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So. What's so crazy why everybody loves this man which is the phone game yes. This. Guy helps, I. Gotta. Be behind this walk over here kids turn. What. Up my kids and I'm very, very sorry it's going to close and, I'm going to miss it like a lot of other people, heavily. I know you have a lot of friends here do you enjoy, do you enjoy meeting your friends here yes. And. Now for how long. Can I ask you what do you remember about the beach bug your memories of the beach floor what's. Your one of his favorite memories. Great. Fans all the fans. What. Is some of your fondest, memories of the place. I. Know. You know the lovely family how many children I. Know. I've seen you on the diving. What. Is the many fondest, memories. There's. So many. What. You find so wonderful, about the bird on the ground. The. Essence, of the place what do you think the people of the bed so much if you've not a number of the best how. What do you think it is that people get attracted to a place like this sounds. Like the commercial, to keep the best go at it if it's, anything that would help. The. Beautiful, beautiful. Where. Do you were inside. Quite, fell into the pool so it's a convenient, place very. Convenient, I'm gonna miss it very I know your mom came in my mother father 45, years and. My brother threw at my trimmer. Practically. Born on the beach okay, I see that you played this game called Romeo with your girlfriend a few years already. Elbows. Shoulders. Shoulders. Very. Tight are, you talking about the water cliff can, you come out of the Sun I could all DC if maybe can you walk out here and you stay in the Sun I don't know maybe I have to be behind this Sun so okay, that's. Okay. So. Rules how long have you been a member here. Over. 50 years. Yeah, oriental, beach they said Manhattan Beach and that was a private beach. I. Even heard they had boxing, here I don't know if you remember but some of the people said they had. Boxing. And. What any fond memories, here any particular. The. Country, without so and out of Brooklyn. Right. Right now in Brighton Beach it's amazing, isn't it, yeah.

I, Know you love the beach club what is the Brighton Beach pants mean to you what, is the bats what is this place this beautiful. Place. That we loved going to, what. The beach probably to me it's, been my second, home sometimes. My first. Good. Memories, in my life but I, know, that you live in a different borrowing, it you don't mind using the bridge and paying extra money will come. Particular. That. Comes to mind. Playing. Cards. What. Was that like so many things to dance right down. Yeah. And. Really. Gave me a write-up I even, got one four, years ago when my granddaughter. I. Was. In and out of it for many many years I live in Manhattan Beach, you. Do. I'm. Just doing the game today. It, is one in front of right. Let. Me skip the red lights on. What. To see the red light is on yeah, John this, is a latke, why don't you show what it looks like inside. My. Locker. At. One point people used to share these lockers two, and three people used to share them these, lockers are. Hi. How are you what's your name. Okay. Unimportant, okay doesn't matter your advance person. Yeah. What do you find the benefits of a solarium. Well. In spite of what the dermatologists. Say. And. Yourself. How. Long have you been using the. Not. Only the baths but the solarium. What. Is your regime you come in first to take a steam then swim, this is a system, I know I use. It after. I go, into the pool then I take a steam, then, I. Okay. Great. So. What else do you have to say what are you doing you play ping pong right typing, i ping, pong. I'm. Sure that you'll feel, bad once the place closes, I guess yes I will you'll. Find somewhere you'll take your friends. What's. Your favorite memories. This. Is where you enjoy having your lunch huh this. Is your picnic area. Yeah. Isn't, it best grade now you can have vixa so what did you do today sissy I saw you take exercise. I. Know you're athletic and. You realize the importance of staying in shape, what is advance mean to you what is some of you find this memories, about keeping. In shape at the baths. And. What about the pool. I. Know. That you've traveled all over the other you know. How. Many how many years you enjoy, about the cloudy cool. Yeah, years ago nineteen. Forty five hundred life, here. Exactly. The same now. What that ocean is that saltwater pool, I mean with the pool that yeah. Okay. Thanks, for sure you'll. See you later. Pull. Down with hands that are heavy holding. You're doing your own interpretation. Of what it is right I went. To this PICU, you know how to dress to the occasion, what is that the Hat the glasses it's, to keep out of. There. Look, I know that you come in here and before this thing, then basically, knowing that they can come around. Makes. Changes, right well it's very nice to see speak, to you and let's see in your neighbor here you enjoyed talking to your friend and what's your name. How. Long have you been a member. What. Do you enjoy most about the club. I, guess. Everybody, has the same feeling, they enjoy all the. Used. To rollerblade around, TV for rollerskating they used to. Do. Everything. Right. Into the beach right into the great. Beach. Of right. And. We're going right under the boardwalk and. That's. What makes people enjoy walking and, being a member because you could be in the club, take your shower you steam do your activities we're on the beach how gorgeous, it is right. Here in Brooklyn ceramic. View we're. Gonna see part of the boardwalk. And. Right under the boardwalk is the Brighton Beach baths. And. That was the entrance. It's. Nice because you can bring you kids out here and, bring out the pals so. Right from the club the girls come out bring the babies. Mud. And water for a little time breaks up the day and. Gives the best ingredients. To build a strong character and children, and help okay. Later. You. Dance. Let's. See if we can see the, okay. That's the side of the stage. Behind. There are the paddle courts. Tennis. Courts. Time. You could see somebody from, the tennis and then. There are three pools here's a baby pool. Here's. The park and we're coming to the baby pool. And.

