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Hello. Everybody, welcome to Broadway comms, live, at five it is Tuesday, September, 4th, and I am Ryan Lee Gilbert and I'm Paul and tarick and we are joined here in the studio by the wonderful, content producer Kaitlin Moynihan, should. The new backlight today. Radian. And hey, our. Guest today very special guest a Broadway legend, Louis J Stadlen, hilarious. Tour. Is joining, us to talk in a little bit but first let's, get to today's top, five a. New. Baker starting, her first shift at the diner tonight. Nicolette. Robinson, Broadway, debut tonight, at, the yeah at the Brooks Atkinson theatre is, very excited, to see her as Jenna, Eid waitress, the, first actress of color she, is in the raw very exciting, here obviously. Katharine, McPhee over, the summer and Stephanie, Torn's has been doing a wolf. Yep. But, nicola has been seen off-broadway but, never. I. Don't know it kind of like came and went and the thought there would be more but no more importantly she's on Broadway. Yes. So. Tonight is the very first performance she will be in it through October 28th. That we can't wait to see her I can't wait to go and, a. Broadway favorite is doing a one-night-only, benefit. Concert yes. The one and only Sutton. Foster for, one night is doing my one and only. Yes. Tony, winner is going to do this one night benefit, performance of the, Gershwin, musical, Rob. Ashford will, direct and choreograph the, production, and it's being put on by roundabout. Theater coach it means Y which means that it will be on Broadway, in 2019. 2020. So. Kiss Me Kate started, right exactly, the other one, pilot. No, no, they do the one-night-only benefits, and then they've been then they actually bring a pretty we're. Not saying it's definitely no no but you can this this performance, this benefit performance is definitely happening it, is happening at the Stephen, Sondheim, theater currently, the home of beautiful the Carole King musical and it's happening November 12th, at 7:30 p.m.. Additional. Cast in creative team members and news, about a Broadway transfer. Fosters. Tony triumphs, yes, that's. Right absolutely. For. Her but there's a great juicy, male role in this show - originally, it was Tommy tuna Twiggy right, 83. The original digression review, yes about a swimmer. Yes and, we don't know who the leading, guy will be but it's a lot of dancing a lot a lot of huffing, to. It yes. And. Two. Members, of the deer of enhance and family are teaming up once again. These. Are the two Mike, five yes Tony nominee. Loves. A Tony winner Steven. Levinson correct yeah of. Course this. Is the new play days of Rage we talked about it before Steven, Levinson wrote, it and trip comin will direct it it'll be at Second, Stage Theatre, starting, October 9th and Mike Vice joined the cast along. With tavi Gevinson J. Alphonse, Nicholson, and Odessa young and this is about a bunch of college, students yep, in the, late sixties.

And, That's, where it's, all about it's sort of like a radical time and. Anyway. Super. Busy in demand, and. Our, original t moon is dancing back to the island tonight yes, Haley Kilgore who originally had to step out of once on this island for a little bit following a foot injury is fully healed and she's headed back to the show tonight, beginning, tonight congratulations. Haley Kilgore, of course the show was still playing at the Circle in the Square Theatre on Broadway and is still set to launch a national, tour in fall 2019. It's so great to be to, have Haley back I'm sure all of her cast members are thrilled to have her back of course the. Lauren, lot replaced, Haley Kilgore for a little while I think she went to see it last night I saw in her room she did like a curtain call video, and she was cheering them on in front of us I think she watched it last night she was able to step in while Haley healed and now the family, is back together so welcome back, and. To finish out today we got some sad news in Jersey yes. So this was news while we were gone, getting the band back together, the. Song stuck, in my head yeah it's closing on September. 16th, the Belasco theater so what is that another week and a half yeah, the. Week from next. Weekend and. It will have played only 30 preview and 40 regular performances, is kind, of a short run yeah. Great, cast and it's been a labor labor, of love to get it here so. Go. Rock out in Jersey we just had Marilu Henner here. So. It's your last chance to see getting the band back together yeah, so. I'm not no I'm gonna get out of here. Funnier. Guy coming in after me Paul, thank you so much Katelyn why don't you tell us about today's very, special guest of, course guys today we have loose Jay Stadlen, in the studio with us and he's about to wow audiences across. The country and the Hello Dolly national, tour he's, a Tony nominee, for his work in can died and has been in over 13, Broadway productions, including, the front page fish, in the dark the producers, a funny thing happened on the way to the forum and the Odd Couple he's, done it all be sure to follow Hello Dolly on social media at Hello, Dolly BIA way to stay up to date and all the tour news and leave all your questions for, Luis Jay Stadlen and the question the comments down below please welcome, Ryan, and Luis hello. There sir thank, you so much for coming on our live at 5 program. We're. So excited to have you we are so excited for the tour of Hello, Dolly launching, September, 30th Cleveland. Ohio Playhouse, Square how. Excited, are you to be a part of this production it's. Great it's, it's, great and, it's. Also so life-affirming you, know like when I'm not on stage listening. To the music and, the dancing, is so spectacular and, Betty. Ann Buckley I I. Don't usually use hyperbole. But hmm, she's gonna be as great, a dolly as anybody, yeah we're, very anxious we're very excited how, is how has it been so far working with Betty and working with Jerry zaps we've worked with. Seven. So this is my seventh time. You, know the, last time I saw Betty we used to go to the same psychiatrist, and she was, always coming out while, I was going in so I got the full dramatic, impact. Betty session, she's. Brilliant. And and. She's, a, really. Really nice person. So and, that, is very important, when you're going to be on the road for a year absolutely. You know you're you're familiar with touring, this is. Not. The congratulations, what do you love I know you love touring, what do you love about it what do you love about the audiences, well you know I've done 14 Broadway shows mm-hmm.

