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Hello. Everybody welcome to live, at, 5 it is June 18, it is Monday, it is it is Monday, I'm Beth Stevens and I am Paula Turek and we are here with miss katlyn, Moynihan, hello. And. We have a great guest, Preston, Sherman brought boy I love it's a famous no fancy. Social. Media he's just Preston Boyd, thank, you know true it's true. Play. That goes wrong but you getting it wrong was amazing. See, that, all. Right let's go to our top five before you do anything else a. Fan. Favorite, is going green on Broadway. Yes. Yes, yes, yes, yes I, think we've been waiting for this just like a bask Jessica. Voss who has been here before, wow this, girl has a voice on her. Like. A boss can sang she, can I mean. Remember. That I saw her last night, I. Was up late you guys at Broadway Bears was she close, she was close, but. You never know so sure let's see we know we're from fiddler right and, I Neverland I think she's, and bridge Madison County. On. The road and. Became, a fan favorite, as you mentioned, you, know how the wicked, fans love their alpha buzz and now, she's joining the Broadway company she, will start July 16th. The fantastic. Jackie Burns who, is one of the longest-running, Elphaba's. The artist I. Say, just put it out there make anything, Jackie's leaving July 14th, she's fantastic, as well so, yeah this is exciting so, that means that Jessica vos will be here for the 15th, anniversary in. October here. In, our Tokyo Hanan because we like her stop. By Jessica, we, know you're watching yes. And, we. Got bad news but then good news for our girls and boys girls. And boys teaser. Good. Is it good. Oh which one would you like first the good news or the bad news that. Okay. Carey Mulligan got had a minor injury and had to cancel a few performances, so she cancelled. The evening shows June 12 through the 18th witches tonight but. Here's, the good news I knew you were waiting for it there are nine new, performances. Because you know if you make a promise you keep it she. That's added to the schedule so it was going to end rely 15th now and July, 22nd. This is this new play written by Dennis Kelly of, Mathilde, Fame correct, and directed. By Lindsey Turner and it's, at Alfredo's Minetta, Lane theater. Theater. Opens, June 27th, your whole good news/bad this thing is making me feel bad about the next story. I. Know. Well this is my teasers like fans, are gonna have to wait a little bit longer to, see what, come what may and Boston. Obviously.

Everyone. In our office I've run in Boston, everyone on Broadway, the tatertot Colonel, Evo Aaron, tavae this, is amazing cast anyway, calm. Down everybody they, did have to postpone, the, first two weeks are off this, is a brand-new musical, I saw, a picture it's a state your time in, Boston no wait a minute I've seen pictures of this when you see this show I've seen pictures of what it's going to look like I understand, why it's delayed because first of all the Emerson, is a very the, Emerson colonial theater yes it's a very famous, theater, in Boston that had a lot of out-of-town tryouts including Grand Hotel and Seussical. With the other costumes. Costumes. And, Cathy's ubers doing the costumes. From Aloha yes and you just wanted another Tony that was a nice way to tie my randomness, back together, so. The, actual reason unforeseen, port circumstances, as you say isolated. Construction, issue in the renovation theater it's they're fixing the theater it's gonna be amazing I don't want any of you to start gossiping, about Moulin, Rouge it's. Coming not, lost in bed isn't worth the, wait so. Anyway but the bad news part is that they are delaying the the first two weeks are gone yeah so it's just book, starts June 27th, not to be July 10th but, it's still ending, on August, 19th, so my point was there are not makeup performances. For this gotcha so you just need to get in there and then they can see it on Broadway if. You didn't miss it there but anyway John Logan wrote the book Alex timbers. Were. The way worth the wait worth the wait yeah and the, original demon of death is coming back to the island tonight way to sell it Caitlin thank you. Once, on this island when you write OoT, III have no idea really yeah I'm not good at booty. She was the original Papa, gay in the new Broadway. Tony-winning. You. Went somewhere else okay. I saw. Heard the Tony party we, stopped by the celebration. The once no saw because we were very excited here and the authors were yes. Um, I, just wanna say number Kyle having, us frozen margarita that. Remember. Girls. Leaving again August 19th and then to Myra gray we'll be back August. 20th, August, I've seen the gold in the raw they're both fantastic yes. Alan. Just go enjoy this okay a big TV star. Yeah. So she had other things to do things, to do back. On the island and, a, comedian is bringing that laughs to the New York stage, Paul. Mercurio is, a very funny guy you might know him from Comedy, Central. He. Has a solo show that is at the I love the name of this theater the theater Center, because I leave, the pause because it used to be this snapple, Theater Center and, they had that big Snapple, sign on 50 at the pub Duane Reade right over here that I don't look at so now it's the theater, center you don't, just say Duff theater Center because I like to leave the Snapple, there any. Way at the Jerry Orbach theater that, I knew yeah Jerry Orbach this. Comedy, will feature Paul if not me mercurio, improvising. With audience members by randomly bringing them on stage oh we could do that I'm talking, about who they are their lives interest and what, they honestly think oh, so.

