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Hello. Everybody. Excited. Hi, welcome to live at five, it's February 22nd. I'm Beth Steven I'm Matt Roden and, we have a guest, today we're here with Caitlyn Gallup today, hi. Caitlyn are you ready for again I'm very excited, about this guest you, guys, Russia. Wallace all the way from London's London. From. Dreamgirls, is here too she flew in just for this. We. Flew her here yeah. But. First we have today's top 5 there's some news. All. Right the first thing is dear, vannhansen is going, abroad, yes it is so we got news today that dear vannhansen they're mounting, a production, in Canada is that a broad, title. A broad right as you need it you need a passport to get to Canada don't you at. This. Brush is gonna be at Toronto's Royal Alexandra. Theatre ah. Beginning, in March 2019. We don't have dates we don't have casting, we know that Michael greif is going to direct it again but, I mean. I viewing, Canadian, audiences will, be like very into. They. Walk among us yeah that's. All. Right number two we. Got more casting, which I'm very very, very very excited. About for, Jesus Christ Superstar live, on in be see well. Caitlyn. Gallup is excited because this is something so good at casting, some very good guys so we have to time Tony nominee Brandon, Victor Dickson will be playing Judas, this. Is the role Jesus. Christ Superstar we know the title role is already John Legend we already know the Sara Bareilles is playing Mary, Magdalene so it takes nothing away from them but we also have, norm. Lewis, I, just, had to say in that way normally, a. Caiaphas. And Ben, Daniels at from Lady Ezra's, will be playing Pontius Pilate Jason, Tam. Behind. Ya will, play Peter Jin ha from butterfly and. Hamilton. Will play anis Swedish. Rocker Eric, Quran well we'll be playing Simon, okay, so it's David Laveau who's a five-time, Tony nominee is direct this live, event NBC, April, 1st what else is he directed what would, like Fiddler, on the Roof a million things really thinks and because, I just what said feather because that's like Jewish yeah right. This. Is Easter Sunday April 1st on NBC, live, Jesus. Christ Superstar it's good you watch it you live tweet it you have the songs in your head for two weeks and there's gonna be a lot of like Broadway people in the ensemble, to like I feel like you know I mean recognize. All the faces to Alice Cooper is Herod oh right, right. And. More. Casting. News. Santino. Fontana is, joining Hello Dolly in a brief run playing. Cornelius. Hackl yeah that's true so Gavin Creole, hurt his back I think it surgery like today or something like that and. So. We found out that since you know Fontana, who we know from Cinderella. Frozen. Frozen crazy, ex-girlfriend. Oh that's right I literally forgot that, he was like, my subway ride this morose yeah. You. See what I said we all a tiny chance, yeah, so he's replacing Gavin for. A short run a limited, engagement starting. March. 13th March 13th, I, think. It'll be great casting, and Gavin. That's. All we need that's all we really want. In. More. News we. Have a, slew. Of really, fancy people are going to be directing, stuff for. City. Centers off center, program. First. Of all city centers off off was, off center is so good, okay so there's city centers on course we're just confused with what's what's I'm not gonna be able that's what I'm saying so city center encores is like what the main it's, like the main thing it's a main stage so let's talk about who's gonna be there okay I'm gonna do this in reverse order of how this was written for me okay okay this is reverse, chronological, order because we like that because. I have to start with the most important person in my life Savion, Glover you, guys, Marcia, Wallace just gasped, again Tony, winter say my lover will be doing don't bother me I can't code how does like my mic, yeah that's. A nice one 1971, this is old school so he's gonna be doing that one we also have Kate we're risky, who just did sweat on Broadway she also did Lynn Nottage, is brewing, hmm, that's what she's known for she's doing songs for a new world which is of course Jason Robert Brown that one's the first one June 27 3 into 30 then, can. Rush small Wilhelm, gone missing, this is the Michael Friedman one July, eleventh and twelfth silk, I'm just look at this caper risky Ken, rest from all and Savion, Glover I'm, just saying this, all will be making, their City Center directorial, debuts, very exciting, well.

