Cambridge IELTS 13 Test 1 Reading passage 1 | Step by Step Answers | Tourism New Zealand website

Cambridge IELTS 13 Test 1 Reading passage 1 | Step by Step Answers |  Tourism New Zealand website

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Number. One allowed. Businesses, to. Information. Regularly. Keywords. Businesses. Information. Regularly. Based. On the. Question and particularly. The. Keywords we need to find the information about, an, activity. That. Businesses. Usually, conduct. In the database, essence of the website. In. Paragraph. Two when. Referring to the database, of tourism. Services. The. Others nation. Because. Participating. Businesses, were. Able. To update, the, details. They, gave on. Regular. Basis. The. Information, provided remains. A great. From. These it can, be safely. Concluded. Dark, the. Activity. We are looking, for a, updating. Information. So. Information. Mean. Detail. Regularly. Mean, on, a regular. Basis. The. Answer, is. Update. Number. Two properties, the, country, quite a few, Asian or, Russia, including. Their, impact, on ders. Keyword. Countrywide. Evaluation. Impact. Looking. For the keywords in, the passage, we find them. At the end of, paragraph. To. Tourism, Midland organized scheme. Whereby. Organization. Appearing. On the website, underwent. An independent. Evaluation. Against. A set, of agreed. And national, standards, quality. As part, of this the, effect. Of is, pianist. On the environment, were, considered. This. Paragraph, is a, battered, website, as you. Can see from the first sentence, of, the. Organization. Or businesses. On the site were. Evaluated. Including. Their, impact, on the, environment, show. Impact. Mean, effect. And. The. Answer, is. Environment. Number. Three. Example. An interview. With former. Sports. He. Was, interviewed. Former. And. Spas. The. Answer is in, paragraph. Three. When. The other speak, of, features. Relating. To faceless people and places. One. Of the most popular. World an interview, with formal. News even power plants, rugby, captain's. Tana. Umaga. So. Sparse. Mean. Roxby. So. The answer, is. Captain. Now. Turn. To question. For an. Interactive. Tour. Of various. Location. Dirt in. Keyword. Interactive. Tour. Location. Remember. Dark, in part, rob3. Referred. To frizz most people, and places, and, location. We. Find, the answer. In the meter of para, three. Another. Feature, that. Attracted. A lot of attention. Were, an. Interactive. Journey, through. A member. Of the location. Children, for. Buster, fills. With. Hat, made, use of Newton's. Stunning. Scenery and a backdrop. Show. Tour, mean journey. Burials. Mean, a, number. Of. And. The. Answer, is. Fills. NARR turn. To the question five. Information. On driving. Rules vary. Depending. On, there. He, was. Driving. Jews. Varied. Depending. On, the. Answer, is given, at the end of paragraph three. To. Make it easy to plan. Muttering. Holidays. The. Site, cattle. Catalogued. The. Most popular, driving, rules in the country. Highlighting. Different, rules according. To the season, and, indicating. Distance, and, terms. So. Driving. Me. Muttering. Depending. On means, according. To. So. The. Answer, is. Seasons. You. Now, return, to the presences. Travel. Planners. Including. A map showing selected. Places detailed. Public. Transport. And, location. He, was, table. Manners my. Public. - part, local. Travel. Planner is discouraged, in Para for. Later. Travel. Panel features, were added with, alarmed, visitors, to, click and look, Mac. Places. Of, abstraction. They, were interested. In and, then, view, the results. On ma. The. Travel, planner offers. That, it rules, and published, as four options. Between, the, chosen. Location. There. Were also, links, to. Accommodation. In the area. So. Local. Mean. In. The area. And. The. Answer is a commendation. You. Now. Turn, to question. Sharon, the. Words. Travelers. Could assign a link to their. He, was, Joe. Was, travelers. Sand. The. World is also, referred. To in. / prefer, the. Website, also, had, Joe. Worst section. Where anyone. Could submit, a block, of their New Zealand travels, for. Possible. Inclusion. On. The website. So. Anyone, traveling. In New Zealand could, go to the website your. Worst and you. Drink to the standard, block of their travel, to. Be included. On the website. So. San. Mina, submit, and. The. Answer, is. Blood. You. Now, turn, to a question 8. The. Website. WWE. Lenders, calm, and, to, provide, ready-made. Initial. Reefs and packages. For travel, company, and, individual. Tourists. He. Was ready. Mate. In, general, these. Packages. Travel. Companies. Individual. Tourists. At. The beginning of the paragraph says, the, other reference, to the aim of the website wit. Was. Set, up to a loud, Bell, individual. And travel. Organization. To create. In. The North, India. Notaries, and travel. Packages, to, suit their. Own needs and. Interest. The. Website, therefore, were designed, not, to, provide, a ready-made, packages. For travellers or, travel. Companies, each. Word is thanked, on the, contrary. For, everyone. To create their. Own on, holidays. According. To their ow. Internet. Also. In, terror, 3. Is a, statist. Dark at, the. Site developed. Additional. Features, were, added to, help. Independent. Travelers, devise. The. Owner catamite. In. Tenaris. So. Travel. Companies, mean, travel. Organization. Individual. Tourists, mean. Individuals. Travelers. Ready-made. Mean. To. Street there, ow needs.

