkins. Coie retained. Fusion GPS, to conduct the anti-trump, work on behalf of both the Clinton campaign and the DNC through. Perkins Coie Clinton's. Campaign, and the DNC continued. To fund fusion, gps until, October. 2016. Days, before Election Day The Post reported. McCain's. Office did not respond, to a request for, comment on the issue, three. Why did McCain, need to provide the dossier to the FBI, leadership, in the first place, fusion. GPS, co-founder, Simpson, testified, that McCain associate, Kramer reached out a few weeks after the November presidential, election. Last year to obtain the dossiers, information. And pass it to FBI, leadership. Referring. To Kramer Simpson. Stated, he says he wants information to, give to Senator McCain so that Senator, McCain can ask questions, about it at the FBI, with, the leadership of the FBI, that. Was essentially, always sort, of when it was for the government to do its job and we were concerned about whether the information, that we provided previously, had ever you, know risen, to the leadership level of the FBI, we.

Simply Just didn't know it was, our belief that director, Comey if he, was aware if he, was made aware of this information, would treat it seriously, it. Was unclear from Simpsons, testimony. Why McCain, would feel the need to get the dossier, to the FBI, leadership, a few weeks after the November election. According. To numerous reports, and Capitol, Hill testimony, the FBI immediately took, Steele's information. Seriously, when the ex spy, reportedly, provided, his anti-trump, claims to a contact, at an FBI, field office, in Rome last July, mother. Jones reported, that a few weeks after still, alleged, they went to the FBI on his own in July the bureau asked him for information on, his sources and their reliability, and on how he had obtained his reports, he. Was also asked, to continue to send copies of his subsequent reports, to the bureau mother, jones reported, in other. Words by, the end of the july the, leadership, of the FBI, was paying attention The, Washington Post reported. Not. Only were they paying attention, the BBC, reported, that Steele's information. Served as a roadmap for the FBI's, investigation. Into, claims of coordination, between Moscow. And members of trumps, presidential, campaign, last. April, CNN. Reported, that the dossier, served as part of the FBI's, justification. For seeking the FISA courts, reported, approval, to clandestinely. Monitor, the communications, of Carter Paige the, American, oil industry, investor, who was tangentially. And briefly, associated. With Trump's presidential, campaign. If only. Senator, McCain would fight as hard for our site as he does for the Democrats, the man would be a Republican, powerhouse, and an all-around hero to our cause instead. He's, a powerhouse, and hero for the left every. Time there is a chance to rip any Republican, a new one he, is first in line but, when a Democrat, gets into some sort of controversy. He is 100%, silent. He, has always been like this ever, since the Reagan presidency. McCain. Might brand himself a maverick but all he is is a failure he, ran for the presidency against. Barack Hussein Obama, in, 2008. But it was obvious, he never cared to win he, viciously fought against candidate, Mitt Romney and the primaries, but all he would say against, Obama was he's a nice family man makes. You wonder if he just hasn't been paid off by the Democrat, Party all along to be a spoiler, for Republican, ideals, please. Share, if you agree McCain, needs to retire already dear. Patriots, please, subscribe, to our patriotic, channel, like, and share this video so your friends, can see it thank. You after. Democrat, blames incoming, missile alert on Trump Sarah, gives her brutal surprise. Hawaii's. Citizens, were putting their kids into storm drains after, incoming, ballistic missile, emergency, message went up to cellphones, and across television. Screens late Friday afternoon. Hawaii's. Democratic, congresswoman, Tulsi. Gabbard. Blamed, President Donald Trump for the false alarm, Gabbard. Along, with leftist, journalists. Claimed, Trump is responsible. For all the panic of an impending nuclear attack, and that's when Sara Sanders, gave the congresswoman. A brutal surprise. Hawaii. Representative. Tulsi, Gabbard left, a dead putting his daughter into storm drain in Hawaii after emergency. Alert went out middle. Sara, Huckabee, Sanders, write photo, credit, Tulsi. Gabbard Facebook. Wtp. Twitter, YouTube. Screengrab. President. Trump is so demonized, by the Democrats, and the mainstream, media that no matter what the issue Trump. Is to blame the, widespread Trump, blaming, hate fest gets a little old and this, situation in Hawaii is a perfect, example. Apparently. On Friday, afternoon, Hawaii time an alert, went out to all cell phones and the, dreaded emergency, services, announcement, even came across TV on cell. Phones the alert read ballistic. Missile inbound to, Hawaii seek. Immediate shelter this. Is not a drill, okay. So, this is scary stuff there's, no argument, there, but to blame this on drum Wow. It seems, the president's powers are quite extensive, if he can reach buttons, in Hawaii even when he is physically in Washington, DC. Hawaii's. Naughty representative. Tulsi, Gabbard, blamed Trump for the false missile, alert in Hawaii that made millions panic, she, says it's his fault because he hasn't done what a handful, of presidents before, him had not been able to do either solve, North Korea, reports, the Right Scoop the. Report, goes on in any, case given, that somebody in in Hawaii just pressed the wrong button and, panicked, millions, maybe, Tulsi, should look after her own in the state before casting aspersions. On the president. That's, exactly, what we think too this. Is a Democrat, run state so, look no further than to the leftist elected, officials, if we are going to cast blame, but, there's, more one.

