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A sobering. Message from triple-a. Views, a classic, movie quiz the producers, from 1967. Star's gene winter under the right circumstances a, producer could make more money with a flop than he could with a hit who won the only Oscar of his career, for this movie come enjoy cannot see product writer director Mel Brooks who won for Best Screenplay you, provide the popcorn, the couch and the TV will, provide great, movies like the producers, on KCET. Must-see, movies, see, it tonight at 8:00. California's. Gold is produced in association with, KCET. Los, Angeles, and is, seen statewide, on, California. Public, Television, this. Series is endorsed, by the California. Teachers Association. The. California, School Boards Association, and. The, California, Library Association. Well. Hello everybody I'm Huell Howser get, ready for an adventure and a rock, and roll home, tour, now. Let's set things up we're in beautiful Palm Springs, lots of beautiful, homes here, we're in the northern part of Palm Springs in a, neighborhood, called little Tuscany. And we, are standing in front of this beautiful. Home you got Mount, San Jacinto off, in the distance this. Home is very historic. It's very important. Because who. Used, to own it and who used to live here but. As far as I'm concerned, the real story, is not well, at least, part. Of the story is not who, just, used to own it and live here but. Who owns it, and lives here, now and here. They are standing, right here the proud home owners, introduce. Yourself, to everybody RINO Fontana, I'm, Laura Whittier Fontana, okay, and now we can, give it away whoo. We know you live here now who. Used, to live in this, house I used to be Elvis Presley man you're not gonna be the. Whole time. All. Right so Elvis owned. This, house and, lived here from April. 2nd 1970. Until the day passed away so, he lived here like 7 half years seven and a half years and, this, is significant. Because he, only he. Owned this house he didn't own that, many houses did he that's correct he'll heal he bought five houses in his lifetime only. Four remain today one was torn down in Beverly, Hills many, many years ago but, he owned this for a third of his adult life he owned this property longer than any other of. His other homes besides, Grayson this, is, absolutely. Amazing. And I gotta tell you I haven't spent a lot of time with you all but, you all are, hardcore. Elvis, fans. Aren't, you that's the only way you could say it man I started when I was a child which one of you is the hardest core on that he's the hardest car he dances, and swimmers you got the same body and these artists, girl oh. This. Is public, television. Beginning. To get the idea of what's in store because, not only are, we going to take the home tour but.

We're Gonna hear some great Elvis. Stories, you will get along the way because really it's not just the house it's the stories, that go with the house absolutely so much history here he spent so much time here, and, one of the great stories is the house was closed 27, years after his death. People. Forgot it was here it fell off the Elvis radar so. We're bringing it back to life a lot to tell the house is, back, on the Elvis, radar. And we're getting ready to go right in the middle of it all and do. You feel kind, of the vibes when, you go in I got to tell you some of the craziest things that happened here we had a lady come in on a tour Oh, about. Three months ago she, had bought a necklace the day Elvis passed away at TCB, necklace she. Had never taken it off she, walked in the living room had. That necklace 30-some, odd years and the clasp broke in the living room and fellow true, story. Here. We go we're going into, the Elvis, house here. In Palm Springs. Well. Elvis, not only has not left the building he's, on the side of the fireplace. Boy. That really makes a statement up there now first off that wasn't, up here when Elvis lived, here no it wasn't it was just put up recently within the last week actually now when he lived here it was a lot lower key wasn't it I mean did everybody know he lived here when he lived here he had Elvis, fans standing, outside of the gates, people, used to put notes, in this palm tree over, here so he had fans constantly. Here people news all day. Now. They really know who yeah yeah and you're the artist who did that your name is Jeff Howe okay, what's the story behind how you did, this are you an artist are you a welder, what what I'm an artist and I heard, the story about the house and and was really moved by it and, decided. To see if I could donate some artwork here to the. Memory of Elvis here at the house Wow and obviously, you are an Elvis, fan I'm, a big fan of Elvis and you know I gotta tell you we've just been standing here for a while people stop, and photograph. Just just. The chimney, it's I mean it's a spectacular. Piece I you know Jeff. Had. This vision I mean when he came over and said can I just measure the chimney I was like I know what he's doing and he came with that I couldn't, stop jumping hill I was jumping. This. Is brilliant this is what, an artist always follows, you everywhere you go, can't, get away from him, boy, Kings.

