Bruny Island - Episode 40

Bruny Island - Episode 40

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We. Left cockle Creek with Bruny Island and now sites our plan was to track the human to top-up with groceries, and head to Bruni. Well. Luckily, when we were in the car park at willies I noticed my rear u-bolt, nuts were coming quite loose that's, not good we spent two hours chasing, down some replacement. Nuts and changing. Them over in the carpark it. Was into the car wash to wash all that mud off we had picked up on the journey down to cockle. With. Our unexpected delay, we decided, to wait until the next day to catch the ferry we, set up at Gordon free camp overnight. It. Backs right onto the bay so we decided to have a sunset fish, the only thing that was caught was this baby flathead, by Ben. The. Next day there was minimal pack up to be done and we were on our way to Bruny Island ferry, terminal, the, weather was quite miserable with showers and moderate, winds about. We. Arrived at the terminal, at around 9 a.m. to, buy our tickets and wait in line. An. Easy. Process boarding, the ferry and then we were on our way over. What's. Up guys we, have, just come from Gordon, and, the. Winds. Were, pretty, high. Last night about, 30, knots. That's, where it peaked at apparently, it's gonna be peaking, at about 50, knots today over on Bernie yeah we have to get off the middle and on and pop down it was just shaking the caravan going to meet you mode. Yeah. But, um today's plan is we're heading over to Bruni, so. We are first. In line I think. We just missed it so. Yes obviously. The way it's not the best so we'll probably to go hunker down for an on. And. Then I think it's forecast blue skies so. Yeah. Hopefully then we'll just have a good look around Bernie and check. It all out. You. Can see the blue skies fighting, to come out amongst the cloud coverage. After. A quick 15-minute journey we were officially, on bruny, island. Hey. Guys so we just set off at the Bernie. Bernie. Hotel coming. Straight off the ferry come sit up here five, building on on, palatal, 15 goals of power first. In best dress so. Decided. To splurge and go power for the night but.

Yeah It's a little bit windy so we've got the caravan popped down in midget mode just, uh just. Until the weather clears, but um we're. Gonna go check out where. We checking out that get, shocked. Which, is an oyster restaurant. Yep and cheese. Factory yes we're gonna go check those two out try, to make the most of our time and Bruni so yeah. We'll keep you guys posted. With. Blue skies out in full swing we set off north on our afternoon, adventure. So. Our first stop was to the bruni cheese and brewery it, had a bucket loaded cheese wheels inside and a large variety of cheeses to buy as you, would expect the cheese shop to have. Quite. Fall from our earlier lunch we opted to just share a beer tasting paddle. It. Was then a short drive down the road to, get shucked, for some oyster tastings. I'm. Not a fan of seafood, so I was happy to sit this one out and let Kurt do the tastings, and natural. Oyster was his first taste, test. It. Was very unique. Taste. Little. Rosie decided she wanted to taste one too. Mmm. Not too bad at all she said it tasted like a chicken nugget we. Still had a little bit of time left in the afternoon so we decided to take a drive around the North Coast a. Lot. Of it was dirt tracks but in great condition, and any two-wheel drive car would be fine. These. Sheep had great views from that paddock we spotted them hurting themselves in, a straight line how. Bizarre. We. Continued, on weaving, our way through the trees along the coastal track on the, side of the road we spotted this little tree swing the perfect, excuse, to stretch the legs. We. Eventually made it back to camp and relaxed the rest of the evening. The. Following day we headed to the eastern side and checked out the picturesque, Adventure. Bay the, waters were so blue, and the sand is, very wide. We. Headed down the road to the Bruny Island chocolate. Shop. Met. At the front by this massive, shaggy, dog he was well trained and he even shook my hand we. Then headed inside to check out all the Suites. They. Definitely had an assortment to choose from check, out his old map they had hanging up that was cool we. Grabbed some fudge and left. The. Next stop down the road for Subaru nee Island berry farm, unfortunately. It was out of season so, we couldn't pick any berries. A. Quick. Look inside the shop but nothing really took a fancy so.

