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Hello. Everyone, we are live, at, five they tell me it is Monday March 26. I am, Paul one turret. And. We are joined by social media manager, Caitlyn Gallup, and. A great guest. From. Jersey, Boys yeah I see off-broadway Jersey, Boys we're, gonna talk about all about this it's kinda like a reboot reboot, yeah probably. The. First today's top 5. Okay. The first thing we learned is that the vacation. Film franchise. Is being turned into a musical comedy well. Of course it's a musical comedy right it has to because I'm not gonna be a drama. So. We all remember national lampoon's vacation there were many of them European, vacation, for people our. Age this. Was these were a big move although that was kind of snobby did you leave. First. Vacation movie was like big for my childhood well. You know when you're a kid and dirty movies come along the movies with dirty things in it and then you pay too much attention to those that's what education was when. There was European vacation and then Christmas vacation. And. Then there was the reboot a few years ago which was terrible, thank, you Paul, anyway, so. Port. And courage. Have option.this and yeah. Don't they want to make they want to call Broadway vacation. Interesting. So it's not like they're taking the plot of the first vacation and, making it that was a road trip so no right. So it sounds like they're taking the concept, of the vacation movies which is basically, this helpless. Dad Chevy, Chase trying to like make everything work and it's always a failure but he's trying to be a great dad and everything's a mess, yes. Never Christie Brinkley, you. Did see it Jane. Krakowski was, in it should. Be and I was saying that she should be went, on that said that she should play the mom I mean, because she's funny so let's get that done but she was in the first vacation movie because when I went to see Grand Hotel if you knew but there's a little show called grandma Polly and. When, I went see it I said oh my god I'm in love with Fluxion and she looks so familiar then I was like she's. The, girl on the seesaw okay, hi Jane. Anyway. We don't know why this is happening or who's at her no but it just it's a great idea it's, a fun idea we're into it, alright, second, thing we learned surprise. Ben Platt is going, to star in another new film, another, day another Ben plot project. Wow. I mean he's just he's just he. Did the Broadway thing he won the Tony that thing he did the march on Saturday I would, I was in DC I couldn't, get anywhere near a Ben plot and Lindo I'm ready but can I just say this I'm sorry I'm changing the subject, I saw the in the heights and it was fantastic at the candy Center and, Lynn was there Lynn, was there and the whole audience flipped, out but. They performed, together and Benoit is in another movie so he's in a movie called run this town and, he's gonna play a young journalist, who uncovers a political scandal and wants to expose that or. Works to expose it but they do that's what young journalists, want to do, and. Amina, Massoud who's in the knew a lot and live action movie it will also be in it Damian Lewis from homeland, Nina. Dobrev, I don't know her work but I'm sure she's fantastic, anyway, they're, gonna work on it it's written and directed by Ricky, Tolman so congratulations been. Awesome. We got some West, End news today, Orlando. Bloom is heading back there okay, Orlando, Bloom, Broadway's. Romeo last, time he was on Broadway isn't Romeo and Juliet with condolences, Colin Broadway drama now Broadway's. Romeo he's, gonna be in killers Broadway's Juliet. What. A Toni this year he might let's put that out there yeah we love her we love him he's so handsome so, he's, gonna be in killer, Joe that's, Tracy Letts his 1993, play, it was made into a movie with NASA that's. First big that first big thing it was off-broadway, yeah, and it was made to movie with Matthew McConaughey in, 2011, Orlando. Bloom back in the West End after 11, years away, oh well.