When You do a Broadway show it's, all part of this great conspiracy until. The the. Reviews, come out right and. Then it's a job, but. When you do the road. The. Variety, is extraordinary. In. Different, theaters you're. In different hotels you're. Searching. Out the restaurants, and the museums and then when you get bored you blow. Town right. And. I think there there must just be a different energy with those audiences - as someone who grew up with. Watching, touring productions, as my introduction, it was such a big deal when, I mean the family like went all out to go do it. You. Know that the the, the difference. Between. Playing. Baltimore, mm-hmm. And then 35. Miles south washington. DC, the the. Audience, reaction, yeah could, not be more different and that. Also is, kind. Of part, of the thrill. Of variety, sure yeah, but also the, first job I ever had that was 19 years old I was in the first national company, of Fiddler on the Roof right, and it was the first time I ever felt successful as, a person so. That. Romance. With, the road I guess, began there yeah. Absolutely. This, is also not your first time playing Horace vandergelder played. Him at the Muni in 2007. You liked, the role clearly, something, he want why did you want to revisit. It while you why did you want to be a part of this production of Hello Dolly well I thought it was a great production and. I love the I love Horace. Vandergelder the. Arc of. The. Performance, you know he starts off he's a total, fool thinks he knows everything and. Doesn't. Know that he has a heart and then, throughout. The play at the very end he discovers, that, not only does he have an intellect as limited, as that may be but, that he has a heart and that's, what all of Hello, Dolly is about if it's about anything, it's. About a, group, of people finding. Love within, a 24-hour period, so. You. Know these are difficult times and, and, that's, the other thing we're gonna spread a lot. Of love and affirmation. Around. This country and it's. Needed I was, gonna say I think we I think we could all use it yeah absolutely, also you start. In many Neil, Simon, productions. Here on Broadway and, unfortunately. We, we lost Neil Simon, on August 26, what do you remember most. Fondly with. Working. With him and being being a part of his incredible, comedies. Well. First. Of all they would there were gifts that he had stowed on all of us we were, any. Number of us went to a memorial service last. Thursday, and. It. Was really beautiful in. That there was no artifice, everybody, spoke from the heart and Neil was a complicated, guy sure. He. He, just. He. Was, brilliant and he had this. Self-confidence I worked with him in four, different, decades. I started, playing Ben Silverman in the sunshine boys right, I was what 26, years old. Then. I did a female version of The Odd Couple laughter. On the 23rd floor. 45. Seconds from Broadway his, self-confidence. That. He could throw out he. Would say this he would say I'm cutting this line and I remember Jack Albertson said, no no don't cut it I would've only done it once I'll do it better tomorrow he said no that's a 400, person laughs he said and if we cut that the, next sentence will. Be. 1,200, seats right right, personally and he'd do it yes, he had this this, incredible, confidence that he could always improve. What. He had written and. Not, every playwright, you know. Wants. To throw out some. Pretty brilliant stuff sure and improve it so that. And also Neil was a he. Was a franchise so. Even if the reviews were not so great you, knew you were gonna, work. For a year right because, the public you know cared more about him than the critical establish, absolutely, in, the new Odd Couple you also your co-star, was Tony Shalhoub writes right just won his first Tony Award of course for the band's but have you kept up with Tony you, still friends we, saw each other no we, saw each other I. Was, doing The Honeymooners out, in paper mill right never rehearsing, at the 42nd. Street studio and he was in rehearsal and you, know for the abandoned. That. Was his first Broadway show and. It's. It's an interesting story you don't really have time but I got. The job and then they said would, you mind. Auditioning. With other people. To play the other brother and, I said certainly and Gary, Beach and Tony.

