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What's. Up everyone we are live at, five it is Thursday, March 22nd. I'm Paul one Taurus and I'm Ryan Lee Gilbert hi Ryan hi Paul we, are joined by content producer Matt Rhoda everybody, and. We. Have an incredible who's. Here Brian, Anastasia, herself. Is here Chrissy a. Year. Yeah that hit me yes exactly yeah yeah yeah, yeah, we, love her and we're so happy she's here but, first let's talk about today's top five. There's. A bunch of children of a lesser God stuff we need to talk about Ryan yes, why don't we catch you up to speed Matt, so first of all the children of a lesser God begins performances, tonight yeah super. Excited I've, never seen one on stage I haven't, either I'm so excited, amazing, cast but, what we found out today so they're doing really, cool things to make it accessible to all audience, members this production so they. Will feature subtitles. That will have been seamlessly. Incorporated. Into the show's scenic, design so you want super attractive, super, titles right um, yes as opera like they do at the Opera right so you'll be able to sort of read what's going on but it won't be distracting, they say it'll be very seamless, also. You'll be able to download an app it's called the gala Pro app and that will feature closed captioning, during the performance, wallets this is the thing and a lot of Broadway shows now I went to a halt some of that's where I first met Lauren read law if the star sort of lesser god that's, where I first met her but you know there you can watch, shows now and you read them with your alright you can read what yeah, but they block it so you can't get text messages you can only read, captions, so don't think that you can suddenly sit there and smart so this is five comment, on the show both. Of those things will be happening in every performance, and then it's electives, for performances. There will be American sign language interpreters. There for people as well in the audience you know as someone who has their own hearing, issues I watch TV with captions super incredible, I'm very excited, for this I think this is awesome so and have a great first performance, yeah we. Are getting a cast album, for my, fair, lady Paul, again. You know sometimes we deliver news that's not surprising right, I think when you live an. A-list. Revival, of a Broadway classic, at Lincoln, Center with Bart share directing you get a cast album but, today we have the official, announcement that Broadway, records will. Be releasing this, recording, and of course this is what, we're like one week into previews, yeah. Yeah Lord Ambrose, is a Eliza. And, we're here. For. A few more we don't know I'm, hearing great things. It's, a Lerner and Loewe score by the way and it'll be released on, June, 8th which. Is Toni weak. Feeling. Tony voters might, get an advance copy. Alice. By heart has. A home now wrong yeah this, has just been moving so quickly first we find out it's happening, a little bit more that Sara Bareilles is involved and then we find out that she's actually going to try to perform, in the musical itself but here so, it is it's still titled Alice by heart and it. Will be kicking off off off Broadway, MCC, theaters new home so they got new complex, in Hell's Kitchen this means we don't have to go to Charles so we don't have to go to Chelsea the more I could stay within a ten-block radius.

So. This is going to help kick off this brand-new complex that MCC, Theatre has and it's happening January, 30th, through March 10th. 2019. So it's still a ways, away Ella. She was like I would love to do it if I'm free but why can't she just block her calendar out she just. Put. It in just put it in your phone right, yeah. Just. Put it into your eye calendar. Um it's being directed by Jesse, Nelson the book writer. Yeah. So we found that out she's directing, it Duncan, shiek of course Steven Sater are all involved and they wrote a little show called I don't. Know way that's what it's called that's right yeah. Watch. NBC's, rise, they're. Not a sponsor I just thought it was an appropriate time, to bring God and the, name of this theater is the Newman Mills. I. Don't know where this theater is it's all I know is it's in Hell's Kitchen, Dishonored. We can't wait to find out we'll find out where it is and we'll be there um Paul could, smash. Live. On oh my. God and I just mentioned NBC's rise. What a we. Know. That's the new Chopard theater freaks yes I said freak in a nice way yeah the last one was smash right yes so that lasted two seasons it did to build Mantua season, chalk fuck. Shot. Well the second season was kind of a reboot yeah. Jeremy. Jordan was the name of the reboot by the way yeah it, was chock full of Broadway stars so many we loved it and of course katharine McPhee is about to come to Broadway yeah. Anyway. Bob Greenblatt who's, a Broadway producer and also the head of NBC so, this is a man who, knows and also, smash was sort of like his, real like yeah. Like yeah Bob Chuck