He Was okay when you're something weird he said he goes to the zoo and looks at the animals to. Get inspired, for his acting roles because, I think he's a very physical actor, I. Read that somewhere so I feel like if you are in London and you go to the zoo you might see. You're. Looking for him there three might we call it for, you I love a good hot tip especially in London um we, also learned today that Stockard. Channing is, going to star in the New York premiere, of. Apologia. How, much could we love Stockard Channing bath, Stockard Channing is, a goddess the best so. This is a new place she did in London got great reviews it's, written by alexei, kay campbell, who wrote the pride which is that big Broadway, hit, play. Daniel. Act how many didn't you're talkin is directing it it'll be at roundabouts Laura Pels theater starting September 27th, this is a cool place so there's about this woman who was like a radical, activist. Back. In the day and now she's like a very well respected art. Historian. And then her memoirs are coming out and everything's, and so it's a the whole family's freaking out it's not another play about memoirs, coming out and then everyone, yes. No. I don't know that's not anyway, we'll figure out after but we saw a similar play but it supposed to be fantastic and, honestly Stockard Channing. You're. Good. Separation yeah the movie I mean Rizzo yeah number two but, yeah. And. Finally we got our cultural, results, today you named, which two-time, Tony winners you want to see run for office. Obviously. We love a random culture. Tony. Winner running. For governor of I, mean Governor of New York I think she's getting too much she's. Get a lot from people. Being. Kind of handle, it she Cynthia Nixon she's smartly okay. You guys voted should, I tell you who the top three were do you want to guess just. Tell me all right three, Viola. Davis I, mean. I both, you're number one number, two crying, during the speeches from, Sutton. Foster could tap dance which would be amazing and number one Bernadette, Peters because, Peters. I think they just want her to do everything right now sounds, good to me. Hey. I'm gonna get out of here okay. Bath why don't you hit the road and mr. Marc Edwards will be right here Caitlin why don't you tell us a bit about mark all right mark Edwards, is an American, actor and singer, notable. Performances, include three national, Tudor tours, including. Jersey, Boys Disney's, Beauty and the Beast in Camelot, other, favorite, productions include, Sky Masterson and, Guys and Dolls Harold, Hill and the music man Robert. Martin in the drought chaperon and so many more good ones he. Can currently be seen on the New York stage playing, Nick Massi, and Jersey Boys send. In your questions right now cuz I know there are tons of Jersey Boys fans out there ladies. And gentlemen please, welcome Nick, and Paul, hey. Mark, hello welcome how's. It going it's going great I'm good oh great I love the opening segment you guys had Christmas vacation, is like my all-time favorite, Chris you know what it's so funny a lot of people say that Christmas vacation did that was like a big thing that's a tradition in our family we watch it every year at Christmas he's, younger than me I know I mean I know you are but, like look I've got that point I was kind of over the vacation, thing, but I'm but, yeah but but the first two were but, I mean they're all good well do we think that they're gonna have like the the, car schtick you know they have the car shtick and all those movies where the car goes flying through the air and crashes into something they've got out it's really a running theme in all of that I think so I was in the original vacation I think it's in Christmas vacation as well I think they do it in Vegas vacation -, oh my okay I forgot my biggest vacation, I know I told him about big yeah I think it's, okay, so we need we need a car with it in the.

Broadway Were supposed to go flying VFR. Flying. From. The mezzanine. Medium. Those. Are the kind of special effects people are seeing over at new world stages right now - I. Absolutely. Every single day. How. Is it going oh it's going great yeah yeah it's going absolutely wonderful, we've got we, have wonderful. Crowds coming through there. The. Show is is. Really. Much. Is, very vibrant it's very intimate. Because, we're in a much smaller theater, now than we used to be so, it's a completely different feel. When you walk into that theater than you did years, ago when I was on Broadway for sure what is your history with Jersey Boys I was, on the second national tour last year, and. That was the first time that I joined the Jersey Boys family, okay was, last year I was a swing okay. So I understood, heed five, girls, yeah understudy five different roles one of which was Nick okay, but, I got the chance to to. Cover, five different tracks and experience. What swing life is all about, whoo. And playing much larger, theaters yes. Yes, yeah, yes. Mm. A lot of very large theater. Theaters. It does you know this kind of an intimate show I mean ya ever been a big cast really, no, it hasn't been a big cast the nice part about pulling, it down and putting it in these, the, the theater over at new world stages is that it allows the book, to, really shine. Raquelle, Ellison Marshall Brickman wrote just an incredible, book and it really allows that book to take center stage it's, an opportunity for us, as stage actors, to bring everything back a little bit speak a little more intimately, speak to, to. Each other in a more conversational, tone and for the audience to really be brought to us rather, than us having to play to some big giant over, project, everything oh my god the rear mezzanine, yeah yeah and you can do so much more it's, so much more subtle you can do so much more with that type of acting so it's it's it's, a pleasure to do it that way where'd you grow up I am, from Quakertown, Pennsylvania it's.

