Bushcraft in March | Bow drill fire, campfire cooking, broiler

Bushcraft in March | Bow drill fire, campfire cooking, broiler

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It's, March I've, got my bushcraft, gear with me and. Bushcrafting. In March. Just. Before we dive into the main meat of today's video if you're, not yet a subscriber and. You like the look of this video you, like the look of the channel and you'd like to be a subscriber there's, going to be a red subscribe. Button throughout. This video in the bottom right hand corner of your screen click on it become, a subscriber and you want me sending my future videos Cheers, I. Folks. I'm Craig Taylor and as always, a huge, thanks for joining me here on my youtube channel, the bushcraft, Padawan, regular. Viewers and subscribers will, know that I like to get out and spend an entire day or, an entire night and day out in the woods doing bushcraft, II stuff a March, is no exception, here I am again. You'll. Also know if you're a regular viewer that rather than just come out into the woods and potter about, I always, like to come out with a plan in mind a list of things that I want to cover off and this. Month is no exception. Either things, that I want to cover off and things I want to look at and try I want, to try and get my fire going today, using. Botrell. Once. That fire is going I'd like to make myself some pine needles. Say haven't done that for a while and I'm feeling a bit under the weather and so, I want to try out some pine needles see what my body full of vitamin C I want, to cook a new recipe that I've discovered in a in, Tim gents campfire, cooking book involves, baking, or cooking eggs. Inside. Tomatoes. Which sounds quite inventive I want. To make myself a broiler. To, toast. Some bread with there's probably a much quicker and easier way of toasting, bread on an open fire but I fancy giving the broiler, technique, on I'm making a broiler, to do that because I've never done that before and, throughout. The day I also want to weave in some tree, and plant I did where, the opportunity, arises, so, quite.

A Lot to do today it all starts, off with that with gathering those resources for the fire so, why don't you join me and say how much is bushcraft. Day unfolds. I'm. Just retrace my steps a few hundred, metres because on the way and I thought I'd spotted some decent dead standing, and in fact this specimen. That's right in the center of the shot now if we follow that Oh. You. Should be able to say I admit it's probably difficult to make out but just underneath, where my finger, is now we. Can see the actual tops of those have, completely, gone completely nah Daffy chewed, off or fallen off and actually, on closer inspection everything. Below it it's. Completely, dead so I'm gonna take one of those limbs one of those that those those, uprights, there and that's going to be much fuel for the day. I've. Got a decent pile, of fuel going on at the moment I've also got the the, thicker end of, that, tree, that just took down still, on the the sewing horse over there if I need more I don't need a massive fire I don't need a long running fire what, I need is a fire team to be able to boil some water and, then, to be able to bulb that burn down to the. Coals and the embers to allow me to her to cook this egg in. Tomato. So I don't need a long, standing, fire it's not a long recipe, but I do need to be able to build a cohesive bed of endless, so I've gone for a little more feel that I normally do just to cook a pancake, or just, to it to boil some water or something like that a little more but I haven't gone overboard. No need to chop it more than actually need so I've got the fuel I'm gonna work backwards now and I'm going to go and look for some, and for. Some kindling, I'm gonna try the. Old favorite, of some silver. Birch to, expect you'll append you let to act as the kindling. I've. Got a decent and growing and full, of Silver, Birch bachelor, pendula, twigs. And finger, thickness and pencil edge thickness there and, I just sort of looked up and and took my focus, off the Silver Birch that was looking for and realized. That I seem to have landed in honeysuckle. Or Lonnie Cara Perry, Cline mhmm heaven. There's absolutely stacks. Of it you can see here just peeling. Off in my, hand so that's going to lend. Itself to being a great, tinder. Bundle. For. When I hopefully. Elicit. An ember, from, my bow drill so I'm going to spend a little bit of time round here now focusing. On this element of the. Fuel process, because. I think I've got enough silver birch twigs for, the time being. I'm. Helping out at this stage I've got everything I need to start, bringing. To life and continue. My, fire moving, from the far left of the screen and we've got my, bow drill set there, we've. Got the honeysuckle. Then. We've got the, silver. Birch twigs here, we've. Got some very fine kindling, that split down for some kind, log, that I've discovered and their fat right hand side there's. The feel that I felled earlier. On bow. Drill into. The honeysuckle. Honeysuckle. Alight fingers, crossed ignite in silver birch, silver. Birch igniting, the small pine kindling, then I can feed on those larger, pieces, of film that's the theory anyway. I've. Now theoretically, got, everything I need in place to start, and to build this fire I want to start thinking about making, this broiler, now until recently I didn't have a damn clue what a broiler, was I could picture it I'd seen people using him I knew what the purpose of them was but. I didn't know that that's what they were known, as essentially. They're a grill, a. Handmade. Grill, out of woods out of twigs at the end of a long handle that you can grill. Slash, cook, things over, the, fire. Imagine. A tennis, rackets but with a really long handle, made, of natural, wood and on the on the mesh you can place bacon. Thin pieces of meat bread, things, like that and that's what I want to build out today thank you to tank tracks outdoors, on Instagram, and it. Was one of his post quite a while ago that just got me thinking I want to create one of those I'd seen him in other videos but it was here and it was that guy there that kind of put me onto thinking yeah I want to pull my finger on make on that's what I'm gonna do today that's what I plan to do today I just need to go and look for the materials, figure, out how to create it and then, once of course that's in place I can, get the fire going I didn't want to start the fire then. We'll run like a headless chicken looking. For the materials, and figuring, out how to actually create one so on again all of my dominoes, I know.

