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Hi. Everybody, welcome to another episode, of live at five it is Thursday, March 29th, its opening, day whatever, that means and I am Ryan Lee Gilbert I'm. Paul one Tory and we are joined here in the studio by social, manager Caitlyn Gallup hi everyone. And. We've. Got we doing wonderful produced well Stephanie, Torn's is here yeah. Waitress. Right now so we know. And she's fantastic. I mean I haven't seen her but I hear she's been tired people say the best things. Yeah. And I'm so excited as, you all know I love this show so it's kind of a we. Can't. Wait but we'll talk to Stephanie very, soon but first Caitlyn tell us about today's top five all right. Okay. So the first thing we learned today is that we got casting, for our Lady of a hundred and twenty first street well our lady Felicia, was Shawn is directing, at yes she is that's the lady we really need to know about this. Is Steven Ella gorgeous display that, everyone loves and it's coming back it's signature, theater company. Obie winner Quincey Tyler Bernstein. Will be in it Joey. Oz n if I mess up these names apology. I love you Eric. Betancourt, and Maki Borden, and this. Is starting. May 1st and, opening, May 20th. Yeah. And it's, about a, funeral. Home the ortiz funeral home and the body of the there's, like a sister. A nun died the, body disappears, and. All the people are like trying, to fit they're all like waiting. I. Know. Wow Dola, Rashad, is gonna be overdoing cigar Joan of Arc there was shot the optical dynasty, all about I. Love. It so much so after. You all are bored of the miscast, videos you can tune into the Olivier, Award winner videos. Because, we found out who's performing, today yeah so the 2018, Olivier, Awards are coming up very soon and we have some headliners. Joining, first of all Chita, Rivera is going, to be singing with Andy, Carl and Adam J Bernard she'll be singing a let Leonard Bernstein in Stephen Sondheim's, somewhere. In a 60th, anniversary, tribute to the London premiere of West Side Story Wow super. Amazing Karl, won the Olivier last year he did. Right. Because, he. Was in rehearsals watch previews here for groundhogs absolutely, that's good that he gets to go and say hey I'm the guy, maybe. Also. In honor of the 50th anniversary, of, Andrew, Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice's Joseph, and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, 50. Years crazy. You, know what that means Ryan that means I'm gonna turn 50 that's. Not that soon, this. Is passed stars, we don't know who yet will return for a special performances, and, performances. From nominated, musicals will include Hamilton, everybody's. Talking about Jamie to get young girl from the north country Young Frankenstein, Follies in 42nd. Street that is a lineup man that sounds awesome it's such a lineup and if you all have never heard of everyone's talking about Jamie you showed right now because it's amazing all right moving on so. Ryan you spent a little bit of more waitress, time today with katharine McPhee I did. Yes. Of, course when Stephanie is willing, to give up the role. Starting. On the table temp yeah right so you got, to go to the the Nick we liked the name your. Favorite. Shows. A Brian yes, Howard. The, Knickerbocker Hotel yes the clown what happened there did you meet hi Matt Catherine a cat. We. We, talked we have talked about why. She's excited and why should I sheriff is she's, excited he's been wanting to make her Broadway debut for so long and she was waiting for that perfect show and you know what she, found it now, she's starring in waitress, or soon very soon very soon what Stephanie, and but yeah we took some photos and, you'll get to hear from her very soon, um. Two of our favorite ladies, are celebrating. Opening, day, at, Yankee, Stadium so. Yeah lots of that's listening day, in the news today so, yet Tony winner Kelly O'Hara is that you were referring to earlier come. On three tall women. Opening day that very no, it's got to do with baseball, baseball is happening now so Tony, winner Kelly O'Hara, Jackson, is. Like. Of. Course you, know what's. Happening in my Twitter what frozen. Star patty Mirren will be lending their voices to, lucky sports fans when, they perform, on Yankees, April, 2nd, opening day, O'Hara. Will be offering up her rendition of the star-spangled, banner while murren will sing god bless america. That sounds amazing, I'll be yeah that's how you'll get me to watch baseball. Kelly. O'Hara in. There sign. Us up and.