A Small little town about 45. Minutes north of Philadelphia. Okay, does. That mean you saw a lot of theater when you were a kid or surprisingly. I did, my. My, mom and my aunt were. Very. Very good about taking me to go see shows, you. Know it seemed like almost every Christmas, or birthday. Present, I got for a number of years was to go see a show somewhere the very first show Broadway, style production I ever saw was lame is in Philadelphia. That. Was. Back gosh. A very. Long time ago. Very. Long time ago and, the first Broadway. Show that I ever saw was cats I remember, sitting in the third row and the cats were coming at me I was a little freaked out by that but you know. Kind. Of like seducing you into theater yeah, that's. Right. You've. Done a lot I looked at I looked at your website and I looked at your resume you've done a lot you played a lot of roles, yeah I've been very fortunate yeah so, I thought, it'd be fun just to get to know you a little bit okay there's, a there's, a game I don't feel part of it I can't, say the name of it okay it's f marry kill okay. Music. All right we come up people I want, to play a variation of that game, getting your rolls if you wouldn't mind okay so the way we're gonna do it is we're gonna play one, night concert one. Year contract or. One time was enough so, I'm gonna give you three rolls from the house okay, that'll be fun this, is it I made it up wait up 20 minutes ago okay one night concert, warning. That you would like to do it just for one just one on sir okay then one year contract on Broadway, okay that's. The. Third one time, was enough okay, all right no and no what none of the roles will take offense none of the writers of any of these shows will take em I love you all we're just playing a game that's right are you down with us I'm ready let's, do it. Okay, first we're gonna talk about classic. Leading men okay, okay so we have Robert and The Drowsy Chaperone Yeah right Harold. Hill The Music Man yeah, or Sky, Masterson Guys, and Dolls. One. Night concert, when, your contractor one time was enough, all. Right. One. Night was enough. One. Time was enough, Robert. In the Drowsy Chaperone okay, if I had to pick of the three I know that's absolutely fair this is so heartily fair to, leave me the of the three roles okay, and. Then, one one, night concert yeah. Sky. Masterson okay. And if I was to do it again Harold Hill for, for, a year on that, is my all-time favorite and we need to bring that show back we do okay, yes we absolutely need, to bring it back that we need to bring it back okay now we're gonna do it with some monster, rolls oh boy okay, and again, don't take offense I'm calling of these guys yes no offense. The Beast impeding, the base okay did you played him I was. At understudy, I forgot I went on yes it performed Shrek, and Shrek okay wish I saw that makeup and, speaking, of monsters Billy, Flynn in Chicago, I just threw him in there okay. All, right one night concert when your contract one time was enough. One. Time was enough Shrek, I knew you were gonna say yeah yeah, I had a I had a black yes. You gotta get to here so early you do I mean do and you gotta get into the suit and the prosthetic, makeup and whatever okay. One time was enough for that okay so what's the other one is oh yeah all night but we used or, at least, or Billy Flynn. One, night concert, the Beast yeah again, makeup makeup. But but also it would be wonderful to just be, able to sit, without. The makeup on and just sing that score and who would be your bow if you do if you were dream casting, oh my, gosh for, one night that, is that. Is very hard okay I'm gonna be I'm gonna be sappy, and sentimental, yeah our, Bell on tour was Hillary, made Hillary, a burger who, did an, outrageously. Fantastic, job come on. Hillary. I love you. And. Then Billy Flynn you'll do it for a year I'll do it for a year. No. Makeup you just show up yeah. And you have like 20 minutes until the show starts yeah right. Okay, now we're gonna do that Hawk eyes okay. Guys you've played okay, brown and Rocky Horror Show okay you know once you get into the underwear and all that there's, a nerdy thing Gaston, bidding the baby okay right and I. Don't if you actually played him I know you've rehearsed him Lancelot, in Camelot yeah. I. Never, I never got to go on as soon as a lot yeah, yeah, I know okay one night concert when your contract one time was enough one time was it not even though you've even he didn't do one time was enough Lancelot, in Camelot yeah. We're just gonna put that out there good. So that easily gets rid of one um. Guest. On or Brad. In, the Rocky Horror Show I think you have to do Brad as the one night concert yeah because you, get Opie's such a great, concert and with all the callbacks and, like you go to the concert and you get the rice and the bread and all that stuff the throat right, no you have to do it that way right with, like a really graças, crowd oh yeah and then a year is Gaston yeah yeah, when's that revival happening, you.

