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What's. Up everyone we are live at five from Broadway calm I am Pawan toric and I, bet Stephen it's March first it's March first and who's joining us content, producer Matt Rhoda and it's cheese it's March 1st and it's cheese do you know the reference next, to normal come on anybody, sorry. It's March 1st and it's cheese. Deep. Cuts man deep cuts deep. Cuts hey, Beth Lexi Lawson is here Hamilton. Smash, hit Hamilton we're, excited to have her yeah but, first let's start with today's top five. All. Right so kicking things off, Ben. Platts is, leading. This new movie called love and oatmeal, two things I very, much love you love, love yeah and you love oatmeal and you love Ben Platt who doesn't so been flat Tony, winner like we hear a new Ben Platt project everyone's. Career. Let's talk about Ben. Platt post you're up in Hanson shall we yeah he has a solo, recording deal with Atlantic Records, he's gonna start in that Netflix, series got, politician, which has music, and apparently, and now he has, signed on to start a feature film called lovin, oatmeal two things Metro Dan loves, let. Me just describe the movie too because no one knows anything all I know is that Ben wrote on social media that he loves this story ever since he first read it. He. Should like what he's doing he's, going to play the leading role I'm, so waiting to play the leading part can we just tell so he has a Tony Award oh yeah, he has a Grammy Award yep I'm sure the Netflix thing will bring him an Emmy so this is the Oscar oh, my. Gosh so he, got so he will be playing the role of Scott a 20-something, aspiring writer who in the wake of his father's sudden deaths stay with me people sees. His dream of moving to Paris put in jeopardy when he is forced to temporarily take in his wildly, unpredictable, mentally. Ill sister. That sounds good I don't think her name is love or oatmeal but somehow that fits in this is directed. By Peter Sadler and written by Steve Waverly, it's a tearjerker according. To Ben plotz emojis, I. Love. It, and I love oatmeal okay um some, sad news harvey schmidt passed, away today yes. So Harvey Schmidt wrote The Fantasticks which, is the longest-running musical ever, right, in New York he wrote is. There another one oh, my. God we just threw me off. The. Center of the world yes, he. Wrote it of course with Tom Jones and he. Died yesterday at the age of 88, and, he. Also wrote 110, the shade 1963. The Broadway musical with. Tom Jones and they got a Tony nomination for that and you, know I first saw it when Otto McDonald yeah when it was revived yeah. Two fantastic shows, and, they were other shows too and there's a lot of really, really great music that people really love try to remember I know you're gonna say that I was hoping you would say that it's, the best song in the show. Amy. And the orphans opens, tonight off Broadway and we did a fresh face right yes yes, we did okay so I saw, this I saw the shinstr you were very excited you actually texted. Me how much you like that doesn't, do that often no I. Just feel my opinion at view people so get ready this, is a great show this is Lindsay buratino as the playwrights directed, by Scott Ellis.

Jamie, Brewer who you know and love from American Horror Story is in it and it was written for her yeah, yes. For. Her and also. Stars Deborah bunk has worked with Scott Ellis information, many times curtains steel, pier and, so on so forth and markleham. And Vanessa, ah spiaggia who is hilarious. As usual, and, the tropics. It's. Just a great, show it's really, really funny but it's moving go. See this show and happy, opening tonight but we also had Jamie brewer here and we did a whole video and you know she talks she was lovely. Sweet. And earnest and she talks about being a role model yeah, walking, in Fashion Week a few years ago yeah she's cool right it's very good um the. Entire squad. At Parisian, woman got, portraits, at Sardis, last night the whole squad. Cast. You. Know when you somebody, really needs to explain to me how you get it started caricature, because I've heard all kinds of rumors over, the years but, the, whole cast of Parisian woman got it I'm. Yeah so it's interesting some, people at the beginning of their careers people like, Blair Brown Tony, winter finally got a Sardis caricature, but of course if I'm a Thurman making her brother debut Philippa soo right speaking of Hamilton Josh Lucas Martin, yes. I. Think it's suck is okay. But. The and I just want to say. Sardi's. Caricatures, can be all over the map but. You know you mean what they look like well first of all if you look go to the restaurant and you see them they've changed over the years right it used to be take, one feature and, really exaggerate, yeah so this, is a very Hollywood version of, philosophy. And yeah if you look at the photos on the site um they definitely were like almost, here let's, make sure everybody looks really, good it's, a good glossy so congratulations. I'm gonna go visit you at Sardis cast. Of the freeze woman oh and it ends on March 11th so yeah. And. Last, but certainly not least my. Favorite Bernadette. Peters turned, 70, years old last night no let's just be clear you we all love Bernadette Peters but, she's your favorite because she plays, red, carpet, series, regular. Oh. Yeah I mean. She's. She's, great Bernadette Peters is the queen of Broadway she's she doesn't look a day over I don't, know 32 she's so she kind of at the height of her career right now with this Hello Dolly to her I feel like everything, she's ever done is at the height of her career she's just so amazing.

