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Hey, everybody, welcome to live at 5 it is Monday, February 12th. And I am Ryan Lee Gilbert and I'm Paul Wong Torah and we are joined here in the studio by Matt, Roden, hey that's me. And. We have an amazing, guest today, and he do who's, here kore ijou coma from jersey. Off-broadway. Yep, yep. Excited. You're gonna talk to him I am, but. First we have some we have some news Matt what is the top five. Big. News to kick off the day Betty. Buckley. Is leading. The national, tour of Hello. Dolly, yeah. Leigh, I'm. So excited for them oh you are I mean Hello Dolly this, is you know this production, you, know obviously now we have Bernadette Peters on, Broadway, all right Midler, was started. And obviously won a Tony Award and we've been wondering what would happen at the national tour yeah you know big it was the big who was gonna do it they need a good name to anchor, it and they got another, theater icon Betty Buckley, who. Of course won, a Tony Award for playing, Grizabella my. Favorite, Norma Desmond an amazing. Norma Desmond Sunset Boulevard. This is launching, October, 2nd, at the Conner palace, or Cleveland, at, Cleveland's, Playhouse, Square so, there's. Gonna be a lot of I mean we've got a host going everyone. We, know and it's going all over the place yeah, this. Is gonna be amazed, if. Like a week on Broadway first oh that, would be great yeah, take. That with do with it what you will we, also found out today that the Secret Garden is coming, back to Broadway for the first time right it is, the first ever Broadway, revival, of the Sira garden this is a beloved. Show among some too much as, people, love The Secret Garden this. Is so a production, of this has been moving around it did like DC's Shakespeare. Theatre the same product well know so that production was directed by Jeff Armstrong. And then then. It went and did. The the Fifth Avenue theater in Seattle but now this production, is going to be choreographed. Directed, and re conceived, by Warren Carlyle wila we love for a new generation since, the choreographer, dolly but he liked, in craft chocolate, and one for after midnight he wanted Tony for that yeah he's done. Right. And so this is it's an all-new production, for a new generation it's. Coming next season, so we don't get to see it's not this season coming next season, like in the fall you. Know we don't even know dates we don't know cast we don't know theatre we don't know but, super. Super excited I love this when they did that concert, yes, when Daisy, Egan played Martha, but Sierra, Boggess, and review Karimloo, saying, oh my. God it's amazing. Yes I mean there's great, people have been a part of this, you. See Simon Oh, Marcia. Norman's book Tony what both women I'm both women, that's, right girl power, we love Don it's a perfect show I'm a little bit of sad news 5 times Tony nominee Jan Maxwell, passed, away last night, this was horrible news this was this is like a horrible weekend, news everyone, social.

Media Was, on, my facebook there were so many stories about Jan, Maxwell I feel like everybody, has worked with her yeah you know she's done so in the you, know in the 26. Or so years that I've been doing, this she's Jim Maxwell has been such a, regular. Presence on the theater committee find the retirement, Tony, nominee, yeah we've had many red-carpet moments with her. She. Died after a battle of cancer, she's, 61 years old. She. So, you, know members she got nominated twice, yes. She. Got two nominations, yes for the royal family and lend me a tenor was, leading and one was feature and, then of course she was nominated for coram. Boy Follies. Which he just did. An. Amazing, amazing, performance, as Phyllis and I loved during Chitty Chitty Bang Bang that, was yes, that was hilarious yeah, I, loved her recently off Broadway the city and city, of conversation. Yeah, I. Mean she did, so many so many amazing things our. Condolences are, to her family. Horrible. Horrible news. Legend, of George McBride play. That was off-broadway I think for a while is coming to the big screen and Jim Parsons, is, taking on the lead role yeah we, are very very excited about this I saw this off-broadway I, it, follows, this Elvis impersonator, named KC he's, down on his luck he's got a baby on the way he lives in this like little rundown town, in Florida and the. Bar that he works in his being taken over the show instead of it being an Elvis show is going to be a drag, show, so, he takes lesson, so KC is not gonna be played by Jim Jim, Parsons he's going to be playing a character, my, the name of, its. Miss, Tracy. Mills and it's, a veteran, drag queen and she shows KC the ropes on how to be a great drag queen um, Matt Matthew, Lopez who wrote the play he's also adapting, it for the film version we. Don't know anything else we don't know a director but Fox is taking care of the movie and this sounds amazing, are you watching drag race I am NOT no I've actually never seen a season, of drag