Bushcraft in April | Hammocking, Gypsy Well, Brown Bag Filter, Mora Garberg Maintenance

Bushcraft in April | Hammocking, Gypsy Well, Brown Bag Filter, Mora Garberg Maintenance

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It's, April as, gamma discuss, K with me I'm, bushcrafting. April, if, you enjoy watching this video, and think that you'd like to see more from my channel then. Click on that subscribe button and the notification, Bell and you won't miss out on any future updates, from my channel Cheers. Hi. Folks I'm Craig Taylor and as, always a huge, thanks for joining me here on my youtube, channel. The, bushcraft, Padawan if. You're a regular viewer or subscribe, that you'll know that I like to get out for at least warm, full day or a day tonight every. Month in order to get. Outside and practice some new skills, and, and refine some old skills and April. Is no, exception. I always. Like to come up with a list of things that I want to accomplish, I want to try out in mine rather than just bumbling around and see what happens, lined, up for April this is what I've got I would, like to try hanging, a new. Hammock that, I bought I can't, quite call it my first ever hammock, hang because I have hung a hammock before about. 24. Years ago so actually, I am gonna call it my first ever hammock, hang I want to try that out I want to revisit the, Gipsy. Well but I'd go just a few metres in that direction in. One of my last videos I'm linking to that in the top right hand corner the screen I want to see how that water has settled, I want, to get a brew on today. Using. Some filtered, water from, that gypsy well through, my brown bag course, water, filter, what. Else I, also want to have a little look at some knife maintenance, today as well been using my knife a lot of late I've, been cleaning it I've been awning it just wanna have a check of that edge and just see if it needs a strop, or if it needs perhaps a little light touch. Up as you've, probably already. Detected. Though apart, from willow the dog I'm not out here on my own today I do have, a little woodland, help up with me and here she is. So. She's already introduced, herself but just to remind you this is, and. It's, not only me that wants to get a few things that I've been in the woods today you do as well don't you so tell, everybody what it is you want to have a try today. So. Hammock she's actually brought our own hammock out with it I brought out one that I've bought I'll talk about that later in the video we, actually made a hammock some time ago out of an old bed sheet and some cordage, that I've got so you, want to give that a try yeah. Ava's. Always got a head in a book unsurprisingly. She's brought one with her today so she's gonna lie. In a hammock and read a book what a great way to spend a day of your half temple of good what else. Yeah. So Eva wants to wear make a hot chocolate which very, nicely ties in with what I want to do today which, is to make that hot chocolate from, the filtered, from a gypsy well through, the course bag so I've got things lined up Evie's. Got things lined up without, further ado let's get on with the day. Here's. A very, homemade. Hana Kea it's, just a double sheet and I, think we folded, it lengthways. In, half and, then. In half again so you could almost six if it's four layered, at, the ends. I. Double. The material, back on itself. Put. In a few wraps tied it off and. There's some cordage, they're. Very, heavy very. Bulky but. For the kids playing out and just enjoying themselves in the woods for a day way I don't really have to walk very far with it because there's. A lot of bulk to it they're also. Probably, not very environmentally. Friendly, from a tree perspective. Because of the it's, it's rope that I'm putting around the tree and not a potato, I feel kind of bad about that book, Evie. Weighs next. To nothing so. I'm not overly concerned or not yeah and the only percent, of the amount of stress it's gonna put, on the trees nothing. To so, let's get this set up in there let's get the young lady in the lap of luxury to see these ads the. Dots I'm talking about not the dog so. Evie how are you getting on. You. Think you could sleep in it, well. You won't be tonight but maybe we'll do it we'll. Do it some other point yeah. Good. Stuff, I'm not hungry very high off the floor because if I've got this all wrong when it comes crashing down I don't, wait to fall very far but, you're comfy that's. The main thing. So. You've ticked off two of the things you want to do today already you're reading a book and you're in a hammock, does. That mean you're gonna leave me alone for the rest of the day now. Mm. Okay. I'm. Now going to turn my attention to. My tap, set, up my first, time, hammock. Hang I. Mentioned. In one of my previous Thursday, thought videos I'm linking to in the top right hand corner of the screen now that I've never been a big Chanukah. Hey, because I've never really needed, to. And. I've, never really wanted to because of all the extra, faff.

