Camping-Anhänger und Wohnmobil-Tour in Bayern – Einsteiger-Familien starten durch (3/3) | WDR Reisen

Camping-Anhänger und Wohnmobil-Tour in Bayern – Einsteiger-Familien starten durch (3/3) | WDR Reisen

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Jürgen wants a camping trailer. Don't get so naughty. Did you see what he's twitching? Rüdiger thinks about a camping barrel. Then you can sleep up to 4 men in it.

But you have to get along very well. (Woman) There is pure romance here. The Kleine Becks are reaching their limits today. Fortunately, I stayed out of everything.

I just go with you. And the Erbslöhs cannot be stopped again. Ah, first. 2 couples are looking for their camper happiness, every beginning is fun. Subtitle: WDR mediagroup GmbH on behalf of WDR Petra and Rüdiger Erbslöh are in their prime and finally have time to get going. You buy a motorhome and go on a journey of discovery.

Barbara and Jürgen Kleine-Beck also dream of this. They have 3 years left until they retire and are preparing to start their camping adventure. For 3 days they tested traveling, cooking and sleeping in the motorhome. For the return you have to clean the rental car now. We haul the rubbish home from the campsite.

Did you do well. - Yes, that was another hit. The long-term campers are looking for new challenges and testing traveling in a motorhome. They are not really convinced after the short trip. The ride was good and the sleep was good. And I think we will think about something a little bigger, maybe ...

But the decision is so difficult. Jürgen also still has doubts. He enjoyed the test drive, but he also enjoys building and tinkering with cars and motorcycles.

Hey It looks like new. - It's new too. But it won't be this model. That was a little too small for both of them. Petra and Rüdiger bought their mobile home a year ago. They are not fair weather campers, but they did not expect that. The lowlanders from Meerbusch conquer Bavaria's camping world.

And Oberammergau sinks in the snow. Yes, great, great weather, beautiful place. What more do you want? Located near Ettal Abbey. And that's where they want to go. Petra and Rüdiger have an appointment with a monk. But first you have to make your motorhome snow-proof.

It has electricity now. This guarantees the basic supply. We also have gas. The most important thing is that the heater does it. Everything else does not matter.

Silvia and Sonja run the site with their parents and are often out and about in the mobile home themselves. Your place has a special feature. In addition to the sanitary facilities, the bathroom is available for single use for 60 euros a week. It is accepted especially in the Corona period. Because people are a little cautious and prefer to have their own shower.

I don't need it. I do not mind that. I can also go to the big showers. -7 °. The permanent campers from Stuttgart are trying again to free their plot. 20 cm of fresh snow has fallen. This is real work.

But that's exactly what the two of them like. Camping is generally not a relaxing holiday in the sense of a lazy holiday, you always have something to do. And is always in action. - Bit busy.

When planning their trip, Petra and Rüdiger discovered Ettal Abbey. The Benedictine Abbey is only 4 km away and is even more impressive in real life than in photos. (Rüdiger) The Americans here say: Oh my God. The Ettal monastery is well known, it is world famous.

I honestly didn't know that this was also here. I admit. Geography: 6.

Tourist guide Angelika Lidl is happy about the guests from the Rhineland. Because she has good contacts with the 33 Benedictine monks, there is a very special tour for both of them. If we take a short walk towards the distillery and brewery, we can take a short cut through the church. And over the cloister, then we don't have to walk that far. Take the lead, then go ahead.

Angelika is always enthusiastic about the baroque basilica herself . Rüdiger and Petra are speechless. All they want to do is drink a schnapps in the monastery. Take a look at the ceiling fresco. Come with me.

Petra is catholic. Rüdiger is a Protestant and left the church years ago. But behind this door, Rudiger becomes very devout. He worked as a carpenter for 45 years and knows how valuable it is, what people have created here. That's incredible. How people built this building.

And people's belief in what's here. All of this brings you pee in your eyes right now. I'm always there for a casual saying, I always knock another out, but not anymore. 8 Bavarian monasteries brew their own beer. Ettal even has a distillery.

And Rüdiger can take a schnapps now. The guardian of the monastery secret is already waiting. Father Vitalis is the only one who knows the recipe for Ettal liqueurs and will one day pass it on. (Petra) It smells like herbs here. Is that right?

That's right, the monastery liqueurs have been produced here from all kinds of herbs for 400 years , and with humor. These are the different diseases. No, the different ways of getting sick.

Is there no confidante who knows how the heavenly hell liquor is brewed? Well, there was another one, but it died. It was my dog. Father Vitalis gets into a spending mood with the funny Niederrheinern.