race deal with that I know I'm a snake Alexis Michelle's coming later this week that's right we. Got Matt last, but not least we have some very special, Valentine's. Now available, on our website. So. When you were a kid did you do that in school oh yeah were you making Valentine there everybody. I. Think I remember Beth, like go and you buy them at CVS, an annual and then you would dress one everybody, and then would you add a special. Thing Broadway. Theme. Cards. Adorable. Our, talented. Illustrator ranked KC made these just, for you this, is a sampling there are others too this, is an amazing, John, Cole Ella card that says well, I love you like Beverly vos lèvres airplanes, mm-hmm, adorable. Who's. This guy that is re satchel, from, from, the band's video I in your blood you like. Look. You can print them out, you. Can fill them out put them out in this one I knew. What it meant I just. Found out Cory Jacomo, helped us be right and you're the go which. Means, greatest. Of all time, so, get that kids print, out your cards, and give them those someone's but you're they're super great yes and I'm not no I'm, out of here I got to put my card oh thank you so much Matthew, Matt, why don't you tell us a little bit about our guest Oh Matthew, oh my god.

Call. Me that all right so Cory Giacomin was born on Long Island and subsequently, moved, family, to Florida at a very, young age he. Eventually made his way back to New York to attend Pace University and. Shortly after graduating, hopped, on the Jersey Boys national. Tour, he's, now starring as Bob Gaudio in the off-broadway production. Of Jersey Boys currently, running at new world stage ins stages. Stages. I don't know I worked, with him at 54, below that's how I met coach kkoma and. If you're watching live and you have questions for Corey leave them in the comments below we're gonna read as many as we possibly can, and now, here's. I was. Shouldn't think of a longer name for Ryan but I couldn't think of like a longer name. Ryan, and of, course, Corey. G coma welcome, Corey thank you so much for joining happy, to be what's that accent, Bob. Was. Gonna say you ought to come on stage with us tonight. Good. To see you how are things over, at New World Stages Jersey, Boys it's a frog wave it is a blast, that that facility is incredible, mom I've been there a few times the sea shows but, it's it's a community, it's like a little, theatre, family, love no theatre we all get out of the shows at the same time we're like a Avenue qks what's going on you know bubbles, and all that stuff so. You've been here you've been doing this off-broadway since, it opened but you, you, were in the Jersey Boys national tour before being part of this production right so, how did you tell us a little bit about how your Jersey, Boys journey, began, oh man I I was, doing some regional theater I graduated. From college May. Of 26 from, Pace University grad. School and. I graduated and, went and did Footloose. At the Fulton theater and. Was. Then going to do Mamma Mia Maine state news right that's right and in, the middle of Footloose I got an audition for Jersey Boys Bob Gaudio was a dream role of mine yeah Jersey, Boys I think I saw a great story where you you took your mom yeah see Jersey boy when Bob Gaudio came out I said yeah that right there hi mom that's. My yeah, it was cool she came and for, the holidays and I took, her to see Jersey Boys because it was a favorite of mine and I like elbowed, her when Bob Gaudio comes out and I was like, that's. Awesome, sure enough a year later I was playing it um but, yet then in the middle of Footloose. At the Fulton theater I got an audition and, you know repeated, auditions, and callbacks and all that sort of stuff and there, i when, i was in maine state i rented a car and drove into the city and got two parking tickets. And. Then, i got to pay them off because, of the Jersey Boys tour it was great. And. What is it what what about Bob Gaudio makes, him, a dream role for you is it the music is it the story I mean he's he's the brains I feel like behind you, he's. The genius behind, a lot of their futures, you know Bob Gaudio and as a person, I got I was fortunate enough to meet him a few months ago when he when we were opening this production and he, is just. The coolest guy the, sweetest, guy he's, earnest, he's he's, wise way. Beyond his years when he was younger and probably. Still and. You know there's something about him that that is always always, thinking, the next step he's always thinking alright Here I am now now, what can I do to take the next step forward and. That's something that I'd like to think that I bring to the table is you know always thinking about you know forward momentum and think about what's next you, know he he's. Just a sweetheart, and in the show he starts, off at 17 and you see him grow to a young, adult alright. Well, to a full-fledged adult and uh and, throughout, that he doesn't lose himself and that's something that I in my admire, in him and.

