BREAKING!! They Broke Federal Law!! TRUMP Just ORDERED Their ARREST!!

BREAKING!! They Broke Federal Law!! TRUMP Just ORDERED Their ARREST!!

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Dear. Patriots, please, subscribe, to our patriotic, channel like, and share this video so your friends, can see it thank. You. Bragging. They, broke federal law Trump. Just ordered their arrest it's. Finally, happening, folks the. Lawlessness, our nation has been facing is finally, coming to an abrupt end thanks to President Donald Trump and his administration. Homeland, security secretary curst, Jim Nielson confirmed, today that her department has officially, asked federal, prosecutors. To do their job and look into the filling of criminal, charges against, sanctuary, cities, and states that refused, to cooperate with federal deportation. Efforts and federal, laws this. Confirmation. Comes just days after the, loonie far left state of California, enacted, a new sanctuary law, which went into effect on January, 1st of this year the, loss of ear ly restricts, cooperation. Between state, and federal governments. But of course it, doesn't limit the help the federal government is, forced to provide to California, when their disastrous, extreme, far left ideals, fell and become calling, so. As our failure of an attorney general Jeff Sessions hides in the back room Nielsen, calls these anarchists states, and cities to task this. Unprecedented move, follows, the Justice, Department, issuing, a stern final, warning to various sanctuary, cities around the country these, include, Cook County, Illinois Chicago. Illinois New. Orleans Louisiana. New York New, York and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Which. Are on the Justice Department's, hit list for failing to enforce, federal immigration, laws. Via. Fox new, what. Our sanctuary, cities and why are they so controversial, in the illegal, immigration, debate, as the. New Year kicked off California, officially. Became a sanctuary state a designation. That means the nation's most populous, state will limit just how much local law enforcement officials, will cooperate with, federal immigration authorities. The. Law was signed by Governor Jerry, Brown in October, but didn't go into effect until January, 1st it. In part, bars, police from asking, people about their immigration status are participating. In some federal immigration enforcement. Activities. These. Are certain, times for undocumented. Californians. And their families, and this, bill strikes a balance, that will protect public safety while, bringing a measure of comfort to those families, who are now living in fear everyday Brown, said when he signed the bill into law, President. Trump has promised, to crack down on so-called sanctuary, cities. And signed an executive order nearly, one year ago that moved to strip federal, grant money from cities that Harbor undocumented. Immigrations. A federal. Judge permanently. Blocked in December, as he said the Trump administration lacks. The authority to, impose new conditions, on spending, that have already been approved by Congress, he, said Trump's executive, order violated, the fifth and tenth amendments. What. Are sanctuary, cities, while. The exact specifications can. Vary sanctuary. City policies, overall, limit just how much local law enforcement officials. Comply, with federal immigration authorities. San. Francisco, for, example passed. An ordinance in 1989. That prohibits, city employees, funds, or resources from. Assisting, Immigration, and Customs Enforcement. IC. E in enforcing. Federal immigration law, unless it's required by state or federal law, it. Also passed, an ordinance that limits when law enforcement, officials, can give ice notice, that an immigrant has been released from a local jail, and prohibits, law enforcement, officials, from cooperating. With detainer, requests, from ice Buerkle. Near, San Francisco, is reportedly. The original, sanctuary, city it passed. A resolution in. 1971. The protected, sailors who wanted to resist, the Vietnam War it's. Difficult, to nail down a concrete, number of just how many cities are considered, to be a sanctuary for, immigrants, some, cities have an ordinance or policy, in place others. Do not, aside. From cities, five, states, California. Oregon, Connecticut. Rhode, Island, and Vermont have. Enacted laws that limit, how much police can contribute assistance. To federal immigration agents. According. To the New York Times, the. Immigrant, legal resource, center, Isle, RC, argues. That counties not, just cities should, establish sanctuary. Policies, for undocumented. Immigrants. How. Are they viewed. The debate about sanctuary. Cities intensified. In July 2015. When, Katy Stein o32, was, killed as she strolled along the San Francisco, waterfront, with her father Steindl. Was fatally shot by a man with a criminal record, who had slipped into the u.s. multiple, times illegally, a California. Jury acquitted, the man accused, of shooting Steindl. Of the more serious charges including. Murder involuntary. Manslaughter. And assault with a deadly weapon, Jose, eNOS Garcia Zarate was only convicted of being a felon in possession, of a firearm, while.

