Brule Lake Trail BWCA & Superior Hiking Trail Backpacking

Brule Lake Trail BWCA &  Superior Hiking Trail Backpacking

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so hey ho there Shug here and i'm uh walking on  the Brule Lake Trail up near brule lake minnesota   it's a boundary waters trail i had to  get a permit and stop and get that today   seen this trail on the map many a  time i think it's only 10 or 11 miles   but it goes to eagle mountain which  is the highest point in minnesota i'm about three miles in now a pleasant walk i'm just moseying along and right now the plan is to uh do this  trail and go out and then head down to   the superior hiking trail somewhere out of  grand marais pack my catalyst for this trip and the woods are looking  this way it's kind of that uh   i picked this place to stop and take a  break because the sun was shining here pretty earthy just gonna say earthy because uh i  haven't seen like i say i haven't seen a lady   slipper a couple little greens popping  up but uh we're a little bit you know   a little bit before the big bloom  but i'll catch that soon enough oh i'm liking this site a real pretty little fire  pit up in the shade kind of on a little point got   the lake on both sides so uh this is the uh sort  of the sunny side and uh cut right across here this is the shady side yes i'm liking i'm liking i'm liking this  site this is where i'm gonna stay i got a   breeze blowing through and i feel like  a fool for only walking four miles today   but i'll get on down that trail tomorrow  there'll be happiness there will not be sorrow   climb eagle mountain maybe there's a fountain  of youth because i'm turning 63. my my me me so do so and there's franken quilt and i've got my  warbonnet diamondback top quilt both of these   are about 20 degrees supposed to get down in the  low 40s but you know they don't make me too hot   and i rather had them out brought those so  in the morning i'll be peeping right down   to this side of fish hook lake and that'll  do just fine got my diy black crow tarp   11 foot ridge line about seven feet across roughly  black bishop bag and uh i have my war bonnet   el dorado hammock which is basically like the xlc  without the shelf i could remove that bug net if   i wanted but i like to bring it because it gives  me back support when i want to just sit and stare   it's quiet up here no cars  i don't hear any canoers   i hear no man-made sounds whatsoever i hear  no industry i hear no cutting drilling driving   just the wind brian i like the wind i like it  a lot and as i was walking in when i took this   little trail and it off of the brew-like trail  there's not really a cairn or anything marking   this little trail down here you just have to keep  an eye out for it it's kind of a little meander   in and then i uh i came to the doneker the pooper  the latrine which is actually quite a ways back up   the trail and did my little csi looked in it see  any poop no toilet paper nothing so i'm thinking i   might be the first person here this season and  i live for moments like that i live for them be honest i'm getting hungry i haven't eaten much  today had that stinger bar let's see what else   did i eat had a little breakfast burrito  that meg made me last night it's kind of   a breakfast fajita and i ate that on the drive  up but i feel a little bit peckish out here now so   now right there usually enough to  get me a right good sack of water one of my other disciplines is i've  got my mesh pouch right here that goes   you know inside my backpack and that has my  car keys in it has my permit it has my money   has some extra batteries it has  some water purification tablets just   little items but mainly because it's got my  money and my key anytime i open that thing up i never leave it open after i  get some always close it because   it would be a drag to lose your money or your  keys i love the little uh rituals that we all   come up with backpacking everybody has their  own little thing they do and how they do it   and it just it just saves trouble to you know you  learn going just zip it up every time don't leave   it unzip because you'll flip it over your key  could flip out and man that would be the worst   to get back to your uh automobile my jeep and  not have a key oh i think we got a pretty boil oh yeah that is what i am talking about you want  to get all those bits and one thing i do   because this little mug has some crevices  at the bottom i turn my spoon around make   sure to stir down in there to get every  little bit of that cocoa mixed in there   i want it all wow i like this view and  i like knowing there's water behind me and of course uh the fine art of spoon  licking sometimes i've done this tongue depressor   licky spoon there's no better way to get  the stuff off of it than the good old lick   you know it's funny the ranger was going  uh i had to go in and watch a little video   and pick up my permit and then they ask you  questions because so many people came up here   last summer and sort of uh abused the place  people cut down trees because it was in their   way like a beautiful jack pine fell it right  into the water man so they've gotten a little   bit more stringent on quizzing you you have a  little test after you watch the videos and uh   you know one thing she asked me was about so if  you're going to bathe do you bathe in the lake no   ma'am you would take your water back 200 feet and  bathe back there and you don't even want to bathe   in the lake with biodegradable soap but i told  her i said