In Place first then, go for, the fire fingers crossed. I found. Something here that I think will. Work it's, green, wood. It's. A fairly, thin. Playable. Been. Date but still with some strength branch. And you'll notice that it's got this Y here, with. One branch of the Y being. Slightly thicker than the other the thicker branch of the Y I'm just gonna leave alone that's going to be there, just. To secure, the. Thinner, bendy. Air more pliable. Branch. Of the Y Junction, to. Still looks quite messy at the moment it's much much bigger than it needs to be I need to trim off all these really really thin. Shoots. At the side trim, it all off so I can see what I'm working with and then I'll come back and show you what, it is I've done and how I've done it. Tada. There. It's my my mark, 1, micron. Brewer let me stand back a bit so you can see this sir there's, a handle I would hold that or potentially, prop that up against something so that it would self elevate, I could. Put on this this grill, if. You like. Whatever. I wanted to cook assuming. It wasn't just. One enough to fall through then and then, I could you, know I could cook away over the fire if that was self-supporting. It can be cooking also I'm doing something else my plan today is, talk. About overkill. It's just to put a piece of bread on there and toast a piece of bread to dip into my eggs and my, tomatoes, assuming, that I get them cooked. It. Overkill you can see that's clearly, the biggest slice of bread known to man if that's all I was gonna put on it but you get the general concept, and that's really all I wanted to do today we'll just play around and figure out how it all fits together how. It works and fingers crossed if I can get this fire going we'll, see this in action later. On definitely. Not, what it looks like in Moscow ham skis book and bushcraft. It. Doesn't look like this and I. Think the general concept, is still the same we'll find out what we i've. Collected in process, my tinder my kindling, my fuel I've made a broiler, I've been to get some pine needle, for my pine, needle, tea I've, put, off the inevitable for, as long as I possibly can but as no getting away from it I'm. Gonna have to break up the bow drill kit. Tada. Okay. This is a previously. Crafted. Bow drill kits, Sycamore. With. Sycamore. With. A home, beam, bearing. Block and, my bow is, on the bench behind, me these. Have worked on the two occasions I have used them in the past they've both worked first. Time, perfectly. I think. I've still got a little bit of life still and that's. Half. Bald there, I've. Still got a fair amount of life left in this spindle, but I am gonna need to, just shape. Up and rough up the ends again plenty of life left in the old hornbeam, yet so, yes I'm not crafting. A bow. Drill kit from scratch today what. I am doing is practicing, my technique, with, a set, that I know works. Wanna focus on technique today and not crafting. The set so I'll, get on we're, there with just reshaping, the ends of this spindle, and I won't be able to pull it off anymore let's, get cracking. That. First effort, didn't, work. Lots. Of squeaking, lots of groaning, lots, of. Lots. Of dust, but. Just didn't consolidate, you. Don't know if you can see there but I'm I'm. Almost, all the way through the half board there so I've just taken out a few minutes I have. A second, spindle with me I'm just going to care about second. Notch in the half board, --kavitha, V into that and then. Go with that. But. Yeah first time today. Unsuccessful. With that particular approach. With. Bowdre second time lucky. Yes. Another. Bow-drill success. I never get tired of it let's, have a talk through this recipe that I've discovered ending in Tim gents campfire cooking. Seems. Quite simple which of course is, zero guarantee, that I don't screw it up, it. Involves a tomato. It. Involves an egg it. Involves salt and pepper if you remember to bring it out and it. Involves, some, silver foil, quite. Simply you leave, it, chop. The top off the tomato, scoop. Up the insides crack. The egg into. The. Now empty tomato, we. Wrap it up in some silver foil bake it in the embers for about 15 or 20 minutes what could possibly, go wrong, I. Keep. Watching and I'm sure you'll find out. There. We have it, simple. As that. If. I could eat them as it age without they can go anywhere near the fire I think we'd be laughing but let's. Get that face sometime to wear it to bend down to embers, no it's not right it off completely let's. See how we get on with it. Gays, been going really well hasn't it fire. By. Friction using. The bow drill brilliant. All of, the kindling. And fuel and cinder that I sauce. This morning is working well I've.