There's No script sounds. Like a lot of talk it sounds like it's just a funny guy with. An audience in front of him making, it work so, anyway it's called permission, to speak get it and, it. Starts when so. I 23rd. Oh no July 16th, and it goes to July August 15. Yeah. So that's permission to speak Beth I'm gonna leave. Mr.. Boy of course, guys, we have Preston in the studio today and he's currently starring as Robert, in the play that goes wrong which just celebrated, its 500th, performance, he's. Also been on Broadway in Sunset Boulevard she. Loves me on the 20th century and bullets over Broadway and, big, fish she's been in a lot of stuff you guys he, was also in the touring productions, of Young Frankenstein, and Jersey, Boys make, sure to follow him on social media, at Preston. Boyd and leave all of your questions for him in the comments below because we know you guys got, a lot of them so guys please welcome, Beth, and Preston. Second. Timer yes. We've. Upgraded the set yeah still at 5. I'm. Great it's, Monday I'm happy to be here. Yes. It. Goes wrong goes wrong I sawed twice yeah it. Is so funny. It's. So funny that we have a hard time not laughing as well over up there because this is yeah this is a group of like some of the zaniest. Kookiest, people i've ever met and to, be living in this world with them as is a lot of fun believe. You yes I believe I actually went backstage and got to see some of the props there mm-hmm, a lot of things fall yeah, a lot, of things crash into other things and there's some spitting yeah did I sell you. All. Summer to go and have a great time at the theater yes I took my kids mm-hmm personal. Stories and ask you questions about you I took my kids one is ten one is seven the, ten-year-old laughed so hard that definitely, the cast was looking over and like disturbed. And. I had no answer because it is supposed to happen but it's not it's not yes it's a little bit of theatrical, incest a, little bit of a brain yeah yeah yeah so that. Brings me to your cat which is a lot of wacky people yes who's the biggest prankster, oh my. Gosh Mark Evans has, that glint in his eye that just you know it's like you, you don't know what's coming and you have to get read for it and he might you know shoot you a look that will have you in stitches or, you know luckily.