We Opted to head off. We. Decided to check out the inline track from Adventure, Bay to Cloudy Bay a popular. Shortcut for the locals, well, what, a little adventure that turned out to be. After. A few kilometers in, we were stopped due to an obstruction. So. You're on a four-wheel-drive track, and, the. Road gets blocked by a tree all you need the. Saber saw AKA recipt, saw any. Brand will do as long as she's charged grated ago but. Here. We go. We. Got stuck in and had, it cleared within a few minutes. And. That's how it's done guys. Gonna, work, I'm. Not too bad it's. Changed. Or would be quicker but this, is safer and, I want more batteries and everything's okay, good to go let's, do it. The. Track was a little bit wet from all the recent rainfall but. It was still in a pretty good condition with just a few minor mud holes. Ah. No. Not, another one this, main tree was quite large after, much consideration, we. Opted to remove all the little branches and see if we could fit under you've. Always got to be really careful with fallen trees the last thing you want is for it to come down on your head always be mindful of your body position and it's always best to have a spotter the, boys cleared all the little stuff and we fit it under no worries at all be, sure to always report, major fallen trees like this to your local council in forestry so they can take the appropriate action. We. Eventually made that the other side and to cloudy bay we, had a snack while the kids checked out at the beach now. Check. This out a lure the view probably. The best view of any drop toilet we've ever seen. After. A busy day if we decided to go inside the bruni hotel for some wine down beers and a gamer pool. Once. The family was ready we headed next door to the dining room for dinner everyone's. Meal that came out looked, smelt, and tasted, delicious. Kurt said it was the best car me had ever had, we, even spoiled ourselves, with some dessert. So. The next morning rusty, provided, us with some entertainment there, was a rogue duck hanging, around the camp which she spotted it must. Have seen her looking as it wattled, right, over to our van. Well. Bring. It doc. I. Say. Hi, guys so today we. Are heading to, Adventure, Bay we're gonna go see a custom squid and. Fish and. Fish guys got all the fishing, rods, ready. So, yeah see. We got some squid and have some fresh calamari. When. We arrived at the jetty the weather wasn't the best nevermind. The boys were determined, to still give it a try. My. Patience, paid off you my. First ever squid, now. I had seen this method online, and how to kill them quickly so, I thought I'd give it a go all, you do is karate, chop them on the base which breaks her neck. Well. With catching, one all the kids decide is join in on the fun, I headed, up to the car to cook us all some lunch what a great view from the car kitchen. Meanwhile. The boys had caught a few more which was great. After. Cleaning up all the squid we put on our hiking shoes and head it off to the fluted. Cape walk you. Have to walk along the beach to get to the start of the track. The. Walk was quite nice along, the massive, sea cliffs a big, steep incline, to get up to the fluted cape we, definitely got our heart rate up. All. Up the Luke Tucker's around two hours from, start to finish. We. Jump back in the cart and started, to head back to camp, that's when we spotted the rare white wallaby, you, beauty, we'd, wanted to see one of these while we were here there's, only a handful, of them around.

So. We call the squid on the squid jig which you saw just. Got it two of them two out of four I gave the other two to, Stephan. Baton my sister. So. Yeah we're gonna crumb. Them up now and see. What they taste like it. Look pretty good. Awesome. Ames, dip them in some flour egg and then crumb them cooking, them in a pan with some shallow, oil. Just, about to have one guys. All cooked. Mmm. I was, unbelievable. For. Our final day we decided to head down to the South Bruny lighthouse, for a visit, a short. Walk up to the lighthouse and a great vantage point, to overlook, South Bruny. The. Lighthouse keeper showed us this little fellow hardened in the bush meters, from the lighthouse entry. Heading. Back down and, having a quick squeeze inside the freak Museum. We. Stopped in to say g'day to some of the locals on our driver to cloudy bay the, two donkeys were quite cute we don't often see donkeys. With. The weather being more appealing we hopped on the beach and took a drive up to cloudy bay camping, area for a little you. Can only access the campground, via the beach. Hot. Tip for anyone with the drone I regularly, use our bonnet as a landing, pad a large, surface area, which is off the ground. For. Our last activity on Bruni who booked us cells into the afternoon, bruny island cruise, we'd. Heard great things about the cruise and decided to spoil ourselves. We. Had our safety briefing wandered. Down to the jetty and hopped onto the boat putting. On us snazzy, wet weather coats. A. Quick. Demo on lifejackets. And we were on our way. Out. Around penguin, island and into the big blue we. Got to see some of the highest sea cliffs in, the southern hemisphere along. With a spectacular, blowhole. Oh. On. Our continued, journey south we saw some sea arches lots of untouched, rugged, terrain and plenty, of sea birds once. We got around our last corner, it was a little bit bumpy. Eventually. Making our way down and spotting, some seals our. Guide told us all these guys are males, a noisy. Bunch too. An. Awesome afternoon, crews finished, off with the Tim Tim to the return leg home. Hey. Guys so just hopped off the Bruny, Island cruise. She. Was a bit cold yeah she was pretty cold seas were up today we, tried to set up. It was pretty comfy but uh. They're in the car with the heater on trying to get. I'm gonna, head back to camp Frosty's chill into the caravan so. To cuddle. Replicant, we go. The. Next day it was time to leave, we had a great few days exploring, bruny island but, like always the show must go on. We. Stopped in to one last spot and our drive to the ferry a popular, Nick lookout a great, lookout on north Bruni looking down towards, South room. We. Grabbed the mandatory, selfie. Before heading off to the ferry. And. Remember. Guys if you liked the video then leave us a like and also hit that subscribe button to see future episodes. Catch. Ya later Bernie you've been great. You.

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