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What's, up Broadway fans it's Monday March 5th and we are live at, 5:00 I'm Paul and Tory and and. We are joined by content producer Matt Rodell everybody, double. Peace over there you know we. Have a great guest today, Rob. Evan is here, from rock yeah, October, we love that title I love saying that yeah we're gonna find out all about you know Rob Rob, has we we've seen around the pod shows but, now he, made a show yeah, and he and it's coming to Broadway and it sounds like awesome, there's, a lot yeah there. Yeah good to hear all about where, this came from but first, today's, top five. So. The Oscars were last night and. There, were a plethora, of theater people that were featured, and awarded, all the things right, of course did you watch the Oscars I watched. It I stood there too long they were late. But. I'm like they. Congratulate. Congratulations. To the Lopezes, yes, frozen. Its. Cause. If it's Kristen anderson-lopez. Lopez. And their two kids they, won their second Oscar for remember me from the movie Coco. Coco. Coco. Beating. Up fellow Broadway, people, Benja, pasok and Justin Paul um but there's more there's more than, just that also I've been told that Bobby, Lopez is a double e got yes, ee-aw, got. So he has two ways to juice two O's two twos thanks, for breaking it down for us Paul he's the first person ever first. Owner he's clear about what W got means he's, good but you just said the letters but sure okay. Tony, winner Frances McDormand, one for, let me look, at this three billboards outside a being Missouri or Missouri depending, where you're from and Sam Rockwell, also. Won for that movie he, worked with Martin McDonagh who wrote and directed that movie in what what, Broadway play Paul won toric I'll, be handing in Spokane you're welcome I'm just distracted by the fact that Frances McDormand wore an actual outfit, to the Oscars. Jakka and like an old Navy summer dress, she's all about the work Paul but we love her she's very talented, but. She looked gorgeous last, night yeah and she made all the women stand and it was it was a whore moment it was fantastic, Kayla subtle, perform. Hi oh yes. This. Is me she, rocked the house, it was fantastic it was a tight I mean I didn't know who's gonna win that category, that was which, Broadway, favorites will win or Mary may be mary j blige what I want but the other thing I want to say is there's a great selfie, out there that's, right of Linda Miranda, who was a. Presenter. And. And, the Lopezes and a former nominee yeah yeah and PASOK and Paul all the Broadway people it was fun but, I'm I'm sorry there's too many technical Awards on the Oscars no. One needs to know about. That. Should be on the night before they do their technical don't, knock how hard. But. I'm sorry this is what it is this. Is me we do have four more news stories I know alright so getting yeah so getting back to Broadway the. Ferryman, just, brother was play got. A theater and has now, has dates I'm so excited, go on did you see it no but I'm so excited so the ferryman was off Broadway, the ferryman was in London it hasn't been here hasn't been off probably yeah I'm sorry what. Am i mixing it up with anyway, it's coming to Broadway in the fall it's it's just Butterworth's, new show it, is about a family and then a guy shows up it's. About Northern Ireland. It's. About one like every award in London especially fantastic. Sam Mendes is directing, it. Would, play the Royal Court in London and it's gonna open at the Jacobs Theatre previews, start October, 2nd opening, October 21st, and no casting yet but I'm, sure it can be amazing yeah it's gonna be great paper, mill announced, their entire. Next. Season which is very exciting there's a nice mix, in here alright I'm gonna take a deep breath because this is a lot, are you ready paper mills like the pre Broadway, house now it is right, Millburn, New Jersey who knew all right well they had already talked about unmasked.

This Is the Andrew Lloyd Webber review, that has his songs and also has some stories, of how those songs were created that will, run from September 27th, through October 28th holiday, in the. Holiday favorite is coming back with the Broadway director and choreographer, Gordon Greenberg and Dennis, Jones that's, coming over the holidays, of course November, 21st through December, 30th okay, now we're getting into some new stuff are you ready mm-hmm okay just make sure you're ready um, there's, a world premiere, musical, called my own British. Invasion, okay. Okay this is based on Peter noone who is in Herman, Herman's. Hermits am I saying that right Herman's, Hermits there's. A kind of hush all over the world enery, the eighth I am I am you know that I'm talking about no probably not oh no. Idea what I'm doing anyway it's directed, and choreographed by Jerry Mitchell I know huh okay. If. You're old like me you know Herman's Hermits but, it also features, music by the Beatles perhaps. You've heard of them the Rolling Stones and it. Looks really interesting and. You. Didn't mention Benny and June Benny in June it's Johnny, Depp movie you all saw although, it's. Movie. I gotta be honest yeah, they made a musical of it they did that the Old Globe yeah. It's coming to paper mill and, this one is, it's, Jack, Cummings the third is directing it congratulations, shot music by nolan, gasser and lyric by Mindy Dickstein who wrote who. Wrote Little Women. We. Forgot to mention beating today's Beauty and the Beast Disney's, Beauty and the Beast coming back and directed. By mark Hobie who's the artistic I was coming back it. Is what it is it's Beauty the Beast it's it, will be here again. NBC. Is doing we. Know they're doing the Jesus Christ Superstar live, in concert but they're also doing an Andrew Lloyd Webber birthday, celebration.