bathing man i come out here not to   bathe i mean i brush my teeth and stuff and when  i do my morning constitutional you know i take a   wet wipe and clean me nether regions that's about  as clean as i get the rest of them i want the funk so having this fire warmed me up man this is good chunked a bunch of butter in those potatoes um going for a little partial tarp pitch tonight just because right now i'm here i don't really  want to block myself out get this in down that didn't pull back because i got this tree  really close now where it terrain i could get   up and take this far corner down which is just  pretty much tied to that little tree right there   stake that down and then that'll get my  tarp down around this tight tree here and   take this corner that i put over the  top and bring it down but this way this is what i call one of my partial see  the sky tarp pitches yet i'm still covered   weather's supposed to be uh cool tonight but  they're not calling for any rain or anything so   it's clear as a bell up there but if i do  hear sprinkles i'm i'm halfway done when   i lay in here i can kind of get a little peek  out right there but the edge of my hammock is   right here so i'm i'm pretty  much covered that'll be nice i still look down at that lovely water let me get my cubby ready to go right here it smells good some peaches and cream oatmeal and a pap cap i think it's  a pretzel i'm hoping it's a   chocolate peanut butter it was in  my kit already remains to be seen yes sir got myself a birdie boy that miss wheatley would be proud boiled and purdy i always thought so   very carefully i'm not going to  get all fancy with it this morning man that smells good i'll tell you what i already told you so i  don't need to tell you that i told you what   woke up about 43 degrees a little chill but  there's no wind overcast looking forward to today head on down to eagle mountain  no they're the pretzel pop-tarts you know i hold out hope that uh peanut butter  pop-tarts will appear in my kit sometime but   but i like these pretzel ones man i only got  about nine hours of sleep not my usual ten   that's the way that goes  maybe i'll make it up tonight quiet night it was so quiet i could hear all the  bird action that was happening at night   there was a lot of flapping going on   flapping and landing in the water and slapping  around and buzzing through and i had one of   those moments where i thought something went up  under my hammock and touched me it might have gone hang kind of low and uh let's see what did i do for this trip well  i got brand new whoopee slings from a hammock   i've been using the other ones for several years  and i was inspecting them and i went you know i've never used a whoopee sling  until the moment that it has broken   and i've not heard a lot of  reports of them breaking but i use my hammock a lot so change them out thought  it was good because you know it did have a strap   break last year one of my tree straps was a trip  i did with jonah i think that was angle worm   so you know you need to uh it is  your suspension it's like changing   your tires or getting a haircut every  every once a while you got to do that a nice brew right here i like this honduras honey better as an espresso  rather than a pour over but it's a nice dark good cup like you can see  that you take my word for it   well i was talking to you there and uh my  battery died nope not died uh what happens   is it comes up on the screen it says battery  exhausted i'm too tired to go on i'm a battery   you asked so much of me i'm exhausted i'm  going to stop now i guess i don't like to   use the word your battery died but it can be  recharged so maybe exhausted is the proper term yeah pretzel pop-tart is not bad   looking forward to a little ramble um mosey along  i don't think i have to rush today at all which is   really nice i do have to rush getting  out of here tomorrow though get back out   get in the car drive somewhere down the  superior hiking trail and go from there but this was a really good spot   really good small though i think where  i'm hanging right now would be about   that the only place i can see to put a tent you  ain't gonna come down here with a lot of people no you're not yeah so you know uh when you're a youtube  celebrity like me shook up the third person   you're um often asked to do a lot of um a lot  of different things your your time is requested   well a couple of things i was just  gonna last night i started reading um   um it's a portion of a book that a guy named  eric foster whidden who has written a book and   he reached out about a year ago maybe even longer  in the midst of writing it and asked if i would write a little comment or blurb or whatever  you call it when you pick up a book and   certain people have said something about  the book and you know it's always a tough   one when you're going well i haven't read  it what if i read it and i don't like it   but i said yes because i say yes to most requests  like that what have i got to lose and seem like a   dink if i don't but i did say something like well  you know yeah i would i will read it and we'll go   from there so his editor uh just last week sent  me a little it's like 95 pages of it and asked if   i would read it it's a book called misplaced and  it is a backpacking trip and he is his character   is misplaced and then there's other guys in  it faith loyalty resolve strength wisdom um   he's a religious and ex-pastor or still a  pastor you know it has a religious bent to   it but like any good story