Bushcraft Skills - Build Survival Forest Shelter - Off Grid Shelter - DAY 1/30 DAY SOLO BUSHCRAFT

Bushcraft Skills - Build Survival Forest Shelter - Off Grid Shelter - DAY 1/30 DAY SOLO BUSHCRAFT

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Welcome to bushcraft survival. I hope you will like the video Be Subscribe, Hit the Bell, and Turn on Notifications! To experience with me on this trip. THANK YOU. After a long way I also came to the forest of my choice. This place is perfect for doing a 30-day solo bushcraft & survival challenge. This shelter I built during my 6 day alone trip in the woods.

after a while but still sure. A little fix is habitable. so it won't take me long to rebuild the shelter. This forest is very beautiful. There are many types of small animalsand and a variety of edible plants. suitable for foraging. The first thing to do now is to repair the shelter. Building and repairing the shelter to me is very simple. It only takes a short time to complete.

When I was 20 years old, I joined the military service. In a military environment that trained me to have the skills to survive in the jungle. It takes 30 minutes to rearrange the order as at the beginning. utensils are still pretty solid. can be reused.

a storm passed through this forest, strong winds laid down the dry trees, leaving room for small trees to grow. that is the law of nature. Nature would be beautiful if we cherished them and vice versa !!! The repair job was completed quickly. but the shack was tilted a bit from the original.

I need to fix the front yard a bit. I need space to work comfortably. There will be a lot of activity here, if it is too narrow it will lose sight and feel uncomfortable. The soil here is quite soft, you can see that I easily dig up the layers quickly. this job dehydrated me, my neck started to dry. I can overcome my thirst. Today's work must be done in parallel. I use a large bamboo tube for water. This is how ancient people used to transport water.

This bamboo tube can hold up to 5 liters of water. enough for you to use. from this location to the water source is not very far. walking takes about 5 minutes. winter. the water slots will gather in low-lying areas. Groundwater veins have also become rare. because the shelter is located higher than the water circuit. therefore, water cannot be brought back to the shack. I use bamboo pipes for drinking water, ancient people also used this way to transport water.

Groundwater geysers coming out of the earth are very pure. But never drink directly! Because. If you do not pay attention, you will drink the parasites. they are leeches. when entering the host's body. leeches will suck blood to live. It's really dangerous if you don't know this. I discovered crabs are also present here. They burrow all over the water. winter, crabs live in caves. crabs have eaten a lot before to store fat. crabs are difficult to catch during the daytime. Maybe I'll be back here tonight looking for the crabs.

after 30 minutes of digging. And here are my results. 3 crabs. Not too big but this will be my first meal on this trip. you know that. while living in the forest. You don't have too many options. Food sources are not always available. you need to make use of everything. prepare for a long journey. If you don't get enough food to feed your body, your body will quickly betray you. We have enough water, food, we go back to the shack to prepare dinner. I used rotten woods to catch fire. This is one of the things you need to know while survival in the woods.

The time now is 16:30 PM. The night will quickly fall to cover the whole area. The rotten wood chips catch fire and hold the fire very well. it will burn until there is nothing left. need to reserve some firewood to burn tonight. the temperature will go down pretty quickly. at night you need firewood for heating. The fire helps to cook the food and drives away the uninvited guests ....!

while it is still morning. I spend my time making a handmade chair that is very simple but has many uses. The chair of the ancient people, simple, very simple ... It will get dark very quickly. I need to prepare my first meal on this long journey. Simple meal with crabs and banana flowers.

At night the forest is very quiet, somewhere echoing the sounds of birds and strange animals in the distance. sometimes there are cries of horror. If you cannot distinguish, you will definitely not dare to stay here ... Thank you for watching this video. Have a great day and good luck. Subscribe to my channel!! For more experience adventures with me !!!!! The next video will be broadcast at 18:00 PM (UTC +7) the day 6th, 7th and Sunday the weekly.

2021-04-09 05:58

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