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Welcome. To live at five everybody I'm Beth Steven I'm Paul and tarick we have a really fun guest who's here Beth, well. I'll tell you Paul Delaney, Westphal is here from kinky boots she. Can sing you guys oh yeah yeah, belt Russ she's, a belt wrist I'm. Sorry we're late it's my fault you just want to take the heat for that God. But, before, we get to our fabulous glamorous. Guest who was any news or any exciting news, about one of our favorite plays maybe take. It away back. Is. A really good place fantastic we were all obsessed with when we were young and in the eighties in the late. When. It was published it. So, the original cast is John Malkovich and Joan. Allen and she wanted Tony for it, 1987. And. Now. It's coming back with someone you can John Michaels had a long wig never had that long hair and. That picture was on the book that's what you're talking about you back this Beth is picturing the printed, script, which was like orange orange. And black I, feel. Like it was in my original. Office. And. The seven plays by Sam Sheppard and everyone had burned this and I don't know why but let's just say it's coming back it's coming back with. Adam driver awesome. That's a good costume it's, really good cast yeah, um, Michael, Mayer is directing, Tony winner Michael Mayer this, is a big deal it was supposed to be Jake Gyllenhaal remember Michael Mayer was gonna direct Jake Gyllenhaal and the characters pay all who's, kind of like this edgy guy. He's, like a restaurant manager doesn't. Sound edgy when you say restaurant, manager, but that's what he is but, he's also like I think like a drug addict and stuff anyway, it's a romance a romance. That's, good, Adam. Drivers great casting driver I know that you guys all known from Star Wars and from girls but, surely. That new Star Wars movies like Star, Wars movie since, Empire Strikes Back Lea Salonga just told me. You know all the fancy people's, shoes anyway Adam driver is I can accomplish stage actor as well and he's been on Broadway and he's been around so that's gonna be really exciting, and that's coming in 2019, and the role there's a lot of time to find that book at me yeah yeah yeah and, Anna, is a great role so I mean one Joan Ellen a Tony so that's going to be casting. So. Beth yesterday, I saw the greatest showman you. See everything before but I'm not allowed to discuss it because my, opinions, are embargoed, but, I'm just gonna say. Anyway, so they're, doing Christmas story live this weekend on Sunday on Fox and, during.

That There's. Gonna be a live commercial which is really kind of funny Hugh Jackman is gonna be a part of it's. Gonna be Zac Efron Hugh, Jackman's and daya and a little lady we liked and kiala settle. Who's. One of the stars of the film and she sings two golden globe-nominated breakup. Song yeah anyway um, to me like they're gonna do a live commercial I don't really know what this means, I assume, it's not gonna be on the Christmas story set not in the house. In. A circus, maybe, we'll. See anyway. That's gonna happen on Sunday night and I know you're all gonna watch Christmas story live so now you have another reason what's the deal on Twitter um, there's. Some casting news so Kings, is coming to the Public Theater January, 30th through March 25th, and they've. Got some really good cast so first, let me tell you what it's about it's Sara burgesses the playwright Tommy Kail maybe. You've heard of him i privated. The description, so just read it as it's written I don't, know what I'm gonna read right now I'm. Just doing it live just. Like Hugh Jackman, in, King's Kate, is a whip-smart quip. Smarts, lobbyist. Who doesn't waste her time on anyone who can't get elected and stay, elected, whatever. That means Kate thinks representative, City Millsaps is a political neophyte who's staunch ideals are going to cost her a burgeoning political, career but. She's not I just deleted the description actually went on a lot longer and, I just made it but she's not she's. It's. ISA Davis of passing strangers great who's always good and Gillian Jacobs of the little flower of East Orange so good casting, political. Drama a good director Tommy Cal no no no sorry to the public so that was Kings casting. Now, we have Queens casting, I swear that happened, on the same day there's, a new play called Queens at Lincoln Center Theater at the clarity how LC, 33. What, I'm saying that LC. 3 production. This, one starts in February, and this is, has. It's about two, generations of immigrant women living, in a basement apartment. So. That's sounds, like there's a lot to talk about the. Ensemble cast includes. Jessica love Nadine, Maloof and a, reader Andrea. Sakowski. Susana, oh my, god I don't, know how to say love her. Darrell's. Best friend. Susana. Zukowski. Sarah. Toland me and Nicole, Villa villa meal anyway, so. That's gonna be good so we have kings and queens off-broadway. Ok, so here's some exciting news so we already knew, that, New, Year's Eve was going to be filled with our favorite people, on. TV, and they're live oh yeah unless you got tickets to go to Lincoln, Center I don't see so here's he's performing which we already knew Annaleigh, Ashford Aaron's, fate just. Gonna pause for a second Aaron to eight Laura, Ausmus, and Christopher Jackson but, now they've added a host or hostess who. Is it it's. Madame, Audra, McDonald, mom I'm a Broadway Mama robbery so this is celebrating. Leonard Bernstein on Broadway and this will be at nine o'clock on New Year's Eve so tape. It stay. Home in your jammies or go to Lincoln Center get super dressed up there's a new Hamilton, tour starting, on February 6th, at Seattle's, Paramount, Theater Joseph, Morales, has been cast as Hamilton and Nick, Walker is Burr and there's other great, people we know like Torreya campbell marcus, choi elijah. Malcolm, shobun, Ariane Fergie L Phillipe I don't know Fergie. But I love the name Kyle. Scott laughs we know how Scott live Danielle, sauce tray and John Patrick Walker so anyway so Kyle scallop is going to be rapping because he's playing Lafayette, Jeff oh yes, that's fine that's, good costume so anyway that, tours gonna go all over the place you're all gonna finally, get to see Hamilton anyone. Who hasn't seen it I mean yeah. I mean it's like everybody, you. Know every word right well, fine okay so Chrissy Mets this. Is us Fame I don't watch that oh my gosh you're so good. She. Is going to star, in the, Neil LaBute play fat pig at the, Geffen Playhouse in LA right, and she did a read, last year, meeting at MCC, I think this, starts, in May May 16th, opens on May 23rd ends through June 24th, and Joe Bonney is direct and Joe Bonney also directed it front, way that was downtown at the Lucille Lortel theater, yeah way back when with. Look. I say anything else I'm gonna say nothing else with a great pass great scat yeah. Also. On the site I can't remember anyone's name sorry, you guys also, on the site we. Have Haley, Kilgore took a little break to open her show she's back with her vlog one small girl and.

