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Hey. Everybody we are live at five I'm Paul Wong Torah and I'm Ryan Lee Gilbert, I'm. Doing our. Christmas party yesterday that's why there we did at five yes so I'm sure you missed celebrating. This we were just discussing this area was a bar mm-hmm, in. Cocktails, right here in. England it's. A. Live. Stream of our cocktail, Brendon. Hagensen, is here of. The off Broadway smash afterglow. But this shows really turns into people, around the office like a real big mouth. I. Love things, like that meets it but, we have a lot of news we do first, what's, up it's a work season it is Broadway. Now for Broadway but for film, and TV and so the SAG Awards, came out the SAG Award nominations. Came out this morning and a lot of theater people involved, I don't to go through them all but Laurie Metcalf reason, Tony winner for a doll's house part, two and coming back with three tall women she got nominated for lady she's gonna be nominated for every award she's gonna like yeah she's gonna sweep, these. Denzel. Washington, who will soon. Return to Broadway in the Iceman Cometh, got nominated for his movie Roman J Israel, Esquire, which I haven't seen any duh yeah, shaft. Like it's like a 70s, like I think, it's by the guy that did that movie Nightcrawler which, I really liked with Jake Gyllenhaal it's his new movie but. Other people in here Judi Dench Frances McDormand, for three billboards, Geoffrey, Rush Jessica, Lange Lily Tomlin, Allison, Janney Frey Tania Jeff, Daniels David Harbor from stranger, things Elisabeth. Moss Laura Linney Sean Hayes and Jane Fonda amongst. Many many others Kristen, Bell who has the new show encore, where she brings back those the musical, people from High School will be hosting the 24th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards on January 21st, on TNT, and TBS, cool. Yeah so sometimes in the morning meeting we have a morning meeting and we go and Andy, left which goes through all the news items and today he said something and we, all kind of got yeah. And. The news was that death becomes, her I've been dreaming of this says, death becomes her might become a stage musical, starring. Kristin Chenoweth, what the. Reason. Why dreams. Like. The greatest, ever. So. Good but it's about two women it's about two women her lifelong rivals, yes yeah and they thought one of them finds out about a process, where you can become immortal, right and she's like well this will get her. Get, the movie like honestly yeah it's. Uncle, Leon Bruce Willis yes straight. And it also includes the famous musical. Version of sweet bird of youth yeah songbird. Anyway. So, apparently. Chenoweth. May, play Madeline, Ashton the role created, by Meryl Streep and also the star songbird, and, the, film written by Martin Donovan and David, co-op. Okay. And directed by Rob oh oh the movie was Robert Zemeckis that's what's gonna say there's not the music we don't know that we don't know who's writing the musical yeah no but, hopefully somebody that writes good songs yeah it's, like a great plot, although there's me they're gonna do some crazy special effects yeah we were discussing this some. Things that happen in that movie yeah it's, so good anyway so this is exciting so everyone, just yeah, please rise and, go watch death.

Becomes Her if you haven't seen yet go get it it's a good it's a good holiday rental it is why not yeah put. You in the mood um. Michael. Liu Weiyi who, we. Knew he was gonna be joining the Broadway production of Hamilton and now we have his date he will step into the title role on January, 16, 2018, Xavier, moon yose will, play his final performance on, January, 14th, Hawaii, a was an understudy, on Broadway he's been leading the, the show's, touring cast but, now he's going into into. The Great White Way product, I hurt my hair he spent a ski is yes, yeah, yeah. That's, exciting yeah so, great. Remember how we talked about there supposed to be that crazy for you yes. After, I was gonna do it and they were they were going to do it in LA, bring. It to Broadway and then it got cancelled for allies so we were all like well that's over and, it's not there's. A developmental. Workshop happening, in January. And, Stroman will be doing it and we, don't know much more about it but of course it's all started from a concert, that happened last year with Laura Osnes and 20 Yas but we're, both perfect for the roles there so. They might be involved we don't really know but crazy for you may still be still, long chuckle still still pelos Gershwin songs it's, always a cursor musical. You. Can't you can only have those songs legally off-broadway, for a certain amount of time I have to return. A. Christmas. Story live is happening, this weekend, this Sunday, on Fox and, we found out today that bebe, Rexha will. Be performing, an original song opening, up Ryan whose, bebe, Rexha bebe, Rexha, I'm, not familiar with her whole canon, of work but, she did write the song monster. Which was a huge, hit for a. Monster-sized, hit for those two billboard artists, so. She's gonna be opening up the the show with this new song called count on Christmas, which was written by PASOK and Paul specifically. For this live event and, that's happening at 7:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time this Sunday on Fox so. You know you know we all knew that Andrew, Lloyd Webber is, reading a memoir, unmasked. What. Else would you call it I mean it was that no it, had to be and, it comes out March 6th, and for some reason we don't have a copy of it yeah even though you know, and, Lloyd Imogen. We're. Readers anyway I'm dying to read it and. There. Will be a special event on March 5th, the day before and Glenn Close will be hosting. Like an interview to be asking questions and it's at Town Hall isn't it yes yeah so, and, then March 6 is also it's his birthday, right it's his 70th, birthday, it's coinciding, with who else's birthday is that on March 6th I don't know well if it's your Android lovers birthday it's Steven's birthday.