Of The most dramatic moments coming, out of hashtag, Hawaii, today, parents, sheltering. Their children, in a storm drain pick, Weblink. We. The People, magazine. January. 14. 2018. The. Mainstream, media helped Gabbard out by taking it a step further implying. Trump's, team in the Situation Room, is lacking experience in, emergency matters. Like, incoming, ballistic missiles. Twitchy, reported. Yesterday, after. Some Hawaiian pushed, a magic button that sent out an emergency alert, that a missile was inbound, many, people, on the Left were looking for any and every way to blame Trump twitchy. Adds even though, Trump had nothing to do with this accident and states are responsible for, their own emergency, systems, and really. It's adorable, watching, the left pretend, they understand, the first thing about defense, or what America, should do if we are ever god, forbid. Under, attack like. This article from Politico, White House scrambles, after false missile, warning in Hawaii the. Article, Twiggy is referring, to from Politico, reported, the US government, hasn't tested, these plans in 30 years all the, fresh faces sitting, around the table in the Situation, Room have, little idea what their roles would be in this scenario, new. Italian Jensen the US government, hasn't tested, these plans in 30 years all the, fresh faces sitting, around the table in the Situation, Room have, little idea what their roles would be in this scenario. TDOT, Co weblink, at Politico. Carried. Off Brown Act booed, off Brown January. 14. 2018. Well. That, was all it took for White, House press secretary Sarah. Huckabee Sanders to drop a brutal, surprise, on the heads of these nasty leftists. Sanders. Responded, to the growing lies from the left which, were started, by the congresswoman. From Hawaii, along with politico's laughable, report, by tweeting general, Kelley general, mattis general. McMaster general, Kellogg and general, Waddell some, of the greatest military leaders. Of their generation our fresh, faces doubt. Isis, would agree. General Kelly, general, mattis general. McMaster general. Kellogg and general, Waddell some of the greatest military leaders, of their generation, are fresh faces doubt. Isis, would agree, Tito weblink. Sarah. Sanders, at pres sac January. 14. 2018. Boom. There, was no ballistic, missile heading for Hawaii but the press secretary, dropped her own truth bomb quickly. Annihilating. Rep Gabbard. And politico's, lame article, let's. Be clear national. Security, is not the Democrats strong. Point we, all know that yet. The Democrats in Hawaii and elsewhere want Americans, to believe that trump is crazy and that he will start a nuclear war with North Korea, however. If North Korea goes off it is something that has been coming for a long time and has nothing to do with Trump in fact. Who, sat by and watched for eight years as kim jong on got closer and closer to his goal of becoming a, real nuclear, threat that's, right, Barack Obama and his Democrat, colleagues, who. Gave Iran the green light to become, a nuclear State, Barack. Obama the, hot mess President Donald Trump finds himself and is rooted in inept Democrat, leadership which, fell to put America, first the. Obama sickness that spread throughout government didn't, end the moment Trump took office the, swamp runs deep in Washington, DC but luckily the, president, is willing to drain the scummy swamp of all its loathsome creatures. As he makes America, great again, dear. Patriots please, subscribe, to our patriotic, channel like, and share this video so your friends, can see it thank. You smug. Bill Clinton, triggered over shithole Haiti furious. Has worst nightmare, leaks there. Are a lot of Liberal Democrats, on their high horses these days and the Clintons, are just two of them too, bad for Bill it looks like he may have wanted to hold off on expressing, his outrage over President, Donald Trump's, alleged shithole, Haiti remarks, because slick, Willie's worst nightmare, just got leaked and he's, downright furious, over it smug. Bill Clinton, triggered over shithole Haiti furious. As worst nightmare, leaks. Hilary, Clinton, left, president, Donald, Trump Center. Bill, Clinton, right, photo, credits, screenshot. YouTube. 2/3, mad. World News has previously, reported on Hillary Clinton, and her mistake, of publicly running her mouth when it comes to President Donald Trump of course she.