What. Else and finally. We. Put up a slew, of brand-new, spring previews. About. To round out our last one tomorrow but I hope you all have been enjoying it yeah. So fun, today went out today children, or lesser god that's, right we talked to Joshua Jackson and Lauren red love and, their lovely. Like. And. You got to hang out with nice this morning this morning they had their first rehearsal they have some serious chemistry, those two then, they're just like the kindest, human be there's generous and respectful, um and we put up yesterday. Harry Potter and the cursed child okay, I'm a little, bit in love with these stars you guys it's you have your tickets we have your tickets money. Am, i saying she. Is uh these. Harry Potter people are so, good. And smart, and just. Check. That one out I hear their accents, and you're just like yes I believe everything you say yes we believe the Brits also, we. Want to say a very special, happy. First preview happy first preview - frozen, frozen, rd way another show that we did in our spring previews that's how I tied tied that in there that's. That's, all the news. So. I'm. Gonna get out of here why don't you get out of here get lost Marcia Wallace we'll be right here in, a minute alright, let's get to know our guests a little bit better so Marisa Wallace was born and raised in a small town in North Carolina, but, the small town never hold her back and she moved to the big city after. A year of touring with the Book of Mormon she made her Broadway debut and, was cast as the fortune teller in the original cast of Aladdin. She, then moved on to another Casey, Nicholaw classic. Something rotten, before, heading to Denver, Center, to take on the role of Effie, white and dream girls, not, long after though London called and she moved to the West End production of dream girls where she is currently star, as Effie. White and now, here's, Beth and Marissa round of applause. Welcome. Welcome. Marissa Wallace, hi thank, you for flying and exclusively, for live at hi yes for this moment. First, of all did did see Dreamgirls in the West End and, I, loved, it now I saw amber Riley yes who preceded, you in this role yes this. Production, also a Casey Nicholaw classic. As Caitlyn Gallup just said. I. Am, fantastic I'm on vacation, right now or holiday, as we say yeah I love that your American accent stole America it's still that I went home to North Carolina so I got my southern back you know it was kind of getting watered, out but it's, back now so, how long have you been in London I've, been there since December, 2016. So over, a year now you're practically British now I know I. Got a British bank account now you do fancy. Put. Those pounds in there no have you had to you with the Queen yet I don't, I haven't but she lives up the street I live in Trafalgar, Square oh great I didn't know people could live there that's not a place for a lot of people that's like Times. Square which now people do but they didn't used to you know I was I'm like where am I gonna stand a watchtower, there, are Lions and fountains, and tourists it's, but. It's like really at the entrance to her. To, Buckingham Palace her oh yeah one of her homes one of her homes hopefully I haven't gone ask her for sugar but you know I'm, sure she would happily. Happily. So. Let's talk about this role this, is such. A juicy. I cried throughout Dreamgirls oh yes I didn't think I was gonna cry but I couldn't stop oh people can't it's really alia, mil all the emotions, yeah and of course you have to sing the most famous song yes, do, you know what that is people and I'm telling you do we know do, you know do you know this is such a great role for you now, you did this when you were younger. Yes, I the first time I did it I was 21, it was my first role. Right, out of college and, I, was like okay why not and I have been singing those songs forever. Cuz you, just sing those that talent shows cuz you know you're gonna win so, I was seeing that like. $1. You know hundred, I was here 200 I was there and you know at the county fair you were saying songs.

