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Hello. Broadway, fans we are live at, five it is Monday, April 9, they tell me my, name and. My name is we. Are joined by social, media manager, in Gallup, hello everyone, happy, Monday and. We. Are joined by an incredible, guest today we Philip Boykin, from once on this island chatting. With us a little bit yes I'm Julia yes. But, today we're. Going to talk about top 5 first. All. Right so, we got fierce casting, for two new shows I've rounded out this morning, yeah so two incredibly. Gifted ladies are headed around about first of all you have Janet McTeer who is in the new season of Jessica, Jones have you watched that yet. She's. So good in Jessica Jones she's, going to be starring in Theresa Rebeck Snoop laybourne, heart slash, Hamlet. Is the name of us I think you just call it, frost/nixon. Exactly. It's, directed by Tony nominee Moretz Moritz, von stupid, Nagel who is just at hand to God and president laughter here on Broadway and, it is about the legendary, French stage, actress, Sarah Bernhardt, non Sanjiv, are not Sandra, Bernhard, that, mistake Roseanne. And yeah, I'm really happy because I know everything about standard Barnard I know nothing about Sarah Sarah she was the she, was a famous, face that played Hamlet, she played the role of Hamlet so, I want to know more about her so no absolutely. This. Is going to be happening at roundabouts, American, Airlines theatre beginning, on September 1st, it'll play eliminating, a payment through November 18th and then, round abouts off Broadway. Is doing, Lydia are diamonds tawny stone, and that, is going to start losing do, Bo, do. About rather and. This is happening at the Laura Pels, theater, in may 2019. And Tony stone was the first, woman, to play professional. Baseball, cool. Yeah, cool, so yeah. In the Negro League in, the Negro League yes and she was inducted into the women's Sports Hall of Fame incredible. So no specific dates and that's being directed by Pam MacKinnon you, know it also occur to me roundabout American Airlines they don't often do new plays no, and these are - yeah right - new, plays written by American. Playwrights female American playwrights incredible, cool, Bravo unrounded I'm ready for it um. We also just put up a fresh face of Molly, Griggs, from Hello Dolly, yeah. So Molly Griggs is playing, Minnie Fay, in. Hello Dolly now she's fantastic I got to see her when we went to go see it she came in with Bernadette Peters mm-hmm. Yeah, we, did, a fresh face on her and she talks about meeting Bernadette Peters I guess her first rehearsals, were with Bernadette and Victor Garber which is very, intimidating, yeah no and she's. Like a superfan like we all are Bernadette, Peters and, so, click over and get to know more about Molly Craig's I look at some beautiful photographs. All. Right next up we got some really, really awesome Darren, Criss news this morning that I know you all want to hear yeah so it was a lot of Darren Criss news all at once all of a sudden so first of all we had heard a long time ago that he had bought this bar right, and now. They, have he and his fiancee, have officially, opened, this bar and it is called tramp, stamp. Granny's, and, it's, bright, and. This is a, this. Is how its described a place where, people can drink and sing, along so we're kind of doing like it's a piano like. And. So we do absolutely. So, they celebrated, the opening with some friends, he sang the Beatles is Hey Jude. Yeah the Beatles is Hey. Jude, yes. You can go go check out tramp stamp grannies but also if, you can't make it there you might be able to go one of the stops on his and Leah Michels tour. They're touring, the country, they're gonna be singing Glee stuff they're, gonna be singing Broadway, stuff they're gonna be singing original, songs that, they both have come up with it kicks off in Nashville. Tennessee late. May I believe May 30th, and yeah. Going on tour these when are we getting the other piece of Darren Criss news that, is, any nomination. For the. But. We're gonna keep the campaign going, you're, welcome Darren absolutely. You're always welcome Darren. All right we got our culturalist, results, in this morning and y'all picked some good stuff so.

