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Hey, everyone we are live at five it is Wednesday. March seventh, it's snow day in New York City, hi I'm Paul one toric and I am Ryan Lee Gilbert and we are joined by social, media manager, Caitlyn Gallup. What's. Going on and we have a wonderful guest oh yes. Today we have a wonderful, guest by the name of Megan pitch Erin oh sure never dies to hosting dies in the house people, I love. Her Christine Daae I've seen it multiple times he's fantastic. Started. With today's top five. All. Right first up the, School of Rock Tour has, a brand, new set of children joining, the cast yes, so, the, school rock tour has been on the road for a couple of months and they, it's time to change out some of those kids you know they've got a great day that's, right beautiful they, gotta go back to school they have lots to get back to so, eight new, cast members are joining the school of rock tour we have Alissa Emily Marvin, we have Greer Burke, I hope they all watch I know this. Is your moment right Vincent, Molden, Huxley. Westmeyer what a great name ERI number of Roth's key to the next one yes okay I want to say Cameron True Blood I just, like. Yeah, Jack Suarez, Kimmel and Jesse sparks, are all joining, the band in the kids ensemble. They will join March 13th, when the show was in Louisville one of our ba markets, playing the Kentucky, Center and yeah. They're gonna be with the show all the all the leads are still the same, yeah, they're hitting the road playing instruments, joining the band. Congrats. And. I, love the Louisville House so it should be a really, really fun times a great year all right next up waitress. Composer. Sara Bareilles will, be honored by the Songwriters. Hall of Fame. That's. Actually the entire story. Sara. Bareilles, wrote. Waitress. Will, be playing Mary Magdalene. Anyway. She's. Being presented, with the Songwriters, Hall of Fame how David starlight, award not. Started express which would be another area, around friends on, June 14th, and, she's. Playing she's a waitress through this weekend through March 11th, now I heard a rumor which I cannot completely. Divulge. But she's, gonna keep doing more musical theater roles. She's. Super talented she's great that film, she's gonna win this award first yes. All. Right for all of you who were really sad that pigs fly. Got. A few. Months ago guess what you're in luck because there's gonna be a one-night-only concert. I am, one of these people I was super, excited for when pigs fly you like super, gay fabulous, musical reviews that are very political, in nature. Happen. Off-broadway in October, I think at stage 42, um, it got postponed, by a week like previews, were Bester, pulled out right, and then the whole thing got called off so, luckily, the, Actors Fund are putting two have put together this benefit, and it's happening at the Gerald Lynch theater at John, Jay College on, April, 9th, at 7:30, so, yeah and whatever the cost with the with the the whole cast that was announced for the off-broadway be, clear about one thing though yes when picks Valley is not an enjoy daughter musical, no it's Howard Crabtree.

That. Make. Sure everyone knows that right so um I will, I hope to go that sounds fantastic. All. Right next up Hellena York is stepping, in to a, Grand, Hotel I don't. Know if I've ever told you. Top three musicals, of all time. So. Stephanie. Stiles, right was, announced, who I've never seen before she, was in that Roman Holiday Music Hall yeah, but. She, was supposed to play Flemish and she has exited the production due to a conflict and, the. Fabulous final, you're who, we last saw an American sight American, Psycho which we lost and, she. Was in bullets over Broadway yeah. Now, flump, ssin is an extremely, important, role this. Is the role that made Jane Krakowski Jane. Krakowski after. She did Starlight Express keeping. With the theme, she. Was in Grand Hotel Clemson. Is everything. And I, love, this just so much that this, is how crazy I am I was able to I said oh I'm gonna announce that haole New York's doing lunch and let me bring this because I just had a photo of Jane Krakowski as I literally. Like. Like, I just I I could, reach for it this is like I know exactly where that's, luncheon. Anyway so it's gonna be Helene York she's gonna be fabulous lemon. Lemon. Oh and it's at City Center starting March 21st and I'll be there. Alright. Last story of the day Leslie, Odom jr. has a new small, screen, gig. Yes. So Leslie Odom is joining, this show called $1.00, and they're they're actually spilling it you know dollar sign one what you pronounce it $1 and this is going to be a new CBS, all access show. Which is I believe we're the good fight. The, new Star Trek. This. Is where you sign up it's like streaming, kind of a deal and. This is a mystery. Series I'm already intrigued I love mysteries, set, just after the recession in America the show centers on how the dollar bill the, one dollar bill connects, unrelated. Strangers, to an unsolved. Murder. Leslie. Odom is playing one of these characters along with a few other Broadway alums Jeff Perry who, is also just on scandal but that's wrapping up Christopher, Denham and Kyra Lee Berger are all, joining, this but, we don't know when it started at a later date that's all we know so it's, a mystery, about when the mystery series will.