That Seems to go with it since I recorded that, video only, a week or two ago I've done, far more research, into hammocks and it's an even, deeper, wider. Get. Black. Hole than, I thought when I recorded the video there's so, many, things, that you could use, to set, up and create, your hammock, system that's. One of the things that's always put me off in the past but, like I said in that Thursday stock video I thought it was time to give it a try the. Hammock that I've chosen isn't a branded, name it's actually a guy that I saw was selling, his homemade hammocks, on eBay. He, was using ex-military. Parachute. Silk so immediately, that kind of air that, kind of hooked me in that resonated, with me the, guy seems to know what he's talking about he'd be incorporated. Lots of modifications to this it wasn't just the length of material. Compounded, at the end he'd, used and some. Of the, used. A fixed Ridgeline which according. To my reading is a good thing it helps both from an admin perspective and, also an equal hang perspective, you'll see that in a few minutes, he'd, incorporated. Some extra, mods around the edges, of the hammock to cinch things in again, you'll see that later on in the video and the way he created, the the tie a loop to think they're called at either end, again. Reflected. What seems to be a accepted. Good practice, in the hammock in community, so, I thought to myself you know what rather than put, my hand very deep into my pocket, for a hammock why do I give this guy a try and he's. British, bases in UK thatif actuator, looks like he's trying to set up his own little business he's a little cottage industry, and I thought to myself you know is it benefit to me from trying out was the benefits of him from buying one of his prototypes, so, I thought I'd buy one of his do, the thing that attracted in fact no it wasn't a thing that attracted, me I made. An assumption about the size of it then, I received it through the post and was gobsmacked. By just how, small. This.

Hammock Was, let me give you an insight into it. This. Pouch here, the one that I've got my hand on one that you can see in shot there within. That I've got, my hammock. You've seen a previous, video where I talked about my first Stowe and fast deployment hat, at half the tab so, my tap is in here the ridgeline, a couple, of makeshift, pegs the, guyline, and, my. New. Hammock is all in this, pouch here, so, I've got an incredibly, compact. And. Sleeping. Slash shelter. System all, in that external, pouch let, me give you an idea about the compact, size of the hammock itself. Those. Carabiners, out I may need those. Later I'm hoping not to but I may here's, the hammock. That's. The size of a hammer now. When I stow it in that pouch I'm able to really, compress it down so already now it's starting to balloon up in size if, I just give you an idea. There's. My hand. There's. The hammock there you know I can usually, fit it in the palm of my hand it is smaller than Nalgene, bottle without doubt when it's compressed down so. That was yeah, I knew it would be compact, when I bought it because it's parachute, silk I didn't. Realize, quite how compact, I could get it once I really, put some pressure on it and as you can see in that shot. I've just shown you there, its toes together very, nicely along with all of my shelter system in that, external pouch. So. It came lease a little have. A silk storage, bag. And. Then within there is, the half is, that you've got the harp I guess that's a combination of a hammock and a tap isn't it there's, the hammock, there along. With the ridgeline and the, tie up pointer suture which I'm now going to start, experimenting. With, so that's the, hammock, part. Of the, hammock system. But, according to my reading you also of course need. To attach, the hammock through. The trees that you're suspending, it from apparently. Paracord, is no good for several reasons one over. Long term it can do damage to the tree, because, it's a very very narrow diameter, and, and your weight is being pulled into the tray so I'm keen to avoid that and. Secondly of course power cord stretches, and, there, is an element of give, to it which having been under a parachute a number of times is a good thing it's good that it gives and doesn't transfer, all the shock when a parachute deploys to, your body so, there's. An element of give and I've read people saying that you know over night they sling. Their hammocks they'd hang their hammocks as they wanted them and by morning the back side was touching, the ground not because anything it snaps not because anything had ripped but, because the, paracord, had stretched and they, were on the ground so I'll I'm keen to avoid that this, is what I've come up with to try and avoid it. Sticking. With, the parachute, theme I've. Got some of this this, tape. Which. Is used in the manufacturer. Of parachutes. It's, actually a hollow tape if I try and open the end out there I. Hope. You can see. It's. Almost like a tube littered I guess it's like a bit like Juby grip that's so probably the closest, thing I could imagine you could get to I think in the US they call this type of thing mule, tape I also, believe, that electricians. And people who work a lot with wiring, and cabling. You something, very similar but it's about. Finger. Finger. Thickness, or. There abouts, it's. Flat, so again from a transferring. Of the, of. Your weight into the tree hopefully it distributes. That, over the length of the tree and it's relatively, if not completely, non. Stretch. So hopefully, when I have when I hang it there. Shouldn't be only overnight, any, overnight droop, sounds, like we got a medical condition isn't it hopefully there shouldn't be any stretch, of the cordage of the of this overnight resulting.