Just Secret it is gonna, it'll. Be announced tomorrow on live at five okay, featured higher corny. Collins and hairspray Oh sir, sagramor, Camelot, okay. And Fred Casely in Chicago, okay. For. A year I mean these none of these are like I give to know there's a three year old hell I'm saying like these are you sure no, no I'm. Gonna say once was enough sir sagramor in Camelot love Camelot, but once was enough my. Favorite but you can love it yeah it once is enough. Then. Fred. Casely for, the one night concept, I think yep, and I would, play corny, Collins until the day I die I absolutely. Love, that role so since we're talking about it when's that revival, coming no what there's a lot of Ivan today there are where's all the money I know, or the theater openings, well let's do this and then find out we have a final category these, are this categories, just called very important, roles okay, okay very important roles businessmen. On the newsroom okay. State trooper, on the following yeah and, reporter, on Law & Order SVU. Everybody. Knows all these roles in your yeah, yeah. Which of those roles, would. You love to do maybe oh my god they were so big a whole series out of one of them okay. Well. I love, I love Aaron Sorkin and I love the newsroom yes when when, that was rockin. And rollin so did you actually get to see him I actually. Did see. Him I got to see him from afar he, was of course doing his business but but you, you, were doing your business - you were businessman, I was I was I was walking very purposely. Very. Very put off state trooper that one well and that one with. The business man you actually got to see my face as any of you who have done background work no your face is on the newsroom oh it was yes but your face wasn't on the following no. That was my butt your, butt yes only my bum was. Visible. On on the, following pants and from a distance and it was very cold though you were wearing his pants lots of layers okay. And. What about reporter, on order dress for you oh I was all the, way in the back I mean. 50. Yards so I'm gonna say you want, to do businessman for a year yeah sure we'll do business yeah. Like. Colorful ties and stand then I'm gonna say reporter. Was once is enough, yeah and state trooper maybe a one-night concert of your state troopers yes yes a one-night concert you won't turn you won't turn around at all, just. Be facing upstage. I. Thought, it was a fun game okay. Oh good. I love, a new game that was fun, Joanne wants to know um. Nick. Is such an interesting character what, is your favorite thing about him. Nick. Is such an interesting. Yeah. It's. It's interesting I have really. Grown. Accustomed. To him and and found out that, I am very much like him in many ways he's a little OCD you. Know he's very very particular about about. Certain things and I think there's that quality, in all of us where you, know Nick, throughout the show he just kind of takes it all the time you know from, everybody takes it from hit this side he takes it from that side style and the strong type and then all of a sudden he blows. Up that's what I think but that's what all of us want to do all of us at some point in life want, that moment where we can just go. You. Know so, it that's it's so much fun to be able to to. To. Play, that that side store, all of it up and just explode. And and and, explore. That that kind of OCD. In. Eccentric. Kind of character, it's fun oh yeah, I love that, David. Wants to know did you ever go on for, the Beast and Gaston. In the same wake and Beauty and the Beast not. In the same week but it was pretty darn close it was within two. Weeks so. I went on as Gaston first. And. It was right. Before the, turn of the new year so I want to say that was. 2012. Turning. Into 2013, so, it was right before the end of the new year and then two weeks later, I. Was playing, the beast so. It was it was really. Really strange and up until that point I mean we'd have been touring since September, or something like that and up until that point you know nobody had called out at all and then all of a sudden within two weeks you did really good at covering multiple roles it's, fun it, is fun it works a very very different part of your brain you, know is, there any other guy in Jersey Boys you would love to play like for one night I would love to play Bob Gaudio for one yeah, that's it that's a fun role too yeah yeah, he's.

