Bruce Trail (29) Law of twenty-ninth

Bruce Trail (29)  Law of twenty-ninth

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Morning. June, 29th, day, 29. Well. I'm, up early, in. Fact it's 6:30. And I'm packed. Yeah. The heats, coming so, well. I'll do the same when I was working construction. Yeah. You get up early and get, her done. Great. Sleep I had. This little platform easy. To organize myself in the morning so a little. Bit loud, couldn't. Find the volume. Button on the falls but. Wow. Having, that platform. About. What I'm doing my check here I want to leave anything behind yeah, I'm good okay. So I'm on, my, northbound. Of the. Beaver. Valley and, I'm. In the Fairmount area. Down by the waterfalls, here and, I'm. Just gonna go to the there's. A water pump here just. To do a final. Cleanup up myself, and. Then now just, try to book, as many miles as I can. My. Supply is in Walters Falls. This, is pretty well the last charge on my battery so. Hopefully. I can get there charge, I. Don't. Know there's a bed-and-breakfast but it's awfully expensive. But. I'm. About due so, we'll. See how it works out okay. Talk. To you later. Yeah. I. Really. Took. A bunch of water when I was there I. Got. About. Full. Two liters now so, and. I'm all gonna start drinking some of it just. To, be ready for the the heat you. Can tell it's earlier that Sun's up and it's beaten. Down already, so, yep. I think. I had made the right decision. Okay. More. Field walk at least I'm not climbing the hills okay. Later. Sure. What kind of birds those are. I've. Never seen them before at first I thought they were red-winged blackbirds, but. They're. Not they have like a little yellow patch or something on them. No. Idea. You. I. Debated. Long and hard this morning, whether. I should put my, my. Pants on or not. And. I'm glad I did a, the. Bugs were thick and are thick and. I, was avoiding I. Brought. A few drops of deed. Along, and. I didn't want to start putting DEET on because, of. The. The heats and the humidity is coming and, but. I finally broke down and I had to put something on boy. No matter how how. Hard I was hiking they. Were keeping up but. Anyways. I'll. Keep this short because. They're. Catching up to me again okay. I was just doing a map check gun. I'm. Looking down and, wow. I'm. Putting, an end to this Beaver Valley section, I'm. Closing, in kind of quick here a bunch of road, crossings. And a couple. Conservation. Areas and, yeah. Another, one in the bag and then. I'll be into the Sydenham, I guess. Section. So. I haven't. Really studied it but. If. I can get a bug, free zone maybe, a break. Time or something all I'll. Have a boo but, yeah. Good feeling. Slam. That one damn. There's. A cow, and two calves, in a middle of a wheat field I don't. Think the farmers going to be too happy about that. You. Know I. Kept. On thinking about those cows and those cows, and. I. Realized. You know what I probably, been hiking on this fellas land, for. The last hour, or something I. I. Just. Have to say something let's, see if I can find this guy. Because. Yeah. I spent, my youth, in. Working. On the farm when I was a youngster teenager, and. Yeah. I died I have, to do something well. Let's, see if I can figure this out part. That scares me here is I reached, a farmhouse but I, sure. Am worried of dogs. Okay. Wish me luck, well, I. Did. The right thing. Maybe. There'll be some good karma in it for me yeah yeah. I walked. Up but I found the closest farm and it. Wasn't the farmer but it was one. Of the tenants was there and. Yeah. This guy's been looking for it for two days and. He. Never he knew there was a cow missing, but he didn't know there was two calves missing, too but.

Yeah. So I. I left, some information, and I, said, I took some pictures on YouTube but let's, see what happens but I'm. Sure. The guy will. Sleep better tonight knowing, that. Anyways. Five. Minutes out of my life not. A big deal you know for all the farmers, land that I've, been crossing, you. Know all from nagger, Falls to. Tobermory. That. Was nothing. Okay. Later. You. At. One point today it was really close to the bay but. You. Can see over there I'm getting further and further away I don't. Know what that point is over there. But. Yeah. Some pretty. Farmland for sure. You. I have, had no. Water until. Here and even, then I don't know I can hear a spring, way down, below there but. Yeah. This last section from. Fairmont. The. Falls there to the end of the beaver section I haven't. Come across any water yet so. Be. Prepared no. This is my first water really. I'm. Okay but just. To. Let other people know and, it. Comes right at the end almost too so. And. I don't know if it's official. I. Finished. The, Beaver, Valley section. Hey. Hey. We'll. See if there's a. Welcoming. Sign, for the Sydenham sanction. But. Yeah. That. That went well I. Went. Better than I thought. We'll. See, let's. See what's up here. I'm. In the Sydenham forest. Here and I. Happen. Not to go by. Campsite. I, think. Yeah. There it is. Ambrose. And, then this carbon. 160. Meters, look. For a spring at the base of the hill, southeast, of the shelter, treat. The water well. We'll have to go make, it lunch I. Thought. I saw something inside. Well. A. Shelter. Well. I'll be darned I think, that's my first one a. Broom. And a tarp. Fire. Pit. Firewood. And. There, you go now. That's, the, way to have a, although. We didn't get a sign. For. The. Sydenham. Section. Where. We're going to take my victory, picture, I guess right here. You. I. Well. That was more of a curiosity stop, but I did have a lunch and I did have a cold drink so. All's. Good. It's. 12 o'clock I've, already come, 16. Kilometers so, that. That's, good for me and.