Wanted To come off looking like a hero but only made herself out to be a complete, idiot as, she opened the door to having the spotlight shown, on her own sordid, past with, Haiti things. Only got worse from, there for cricket Hillary after, deciding to call the president a racist, she woke to a nasty trump surprise the very next morning as mad, World News previously, reported in fact. The, Department of Justice has announced an 11 count indictment connected. With the uranium 1 deal and Hillary Clinton but, that's, not all it seems. That's just the beginning of the mess that the Clinton family has created for themselves, Bill, Clinton, also decided, to open his fat trap although. He wasn't focused on president, Trump's remarks he, still had one thing to say about Haiti, that has left the country and shocked, Bill, Clinton, wasn't happy about the media firestorm over, the Clinton Foundation, Bill. Clinton, tweeted no, Clinton Foundation, funds, dedicated to Haiti or otherwise, were, used to pay for Chelsea's, wedding it's, not only untrue, it's a personal, insult, to me to, Hillary enter, Chelsea and Mark attach, to Bill Clinton's, tweet is a Washington, Post fact, checker titled. Did the Clinton, Foundation, pay for Chelsea's, wedding source. The, Gateway pungent, no. Clinton Foundation, funds, dedicated to Haiti or otherwise, were, used to pay for Chelsea's, wedding it's, not only untrue, it's a personal insult, to me to, Hillary enter, Chelsea and, Marco, weblink, Bill. Clinton, at Bill, Clinton, January. 13. 2018. All the. Hullabaloo, about Haiti has brought up feelings, about the Clinton family that, they thought were far behind them as a, result social. Media lipped the Clintons, up by kindly reminding, the family, that they were no Friends of Haiti and aback. Hasn't, stopped, apparently. Bill doesn't like that one bit although they, deny it the Clintons left the Haitians high and dry after the devastating, earthquake 8, years ago the, suffering, citizens, never received, relief from the Clinton Foundation, despite, the organization, raking in millions in donations for, Haitian relief efforts, too. Bad for Bill no, one really cares how he feels and they seem to be sticking it to him even harder now that he's tried to deny the accusations. As it, turns out it looks like his worst nightmare, already, leaked and this, is something that's impossible to, explain away, Chelsea. Clinton used, the Clinton Foundation's, resources. For her wedding an aide to former US, President, Bill Clinton, wrote in 2012. According to emails, released, by WikiLeaks, they. Appear to show that Doug banned email John Podesta, chairman. Of Hillary Clinton's. 2016. Presidential, campaign, urging. Him to speak to her and in this source. Independent. Chelsea. Clinton used Clinton, Foundation, resources, for her wedding email, from top Bill Clinton, aide Doug ban Tico, weblink picked Weblink. WikiLeaks. At WikiLeaks. November. 6, 2016. Yes. You, read that right one. Of bill clinton's aides admitted to Clinton, Foundation, funds being used for Chelsea's, wedding in an email that was leaked to the public in the, communication. The aide apparently, wasn't too happy with the abuse of funds and demanded, John Podesta speak. To the family so she would quit ripping off Haiti and the American, people who gave money to the Clinton, Foundation in. The meantime bill, is still furious over, the so-called accusation. But it's not going away anytime, soon because no one really believes him after. All we, remember what it's like when you ask bill to tell you the truth about his misdeeds and he's, adamant the allegations, are false, this. Guy is a known liar not, only is he just a self-serving, as his wife but, the two would do whatever was necessary to, remain rich and empower lying. To the American, people as well as the Haitians is the easiest of tactics, for these two in, one who takes Bill Clinton, at his word is an idiot not worth debating