Famous. Any. Of it anyway very famous fun fact also, on the site I interviewed Philippa, sue of the Parisian woman on show people we, have a great feature with you. Know Wolves Caitlyn McNamee did a really big photo shoot with, the very talented girls. Ladies, of the wolves and last. Night the children opened we we weren't able to we were here. But. We have photos but of, the bar of us at the bar. I'm. Sure there are but actually, I'm gonna be posting. Anyway. We'll be right back with Brandon hagensen, of Africa. These. Artists, will come together for only one, thing, it's. Not a concert, it's. Not an award show it's. Spongebob, the musical, on Broadway. Go. Ahead throw, rocks, at me. Baking. A pie is easy if. You know how. If. Only life were as easy as pie. Waitress. Is a hit raisin, New York Times with, songs by grammy-nominated, artist, Sara, Bareilles an uplifting. Celebration. Of love and laughter. Flower. Then. Brantly of the New York Times calls the Book of Mormon the best musical, of this century this was my fourth time seeing it and they still had me at hello winner, of nine Tony Awards including Best Musical, the, Book of Mormon, on Broadway. For, Carole King finding. The top of the charts was easy. Finding. Her own voice, was. Beautiful. Beautiful. The Carole, King musical hi, we are back on live at five and I'm joined by Brandon, hagensen. Thank. You thank. You thank you for coming in. Off. Broadway's afterglow, yes which I'm sure how. Long have you now been in this show we've been running since June, middle, of June so we're hitting the six-month mark now which is crazy yeah as I'm sure when you signed up you didn't think this is no yeah job, I mean what I mean was it like it's. A very small show yeah we've always had a limited run our, original closing date was August 5th and so to now be looking at like going over the new year and beyond is crazy it's very Christmas. So. Yeah. We just have, kept, extending keep going on. Yeah. We originally were supposed to close August 5th and now we're looking at March 14th it's really cool wow it's really cool that's incredible, I love that I love when, I show gets an audience and yeah it's sort of like an unknown, a new play right yeah those are the new past it's all new new fresh, blood yeah yeah yeah ss-sure. Gell-mann's, essentially. His first play here, and. It's, a really really cool script. It's, a three person show that's, very intimate, yes, let's.

Just Go there let's get in it so, we, play a guy named Josh I'm, Josh I'm a theatre director and I've been with my husband for about. Five years and, we. Know. What kind of shows you know he's directing, a production of Midsummer Night's Dream during. The show okay, and a. Tries. They. They're. In bed with someone that they've opened their relationship, up to how. Does the show open exactly, the show and sometimes you might say a tries before, a tries. Curtain. Up well, our eyes really, we're waiting on the bed while the audience comes in there's a sheet around the bed and that's that's. How the set starts, is it goes to black out and the, she comes down and lights up and we're. In bed together and have, just had a threesome and so. The show you're all kind of we are yeah their show features a lot of nudity right. It's. A the, show is really about that, intimacy, right, after, you have sex since all the nudity is all. Post-coital. If you will you know what I mean it's like the, three of us are in bed together and, as, each person goes to take a shower I'm left with the, boyfriend character. And of course that post sex chat is cute. And like puppy-dog, ish and flirtatious. And then, he goes to take a shower my husband comes in and it's like help you with the sheets you know what I mean so it's kind of like those two right different, things that are happening yeah, yeah, so, okay so you're a couple you're. Sort. Of okay, relationship, and then let's. See what else is out there no we love each other no we're in a great relationship but, um yeah. It's sort of the 7-year. Itch kind of thing I mean five years in gay world but you know it's let's. Try to open up the relationship, let's see what. Else is out there spice, things up and my, husband and I do have, a fight where we talk about well you, know here's the amount of sex that I need from you and, here's. What I'm willing to give you and so it's sort of why we open our relationship, up and there's a bunch of reasons to do that but. And then it's about all the things that happen that, whole knife edge of love and friendship and friends.