Finally A happy opening to three tall women in a first preview of travesties. You've. Seen it I saw, you I went to the way back beaming, they've got like the perfect Wednesday, matinee show a lady matinee, I went. With the ladies who matinee yesterday, I loved. It yeah this is like powerhouse, and super excitin, pill yeah, Glenda, Jackson Laurie, Metcalf, who, is of course also on the Roseanne reboot which you like doing really well yeah 18. Huge. Anyway, it is Edward, Albee's play from, the 90s it is fantastic. I'd never seen it before I know and now that I have seen it I think I understood about 71%, of it and I'm gonna read the script and I'm gonna try to catch up on that and then I'll probably go see me go Maxine I mean it's just it's just really interesting, and and but. Glenda Jackson returning. To Broadway phenomenon. Like I kind of think engrave. The Tony yeah I. Shouldn't. Say that anyway it's opening night Joe. Mattel is directing, it's at the Golden theatre and then also travesties. Yes is bump stop hard I always feel I feel like I get tons depart, because I say stop word and bounce like no it's stuff anyway, it's. The 1975. Comedy, that, is starting at roundabout yeah at the American Airlines and Tom, Hollander did it over in London yeah and it's doing it and. This play by the way won best. Play in 1976. Wow, which made the research, side it because I never knew that no what, were the other no other nominees, you, know there. Were three plays I've never heard of. The. First breeze of summer knock, knock and lamppost reunion. I know. But let's bring all this back - yes but anyway but this is supposed to be fantastic thank you and I don't really understand the plot of this either but it takes place in 1917, Urich and it's. A kaleidoscopic, thrill ride. Roundabouts. Website. Sounds. Great, yeah. Okay well thank you so much thank you Ronnie of course and Caitlin tell us a little bit about today's, wonderful, guests all right I would love nothing more. Stephanie. Torrance is currently. Playing the role of Jenna in Broadway's, waitress, she has previously appeared on Broadway and wicked where she was stand by for alt for Elphaba, previous.

Regional, And national tour work includes, the world premiere of waitress, at a Artie wicked. Nine-to-five. And Leamas you, can follow her adventures, backstage on, instagram, at 2018. Everyone, please welcome Ryan, and Stephanie. Stephanie. I'm. So excited, to chat with you about as, I said one of my very favorite, shows you, are Jenna you are Jenna, at the pie shop, how's. It going over there at a pie shop it's going great yeah yeah you're loving it what. You've been involved with reaches. From like the VV beginning, right like way Cambridge. Yeah absolutely and, so what what what do you love about this show what do you love about playing, Jenna in this show. What, I love most about playing. Jenna is that I get to be Stephanie, as Jenna mm-hm, and I think that's what's so awesome about our, creative team they, allowed all of the wonderful. Women to step in to these roles to find. Their own version of it instead of like what. The carbon cut out of what Jenna might sure ready, yeah so. I'm from, Long Island so, she does have a bit of a tough side. But. She's also you know, figuring. Her. Life out like we you know sometimes. I am figuring my own life. Were. You a fan of Sara Bareilles before. You got involved in this very. Much yeah like, grew, up how, are you I mean every, song knew all of them so, like my very my. Audition, when I walked in and how to sing her music. For her mm-hmm. Broke it out until the full-out hives I get up the neck like just blacked out after. The audition was done I kid you not I did it a Jess, where I went but I cracked, now and I was like. Thank. You so much and I left and I'll, never forget Pat at LCA came out he was like they loved you I was like I did, a jazz. And. He was like laughs, I was, like I'm so sorry yeah, you'll never have me back here again probably, well, here, we are don't, work okay yeah yeah, and you uh me but you also you've gone on as dawn you've, gone on this Francine, like it what is there a I mean obviously, Jenna is the you know the big beautiful pie to play but do you love going on as those other characters are they yeah I mean I I, think, what is amazing, is, Francine. Is where, I started, mm-hmm so team, Francine, yep yeah. And. Dawn. Was, something that kind of fell into my lap not something, that I've ever thought, would happen oh really and so when I got, to go on I had a stint. Of time that I was able to do it back to back and instead, of finding, like. Love for this character it's. Like you. Know. Funny. Quirky. Sigh. That usually, I don't get to you. Know show yeah and, also it represents Adrian. Shelley the most cuz that's you know who she was in the movie so there's, kind of like this full, awesome. Surreal, exciting. Moment for me I've, had so many moments where like obviously, when I first started listening, to the show and seeing and like she used to be mine was like the button, then it like went into like what baking can do and now in that it only takes a taste part of my life is there a song that you enjoy, most, performing. In as Jenna. I. Would. Have to for, myself as shoes to be mine yeah I mean it's just yeah. It's. Just. There, are times where I am. Crying, through it myself you know so I think that it's um it's, probably my favorite right now yeah, what bacon can do is beautiful, when I'm sitting and standing and singing yet but. When I'm like pulling, dough and moving too Able's and pulling things it's like I'm like right right. Right. And you're quite your core ever choreographers, pregnant, right now right she's like almost ready to be, a mom here she. Was. A really nice home. No. That's a but have you all sort of is there of a family, bond with all of you because it just seems like such a show filled, with love because of the story like it and so many of you been involved with it for so long are, you just one big happy pie making family we really are yes, that's, good to hear yeah I mean it's very special, what we have there and I always.