or even like watching  a documentary it's not you know it's not like um   written so far you know i laid up and read uh 35  pages of it last night and i like it number one   it's a backpacking story um there were some traits  in the character misplaced that i have to say uh i have those traits which you have to decide if  they're good or not one is i don't ask for help   enough i'm kind of self-reliant and if i don't  think i'm good at something i don't want people to   see it but so you know it's why i go backpacking  is because this is probably the most spiritual   i feel the most connected so not to get too far  into that reading that last night was really cool   because it's a backpacking story and you know they  all have trials and tribulations and different   things on the trail so so far really enjoying it  and i you know i think in the way the world is now   and i guess the world's always been like this but  it's just in our face really more now is reading   something uplifting and good that causes you  to take a little look at yourself and hopefully   adjust a few things for the better never a bad  thing so enjoying it eric foster whidden enjoying   it the other little report is um oh about three  weeks ago me and a guy named joe fredericks and   he's from a radio station up here and well close  to here in grand marais called wtip and uh him and   his buddy you know they're canoers and everything  and joe's the news director and they do their   station does a podcast so we did one i don't  think it's going to come out till june or july   and it was one of those really interesting  talks about diversity in the woods what sort   of privilege is it uh to be able to go to the  woods i just in a nutshell will say my parents   boy scouts always went to the woods always played  in the woods so it just became part of my thing   and it was just sort of funny i think what i'm  trying to say is you know sometimes you say your   opinions and your thoughts on things spin  ball spitballing and afterwards you have a   little time to think about it and you go i hope  i didn't sound selfish on that but my thought is the boundary waters is here now if you want to see  it come see it you know there's a million places   in the earth like that and we need the people  that will come up here once and then spend the   rest of their life um you know standing up for  it maybe they never come up again i'm a guy that   comes up again over and over so it's just one of  those philosophical things that gets you thinking   no no right or no wrong answer just  speaking for myself but you know i will   i will fund it with my money and i will  fund it with my time up here walking it   and respecting it so that podcast i'll you know  when it comes out i'll put a link but it's just   sort of funny to talk about you know your time in  the woods and your all these little subjects where   you think something as simple as backpacking  yeah you know you load your pack and go   you know it's like taking kids out even at scouts  sometimes you go camping and come home going man   i kind of hated that but somewhere  along the line you learn to love it   when you can go on your own you've learned all  the skills your scout masters have taught you   now you don't have to go with all those men and  you can go on your own and the whole game changes   man i'm sorry to get deep on you there i was  just trying to inform you of some upcomings and   things i get wrapped up into and have to talk  about and they go man what am i talking about   what are my thoughts man that was the longest walk to a uh backwoods  doneker pooper latrine that i've ever done   but a beautiful view as you sit this is  one thing i love about the boundary waters   even back here in remote places  there's a fiberglass doneker but you're kind of looking down to the  water okay i counted on my ocd there a   little bit and i counted 387 steps from  fire pit to the doneker beautiful little   walk though beautiful just beautiful and i felt  so good walking back the morning constitutional i'm not an animal i am a man  suga i think you have a twisted intestine this is a mighty fine morning walk just been uh   sort of down between all these ridges kind of low  a little wet but not as rocky as yesterday so far   pretty flat i don't have to exert myself too  much and i i kind of like a morning walk and   i can just kind of ease into it and uh tell you  young folks out there thing about getting older   you still got the will still got the desire  to get out on the trail you just have to   ease into it a little bit more you feel it more  for sure and uh the hardest thing that i find   you know even leaning down to tie your boots  and put your boots on and everything is   flexibility you just kind of lose the  suppleness you have while you're young   even though i do stretch a lot i've always been   according to my mother so what i'm trying to  say is enjoy that youth enjoy that flexibility   me i am the tin man well us never did give nothing  to the tin man that it didn't didn't already have and the tropics of sir galahad i am walking the trail with a  moose i prefer that to a goose so well this is cool we're way upstream here this  is the cascade river river i've camped on many   times down closer to uh you know closer to lake  superior and it's a big rushing river there and the trail heads on into the mystic landscape well i've been walking a couple hours now  and uh just came to this beautiful little   mossy it's like mordor a little spot in the  forest perfect rock to