Something That I think that performers. In general should strive for absolutely. Absolutely speaking, of seventeen, you I just. The cast give you a little bit of ribbing for a year you were the youngest, remember. Oh. And. Young will not let me forget this I bet you they're watching right now they're gonna bring it up when I get to the dress. Yeah. We like to say it's like initiation, um, you know on tour they did they did it and you know they're all this sweetness I'm working with a lot of these same guys for a while right, have, you become your own little, your, own little unit, oh absolutely it's, cool you know they brought a lot of people from the tour to open the production, and, you, know even, the people that that didn't move, with this to, this production we. All keep in contact and we're all you know they're still busting my chops. You're. From you're from or you glue grew up in Florida right so how you enjoy living in New York City you've been here you check you went here to college, yeah so, you you, like the city like, I love. Yeah I'm you don't worm I do it's that's I'm always a Florida next week well. Then get out of here I, you. Know there's, something about New York that it it, just lives and breathes like, energy, and just you know good, juju and you know I spent some time touring the country and yeah you know even big cities like LA couldn't. Steal my heart from New York there's something it's just got a hold of me right yeah but you were and you were born on Long Island is that so you can't, you, can't there's, something in my blood exactly, exactly yeah I'd like to do what do you like to do when you're not at. Work when, you're not performing how do you I see that you stopped. Your instrument, a. Lot. Of shows a lot of theaters hi I, am such, a theater, nerd like, I think that more, than I care, to admit or more than I talk about I am your free throws you, guys were up any bucket he's going on tour I was like I was like yeah, yeah. Like I I love, seeing shows I'm, a, singer/songwriter. So I like just like chillin, playing guitar and writing songs much like Matt Roden over there yeah you, know I like.

Going, To the gym and all that stuff you know yeah. Yeah. But you know I like. Taking my days off and enjoying them and spending them with my girlfriend or my friends, and just like taking, time right. What was your very first Broadway show was, it that I ever saw yeah I mean my first show that I remember, seeing was actually Legally, Blonde oh. Good, thank you exactly, yeah. And, the, moment I saw it I was like this is so cool um and, Legally, Blonde of all shows that make that spark that it passion, for me right but. When I was younger you know when I was probably like three or four I saw Beauty and the Beast, but. I don't I don't remember any choice, but. Yet legally blondes the first show that I remember, seeing and and. Then from that you know once, was, you know Steve cuz these performance, and once was the show that like coming, back hooked me yeah he's coming back oh yeah. Yeah. So I want, to take some questions from some fans that I'm sure are watching but you. Also you, you've kind of done everything, in there because you've done, workshops you. You worked with PASOK and Paul workshop. You did the dogfight, workshop yeah I worked at 54, below sure, David bartends. Lasser a little bit everything so are you a big, believer in paying, those kind of dues or did you just want to be immersed in the theater all the time in terms of just. Working period you know my parents always taught me the value of a dollar so I was always working and paying off student loans and all that sort of stuff but yeah in terms of like in being in the theatre I just I everyone's. Always like you want to get in TV and film or, commercials, or this and I'm like I just want to work I just love this industry so much and just like I want to get my hands dirty kind of yeah I mean you're playing your dream dream, role exact filling the dream what's your favorite song to sing as. I. You know I would have to say cry for me and it's, it's the first song I sing so it takes like 25, to 30 minutes for my character to enter and then when I finally do he's got like his audition, song for the group and you know, he he sets the music, down any sits at the piano and he starts playing cry for me and then slowly Frankie, comes over and joins him then Nick the bass player comes in and joins him and then not to spoil it but then, finally, reluctantly, Tommy DeVito comes in and joins and it's the first time you hear the four-season sound yeah, coming.

