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Hey, everybody, out there in internet land this is live at five at it, is Thursday, March 15th, and I am Ryan Lee Gilbert and I'm Paul antara and we are joined in the studio by Caitlin gallop hi, and. Oh, my god. Mary. Laura, ball everyone Madame, Morrible is in the studios yeah, a lot more because Marvel actually says wicked, mm-hmm, horrible. Is Loki. The best care. We. Do so we're gonna we're, gonna get to Isabelle Keating in a moment but first Caitlin why don't you tell us about today's, top five. All. Right, so. The. First thing that happened today is that Harper the Harper Lee estate is, filed, a lawsuit against, the upcoming Broadway adaptation of, To, Kill a Mockingbird. We're. All excited about this to kill a mockingbird. So, Aaron screen team Yeah right wrote that wrote this adaptation and. It's gonna start Jeff Daniels as Atticus Finch and. Tanya. Carter a representative, for the estate, of Harper Lee has, sued the producers, of the, new production, basically. Saying. That they're deviating, too far from the depiction, of Atticus, Finch yes in the book and I guess out of a Finch is a character based on Harper, Lee's father right yes yes and like in the book he's immediately a hero he's a hero throughout the whole thing and in this production apparently. We haven't seen the script or anything but apparently he's given more of an arc over where he doesn't start off as the hero but he becomes the hero we know and love by the end. So. Yeah we don't we don't know much about the, legal background of this and what kind of rights they have and rights are to be negotiated, but stay tuned and I'm sure this is a story that will unfold yeah. All. Right so, we also learned today that Sara. Bareilles could be coming back to Broadway or the, stage soon yeah. Like a stage, is in in Sara Bareilles is future we were just talking about this on the last flight live at five so this is the Alice in Wonderland musical. That Duncan shiek is working, on by heart Alice by heart was the word they, did a workshop with, MCC, Kurt Deutsch and. The title, was Alice by heart then, and, so now Jesse Nelson, the book writer of waitress, is she's, involved, now in Steven, Sater is involved, now as well they're all collaborating, and Sara, Bareilles is going to star, in this well she gave us a quote saying she hopes to she hopes to that she's got a lot of things going on but like she hopes to star and they did it that's like yeah. Yeah, and that proved that workshop Alice my heart had some big, names Ben Platt Noah Galvin Ashley Park Mary testa, Anthony Ramos big people participated. In that so people. Seem really excited about I've been hearing about this musical for a while and it sounds, pretty awesome it sounds awesome yeah it's like the real modern sort of spin on the house yeah and Sara Bareilles is, great great, stage performer, do what you want, yes. And we also found out that chilena. Kid and II had a some, kind of wonderful day yesterday, yeah, in a candidate Broadway, the star of Broadway is beautiful, :, the Carole King musical. So. They surprised her yesterday it was her. 1,000th. Performance. That's a sterile, okay thousand performances now the longest-running. Actress, to play, this part we're sure she's, phenomenal in the raw and I, mean that's the whole story go see her Oh Stephen, Sondheim theater it's not a Stephen King. Musical. And it's some, kind of wonderful and, so anyway check out the pictures yeah her, being she's gorgeous. Alright. Something I know Ryan is very excited. About. Bedknobs. And Broomsticks, the stage musical will make its world premiere, I'm. Freaking. Out so. So. I'm obsessed. With this movie do you ever have a movie when you were a kid that you would just watch constantly. To the priest to Eddie, and the cruisers like, we're to the point where I watched things on VHS, tape and it would wear thin and there would be like it would get fuzzy after all I'm obsessed, with Bedknobs and Broomsticks my, poor babies I do have fond memories of it it's so good the bug in the bed flies the bed flies they go underneath the ocean they do spins, they play a cartoon, soccer game it's incredible, like the whole thing so but anyway this is happening at the Shakespeare of the Chicago Shakespeare Theatre next. May, so May of 2019. May, 30th through. July 28th, it will have the Richard M Sherman, and Robert B. Sherman songs, from the movie, with additional, tunes by Neil Bartram, and a new book by Brian Hill who penned, for the Broadway musical the story of my life you know what's funny I remember when she showed a bang-bang came, to Broadway and I sat down to watch the musical and I realized that I actually thought.