Shalhoub Were, the two people who. Remember. The casting director when Tony read. And he left the room I said what about him and. They and the casting. Director said oh no there's no way that you could be brothers I said what about talent. Speaking. Of though you, showed, talent be. It you begin, acting, around 14, right your mother had a theater. Camp grey, Gables and, you. You started acting there, what I believe, it was initially to get the attention of women but. You know you read my book. Yes. Yes, that's true and it's stuck with and, and, it's still won even though I'm 71, years old I, still, enjoy. In the presence, of beautiful. Young. Women, middle-aged, women. What. Has been the if you had to be I don't know I know we want to take some questions from people that are watching but, if you had to sort of looked at what has been a. What's. Been the most rewarding part, of where, you're at now in your career and within the choices that you get to make. You. Know I, remember, my teacher Stella Adler said, when, I was 18. Years old she said what do you want to be you. Want to be a star. Or do you want to be an actor and I thought well that's kind of ridiculous press, if you're a star you get all the good parts and. Then about 15 years later I realized what she was talking about when. I did the producers, I, did, it on Broadway but first I took out the first national right and all I wanted, I wanted all my career. I wanted, to have my name above, the marquee, of the theater and above the title of the money well, I did, the producers, in many many different cities and then, after I did, that I thought okay. I've, done that that's, fine but. I'm. I'm. Glad that I didn't dedicate, my entire life, to start. Him because, make, note you. Know there's no doubt about it that that people, who, are stars. And maintain, that level people. Who work very hard. About. It right, I have a rarefied, Fame but people like you. It's, also very nice that I, think. I cut down on the, neurotic process. That a young actor I, remember. Seeing a wonderful movie, marchello. My love which was about marchello Mastriani and marchello Mastriani, says in the film he said an actor he said if you want to suffer an. Actor should suffer when he's not working not, when he is working right now and I think that that is you.

You Develop a shorthand and a craft so. That you, just go. And you do it that, doesn't, mean that you're not nervous before, you have to go on and perform in front of the public but, it's. Listen. As a theatrical as, a theatre actor yeah mostly, I am, fifteen movies but I'm a theater actor right, yeah, there's nothing. More comforting than, going out on a stage and staring into that black void and. It's. Like, where you are most comfortable with yourself mm-hmm. Well it's as you're, a you're a force on that stage as well so we appreciate that what would some of our viewers like to know from Louis yes so. George. Wants to know if there's a city you're most looking, forward to visiting while, on tour San, Francisco. Chicago. Los. Angeles because my daughter and my two granddaughters. Zoe, was. Gonna be five in a few days and emily is gonna be to December, 25th I'm looking forward to spending three weeks there. Let's. See where else I it's a very good tour. Denver's. Good. I do although they have to put a little oxygen out there in the wings. Pittsburgh. Love, Pittsburgh, this will be the seventh time there's, nothing you know they can talk about Paris, but when, you're, coming. From the airport and you drive through that Fort. Pitt tunnel and. You see the Pittsburgh skyline, that's. The most for, an urban file. And. Their bridges. Yeah. Absolutely I love, that so, other people would like to know if, there was a number you were most nervous about having to learn while in rehearsals. For. This show for this show there. Is a number, that was cut in the original production David. Burns the great David Burns who I have played many of his roles that he originated. Ended. The, first act with us with a song called penny in his pocket and. They. Cut it on the road because, they realized really, this is this plays about. Dolly. Levi it's. Hello Dolly hello. Horace, so. They, cut it and. Before. The parade passes by, and. It's, a pattern number, in. Which there's a lot of words, and. There's a lot of movements. So, I would say that that that's, the I'm. Still working on it yeah Warren Carlyle doesn't, let anyone get off easy. Okay. Did you see Hello Dolly well I was on Broadway and it was your dolly what. Who was your dolly who I, went to the opening night and. I saw her bette midler we're. Both fiddler on the roof babies. That's right we were not in the same company, but when, I left the national company I was playing mental or a by son and, she was playing sidle and then, we became friends. You. Know for a short, period of time when we were both young and undiscovered, I have to tell you this to Des. Moines. Des. Moines Des, Moines when I did Fiddler on the Roof des Moines was the first time I ever saw my name in the newspaper for, some reason the critic in Des Moines singled. Out Louis. J Stadlen, as mental the rabbi son in, 1967. And that's the first time so I will be happy to return to Des Moines I like that beautiful. Moment and, speaking of are there other roles, since you have played Horace before are there other roles in your. Louvre. That you would like to return to, other roles. That you'd like to give another try on and a new production do you ever think about that or well even though I know that my, reputation is, as a comic, actor mm-hmm. I would, like to take a shot at Willy Loman and. I, would like to take a shot at Sarah buck off in Uncle Vanya. The. Other you, know I have been blessed, I have played some really great roles mm-hmm, I. Always. Say that in a perfect world I would still be touring in the national company of Guys and Dolls directed, by Terry's act playing. Nathan Detroit yeah, I thought, that, Guys. And Dolls. Deals. With the relationship, between men and women on a more profound, basis, than, practically. Anything in literature. So great yeah, and. I love playing Max Bialystock I, did at 740. Times. And. Hip replacement. But, I. Realized. When, when. I did that the final time I said fine. I did it. Although. I'm dancing, or I'm running, around pretty yeah. No. One is someone as a, what, I would say is an expert, in, theater. And Broadway and comedy. What, what's your general idea, about where things are now where they're headed are you optimistic, about what, Broadway is and what it's becoming or do you are you nervous at all. Well. I, looked. At an old ticket of. The. Sunshine boys on opening night which was always an inflated, ticket and they always charge a little bit more.