And Then, so I was like well I can sing the songs let me see if I could do the whole show and then, it was like a a month run I think and, I, did it and did, you, always think he would do this role yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. We have to talk about your association with Casey Nicholaw yeah, because this guy this. This man you've, done so many different shows for him I know I think this is our fifth, production. Tell me about when you first met well. I was, in for, I went to an open call for Book of Mormon Wow, how dreams come true yeah I went to an open call and I. Got. Called back but I was doing Oklahoma. An, all-black, version of Oklahoma out in Portland. Mm-hmm, and I couldn't go to the call back and I just got was New Age and I was like please give me back and please get back in and then they got me back in and then I got through all the rounds and that's when I met Casey in the, dance call and it. Right, from there it was just like we. Yeah. We hit it off and then even a book of Mormon because this, was the time before he. Would, he puts up he doesn't put up the tours now but he you see, that. Before he was born. He was so famous you, know now he just sends the people out the. Hard work so, then now he's just like I'm gonna do Broadway be cute so, back, then he, would do tours and then so we were out in Denver. So we got to hang out and like you, know get to know each other personally and, we just we just get each other we have the same kind of sense of humor and, he, was like I want to put you in everything I'm in and he, okay did I like, that boy. All. Right before you played a few white you, played eggy white yeah that is me not I'm not miss miss speaking that's a real thing we talked about that yes well, Aggie white came. Three, days before we opened so, this is something rotten exclamation. Point something rotten tell me about that. Moment that's a priceless. Moment we were doing if you guys need something rotten there's this big omelet number the show's closed now so it's why I'm not giving everything on. Tour but you'll be fine. So there's this omelet, and egg number where, we come out as tap dancing eggs like huge it. And when we come out as an omelet and Casey. Was like I don't know why people like, this, number I feel. Like there's, something missing and, I was like oh I don't know I think, it's good and he, was like I got, it. I. Want, you to sing and I'm, telling, you, inside. Of the egg pop out of the egg and then sing it do you feel this was your audition for, dream girls in London I do. So. I thought. He was kidding I was like okay being funny next, day I walk into rehearsal, with you know you've rehearse before the preview and, the. Music, director hands me the sheet music and it says and I'm, telling, you I'm, not gonna be an omelet and I was like your kid. For. Everyone and everyone in the whole castles, like yeah. And. Then we did it and literally. People were falling out of there see exactly laughing, and then that was a story I get white three days before opening I love, they were edgy before you were Effie I know and there's people who come to stage door and was like I saw you as, right and. Well, you sort of. Bring. An egg to the stage door please, yeah, um so, tell me about London audiences, because, they don't get to see this kind of this is a debut, of dream girls in London right yes they've been trying to get it there for years and it just didn't work out there was like other, times that, they wanted to do it and it never worked out and now it's the times amazing yeah the, audience are going nuts oh I was told cuz by other people who worked on the West End that, people and the motors are copy right now they're very pulled and you know they don't they don't make a lot of noise they're just into, these dream, girls this is yeah let's do it but, no these, people are going crazy like, we had to put signs out so people not to sing dance screams, right.

People. Are going know the music from the movie music. But the emotion, of the show makes people go crazy like they literally want to stand up they want to scream they want to do things so. I mean, I was like just let them go I'm used to you know a black church where people let. It all out everyone, go get your life. That's. Me yeah. They're going they're still standing ovations been over here it's amazing so you were, Amber, Riley stand by yes and now. Amber has moved on and you've taken over the role how. Does it feel to own it, now and hat and play it more often it's it's, such a it's incredible, I feel like I really found, my. Version, of this, part, and it's. Important, to do it's very important, and because, the role is it's, been since everybody, knows Effie, like everybody, knows her but I was like how can I make her. Be, new to, someone you, know to even the people who seen it and also that people who've never seen it and I think what I've done is made her real and I want to give make her 3d, not just like a caricature, of the Effie that you know that, everyone knows but, to, make her so real that you would think she was your friend or your sister or your you, know she's someone, that actually lives in this, world and it's, been incredible, the response because people come up to me like we would be your friend. She's. So vulnerable she's so vulnerable and I feel like she was always kind of painted as kind of this just a nasty. Mean girl but not, she's such a so many layers yeah, she's been hurt like she's got, self-esteem, issues, and then when she conquers, all that it's just beautiful, yes yeah. That's gorgeous, alright tell us a little trick or, a little hint yeah or something we should know if we come to London oh because. I'm definitely booking another to see the show and oh yes okay I would, say, you're. Just from living there for so long now oh my goodness, I don't know a tip or a trick I would, say learn the lingo because, there's. Some work I'd be asking for some things you don't know what you ask before you, you, say you want to go to the bathroom but it's the toilet. Where. You say oh they say it's interval, but it's in animation or, they say stalls, well they say stop I mean Orchestra I was confused for like the first three months I was like what are you guys talking about I don't know where to go I'm lost I don't know it so I would say learn the lingo I will also say booked your tickets now because the show is selling, out. For, good it's selling, out and, I know you have some fans on Facebook here who have some questions, so one. Question all right Alec would like to know and I'm gonna paraphrase, this a little bit yes did Amber Riley or any other EFI's give you tips or do you take any inspiration from.