In My tap and sagging. During the night I've. Got a massive them at least I think 10 to 15 meters of something like that and. What. I need to figure out now I'm going to try and capture on camera is, just how I want to cut this it's a single, length my, gut tells me to just cut. It in half and then come up with some form of of system. To be able to to. Loop it around the trade to be able to tie overhand, knots in it so I'm almost creating, something. Eclair dual, of climbing, and I've got lots of sort of stuff at home and. Daisy. Change with it from the climbing cassette since their noses known as daisy chains but Oh lots. Of overhand lot, and not. In create, these loops for me to hook the carabiners, into I'm going to stop waffling to come wrap match you're gonna get on with trying this. Stuff out so we're be. A be a fly, on the wall if you like and, see how I get on with, my very first DIY. Hammock, cell. So. I'm just gonna find that the midpoint of this tape. There. We go good you know for government work. My. Assistant, here is gonna do the slicing so, I'm gonna move my hands well out of the way. And. If you took my feet, you. Put the knife in. There. Hold. It closer to the blade that's it and then just. Perfect. Now if you give me those back that's it, thank. You. Nice. One we've all still got our fingers, result. Yeah I. Now. Have two quite. Long equal, lengths of tape I want, to make those single. Strands of tape into. A lope sir I've just taken the ends, I'm. Gonna tell overhand. Knot in them a good, six inches or so. From. The ends to allow for any slippage. There's. The end tied and of course if you tie two ends, of a piece of cordage. You. End up with a. Loop. So. I've looped that now around, the tree as you can see let's put it around the tree but, I've realized that, the weak, point in all of this is where my carabiner, my hand is. Going to be which is exactly, why I tied, the, knots so, what I'm gonna do is I'm just going to adjust this. Whole setup by slipping, this knot, back. A foot or so so that when I do put. The carabiner, here it's. Not only the weakest part of being placed when we slip this knot slightly. Further back. Now, hopefully you can see hope you can see my dangly bits here. Matron. You, can see those there where my hand is now is. No longer on, the weak part of this, setup so the theory goes, I'm. Now going to repeat that whole process for, the other half, of the the, tape for the other tree. Overhand. Not a decent. Six inches at the end just. In, case. And. There we have it games making sure that the wheat part of the set up which is where the overhand knot is is back. From where the, carabiners. Going, to put in I. Suspect. What I'm gonna have to do is to put some more overhand. Knots. In, this may be another warm or two to give me an element, of adjustment. With my hammock swings at the moment the only place I can come back and hopefully carabiner. In is. Here where. My thumb is where my hand is what. If that's too low what if I need to raise it up look I've got nowhere to go this so just putting an overhand knot in gives, me another. You. Can see just behind me of my left and right shoulder those, two trees you can see the tape around the trees I've, just turn my attention now to the the, hammock itself, and it's interesting, although I've never you. Know I keep saying I've never hung a hammock yes I have but let's pretend I haven't because it was a quarter, of a century ago. Although. I've never hung a hammock, before it's, interesting that. Some. Of the stuff, and and practices. And and and. Approaches. That I've employed for other things and. Automatically. Without realizing, it put into play for this already I took this hammock out at home to have a look at it in the lounge all excited, like a child when, I stowed it away I made sure that the, tie, out loops are the hanging loops whatever you call these things here we're. At the top of the bag just. Like when I stole my tarp, away, you, saw me link to my rapid heart video, set up that, beat up set up video earlier, on, when. I stole my tarp away I make sure that my ridgeline. Hanks. Of cordage, are at the top so I can reach and grab those and can immediately start setting, up I'm not hunting around for the loops same. Detail, with the same practice with this I've made sure that they are stowed at the top so I can reach in and the, two things that I need to work with first of all are the first two things that I discover, in, this hammock bag here. I mentioned. A couple carabiners. Earlier, on in my video seen a lot of hammer cos walk. And walk, out the door with, carabiners. These are climbing, carabiners, I used to do an awesome. Amount, of climbing, in my younger days these, are climbing, rated, carabiners, 24 kilonewton. Wire. Gates. In. 24 communities in that direction there they, are perfectly.