Start And, you leave her dollar bills to pay for CBS all access to, watch it. Caitlyn. Why don't you tell us about making. Bitch oh no all right Megan, Pacino. Is quickly gaining gaining, recognition, for, her exciting, performance, on Opera, Theatre and concert stages most nationally. And internationally. She, is currently starring as Christine, Daae in the US premiere and first national, tour of Andrew Lloyd Webber's, Love Never Dies patrino, has also performed in New York City operas, new production, of Candide directed. By Harold Prince in the Dreyfus Affair at BAM and in, Rigoletto, at, the, Opera, Williamsburg. She, has also performed the lead soprano role in musicals. In Moot in mufti from. Berlin to Broadway with the York Theatre Company please welcome on live at five Pawan, toric and Megan Sharon oh. It's. So good to see you in New York I know yeah. Actually. In New York welcome. Boston. Not too long ago I, saw you in Baltimore, all the bee cities yep all three cities where, else can we go that's B. So. You are, starring in an enormous, gorgeous, national. Tour of Love Never Dies The, Phantom of the Opera sequel. Oh. My god it's, amazing if I could swear I would use expletives, right now it's it's fabulous like a fabulous know. With pH um no. It's like I don't get it I'm a fan. Um. No, really it's it's a it's amazing, I mean every, single city we go to the, audiences, are are. Truly, insane yeah, in the best way I love you all like, I it's it's, really amazing, that no matter what kind of culture were in or what kind of market we're in all, the audiences literally, jumped, to their feet our, stage doors are always packed with people that are so excited they've, been waiting for the show because I mean, it's. Never been done here before so it's. It's, incredible, yeah yeah so and it is a big show this is a big tour I mean oh yeah I'm always amazed when you actually took me backstage in Boston which, was I mean, it was like it was like seeing wicked on Broadway I mean like the backstage, area the, amount of stuff in this show it's a big yeah this beautiful, it's massive, I mean I was told that, usual, tours are around, like six semi-trucks, yeah you judging. By trucks. Yes. Do you have 12 12, momma's, got 12 no, travel by truck oh no I don't travel by truck. Although. You know The Adventures of Love Paterno would be really, exciting I would do it once yeah, maybe, I don't know a short, Christine. Daae now, it's fun because in love never dies she starts she's very famous in the beginning of love every day she's a big grand Eve I mean she made it she did it she made it that's not sitting between musical. Like she. Made it exactly, exactly so, what's it like entering. As that, version of Christine and and what was it like sort of tapping. Into her you, know. For. Lack of a better word it's so fascinating I, did really dive into her psyche because, here she is I mean you know in Phantom we're just introduced, to her she's 18 she's very naive and like. Everyone, including myself I'm not the same as I was at 18. And. And. She has made it so you know thinking, about where, she's gone in 10 years she's really taken truly, a journey not just figuratively, but literally I mean she's been all around the world you know she's famous she's successful. What is that like for a person you know what's. It like. As. A mother doing, that what's it like a as, a wife doing that I mean so she's still with Rahl she's still with wrong have a kid they have a kid yeah and, one. Thing so, the Phantom we see the Phantom sings just beautiful, and whatever song until, I hear you sing at. The top of the show he's. Been thinking about Christine, I think he still has you know the dolls around and the pictures and the perfect portrait right how could you not yeah. But. What do you think Christine, but he wears she padded do you think that she's been thinking. About the Phantom, I mean yes I know I mean she really literally. Thinks that he's dead but I. Have a feeling that for many reasons, that she has obviously thought, about him I mean music is part of her soul and, and, he is music so to. Me they're their souls are always linked and I always think it's interesting why, you, know some people might be confused. Why would Christine, want. The, Phantom well you, know like attracts like and perhaps, not physically, but you know there's a song in the show Beauty underneath and I think that's pretty true I mean that's why she is a passionate, person she sings opera, every.