We Did a culturalist, over the weekend of which, musicals, should come back to Broadway well it hasn't been here a sec and. You guys all voted the. Number one you called this you knew right away let's, do the fact let's do the top five so, of course line number five I'm. Always downtown. Ideally. Starting Phillip Boykin in there somewhere. Yes. Zack. He could be, so. Good casting. Anyway, number, four defeating the Beast, number, three hairspray, number, two rent, and number one. You. Know once you knew it you knew it. Like. I've seen it so many times recently well. There was the movie. Everyone's. Always down for them yeah it's a great show anyway. Let's. Produce some of these yeah. Alright, and finally we, are celebrating, Mean Girls opening, night all day today and y'all should check it out yes, Mean Girls is open actually here it's, here it's playing at the August Wilson Theatre it is opened, we did everything we had a write a carpet challenge with, Matt Roden we took photos we did a portrait, studio, photographer, Kaitlyn McNay need in one of those we have photos of all the stars all of the stars that you would expect to be there Jane Krakowski Kate McKinnon Jimmy Fallon Lauren Michaels Alec, Baldwin they were all there huge, huge opening, and we have it covered from top to bottom on our site right now so, make sure you check out now it's here so all you people that have been dreaming of a Mean Girls music yeah now, go see it it's here and of course here the vlog is going wow there's lots and lots of Mean Girls for you absorb, in your life yeah so get into it absolutely. I'm into it I'm super. Into I can't. See. It's not much so hey. Caitlin why don't you tell us more about mr.. Boyken I would love to, Phillip Boykin is a bass, baritone from. Greenville, South Carolina he. Is a Tony Drama. Desk Outer Critics Circle awards. Nominee, and a. Winner, of a theatre world award and, I are, in E for, crown in porgy and bess he's. A graduate of the Heart School and you may have previously seen, him. A boatman and Sunday in the park with George TW. And Sondheim on Sondheim's LA Philharmonic, / Boston. Pops performance, Booker T Washington, and ragtime Jim and big river Pirate. King / Samuel and Pirates of Penzance and so many so many iconic roles. You, all can find out more about him, at. WWF. Phillip Boykin calm or you can follow him on Twitter, I'm one of the best Twitter handles on in the biz at the. Boy, can. Okay, comment, any questions you all have down below and please welcome Phillip, and Paul. What's. Up hey. Paul, how you doing I'm you, know I enjoy I'm so happy you're here oh thank, you I'm glad to be here and does anyone still wear a hat yes Phillip, Boykin, still wears a hat yes I had to you. Know I looked at some of your other interviews so I had to compete with your beautiful. Hair, I was. Like. Trying. To one-up my hair. It's. Very like Robert Brad you know goes in. Like. You said keeps, the hat off it's actually attached to his hair. Strong. Are. You doing good, I'm good you have a nice gig to go to oh yes I do yes. I do we love that gag oh yes I could sing a knock I'd want to be in that game really yeah really you. Know I hear, that the goats are looking. For replacements. The. Guns there are goats over at once in the world owed, some, water there's, some fire then yes cool. Costumes, amazing, casts all, the element, load of good songs, oh yes. Yes. Actually, actually. The bass named, it Oh a show, of 2017. A fact, that I'd like to remind everyone. Yeah. We love this show we love this show we love this cast, so, did you know the show going into this when I was came around I didn't. Know it actually I. Had, seen it several. Years. When I was in college at the University. Of Hartford who. Loved music yeah it, came, through on a tour. Right and it played on our campus, and, T. Oliver, Reed played. Daniel, oh I fell. In love with that song some, girls yeah. Absolutely. Beautiful. The way you're saying it and everything and that was my introduction. To once. On this island Wow yeah so, then, might you heard Michael Arden was sort of I liked, I like the word reboot, I like a reboot, yeah. But. They rebooted, once no silent yes it works the other way but it's like here's a fresh here's, a fresh ones in this island yeah yeah yeah and um Michael. And I had done ragtime.