Always Watching, the, Kings watching, I nice, to meet you congratulations. We're, heading inside the Kings house. We're. Inside. The Kings house. In, his living room this was his living room this was his living room this was the living room where he recorded, 9 songs. That, were released, women. He recorded. In this room he recorded, it's very well documented that he recorded, in this living room well it's documented. In books and in papers, and that sort of thing it's also documented, on, the ceiling. Well. Elvis. Had to finish some of his contract for recording, and he didn't want to go to LA to do it so he asked RCA, to. Come down and bring the recording, studio here and they, installed. The acoustic, tile that you see on the ceiling, so those acoustic, tiles. Were here to soften the sound so he could record here that's right in 1973. Wow, now you all this isn't Elvis's, furniture, no I live, here we live here what had happened after Elvis passed away about a week thereafter, the. Palm Springs Police Department actually, got a call saying the front gate was open the front door open and they, came investigate, in the house had been broken into his, fam by someone, they took two of his guitars, all of his clothes number, of pieces of furniture even the carpets race, Graceland, told us that for the next about. Eighteen years or so up to the middle 90s they, would look in the National Enquirer the globe magazine, and find, pieces of carpet from this house still for sale so, you all live here with your furniture, yes. We do we're about to undergo a big makeover Laura will tell you more about that but. Part. Of the city requirement, was that, for. Our permit, that we got is that, we actually had to live on-site so about house is fifty, five hundred square feet three separate wings so, one wing is reserved, for us the same we live and to live in the same wing that elvis and Priscilla lived, in so, that's our private wing and the rest of the house is open to the to, the public Wow so the public this is part of the tour absolutely, so they come in here they see the acoustical. Tiles, on the ceiling they, see something, else come on over here this. Is really, interesting. Now he didn't, record, on, one, of these things, what we're coming over here to see is over here, tell, us what you've got fixed. Up over here well this is a 1970. Rocco, Lou jukebox, Elvis moved in in 1970. And we, actually have several, songs on here from Elvis but one in particular is. Called are you sincere and he, recorded that song in this, can. We get that on cuz board that'll get us. Eighty-eight. You, probably got that memorized, we did per reason he is for Elvis he was born on January the 8th.

Nothing. Is my chance, in. Here everything goes by the right number although I don't know what's going on over here. There. It is eh. Oh. Boy. And. To think that that was recorded. In this. Room. So. You can, kind, of feel the Elvis, vibes. Absolutely. We've had people walk in here hear the song and break. Down in tears. You're. Growing sideburns, right now you don't even know it the tour's just started, who knows what's gonna happen, right. So we got the we. Got the song going here are you sincere. One. Of the cute stories about when they were recording here, was, Elvis had you know he started, getting rocking, and rocking will the microphone, stand broke and when, it broke the guys didn't want to stop him Elvis just kept going so one of the guys went in the kitchen got. A mop, bucket with. A mop handle brought, it out took the microphone piece, off the microphone, taped it to the mop bucket and that's how he finished, the recording. The. Band members that were here told us that's what happened and. One, of the guys that told us a story is today a preacher there's no way he was. All. Right now look we're going from the living room the recording, studio into, the bar. Area and dining room stand, over there by the bar we know this is a and and this we know that this was an important. Part of the house it really was that actually. The bar area was not here when Elvis moved in the dining room used to be elongated, uh-huh and he, decided he needed a place for the sodas for his buddies and they. Put in the bar its original, as you see it as it was what it's in at last and when, we remodel this will be completely untouched, this was Elvis's, comfort, home he would leave Los Angeles, that he called the Hollywood. Zoo and just, come here and be Elvis, so, what you see is he Elvis could have bought any house he wanted to buy because, this is not a pretentious, house, that's right it's just a very, comfortable. House after, Elvis passed away his wife Priscilla wrote a book called Elvis. And me and in, that book she made a very specific quote, she said this house was. His refuge, from the world he. Was known around, the world he's the only entertainer, ever to, have sold a bill, records, with.