Prepped. My eggs, in, tomatoes, they're in the embers I've made, a broiler, I've just had a bite sweet I'm making pine needle tea everything's, going really well thanks, to myself ah I know, what I'll do I shall. Set up my broiler, with my bread. On top and I'll toast some bread to. Dip into my eggs. The. Broiler has been eaten. There's. The culprit skulking. Off there. She's. Eating the broiler the broiler that actually took me significantly, longer. To make than it appeared, on camera, and several, attempts at making that and, she's eating it so. Yeah. No toast to dippin at least no broiler, to toast to, dip in today. Just. Look at just, look at the Gill on her face and remorse and. Regret. Absolutely. Nan acres. And acres of woodland. Tens. Of thousands. Of branches and twigs and of course she had to eat the one that I'd made. A broiler off bad, girl. Well. That's the egging Samata I was done I've just lifted it out drop. Since is still super where box are brought out. Here's. The egg oh. Look. At that. Possibly. Ever so slightly for my liking overdone. But but, not a great deal to be honest a you know that looks, gorgeous doesn't it smells fantastic. Smells. Wonderful so. Yeah I'm gonna take the other one out as well because clearly that's gonna overcook as well but very very happy with that that was probably in about 20 minutes I would. Probably go for the 15 in. The future but really really happy with that. Algie, so tasty. Mmm. Yeah. That, is nice. Who's. Your paw paw. Paw. Well. That was a busy, old day and a fun day indeed, really. Enjoy today everything soft fell into place from. The. Tinder. Kindling, fuel, collection, that, just kind of happened, it was quite quick, everywhere. I looked for, that for the resource. It was there I was able to chew my eyes into what I was looking for really. Quickly. The. Botero worked, in the end I almost. Gave. Up after that first, drill. Into that existing, notch I almost gave up and thought you know what I'm just gonna admit. Defeat, and go for a, go. For an alternative, fire starting, method but I stuck, with it I can't another notch in my head. It. Always takes, longer to carve the notch then. It actually does and I should have learned this by now but I've still got this kind of mental. Block that tells, me that the notch carving, takes. So damn long I think, that's from the. Very first time I ever card the bow drill set I was, using a crap, knife with. A with, a blunt, blade that. Took forever to sharp and then lost its edge just you, know much more quickly so, I think I've got this kind of mental block around how long it really does take to. Carve a notch and a half for. A bow drill. And please, dad do it though because as you saw I was, able to achieve, an emblem blow that into flame brilliant, those, eggs into martyrs, Wow. Really. Really, really tasty I'd probably only do them for 15 minutes in the future I probably, also add a little salt and pepper into. The bottom or the top of the egg once I'd cracked it into the tomato other. Than that really. Really nice indeed, if you've not tried it yet big. Recommendation was the next time you have an open fire try, that recipe incredibly. Nice incredibly, tasty and very quick and simple to, do as well, should. We not mention the broiler, where.