And Benefits, and money, comes in the picture at one point so it's like all those things and. Misner my string and. Midsummer. Night's Dream yeah, totally. So. Why do you think people are, connecting, with it I mean it sounds like the kind of conversations. That couples, either are having everywhere. Or should be having you, know what's funny is it's not just gay couples right now a lot of straight people a lot of women a lot of straight men are coming to the show and it's, something. That they're, trying to, look. At to everyone's, kind of redefining, what a relationship is, and, I've. Just heard a lot of conversations, recently about married couples that are trying to open their relationship, up and for, some reason it's a little less taboo in the gay world right so it's sort of an easier story, to share like. To start the play the, stasis of the play is oh yeah we opened our relationship, up and you sort of take that for granted but, a lot, of people are thinking about doing that and so I think. We're one of the only plays that are really like cracking that open and a lot of people are trying to do it right, yeah yeah, well, you know and, the. Nudity alum ed you know Nick my singing has run on like bachelorette, parties right yeah so, I mean women live, women love that but, it's not about that it's really sort of it's what sounds like is that it's sort of like here, we are we're naked got that over with yeah exactly, you. Take the nudity for granted immediately, because, we're just naked and aesthetically it's shocking, and sometimes, you, have to rope I can, feel we have to like get the audience back into the story a little bit right but I mean very quickly sort, of just forget, that they're three naked people and, I mean we do put our clothes on eventually and then the, story starts being told and you get wrapped up in these characters mm-hmm, so, what's. It like for you at being in the run for this long has. It been interesting, has it grown over time what's. The what's it been like yeah. I mean you, have to make it about something different all the time, the longer, I do it the more, the. More there is to crack open the more there is in, the show I mean. There's, there's, a money element, there's like why. Did we open our relationship, up what kind of sex am I having with my husband and with my boyfriend, and you. Know I've never been married so being on the inside of a marriage every. Night. Like, fighting. With my husband every night it changes, every now I'm like maybe. That's how a marriage is it's kind of because we've been fighting for months now. You. Know I mean it's kind of cool yeah yeah, so it changes constantly, yeah so where you from I'm. From Illinois, Oh from a little town called us we go like an hour west of Chicago okay yeah so how long have you been in New York I've been in New York eight years. Doing. That math in my head and checking, it. Yeah. Yeah so so. I grew up in Illinois, again. Like super. Rural like we had to tasseled corn when I was 13 I was a boy scout it's one of those things and, then I went, to, Millikin. University which. Is in southern Illinois and then. Moved, here, yeah, about eight years ago and have been working. A lot in musical, theater and. So this is one of my first plays, that I've done in the city but, yeah. Cool, I'm really proud to be part of it so it's fair to ask you like what you're like, Broadway musical dream role is that's. A fair question yes it is a fair question because, people always ask and somebody did ask how, like that's about your dream Broadway role and I turned into a musical role let's talk about your musical stuff my dream musical, role is Bobby and crazy for you really. Yeah I love, crazy, summons. Working on. That. But no listen crazy for you is my senior show and I, was Bella though, because I didn't tap at the time okay.

From. Reliable. Right. Right right yeah, that workshop is just starting yeah Oh boom, yeah could, afterglow. Become, a musical, I. Would. Like to say yes we think all the time about what kind of numbers. Would be enough to glow the, music, and afterglow is really, cool we have all these scene transitions. And they're all like they're. All just like this ethereal, like. Techno, music, and a couple, of them are my favorites, and I would love to put lyrics to some and throw in a jazz hand and. Afterglow. The musical sequel yeah throw. In a Jaa's so. After, the show our people I. Wonder. When you do something like this I know it's connecting with people do people want to talk afterwards, or do they just more sort of like they don't want to talk cause it because it's so like you. Don't I mean it hit so close to home that there's. That. Calm or do they come and just like pour everything out to you and like oh my god it's a little bit of both but, I've definitely had, like friends of mine come other, couples, that have left, afterwards. Yeah yeah and it's it, really hits close to home for a lot of people and, there's. Definitely a lot to talk about, there's a lot to like open, up about I mean anything, where you. Have to like ask yourself the big question, why am I in this relationship, what, why. Are we married what do you give to me what. Do I need from you. And if I can't get that from you am I allowed to get that somewhere else right that's a big question but you know what I mean it is interesting how in the gay world it is more, acceptable. To sort of yeah do all of that I think that's because just by the very nature of coming, out we all had to like. You know go, within ourselves and rediff and define sexuality. For ourselves right you know what I mean and then so we're a little more willing to do that just right off the bat with, being married so how, is this showed has this show changed you at all doing, it has it sort of made, you I don't know do you think you're like a different, guy like when you're digging into something like that every night I don't know it seems like yeah, I don't know I mean I've always had um pretty. Open views about what a relationship could, be like, as far as like. Monogamy, is not always King but I. Guess. Know. I'll, get back to you. Whatever. My, stage husband for a few more months, yeah. And so is a the, cast been the same the whole time, no. No no. Right. Now Patrick. Reilly and Joe Chisolm doing, the show with. Me and Robby. Simpson. Left. The show last. Month and so. Joe, Chisholm's been my husband since then and Patrick. Reilly has been the character of my boyfriend, for, the entire run right and then our swing is Taylor right yeah. Right yeah it's a really amazing cast it's I mean, it's a I. Come to work with only six other people there's, four actors and, two. Stage managers, and a stagehand and it's just like it's, like the best seven people that you could work with it's really really. Happy to be with them so that nice to not have to sing and to be. Dancing. Yeah that's good. Ya, know the show is really challenging it, does take it out of you it's um it's a 90-minute one-act, which like god, bless a 90-minute one-act but, um so. Yeah, but I mean you just go through this whole journey of, essentially, me, meeting my boyfriend, and everything being flowers, and happiness with my husband and then going. Through the. Whole journey and ending with a question, mark of how. Did we get here doing that for, 90 minutes sometimes, twice a day is there's. A lot yeah right yeah it's a really cool journey to go on yeah yeah it's freezing out today it. Is so cool. So. Cold yeah actually. I just came from a matinee of farinelli, on the king and, they. Keep that theater freezing, mark Rylan's must. Must. Love the theater I'm, assuming that he's the Davenport, theater we're after close play is not that cold, no. It's, not it's an old building so we have those pipes you know like every apartment building right especially, in all day.