And Interest. So. Therefore, this. Statement is. Fall. You. Now. Turn, to a question nine, his. Words, from past most visitors. Started, searching on, the, website by geographical. Location. Keywords. Vistas. Started. Searching. Geographical. Location. As. Many, paragraphs. Dispersed, the website. Flooding, the correct, place it passes, it not easy, however. In. Paragraph, 6 we, find on. The website visitor. Cashiers, for activity. Not solely, by. Geographical. Location. But also by. The particular. Nature of the activity. Two, pieces, of information and. Not given, we, to know if we, disturb charge searching. On the website, my. Dear, oh dear graphical. Location. We only know that. Resistor. Can do the website to search by. Geographical. Location. If they, wish. Secondly. We. To know how. We. To know what most of visitors, did, when, they entered. The website. So. The, answer, is, not. Even. You. Now, that, the question. Tan. According. To the research. 26%. Registers. Of diffraction. Related. To their. Accommodation. He. Was. We. Shirt. 26%. Sati. Fashioned. Accommodation. Percentages. Are not given. In paragraph. Five. And says so. It is not difficult to find the, information in, paragraph. Says. Research. Shows that. Activities. At, the key driver, of. Visitor. Satisfaction. Continue. Ting. 74%. Registers. Of the, fashion-y. -, park an accommodation. Account for. The. Remaining. 26%. The. Figure of. 26%. Referred, to, doe visitors, will, say, they. Are satisfied with. Their. Dance part of with their augmentation. This. Percentage. Does not refer, to a, commendation, and long. So. We can say. That 26%. Of, register, can. Satisfaction. As related. Only to. Their. Accommodation. Some. Of this, proportion. Will relate. To test part. For. This reason, the. Statement, is. False. You. Now. Turn, to question, 11. Visitor. To, New Zealand likes, to become involved in the local, cultures. He. World visitors. Involved. Local. Culture. We. Find the answer is paragraph. Says again. It. Has. So been, thought that, visitors. Enjoy, cultural, activity. Most, when, they are interactive. Church. As visiting. Maryland. To, learn about, traditional. Maori. Life. So. Like. Me enjoy. Become. Involved, in main. Interactive. So. The. Statement, is true. You. Now. That's, a question Carol with. Her life staying, in a small hotel in Midland, Rather's. And, in lucky ones. Key. Words, visitors. Like. Small. Hotels. Lockers. Looking. For one of the key words hotel. This. Is, not mentioned in any of the paragraphs. A commendation. It referred, to in paragraph, sis and, the. Smallest that and breakfast, is mentioned. In para, to but. There. Is nothing to refer. To, the. Statement in the fashion. Show, the. Answer is. Not. Given. You. Now. Turn, to question a third-team. Many. Vista. Phil is it, unlikely that they will return to, New Zealand after their, visit. Key. World. Visitors. Likely. Return. In. The final, paragraph, we. Find because, of. The longhouse, flat. Most. Visitors. Stay. Longer. And, want. To see as much, of the. Country, as possible. On what. Is often, seen. At once. In lifetime, visit. To. Reach New, Zealand long. Flight, is, usually. Necessary, to, so. People. Often, visit. Only once. They. Stay for an average, of. 20. Days, and then. And they, try, to see. As. Much as they can. Because. They. May not visit again. So. Unlikely. That. They, will return mean. Once. In the lifetime visit. So. The, statement is true. You.

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