That's the green one, 32 herbs at 42%. The yellow one has 40%. Hallertauer Mittelfrüh is the name of the hop variety, 38%. A semi-sweet. Our strongest, 45%.

* Music * It's incredibly warm here, I have to say. You don't know whether this is due to the outside temperature or the inside temperature. Well then, sobering up is the order of the day.

Because tomorrow we're going to Garmisch-Partenkirchen to two new campsites. Barbara and Jürgen do not have their own mobile home yet. After a tour in the rental vehicle, they are looking for the right offer. It should be big and not too expensive. And the price, 45,000 around the clock, we'd come with it.

They have never spent so much money on anything. Even her house was cheaper because Jürgen did most of the work himself. I would have such a problem having 2 cars.

That wouldn't work. Then you have 2 times TÜV, 2 times maintenance. - Taxes, insurance. There is 1 euro on the other. But just a motorhome without a car, I wouldn't do that. I don't go shopping in a motor home.

Jürgen and Barbara are permanent campers. They would give up their parcel in Xanten for a mobile home. Jürgen is very attached to this little paradise and has a new camping idea. There are things that people drive around with luggage tags and convert them. If you drive in summer, you are outside on the campsite, and toilets and showers are all there.

So almost only for sleeping? - Just for sleeping. And then the rest happens camping outside. Such a trailer would fit in your garage and on the lot. They could also keep their car. The perfect solution or a crazy idea? Jürgen is a pain in the ass who somehow persuades me.

If I said no, I would have a guilty conscience that I'm preventing them from doing things. But I mean, I enjoy it too. I would also try that with the trailer. Jürgen cannot be told that twice.

He has an exact idea of ​​camping in a trailer. It doesn't take much for that. Camping chairs, camp bed and off you go. Can't be much more than 65 cm. That is even 66 cm. A small but significant difference.

2 pieces next to each other are 1.30. - 1.32 is such a trailer. So would the two of them fit in? - Should be right. Come here, do you have a pillow. I'll see if that works. Oh, that's nice.

Sure, Jürgen likes it. But what does Barbara say? But. - It's good. But with the ascent only backwards. Or forward? - There. Really now, out there? Oh god, Jürgen, will you hold that? So out here in the morning? - Yes. With a few blankets it becomes really cozy.

Jürgen and Barbara dream of seeing a lot of the world. First of all, they need the right vehicle. 2 couples on their way to camper happiness. Petra and Rüdiger are already on their way.

Today they are heading towards luxury with their motorhome. Their vacations have always been modest. But now they are daring a glamping adventure, 20 km from Oberammergau in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. We could see the Zugspitze if the fog weren't there.

Werner Wilhelm runs several campsites. This one has 5 stars. The stars are awarded by the tourism and camping industry associations. Glamor camping is not for every camper, but maybe for the Erbslöhs? This is included in the price. And that is only available to you.

This is your personal private bathroom , 1 out of 50. Our mobile home bathroom has as much space as the toilet. This trend offers a little more space: sleeping barrels. Incidentally, not only for camping enthusiasts, but also for hikers.

Would that be something for Petra and Rüdiger? Hey, take a look here. That's cool. (Petra) Here is pure romance. Sit downstairs, sleep upstairs. In theory, the benches can be folded up.

Then you can sleep up to 4 men in it. Then you have to get along very well. (Petra) You have to like each other very much. In any case , the two of them have fun on their camping discovery tour. Petra never really wanted a mobile home.

It was a good idea with the camper. Even if I resisted for 2 years. The Erbslöhs are now finding out why there are small mountain huts on a campsite . This is really real wood. - That feels good. Oddly enough, we have a lot of couples as guests. Where the man is an iron mobile home owner and is here with his mobile home.

And the woman who doesn't like it that much and prefers to sleep in the mountain hut. And so they both have what they want in their place. Camper life. All freedoms allowed.

The mountain hut costs from 105 euros per night, separately or together. It could get hot in the camping sauna now. What does that mean, bio sauna? That it is not as hot as the Finnish one.

And just one more question. What is an experience shower? They have a massage jet and come from all sides. Speaking of experience, 5 stars, camping feeling, a dream, right? You can treat yourself to that more often, but not permanently. It has to be something special if you do that.

Every day in such a place, something goes into the money, something. Again this view here. But the Zugspitze doesn't like us, it's in the fog. But they are about to see something. 300 m away is a completely different camping world.

Jürgen just likes to spend the night in a trailer with Barbara. To do this, they need a trailer coupling. And Jürgen needs help from his buddy Willi. Normally we don't need any electricity.

If we ever have a refrigerator , we will run it with electricity from the campsite. We will only be standing with the trailer at the campsite. (Petra) Did you say you don't turn on electricity? What if we ever need a heater? No, we don't need electricity from the car.