Former Fe squawking, into this role yes, I think I've studied like every, single one I've seen I saw amber I said you, know I was on the movie and I started a, holiday and Jennifer. Holliday was really like one that I really took because she's from the same kind of place that I'm like. From the black church and from and where she you. Can stir emotion, the way that you do when you sing in church mhm and that was something I really looked at as the you know the, base the foundation, of the role but. Yeah amber I think, updated. It which I liked, yeah which made it a little more now so I got to mix the, new and old just, by watching them and then I got to put my own stamp on it and so, yeah I definitely took inspiration from, all of them yeah that's awesome, Georgia's. Noticed that there are quite a few Americans, and the cast of dream girls right now do you all stick together do, you mix around with the Brits what. Is it like we all mix around you. Know we mix it around I mean it's kind of cool to have three American. Dreams like all the things yeah are American. And, that's. Really, really good comment and the Brits American accents, when they do it yes they do and they try to comment on our British accent I'm not good. But. I do get them to help me like with auditions and stuff and I have to do but. In the show everyone has me yes. No but they're great everyone. Is so cool our Jimmy early is British, there's. A Marty's. British like so there's been a couple oh but the dreams are America all the dreams are American right now but. Yeah we stick together and, because, we're kind of out there by ourselves we, don't have our families there so, we try to you know Thanksgiving, yes. We have Thanksgiving certain, holidays that the Brits don't understand they don't have that but they understand the food when we make it they're like okay we'll eat that that's. Good. Yeah we do stick together we do that make sense Justin, would like to know do you like drinking tea and if so what are you fine favorite, kinds of tea to drink Oh have. An array you. Know tea, I do like tea but I'm still a coffee I'm like I need to be wired, up you know the, tea is cute. She. Is very cute I mean I'd love, a chai tea, mom, a moment yes and I have gone to tea, high - you should go to sketch if you haven't been there 10 years has a tea, place yeah. You, also should go to. Where. Else if I had tea there was Alison wonderland, tea that, I went to and I had like all the Alice in Wonderland stuff. Flying out that, sounds tripping words it was great I loved, it so yeah I do like to eat chai tea that's, my tea tea, and last. Question we, get this one a lot. Are, there any really good onstage messed up stories you can share with us oh my, god, perhaps. Okay, so you know in the beginning where, we have the wigs on and she says turn the wings around so. When. The Whigs are all we can't put pins in them because we have to turn the wigs around because then we go off and put pins up and, this. Was like one of my first nights, I think cuz I learned to show in like five days and that I was, on so, I, had, to put on wigs that I already had I had to like get my clothes or whatever so that the, wig didn't. Fit quite great, but I was like okay it's fine so, then I walk up to Curtis, and you know he says hey miss I think you look great and I'm trying to be like you know saucy and I. Slide, over to him in the night term I had to give him some sad honey. That wig hit the ground, it. Was on the floor, the audience was dying, laughing and then, I pick up the wig and I. And. Then I forget, then I gotta put the wig back on. I was. Like a little wonky it was like a chicken, on my head but. That was you, know it's, the story that's, the story that's how bloopers go alright well we have to go but let's see before we go tell people how they can find you they, can find me on at Marissa Wallace on all Instagram, the Instagram Facebook. Twitter. All. The social media follow, me I do great, instant stories are very funny and if your album and get my album soul holiday, I know it's not Christmas, but. It does have a version of I'm changing. On it from. Dreamgirls that you guys were so good yeah it's. Always presidents, but people are listening to it right now solicit, me a video. Yesterday that was like why are you listening to Christian who's around out there like I don't, know. Well. Thank you so much for coming Marissa. Wow all right thank, you all so much for tuning in you can watch live at 5:00 every weekday live, at 5 p.m. on Broadway comms Facebook, page and if you're a fan of podcast. Or want another way to consume this show you, can subscribe to the live of 5 podcast, wherever, you get your podcast join us tomorrow when we are joined by once on this island Alex, Newell the, same day that the ones on this island cast, recording, is out.

Join. Us live in the studio tomorrow happy, Thursday everyone and, we will see you tomorrow bye.

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