Day Of her life I can tell you as an opera singer were very passionate people so, I mean, you. Know so inside, of her she has this passion and this music and he is that yeah so she. Thinks with him and spoiler, alert he's not dead it would be awkward if the. Sequel to phantom didn't have the finger but there was a few guys all talking about howdy. A different shop. So. Let's talk about your phantom, yeah, who is your phantom god, I thought, I got this I love see it's all these interesting yeah, I love that man but. You never knew you'd, know what God are no. It took me a little while to get it but I got it right now say it again. Carter. I'm sorry that's not really how it goes. He's. Fantastic are you guys having fun together, oh yeah like on stage we're so they cast is so well together on stage that we're so in my, opinion we're we're, very equally matched in energy, and passion on, stage so it's you, know I mean and and just like honestly, - Karen Mason Shawn, Thompson Mary Michael all of them like we're we're such a tight-knit, group that. It is fresh every day because, there's. All the spark going on and you never know exactly where the spark is gonna land so it's amazing what, I love about you playing this role is that off stage you are very spunky and you know energy, and you and, and, you're this girl but then Christine, is so great you're so grand when you come on thank you I love that you're, like do you like that the playing those two sides oh yeah, I mean I'm a Scorpio, so okay things run deep and you never know but, no it's true I mean indeed, like my my natural personality off, stage is very quirky, and. I. Can't even find a word it's just a sound effect and but. Indeed you know playing Christine, there's, such a gravitas that she does and elegance, but, again for me she is fiery, and passionate within. The constraints of 1907, as well, so, I, love it because I every single day I get to tap into a side of my personality that, perhaps I don't always use. Very. Much you, know, I don't know much about the Opera world and you really, have done great in the Opera world and I look at your credit I just get intimidated, looking at the name of the shows and the wrong I don't even know what it's. So foreign to me I'm a Broadway person so. What's. It like to now be in this world and to sort of you, know you've done theatre before but, it's not a really big level is this where you want it to be as this sort of do, you like doing both I mean yeah. You know I mean I think we're in a really cool for, lack of a better word age at the moment where as an American, young American. Performer. If you can do both worlds, or three worlds or four worlds why not you know I think that each I just, saw a carousel last night actually no and I was thinking jealous, of you I'm bitterly, jealous right now cuz I'm dying to see carousel. Anyways, but you know I mean, these revivals that are coming out you have to think that who were some of the people that were singing them originally they were very classically, trained right so for me also. To cross over into an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical, where, it's sung through I play, an opera singer. It's. It's not out of the realm and I actually think, that again. As a young performer American. Performer I think it's a responsibility. To. Do both worlds because you can take, from each like when I did Candide, it really felt like the Harry Potter world like the different houses were coming together it was like the dancer, is the Broadway people the oppor people and each one of us would be like and. And. For me then if what, I'm learning in each of those worlds I mean I could not do this role without, my operating, uh-huh, and and. Also then when I cross over back into the Opera world I'm, taking, all these amazing new tools and colors that I I, didn't, have before, so I love it so is there a dream Musical Theater wrong for you. Come. On just go for okay well definitely, Maria. I love West Side Story. And. I can get here I have okay, yeah I can i I don't look always pale like this I look tan sometimes and um Oh, Eliza. My, fair lady okay oh. Yeah. Yeah those would be - I'm into that I'm into that - yeah hey Caitlin gala.