It Was Bedknobs, and Broomsticks like, really, not that I thought was Chitty Bang Bang was actually, anyway, I didn't really know what I was looking at I was waiting for the bed to fly but it was a car yeah and a little fun fact Bedknobs and Broomsticks didn't, do all that well because it came so soon after Mary Poppins, and it tried to like plug into the same but it's a sleeper, hit I. Will. Be there yes. And. Last but certainly not least a happy opening to, escape, to Margaritaville, Jimmy. Buffett well the Broadway, Ryan, had a great time according, to social media the other night at, the Marquis, Theatre the Margaritaville. Is great yeah, this is a brand-new jukebox, musical, using all Jimmy, Buffett songs it's a really great time, it stars. Bravo comm vlogger Paul Alexander Nolan, Alice and lovely so Howard Eric Peterson, congratulations. To everyone, check. Out the site we have a brand new skwiggs we have clips from the show there were a lot of great coverage tonight at the opening right now we're setting up and, it's, going to be a real party to a, new red carpet challenge is on its way it's Mall fantastic, and I also want to say I'm gonna take off but, I want to say also it's the first performance for my fair lady yes at Lincoln Eliza Doolittle, is back on Broadway people, so, happy, first show Lauren Ambrose Harry, Hatton. Harry Haddon Patton yeah right he's. A Broadway newbie that's why I don't know a newbie, but I met him he's really charming I'm really and, of course Diana Rigg and of course Norbert, Leo Butz, yes rock, on Broadway always happy we're not happened so anyway that's happening up at Lincoln Center big night for Broadway, tonight get, out of here because horrible. Needs to see Kaitlyn. Why don't you tell us about our wonderful, guests all right Isabelle, Keating is currently, starring as Madame Morrible in wicked on Broadway you might have previously seen her in the Boy From Oz which she received a Tony nomination, and a Drama Desk Award, other, Broadway productions, include it's only a play hairspray. And spider-man, off Broadway, she has worked at the Atlantic, Theater Company Primary. Stages, and Lincoln's, give, her a follow on instagram, at Isabelle Keating ladies, and gentlemen get ready for a change in the weather and welcome Ryan and Isabel Isabel thank, you so much for joining us look, at these earrings by, the way I have - you have beautiful earrings on thank you perhaps a change in. We're. So excited to have you here you have. Been involved you got involved with wicked, through the national tour I'm the national, editor here so that's how I first started covering but, how, did how did wicked, come into, your life wicked, came into my life like, tornado. Actually. It was completely. Unexpected I was doing the, little foxes, had, a stage. About. A year and a half ago and, with. The wonderful mark Helgenberger. And. We. Were doing that in Washington, DC and I got a call to. Come, in and just right at Tech and for those of your audience who don't know what tech is that's where you put everything together and there's no time right, so I couldn't, I said oh my gosh I would love to I can't. And they said oh don't worry about it we have a tape of you from a couple of years ago and I was like oh boy. Apparently. There was something in that yeah they. Saw they saw future, marvel as I said earlier in the show like I think Loki Madame, Morrible is the best character, in this show she's, just fantastic how. Much do you love playing. Her it's just such a juicy fun, role right like it it is phenomenal, yeah I such. A gift every night and playing with this amazing company amazing. Cooper who was just here just here which is a Jackie burger the. Green girl I. Hope, everyone can see this cast it's, incredible, and it's it's a thing for everyone, that's the thing of I, come at it from a different point of view because I'm a tad, older, stay. Far away. But. I think it's for families, I know it's, just fantastic I love, my, character and, people say that she's mean and I just can't say that I love her so much right I was misunderstood. Woefully. Misunderstand. Did you was there you, know because, it's you know there's the book and all of that but did you come up with your own, of backstory, for madame morrible on where were you like where we pick up with her well, it's what's so wonderful is you've got that existing, material, you've got the book wicked, and you've got the wonderful book that Winnie Holtzman wrote yeah and then beautiful, music by Stephen Schwartz and then.

What's. So incredible, is you. Come into the shoes these enormous shoes of Carol Shelley who created the role and then through the years this. Is going to be the 6,000th. Performance, right night yeah so after these many years you've got the the ghosts of all these other people who've played it, and. So. I was given the opportunity to not be that marble, but to create my. Own Morrible, and there's leeway in there so. Hopefully. It's it's a fresh. Take on yeah something, no it's it's, phenomenal. And this this year, wicked. Celebrates, 15, years, that, it's been on Broadway which means that, it's also a, been 15, years since you made your Broadway debut in the Boy From Oz, what. I was. One of the first, I'd moved to the city was when the first musicals, I saw after I moved here and I remember, just being blown, away by that show as a whole but you especially, just. Killed, me in that audience like I mean just your performances, Judy was, incredible. And you're, welcome thank you was given the gift of playing, her so, she's the genius and then, I just hope to do an homage to her which I'm, very grateful to this day yeah so grateful and it is kind of full circle now isn't it right because that's when yeah absolutely. With yeah oz to Oz from. Oz. Meaning, Australia. But there you had Judy Garland who was Dorothy. And in The Wizard of Oz right, who, features in the play in we did yeah in, ways that people will see when they come and see it get your butt over there and also you were working with Stephanie J block Stephanie, would become an alpha Bob yes she, played my daughter, Liza, Minnelli. Such. A gem show oh thank, you yeah um this, might be an appropriate segue. I have to apologize, to Hugh I haven't seen his movie yet the greatest show the greatest show man forever you know plug there for them, kiala, settle, power, mm-hmm and but. My. Niece has. Seen it seven times so that. People. Have like it's become this huge hit sort, of under the radar a little bit and well, I know it's kind of odd for, live, at five perhaps but I have a problem if you have prompts we love props you this is your segment, is about cheating, this is your time.