So, don't do it without electricity. That we can plug the plug in at the campsite. And if I get cold at night. - He'll have to add that. Barbara doesn't miss a thing. And Jürgen's plan makes her kind of nervous. He says no electricity.

What I'm getting into with that. In such a trailer without a bit warm? A little coziness is a must. And now a little pause. The boys were already busy. Does it all work that way? Are we both in the car and the trailer still on? We only drive 80 anyway. Why doesn't anyone have faith in what I'm doing here? They used to go to Italy with 34 hp.

(Willi) That was before, we are now. But now it works too. - No more. - But. Jürgen does it. His car has 60 hp and has recently had a trailer hitch. Now he wants to test the electrics. Jürgen has already prepared a lot for this.

Now you have to see what's on the right and what's on the left. Otherwise you'll be right ... I'll tell you if we do this here, which is right and left. I'll connect that. Willi looks skeptical. Why actually, Willi?

Look what I see here, that we already have light. You see, it works. Turn signals, brake and taillights. Well done, Jürgen. Now I've strapped for what these things are for.

This is for the trailer, right? - Yes, of course, to test that. (Barbara) That was a good idea. The problem is always, when I put things like that aside, it says, why are you collecting the junk. Then I say, watch out, we don't need that now, but maybe someday, and now we needed it. We are disposing of it.

We want out and you keep bringing in more. Fortunately, it's not your job to sort it out. Don't get too naughty. Look what he's twitching. The main thing is not to get an electric shock.

It's great, Jürgen. And off we go with a luggage trailer for camping. Petra and Rüdiger have become curious. They discovered another campsite near their campsite. Instead of 5, there is only 3-star camping here. * Music * Good afternoon everyone. - Hello.

Knock, knock, knock. - Hi. Campers or no campers? - Campers of course, permanent campers. Permanent camper? Yes, my estate, my kingdom, my castle. - oh (Rüdiger) My car. Sorry.

Not my husband. Fritzi and Christian are school friends. By chance they met again at the campsite and are neighbors at permanent camping. In winter that means once again: shoveling snow. (Petra) What are you doing here now? To ski? Now here in the morning we have to clear snow every day, of course.

That was the preoccupation of the time. If you get up early, first clear up. And then towards the mountain. The mountain calls.

(Rüdiger) And why not over there on the square? The place is for the upper class. They have a little more here than me and a little more than me there. Fritzi has had a permanent parking space here for 5 years. She pays 2,200 euros a year for it. And she definitely wants to stay here for the next few years.

If you live in an apartment, you close the door, you are alone. And here, that's a completely different atmosphere. Christian used to be a boy scout, had a small caravan and now has a permanent parking space on the Loisach.

He actually lives in Garmisch with his wife and 3 children. But this is where he is most of all. We'll see something very special right away. There are, for example, beavers. There are a few gnawed trees here.

You can sometimes see red deer running across the street. When you sit here in the evening, the river rushes, what more could you want? In the evening cold meals from the camper fridge. Rüdiger takes care of the entertainment.

Turn it on and off, but before that there is hard work. Congratulations, Bible TV. I think I've already deleted 500 channels. (Petra) The work is not worth it. - Nope. The problem is, the way we try to travel, you're in a different place every few days.

Then you have to realign the satellite dish again and readjust the satellite reception at that point. But then I don't have to do anything else. Not even for Petra. Only she manages the special salad with fennel, filleted oranges and ham so masterfully. Only the distant view is missing. The advertisement says: With a view of the Zugspitze.

From our place you can see the Zugspitz panorama. Maybe tomorrow they will hang a canvas there, painted so beautifully: Here would be ... Even without a view, the motorhome warms up before the next icy experience. 2 couples on their way to camper happiness. Barbara and Jürgen Kleine-Beck from Essen also dream of it.

You haven't made up your mind how you want to travel. Is a trailer the right camper to travel with? The first stop on their test tour is their permanent camper parcel in Xanten. Your camping equipment is stored here. We want to go on tour, but a little different, not on the mobile home track. That's for 3 weeks.

This is always the case with camping. Either a day or 2 days or 3 weeks. You always need the same thing. And when camping, you'd better be prepared for anything.

For the first night in the trailer, it goes to the tent meadow directly opposite. They want to try out Jürgen's idea of ​​the camping trailer for one night. No, we can't get that in. And if we squeeze, either? I've got that a little bit ... - Exactly. Should I open here too? (Jürgen) It's getting too tight, that's too tight. I haven't measured anything. - It's close.

1.32 could be enough, I mean that has 1.32. These things should only be 60. - They have a bit more, 65. Then it can't be right. - Yes, that's 130. Oh yes. But then why doesn't it fit? 2 cm, how annoying.