So They had a maybe, the goodbye girl okay, I. Mean it was good but it just wasn't really like didn't go well that's better than saying the park with George deep cut deep cut deep cut okay, if you want to call T she. Did. A surprise cake her, miss Peters and the. Cast celebrate we have photos and video on the site you, know she's just the best I also just want to mention before we go we, have to show starting previews tonight yes, three, tall women at the Golden theatre and lobby. Hero which is now called the Hayes theatre that's what they're calling it Oh Helen, czar it's just hey just the hey so two revivals, are starting. Performances tonight so happy previous. Today I'm cool I'm not no Beth yeah I'm out of here. Hey. Matt why don't you tell us a little bit more about lucky loss I would love to Lexie Lawson is originally from the Bronx but, raised in Newburgh. Xiety, say Lex Newburgh, Newburgh. New York, of the beautiful Catskill, region and has been entertaining audiences nationwide. Since, she was 7 years old, she's, currently playing Eliza Hamilton, in lin-manuel, Miranda's tony-winning hit Hamilton this marks her return to the music of Miranda having, performed in the first national tour, of in, the heights in the leading role of Vanessa, she also portrayed a Mimi in the. Rent Broadway, tour, and she's here today to talk to us about Hamilton if you have questions, for Lexi you can leave them you should leave them in the comments, below, right, now and we'll get to as many as you possibly can and now, here's, Paul and Lexi, hi Lexi Mawson how are you. Thank. You it's a good job thank, you middle spring. Still. Winter. House. Hamilton. Yes. It's. July of 2016. Amazing, yeah and so, does it just feel like total like I'm sure when you got there you were like oh my god oh my god I'm in Hamilton right now it's just like I'm in Hamilton doesn't like this is my job is what I do. I. Still, pinch myself every day I actually but. I'm obsessed with home goods and Marshalls I pretty, much infrequently. Shopping, there when I'm not I knew, I recognized, you from. I. Just found a picture that says like. Pinch me please and that's because I always say like I'm pinching myself cause I'm inhales and so I found one the, universe gave me one to. Hang up can, we talk about that row at HomeGoods that has all the inspirational. Quotes. Ever looking for any inspirational. Quote go to home goods. Not. A paid advertisement. So. What was your audition like how, did you get into. That Hamilton family it's so um, what's. Really funny about Hamilton, is when. I first saw the show I was living in Los Angeles and, I. Saw the show when I came to New York saw the show with the friend of mine and my friend was like you have to be in this show and I was like I would, love to but I live in LA you know I was living my life there with my husband and my doggie and I. Said no you know what no you're right I'm gonna be in the show and so six, months I saw this shows six months before I had an audition I didn't even know if I was going to have an audition but I was prepared there's, this app called a capella and so, I put myself on tape for the role of Angelica, there was me, in the middle and then there was about eight, other Me's, around, me singing all the harmonies and it was sad it amazing, how cool just in case they weren't gonna give me an audition I was ready to send that in I'm this is like some, modern stuff, they were gonna give me the job and but. They gave me an audition luckily they. They called me in for Angelica. Analyzers. To do cuts, of those I lied, to casting, I. Said, to them I, was. Like I'm just thinking myself I'm just gonna start from the beginning, of satisfied, because I've, been practicing, this for six months now and I want them to know that I know the whole song okay and so, I started. From the beginning and then casting cut me up and they're like. This. Isn't the cut we, have for you and I was like oh well this is the cut this is what they gave me they're, like okay, and they let me do the whole thing. Normally. People don't or, people do less I feel like they're, like oh I didn't get that so sorry I'll.