He Is expected, to be deported, the Justice, Department is considering, bringing federal, charges against, him Attorney. General Jeff Sessions, addressed a roomful of federal, prosecutors, and law, enforcement, officials last year and criticized, cities, like, Philadelphia that, are giving sanctuary to, criminals, he, asked them to reconsider, the harm they are doing to their residents, Isle. RC argues that local law enforcement jurisdictions. Do not have a legal obligation to, assist with civil immigration, enforcement which. Is the responsibility, of the federal government, a local. Decision to offer resources to, federal immigration enforcement. Authorities. Is completely, voluntary, the legal organization. Said in a 2016. Report, isle, RC called Trump's threat to restrict, federal, funding of sanctuary, cities, purely, retaliatory, in motivation, many. Mayors of these cities have also bucked, the threat and continued, to affirm protection, for immigrants, we. Are not going to sacrifice a half million people who live amongst, us who, are part of our communities, whose, family, members and, loved ones happen, to be people in many cases, who are either permanent, residents, or citizens New. York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio. A Democrat, said, last year, illegal. Alien sanctuary, map this. Is what we as Americans, have been waiting for decades the. Lawlessness, and the fact that our own government the, very government we pay for dearly with our blood sweat, and tears, are finally, being brought to the realization. That they work for We the People not. For every rejects that decides, they will have a better life here in, the state, and takes it upon themselves to come into our nation, to take advantage, of our kindness, and generosity which. Borders, on insanity, let's. Hope California. Officials decide to fight this and end up in federal prison, now, that would be a great day for all American, citizens, please. Share, if you want to see these lawless politicians. Behind, bars, dear, Patriots, please, subscribe, to our patriotic, channel like, and share this video so your friends, can see it thank. You breaking. I t's. Happening, Obama. Can't run from this the. Congressional, investigations. Are running deeper than expected, they, were looking, into the Trump dossier, and remained, focused on the FBI, and Justice Department but. Now they're going after someone, unexpected. They're, digging ditches in the Obama State Department, and cracking, open closet, doors to see what skeletons, tumble out like a bag of bones they're. Suspecting, there might be a little bit of a problem with a collection, and dissemination of sensational. And still unverified. Allegations. About President Trump the, information, is said to have been collected, by an ex British spy who allegedly, worked on the Clinton campaign, the. Former, spy is Christopher, Steele and he, said to have connections, within Obama's, Justice Department. The FBI and the Obama State Department, Steele. Is mentioned, in a book by, author Luke, Harding titled, collusion, secret. Meetings dirty, money and how, Russia helped Donald Trump win, apparently. The BRIC is a far reach but, that's what Steele wanted, his book to be about and that's how he published, it it's, like anyone, can publish a book now. Washington. Examiner reported. This excerpt, from Harding's, book the. Soccer, episode. Burnished Steel's reputation. Inside the US intelligence community and, the FBI, here. Was a crow a well-connected. Brit who understood, Russian espionage, and its subterranean tricks, Steele. Was regarded, as credible between. 2014. And 2016. Steele. Authored, more than a hundred reports on Russia and Ukraine these.