lean my pack against   it's uh pretty cool out today comfortably  cool i'm looking around here though about   63 degrees a little bit overcast four percent  chance of rain um possibly 50 chance of spam   here in my little lunch pack kind of  traveling light i got a i got a spam pack get a couple of more stingers i'll get a um what  they call the greek bird seed candy but that's the   sesame snaps and uh the emergency candy snack i  got the penguin bar that's to get me through today   and then tomorrow the whole hike back to the car  so uh i gotta be a little choosy but i'm kind of   excited about getting up on eagle mountain you  know it's one of those things that you know you   get like even with this trail i had an image of  it in my mind and the image i had in my mind is   is nothing like what the trail really is it goes  to a lot of areas like this goes through a lot   of just kind of dead leaves on the ground flat  gray watered out melted areas you know the snow   is only melted up here ah there was still snow on  this trail the last trip i took was maybe two two   and a half weeks ago so there was still snow out  here so you get a lot of diverse looks and then   a lot of little low wet areas but a lot of them  are dry because it has been dry up here lately   that's some ranger talk right there forest ranger  i changed my mind i'm gonna eat half my spam   and save the other half for tomorrow  because uh i could spam possibly go bad it's always good to lick your spam now last trip i was on i cooked some  spam and it's fantastic but i do not   mind it this way because you're even like  you know i've been in the woods uh probably   less than 24 hours because i think i got  on the trail like at two o'clock yesterday   and you know your pallet's just not as discerning  out here all right they've eaten half the spam   and i'll tell you the truth this is the  first time i've ever had to cut myself off   half spam man it's tough man this is taking a lot  of discipline on my part to put this spam away   i'm just gonna have to stuff it in my little  stuff so i can forget about it but get the buckets   and actually i think i'm going to eat half of my  sesame snaps as long as i'm putting myself on this   you know this discipline here of eating  half of something i love these things looks well i'm on the road to eagle  mountain i think it's a day hike place   and i certainly got here early early earlier than  i thought earlier than i thought i would get here   and uh there's one big beautiful  campsite down there i looked at i'll kill some time i'll go check the other  one i could start i could just walk back and   camp to our camp last night and be out real  quick tomorrow that's what i'm gonna mull   up on eagle mountain where should we  mow what he's gonna do i'll reach down   and loosen up my hiking boots at some color shoe so and he's hiking up and he's staying  somewhere up here on the north shore   he's a what are you a business manager  for the schools yeah for public schools pitcher for the dead wild cats and i go by  smoke smoke baby i found some smoke up here   on the mountain have you been having a good time  brian jacobson i have been having a great time   yeah i've been trying to get up here for a long  time i was just thinking 3.7 miles each way   400 feet up i don't know if i can do it but you  did it didn't you i made it up i'm not done yet   you know he's gone from here to there he's  using resolve there it is right behind me there   the official marker bigger than i thought it'd be  pretty cool been meaning to come here for 20 years   never too late there's always new  adventures i'm proof of that right now one of the very few markers on this trail there's   one more over here that points  you to the brule lake trail   other than that no markings but there really  isn't any portages across the brew lake trail well it was awfully fun being up on top of eagle  mountain i spent maybe hour 45 up there just   sitting staring i got a couple of conversations  i didn't know i wanted to talk so much but uh   you know the world is coming out here in minnesota  and i got down to the site and it was super windy   of course now the wind has died but i macgyvered  myself a little tarp rig here you know since   it is supposed to be cool tonight you know  like last night down in the low 40s and uh   yeah it's always cooler than you think  particularly when there's a breeze blowing   and part of my phone is i like messing with  tarps so the wind is coming straight in this way   and with my pitch that is about as low as i can  get that tarp and still have a little room to be   comfortable under there so i took my rain jacket  and when i made this tarp i put myself a couple   little tabs right into the hem right there for  situations like this where i got it just kind of   secure the tarp from blowing in on me works real  good i prefer it on this tarp rather than putting   them here they've worked really well down there  so i just got my rain jacket kind of macgyvered on   and then took my hood and i  took a long line because i you know i got a project to replace my tarp  lines too and i don't know if i'll do it at   home i thought i'll do it in the woods someday  so i've had this little hank of uh dyneema   lying with me and just ran that right over  here the little lash and stuff on the tree   and that is kind of holding it up but the  genius part at least i think as genius as i get   is uh how do i get this to keep from blowing  in well i take my daytime water bottle   and and a rock and i got it in