Sam. Crane who is about to open and farinelli in the king has. Fresh face oh yeah so crane and we saw that play Austrade opens on Sunday. The. Other lead in addition to Philo's yeah so, read about him learn about his. Crazy. Childhood. And, stuff yeah, okay why have you got all your Christmas shopping back, I actually have because are dying to know they. Are I. Haven't, started, is it time you've, got some shopping days left, guys. We're. Gonna be back in a second, can we talk about the best showman now I, know, I'm a bargain. Have you guys watched the show. People with uh Philippa, sue I have not had a chance you don't watch the I'm no, I've been busy the interviewing exam cream oh it's just fantastic I highly. Recommend that that's great I love when you recommend your own stuff you, know we say well we saw we were walking a farinelli in the king yesterday yes, who, did I see taking a selfie in front of filibusters headshot in front of the theater Renee Lee school. Anyway. That's a forget them we're gonna take a break now oh my god do, any Westfall of kinky. Boots right back. These. Artists, will come together for only one, thing, it's. Not a concert, it's, not an award show. It's spongebob. The musical, on Broadway. Go. Ahead throw, your, rocks at me. Baking. A pie is easy if. You, know how. If. Only life were as easy as pie. Waitress. Is a hip raise in New York Times with, songs by grammy-nominated, artist, Sara, Bareilles an uplifting. Celebration. Of love and laughter. Then. Brantly of the New York Times calls the Book of Mormon the best musical, of this century this was my fourth time seeing it and they still had me at hello, winner of nine Tony Awards including Best Musical, the, Book of Mormon on Broadway. For, Carole King finding. The top of the charts was easy. Voice. Was. Beautiful. Beautiful. The, Carole King musical. Broadway's come from away is a best musical, winner all across, North, America. This. Stirring, and inspiring, musical. Takes you to a place you never want to leave. Celebrate the best of humankind, and the best in all of us had come from away the. Remarkable. True story of the small town that welcomed, the world. Welcome. Back to live at five I'm Beth Stevens and I'm he's so excited because I'm here with Delaney Westfall from, kinky. Boots let's. Just say it like that I. Love. Saying kinky boots because that's how Billy, Porter's he emphasizes, the boots don't you yes he does how's, it going over there at the Al Hirschfeld it's going, so well I'm just having a blast I couldn't, have asked for a better cast, or, show or crew everything. It's just amazing it's really unusual and, kind, of awesome, to be a replacement in a show and get to work with the original, cast, members which is what you're doing now with. Dark sands also back in the show tell, me about working with billions dark they're amazing I mean to. Be on the same stage as Billy Porter alone, is like the. Greatest honor. I mean, he's incredible, and to, watch him do the role to. Be on stage with him and interacting, with him in this role that he created, yeah, from the ground up it's just it's, amazing and stark. Is the best he's. Just isn't. It hard to fall for him every night no, no. He, it's so funny there's been several times when I've been out signing and girls. Have been like what's, it like to kiss her exams I was like that's an excellent question. It's. Fine you, managed he's amazing. He's the sweetest and so talented and so easy. To connect with on stage and it's. Just it's been so great so, let's talk about your background, because. This is the first time we've really I know that you were in sideshow, as, an. Understudy. Did you understand both women, I did and Megan McGinnis it as well do. You know, which side you were gonna be I mean that's hard this, is the sideshow revival, right yeah with Erin Davies and Emily, Padgett so. Tell me a little bit about that that was your first time working in Broadway yes, and what's. Even funnier is when we were doing the out of town at the Kennedy Center I was the only swing and, so rehearsals, would be very, weird because we. I mean obviously all the lines needed to be said and so and although you. Know the lines of the song so I literally would go back and forth and then you know, it was human lines with your other self yes it, was wonderful having Megan there who is a dear friend of mine and I'm it I'm, so grateful that we were like.