That, Week so everything. Today is totally an - Lloyd Webber not really that was. Because. His book comes out tomorrow yes, I read about a third I started it in the bath. Chapter. Anyway. And then of course descriptor. Stars happening. And. He's turning 70, 70 years old and so, NBC, is doing AirDroid Webber's tribute to a superstar and Lloyd Webber tribute, to a superstar. Verse. 28 at 10:00 p.m. and, so, he's gonna be on it and he's gonna be talking to people like, John Legend, and, gun, close and Linda Mumma Miranda, that guy he's a big fan of al w, yeah. And the young people's, course of New York City so. That's gonna be peace it's, all in her stuff big, birthday celebration and last. But not least Wayne Brady is joining kinky, boots again. Tonight, back, in the boots I just. Want to say that Wayne Brady is coming back he's, there through April 20th while J Harrison G. Is at, paper mill we're just gonna talk about paper mills more to do the sting so. Wayne Brady back. Get. Out of here Rob Evans coming in Matt, why don't you tell everyone knows I love to during the span of Rob's impressive, and varied career he has performed in seven, leading roles on New York stages including the original Broadway cast of Jekyll and Hyde playing. The title role more, than a thousand, times over three years rob has also appeared on Broadway as Jean, Valjean and Lane mr. Rob in Disney's, Tarzan Law Shop of Horrors and dance. Of the vampires Rob is member of the multi-platinum selling band trans-siberian. Orchestra and he's open for and performed with Sir Elton John Trisha, Yearwood Linda editor Phil Collins REM Joe walls uh sure, Michael Crawford and many others, Rob's been featured as, a soloist for more than, 40, symphonies around the world in his position as creative director at the Nederlander worldwide. Entertainment. Has enabled him to be one of the first Broadway performers, to play Havana Cuba in the last 50. Years he's. Here today to talk about the show that he co-created, Rock, topia and now here's, Paul and Rob hi. Rob thank, you for coming in well I sound, important, you are so important, you are your. Website. Oh. My god I saw your interview with Max. How. Are you I'm good that danced the vampires was a thing wasn't it yeah we're gonna talk about that in a second because you never let it go but. First we'll talk about rock Toby, this, is your baby it's, a little bit my baby it's. A Broadway show it starts about March 20th, it does an, enormous Broadway, theater and we have only six weeks six weeks only you know a lot of people say you know it's a limited engagement but we actually are a limited engagement because.

There's Another giant. Show coming in after us so we have to vacate yes, but this is okay so let's. Go back to the beginning where. Did this idea come from I know that you've been you're, an amazing singer you're a rock oh you can do rock and roll you can do Broadway you can do opera, you can do all these way I didn't think I can okay, you. Can so so, it sounds like this is just sort of like the. Perfect vehicle for you and a really entertaining show I mean that was the idea was was that you know I was trying to you. Know feed my family in this crazy business of ours and and you, know I studied, opera early on in my life but then it ended up you, know auditioning, for lemaise and an open call in Nashville, back. In you, know 1990. Right and then Richard. J Alexander hired, me put, me on the ensemble, and then you know 15. Years later after playing. Valjean, at 26, and then Jekyll at 29 and then. Being in Tarzan, and Little Shop and your. John's. I think, I was the youngest yeah I feel like. I. Had. A neckbeard barely hit home, it up you know literally literally, but. You know and that's that's a part two that I got to actually revisit, you know later as they yeah we're doing other productions, so Broadway's. Is kind of is. Where. My my heart is and, but. Then I kind of escaped. And you know with working with Jim's time and a dance to vampires and trying. To create this kind of rock persona, and then working in the with the trans-siberian Orchestra, for 16. Years nothing, in front of millions. You, know in you know 20,000. And night right, you know in arenas and everything and I kind, of was able to walk the line with this theatrical rock, thing and, that's. How this idea of rock topia kind of came about was literally, just trying to create a concert, that was, could. Feed my family that was you know when. You're a quote-unquote. Broadway star you really can't, sell. Tickets you. Know unless you're a movie star sometimes, it's how, the business that we're in so I was trying to create an idea that was was bigger than I was as an artist and that, I could take. Classical. And opera which was, my original love, and, then fuse it with classic, rock so, that's it is it like when you look at the list of the music you're doing it's literally, that it's classical, music and like. The rock, and roll it is completely, it's it's like taking a Puccini Aria, and. Mixing, it with Led Zeppelin and but what we found out because. I've been working on this project for eight years is that, there is a lot of commonality, between those. Two worlds and I think that we created this idea that if, Beethoven. Or Mozart especially. Mozart if you were alive today he'd be a rock star he, lived like a rock star uh-huh and they wrote giant hooks - you know Beethoven da, da da da you. Know is a big hook just like don't, stop. Believin. Yeah it's a big hook yeah and so we found these commonalities. Between that, and then you, know through my work in the symphony world and realizing that a lot of the classical. Symphony. Subscribers, were we're. Not coming to the theater anymore and that's what a lot of those artists were trained to do that, we wanted to find a project that challenged. The the the symphonic, players but. Also was accessible, to everybody. Else and could actually turn them a profit so, I, created, this with a an, amazing.