A B but. Still this is where he came to. Get away from everyone everything pretty, amazing when you think of this house. This house right here we're. Coming, into the kitchen this is like a home tour. But. It's a famous home. It's. A famous kitchen, it's a famous kitchen this is no, Elvis ain't here but I mean this is like you've still got look at this you've still got the original, all. Of this regional. Original, oven, regional, cabinets, original. Lamps, from the 70s, and, this. Still works every, now and then one burner will be a little temperamental like around, for 40 meters, lower we get we get a little bit more tempered man. We. Got a little Elvis motif, going over here we, got the King here, we, got a book, are you. Hungry, no you need to do that come in here where you no say. It are. You. Hungry, dude. There's. The book are you hungry tonight Elvis's. Favorite. Recipes. Favorite recipes, you've made a lot of recipes cooked. A lot of recipes here especially, as you can see the Skippy, is famous. Peanut, butter and banana sandwiches. And you know Skippy, he, loved Skippy. So nothing. Is here you. Put Skippy, peanut. Because. Elvis, like. Peanut. Butter and. Banana. Sandwiches, fried, peanut, butter and banana now see hardcore. Elvis fans would know that yes, yes. Everything, about him yes so when you give tours, of this house, you. Have to be on your stuff I mean you have to know what you're talking, about people will call you on it that's right because they've read, I mean these are people that are in the 70-75. They've, read every single piece of history, or documentation, so, they ask me questions that I learn, things when, we have people come in the house I learned things about Elvis, that I didn't, know so all you, hardcore, Elvis fan. Kitchens, they. Got the Skippy, there. On the money here with the Skippy peanut butter. Banana. Sandwiches. Skippy. Peanut butter and banana sandwich fried. It. Just keeps getting better with hunka hunka burnin. Love going, on in the background here, we've come into a room that I, have absolutely. No idea what, this room was used for but I think we're with the people who do tell us about this room well after Elvis divorced, in 73, he needed some. More room for his friends and he. Decided that he would build something for them and this turned into the playroom now playroom. Yeah they had the pool table pinball machines. They. Would throw out sometimes, 30 sleeping, bags people, just spend the night here, yeah. From. The movies when he was in LA he would invite down for the weekend for a barbecue. On. The same floor Elvis walked on Wow. Same, floor so this didn't get changed, over the years I've changed, it all again you have to remember when he passed away in 77. This house was closed, up until. Graceland figured out what to do with it and from, 77. Until, 2004. When we bought it 27. Years this. House was only opened about seven months total so, it fell off the Elvis radar I know it fell off its back on the radar bit, what is all this stuff over here well. This is memorabilia, that, you, know weave through, the wires. And everything we've, asked. People to donate, their Elvis collection, because there's a lot of people that, are older or you know their grandkids don't want the collection so we get calls all the time we just got one just an hour ago someone's. Got a thousand, pieces where people donate, stuff, we're. Going to display this cows will be turned into a museum so, eventually it's gonna be a museum, correct. Ceiling. And even on the ceilings you'll, see Elvis memorabilia, when you come here you'll be able to spend three four, hours at a time oh. Look. At this let's just take a sweep around the room we've got a little Elvis Tribute over, here. Here, is the pool-table not the exact pool table, but he had a pool table in here he had a black pool table in here so this is what we. Decided come, back in the room I want to get you over here again by Elvises, see I like, to compare, you to Elvis. Don't. You think there's a lot of. People. Get a kick out of this don't think coming in a room like this there's really enjoy when you're walking in you're getting a behind the scenes look of Elvis how he lived, his life and, it's. Completely, different than anything you'd find a grace on how he lived, his life totally. Off stage and out of sight. Exactly. Exactly, and so, it's a real. People. Tell us privilege, they, use that word a lot a privilege to be a come in and see Elvis. How, he really was Elvis the man in Memphis, he was Elvis the legend here, he was just one of us in this room called, the. Playroom, now, one. More piece now. You need to take a look at right, it's right behind you his, sauna. Sauna. Yeah sauna you want to take a look what's sure oh. My. Gosh. One. Song he, actually had to there's another one he'll show you where, right, here. And. He had a steam, song. This. Was the steam sauna, that's, right that's, right can, I sit in the steam is it I don't know what sacrilege.