Capable, Assuming. I don't do something silly like Hanks hang off the, wire gate itself. They're. Perfectly, suitable for, hammock in more than sufficient, I didn't, really want to bring these what I'm trying to do is it's a setup a hammock system that takes, the least possible. Amount of. Kit. Think. The setup I've got at the moment with, these is, the minimum what, I quite, like to do we still even over time evolved, the system, and involve my my own understanding of hammock in to, actually get rid of these as well, there, are ways of doing it as seen people use and. Marlinspike. Hitches. With a toggle throw, again you need to bring a toggle out but of course you could fashion a toggle from what you've got outdoors. But, for today to, where to start things off and make life easy for myself to begin with I am gonna rely on these. Carabiners. I've brought with me well. That was nice, and quick if you cut out all the waffle, of me prattling, on about how. Little I know about hammocks. That. Was incredibly, quick, some. Immediate, immediate. Things, spring, to mind. The. Angle. Between. The. End of my hammock, and. The white tape. From. What I've read it's about thirty degrees, it is a good angle there is no way that that is, thirty degrees not, in anybody's. Geometry. Books. There's. There's. No gift there's no gift for all I couldn't, if that tree had been a foot third of that way or that tree beautiful feather that way I wouldn't, have got its leg it's only just, clipped in so, I'm thinking a few things here I can't make the hammock any longer. I, can. Make. The, carabiners. Any, longer. I can't move the trees closer together. But, what I could do, take. One of those doubled. On back, loops. Of. Tape. And. I instead of doubling, the whole thing over and losing. 50%, of the length of it I could, sign over them knot in one end.

Lashing. That round, the tree. Giving. Myself almost twice, as much. Sound. Like a chicken I would probably want to give it an hour or two of laying in it before I fre, elevated, any Heiser I want to have it probably within a foot of the ground just. On the off-chance ant, balls fall of this which, let's be honest is a, fairly good odds that I have at the moment so. I'm gonna lower them lowering slightly, you just cost just means me shuffling, fees, and. House, you take down the tree but, also wanna give myself a better angle. I'm. Just, put into practice what I was just wafting about then so what I've done now is I've stripped the whole tape off from one tree it's. No longer doubled, in a loop now it's a single, lengthy. Strand I tried, an overhand knot in one end there, and I. Said, it's. Not basically last sued the tree I guess you could say so that's my fixed pot again I've left a good tail, after. The overhand, loop just, in case and then following. This single. Strand of tape down I've, tied. A figure. Of eight, knot. On. The bites into, there another. A figure, of eight on the bites and another, figure of eight on the bite the, reason I hired a figure of eight knot is. Because. From my climbing, experience I know that, even. When, it is being put under massive. Load you know the way it loads. Pressure pulled on it pulled mega tight a figure. Of eight is one, of the if not the. Easiest. Not to undo, once, it's been placed under load. And of course once, I've slept on this or layed on this gave, the game away then for a little while it will have been placed under load, these will have been pulled tight if, I ever need to undo them which. I probably would do for stowing them away. Then. A, figure, of eight would be a good option to allow me to be able to wear to. Untie. Them easily possibly. With cold fingers, possibly, with some reduced manual dexterity because, of the cold figure. Of eight is the way to go that's what I've tied open hopefully, now you can see I now. Have three. Places. I can put the carabiner, in and not, just one I've. Also got. A, heck. Of a lot more. Tape. Dangling. To the ground to, allow me to be able to vary, the angle that looking for that thirty degree, as they say angle, between, the tap tie-up point and that the the. Tape running up through the tree, so. That's what I've come up with so far I'm gonna hook the carabiner, back in gonna give you the same sort of shot that I gave you before and see, how things have changed hopefully.