Arranger. And maestro, named Randall, Fleischer and we, both had the same loves of classical, music and classic. Rock so so how did you make it a show that's worthy of what's really a concert, it, really is it's a theatrical contract. And I just want, to make that clear it's not a musical, right, but. It's, epic. Because we. Use a you, know a 25. Strong. Symphony Orchestra we use 40, people in a choir and. In Budapest, where we filmed this for PBS which was kind of our first, foray into, sharing. This with the world we had a hundred fifty people onstage but. You can't do that on Broadway I mean it's it's you know being a creator. And a producer it's also learning, okay. I guess money's involved and. You have to figure all of that out and, try, to you know find, a way for, your concept, to to. Work within the confines of, you. Know the finances. And but. It's. Always been a dream of mine to bring a project like this back. Home to, Broadway. Because. That's a big full circle. My life it's. Something that you know I have to pinch myself sometimes to, go okay. We're at the Broadway theater that's where lame has started and that's my Broadway debut and. Yeah, you know so I think we're bringing something that that when you said was worthy of Broadway I think we're bringing this epic. Concerts. Event. You. Know because there have been other things other. Than musicals, that have played Broadway right and I. Think because we're doing a limited run we call this kind of our Broadway. Residency, if, you will you know and we're a touring project so this is just a great platform, to show the world what we're, doing and and you, know reintroduced, Glasgow to music to to younger. Audiences and you. Know the music I believe of like Freddie Mercury and, and and, and, you know a foreigner. And. Pink. Floyd will resound, beyond our lifetimes yeah you know they're it's great music it's not just you up there you, said there's a huge. Chorus. But there's also, amazing. Singers yeah yeah I mean yes star that was that was the idea was was that you know it's, not a Robin concert by any means and and my goal is to take myself off the stage because I know there's so many more talented people than I am but, we've got some, really diverse, amazing, artists you know Tony Vincent from, Jesus.

Christ Superstar an. Idiot and and, the voice and he, and I are so, different on stage but we have this wonderful, chemistry uh-huh and an. Amazing. African. American singer named Kimberly, Nicole from, the voice and. A. Beautiful. Soprano just straight, from the met her name is Allison Cambridge, so she's bringing that legit. Opera. Cool, to our world and Chloe Lowry, who is to, me the next Celine Dion, and. We've. Got Pat Monahan of, drain that's gonna join us for three weeks and you know I didn't want to do a gimmick you know I wanted to actually and he totally bought into the concept Paul. He was he's, such a really, good singer that, is known for also covering Led Zeppelin, and. So we're gonna kind of you. Know honor that and a show too and and, then we're doing kind of a rocked opiate treatment on one of his songs so cool it's gonna be fun so you were in Jekyll and Hyde for a very long time it. Was a big part of my life yeah I was like yeah yeah, I mean I mean from. Yes from, day one when Bob coccioli. Signed. On as the lead I was, always the sand by Rhino from 1994. And then. When, we brought it to Broadway and then beyond. I took over for Bob and yeah you, know I've done a lot of places around the world no yeah it's like. Yeah. You were fantastic and that roles. Roles. Yeah. And and I do want to talk so what are some of your other favorite things like you've done a lot of these big shows you did play as Jean Valjean also. Many times right I think, the most fun that I ever had in Broadway was playing the dentist I replaced Doug sills oh my god yeah the shop and you know my. Wife she you, know living with me in Jekyll and Hyde was just not him not, a great thing no I brought. It home every, day just thanks, it's so you, know when, and, it's funny too cuz I've died in every show I think I've played on Broadway Valjean, I died Oh Jekyll. I died I, wish, I, was fed to a plant as, Orin Wow, I danced. To vampires, I was burned. By sunlight, maybe, you should make like Kerchak I was shot if you need like an amazing death scene. Yeah, dancing a vampire we've talked about this are, you saying that means you sang a total eclipse of the heart on Broadway I did it was funny I was damned, by for. Amazing. Yeah, Mandy and Max they're just like family, yeah Madison, yeah I, was. The standby to Michael Crawford and Rene, Auberjonois. Uh-huh, and that was an interesting thing, after, playing. Jekyll and kind of going okay I'm done with that part of my life of, understudying. Or stand buying but, but, it on paper that just sounded perfect right right right it, just didn't work. Not. So much. In. Paris like five years ago we had to see it again well that's the thing too is that tends, to Vampira worked great, yeah it, works and it. Just we couldn't make sure in French what was it well. I would say but they did it in Germany. For years I thank you do. It every language way to go back. I. Wish, more like summer stock theaters did it that'd. Be fun dude let's do a reunion let's. Do a reunion concert that's that's my life now is let's, do a conscience, make it about the music let's not try to stage, it okay so that's where everything else. There's. A question related to this Oh okay, Matt Tom Gibson. Says. Since. You guys are bringing up dance of the vampires, fairly. Frequently I'm the only related question is appropriate is there, any truth to the rumor that amongst, among, Rob's many other ventures as a concert producer he's working on a live tribute to the show possibly. Involving, every Union of the original cast that's. What he just kind of said he wanted I mean I'd want to do it yeah. Yeah. I mean if Paul will produce it for me. Live. At five yeah. Do. You like any like Broadway that's not rock and roll if such like a rock and roll kind, of reputation. I, think it's just I kind of women live as as in rock and roll but you know what I mean like but you this is sort of your thing now, right.