dear. Patriots, please, subscribe, to our patriotic, channel, like, and share this video so your friends can see it thank. You, brutal. After WikiLeaks scorches. Bill Clinton over Haiti James, Woods delivers, knockout, blow Bill. Clinton, is still denying, that his family used the funds from the Haitian relief efforts, to fund their daughter's wedding but, conservative, actor James Woods isn't letting him get away with such an outrageous, lie earlier. We, reported, that Clinton, sent out a tweet linking, to a Washington, Post fact, checker article. An oxymoron. If there ever was one denying, that he and Hillary paid, for Chelsea's, wedding using, the funds meant to help the earthquake, ravaged, island, of Haiti over.

The Weekend, Bill, Clinton, who steadfastly claimed. That he and his family didn't, village the funds that were supposed, to be used for Haiti again, made the claim linking. To a Washington, Post fact-checking. Article, no. Clinton, Foundation, funds, dedicated to Haiti or otherwise, were, used to pay for Chelsea's wedding it's, not only untrue, it's a personal insult, to me to, Hillary and to Chelsea and Mark first. WikiLeaks. Stepped in to set the record straight tweeting. A link to an email in which former, Clinton adviser Doug bent and Hillary's campaign manager. Discussed using the funds for Haiti to pay for Chelsea's, wedding given. WikiLeaks, has a record of perfection, that spends far over a decade, it's quite, hard to argue that the email is a fraud, hint. It's, not Bill. Clinton, claims that no Clinton Foundation, funds were used to pay for Chelsea Clinton's, wedding however, the, leaked email, from then top Bill Clinton, aide Doug ban doesn't say funds it says resources. Well. After, WikiLeaks put, Clinton on the ropes with it's brutal blow James, Woods stepped into the ring and delivered the knockout punch to Clinton, in the, three round bout Woods, laid the wood to Clinton like nobody ever has and it, was a glorious thing to watch in response. To Clinton's, fact-checking, article, Woods, had this to say the. Balls on this guy you. Lead at Haiti light a peg-legged pirate, you. You're, crooked wife and your, cheesy slush, fund foundation works, in concert to turn it into the shithole it has become, hashtag. Bagman bill hashtag, Clinton Foundation, hashtag, Haiti when. Clinton, tweeted about his worldly travels and president. Trump's epithet, about third world nations, wits came back even stronger I've. Traveled, and worked in Haiti and across, Africa, and Central America. The, countries the president described, with his epithet, do not exist, some. Thoughts as we remember those lost in Haiti eight years ago today, this. Is where it gets good, epithet. Try. This epithet, on for size human. Humidor, that's, what you turned your intern into in the confines of our White House it, wasn't, your personal, brothel you, hypocrite, it was the people's White House epithet. My, ass in the. Last round Woods, came out swinging, with a brutal right hook and put Clinton, down for the count you. Were impeached for perjury zip. It boom. What's. Just claimed another liberal scalp, in a way that only he ever could if we. Were to be scoring this fight it would be a decisive victory for woods three to zero that's. How you handle these line as Democrats, hit, them square in the face with the truth. You.

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BreakingNews24 - Obama is not entirely to blame for the illegals committing crime, as we have the majority of those in Congress, government agencies and those who sponsored Obamas’ “rise to power”. I hope that this debacle will both open our eyes and provide a strong lesson as to OUR responsibility to take a more proactive approach to our government officials. We must have an easier method in removing officials in government agencies and Congress when they take criminal advantage of our Constitutional Rights.

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