The Anniv, perform, right and. Acting. Alongside each other yes. And. Singer. And, stripper. All, of that. Get. Your dollar bills ready. And. He. Called, me and said, he wanted to have a meeting with me and talked, about once on the sidelines, you can take a meeting. That. Didn't happen until I got the Tony nominations. Yes. The. Gershwins, Porgy and best not, to be confused with just porgy and bad yes yes yes. I. Just saw Josh Henry yeah. What's. Up in that show oh yeah see well that was a great cast Jake, yes so you got so yeah so now you take meetings okay. And. He had you in mind for this role yeah he said as, soon as I he. Was going to direct it he he thought, of me for Tonto. And Julian, I guess, because I'm so old. No. It's because you're sober. Yeah. And I and, he ran. Some of his ideas. By me uh-huh and I looked at him like he was crazy, oh my god okay. Like the goats oh the goats chickens. Well. Hey, you. Know it's. Worth the try you thought this would be a good three-week. You. Know to just do the reading and then zip, BAM is gone. But. It, turned. Out to be spectacular. Yeah, um I, hurt, my foot during, the show there. Was a letter, that the, band takes to go up to their positions. And. I, stepped, in there there was an exposed, screw, and I Oh. Rip. The skin ah foot, yes. They did it to me that. Hurt you but. This. Whole thing. And. I got to sit out and watch the. Show oh and, I, cried. From the beginning, to. The end oh did I it. Was so amazing, to. See how all. Of it fit, together and I worked together and, the, journey of the entire, story, was just. Beautiful. The lights the costumes. In my wonderful. Friend, my family of, the cast members they, are just brilliant. Brilliant. And, I can't imagine, how great it is when, I'm in it oh. I. Wouldn't be able to take that Oh. Since. We're talking about me yeah what do you have it yeah oh you. Have your legs abroad like. That's. Amazing. Justin, Roberson of course. Carry. That around with you know. -, you, do what's a Broadway calm theme that's, a broad red card oh, yeah. That's exciting I looked it up by oh let's, find out what didn't I know, mm-hmm. Yeah. You are two moons fiercely, courageous, five yes oh yeah and kanita our Miller who sat on that chair not long no I love, the look you got the same look in your eyes that I get when I say her now I, love her too she, did, you know had you worked with her before, yes I had, she. Was in that production of rec, time as well and. We also did, a new musical, called Lord. Tom okay. Just. A little theater under the church your, theater, oh yeah. It's a story, based on the own, Uncle. Tom's Cabin okay. And I played Tom in that and she played one. Of the church members you. Guys have some amazing chemistry. Oh in, what's this island and of course you were very emotional I, mean your teemo's parents, and you, there's a scene, where. You know you basically, she's ready to leave home no yeah it's like the highlight one, of the highlights of the season I mean it's amazing I'm saying, goodness, and, working. With Canada is just, heaven, yeah in that scene I don't I don't know why we have such great chemistry I think. She likes me she does she, told me she does she's married. But. I think she likes me, you. Know I can't say enough wonderful. Things, about her so I'll just say some horrible. Things about it I can't stand her so, this lights of Broadway card also brings up another thing I want to get you started an opera oh yes. You, like so you did like you said you went to heart out of school yes. And, you. Were really focused, on opera, so Porgy, and Bess was. Your way into Broadway, yes, it was and his per game fest was very much a. Broadway. Version of, an opera but it was exactly yeah so there's no sort of Audra McDonald norm Lewis were in it but then I have to smile you behave.

But. But, then you were in it and and you were crowning, yes and, you were powerful, oh and. Then immediately we're just throwing you in musicals, yes and. Is that make you happy as this was this the plan or was this sort of a weird accident, actually that, was the plan. I think. I. Always. Wanted, to do. Musicals. Okay and it, was really strange because when I did mostly. Operas. During, college and. During. That time. They. The opera, directors, would always say, are. You in musical, theater because, you you have this special thing where you can relate, to the audience and a problem a lot and, and. Then when I did musicals. They would say do. You sing opera. Always, do music yeah I did them both I did an, equal. Amount of what the work started coming in opera yes yes, yes. During. College and right after college my. Toured Europe. With the. Opera, Porgy and Bess and, all. Over the world really, Japan. Australia. Playing. The role under studying. The role of Crown and then got moving into the role of crown. And. That, was great but, I always wanted to do musical. Theatre as, a young. Boy my. Brother, was, the. Meuse. Minister, of music at church and he, introduced, me to my. Adopted. Father now. He. Adopted me to white woods down in Greenville, South Carolina and. I, joined, his, Youth. Theatre, the Phyllis Wheatley Repertory. Theatre for youth and, I, was introduced, to all the Broadway, shows I did the lion and, the Wiz, of. The early. What. Else did I do Oh kinds. Of Broadway, shows and it, was wonderful, currently, in Oklahoma, pearly. Pearly I, was like. Pearly. Yes. Pearly, and, the. Lion in the well, I. Mean. Oh lion over the me no Lion King, page yeah. Who was that our show and. I, was a lion oh my, god he came to see one song no he didn't and I, just, he's also the original, old, Deuteronomy oh yes. Yes. And so from that from that experience, with the Phyllis Wheatley Repertory, Theater for youth I, began. To want to do Broadway. And I. Turned. Down porgy, and bess about, for ty. At, the time. They. Were beginning, their rehearsals, I was, making my New York City Opera, debut all, right in Steven. Schwartz's, only, opera. Seance. On a wet after. Yes. And I wanted to you know focus. All my energy, and time. There, to make a good debut with them right and I. Told, them no and, then I, went. Back and I sign for Porgy, and they. Had raised the keys. And. Then. They. Called me back like. Whatever, the fourth time or whatever and. They. Asked me if I was willing to do double. Duty do. Porgy. And bess rehearsals. In the afternoon, and then. Do New, York City at night I was, like okay. Since, you can't find anyone.