Say To Sarah I was like somehow you guys keep casting just. Grounded. Beautiful. People who are like we all just are genuinely, happy for each other and, excited. For new, people coming in. You. Know when people come back we're. Family. Right. Like. A weird, connection that we all have yeah yeah and you you cut your you cut your performing, teeth in the tour of wicked, you're you're part of the green girls sisterhood, you're an Obama, so, how I mean and that's what you made your Broadway debut and, wicked is, there for somebody does. It get better than that than making your brother if you in wicked, and playing Elphaba, I can't. Imagine it it was my. Dream role of course. Your. Dream role and I was like Elphaba, wicked, you know like and. Sure enough yeah. It happened, and I was like huh and just. 21 out of school, just went on that tour. And yeah. Girl. Dream and you got, a dog right while you were touring you got Missy a Maltese. Yorkie. May, concern. No. It did you to, help you sort of like with that the traveling, because I mean tour life is it's, hard it's it's hard it's a hard gig yeah it is a beast in itself absolutely so, yeah I you just kind of felt like it was time for me to get. A little companion, mm-hmm, and something, that would like make. It more of a home sure totally. Yeah and yeah, so that dog she's beautiful, thank you you're welcome, I love, that you refer to her as your daughter I just adopted kitties, and there's. And. She honestly that, dog saw, most. Cities that most people will never see. But. Put me in a place of where, were you what was happening when. You got the call about going. To the Broadway production, of wicked like where what. Was happening, I was, in a car driving. To the, next city okay and I. I. See. That because I didn't have representation. At that time okay I mean and so, I see that tell, see is calling, and I was like strange. Pulled, over, and. Craig. Burns is on the phone and he was like Stephanie I just wanted to be the first to tell you that you love getting your Broadway debut offer, in wicked, I. Sobbed. I sobbed like a crazy person, and, of, course called my family. Exactly. And being, from Long Island they were all there it was like a big you, know yeah. It's incredible so, I've been lucky cuz every. Time I've ever been on for like the first time is Jenna first time is, Elphaba. My family just like literally hops in the car and they're like. Yeah. Absolutely, that's, incredible, I want to take we you should take some questions from some fans I'm sure we've got lots of waitress, yes we've got a lot, a lot of questions and keep sending them in so. David. Wants to know having understudied, both Jenna and Dawn is your pre-show, prep different, for each character, oh. Yeah. Jenna. Has I have to Center. Myself a whole lot more than dawn, being. Shot out of the cannon of dawn is kind of like she is kind of crazy and fun and just like so. I can be like goofing around which I still goof around with everybody in but, I kind. Of like if I'm playing like crazy music before going. On about like five, minutes to show I have, to like put on something that kind of just like, centers. Me and kind of brings me into a very like Brandi, Carlile, kind, of groove yeah do you have like a pre-show, playlist. Like the same kind of or artists.