he did an interview at variety and he said more people are loving smash now then then. They ever did when it was on the air we've been thinking about different ways to bring it like it through a stage it's respond yeah so. Obviously in smash it was about the musical bombshell, and what was the other musical of the hit list, it. Was Tony race, very. Exciting and they, there's been talk about the bombshell musical. Which is the right one Monroe would, be a Marilyn, Monroe bio musical, right and I did a concert a few years ago everyone knows the songs especially. Oh, my god what's that gonna keep pushing the line. Anyway. So, they're talking about bringing bombshell, to Broadway, right but now he, kind of said well I think there could be an incarnation that combines, both ideas, which, means the idea of bringing smashed, and, bombshell, he. Said you may not have seen the last of smash yet and the next incarnation he, thinks will be on stage so this is sort of just like a mysterious quote that we're excited about but. We'll see what it means it could be a 54, below show who knows absolutely. And. Last but not least it's a cold, cold cold night on Broadway because frozen. Is opening. Yeah so, Elsa, brought the snow oh they're. Doing frozen, on Broadway yeah yeah it's. Tiny. Little Disney movie no, frozen opens, tonight at the st. James theatre I saw it the other night I loved, it Disney, Magic, abounds, folks you're gonna absolutely love, it. Finally. Come on someone call oh my god a lot of clothes but yes there's tons, of great stuff where I'll have photos, we'll, have some red carpet fun all of the usual stuff are a big opening, and this is one of the biggest ones so, we're very excited. Princess, as we love yes, it's time for you to leave. Gilbert. Mr.. Matt Rhoda and why don't you tell us about today's guest I would love, to Christie is a 2008. Graduate of, Cincinnati, University's college Conservatory. Of Music. CCM, when, the BFA in musical theatre she joined the, first national touring cast of Spring Awakening as, Vendela in the summer of 2008, and she took the stage for over 600, performances.

Through, 44, cities across the u.s. and Canada she played Susan, L in the reimagine, MCC Theatre off-broadway, production, of Carrie and its, 2011-2012. Season and in 2012, Christie made her Broadway do but as Sophie. In Mamma Mia at the Winter Garden remember when Mamma Mia was at the Winter Garden one, year ago tomorrow. Christie. Originated, the role of Anya, and Anastasia, where she is currently, journeying. To the past eight. Times a week if you have questions, for Christy and I know that you do you guys have already started putting them in send. Them to me we're gonna get to as many as we possibly can and now. Here. Is cronuts. Christy, and Paul. They. Like. For real for real these, are legendary. Do. You these, come from. Oh. My god this happened to Joy Behar on the view yesterday, her phone made noise. Oh. And, cronuts oh yes we talked about this last time we, did and, these. Are beautiful and I'm gonna like. An edible. I'm. Okay now I'm okay my. Oh. No, it's okay, all right you can handle in my way but I know you're having. Thanks. Thank. You for bringing you know I told you before like people who bring like good break goods it's kind of like the best, I. Have to tell you something else I think I repurposed. This dish no, no I'm good, I'm good I already had a lot this morning while I was making. Um. I think I repurposed this dish when um when Laura, Osnes sent, me cookies, during. During. Our run of Anastasia and, I thought this is the perfect, I am now because. She is another Broadway. Star that brings baked goods. We. All loved Laura hi Laura. We. Love you by the way. 20:17. star, of the year. Which. I still kind, of don't believe I believe, out how's the cronut oh my. God thank, you for asking yeah it's delicious and, I promised, myself after, the last time I did this I would never eat on camera again, and you did it for me doing it for. Using. Cream pudding, like, what's the process of making these like is it a whole thing it's like an hour-long four. Hour because I've been doing this so much throughout the last few years it takes me two hours but. I start making this you okay so you you, do make them often, this is your thing yes this is like my everyone has their thing this is your thing and, and, being a Broadway star so. How's, the Anastasia, so, tomorrow's. Actually, that you know tomorrow's. Actually the anniversary of the first preview yes yes so, today's the anniversary of the, final dress the, Gypsy run with power yeah how was that well, how are you a year ago today I mean my gosh excited. Grateful, excited. And scared excited, and scared yeah, I, mean, and also just very aware that I was on Broadway which, is so strange yeah I mean I was on Broadway with my with Mamma, Mia you had it right my mommy at the Winter Garden Theatre which is I don't know if any of you know this I think it used to be like a stable for horses back in the day so.