And What's not I mean is it okay we, let people step inside, and really get the feeling and they could take pictures do they turn on the heat. Don't, close the door I just want to see what it's like inside. Elvis's. Sauna. This. Is the wet one the. Dry ones over there, the, dry sauna yep, this is the steam this, is the steam sauna I'll see you kids later. From. The sauna to the Jailhouse. Rock jacuzzi. Jailhouse. Rock, - who gave it that night we gave it the name everything around here has got something, special to it but let. Me show this to you wow this is, amazing, and this is the original jacuzzi. Original. Elvis, had it built alright let's walk alright oh wow look at this, you. Got it pretty, well brain, I, guess it's ok to walk in here like this, alright. Now, do. You have any good Jacuzzi, stories well I gotta, tell you the stories that we have we're, not going to mention. On public broadcast, TV, but Elvis. Had this jacuzzi, cupboard because. Rona, Barrett after Elvis divorced, were the pictures, of Elvis in the jacuzzi with the. Ladies so I meant Rona Barrett the gossip, columnist, sent that's, correct simple L said helicopter, a helicopter. To shoot a picture, of Elvis right in the jacuzzi with some young lovely and she, got some photographs well the decided that was enough of that and he, had it covered as you see it today that's why it's copper, yeah. Wow. Sit. Down here this is amazing. To. Think that this is survived, all, these years well what we're going to do there are some parts of the house we haven't touched. Primarily. Because we're going to do a home makeover, show and, we. Want to document the before and after pictures it'll, be much more dramatic, Marvis, yeah, all, original Richard all original, we know, what for an Elvis, fan. The opportunity. To, take our Jacuzzi. In, the exact, same jacuzzi, that Elvis was in and, that's. What that's what we're gonna do our website. Huell says that even though my wife and I have to pay the mortgage this, house belongs, to Elvis fans everywhere, we're all part of the same family we have the same love for Elvis. Stories. This, jacuzzi, could women, know we don't want to go there you know just the stories could heat up the water. We're. Inside, Elvis's, bedroom, come, on in, boy. This is kind of exciting, to be in the Kings bedroom you. Know it's really a. Neat. Room and it tells you a lot about Elvis, you, know he was very private, person, and he. Designed this room so when you look around you see it's small. Understated. But, this is what he chose this, how Elvis saw himself this, made him comfortable so I'd really uh so he would come in here when there were other, things going on in the house, this was Elvis's, he built this himself, in 1974. This was his private, quarters, the whole East Wing of the house so. When his his, entourage. Was, here or other guests were here they would hang out by the pool or, they would hang out in the living room Elvis, would come here, and if they all were in the living room he would go through that chequered room back, to the driveway and you'd never even know Elvis would come and go unless, he, was literally, making a big enough to have whole different, wings know. What was going on in the other way that's correct we actually have the canceled checks and.