From Coming from the stage because the rest of the show before, that is all, covers, that they did sort of to work their way up to you know superstardom, right it's you know it's he, wrote it when he was 15 years old Bob Gaudio did and it's, like this revenge. Love song that is it's way, beyond the years of the 15 year olds writing it's saying like I cried, for you and now cry for me yeah and, it's wild that he wrote it at 15 no I didn't I didn't know that is wild, and then he were he wrote ragdoll a little. Girl like washed his car yeah and he. Had like only ten bucks yeah yeah. He like looked out his window he, was like. Crossing, over from the west side to the east right in Hell's Kitchen yeah and a. Little girl came and wiped his window and he only had like a ten dollar bill and he gave it to her and he said her eyes lit up and there was there was this beauty, to her that, he had to write something yeah, and and, you know it's in the show so comfortable you can tell that it's you're very role because you light out. What. Are what are the viewers, want to know. Okay. Actually a lot of good stuff Jake wants to know how does this production, differ. From, the tour production yeah good question so really, I mean the four seasons not much has changed for us but the ensemble, is working. Their butts, off, they. You know they're playing a bunch more characters, than they played before so it's a little bit smaller tighter, tighter kappa tighter cast the. Foot traffic backstage, is the biggest different difference. For us it's. A little bit smaller of a set, because. It fits in a smaller space but it still has the bridge it still has the spiral staircase all that good stuff, little. Things you know mechanically, that have changed that the audience honestly doesn't notice I'm sure we, have people who have seen the show upwards, of 200 times and they're like it's the same trans Jersey Boys and I love it still it's a perfect show I mean there's really it really is like I don't think you can say that about every show but Jersey Boys is just a perfect show, I agree and and there's a bar. And. People love that bar, um. Jake, had a follow-up question how, does your experience playing. It differ oh I. Love, this question Jake thank you, it's. What I was telling you before you know it's a little bit more intimate of a production so we got to eat up the book a little bit more right Marshall. Brickman and Rick Ellis wrote an incredible incredible. Book to this jukebox musical, and it, doesn't even seem like a jukebox musical, because the book is so brilliant so we, got to eat eat up the text a little bit and you know it's now it's a little bit more like an episode of The Sopranos with, with, the four seasons music laid over it it's really awesome do. You find you still find new things in Bob Gallo when you're like playing. Him I do I, do it and that's the best part that's what that's what I love about theater is that you know you have to do it eight eight shows a week and somehow. You have to find something new to make it authentic. Absolutely. Alec wants to know do you have a favorite, four season, song oh man, I we just got an astronaut, just because I sing cry for me but that is one of my favorite songs I. Would also have to say oh man. They're so so, many songs, oh what. A nights a fun one again, Megan Megan. The. Jam really. Is and, so many people have covered, it and it's, a jam it really, is yeah it's like just stuff yeah it's about talking about baguette but Caitlin. Wants to know which other group would you love to see a bio musical, emotion this, is the hot we.