Theatre, And so, when you're on stage you don't really it's kind of like a touring house so when I was on tour with Spring, Awakening it. Felt, like I was home you know doing, Mamma Mia right after so, being. In a traditional. Old, school are, the, Broadhurst theatre just turned a hundred years old recently like in the last I, guess. Like few months over 100, years old so, I've always loved the Broadhurst it's, a beautiful theatre love the brothers so, the so the theater is very intimate it almost feels like a black box I know that sounds silly to say but when you're on stage you, really can feel the people and the audience and the the interaction. Very real so yeah, I believe. Don't they have things to like hit your horse in the back yeah, yeah, so if you bring your horse to School, of Rock I think yeah I think you can do that you can bring it you can bring your horse to. It's. A rumor. So. What's. Happening over there there's some new cast members, yeah. Is. This your final. He. Leave already no. This. Is my last week without before. Derek, Lana okay I know Connor they both leaving this I'm sorry I don't wanna make you cry actually, maybe I do um, no but I mean you love these people I love these people with a passion yeah Derek I've worked with before on Carrie yeah so our, you. Know our connection on stage and just yeah him being my friend throughout this whole process it's, gonna be really hard it's gonna be a hard there's gonna be there's gonna be tears, I just final performance, this week done I'm. Trying. To be professional I, hope that it doesn't it doesn't become a cry, fest but I am going to miss Derek oh sure and Caroline, Caroline is so. Amazing. On stage and and she's, just such a laugh, riot offstage I wish everyone knew what it was like to, get to work with Caroline O'Connor because she's just constantly cracking jokes in between scenes yeah yeah, yeah so, but you know nuke new people sort of like gives we got Zack Adkins, we got you, know huh, he's, been a cast member yes he's been a cast member he's been on like I don't know like ten, times he's not upset him before yeah and he's so great and his take on Dmitri is a little different than Derek's which is gonna be really exciting. And fresh and in Derek's. Unbelievable. But it'll just be a different thing it's like apples and oranges so it's really cool to get to see to, come and see his rendition will be a really. Cool thing for audience members who love our show yeah and. Vicki Lewis. Royalty. Yeah really I mean probably an TV show. Let's jump up how about mom I saw that show with, her doing it like I saw Victor, Garber and Bebe Neuwirth. Was. Actually, John, Bolton our show is actually swinging. At the time he was swing he a swing, oh I, don't know he was a damn Yankee swing, yes that, was like very in the beginning yes so he went in thrall they're like baseball. Guys yeah I, don't know how many strat when you add but yeah that's, amazing, yes. So so, new it's like interesting it's interesting when you're in the show that long and yeah sort, of have a new a new life but it's exciting I mean the one thing that people always say is when you're doing a long-running show oh don't you get sick of it don't you get tired or bored not this one, nope I think it's really it's an interesting thing because when you love the, craft of of performing, it's. Always, every day is a new I mean you have a new audience you have in between the lines there's there's there's always freshness, especially. When, you get to work with such quality, talent then I'm so lucky I get to work with ya how, crazy is it that you have so many more, fans than you had a year ago I mean, people love this show they love this character they love this music they love you performing. It so, it's. A whole thing how. Are the fans they're. Awesome I'm so grateful and an honor, to remember at first when we had that last meeting you said so what are your fans names and I was like oh they're the alto heads and and.