Were Written for a private client but shared widely within the State. And send up to Secretary, of State John Kerry and to Assistant, Secretary, of State Victoria. Nuland who, was in charge of the US response to, the Ukraine crisis, many. Of Steel's secret, sources were the same sources, who would supply information on Trump one, former, State Department envoy. During the Obama administration. Said he read dozens, of Steele's reports, on Russia, the Envoy said that on Russia Steel was as good as the CIA or anyone, steals. Professional. Reputation inside. US agencies, would prove important, the next time he discovered alarming, material, and lit, the fuse again. Washington. Examiner lists. That fuse as the Trump dossier, that has turned the world on its head as nothing but a mere distraction that, will mostly prove that Trump has nothing to do with any collusion. It's, a finger-pointing tactic, utilized, people the people who are most likely involved. Or guilty but placing the blame or accusations. Upon others to blow smoke upon, someone, else. Washington. Examiner continues. It is. Hard for an outsider to discern clearly what is going on inside the dossier investigations. On Capitol, Hill but, it appears some investigators, are looking beyond the 35, pages of reports done by Steele for fusion GPS. The, opposition, research firm working for the Clinton campaign, and the Democratic, National Committee that were published in January. 2017. By BuzzFeed they're. Looking into whether Steele did other reports, about Trump perhaps, similar but not identical to. What was in the dossier published, by BuzzFeed and they, are looking into whether those reports, made their way to the State Department they're, also seeking, to learn what individual, State Department, officials, did in relation to Steele and whether, there were any contacts. Between the State Department and the FBI our, Justice, Department concerning. The anti-trump, material, it's. Not clear whether State Department, activity, related, to Steele's Russia project, took place in the months leading up to the 2016. Election, during, the transition, or both, Hillary. Clinton was of course, Secretary. Of State from 2009. To 2013. People. Who know Steele have described, him as deeply, concerned, by, he discovered, or perhaps, thought he discovered, about Trump. The, recently released testimony. Effusion GPS founder, Glenn Simpson, suggested, that steal was motivated, to act in large part by Trump's alleged sexual escapades, in a Moscow hotel, room alleged, activities, that were described, in the first installment, of the published dossier, any. Escapades. That involve Trump in a Moscow, hotel, room sound more like something Bill Clinton, would possibly, participate, in it's. Hard to imagine that Trump would be called out for things like this now but nothing, else the rest of his life and career Trump. Has had a reasonably, clean reputation it seems. As though people are throwing numerous, accusations. And allegations at. Trump they're, hoping something will stick but, so far nothing has brought him down there.

Can Only be so many false accusations. Before, people become tired, of hearing about it there, can only be so many false, accusations. On Trump that bear no witness no evidence. And have, no relevance, nor merit worth investigating, people. Have become blind to the false allegations. Because everything, seems to turn up empty there's, no substance, in anything that the left brings to the public about Trump, how, long will the leftists, continue, to resist and cause problems instead of working together to provide solutions they've. Been a thorn in the side of Trump's presidency. Since day one but Trump keeps winning can, you imagine if the Democrats, were helpful, Donald. Trump defeated, Republicans, and Democrats, to wear the crown of America, but it's made him the king with a target on his back, whoever. Goes after Trump next, better bring their a game because Trump, keeps kicking the peasants, to the curb dear. Patriots, please, subscribe, to our patriotic, channel like, and share this video so your friends, can see it thank. You breaking. Drader, Bradley, Manning just released super creepy campaign, ad watch. Just. When you think things in America, cannot get any more nuts a new, story breaks that proves you're wrong which, is exactly what happened this past weekend, when Bradley Manning, oops, Chelsea, Manning the traitorous transgender. Decided, to run for Senate in the state of Maryland, of course. The. Announcement has chills running up the legs of liberals as they cheer her on and why, not the, left is really keen on traitors in government, positions but that's another story for another day just in. Case you forgot who Chelsea Manning was here is a brief rundown of who the left proudly, hails as a hero now, Bradley. Manning transition, to a woman while awaiting trial, and became Chelsea, Manning Manning. Was a former, army intelligence analyst. Turned traitor who leaked thousands, of classified, documents which, eventually lead, to his/her arrest. Manning. Was charged with 22, offenses including. Aiding, the enemy which. Was considered, the most serious, charge and could have resulted in a death sentence, for the transgender trader, however. Manning. Got off easy and was sentenced to just 35, years and in all honesty, that's where the story should have ended but, it didn't while, behind bars, Manning. Was able to apply for a sex change operation, and become Chelsea all on the taxpayers dime then. To, add insult to injury right. Before Barack Obama, left the White House he, commuted Manning's, sentenced, to time served allowing. This traitor to walk free among us well. Apparently. Manning, is not done slapping, the American, people with her his deplorable, behavior and, has decided to run for Senate and in today's climate, this, traitor could actually win, here. Is more on Manning's, decision, to run for Senate as reported, by the blaze The. Washington Post first, reported, Manning's decision, to run over the weekend, at the, time Manning. Didn't give a reason for running the, Post discovered, Manning's plans to run by a federal election commission paperwork. Manning. Has yet to offer an official statement on Sunday.