Great I love, that this is a good question from Joshua, what's, the one piece of advice that you ignored, but, wish you didn't. That's a hard question. One. Piece of advice I ignored, but wish I didn't um. Okay. That's actually easier than I thought it would be um when, they tell you to, practice, at a young age, practice. Actually. Do it if your teachers are telling you to go into a practice, room and practice a certain amount of time a week do, it trust them they know what they're talking about and what were you doing oh, you, know who, the hell knows you know what I mean, that's. Right well well you know not. As much you know the college life you, know takes it's it's, weird you gotta fix its talons and you I went to West Chester University of. Pennsylvania, in West, Chester PA and. Actually for music education not for theater oh wow yeah so I got my degree as a music, teacher and then promptly said I don't want to teach right away. In. Your future oh absolutely, absolutely. Yeah I love to teach I they still love to coach and I and I do, it as often as I can so great yeah do, we have so, practice yes we have a final question I. Do. Practice now. We. Get this question a lot and I'm sure that there's a really good answer to it Alec, wants to know any onstage. Mishaps, a Jersey Boys they do love the AH stations onstage mishaps, you know it happens from time to time like. It does with any show, but. We. Have an outstanding crew. Over. There who, puts. So. Much time and effort into that show and because it's but because the thing that might have happened, no it's but it's absolutely true what, kind of things up you know you know something always said you know you, might have you, you might have you know a set, piece that that might, move in in a wrong direction you. Might have. You. Know an issue with it with speakers. Or you might you know something like that. But. You know those things happen you, know any, rowdy. Audience, we. Had all the like cool Jersey people absolutely, we do as always. Love we love the we love when the rowdy audiences, come come by, and, make, lots of wonderful, noise, it's. Interesting being over at new world stages. We've. We've gotten a couple of people that have gotten a little too crazy, from. Time to time but, we. Love the energy that they give it's great huh yeah kick them out you're like yeah well you know then three get them out. Well. The interesting, part about that, theater at new or old sages is because it is so intimate because it's so much smaller you can hear, what's, happening everywhere. In that theater. When. The first couple of weeks it was really interesting to hear people, chuckle, to themselves. All the way in the back of the theater you know you'd say a line that normally wouldn't get a laughing you hear one guy in the back oh you. Know what I mean it's like going, where is that laugh coming from you know it's somewhere all the way in the back. It's. Fun okay, everyone go check out Marc Edwards yes yes Nick Massi, in Jersey, Boys it's still going it's back still, going that our, New World Stages and. Caitlyn why don't you take us out all right thank, you all so much for tuning in as always you can watch live at five every weekday, right, here on our Facebook, page and. If you are fan of podcast, and want to listen to this interview in another way you, can subscribe to the live at five podcast. Wherever, you listen join, us tomorrow as we hang out with Tony winner Harriet, Harris who is currently starring in the low road at the Public Theater see, you tomorrow everyone and have a wonderful day.

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