Now, They've just reached, 800 felt. I felt. Oh alto heads so, it's like very exciting, for them and my and my Instagram, account is like it's, just it's like so cool they get to interact with the fans and I live every single day on mines I know I noticed, I noticed what, happened yeah people should definitely follow you don't. Have to follow me no I like it yeah. And, what do you do on live what do you when you go live what are you doing so I go live in your live right now well, now I'm live now yeah different but so. This will be my second time going live today, but when, I do the show there's this one, 15-minute. Segment. Where I'm not on stage during anesthesia and during, that period, of time I actually, I, actually, go, live with the, people backstage so, a lot, of times it's me and the. Girl who plays young Anastasia, Nicole, so Mecca and the. Young, Anastasia. Understudy which now is Julia Morgan and, their. Child Guardian so, it's kind of the four of us and we're like a little ragtag, team just like hanging out backstage but. Then a lot of times we have special guest so. Max von. Essen will come in and, just. Like you, know ensemble, members will like slowly filter, in and say hi so it's it's fun you're also a former bro back on blogger and you were a plus, at that we've talked about this before but you were very good at I mean, it was you took that you took the vlog extremely, seriously I mean, like I feel, like they were like maybe rehearsals, and multiple shots and multiple camera angles and I feel like what happens whenever I'm given a task I like have to go, all in or else I can't do it. I. Like that about you um yeah. It was it started out like okay I'm just flogging, I'm just vlogging and then it was like I have, all these ideas and I would I would go out and I'd buy all these props and come in and people be like Christie what are you doing I was like I have an idea and we have to wait, and I would talk about my vision, all the time backstage. But. It was fun it was. Thank. You thank you for all the passion you Mike Mike Mike has had a lot of fun putting it together and, if you don't know, john bolton and derek Clini you. Have to watch the vlog just to see how hilarious. Absolutely. Hey. Mr. Matt Rodell yeah any. Questions. Out there oh my god this is I'm like overwhelmed. Alright, I'm nervous, yeah so. We'll. Start with this one Barbara says what. Do you think that, changed. The most in your life after performing, Anastacia on Broadway for one year um, I. Think. There's, a sense of. Just. Like strengthened, myself, in a way because, anytime you go through an experience like this that's so massive, getting to originate. A leading, role on Broadway you learn so much and you go through all these there's. It's almost like you go like. As you're like going up like levels, in a video game you're, like there's, so much you sort of learn along the way and dive and I, feel this. Sense of great, gratitude. And pride, that, I was able to go through all of that and I made it through the other side and and. Excited, to also share my story there's. Like this need to want to share it and to also let, young people who are kind of they have a dream, to let them know you. Know how exciting. It is and how amazing it is and and, kind. Of the hard work is, rewarding. Too and, yeah, I have. A question about sort. Of the comfort, as an actor I mean when you start a job you don't know we didn't know if Anastasia would necessarily be, a hit we knew it was good yeah you never know you know whether a show is gonna run or not yeah you know do you do you feel a little bit of like is there like take. A breath, now like you know things are good I have a job and like how does that as an actor to have to sort of be at that place yeah it was interesting, because we've, always had full houses and and I, just. Think I sort of like would take it for granted and, then there was one day two weeks, ago that there was a massive, snow storm like. This really there were plenty of them yeah it was it wasn't this last nursery, yes the one before the, one before it and and. I. Think. There was something like 300, no-shows because of the weather and, you could feel it in the house a little bit and it was like oh my, gosh I and, it was it was kind of like a beautiful, thing because I was able to realize wow I am so lucky, to. Have full houses every, night and to have that communion with the audience every, night and. And it. Made me cry I think at the end of the show I was just like wow I'm so lucky that we that, we have such fans who love our show so much and I'll be at the stage door and people will say I've seen the show 12 times and when. We started it would be like I've seen it twice or three it's, like people whenever.

They're Having a bad day or something they make it out to see our show and it's surreal, to know that you've, touched people's, lives in that way over the course of a year speaking. Of Stage Door. Who. Do. Where, is this question then I saw that I think it was perfect. Tied in here a little. Bit more Oh Daisy Daisy wants to know what, is the best part of having so many people out of the stage or and what is the best thing that you hear. She. Said I love you Christine meeting you was the best thing ever Daisy hi. Daisy, oh my. Gosh I love. The stage doors so much because. It's it's a time when I get to to. Talk to people who came to see the show and and. They're. Just so kind. And a lot, of times I think what happens which we we also talked about before is that there's this, feeling. With anesthesia that's not like any other show in that because, it was a, cartoon. Before, it there's these stories, of people. Who grew, up with the character, and grew up with with. The cartoon version and, then they come back and. They. It's, like they want to tell you their story they, want to tell you I used. To watch this with my grandmother, I used to watch this with my mother I you. Don't know how long I've been waiting for this to happen just to watch it in prison. Remind. Me I'm high on Crona I'm sure it happens. But. But when you hear stories like this, or a lot of times it's this this. This, show or now it now it's this CD or the the album has. Gotten