Manning, Tweeted only the link to a campaign, video with the statement, yup, we're running for Senate the. Former, private also, tweeted a link for supporters, to donate to her campaign. Manning. Is running for the seat currently held by senator, ben cardin DMD. Carden, a two-term. Senator has, yet to announce his intentions, to run for a third term if he, did he, would be the overwhelming, favorite to win so. Far for, people have declared their intentions, to run for the seat including. Manning the. State's Democratic, primary, is scheduled, for the end of June at any. Rate Manning. Has now released her and the word her is used loosely here, first, campaign, video and it is one giant trainwreck, that you have to see and hear to believe we. Live in trying times times. Of fear of suppression. Of hate, we, don't need more or better, leaders. We. Need someone, willing to fight we. Need to stop asking them to give us our rights they, won't support us they won't compromise, Manning. Says in the video filled. With ominous music, and creepy special, effects we. Need to stop expecting, that our systems, will somehow fix themselves, we, need to actually take, the reins of power from, them we. Need to challenge them at every level we. Need to fix this we, don't need them anymore, we can do better you're, damn right we got this said, Manning that. Hardly gives you a clear picture of the utter lunacy so, let's watch it together okay, this. Entire video does not offer one, solution, to any problems, in our government, but instead just plays on the emotions, of the liberal sheep and their hatred for president Trump not. Only that but the most important, thing to notice Manning, is a traitor and should still be in prison and not walking among us and certainly should not be given the privilege to run for Senate, Manning. Had her chance to serve in the military but, chose to smuggle out classified. Documents, that put thousands, of people's lives at risk not. Only has manning proof that she is not trustworthy, she. Has grown that his taste for cops border. Security and is a part of the resist Trump movement as seen, on her Twitter page Manning. Is nothing, more than a traitor but, considering, how the mainstream media, and liberal politicians. Are Fanning the flames of division, it is quite possible, that she could win, instead. Of people focusing, on how Trump is helping our country they'd, rather keep us all fighting, each other to keep us divided which is exactly, what the Left desires our country. Deserves better than Manning, to be in a position of leadership and it is about time that the people of Maryland, and the rest of the country, demand that as well what. Do you think is it, possible that, Manning could win the Maryland, Senate race sound. Off in the comments below. Dear, Patriots, please, subscribe, to our patriotic, channel like, and share this video so your friends can see it thank. You sharpton. Freaks out screams. Trump's KKK, after president, kicks his butt in Oval Office Al. Sharpton's, a race baiter it's how he makes his living since. Getting the boot from MSNBC in, 2015. The, scandal Laden reverend has been trying to get back in the limelight secretly. Hoping, President Donald Trump could help him out Sharpton. Has known the president for, years and he, knows that Trump, is not a racist but, that didn't stop Sharpton, from freaking out and screaming Trump's, KKK, after, the president kicked his butt in the Oval Office. Reverend. Al Sharpton left. In middle President, Donald Trump, right, photo, credit, YouTube. Screengrab, YouTube. Scream grab Alex, Wong Getty, Images, the. Democrats, are in panic mode something. Is happening and it, is causing hardcore. Leftists like Reverend Al Sharpton to, have nervous breakdowns it's. The big secret the mainstream, media doesn't want you to know and it is exactly why Sharpton's, livelihood, is in jeopardy. Reverend. Al Sharpton is. A race baiter who makes his living by provoking useful. Idiots like those within the black lives matter movement and constructing. A false narrative that there is rampant, racism going on in America, with, their lies about the police targeting, African Americans, and the lies that somehow, people of color remain, underprivileged, in America, Sharpton. Rides that hate and turns it into cash, but. Now, a bombshell, has, been dropped on Sharpton, and every other race baiter out there among.