Is She, willow. Should we mention the broiler or not. No. Gone, all quiet and innocent on me let's not mention the broiler face we, attempt, the broiler when we come back out again maybe, without the dog this time or, maybe I'll be more observant, as to what she's actually chewing, in, the future thank, you as always for watching really appreciate, it like share subscribe all the usual jazz, and I'll see you very shortly in my next video, Cheers.

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Another successful trip to the woods

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First, GREAT JOB on the bow drill fire. Thank you for bringing us along on your journey as always. I never bring my dog with me because my dog is ridiculous, and I wouldn't get anything done lol. You dog is well behaved minus the occasional chewing habit of broilers. lol. Fantastic job, look forward to your next Thursdays thought. Take care Craig!!!

Hi Madison and many thanks for taking the time, once again, to drop by my channel, watch and comment, it's really appreciated. I'm glad you enjoyed the video and thank you for the positive feedback on the bow drill..... I feel like I must insist that your dog features in one of your videos in the near future though!

Good thing to have a fair amount of life in one's spindle...Nicely done CT.

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Hi Craig! Again a great day in the woods. I will definitely try this egg in a tomato thing. :-) Maybe with some wild garlic. Looking forward to the next broiler attempt. Have a nice week, André

I have to admit: So far I haven't found wild garlic in the woods. But we have lots and lots in our garden. It's growing everywhere. :-)

Hi Andre Börsch and many thanks as always for supporting my channel by taking the time to drop by, watch and comment, it's really appreciated. I'm glad you enjoyed the video and thank you for the positive feedback, cheers! Let me know how you get on with the eggs/tomato, I must admit that Wild Garlic is my foraging nemesis.... I just cannot seem to locate it in my area at all

I'll give the eggs recipe a try for sure. I have Tim Gents canoeing book, looks like his cooking-book is quite interesting as well, thanks Craig.

Hi Rude and thanks as always for watching and commenting it's really appreciated. Let me know how you get on with the eggs in tomato recipe - don't forget the salt and pepper though!

Hi Craig, Thanks for another great video! One eaten broiler seems like a small price to pay for an otherwise perfect day! Happy bushcrafting!

Yeah, it was decent enough trade-off

nice effort. I usually have my scouts cook an egg, potato & sausage on an open fire without any cooking utensils - the best way is to do like the tomato with the spud & roast the bit scooped out separately - but i might add a tomato to the mix in future just for giggles.

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Great vid as ever Craig, have you ever considered bushcrafting outside the woods? perhaps on moorland not all of us are blessed with accesible woodland

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Hi Craig, it looks like you had a productive outing. I'm not a fan of taking out tinfoil into the great outdoors, so I'm thinking of trying out that recipe and substitute the tinfoil for burdock leaves. Take care and keep up with the great content Chris

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+Ken Schafer Thanks Ken, I've had someone suggest the same thing on Instagram. Also suggested lashing to a branch. I'll give a few methods a go and show the results

I've seen people do the bow drill by placing the hearth board on a stump some other raised surface eliminating the need to kneel down. I'm pretty sure there are some video examples by NW Primate and David West here on YouTube.

Love that dog mug shot. Absolute classic

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@Ken Schafer Thanks Ken, I've had someone suggest the same thing on Instagram. Also suggested lashing to a branch. I'll give a few methods a go and show the results

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