me through finals, week or you know it's all I listen to and you know to feel. Like you had a hand in making someone's, day a little bit brighter is is. Really emotional and a lot of times like I'll tear up at the stage door and getting. To hug people and to hear their stories is really beautiful. And rewarding, what's, your off time life away, from the theater and besides. Making cronuts what are you doing you know what was really interesting, because like I said about the the building blocks of being getting. To go through something like this the, first six months I. 6. To 8 months I was, building, stamina and I know it seems strange that it would take that long but, every, day off I was home not, talking to anyone being really careful but. Now that I've been in the show about eight months I'm know. Almost a year but I'm saying after after, eight months I started to realize I can. It's possible for me to go out here and there and to and you learn, how to how, to balance it all so once in a while I can go to a party and I, know I'm, gonna be okay but yeah, my social life is pretty. Boring. Answer. Your question. Peyton. Wants to know do you ever have rough, days are you always super happy and how do you keep your spirits up um, I think everyone, I think everyone on this planet has rough days. Um the. One thing I I do many things to keep my spirits up, the. One thing I love to do is I, love going to the gym I think. Good hormones, through or what, is it serotonin. Flooding, through your system so, there's that I love to write, down my accomplishments. Every day so. Getting up and writing down I made the bed I did, the dishes and I brought, Wacom make cronuts for bra Wacom I love. To, I. Love to walk the streets of New York and remind, myself of all the things I'm grateful for like I can breathe I have all my fingers and, all my toes and and the, things that kind, of all of us have but to realize how incredibly, special that is and. And. And. Lately. I've. Been watching, I've been listening to a lot of positive music and watching a lot of positive videos and I think that that is the one thing we all need a lot right, now, just. Like motivational. Videos instead. Of I I got really into watching CNN, and MSNBC, and. That. You. Have to read talks you know right, yes yes head talks or just something that inspires, you and makes you want to think and and do, and create something or do something you, know art in, general yeah. Cool. Um, Maeve. Hi Kristy my name is main but I'm a huge fan I was wondering what advice you would give to aspiring actors. And actresses, love you, be. A good person be, kind in your heart and. Know. That. The. Craft itself is, a beautiful art form and that if you want to go into it it's incredibly, rewarding so. If you can sort of. Listen. To your gut and fall, into that joy which is the. Work, you'll. Find that everything else melts away you, know what people talking about competition, or people talking about this, and that you know the how. Hard it is or all that just ignore that that's not real if you're, if you're a really hard worker and you focus on the craft and you continue, to do it it's, like a muscle you get better and opportunities. Will come your way and a lot of times is when you least expect it it's when you're not sitting around going oh my, gosh if someone would just throw me a bone you know it's when you're so focused on your, joy and doing the thing that you love and working on a project maybe a monologue, just by yourself in your room and all, of a sudden you know you know bit by bit you'll, notice you.

Know This this opportunity, will come along or this opportunity, will come along or or there's this really cool class you learned about that you want to take so, that's that's my best advice. Graciela. Hi Kristy setting all the love meeting you was such a special moment for me my question is which Broadway show touched, or inspired you, as a child, or teen ah. Many. Broadway shows, obviously. Linden Stevens, ragtime. Is, a personal, favorite and I. Love to miss saigon sing. Leia Salonga perform, was, surreal. As, far as comedic. Musicals. Go I love the. Putnam County Spelling Bee. You, guys seen that. Oh. My gosh I saw CCM. Yes. You, know what other musical, I really, love which I wish, could just be a normal musical, that's always on Broadway, is a Christmas, story did. You compile, the pasok and Paul musical, you like the live did you watch the live. I. Know I did no, I didn't see all of it but I saw I saw portions, of it and it's I mean just the show itself is just a beautifully, constructed show, and we're John and Caroline and John and Caroline were in it and when I saw it on Broadway I was just floored. By it by what a beautiful show that is so if you get a chance to see it anywhere take. That yeah, opportunity. Well we've, already gone over because, we could keep talking sorry, any final questions Matt um I like this one pret sure wants to know what's something you, wish you could tell your past self, oh I. Think everyone, always says this just relax everything's, gonna be okay and and. In in a way you, should tell your future self at do just. Tell yourself that in, a moment every, day relax, everything's, gonna be okay because everything, always is okay hmm yeah, Kristi, thank, you so much for coming by we always love you know when Christy comes to Brava calm we all know where we all and. I love you I get so excited when I'm coming here well they just keep doing it just keep coming we like it and you guys can go see her at the Broadhurst theater, tomorrow anniversary, happy anniversary. Thank. You for the cronuts tell me how many calories are in these things I'm just just, don't. Don't worry about it breathe. Thank. You for being here mr., Matt Roden will you please take us out you guys know the deal you can watch us live every single weekday at 5 p.m. here on Broadway comms Facebook page and we, put out a podcast.

Version Of the show every, single day right afterwards, so go subscribe to live at 5 a daily, brow my podcast, wherever you get your podcasts, join us tomorrow. For, another, spectacular. Guest. Happy. Thursday everybody bye.

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