Photographs. Of this room during, the time was built the checks actually signed by Elvis now, wait a minute cuz, I got a project there's, no bad. Here. You can see. It. Was here and what's nice about it is you can see the bed faces. This whole entire, beautiful. View I mean sunrise, is, just stunning, here I actually have the, pictures and the all the windows are orange I mean it's just important, absolute, fun to be in his bedroom. It's. A big deal still for me we've been here six years and I walk in here and I go man, this was Elvis's bedroom this is a big deal I wanted. To show the bathroom, because the bathrooms, got that bright red tile. Elvis. Loved well, look you're wearing red shirts right Elvis loved, red. Reno. Wouldn't let us shoot in the bathroom, in, the entire house hue is available, to the fans around the world however we. Will show them the bathroom but we've never allowed a photograph, in there just out of respect Elvis, Wow well, believe me it's red. It's. Got a little bit of oh there, it is. Look. At this red, this is the way the whole bathroom, is this bright red. Tile. In the bathroom, you remember in the 70s the sunken, tub it's got a sunken it's red with black tiles sunken. Tub Wow. Now, there's two bathrooms in this room, the, sunken tub bathroom, was Elvis's, and he had another guest bathroom, built for his lady. Friend that he was with Wow and look these are old. House. Does not have a lot of closet space I have to say but. Back then people didn't, build these huge closets, and again you know Graceland, has the huge walk-in closet, this was Elvis's, weekend retreat, I mean this is where he came to, get away from things, and you, know it's been known from. The. The entourage, around him Elvis said you know if I want to walk around here, and I don't want to take a shower I don't want to comb my hair I don't want someone taking a picture of it. That. Explains why there are very few photographs that's correct, of Elvis, at this house this is where Elvis could come and be Elvis. Most. Closest. People, and they said no we respected, Elvis didn't. Want photos and if you really look in the books you don't see, a lot of photos, in his, houses thank goodness that you are here to tell us the stories, though oh it's nice he didn't have to be on the guard. Let's. Stand out of the way cuz we want to get a shot it's not here now but we know, it was that, was Elvis's. Bed right there in, Elvis's. Bedroom. Well. I didn't, think it could get any better than Elvis's, bedroom, but, it just has in, a big way because, Laura. You and Reno have saved what, I think is the best for, the last, the. Elvis, pool, and, the Elvis, view, of the Coachella, Valley first, let's talk about the, pool, which, is, the. Original, Elvis. Pool tell us about this thing well this pools 11, and a half feet deep. You. Know Elvis loved that used to have a diving board and then that was taken out but Elvis loved, swimming. And he'd also liked deep pools but. When he would be laying out here one of the awesome, stories that was told to us by one of his entourage he. Would be laying out here and Elvis was a gun collector a lot of people know that that's documented, he, would have the guys lineup coca-cola cans, and he'd be in his swimsuit laying. On a lounge chair and he'd, line up the coca-cola cans and shoot the coca-cola cans. That. Story. Was told to us because one of the entourage, gentlemen. Sonny said you know Elvis used to think it was funny to get real close we, wouldn't be finished putting the coke cans and he'd start shooting and Elvis, has thought it was a you know he was a prankster. Elvis, was a huge prank started he you know he could play the pranks on people so, there were sounds, friendly. Gunfire. At, going, through these canyons, back in the seventh that's what it was in fact of a, TV, shop, downtown came, and replaced two TVs, they, all be shot out in, this house a, Hallmark. TV in fact they're the ones that and the owner the original owners still there from Elvis's time and he said absolutely I, brought two TVs here at 3 o'clock in the morning because Elvis shot off the old ones hope. Not in anger, and. Excitement, he had a thing with Robert, Goulet. That's. So true that's exactly, what happened that's the most bizarre story, I've heard so far now, the other thing that I found interesting one, of a few pictures that you have of the Elvis days here, the. Pool with, red, end. Outdoor. Carpeting. All the, way around, the edge of the pool what was that all about well, you know when in the summertime, when it gets hot you, really, can't walk on this and it was brilliant.