that pocket and i  got two rocks in this pocket and right now that's   enough to keep it from blowing up on me real hard  and you know if the wind dies it might take it   down i was thinking if it got real bad i could  go get a rock by the fire pit and just kind of   kind of set it just like that you know and that's  just enough to keep that wind that's right where   my butt is hanging down and just to keep that  wind from robbing that heat from my underquilt   that was fun project that's that's really my  favorite thing to do as with tarps let's see   if you can come up with something with what you  have and i have plenty but i've had to do some   rigs like that before in interesting ways and you  know it was looking like it was going to rain but now it's not when i was up on eagle mountain  uh sitting there in that wind so long that   actually started to get kind of cool  put on my windshield and then hiked on   down then it was warm again but this camp  right here is the north whale lake camp   and it's pretty close to where you uh  take the trail up to eagle mountain it goes on back that way it's a little rough but  you come out at another little part of the lake but i'm gonna get my pack i'm gonna  make a little sitting spot down here   and just enjoy it because  i got here a little early early so that ain't a bad flow i'll take that i'll just sit  here and enjoy the sound of water running into a   an old bottle that i've been carrying for four  years you know but there's just something to be   said for sitting down watching your water bottles  fill feeling the wind blow across your body   think about today today's been fun  been a good day i won't say fun but   just a good day it was a good walk um   enjoyed the walk enjoyed what i was seeing enjoyed  stopping to have a half a spam lunch i enjoyed   being on top of eagle mountain for an hour and a  half or so maybe an hour 45 couple conversations which i didn't think i'd enjoy but i but i did   and uh just being in the woods and you know seeing  part of my own state that i haven't seen before oh   hello mosquitoes you know i had to zip up my bug  net last night that was i don't know six or seven   mosquitoes and they were just wanting to like you  know make a home right in my ear let them bite me   i thought i could get by without zipping  the bug net but uh no no i zipped it up i really enjoy just laying on the ground right now so it's fun to walk along and just think about  i didn't really think about life back there   i was thinking about life out  here just trail walking you know   through hiking spirit hiking trail do i still  want to do it would i do it if i did it i think   i'd do it late fall because i got to attend the  garden and i guess got too many things to do but   fall maybe and then uh going to  the formula one race in austin   the american grand prix in october with hicks  and turk very excited yes the maple king will be   joining and it's gonna be i mean we're all old  friends from high school so it's just gonna be super fun and been my dream to see a  formula one race live i've never done it   and they've opened up the american grand  prix so off we go and um next weekend   there's no race this weekend so i'm not missing  anything being out here it's been four formula one   races my team mclaren has been doing really good  nice to have daniel ricardo on the team but uh   next weekend is the monaco grand prix and to me  i'm so excited about that they didn't have it last   year because of covid and to me that was the first  grand prix i ever saw as a kid we'd kind of see   it televised and see jackie stewart and i'm just  excited i love that i love looking at everything   around the racetrack i love the racetrack i feel  like it's going to be a really different outcome so little little things to  look forward to are good   very good like like the water bottle fill it up so i surprised that little beaver  he gave me a double take away   oh i didn't even hear him coming man i'm just  kind of laying back here enjoying the wind   thinking about my i think i got dottie's  chicken and dumplings tonight from pakit gourmet   that's always satisfying maybe candy bar that's  what i'm thinking about chicken and dumpling time i love that every time it's the peas   and the corn you can see them there's  a there's a pea and there's some corn these little square dumplings yeah um the  fries cream dark chocolate with this sort of i've talked about it before but it's like a white   kind of i would say almost an  orange tasting sort of cream ma'am i love it and i'm only eating half of  it i put half away this is my day of haves because i like to do things  halfway never all the way man that sun is bouncing off the  lake it's just kind of warming me up   i'm more than likely giving  me a basal cell carcinoma sun is still up and i have crawled  in but i'm gonna lay here and read   and i'm gonna review a little bit of video and   cull a little bit maybe there might be a couple  things i need to cut out but that's about that   i do uh turn 63 tomorrow no big deal i think  this is a fun way to spend it because uh i'm   not into having big birthday parties anymore  though i am hoping that when i do get home   there is cake that i'm hoping for and i'll do  more than eat half of it like i have done today my   halves today i will i may eat the whole cake man  i can hear my stomach my stomach so slumber time oh nothing like getting up and sipping  that morning brew the honduras honey um this little brewer works really good i like  that it folds flat