Into. The second, one. Thankfully. Yeah. I've just managed, it but you'll notice at the angle here now, he's. Almost it's. Almost flat it's almost parallel to the ground I don't. Know. But, I've got nowhere to go this loose, end that you can see here has. No more overhand, knots in it so I guess what I've learned here is. These. Two knots the. Top two knots pretty much redundant, she'll. Probably face some knots which I'm going to do some, overhand, figures, like some figure of 8 on the base, further, down this loose, end here this, tail end here don't, talk to a useless. I'm. Not going to do the same thing at the other end I'll do one thing at a time I lay in it see how that pans out so for now I'm going to try a few more figure. Of eight on the Bight not. Here, I am I. Don't. I don't use to plan the color going dad. With, a very worried or telephoto could possibly go wrong I'm clearly, an expert in this I'll be doing it for all 15. 20. Minutes. I. May as well just sit on the ground. Because. That's stretched from here we okay so. What I need to do here I need, to. Raise. The. Slings. Further. Up the tree. Okay. I'm now technically, off the ground I can hear I can hear pinging, out. Of my right ear. That's. Just, tightening. Up twigs perhaps nothing from the tree where it's, yet. The, tape that's, constricted swags book, so. Technically, off the gun am I technically, company hammock, is out there the hammock in community, watching this I'm. I know technically, I'm a king albeit. By about an eighth of an inch. I'm. A head on the side of caution too. Much. I'm. Swinging, therefore, I can't be in contact with the ground it's, official folks I, am, a seasoned, Hammacher who could me. So. This is good I'm happy with this I'm, quite happy boots also be spiral for the ground as well for now let's. Do. The real trick now just to swivel myself, round so I'm not stuck doing eight hours of v6, clearly, my abs don't need that let. Me swivel myself around me and get myself in fear.

Joined, By the dog. You still does. So. This feels a bit odd it feels like it's rising up a lot Pierre. Maybe. It's the way I'm leading, it laid, in. The. Middle but actually, from what I've seen of people coming clean laying. Across. Stomach. Rather than in line with almost, laying across the bridge line the right thing to go Rebecca. Certainly. That's this, seems to be the traditional, way I see people coming in but then you get the air which ridge in the middle which I've read about here. Felix. Little. Experiment. Some more off-camera. Keep. Dragging, you along with every adjustment. That I make but I'm gonna experiment a little more just, shuffling a few things around. I'm. Very mindful that my head is quite far from the end but my feet are very close to that home so maybe I need to shuffle. Myself, fair the rope or just the hand so, that actually when I sit in it my, my. Body's more evenly histories I feel like I'm all pushed at one end the. Foot and, not the head end so that's gonna be the first thing I tried but, I'm gonna close the camera down now we'll do a lot of work off-camera. My daughter's also windy but she wants her lunch. So. I'm going to it will not work off-camera and I'll come back once, I've fine-tuned, it and let you know what it is I found, tuned if I can keep the dog off it, see. You soon. Here. I am back at the gypsy, well that I dug in one of my more recent videos. Again, I'll link to it in the top right hand corner of the screen I've, got with me a drenched. Brown, bag. That I've earned I've just. Soaked. Submerged, wrung. Out soap submerged, again in some. Dirty. Water close, by I've, come back to this this. Has dropped, significantly I, said there's probably at least 50%, less, volume in this and, also I can see where the water was. Pouring, in last time and it's. Not now so, and, guessing, the water level, has naturally, dropped just in the week 10 days since I was last here the. General water table, level has drops there has been, little. Or no rain in that sounds to be perfectly so that's kind of understandable the.