We Can. Alex. Can brick who plays max in the show he's, you. Know he's the, audience is he's always the audience is such a huge part of the show as well you know we call it the the last character of the show so, you, know Alex's has kind of a free pass and he, can he can let loose whenever, he wants and it's kind of infuriating, because we have to hold it together and you. Know. Go. To work and be uncomfortable it's great. Yeah. We say when something goes wrong it actually kind of goes right. Yeah. Inception. Um. So no like, you know the moment where the, fire goes off when, Denis. Throws the match on the coal-scuttle, you. Know sometimes, just because of mechanical. Error the firing, mechanism, doesn't happen and the fire doesn't go off and I'm standing behind the door with my mask on and the fire extinguisher, and I just turn, and take it off and walk backstage we're on to the next joke but the you know leads the audience so it's kind of like a we, haven't really laughed in like. Seriously. Yes, please, I mean I know we could talk about the play that goes wrong track I'd love to talk about getting. Fargo. Fargo moved, across the river it's like right there yeah yeah. Touching we went over to the other side because the hockey and schools are better so. I. Made, the right decision I guess. I. Had, people kind of like you know we need answers and kind of situation, for sure you. Know. About theatre. Had. A very supportive family and, my. Grandfather, saying. You, know at, the mat and you know he's an op your grandfather saying. The. Met chorus and yeah and he you. Know taught voice all over the country and spent time in Italy singing, and. My grandmother composed, music and my grandfather, was a clown, at the local fair. I. Know my father, was kind of a jack-of-all-trades as, well so you know again I had a lot of support which was very nice but yeah. I just I guess. I really. Enjoyed. Doing this more than anything else and then you did the princess in the piece I did the princess but the only my research. So. You did that in elementary school elementary school yeah that's when I really I. Know, know. I was the I was, like the jester, who would like come in and and I was like the scene transition, guy but, I would sing like a little funny song that kind of just like summed up what happened in the story you know. It. Was. A lot of fun but. That's yeah that's actually funny that you bring that up because that was kind of that first moment when I was like oh man it feels good to be laughed at and with. Yeah. First straight play on Broadway yeah I I, did of mice and men at Bay Street a couple years ago and I, was, like wow I actually, enjoy being on stage and not having to sing and then I. Did. You get this part I saw. This show we actually got, there. I think we had a ticket exchange or we got free tickets when we were in Sunset and and I, saw. I you. Know didn't really know anything about the show the, whole cast was like it let's go get dinner and we see the show so. We went, Glenn. Close did not come that time but she came and saw me which was very nice of her, so. Did, you bring her dog pip it's a shame she was she asked if she could bring pip because. She. Ended up finding. The. Show what to see the show and, totally. Fell in love you know we. You. Know people can relate having those moments where you see a show and you're like I have to be in that somehow. Like called my agents the next day and I was like you know whenever there's an opening or whatever so Wow yeah, yeah you, know I. Think. I'm gonna try manifesting. More no yeah. No it's it was great you know we. We. Ended up getting the audition and and the process, for this show was such a while serious, choreography, yeah I mean no. Like staging. Yeah, and we it. Was such a unique process because we actually had, our final callbacks on the stage of the, Lyceum Theatre on the set. You. Need all that stuff you need just you know it's a big space to film without a mic and you know there's. So, many actors nightmares, within this play yeah, which, one's your big actors nightmare. Well. You know I mean being. On top of that platform when it crashes and it you know it's that's.