They're. Not so good part is Walters, Falls is still another 10 kilometers, away so, we'll. See in this heat or. What kind of terrain or, what kind of trail. I have but yeah. We'll go for it if not. There's. Always tomorrow I just, came out into a. Hydro. Feel, which. Of course is, open oh, it. Is so hot, like. I, didn't. Know how lucky. I had it inside the canopy but the. Bugs don't mind it in there I'll tell you but. Yeah. There's a bit of UV happening, I hope. I have canopy all the way to the falls I just, noticed on the way in. There. Was an application sign. For zoning or whatever and I. Guess they want to replace a bridge and, they. Have to apply for zoning, just like we do like anybody else you. Can't do nothing without paperwork, I never, knew that. You. You. Since. I pastrami, here, somebody. Left their Rastafarians. At. Somebody. Left the set of cleats or something. Hey. It's, hard to believe that I've walked, 664, kilometres, hooray. For me. 220. To go I can, do this I now. Feel I can do this, beard. On the. Mosquito, sir pretty bad today so it got me thinking. In. In, Spanish. Eatle. Means. Small, or cute, or little. So. You got, the. Feminine, form, mamacita. You, know little mama. Casita, the. Little house so. Ito, was the masculine, form and. In. Latin. French. Etc. You. Know moosh is. A fly and, in. Spanish, it's in, musk. So. The. Word mosquito, is, actually. Mosquito. Which. Is, small. Fly. So. When. You're cursing you. Could see them landing on me when. You're cursing, the mosquitos you're. Cursing in Spanish there. You go a, roll. Walk, coming up and I said I better. Prepare myself so, I, saw. This little creek and I said I'll, splash. My face soaked. Down my hat I even. Tear I've been carrying this this, little fanny pack for hundreds. Of kilometres I took, that off I'm. Not gonna wear the hip belt I'm. Just gonna look down and go. My. Daughter the. Other day she, texts me and she says oh dad, she. Said I hope, you brought your sunscreen. Why. Why, would I do that so. Anyways. Head. Down, going. For Walters Falls. See. It a bit. Well. On. The bright side. There's. No mosquitoes. It's. Just, I. Wouldn't. Even want to know what the UV factor, is but yeah. There. We go and, there's. Not like a single shade either. You. How. He arrived, to. To. The Falls I, got. To the corner store. They. Were just packing up and they were leaving for 3-4 days. And. I said police. There's. No other resupply. She goes oh so, she open the store and. There wasn't much of anything anyway. The cans you can't open you, need a big can opener for, them then I grabbed. A bunch of, frozen. Bread and, bit, of cheese and a. Couple. Of Snickers bars and, a bag. Of chips and, we're. Just gonna have to make it work. I'm. Trying to make my way down to the in here, maybe. I think I'm gonna take a room if they, have one and. I. I, don't know if they have a restaurant or something and maybe I get a decent meal but, yeah. I'm, due for a. Good meal and a shower so. We'll. See hopefully, I would hate the hey. I would hate to be four zero, four two okay. In. A bit. You. Well. I showed up at the end. And. I've. Seen a guy going in with a cooler, I went I bet. You. There's. A wedding, fully. Booked. She. Said it's booked, right, till, whatever. Till the kids go back to school every. Weekend there's a wedding so yeah. You need reservations it's, the only thing in town there. Is no other thing so. It's just gonna be me my, cheese. And my frozen bread, and we're. Just going to. Hightail. It towed, and sound I guess I, I, don't have much of a choice I'm, gonna go a little bit further. Because. Now. With the the lousy. Resupply. I'll. Have to do, some you, know some pretty major. Mileage. But. That's. The way it goes. Making. Reservations when. You're on the trail I mean. One. Day you're good, next, day you're not, you. Could miss your reservation, by two days in, ourselves. It's. Be, prepared for anything I guess okay. Off. We go. One for my, coffee. Table book. Anyways. I I. Managed. To get some. Of my I managed to get my phone charged, and part. Of my battery, bank so I'm good for a little bit I have, no plan, it's. It's. Late afternoon and. I. Think. I'm just going to go. Till I can't. And, then. Camp for the night and. I. Guess. My next. Possible. Thing to do is, when. I get close, to to. Me furred on the trail is maybe. Call a taxi, and then, maybe I'll do a supply, and but. I'm. Good to go till then so, there, may be a little less video but okay, so. For, tonight let's, see how many miles I can put in okay. Later. Well. I went beyond Walters Falls about 10, kilometers I bet wow, what a big day and I. Saw on the map there was a designated. Camping. Spot and I said well it's something to look forward to, there. It is. Yeah. That's it. Believe. Me I had to look quite. A few times there. Is a loo though in the, bush there a little ways but, yep. There. She is. Anyways. I got some water on the way up, glad I did and. Yeah. I'm tired and I'm going to bed. So. We'll, see it tomorrow oh there's, my funnel setup.

Well. Final. Still. Got some camp duties to do I'm gonna filter some water or have some supper, and. I'm drying a few things out. Boys. A minute, the wind at least is a bit of wind but the minute it dies down the. Bugs are so, thick so yeah. I'm gonna do everything from underneath my, little net okay. Well. See you tomorrow bye bye.

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