You're, In on the town you were ridiculous. Painting. And ridiculous, that was fun. You're. Such a clown Milo. Working. Best I wouldn't have known you were so ridiculous, but you are I love it it's, really crazy. People. I, would, come out of the stage door after, Porgy, and Bess and they, would just look they might they, would be afraid to ask for an autograph and. Then. I'd have to say something crazy I'd have to show the clown side of it and. Clown. Crown. Crowned. The clown yeah yeah and then they were like oh okay. They, were really afraid I had real, friends, longtime, friends, who. Said they, hated me baby, I hated, you in this you árbol yeah, yeah. Yeah, but on the town I got, to I get the chance to show another. Side of me and, that side of my, acting. Or whatever and then send, a package or a. Broadway. Dream Ross oh yes. Mufasa, oh I. Would love to do Mufasa, oh wow, but you know they said I was too fat what, lies. No. It's, true. That's. Not nice. And. The, Phantom. Oh. I'm, into that, would. Be really I'm into that they have have you seen my keys yes I I sing, all of those songs. Okay. You. Picking the long-running hits, one. Of those. I. Call. You free I don't that power. Oh. Absolutely. You, all have been sending such great questions and thank you and we get this one a lot but I'm interested because I know you have very unique co-stars. In the show do, you have any recent onstage, mishaps. Well. I spoke, of stepping. On the screw and cutting my foot. Let's. See but oh. Okay. Hey. There's. There's, one part. Mama. Will provide. Alex. Was on vacation. Alex. Newell he, was on vacation, you went on and. That. Would be a. Tragedy. Oh Lord. People, would want their money back but, actually I'd give them a show. Irelia. Was, on as the Sokka and we. Changed, the key and so. It. Starts, off boom. Boom boom. Boom. Boom and, I was in the wrong keys. And. Grace and grace. And what's great, last name I don't know Kings. Kingsbury. He looked at me he was doing the Frog motion. So. Hilarious, that's a mishap. All right Koren wants to know what is your favorite part about working with, the kids from the cast oh my. God, I love, them I love, them hey core and the, kids are wonderful, my, favorite, part is I get.

To Play, with them I bring, them candy, and I, don't have, to deal with them Taftan. Got the bag that's it. All. Right in last question um, what, is it a. Good one. Has. To be oh do you have a favorite, song from the show to perform it can be your own it can be another one that you get to watch every night form, it, would have to be the I. Don't. Know what it's called the, three would, Kaneda the, once an asylum saw, t moans it's called Tim oh it's good I. Think it's about to mean t moon yeah I know every word of it I used to sing it with my friend Diana oh my and I would be I would be you. Yeah. It's, Steve moon I love. I love the journey and the. Yeah, the journey that we take during that song yeah I I'm being. Really, sweet trying, to convince her not to do it and then. Then. Mama. Gyro Lee tries and. Then. At the end I. Have to let it go and that that is just it's. Such a wonderful journey, I like. To know singing that and I sound so wonderful. Able. To make some good cast albums, - oh yeah. Out. There it's. Out there it's out there by them guys yeah by them and. You have your own album - I saw on your website yes I do it's, called do you believe in. In me, I made. The album to say thank you to all the people who helped me in my, young, career, awesome, yeah cool. Well thank you so much for coming back though and, you know I love you and I love this show great, everyone go see once on this island. It's at the Circle in the Square Theatre, when. You go there you'll figure out what that means yes, and it's amazing. So Kaitlyn why don't you take us out all right thank, you all so much for watching live at five you, can watch us here, every single day at, five here, on Facebook or you can watch us on YouTube on the site lots of different ways or if, you're interested in listening to a podcast you. Can download the live at five podcast, right after this Andrey listen to this interview as well as so many others tune in tomorrow as, we, are joined by Broadway's, current green girl Jackie, burns right, here on live at five have a wonderful, day. You.

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Love this man. His good friend substitutes at my school and he’s also so much fun!

Ken Page was NOT the original Lion in The Wiz. Ted Ross originated the role and won a Tony for it. Ken, however, was one of Ross' replacements during the show's original run.

Wow I could listen to him speak all day

Hey! I just saw the show yesterday and met Philip afterwords, and he was wearing that fabulous hat! There was like this whole chanting entourage. And I previously saw him in On the Town.


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