and i know 100 of you're going   to ask me what kind it is and i think i've said  it on other videos if i can find out what it is   i think i still have the box  i'll put it in the link below   well it does the job i mainly like to defold slap got a shag nasty in my coffee well  i got myself some syrup and butter   and megan bought these brioche little waffles  for her mom because her mom was craving waffles   and she said i should take two of them eat  them up and have myself a birthday breakfast   so that's what i'm gonna do do a little  something special on my special day man i slept hard last night   really good it's sort of about 4 30 in the morning  man it was just like all the birds in the area all those loans just woodpeckers they all decided  just to go on duty and start making some noise   it's about 5 30 in the morning now and i was gonna   i was gonna get up at four and start  hiking and uh i decided i didn't want to and mainly it was because i uh i tend to always  just have an agenda and keep myself on it and i   i don't want to i just know i have to hike  about nine and a half miles back to the car   drive to grandma ray and get on the spear hiking  trail somewhere and it's not dark till light so i just want another night in the woods really i'm just going to light up the fancy feast put just a little bit of fuel in there  very little all right there we go and uh try just hovering my waffles  over that thing a little yeah i don't want to burn the syrup  in the butter but i want to melt it   it's a lazy man's way i should uh be up fixing  a fire to do it but uh i just don't want to   get out of the warmth of this hammock here  because it's cool this morning 43 degrees   which is you know not cold but cool comfortable i can wait no longer well meg thank  you for suggesting i do this for my   very special morning hmm well that's wonderful delightful and for those of you that  ask and i get asked a lot should your wife ever watch your videos oh oh no  she does not she lives with me i may try to show   her just this little portion where i go thank you  meg i love you so much thank you she won't care you know family's never into your  thing as much as other people   well those are little store-bought waffles i've  never seen them when they brought them home   i was going to these for me just because no  my mom's been craving waffles i'm gonna go   over and fix my mother-in-law some  good waffles i got a waffle maker i didn't know she was craving them but they're  just they were called little brioche waffles   in there about like that big i always enjoy  seeing those little glacial erratics that just   dropped out of the glaciers when they were melting  i don't know a long time ago when global warming   was still happening thousands of years ago but  when you come across one just sitting in the woods   it's like it's just perfectly shimmed i'm gonna  try to make good time back to the car so i can   reboot and then drive straight to  grandma to the trailhead and not   stop anywhere and get anything or go  to town just so i can keep on the move yeah i found some old  equipment out here what that is probably something from the logging days   some blacksmith made that there's another piece  right there something boy that's a heavy iron bar   just remind you that not everybody was back here  for leisure or leisure there were guys working a lot of this trail looks like  it could have been a you know   back in the old days when they would  pull the logs out in the winter   with the uh on these big sleds horses pulling them  until they started getting mechanized vehicles   that's always kind of cool to see  there's a bunch more of it here that's   that's down so much i can't even move it and  then there's a whole bucket there's an old barrel yeah this is back here just all kind of machinery parts that's  heavy man that is iron chain links hooks no barrels industry was here well i made a lot better time getting back to  the jeep and that was because it was only about   seven miles back uh i looked at that sign again  coming out and said nine and a half miles to the   eagle mountain trailhead and i didn't go down  there because that's where all the people are   well there we are looking at the  beautiful little town of grand marais up here on pig cushion mountain and  now i'm heading on for my birthday i remember this section now i've only walked  it once it was with the wandering fool several   years back and we were coming from north to  south i'm going the other direction now but you have to get a weird pace going down them man  i have been i've been humping since that parking   lot it was like it was like the 1920s there people  dancing in the parking lot everybody on the trail   you have to get past all the mountain bike  trails and pin cushion mountain overlook and   i talked about three or four people  and a group of people that recognize   me hey you're that hammer guy aren't  you good to see you out here and   had a girl behind me walking a dog and i was  trying to stay ahead of her after i passed her   and said cutting through you didn't want an old  man following you and then stop and talk to some   guy from the forest service and then i'd see her  catching up and i could see that look in her face   like i keep catching this old axe murderer man  anywho i'm just gonna keep walking i don't even uh   i don't even know where i'm going what  i'm gonna do uh i think i'm probably um yeah i don't know probably done two miles so  far so maybe i'm on like getting toward mile 10   for the day