Placed Together and I was able to get to know her but, just. To have someone to work. Off of was amazing, because. You were doing both part did you go on in. Both Prime and or in any part I went on in DC. As violet, and then. In. New York I went, on once because, I was also the swing of the other ensemble, girls we went on as the tattoo girl. Many. Different roles yes, they're examples. So, tell me let's. Find out a little bit more about you yeah where'd you come from where are you from I'm from southern, Utah, st., George. Grew. Up there went. To school at Brigham Young University in. Provo Utah. And, I've. Been here since January. 2014. I, think yeah. And and. Then, took. On the role of Lauryn and kinky, boots in August, okay right yes so when you were in Utah when did you start performing I mean, my mom says that I started voice lessons when I was like six I don't, know I, know I feel like that's I don't. Know maybe she's right she might be telling stories maybe but. Then I did, my first show when I was eight years old it was a community, theater production of Annie and who. Are you I was, one, of the an orphan, or famous, Iram, and I think I had one line. It. Was amazing, that was so. Fun. And, I. Like got the bug and my mom was always so supportive and I you know took dance and singing and acting, all, growing, up and she was just always driving, me and, never. Once, you. Know doubted. That I would. Be successful which is I think the. Reason I'm here, today because I had such an amazing support system that's, fantastic. Yeah I hope she's watching hi mom hello, hey, um, what, roles, did you have growing up because I know you you studied this in school yeah um. Mmm. I. My. Senior production, at BYU was fans, the Phantom of the Opera I think we were like oh that's an easy sing you, know I mean we were one of three universities. To. First, obtain the rights to that oh yeah big production and I, played, Christine and it was amazing. It was so fun I. Don't. Know my favorite one of my favorite roles I've ever played is Keira. In Xanadu we did a production, at, this local.