That's, Our saltwater. Pool. Olympic-sized. And. We're. Gonna see our diving pool. Right. Over here is our diving pool right. In front. And. You. Just get a chance to see. The. Facility, I. Know. You guys have been a member a long time and I was just trying to get the point across how it's so great to be in the club and, now, you take, your swim what did you do you play paddle first friend. First. Place in. And. Out of the right can. You buy this kind of day friend is this the ultimate. Beautiful. Lifestyle, isn't it I. Don't. Think there's anywhere else in the world that has this. Right. But, I know you guys have been a member a long time how long have you been a member here Lenny. And. Jimmy how long have you been. Washing. Tener. How. Old is the club in all 80. Years old. And. Those. That would like to play football. Playoff, Leon. Western. I think when, I do it it looks like this blitz iana, well, let me ask you something I know you began as a professional. Dancer yes. I did, well rocket, or just, gate foster girls at the Roxy, I like the rock mention I needed to do how they all play interviewed at Radio City I, would have gotten in but when I wrote down I need Russia shown in Yom Kippur somehow, other person Irish, grill got the job and I did, tells. You something right I know whatever you do with your personality, not, only you're a great dancer but you, are a great ball player and I've even seen me with it, I, can't, believe it whatever. Backroads. And show those gorgeous legs I want to see I. Want, to see those gorgeous legs, oh my, god. Would. You look at those legs. Okay, so room now, he's gonna share a dance with us because you're one of the greatest line dancers, well this is one of pies of real eyes around and it's called ace to the hole okay. Thank you. Sophie. Tucker and right now the, kids are playing on the stage. Hi. Dylan. Dylan. I. Well. They just hit play together from, the little girls, and guys, hi. Everybody everybody, turn around this day say, hello kids, say hi. Anybody. Know today's date. July. 97. One. Time this whole area was full of cheers.

Rachel. This whole space is filled. With chairs. To. Come to see a show and bring out the chair on the weekends, actually every day we have live music and. Dancing, right here right on the concrete there's dancing going on everyone. What. It meant is that's, mean to you. Your. Are a Bond girl right. Right. Yeah. I love looking at all your outfit Joey you, know match everything, isn't. It fun to get dressed see your. Mommy. My, happy daughter my beautiful, daughter mid-game. Nicole. I, want. You to know that Nicole is in the newspaper what kind of girl is she I wish. You would Nicole you want to sing for me. Okay. It's. Going to see what's happening. Picture. Of the bed. Okay. How. Are you. Six. - how could you do that for 16 years when you only look about, 55. I'm. Actually 49. Right, so, how do you feel exercise. Has helped your life, that's what doesn't, you. Feel better it keeps you circulation. Yeah. Wasn't that a funny story when I was in a rubra I was looking on the beach and I saw someone standing on his head. That. Was you so why. Is it yoga your own style of class what I. Exercise. I wanted to consist of dance, to enjoy life I know you like to swim and go on to the public beach. Exercise. Is important for you - right, he, makes. Life worth right how long have you been a member here, 1917. So. That's about, 30 years already 25, years. Well. Sure we'll find one another in another beach. Club and, there's Jesse moving around I'm gonna take a walk and see some of the other gals. Where. Do you guys go to Mexico, where is your aspiring Mexico, where, is that. And. How long has some elevation. Right. How, important. Is the, bats and the lifestyle, to you what does it mean to you it's. Very important, I. Hope. You won't go out of our line no I'll be part of you I'm embedded, here let's see when like where's my other girlfriend, here Oh my, other girlfriend, wrote, the. Squid I know what, are you do it the best you squared them to play paddle balls you. Do exercise with. Go. For swim. We, hope you. Know what and you know what I was doing in the day basically. We exercise, and do our exercises then, we play our bridge and. Then we enjoy getting some coffee and bringing in a meal and, it means it's acid million dollar lifestyle, isn't it can you be richer. Don't. Forget our paddle tennis. Can. We meet you someplace, yeah I'm looking forward to meet you on the beach and everything. Yeah. We're gonna try to do something look into the we're surviving. I. Know. It's a very it's, a it's a terrible it's hard to you. Know how I feel this place is an umbrella it accomplished. So much now, when you go on the outside you got to go to your tennis one place. Right. And in today's world what it means to me is that we're here you had everything when, we go on the outside we got to first play tennis in one facility go, to a steam room in another facility play. Cards in another 15. Are. You still young. Husband, is foul his. Dear member this year the. Year was 1917. Woodrow Wilson, occupy, the right, house, the. Sultan. What. Was. Still. Left-handed. Pitcher for the Red Sox. Out. Here. Here. Let's keep them out here. Now. By. Your applause. Your. Applause. Wheeler. Have cactus make. The decision. Who's, it gonna be. Samantha.

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and cry...

Made me smile :)

Nice seeing the Big Man at the end.........last time I saw him was in June 1989 when my Dad was in the Hospital and then a few days later at his wake in early July. Rest in Peace Hyman..... a Veteran of the US Army! Hand Salute.

my favorite part at the end - hi cohen "we're gonna have contests....make a decision"

hahahahah mee too!! LOL so NYC!!

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