feeling good i never even loosened my  boots up when i jumped in the jeep and drove here   so somewhere down at that river maybe i  might stop taking my boots off a minute   if there's a place to stick my feet in the water  it might because this is a sunny section of trail and really it's only about 71  degrees but that sun's intense today so i stopped here to have a  little break catch some shade   listen to the sounds of the devil track river  i just talked to three young guys down there   sitting at the campsite having a nice lunch and  uh they're heading up the same way as me and   oh i don't know i think it's  getting to be about three o'clock   i'm probably at about uh 10 or 11 miles for  the day now start to slow down a little bit   you know uh first real hike of the season  you know come on old man walking yeah well it's a lovely little spot right here  just to feel this cool breeze coming through   it's fishing opener this weekend i i guess i  didn't know that because i'm not a big fisherman   but so i think most people are going to be on the  water because man i saw a lot of canoes going in   and maybe there won't be  as many people on the trail i'm telling you this walk for the  last hour has been a great walk   you hear the river just about all  the time yeah some ups and downs but   it's just i don't know how to describe it  it smells good pretty easy footing woo buddy look at that still some ice the last bastion of winter hangs on here all right  then got them aside woods creek and i'm sharing it   with a couple of guys uh david and isaac who kept  passing each other on the trail and i could have   walked on another three miles to another campsite  but you know i've done about 15 miles today   14 or 15. that's enough for a 63 year old man  early in the season early anyway there's my rig and they're setting up back over that way  there's me and there's a big dirty tent pad   so whoever comes in i'm gonna be camping  right next to and i'm sure people will but   this is just one of those areas  it's all these old poplars and birch   and i don't like hanging off poplar birch they're  weak trees no fence you guys just don't have   sturdy backbones and they're always the ones you  see laying on the ground so i'd rather not so i   got a couple of nice pines here to be on and that  was the only ones i could really see within reason   and i don't care because i i came on this one  knowing i'm probably going to be sharing a site   so i'm mentally prepared for it you know had  a couple of nights alone so i cannot complain good morning so i have hope my dreams are alive   i've not even have coffee yet  and my eyes are getting wide a quiet morning here i had a shared camp  with two guys last night and uh run into   them on the trail a couple of times isaac  and david two brothers super nice guys we had   really good conversation around the fire  kind of realizing uh maybe how much i'm   really needing some human interaction now  and then with all of this past years you know   not doing that as much and i'm a little  excited this morning because i have um the pick-me-up bar from germany sent to me  by a viewer and i'd like to say guten tak   and dunka shane to jim hendrix not  jimi hendrix with an eye on the end   jim hendrix with no eye on the end jim hendricks  mighty kind w man thank you my daughter got into   my knockers bars and just discovered she loved  them took a few home with her what's dad to do so this morning it's going to be my daggly adoro  instant espresso because i just don't feel like   messing with the coffee grounds and the filter  and then spreading it out in the woods later and   holding the wet filter up and putting  it in my trash i'm going the easy route   i just want caffeine so i'm definitely  definitely going to walk back to the car and head on home oh decisions decisions and i don't even  really have to make any decisions do i i shouldn't try to make one without coffee i am  talking low because you know there's other people   in camp so i don't want to disturb them because  uh they're having their morning slumber laying   in their tents matching tents side by side i don't  know one of them looked like they strung a hammock   up last night a recreational hammock you don't  remember seeing it yesterday it's definitely empty   but it makes my heart feel good to see it because  you know hammocks hang with that little sway and   it looks like a light grin in the woods it  does looks like a light grin in the woods so the pickup bar when i open that box and  you know whenever i get a box of candy even   though my wife pretends she doesn't like  candy i always offer her some and you know   she's choosy and she saw the pickup bar  and she went is there caffeine in that   i'll have those and uh i said i don't think so  but they're choco hazelnut and uh i decided that   the germans really loved their hazelnut  europeans in general i think uh you know   i mean it's like the first time you stick your  finger in some nutella and eat it and you go   what is this flavor i do not know what  it is but i'm instantly in love with it   i can't go wrong with that i think i'm gonna eat  this thing while i'm just sitting here i'm hungry it's kind of beautiful i've already  eaten one at home because it's a uh it's like a like a wafer with  chives wafer with chocolate in it boy is that good that is really good i do love away wafer the wafer slightly sweet thin  little layer of hazelnut is perfect i'm going to try to use some control here   and save it until my radical adorable instant  