Black Men trumps, 2017. Average approval, rating significantly, exceeds, his 2016. Vote share admitted. A January, 11th, article in the Atlantic, by author Arnold, Bronstein, according. To Breitbart, currently, 23, percent of black men approved of Trump's performance, versus, 11 percent of black women. What, yeah. You read that right in fact. Trump, has doubled, his approval rating with black men and here, is why it means Armageddon. For Sharpton, if Trump, can sway 10% of the african-american. Vote the, Democrats, have no chance of winning in 2020. And the midterm elections, will be a blowout for GOP, candidates, backed by the president, now. The Democrats, will never admit this and this, is exactly why they have put Sharpton, back into play to, demonize, Trump all of a sudden Sharpton. Turns up on MLK, Day inside Reagan, International Airport. And just, by chance TMZ. Is there ready, to video the OL Reverend, come, on where's, Sharpton, been for the last year no. One has seen this guy for a while but, all of a sudden he is back in Washington DC. On MLK. Day and met, by one loan guy from TMZ, nonetheless, in. TMZ's. Report, on Al they write Reverend. Al Sharpton says, President, Trump is doing a horrible job of hiding who he really is a straight-up, racist. We, got the Reverend at Reagan National Airport, and, asked, if he thought dr., Martin Luther King, jr., would have had a sit-down with 45, given. Trump's controversial, track record, on racial issues during his presidency. Sharpton. Insists, Trump's big on using photo ops to make it appear like he's interested in the african-american, community and, he's, certain MLK, would have seen right through that the. Report explains, that Sharpton, went on to say he, Trump. Doesn't, need to wear a white hood - no he's KKK, that's, rich coming from the number-one race baiter in America, today it, looks like the river and Al is really scared of Trump and he, should be loser. Sharpton. Added that Trump called him and wanted, to meet with him in the Oval Office that part, might have been through right after Trump won the election, since Trump and Sharpton were on good terms for years in fact. Sharpton. Would not call Trump a racist when, he was running for the Presidency al, knows the president so isn't it convenient, that all of a sudden the Reverend Al is throwing Trump under the bus and of all things as a racist. The truth is that Trump has kicked Sharpton's, butt right from the Oval Office he, has made good on his campaign promises, to the black community which, is something Sharpton, and the Democrats, could never do the, unemployment. Rate for black workers fell to the lowest rate on record in December the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported. Friday reports. The Washington, Examiner the. Rate fell from 7.2. Percent to, 6.8%. In, the month beating, the previous low of 7% set in April 2000. The, Bureau has data going back to 1972. Ads the, Washington, Examiner these. Facts just came out at the beginning of January can. You imagine if Barack Obama had, achieved this, CNN. And MSNBC would. Be 24/7. Praising, Obama like a god so. Now, you, see the game. African-americans. Are seeing their lives improve, they, are getting jobs and they correctly credit, drum you, can see why the Democrats, are in panic mode and why Sharpton, has been called up to demonize, Trump, it's. Also why tricky dicky Durbin, the senator, from Illinois charged. Out of a meeting with the president and started, crying about Trump, calling Haiti a shithole country, it's, all one stinking, coordinated, effort to smear our president, as a racist, because Trump's, winning in the black communities, and the Democrats, are losing their minds, so. My, fellow Americans don't. Keep this news a secret, let, all Americans, know Trump is winning the hearts and minds of those who were brainwashed, to hate him when, he said he would take this country back that, was for all Americans. Regardless, of skin color we. Must continue, to fight for him in any way we can, don't, let the liars like Reverend Al Sharpton demonize. The one man who has proven he is not like them he, is one of us and his agenda is simple, get Americans, back to work, build the wall back, to military and police and drain, the swamp of all the dirty lying thieves that's. How you make America, great again. Dear, Patriots please, subscribe, to our patriotic, channel like, and share this video so your friends, can see it thank. You. Chumps. Actually, going to do IT, stand-your-ground. Trump. The. Left has been in a constant temperate. Antrim since Donald, Trump was elective, and their absurd antics, do not seem like they'll be ending, anytime soon with, each passing day, president, Trump continues, to slash Obama, era programs, that only reward, poor behavior, and harms the average, American, working hard to provide for their families, now.