Of Him to, put Elvis put it in himself to, put the red carpet, around, indoor/outdoor. Carpet. And you know you even can put your hands, on the edge when you're in the pool so Elvis liked to sit on the, edge of the pool you know so it's comfortable it's not hurt you're. Putting. It back. Could. Get away with some. That. Was a real. Statement. Interior. Door design, statement, red indoor-outdoor. Carpeting, but for Elvis almost. Anything, worked, yeah yeah we kind of started this thing off by saying you know it was a home tour a lot of the furniture, is gone but. The bones are still here the stories, are still here you have big plans for the future making this restoring. This even more it's open to the public now we're gonna put the web and how you can take tours, meet, these two characters, I'm telling you do you give the this, is your average tour, it man pretty much yeah we do have tour guides we're having so many people come through we can't accommodate everyone personally ourselves, but, people, call them requesters so we're here for them they're gonna request, you now because you all are so good we have corporate events, here we have weddings out here you know the Roses weddings are a big thing with the roses because of course oh you mean you could actually rent, this place out and go swimming, in the Elvis. Summertime. We have what we call diving nights where, you can actually lay in the pool we have a huge 12-foot, big-screen, TV. Corporate. Events and probably a little. Skippy, peanut butter, we have a wine and cheese night on Thursday nights they just, enjoy you know I mean that dusk, at dusk it's just stunning here I mean at nighttime the stars are so close it's like you can just reach out. Elvis. Enjoyed, and you can see why he loved this place so, much one, of only five, homes. Elvis. Ever owned. In. His, life. Just, look out here with the pool in the foreground the. Roses, the, mountains, off in the distance as the Sun is setting here in Palm Springs. This, is Elvis's. House where, he lived for over seven, years, it's. A beautiful, place and it is truly, part. Of California's. Gold, we've, had an absolutely. Wonderful. Afternoon. Here. At Elvis's, house. Well. Hello everybody I'm Huell Howser and boy did I have fun, hanging out with RINO, and Laura at, Elvis's. Palm Springs. House, this. Is a place you have got, to visit and see, for yourself, this. Program, was made possible by, Chapman, University home. Of the California's, gold exhibit, and the, Huell Howser archive. Fuze. A classic, movie quiz the producers, from 1967. Star's gene Wilder under the right circumstances a, producer could make more money with a flop than he could with a hit, who won the only Oscar of his career, for this movie come enjoy the nazi party writer, director Mel, Brooks who won for Best Screenplay you. Provide the popcorn, the couch and the TV will. Provide great, movies like the producers, on KCET. Must-see, movies coming, up next. Hi. Everyone I'm Pete Hammond and welcome, to KCET, must-see, movies today, I am pleased to introduce you to another great must-see, movie but. I can't guarantee that it's the most seen movie, at least if you go by box-office, gross those.

Films Are in rarified, air but, most of them in terms of current gross have come from this century in, fact in, the top 50 highest, moneymakers, only four of them go back as far as the, 1990s. Star, Wars Episode one The Phantom Menace Jurassic. Park The, Lion King and Titanic. That, one however came, out in 1997. But it's still the number two grossing, movie of all time you. Want to know number one it, actually. Belongs, to the same director, James Cameron that's, right, avatar. At a worldwide, take, of 2.7. 87, billion with a B is the, biggest, ever which, tops Titanic's. 2.18. 7 billion in fact. Those. Two along with Star Wars The Force awakens and, Avengers infinity war, 1 are the only movies, in history to go over the 2 billion dollar mark, perhaps. That's why Cameron, is hard at work now 10 years later shooting. Not one but, four count'em, for, avatar. Sequels. 32. Other movies from Jurassic, world to the Dark Knight have, managed to cross the 1 billion dollar box-office, mark and that's, all very impressive, for today's breed of blockbusters. But, none of them can touch the once and still, reigning king all, the way.

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