espresso is ready and dip but i don't think i can i love it you're a good man jim hendrix good man packing gourmet polenta with pork sausage i always like this one it's  a break from grits and uh placenta did i call it placenta polenta but you  know polenta is pretty close to the word placenta   and that used to kind of put me  off but then once i ate some pomega   but not placenta i hope they don't ever offer  placenta with pork sausage i really enjoyed it   and i hope i don't feel a tick on my leg and one  tick out here just one the whole time coffee time   the unmistakable dusky dark taste  of a decolly dora winston espresso   if i feel continental i call it  medallia because that is the proper way man the first sip of coffee in the morning that  very first sip that hot liquid hitting the tongue   i can't believe you're sitting  at home listening to this you know the trail's just up the hill  and i heard some footsteps coming and   just looked up and there was one of  those uh female trail runner going   by a little tiny pack on little bitty  just a day pack probably with water i don't know how people run these  trails i can barely walk them   that's an interesting breed they  don't they don't come to camp   they just want to run it it's like they just want  to they just want to get it over with i'm going   to go out there and i'm going to run the thing  i'm going to do 50 miles and scare it over with i'm not going to wear very much i'm going to wear  really high shorts and a ball cap a tiny tiny pack   and probably some no fun high energy food and  i'm just gonna run it move on through it i'm   not gonna stop and look at anything i'm gonna  stop and look at any views i'm just gonna run i'm a trail runner not gonna camp out there i'm  gonna run and then we go home and ice my feet   at least that's what i think it is but  i actually admire it it's just that running has never been my thing unless i'm running from something it was like  yesterday getting out of that trailhead parking   lot you know and everybody's standing at the  sign and there were people behind me and in   front of me so i was man i just put on my pace so  i could boogie on and i was going you know this is   after you know walking whatever it was almost  eight miles coming out of the brew lake trail i suddenly had some giddy up and go i can only run fast if i'm running from  something and someone is chasing me and   there's danger that hasn't happened in a long  time because now i'd rather just stand there   and face the danger then go do i want to  face the danger or run let's just face the   danger i got a 50 50 chance that might not  be bad but i know the running's gonna hurt i'm enjoying my bedaglio doro instant espresso so so yeah it's definitely worth coming  to the top of pincushion mountain   this view of lake superior out here  you can't really see where the lake   meets the sky when you walk up it just kind  of gives you a little whoo-hoo void to go   got a sail signal let meg know i'll be home  maybe late tonight i think when i get to the   jeep i'm gonna change the parking lot's not too  crazy because i can't stand the smell of myself   and uh driving to grandma ray see what's  going on there see what the world is doing   and then just mosey on back home about a  five hour drive i feel good content mellow   i've walked about four miles to get here maybe got  about a little under two to go back to the jeep   i'd like to commend give a little  shout out to my hiking poles i think if any of the equipment i carry that  saves me more than anything those two fellas   well one's male one's female one's they  one's of them one's a he one's a sheep   they're both inanimate objects but they get me  up in the hills to get me down the hills they   maybe keep my balance i can use them to prop up my  tarp in porch mode i use them as a camera tripod   i can use them as a defensive mechanism so a shout  out to my black diamond flick lock high compose sitting in the angry trout now i'm  getting ready to order fried oysters   fish and chips i had a fish crave them when i was  out on the trail and got to take care of it i also   had a craving for a coca-cola on ice oh man i got  some fried oysters you know normally we're at the   beach this weekend because meg has our showcases  and all that mother's day around that time but   didn't happen so uh oysters on the ham  shell fried oysters are always my thing   i mean i already ate one of these really  good west coast oysters brought to minnesota   that lake doesn't have oysters in it we have to suffer here in the  midwest there's my fish sandwich homemade chips coleslaw homemade pickles that was delectable exactly what i was craving  on the trail you know how you're out there and   you're thinking of certain foods and pizza  wasn't doing it cheeseburgers wasn't doing it   fried fish out of that lake except for the  oysters they got really good slaw here too   they put these cranberries in there i never  think i'm going to like it but i love it   sent another picture of my plate so i  got to bring her fish and chips home oh man i need to lay down on one of these  park benches and take a nap after that it was a leisurely paced uh lunch it was exactly  what i wanted unclenched no rush a nice server   great fish i was thinking about  that my whole walk this morning and now it's time to get on  back down to the twin cities   see my wife i don't want to leave grandma ray  but i got to woo buddy i'll secure in sector 7. gopro stop recording

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