As The, new year has begun Trump, is more determined than ever to ensure that the Democrats, do not get their way of harming our country, culture, and people, anymore by standing, his ground in, a big way during. Barack Obama's. Administration he, did his best to usurp, the Constitution, by enacting several, programs, designed to weaken the United States with. A stroke of his pen he would sign one executive order, after another dismantling. Her country's sovereignty, with the hope of crashing, our great nation, after. Years of this abuse, the, American, people had enough and voted for the one person who pledged to bring our country back from the depths of despair and elected. Donald Trump for. The past year president, Trump has been busy overturning, Obama era programs, that benefited, everyone else in the world but the American, people last. Summer on the chopping block was, the Obama era CIA, program, that helped armed rebels who were fighting the Syrian government, then, there was the Paris climate Accord, and NAFTA that only protected, foreign interests, over America, and Trump, has just been in office for less than a year however. The, most significant, cut of the year was Obama's, hotly contested deferred. Action for childhood arrivals, D, ACA that caused, the left to disintegrate, into hysterics, after. The program was slashed, Democrats. On the hill promised. They would fight back to protect their future voting, bloc by attempting, to blackmail Trump, into signing this bomb legislation. Into law or they would shut down the government, Trump. Is no one's fool and instead, of bending to these petulant, liberals demands, he has turned it right back on them which has these raging, Democrats, screaming, here. Is more Daily Mail, President. Donald Trump is setting Democrats up to take the blame if the, goes into freefall at midnight on Friday evening, the. Federal government, could shut down with. The exception, of essential, services if left over business that's bottled up in Congress explodes. Trump. Said in a Tuesday, tweet that it will be the opposing, party's fault if it does because, they are refusing his demands on immigration the, Democrats. Want to shut down the government over amnesty. For all and border, security. He claimed the, biggest loser will be are rapidly rebuilding, military, at a time we need it more than ever we need, a merit-based system. Of immigration and, we, need it now no.

More Dangerous, lottery Lowell. Makers, are hashing out a deal to prevent the deportation. Of young immigrants, brought to the country illegally as children and, an agreement on other immigration, related, issues including. President, Trump's long-sought, us-mexico. Border wall, some. Legislators, want to provide the illegal immigrant, youth known, as dreamers with, a pathway to citizenship. Which, is tantamount to amnesty. Legislation. Trump rejected, last week does not include amnesty for all however. As the, president, claimed in his tweet, Trump. And members of Congress and both major parties, are confronted, with a consequential. Week that includes shutdown brinksmanship. Linked, to political afraid, of negotiations. Over immigration that, were made more difficult after the president, reportedly, derided immigrants. Firms whole countries, under. Fire from voices, on the right and the left for the remarks, Trump won on the assault this past weekend, on Democrats, who, he said do not really want to save the dreamers, meanwhile. There, are increasingly. Urgent deadlines, for disaster, aid and renewal, of the popular, children's health, insurance program a, government. Wide spinning, deal billions. Of dollars in help for hurricane slammed Texas, Florida. And Puerto, Rico and health care financing, for nine million children from low-income families, have been on hold for weeks, Cobb first in a crossfire over taxes and now held up in a standoff, on immigration. Okay. Let's, break this down together, shall, we what. The left is doing is, trying to make Trump look like the bad guy by not caving in to the Democrats. Ants for dacha by painting, this as Trump wanting to shut the government down and it isn't going to work the, only reason, the left wants taka so bad is so they can register them as Democrats, and have them vote for them in the 2018. And, 2020. Elections, these. People, do not care if the government shuts down and guess what the, majority, of conservatives. Do not either what, matters at this point is not allowing, these liberals, to run roughshod over the American people anymore by bullying, us into accepting, bad deals that do not put our best interests, first, if these. Dreamers want, to be citizens so bad all they, have to do is apply it like everyone, else before them and wait their turn to be accepted, because, the free ride is over and it is about damn time. HT. Daily, Mail. You.

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Illegals are not Californians they are illegal mexican citizens.

Arrest the city fathers who break the law.

To improve more the qualities of the US citizens choose the brightest who got doctorate degress, excellent background, , excellent morals , speaks and write good ng lush and loves USA.

We Agree

Excellent job President Trump . Illegal is illegal no matter what they do.period. Good job Justice Secretary ...many of the criminals are illegals . Choose the Good people , the brightest. And assets o USA .

+Leticia Tan God Bless Our President

"GOD" bless you for any action that you make; in the favor of the people of USA. This is our President.


These so call mayors need to go to jail,and be replaced with people that love and respect our laws NO EXCEPTION.

Deal with it

yes l want for those politician harboring illegals alien's lock them up .is time for this corruption swamp has to stop.and start acting like real people if they love this country like us and our President Danold j trump and his family .look what he accomplished. Allot and the moron's Democratic Moran never said something like woe this president really love this country USA hi done a lot .but no always the left try to found something wrong .never said thankyou president. We know u love this country USA.

Go Trump your people are backing you. God bless and protect you.

you can't put them in jail because there is no laws to send them to a fictional jail you are probably saying i don't now what iam talking About but i now there's no laws its all about volintery thats it and you don't now how to stand-up for your own affairs of your estates not there's.wakeup and do your research and homework.

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