That's The real deal you know it's getting hurt getting hurt. That's. A broken finger. Few. Weeks ago I slammed it in the door I had to take a little time off. Yeah. I'm. Recovered I love it yeah just not, not the, workman's comp at the plant. I. Know that you all have questions from, I like to call you mr. Boyd cuz you're all dressed I know I'm going to a gala tonight. Sure. Thing Alec. Wants to know what your dream, role is my, dream, role I always. Say georges seurat and now. You've got the beard and now I have the beard oh yeah I work on it a little more but yeah I would love to play George and Sun in the park gonna be a lot of fun ciao, it's a big, acting challenge but also a big thing too you know you're, ready you're ready I'm, ready for, it I'm ready it's it's very funny right it's, a funny show so funny. Also, people, running you started out as an, understudy. Yes. I. Was an understudy on this show which if you can imagine for those of you have seen it I'm having to know all of those guys. You know it's it was very daunting part, five five yeah. Understudying. Max, and Trevor and Robert and Jonathan, and Dennis so, if they got something wrong can you be like dude. Yeah. So, yeah, that was yeah. But again this is such a physical show Clifton. Duncan who, was my predecessor who. Was, also injured on the show unfortunately. Had, to take off and I ended up stepping in so. What. Nickers what are you wearing in this I'm wearing big, baggy, knickers, yeah yeah. Tweet-tweet, vest. Tweed knickers yeah it's very good for summer. Wear yeah I think it's in a catalog somewhere maybe that's why you know keep it on trend. Julia, wants to know if you think the show could work well if it was called the musical, that goes wrong we've talked about it yeah. We've talked about it over there and I'm sure the guys of the mischief theatre company have you thought about it as well but it we think it'd be really funny to like you know write, a song where you're, singing. The whole thing like two counts, behind the music like, you, know I think there's something to the musical that goes wrong absolutely, there, are other things plays, that go wrong yeah. Movie, night. Yeah. They have a lot of stuff in the pipeline and, I, mean, you could do either one sure I'm a part of the family. Anyway. Lucy, wants to know what it was like coming into the show in the middle of its, run, it's. Interesting, because everybody, kind of finds their pace and, they're you know they find their own, colors. To different jokes you know it's a very specific, British. Cast right yeah, this is the American cast, who, are super funny yeah you were already kind of part of the family is now yeah yeah, exactly so we all the the British cast went back to London and the Americans all took over together and. We. Yeah. You know being an understudy, there I was able to kind of you know, live. In the world with everybody and we all did a lot of clowning work and improvise our, improvisation. Yeah. I see that word all the time so. You know we we. Had a lot of time to kind of fall, under each other or fall on our faces in front of each other. Anyway. That's another that's another show. But. Yeah it was you. Know it was fun, to come in as Robert. Also once, you know the showed then kind of under way and and try. Some different things and you know kind of make make the role my own. This. Is an interesting one he wants. To know what piece of work do you think would be hilarious if it had its own version where, it went wrong oh wow. A. Western. Would be funny. Like. Okay. Oh what is it has ever been mishap, that's actually happened on stage where you've had like. The. Other night was very funny when. The. Sound cues are all, attached. To lighting cues and that you know all everything. Is kind of cue to cue that, way so we. Were behind a sound cue the other night and, when. I step on the platform sorry. This might be a spoiler, but the. Platform crashes. And. There's. Supposed to be a sound cue that didn't go off so the, platform it's the ground it was pretty quiet you know for. A giant platform hitting the ground and then about. A minute later when it was just in the middle of some dialogue and this huge, crash, goes.

Off And literally, the like. The, last ten minutes of the show everyone was just like. No. Yeah it doesn't matter at. That point well yeah cuz the other idea it was funny cuz mark is tipping. The clock down to the ground at one point so as he was pulling it down there's this huge crowd he. Could have made it work. That. Guy what do I look yeah. So what are you gonna do after the show ends now August I'm, gonna be going on the first, national, tour of the play that goes wrong coming. To a city near you no. I. Might, I hope I hope I can I think you might we don't know anything I might be. We. Don't know what or, if they'll, have me but yeah this. Show must be insane, to tech though yeah, yeah, it's pretty crazy yeah it's I mean well you know what we've had new people come in and and yeah I don't know like it'd, be interesting to see the show in the road in a big house you know 2,000 seats you know I'm, assuming they'll be miked and you know it's gonna be I mean it but the good thing I think I'll translate, yeah I'm, spitting it'll translate to sorry, play. The play that goes wrong comes in the front row that might happen to you. Yeah. I totally boys, and Young Frankenstein, so. I'm excited, you know you, know I don't know I I just you know after this show. Thank. You for coming again I appreciate. Another. Show. Go. See a show when I call your agency, that's right yeah yeah I should have written that down wrote that time you could drive. Driven, drove. Thank. You thank. You thank, you for watching. Of. Course thank, you guys so much for tuning and we are live at 5:00 every day on Facebook and the podcast version of today's episode will be up right, after this so you can listen to the hilarity over and over and over again tomorrow, we're gonna be joined with court, by Corey cot who's gonna be talking all about Bandstand, hitting the movie theatres.

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I saw this show two weeks ago, and I laughed so hard that I almost peed my pants! I actually had the honor to meet him and get a pic with him! I was on a school trip, and we got to sit down with him and asked him questions for about an hour. It was so fun, and he was so nice!

Saw this show last week and it's honestly one of the funniest shows I've ever seen. If you haven't seen it, SEE IT before it closes!

Hi from Omaha Preston.

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