Know. Donna. Summer up Jagged Little Pill go-go. Jimmy. But yeah margarita, was a Hall & Oates musical, in the word I'm ready dude, I. Don't know there's like a Frank Sinatra one, then the temptations. Ain't too proud I'm gonna stop you right there Frank Sinatra, yeah crooning. All day like that that's that's what I that's he kind of like taught me how to sing to be honest oh not, himself. Yeah. No he that's. Gonna be incredible, I also would love like in, a many, many years like a John Mayer musical, I think his music would, be so easily adapted, to the stage because he's such a brilliant, lyricist, yes yeah I think that would be he's got quite the, interesting personal. Story that. Johanna, wants to know well Joanne said Jersey Boys one of my all-time favorite, shows did you get to see the original cast or is there any former cast member that inspired, your. Performance, I wish. That I got to see the original cast I did, not but, Quinn. Vennett where who. Played Bob for many many years yeah yeah yeah is a phenomenal. Actor phenomenal. Musician, and his, his his. Rendition of Bob Gaudio was, phenomenal, and he's, the Bob that I saw the most and he, there, was something about him that he. Was the guy that I leaned over and bumped my mom was like that's my dad okay he's sort of solid foundation, yeah absolutely. I. Mean, all the guys you know Christian Hauck like everyone, who's been in the show before and, it's, had Andy Carl and Richard H blame me and some of this that yeah the guys that. So. You know doing, doing, the show, with with those roles and with the role that I'm playing now it's, a dream period, mm-hmm, yeah gotcha. Zuri wants to know and, this is a tough one what's your favorite, Broadway show. Does. It have to be Broadway that's why I'm saying it's. Okay. Because I love. The, lion, Benjamin Sawyer's the lion hold it, Wow great choice it was truly, the most phenomenal theatrical. Experience, I've ever had the, most honest storytelling, I've ever seen and it's. Just a guy with his guitar did. You get it's. Incredible. I saw, it three times wept, like a baby I was so good great truly incredible out of the box I would say no Joanne. If you could play any other famous musician, pastor present in a musical who would it be I think I know the answer either, Frank Frank, Sinatra or Dean Martin one, of the two you know they're, just the coolest yeah the Rat, Pack having, that I've, always my friend group we always like. I feel like we are the Rat Pack we just like you, know bust each other's chops and we, sing and we make, fools of ourselves right, and and, that's the dynamic that they had so I would, love love love well if you can sit there once point, to a character and say that's my dream yeah you know what Corey I bet I can have it for you. Yes. You were here during a special it's a special week so we're actually adding a segment, to the show oh boy um called, the live at 5:00 love. Quiz. Yes. We, we, have a love quiz, here at live at 5:00 and so we're, gonna ask you simple, questions but, you. Know be honest with us I'm ready who was your first crush, oh man. I would have to say. What's. Her name from, Topanga. From, these. World oh my, god. Great. Choice Cory Cory loved her. Alright. Great choice your first kiss oh my first kiss was with, Lauren. Jakob Ellie from Florida, no, joke come, on your ability from Florida she was my first girlfriend it, was at my bar mitzva. Yeah. It was a special day I became a man. Look. At that I hope, you're watching, Lauren. Who. Is your dream date Oh dream. Date my girlfriend, Bethenny, tests our yeah she she's, long have you been together two, years now she. Is way, way cooler than I am and and, just like she's. Awesome in every, way yeah I hope she's watching how she, is and. I hope she's okay who is your celebrity crush, oh man, right. Now oh man, I don't, who. Is it right now I love, Sofia Vergara, love. Sofia Vergara yeah. And. What. Is your breakup. Treat, yourself, ritual she's, broken up you need to rediscover, your inner core yeah how do you do that what's here I write, a lot write a lot of music just. Like the sad songwriter. Wanting. The job exactly, exactly. I hope music. Is huge for me just listening to music and I also eat oh. There. We go. Well. Thank you Cory so much for joining us is there anything else you want to say to the the Jersey boy fans out there yeah we're the the not yet Jersey, boy fans well if you're not a fan yet come and I promise, you you will be and if you've seen the show a million, times see it again it is phenomenal this cast that we have is incredible, and we're.

Having A blast over there at new world stages so come check it out right well thank you so much Matt why don't you take us out I'd be happy to thank, you so much for tuning in Cory thank you for being here you can watch us live every single weekday live at 5 p.m. on Bravo coms Facebook page and if you're a fan of podcasts. And you want a different way to consume this show maybe you're listening to it right now you, can subscribe to live at 5 wherever you get your podcasts, join us tomorrow when justin vivian bond stops. By the studio happy. Monday everybody have, a good one bye.

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