Do The whole song. They, call me back to New York and when they called me back, to New York, they, they, have they asked me to sing pretty much all the female material, and, at this time I didn't know that Broadway wasn't even an option I thought, it was just Chicago or the. Tour. That went down in, California, California, one and so, when they called me and they said I, went, by the way when I was saying burn in the audition I mean I could barely get through it I was just sobbing, there's. Nothing like just okay, okay keep going okay. My. And, then and then I got the call I was in the garage in California, when I went back and I started screaming, bloody. Murder I mean, everybody. Who lived in, that apartment, complex. Heard, me I was. Screwed like I. Got. The call to play lies on Broadway, so, so. Would. You start to play Angelica, yeah, I would love to play Angelica, at, some point in my life right, it's, gonna be open for some time so I. Assumed. That it like you. Know five, to ten years from now maybe they would consider me for Angelica so you you, did the end the heist or as Matt mentioned yes, and you played Vanessa, yes. So. Did you know Lynn, Miranda did, did, you meet Lynn and so, when, I first. Auditioned, for okay. So I have to paint sorry I'm like such a girl I like details, I, called them. Right so, I was, doing rent I was, Amy I was playing Mimi and all my favorite with. Adam Pascal, and Anthony okay that worked up that toy right that one and we, were in Japan and, I. Put. On it won't be long now I was on like the 33rd. Floor of this hotel room just to paint the picture this. Japanese, hotel room and, all the windows were open and, I was singing it won't be long now as loud as I could envisioning. That I was gonna play Vanessa, one day you know there was no train outside your window there is no tree. And. So. Finally. When I got the audition it, was right, when I ended rent and I, and I saw I like peeked my head in like, I could see like the people going in and out for the auditions and I saw that it was Len and I turned around as okay I'm not going in there I'm not going in there because I was so like.

And. So I went in and I auditioned, for the role was, so nervous cuz one was in there but I got, a chance to do in Heights with Lyn when he came to Puerto Rico when. The tour came to Puerto Rico he joined in for Puerto Rico and, it. Was amazing he's a wonderful person I. Know. He's a busy guy and there's a lot of things going on yeah. But. He brings a Sebastian, in I think, it was like a couple days ago he brought him in and and just, like peeked his head in and Sebastian, is so beautiful, they had their kids are they're. So gorgeous, they're the cutest so, you grew up you, grew up in Newburgh oh yeah, I'm from the Bronx original, okay new birds like an hour north yep, it's an hour north and my parents moved us move, moved, us my sister and I up to Newburgh when, I was 7 years old so I say. I'm from Newberg because, that's. What I associate, most with right high, school mostly yes so, when did you start performing did you were you a little performing girl. It's. Funny because I was always really quiet, because. I would observe my, crazy family all the time and. So there, was a time when I like came home I was like mommy I, got the lead in the school musical. And. It's, just like what and, I was like yeah I'm gonna play Alice and Alice in Wonderland, and, then I sing, the songs like I give myself. Very. Good, advice so here's the problem, I remember, all the songs that, I had to sing from like 7 to, 15 and after that I mean I go over my lyrics every day for Hamilton it has been a year and a half and I'm terrified, I'm so does, all the lyrics sure you cut your mind could handle right you're done at 15 yeah you, can't learn anything right sad music I got you like yeah. I. Was Louisa. I wanted to be Brigitta, oh and, they didn't give me Brigitta, but it's fine. Hey. Matt Rhoda yeah. Some. Great questions, from, Sara Beth if you could play any character male or female in any show off Broadway Broadway West End a touring production or. A show that's closed so literally like any show ever in. The world male or female in any show in any show who would you play and why. Appreciate. That. Yeah. The. Sassy one yes, know who you wanna play gosh. That's so, tough. Anyone. Only. One, all. Right now. Oh. I, can't answer that I just can't I can't put that into the universe, do you have they'd. Want to say it, helps sometimes to say it it's. Getting out there I would like to play Angelica, in Hamilton, oh there you go great, that sounds good yeah would. You ever play any of the men in Hamilton who would you ever want to play any them yeah I would totally play Aaron Burr okay. Okay, great, um how. Many times did you see Hamilton, Davey wants to know before stepping into Eliza, once, great.

Wow Only one you just saw that once oh wow. Before I auditioned, y-you went in oh no. For. My yes before my debut when I joined on July, 11th. 2016. Because, I think I saw, every, single show, once they hired me I mean I would not leave that theater. So. What does that work when you're going into a hit like Hamilton we're actually hard to get tickets, hey is there a seat for you or you you you're like hovering in the back okay, by the, exit, door all. The stage crew they're like you're in the way. Sorry. I just need to learn this. But. George wants to know who has been your favorite celebrity, guest who's, seen Hamilton while you've been there. I. Mean it is the thing people people come to Hamilton, Clive, Davis, Oh were you there okay. Kai I'm a huge. Like pot fan I mean you couldn't quiz me on any you okay remember that like Shazam or there's like a show like Shazam where they would play like a second, and you I could be on that show because, my knowledge that tune yes that's what the college to them now they call Shazam not my, knowledge of pop music is like, extraordinary. I should win an award for it and so because of that I'm obsessed with, like Clive Davis he founded, and not that he founded but he brought to it right what all. These like okay. So if you could do a musical using the catalog of any all right Kerry. Let's. Do that no what do you think should the plot be the life of Mariah or should be some crazy plot, just using her songs like Mamma Mia that's, a you know she has an interesting life but. I don't know we want to see her life so I think it's cool yeah, I think we crazy, like escape to Margaritaville, you say. Yeah. After we go off the air we're gonna right we're gonna figure out that plot. Either. We'll get it on Broadway in a couple years and, you'll be in it great okay okay I'll play more I carry from this. Age what's, your go-to Mike a song that's. So tough. I love, vision of love which is her first yes that, she did but. I also love her like. Butterfly, album, oh, that's, my favorite breakdown. Yes. I love breakdown, that's like that is all that yeah I think, we're gonna pull clips when people book jobs to, be like they stay put that out of the universe I'll live if I first so in your book Mariah Carey we're gonna do that okay um a couple people are asking and this is a good question what.