We. Are getting so, many questions and you all keep sending them but. First off we want to we know we. Have a long history here Broadway comm with Christine's, and Alec. Wants to know have, you met Ciara or any of the other Christine's, and have they like. Parted any wisdom oh I. Have met to. Christine's, one, was Ali who, I adore, Ali love you MA and I. I so she was the first time I ever saw a phantom Broadway's current Kristen yeah Broadway's parents current Phantom Hal got me tickets to see it and so I went to see Phantom and loved it and Ali. Was just absolutely lovely and Julia. You Dean, yes, I just saw last night hello again and, also, she and I did a gala, performance at the Schreiber Institute and also, I mean just stunning, and you. Know living in the Andrew Lloyd Webber family. As it is is just wonderful, I mean they really they're. Very I think amazing, about picking, people that are not just incredible. Women but. You. Know very good colleagues and and just lovely humans so but, I have not met Syria yet so. There, is. All. Right David, wants to know is it easier to keep your voice in shape on tour or performing, in residence, and what's, your regime. In. One place is easier because you're not dealing with all the travel and the different environments, in about like sickness, I mean don't you I mean when you're moving, around that much you're sort of yeah. You know I'll never forget when again, when I was in Candide I met chip sign and chip chip is like the best guy ever and, he was like Megan one thing you're gonna learn is not. How to sing at 80 percent or 50, percent it's how do you perform at 20 percent and let me tell you that is the thing especially on tour and so, for me regime. Wise. Look, I can't go out and party and every. Night absolutely, not even though part of my soul wants to do that but I don't. I. You. Know it. You're really an Olympian athlete, especially when, you're touring and so. You, know what you put in your body the your body is your temple is really a thing um, you know so I can't I can't eat spicy food I can't eat Italian I'm. So sorry but. It's worth it um you know alcohol anything, that like drives you out dehydrates, you for the biggest thing is recovery, time you want any type of anti inflammation, going on so basically getting everything back as normal to possible, as you do it and also not overusing your voice so, yes, I have of course I'd love to go to the opening night Arty's etc, right but, I can't stay there I can't, 'talking is very dangerous, when you're on a tour so it's just it's basically, cultivating. Like all this energy and, and. I warm up everyday but not too much because I'm warm from the day before I'm like ready to go I'm kind of like okay here we go and then, that's. How it goes so that song, love never dies it's, not just a show it's a song and by the way it's a big song it's an amazing, beautiful song and. You sing it fabulously. I thank you when, I see, that song I think I don't know how anyone can sing this but for you with your training is it actually not that hard, to sing. Um. It is, to a challenge though because the, range of the piece vocally. Is is pretty, extreme, like it hits for me might the nether regions of my voice so. It's very low and a bit chesty and then. It pops, up to what's not the high the lowest parts um I think it's an, a-flat. Like. What's song. 100, the lowest is when I'm humming mm-hmm. And it's like an F. And. Then the highest is a b-flat which actually for my voice type is not very high so that's actually when I'm like yes freedom but. Um, but. It's the range itself and also emotionally. The piece yeah that's a challenge because you. Know you you have to make sure that you grow within, the piece because it is it's an aria it really is an honor and, it's stunning yeah, yeah. Anything, else Kaitlyn yes Ralph has seen the production twice, and he loves, it he's obsessed with it and Justine wants to know what do you do for self-care and, how do you keep your work-life balance on. Track whenever you're on tour. So, my, work is my life I. I. Don't, do balance well when it comes to I, love.

It Like I'm obsessed with what I do so, for me every. Moment is me doing my craft in some degree, so I know that's it, is what it is in that regard but self-care is extremely, important um you know getting, massages getting facials, you. Know even, you. Know when you're on tour there. Are very glamorous things about it and then there's times when you're you're. Like I don't have a spoon and you're just like suck, yogurt out of the cart like it's come to this now so, you know like you have to like you, know make sure you're like you get your hair down like things that make you feel good about yourself, like. But. You know yeah it's. Very important, anyway, where did you grow up I'm, actually from a suburb of Chicago so we just came back from Chicago it was insane. She has a peeps love you yeah actually you said a lot of people from your past were coming to see it right literally, almost a thousand people came I'm, not kidding you know a thousand be like, okay. I'm Italian there's. A lot. A. Group discount that's right. No. II was amazed and when did you first say how old were you mmm. I came. A little bit later in life I play piano actually so that was the first thing I was like four or five and I would be like and. And. Also in hindsight I'm like mom dad hello you had a musical genius what were you doing. I'm. Kidding um singing. Came a little bit later uh in, high school I did a musical year and and. I was liked it but I you know what was your what was your big in high school breakout moment uh I. Was marrying, the librarian. Oh in music. Man that was the first one I ever did yeah and then I was tough Tim and. I'll. Be wearing boots down my back what's that one it's from Hello Dolly oh. Yeah. Irene, I mean I, mean yeah yeah, okay yeah, Mabel, in Pirates of Penzance. Hey. So, what's your next sit where you going like what how long I mean a lot of cities coming up oh yeah now we go west coast so, um. You're. Getting out of the cold we're getting out of the cold, we'll be going to San Jose which super, pumped about and, then, Las Vegas, San Diego, LA. And, then, yeah, Costa, Mesa and, Seattle. Portland I'm. Really excited for this, next leg as well so I'm excited too because maybe I need to come sit against maybe I need to go West LA Vegas. I'm in I can't play in Vegas but you could do it for me I could, live vicariously through you maybe I don't know okay. So la la. Uh. Meghan, thank you so much for coming by it's I'm so happy you had a little moment in New York. Thank you for coming out in the snowstorm, yeah. It's. Real and trust me I'm a fan and you will see me again. Caitlyn, won't you take us out all right thank you all so much for tuning in if you, watch live at 5:00 every weekday you can now subscribe to our podcast just, search live at 5 wherever, you get your podcast subscribe. Download, this episode in just a few minutes and join. Us tomorrow when we chat with Andrew, pulk from the band's visit, all right see you all tomorrow and stay warm.

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Beautiful play and performance! I saw in Chicago, then bought tickets again for my entire family to see it. I will see again if they come back to Chicago.

I see anything Phantom, I click. :-)

I saw Meghan in Cleveland. She was amazing!!

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