Water Looks a damn sight clearer, than. It did when it was full up clearly. Letting it settle, and stand has been a good thing Oh. Willows just arrived and I'm looking at a muddy puddle in the ground so she may, well get involved what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take my metal mug I'm gonna fill this brown back up to the fill, line I'm hoping. There's enough water in there not. 100%, and, then we'll allow this to start running off and make ourselves a hot chocolate. Leave. It. Go. Away. Cuz. Of leaves and pine needles have found their way in some I'm, taking. Those out I want to minimize as much debris, of course in this brown bag, as. I possibly, can, because. As I've discovered in the past. The. More debris goes in here. It. Takes a damn sight longer for the water to filter through the debris. That. Bag. Is. Now filled up to the top we'll. Walk it back over to the camp area let, it run off to the safe one offline and, then we can start collecting, it and ready. To boil it smoke our way back. Enjoying. The Eevee yeah. Nice, and tasty yeah what. About the company. In. Your phase entry. Oh. Yes. This. Is the life, since. I'm last joined, you for hammock, related, shot earlier, on in the video I've. Tinkered, around with this but, only a little I have. Now extended, the other end the head end that, take that's there that's now a single, strand, I've. Toyed, around that. End head end again with, putting in the, a. Figure. Of eight on a bite not. To allow me to have a greater degree of flexibility, with. Where those, carabiners. Hooking. It feels comfortable you know I'm laid here I'm swing it's more, comfortable, than sitting on the ground it's more comfortable, with sitting, or laying, smoking, than laying on the ground it's more comfortable than. Just. Sitting up against, the tree I like is comfortable, I'm gonna, withhold judgment. About, its comfort. Until. I've slept in it because I think that's the key thing it is rare. That I would bring, this, out just. To sit in it for the day although the. Sun's come out now and I quite I do quite fancy. The idea of, just, laying in this on a summer's, day and turning. Myself into it until crispy. Lizard laid. Out in the Sun I think. Most of times can be for sleeping so I'm gonna withhold judgment. On its comfort. Until I. Have, spent a night in it until, I've spent a night in it in a sleeping, bag and. So I've spent a night in it in a sleeping bag possibly. With my roll mats underneath me a lot. Of people in the hammock community talk about these under, quills and they've always seemed like a bit of a really, really, what is that all about but. Even today on a relatively. It's a cool /, mild. Spring. Day even, today I can feel, across my backside, and the small of my back it. Is significantly. Cooler, than. Anywhere else on, my, body and I can imagine at. Night when the temperature drops. Anyway when I'm less. When. I'm generating, less, energy. In heat is it I can certainly imagine the. The skin that's in contact with this hammock whatever feeling quite cool so I understand, where people coming, from with these underquilt, things are, these only get these under quilt blanket things, but. I'm, still kind of wedded, to the idea of trying to make the best use of what I carry anyway which would be sleeping, bag bivi bag Rome, at it. Be interesting to see how that plays, out when when I'm cocooned, in that in this hammock you may, notice here and. To a lesser degree here, there's, some shock cord, running. Across, a couple of thing on, this, end of the hammock that the foot end if you like don't know where I'm they and, it's the opposite, side at the head end of the hammock but, what this is for all that's not quite fathom, doubt what.

The Value, out of it is I guess. I've seen the value item on YouTube, I'm not exposed it myself is, when you lay in a hammock you naturally, put tension in, some, areas and, not other so where my head is is. Tight, where, my feet are, and. Pulling. Material talk, which, means that this material here and. This material here leave the Aqua six they're. Not taught they. Are they're slack and I believe that that can lead on, occasions, to. To. Whatever, you're laying in whether you've got a quilt over you dropping. Over the side so the purpose of these things I, believe I think they've got a certain name I think somebody in the how making community, actually kind of almost. Came up with the concept, of even that's what they're generally, known as the, name escapes me at the moment you'll excuse, me but, this is to kind of help cocoon. Those, those. Slack areas, over. You keep them talk to, prevent and things are you, falling. Out of them see, the concept, it's still, not. Sure, how but it would be these were there to be really, really honest for them yeah. I guess I guess. If you look they, know people are talking about them and using them and they've made it into mainstream, hammocks and, there must be a use case and of course I've got the end I hope yeah you can see that I've got the guy line here. Guile. And the gear line the guy I like. I. Imagined. That that was just before your admin for hanging stuff up and you can see here I've pulled that actual hammock storage bag itself. But. I'm also led to believe from watching a number of new Tube videos there's, a structural, purpose, for this and it helps you to, have an equal, hang at. Either, end, again. I can. Consent. That I can see. How, about a cares for an engineering, perspective but, I'm not an engineer so don't take my word for it but again there's, enough of them in circulation, for me to think now that they serve, a purpose. If. It helps the hammock, to hang equally, brilliant but. Of course just from a day to day purpose, you've got a nice convenient, gear line therefore to, stow, whatever, I would normally stow, if I was under a tarp then. I could stove it on there speaking. Of tats I was. Going to put a tarp over this. Today, but, I think I will leave that for another occasion mmm I would, I go. Actually. Paul I possibly, what I was gonna say I don't think I'll ever sleep, how overnight just. In this but actually I might is a very warm dry, summers evening. I might do that I think a lot of the time even if it really was, dry stick you still suffer from view in the morning and, I, probably rickets happen Oh buddy this traditional. A tight frame top like you used to singing for up I probably. Rigged that over the top of this but not today today is just gonna be about playing. Around and experimenting. With the the hammock hand itself. Figuring. Out what's the least amount of kit that, I need to bring out with me to, affect what I've done today and I think it's, going, to be what I've got with me today, the. Two lengths of tape was, one length of tape at the beginning of the day now two lengths of tape and the, two carabiners, and of course the hammock, I think, that's the minimum I'll get away with. Now. If you'll excuse me. That's. Some thinking, to do. As. Always I've got with me my, swear, by my beaver bushcraft, sharpening, kit, I've. Got my diamond. Stone. I guess they're 1,000, on, 180. Course. I'm. Fine I've. Got the diamond lapping fluid, I, really. Wish these worked well without putting. Down and lapping food on it you could put water on them but that will then rust, and the, bottom, of how the diamond is embedded, on this and can, cause it to corrode, so you could use water but there's a long-term damage which means that dam and lapping fluid is the best thing and I. Just, don't like carrying. It because it's something else to carry and, it's. You, know and I'd, rather not carry if I don't have to. And. Then we've got my small.