It. Was $11. This. Is in, 1974. Yeah so, the. Idea that you, know Broadway has become part of the tourist experience people. Go, see 2/3 show stay in a nice hotel go, to a lot of restaurants it's, very healthy financially. But, it's become somewhat elitist and yeah. And the, menu. Has changed. Mostly. Musicals, mm-hmm, I. Did. I do, think that you know in the 50s and 60s during, the Renaissance, of musical, theater. They. Would make musical, comedies based on plays like Pygmalion, you, know right. Look. I'm. Old you know when you get old you, become. A commotion, and you go it's not the way it was but I have to tell you well. I shouldn't, say this but, yeah Madeleine, Guildford they, mean anything to you she was Jack killed for his wife right yeah and Madeleine. We were at Sardis this is must have been about 15 years ago and. She. Said when did you break in and I said well you know I feel like I was really lucky I was fortunate because I hit the tail and the, Renaissance, of the musical theater and she said when did you start I said 1967. She said I got news and she was drunk she said, I got news for you it was lousy even, then so. We. In the theater. And. You brought up acting foolish of course your, book is that something. That you plan, on doing again would you write it on that I'm writing, the don't tell any but I'm trying to write anything I'm kind of writing a diary of what's going on you, know but. I've. Also written a novel which is you, know I'm. Trying, to get published not you I love, to write mm-hmm, so hopefully. Be seeing more of that yeah. We. Have one more question there's, actually a really great questions by Tyler he. Asked if there's a production that you think of that is particularly important. And making you who you are today. I. Think. Guys and Dolls, came. At a very pivotal, time in my career in, which, I was kind of lost mm-hmm. And I. Pretty. Much didn't know I had a, personality. Of my own until, I was about 45, years old. It. Was always very comforting, and still is to. Transfer. Who I am into. Another. Persona which. Is what's, great. About being, a character actor. Everything. Kind of came together, I loved. Being surrounded by the beauty, of Frank Lester's music, yeah, it, was a beautiful production and. I. Kind of developed a spiritual, context. When I was 45. Years old and it, brought me back and, and. I, have to say that. Even though I've done this is, my seventh play with Jerry, Zacks I've. Done eight plays with Nathan Lane mm-hm and, Nathan. Kind. Of I, owe. A lot to Nathan Lane I I did for, Broadway shows up. Until the time I was 45, and. I've done 10, Broadway, shows since. And a. Lot, of it has to do with the. Generosity of spirit of. The. Great Nathan, Lane, I'm so happy to hear that the Nance was, an amazing, I had the best yeah, yes. Louis, thank you so much for joining us have a go check out the tour of Hello Dolly launching. In Cleveland, at the Playhouse Square on, September, 30th going, to over 25. Cities across the country all-star. Cast thank you so much sir go check it out for yourself Caitlyn why don't you take us out thank. You guys so much for tuning in today we are live at five every single. Day on Facebook you can listen to this interview in a podcast version, right searching, for hashtag live at five and hitting that subscribe button. Be sure to tune in tomorrow me talk to Anna Phil afonya of off Broadway's, a collective, rage of play in five buddies.

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Lewis J. Stadlen was also Tony nominated for his performance in the 1996 revival of A FUNNY THING HAPPENED ON THE WAY TO THE FORUM.

Roundabout also presented a musical presentation of DAMN YANKEES last year.

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