The. Maracas, from the Boy From Oz look, at these Hugh, Jackman gave, us. For. Opening night can everybody see that Wow look. Rod. Way history right, here that. Is amazing, so he gave these to everyone. Everyone, along with many other gifts that he gave us we love you Hugh and you, up do you play these at home do you entertain guests. No. But I interesting. So do you obviously. Playing somebody like Judy Garland there's, a lot of research I'm assuming involved in that sort of like watching and reading it on that but do you you've also narrated. A documentary about. Judy, Garland do you feel like, Earth is there she, had kids met like spirit. To you now like do you feel like. You have, this you, know relationship. With Judy Garland from, all your I love. That you asked this question because it's something that I haven't been able to describe so I'll see if I can put it into words I'll tell you that prior. To the boy from eyes I didn't, really know much about her, I knew I loved her in The, Wizard of Oz work yeah, but. All. Of a sudden I started. A couple of years before I started doing little bits of Judy I played. In the rise and fall of little boys I played a little boys and I did her voice so that wasn't the body attached. To it but then later I was given the opportunity to put. A body to it in a reading of another play and then, I was, given the opportunity to audition for her as the, full-on person. So, I did the research at the time it was kind, of the, olden. Days prior, to internet, so I got, DVDs and. Everything. And. Yeah. She's, and then I thought after the Boy From Oz that she would go, away to someone. Else and, she's followed me. Everywhere. I go there will be just a little reminder and, who, who. Else would I love right, like there's no no complaints, there. Right. And it's I wanna find, your so reading, up on you more today found your, earlier life so interesting I do want to take some questions from fans of, that but so you left Savannah, Georgia when, you were still pretty young right like you left school and then, you just lived like a nomadic, lifestyle. A while, right like that's incredible that you know that well. I. Was very interested and, so but what and you, went to Europe and you smell like what what was that do you feel like that prepared, you for the performer, that you are today without question, I recommend. That everyone travel, I if, you, can if you have the means if you have the time I recommend. Everyone, see, the world I, was fortunate in, that I was born. In. Savannah, Georgia of my father who was originally from there my, mother was. Spanish honey so, I, grew. Up with, a kind. Of that that two, different accents, happening all the time not quite knowing what to do with it and, never. Learn Spanish, we rejected, it and, I studied French at school I always had an ear for languages and then, I had an opportunity to go visit my cousins in Spain and it. Was been, crazy it's so beautiful, and I'm, so lucky because, after I was there for a month and after the I think two and a half weeks something.

Dropped Penny dropped in my head and steam was coming out of my head and all of a sudden I was like Graciela, yo. Entiendo, la. Diferencia. Entre. Estaba, yes do it and I understood, I understood, the. Difference in the verb tense and from there it was just like mom why didn't you teach right. Right, but yeah and then thereafter I went back ended. Up living on and off about five years in. Europe yeah and, just the observations. You must have been able to make and then have some languages, to read and listen in and one of the things that I think is it, really brought, me to the stage was, the. The differences, in culture which. I noticed, when I got back I, felt. It. Was so clear in my mind there, was a moment where I was literally setting, the table with my mother we were putting. The tablecloth, on I was speaking something I said mom I feel like a different person when I speak English and then when I speak Spanish I feel like a completely, other different person than when I speak French I feel like somebody else she, said he said II don't water these normally. Yeah. And then I so, now on stage I can chant it to be on those different things that's amazing, and I also be I want to say show I love how on your website you describe yourself as an interested, human, oh I just think that's such a beautifully, well put like. Just way to present yourself, he's amazing, I do love talking to people yeah well thank you Caitlin what are what would the what would the fans like, to know what do they ask ok the fans have so many questions because, wicked fans always, come through and we love you for that yeah but, George would like to know if. You got any advice from. A Stephanie J block before, you went into wicked mmm you two are still very close right yes we are, she has a gorgeous family she, does and I love her she's, an incredible, talent and she, did give, me words. Of advice for wicked, she just said mama I love you, you're. The best go do I. Still. Got that that. Relationship. It's. More like sisters now. It's. Full hearted yeah um Peter would like to know what, lessons do you think audiences, learn from the show that makes them love it so much, mmm, oh