So. So. It's nice and warm however, there, is a shower on stage oh and, we. Really. No. I didn't shower in that bar but in. Afterglow, we have a shower and it's it's just an old building so the pipes have to warm up and so that's, that's like the biggest acting, I have to do in the show act like the water is warm. I. Mean, let's be real the show was built for the summer and now we're running into the winter. But. Ya. Know, the theater is warm though. If. You're cold now it's okay it wasn't supposed to be ahead it wasn't thrown into the wind wasn't it wasn't but here we are yeah awesome yeah maybe we'll decorate the theater for Christmas. But. Yeah. Yeah, oh yeah okay. So listen start to back up so we, did a nude, audience, performance. Oh yes Apple, weeks ago yeah yeah. Theater. Parties. Yeah. Apparently. We didn't know but so he did we, did a nude audience show and then it's sort of it was supposed to be like cause there's questions about this oh there. Were questions all week, so, the. Nude audience, they. Come from the street with clothes on they do they take their. Picture. Of this they have trash bags over their seat there was a coat check and then, when they sat on a trash bag. I mean yes but they have bags for their clothes to go in okay they share. And then everyone is a time you like peeking out watching everybody, like, undress. In the theater no no no no no, I couldn't if I wanted to but now but, smash, back some cabbage, under. The chair okay. So. Wait this is the thing that you're stuck on so yeah the clothes, are attracted on. The set naked on the seat on the towel on this that's, the detail and. Then the other details. Yes. So we have they're on their games you yeah why doing the show you can see a race naked yeah, and it. Wasn't only interesting. It was no no no no. I. Think, people would be self-conscious, because the audience looks at each other they're on either side of oh right seventy six people and on either side so, looking, at each other but, um, but. Yeah it was for. The build-up to it for all the publicity we got going up to it it was a very uneventful. Yet, lovely, show yeah it was like the most attentive. Audio. And they just happened to be naked right yeah. Yeah. Yeah let's. Go yeah we got a shout-out and weekend update that was really, neat that's cool that's cool yeah, so everybody. So you don't have to be naked to go see if people you do not suck and it is actually preferred if you don't, actually. Make. Special arrangements. Do. That go, back in time to two Sundays ago and. Just. Like you, buy a trash bag and then take your clothes off that's, never, gonna live down the trash bag I should have just said bag that, was this interview just fell apart, it, really did. Okay, so afterglow, it's on 45th, Street at the dance right near smackeroos yes. Stage. Being, right next to smacker is right, how do you resolve, that. I've had about seven cookies the entire run Wow yeah I have to pick them wise left I probably owe myself a couple of month, I recommend, their eggnog cookie Nazis. I didn't know that was. Okay. Yeah, but, yeah yeah. So we're at the Davenport up on the third floor in there loft space which is a really cool black, box that. The designers have done amazing things with and yeah we run through March 14th also, yeah thank you so much bye-bye thank you very much everyone, check out afterglow, at the Davenport theater wear your clothes please this, is Brandon hagensen, maybe you'll see him crazy for you or some big missus all right maybe. You do that next yeah all right cool thanks for watching we'll see you tomorrow thanks so much.

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