It's, Right thank you I think your hit it on the head this is sort of my thing now yeah you know I've got two kids in college so I've got a girl my thing is yeah you know. But. I mean. I brought, ways is. I. Grew. Up singing Bob Goulet and Tony Bennett mhm you know and that's where I hope that I can maybe bring if, you. Know if if my voice stays good. To me I know I'll be 50 this year and. Kind of cruise around I would love to kind of take myself out of these other projects, and go okay, now I want to do you know some some, big band stuff yeah. Okay, and and but, I also was. So bad one to be curly in Oklahoma you know and Cameron, wouldn't see me for it he saw me as a Judd but that's a gay you know I'm a big guy I was a football player in college you. Know so, it's just the whole idea, of. The. Boards and being back here is super. Special. Yeah dude that chuckling hide fans do they are they still around oh yeah, yeah I mean that's oh. Yeah they, follow us they followed Rock topia to Budapest, they, follow us around the country yeah, no they're they're here yeah they're, here so you've been touring this, show we, do that we did a only, at just a spring, tour that we delivered for PBS that was kind of part of the agreement about, um and, we did. 20-plus, cities uh-huh. And it was interesting too because you, know we can't always put. 150, people on stage right. But what, worked was if we just had 14 people in the orchestra had six backup singers it still worked because the concept, was it, was kind of touching people and it was like nostalgia because, the music that you hear in the show is stuff that whether, you know, it was you. Know you, might know it as the United, Airlines, theme but if we know it is Gershwin's, Rhapsody in Blue uh-huh you know and that's where we're trying to let the audience know and then you might know Baba O'Riley or, you might know it as as, CSI. Theme song you know from, the who's so that, was kind of our idea was, just to find this commonality. You know within, this this kind of epic, project so so how excited are you March 20th the topping on its first day rehearsal today so. It's, a little scary yeah, that's a lot scary yeah yeah but that's a big theater it's, a big theater yeah but we're doing good people are responding um. We're still the new kids on the block you. Know and we hope through everything any new kids on the block let's be clear let's. Be very clear. And. Tell that the, boyband version of Rock topia that you also produce right sure. I love, you throwing these projects, my way but, first Yacht rock that's that's the first thing I have. A Yacht rock musical, we're working, on but I guess we just told, the world all right good, well my money people are listening. Rob. Thank you so much I mean by everyone, go to the Broadway theater, it's that really big one it's not a Broadway theater it's the D Broadway theater it's a big deal most exciting you got that house it, must have been like oh my god we actually very, fortunate we got a couple of offers from other theaters. And good options, that was the one nice. Just felt right because, of. Luckily. Not on us anybody. The Scottish players. Thank. You so much Rob everyone. Thank you for watching and Matt why don't you take us out I will, do that, thank you for ready for watching us live if you're watching us live at and if you want another way to consume, this show, which, is live every single weekday at 5:00 p.m. here on our Facebook page you can listen to us wherever, you get your podcast and, if you're listening right now and you haven't subscribed, you, should you, should do that we'll. Be back tomorrow with. Tamyra. Gray from once on this island.

We'll See you that everybody bye. You.

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Shame on you for publicising a show that is offering actors poverty wages.

What a GREAT idea for a show, sadly I live in Mexico! Bring it here! Rock is totally my jam! Love it! Btw, he's so humble and so sweet!

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