Making the beds quickly is not possible today. But Jürgen cannot be stopped. (Jürgen) He's not standing on the ground. Jürgen, if we lie on it, he'll be on the ground. - Nope. I'll go on here. And? Do you notice what there? - Nah, that's still up in the air.

Then it doesn't give a shit, one leg. - A leg. (Petra) I'm a little scared of that tonight. Suddenly we both crash in here. Look, that doesn't look too bad after all. It doesn't look that good either, does it? Jürgen had imagined the structure to be easier. Now he needs a little encouragement.

(whistles) That's good. - That lifts the mood. Forget the hangers, forget the beds. And then everything will be fine.

Barbara just wants to enjoy the evening with Jürgen. Because he's a little depressed, because it didn't go the way he would have liked. Luckily I stayed out of it, I'm only going with you. It snows all night at Petra and Rüdiger.

They hadn't expected that. No Still snow and still gray. Petra is still cuddling in bed, but not much longer. Because Rüdiger wants to fulfill a childhood dream today. The snow won't run away, I'll stay a little longer. Quick camper breakfast and off you go.

The Zugspitze is still hanging in the fog. But today Rüdiger wants to make the Grainau sledge slopes unsafe as a piste fright. First. * Music * We used to be brave. We just got down there without thinking about it. Now we're thinking and driving down anyway.

Petra and Rüdiger landed in the snow for the first time with their motorhome and have no regrets. It's cold, but her motorhome Olaf keeps her warm and dry. They even erect a memorial to him for this.

You're doing very well, Rüdiger. Did you do well. I'm more responsible for undressing, not for getting dressed. We met and fell in love 44 years ago and now we're building Olaf. And a year ago we got a camper and we're already standing in the snow.

It's incredible. If now the master of the Zugspitze, if he would still participate ... (Petra) ... it would be ideal.

Maybe we haven't prayed enough in Ettal Abbey. (Petra) Or drank enough. - Or drank enough. Already a dream. I can only recommend it. A dream.

Nice that we could do that. To say goodbye, her long-cherished dream will come true. The Zugspitze shows itself in all its splendor, even in the sunshine. Barbara and Jürgen enjoy their evening around the campfire. They don't need heating, not yet.

At the moment everything is perfect. Nice, don't need a 3-burner stove in the motorhome. We get something like that on our plate too.

The two of them have always somehow mastered the really important things in life together as a team. I am very satisfied, I am happy too. I also think we have 2 children, we have a house.

We don't have anything to pay for. (Jürgen) I think what we can do is luxury. Except that the beds are not that ... Just stop the beds. Enjoy the moment now, you 2. With the beds, that will be fine.

Enojy your meal. Did you grill well? - Delicious. Well cooked, right? The opulent meal is now followed by a night that at first feels very spartan.

And now I'm going to bed. - I'll come after then too. You can already go. - See you soon. And don't sit around the fire for so long. Nah, I'll look a little, then I'll come too. I'm going to have a look.

Wow, is that cold in here. Jürgen, that's cold. (Jürgen) Under the covers? And? - Yes / Yes. Is it getting warmer? (Barbara) But you can't come up against the wall. You shouldn't either. Jürgen, it's not that bad here. - I think so. I turn off the light. - I'll see you later.

See you soon. - Ciao. A surprise awaits Jürgen in the morning. He slept well despite the cold. Tomorrow, as we can see now, I'll be here alone. So it was too cold for Barbara tonight.

She went over and said she'd turn on the heater and lie down over there. Do we have to see how we can do it? She wasn't so enthusiastic about the night tonight. It's not far to the parcel, and Jürgen doesn't stay alone for long.

Barbara is already on the march. Good morning, how did you sleep? Actually, that went after. I've never heard you moan, you always think everything is fine. Nah, I already said, I wouldn't get the hell out of it. Not in the cold. You don't need to be so stupid ... - No, that's not right.

I wouldn't want to do that again. Oh, you're so precautionary. Were you scared where I started walking alone I would have wanted to drive you.

I can walk that little bit. Of course Jürgen was worried, but now Barbara is back again. Together they still have to clarify one question: RV or would you prefer a camping trailer? Haven't even had a coffee yet? - Nope. We would have done that in the motorhome. - That's true. (Barbara) The decision to do something like that is really difficult.

But you have to meet them again next time. I'm in command - Yes. Everything is fine now. Nice that you went through that. - I'll do it for you. 2 permanent campers actually want to discover the world.

But finding the right motorhome is complicated. Maybe they prefer to stay permanent campers. Petra and Rüdiger have found their camper happiness. With Motorhome Olaf you are at home everywhere.

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