Theater Carrie about the role gentlemen. It's just so fun so can you roller skate I can oh wait you were in, Starlight. Express. I. Had the very. Minimal. Skills that I had acquired, from Xanadu. And I, raised, my you know in the audition at, two akan Center for the Arts I raised, my hand when they said Kenyon roller skate wasn't of course I can and then we get to rehearsals, and there, are like bowls that you have to go up and like I got all these things we have to do and like we, had skate. School so we all a lot, of and these are roller skate these aren't like rollerblade yeah this is old school some of the people had blades, but I definitely was always in skates but adds fun a fun skill that now confidently. Put on my resume. Just in case any more coming up sure now on to roller skates on Broadway yeah, I mean there are right now in the bands visit and that's. The only one I can think of so that you got this right spongebob has um a skateboard, saw some skateboards, blades, maybe you're from but if you can enroll, or skate you can skateboard sure you could totally take over in spongebob if you want yeah, yeah that's, her next role. So. Now, I might, be wrong so I want you to correct me yes were you a pageant, girl I was. For. A very long time I did, I want to hear about all of that oh my god I did a pageant, I would just want an Iron County, is. That were st. George's yeah it's it's I went, to high school in Cedar City it's a southern Utah County, and, I. Mean, my mom was again, she was like you have these skills you quite a roller skate do impressions. You're very pretty let's do it so, I did and. Time. I was, 17. It was right before I left for college and the, sad end of the story is that I was. Going. To school in Provo it was like 4-hour, Drive and I would make it all the time for the different events, they. Take themselves so seriously which, is a wonderful thing we love that mm-hmm um but. It was getting to be too much in my first year of college and, like all of these things and so I actually, gave. Mike rant like I gave. It to the runner-up and she went to miss Utah pageant. School dropout yeah. I. Think a lot of people do it because there are so many scholarships, yes and I guns that and that's what I wanted, and I just, I I. Went. As far as I needed to go but. You had you. Know evening, gowns and all that drama and I have the crown to. Show it you, have the crown oh, I. Hope you share it with the Angels and can't keep it oh my gosh they would've loved that they. Would love that oh my, god alright well we're gonna take some questions because we have our facebook a lot of people, I have questions for you, first. Of all William on student you to know your Secret Santa gift is coming I swear Thank. You William oh my gosh. So. Another question is if you could be in any show on Broadway right now besides. Kinky boots which, would, you choose and why oh my gosh. Um. I. Feel. Like since I've been in kinky boots I have been able to see a whole lot, so. That makes it hard um but, there's always phantom there, is host phantom I mean who wouldn't want to be Christine and Phantom right, I've. Been almost on a fabulous wig and that's really she's sure Deportes. I've. Always thought that Glinda would be fun, I. Just. Want to say by the way if, you guys have not heard. Delaney. Sing you need to check out Instagram because. She sings Santa Claus is coming to town did, you watch that so, good just filmed it yesterday at, intermission, yes this, girl can sing oh he's, beautiful, what's your favorite Christmas Carol to sing um, I just sang a concert and I had to do a million of them um.

I Really love winter wonderland, that's. A fun one specifically. The Ella Fitzgerald, version very, specific. Range. It's, just my intermission, Christmas. Or Christmas interest. I don't know he has a hold out it's really good yeah it's fun so you you just did a little rehearsal and then went for it yeah I mean the boys parts are much harder than mine was I don't. Think that's true but I was there doing the harmonies I'm just singing the fretting and just. Singing, um, Kareena is asking what do you like about the character Lauren, everything. I, it's. The first time that I've been able to do, a role that is like so. Like. Me at my core, because. All the time I'm like the, engineer or like I need to be like put together and and, just. Like pretty you know in this Hannah's my family's get, to like be. Weird. And, like work. Awkwardly. And I don't, know it's just so fun I love, everything about her and I love playing. Her every night so if anyone's, out there and wants to write a role for you they should definitely have twerking awkward absolute, and weirdness, yes that's good mm-hmm, Jeffrey's, asking what was it like being in the beautiful tour it, was amazing, I did it for a year and a half I was part of the original touring, company, I. Mean. That show is so great. And seeing, the effect that it has on the audience every. Night that's. What kept me going especially towards. The end the the last few months it was just everyone. Is so touched and all those people grew up with the music and it's just so, it's, an important message I, just. I loved it I loved the show great, music to sing yeah, fun stuff fun. Stuff aren't you guys we have to get going but I'm asking one more question because we've got so many questions people. Are oh here, we've got two good ones so we'll ask you two good ones one is what's, the most vocally and emotionally demanding role.

You've Tackled I. Mean. Definitely, Christine, she's, she asks a lot. Sure. Does and Elly's asking what inspired your creativity and how do you keep from losing its spark, Wow. That's. A hard one you guys I would definitely say my mother she, she was a dancer, all growing up and her and my dad were professional, ballroom dancers, we, were actually at one point amateur, national champions, thing, and she. Always just pushed me to to. Do. What. I dreamed and. Fulfill. It and to. What pushes me honestly. Especially. Now like working every, night in this show it's it's the audience and knowing. Especially the message of kinky boots is so important right now and being. Able to deliver that in, the. Best way that I know how and. To that I say yeah. Everybody. Say yeah you guys go, see kinky boots that was really lame go through the other. Show if you don't see this lady and check out on instagram at de rainey mm-hmm. See and we, will see you guys tomorrow.

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I looked up that Instagram vid...omg that girl can sang!

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