Is Your favorite moment. In the show that, the audience might not notice and Michelle, added to that perhaps one that is lost in the speck the show something you know that people don't really see. These. Are really great questions, are, pretty deep. Um-hmm. We're. Fairly silly our cast is like a fairly silly cast, and so I hope I don't get in trouble for this but yesterday. There. Was a box, this, may not answer the question but I feel like telling this story because it's really not gonna lie there's. A box of Girl Scout cookies that, we're waiting backstage, and, I was like host cookies, are these like everybody, in the cast is like why would they terminus, with a box of Girl Scout cookies and so, I kept on like walking like cookies these cookies I was like who's ELISA cuz it's a ton ELISA, and. So like the whole show, I, would say to Joanna who plays Peggy Mariah I just look at her and go. And. She, would just be like and so, like the whole time we were all talking about these cookies throughout, the show your all time. That's. Ever stuff we don't see from the. Have. There been any onstage, mishaps any fun on stage mishaps in Hamilton oh all the time we have this thing called the burst, corner, where you could find it on our instagrams, our whole, casts have, posted, a burst. Corner where we talked about the. Lyric that we messed up but in my case I have. Not messed up any lyrics cause like I said before I go over my words you, really do I really go over any words right. Before I sing him because I'm terrified, I'm gonna mess up but, what I did do was. About. Two months ago I was. Getting, my getting. My thoughts together for, burn and then. I walked out with the lantern and I put the lantern down and I realized, that, I didn't have any letters to burn in my hand I. Forgot. To bring the letters Wow so. Do you do. Like. Watching anybody. You. Know can use their imagination. They're, like like, with my ears nowadays with my hands in my pocket, just like okay, I gotta get off I'm so embarrassed, oh. Yeah. Is. A great last question, great last question what, would you do if you, won the lottery more, than ninety six thousand oh. You. Know I actually had this conversation this is very funny and I think we only have a couple seconds right I hope not okay because this is kind of long so we. Had this conversation, yesterday. My. Husband, and I he went out to sea once he went out to go have drinks. With a friend and they said if you won the lottery I'm sorry if your friend bought you a winning, lottery ticket would. You give them money and my. Husband said he'd, only give 10% and. I was like oh and then. The other guy said only 10% and then my buddy Peter was, like no I'd give him half because, that's what you would do and I said the same thing I would give half away because at the end of the day like all those big numbers I mean really Mordor you're gonna do with all that money so, if I did win the lottery more, than 96,000. First I would definitely, share it with people who are close to me and I would definitely donate, it I'm I was telling like Shane that I'm who's, our guy that, like. Children are very important to me and I. Would, happily. Give that away to them and some sort of charity organization, I just don't think you need that much money if it was like ten million dollars I mean, that's crazy I did invest it so eventually I'd make more but, um, so. Yeah that's my honest answer would you do me a favor would, you sing a line or two of the Vanessa part of 96,000, if. I win. You'll. Never see me again and that is the truth. Gonna. Be I'm. Gonna be on that island that it was Navi sings about, whichever one that is will. Never see me again I am gone Lexie Lawson you are delightful thank, you so much for coming by everyone go check out Hamilton, you can get tickets if you really try and if you're patient you. You'll. Get in it's good it's worth the wait Matt. Why don't you take us out oh you happy - thank, you guys so much for tuning in you can watch us live every single weekday here. I'm Roberto Khan's facebook page at 5 p.m. that's why it's called live at 5 and if you want a different way to consume this show and you are a fan of podcasts. You can subscribe to the live at 5 podcasts, which we release every, single day right after, this livestream join, us tomorrow when disco, pigs, Evanna. Lynch from. Harry Potter you know her she, joins us live in the studio have, a great Thursday everybody, bye. You.

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