Strop. There to, finish off so I'm just going to spend a few moments now just checking over the. Edge of my Mora, Garber cabin, just seeing if it needs a little bit of, TLC and, applying. It if it does I should imagine at the very least it's gonna need is a strop, just, cuz i've been using it quite. A lot in the last couple of weeks. So. I'm just noticing and, it's it's it's, really on the edge i'm. Just noticing a couple. Of. Spots. Of light reflecting. Towards. The. Tip of the blade and, a. Few write down near the handle, the, vast majority the blade seems in very very good order just. The top, and bottom needs, a bit of TLC. Probably. Going to start with a strop, and actually see if I can get back to condition. By. Using the the least amount of causing. The least amount of damage to the blade by dropping, it if I can't then our I'll, start off with a defined. 1000. Grit side. Of that stone. There. We have it folks back to conditioned. I spent. A good amount of time just, keep. Moving my body position just just make sure that I've not missed any I'm, not casting any shadow on this knife edge, I'm. Not missing any flat spots and, from. Tip, to toe. It. Looks a very good condition indeed and I haven't had to go anywhere, near it. With. The actual sharpening. Stone so I'm not taking any metal, from this I've. Just refined, and dropped, the edge with, a pre-loaded. Strop that I brought out. Time. Well-spent. Very carefully, limits as his friend might be put back on the top level balances. Both. Here. We are we've, made it to the end of the day what, did I want to get out of the day I wanted, to play. Around and experiment, with my new hammock and I've done that learn. Lots already. Still. Lots, to learn and I'm looking forward to trying, out for real if, you like it and doing an overnight in, it sometime, in the near future so that was good. Utilized. Some knife maintenance, or. Did some knife maintenance, not. A great deal needed less than I thought there would be and, it was also interesting to see that. Gypsy well, how. It had dropped in volume, from when I was last here. However. The water appeared, much clearer, and interestingly, after, I'd fill that Milbank bag up that you saw me do where you in the video I went, back to it and it had filled, up not, to the top but, it had certainly filled up so clearly there is still a there is a water table there, and it, quite quickly filled, itself back up to the level of that water table it's, just that that water table was much lower, than it was last, time I was here so it, filled itself, up relatively, quickly to, fill that Milbank back up which, led towards filtering. It filtering. The Gypsy World War 2 through the mill back bag, resulting. In where we are now which is you enjoying a lovely. I. Got, things the wrong way round and we're so focused on, getting, easy. Set up and getting my hammock, set, up that, I forgot, to start the water filtering. Process so the last thing we got to today was. Filtering, the water and as you know from previous videos, it takes a long time to, filter, so and, I'd. Like to say lesson learned but I've learned. So, and lesson, learned, again. To, start the watering filtering, process much, earlier, in the day but I think you can excuse me for today because obviously, I'd my hands full with Eevee I've had my hands full with Muhammad and I've hung. With. This monster. Here today. So. Everybody's. Happy you'll have seen Eevee, earlier on in the video certainly at the chair that I made the, last time I was in this area, I. Secreted. The tripod, behind. A tree over there it was just a case of of redeploying, the legs putting, the fabric back in which I carry around with me I went a nice comfy chair for the afternoon all, in all a successful. Day. Out thank, you as always for joining me and these. Two out, in the woods if you enjoyed the video please do, click on that subscribe button and the, bell so, that you don't miss any future notifications. If you think there's anyone in your network that will enjoy watching the video like share, all. Of the usual good, stuff it's a good buy from me and it's a. See. You later folks bye.

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@The Bushcraft Padawan Hahaha...bless her little heart. Well that's another wonderful memory made Craig...and that too is priceless. Best wishes as always buddy

@The Bushcraft Padawan oh yea the low hang, with your tarp over the hammock also allows for less convection from air movement. too.. ENJOY!

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