I. Mean it all depends on my mood like, sometimes, when it's cold out and I really want to feel like I'm also on a beach you seem like, Bob Marley before. The show yeah, but, I'm into like right now it's like Brandi Carlile, and kam which. Is like interesting. Because I have never been a country, person, and it's, been my Jenna. Groove yeah do, you know I've been sleeping on Kacey Musgraves, yes. Amazing. That's right, incredible. And she comes on the Pandora station of CAM they're always like this is a great song oh is it, learning. Yeah. Her. New album is out on Friday for everybody. Okay. I only wants to know do you have a favorite memory from the time you've been at waitress Oh, favorite. Memory. That's. Really hard I, would. Have to say, either. The, Macy's Day Parade or the, Tony's cousin. As a performer, those are two things that you just like pray, that you could be a part of somehow one, day yeah and when. We got to do it as like a collective, group to it's just like a bonding. Experience and just, so, you. Know a lot of Broadway debuts in our show right that's right so it was just such a brand new feeling for honestly. Like 90% of the cast so, instead of like having people who are like we've, done this. And. Correct, me if I'm wrong didn't you also while involved a waitress meet Michelle, Obama, do, you guys sure, did like, Thank You Jessie, Mueller please we should have just spent 20 minutes just, because. Never would I ever thought that they I you know get today but Jesse was on vacation and. Then she. Was, not gonna be there like a day after that and it was like a day off and she was like I already I'm like you know traveling and honestly, thank you Jess because I got. To sing soft place for. Michelle Obama but. I got to meet her beforehand. And she, was like glowing, she is actually an angel, she is like I get it no I, see her on TV I would say I'm like what a classy, broad but. Then when you see her in person it's, insane. Reagle, yes. Yeah. But you know. All. Right Tyler, wants to know where. Slash who did, you get your favorite, pie from and what is it Oh. What. Is your favorite pie what's your favorite pie flavor yeah. That's. Beyond it's not really a sweets person, really. If you my, nickname. Burger. So, my, little niece calls me a burger like this is real mm-hmm, so like if you're, gonna give me a cheeseburger. And fries we're, gonna be best friends right if you give me a pie be like thanks, I'll eat it cause like you know I mean it's how. Do you not just go mad, in that theater though with just, constant. Or smackeroos cookies which everybody, sends us which is great we love them but, we. Call it carbs the musical. Always. Always true at the, event today to meet cap McPhee there was pie and I walked out, with two I. Know. Yeah. I guess I don't really answer that question and what if you had to eat a pie Reese's. Or like a Snickers kind of flavor oh absolutely yeah. All. Right final, question Sanford, wants to know what kind of waitress would you be in real life oh. I. Think I'd be Becky really. Yeah, I would I'd be like just know, just like I'd be like wearing it on my sleeves like if I had a day I didn't have coffee, I'd be like ya, know okay, what can I get you actually I did waitress for a little bit like, dental school I was I, was I. Was awful, I was terrible and I remembered anything like if the person was like I'll have a diet coke I'm like okay great I walked away it was like. Yeah. For a diet coke this is real and then one time I'll never forget I had to carry that lovely, tray with all the drinks on it and there was these bunch of guys and their suits on their lunch, break and. It, is cliche but it sure did happen I said and. Then, the weight wasn't. Centered anymore, it went all over this man in his suit and I was mortified. Needless, to say, waitressing. Only. On the stage. Music. No. Absolutely, well thank you so much it's so lovely chatting, I, love this show make sure you follow Caitlin, mentioned I'm at the top make sure you follow Stephanie, wherever, she is on social and go see waitress, before, April 10th at the Brooks that can see it there go see it after April 10th as well but you know but that's when like I said I'm over it. But. Thank you so much and Caitlin, tell us about tomorrow, all right thank, you all so much for tuning in you know the drill go to Apple. Slash. Google. Play slash wherever you get your podcasts, search live at five and you can listen to this interview right after this and. Tomorrow we, join us because we are hanging out with the insanely, talented Eric, Peterson from, escape to Margaritaville, we will see you tomorrow happy.

Opening Three tall women bye. You.

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Saw her back in November when Betsy was out, and was BLOWN AWAY!!!  She killed it.  Love that she's finally getting a chance to headline.

Loved Stephanie as Elphaba on Tour she is incredible

I’ve seen the show with Jessie, Sara, and Stephanie, and H O N E S T L Y, Stephanie’s portrayal of Jenna has been my favorite. She *incredible* in the role!!!! I love that she’s finally getting to headline as Jenna!!

I love her so much! I need to see her in the show.

STEPHANIE IS SUCH AN ANGEL!! she was my first Jenna, she’s amazing!



Saw Stephanie as Jenna during the time between Jessie's departure and Sara's first shift in the show. Her voice is incredible.... Stephanie's voice.... WOW!! She sounds so much like that singer Jewel.

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