my goodness, that, is a great question region, we have I think. So. Many different levels of this play and of, course you're you're coming, you're asking, it. From Madame Morrible point of view so, watch. Out what you take away from it. I think. That one of the things is definitely. Tolerance. Or. For lack of a better word. Conviviality. A, way. Of being together in the world being. Understanding. And open to other people's differences because, for a while there the. The. Going is rough between, these. The. Protagonists. Of the, play which I consider both of them both Elphaba, and Glinda to, be absolutely, protagonists. And the play and they both end up being heroines, in the, play so, I believe, there's that I believe. There. Is. Kind. Of maybe I, would say everything. Is not necessarily, what it seems and. Remember. The old adage. Pay. No attention to. The man behind the, curtain that's, from The Wizard of Oz that's I would. Say that applies as well always, give a second look don't judge a book by it's cover and. So many other lessons that you can take away from this just. Sail, away with the music and listen to the lyrics and it will tell you everything right no it's very and I know that when you were with the tour you, went to the tour went to Orlando not, too long after the tragic, pulse nightclub, shooting you were saying there's this connection between you, know the LGBTQ. Community. And. Broadway, and a show like this it's. Very powerful this play speaks to everyone. Mm-hmm I believe that if anyone and I think there's not a soul among us who. Can say, that. We've not suffered a hardship, or suffered, bullying. Or, suffered being, but. Considering. Myself. For, oneself, less. Than someone, else or being told that, you're you can't do something because of, the, color of your skin or, in this case green. Or. Your. Orientation. Which by the way I love your bracelet, thank, you. So. We love the rainbow yes. All. Right, Stanford. Has an interesting, question Isabelle. This might sound creepy but, do you remember what Hugh Jackman smelled like. Indeed. I do. No. Need to say. He's. The greatest. Right. In final question from Isabella, what. Is your favorite scene to do in wicked and what, is one of the most memorable moments, you had on tour mmm, oh thanks. Isabella that's. La added, tomorrow I. Don't. I. Police are iam and I'm at a loss I can't say that there's a favorite one I love every single scene that I have with. Each of the actors, and especially our, incredible. Ensemble from. The wings i watch. The. Oz. Dust ballroom, and it's. Just an incredible, experience and then, I also watch from the wings I love all the scenes that I'm not in because sometimes I can see them before I enter me the silent, dance between Elphaba, and, Glinda.

And, What, was the second part of the question I'm an experienced on. Every. Single singing, life is yes. Yeah. It's very different in all these years. I've. Never, toured yeah right, it was it's usually how up and coming actors get started, and then they but yeah oh my, gosh it's such a gift Thank You wicked. To, also. That family, right so strong with one Anna's you spend all day with each other yeah and every. Single city that I had the opportunity to go to we. Would always make a point of going to explore, the. Local. Population. And the food and the people and, we were always welcomed, so, generously. And I, think that was the highlight yeah is despite, whatever weather there might be it, was speaking, of weather not a more. Audiences. Outside the stage door I just love, the, variety, mm-hmm. Of people, coming, out standing. Outside the stage door which, you, guys do for us here in New York too but, on tour so thanks for that question Isabel yeah we forget being here, and in this community how, like, not everyone across the country gets, to see these shows and so when these tours come like, this it's, it's a huge deal it's so awesome, and. Madame Morrible also wants the best Constitution. Come. And see my feather yes Thank, You Susan Hilferty yes. There's a reason she won that do exactly, well thank you so much for coming by I loved. Having you tell where, can they follow you somewhere, yeah um I am, trying, to be a little more fun on the insta. Is about students, I know because I can post my food. And. Sometimes. I tweet is about executing. All right expert, that crash you here. Well. Make sure you follow her make sure you go see wicked, at the Gershwin theater I don't think we have to tell you that but go see wicked thank you so much thank you set, the stage yes absolutely. In Katelyn why don't you take us out and tell us who will be talking to tomorrow, all. Right well. If you are a fan, of live at five. Keep, listening keep watching, us every day at 5:00 p.m. on our Facebook page and you. Can also subscribe to our podcast if, you would rather listen, to this in a more, on-the-go kind of experience, just. Go to Apple search live at 5:00 you'll find us write us review it download, it and, tomorrow, we. Will be welcoming. I. Can't. See. Kate. Finneran. From at home with the zoo it's, a great show you all should see it and tune in tomorrow I'll see you all later. You.

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