Camping and Trolling for Trout at Lake Amador

Camping and Trolling for Trout at Lake Amador

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Bro. Anything. Get. One. Dude. Went. Out and got two more dude. Limited. And. Nicole. What's. Up guys we, are on our way to Amador. Late, this Friday we're gonna get there a little bit early, it's an intel on the lake so. Yo, let's, go fishing guys. Yo. What's up guys we, are at camp. Amador. We are camping at I, guess. The overflow, section, which. I actually prefer because, it's not, as stopped. As, the other campsites. Other. Campsites need to be like right on top of each other so I'm. Hoping it's not going to be crowded and. It's. Pretty good you, know I'm right here on the lake. There's. A few people down there but, pretty much I'm. Here by myself and. Yeah. On, Sunday. We'll probably just kick it right there and fish and. You. Know my son will probably have a great time just hanging, out with the family here on Sunday but, yeah today was pretty good I talked to a lot of fishermen today and. You. Know talked to the ones that were getting off the boats and seeing. Who. Was catching, what and where, so. You, know Intel's really important, just like any other Lake there's. Got to be spots, where the. Sun hits first there's. Got to be spots where where. There's an inlet spots, where they they they hold together they do school because they are trout, that are raised and in. A confined environment so. They are gonna be schooling, with each other so. I am really, hopeful, I'm gonna get a good night's rest get. Up bright and early, get, all the information I can, talk. To some more people in the morning and pretty. Much kick it here all the gears wrapped up and you. Know I'm gonna just stay, nice and cozy in. The. Super duper mobile, yeah. Man. So we'll catch you in the morning. What's. Up guys just, got on the water it's. Around seven o'clock and. We're. Gonna hit it we're gonna hit it hard guys let's go. It's, all. Damn. Dude, 8. Forget. My net bro, I, got. In my car. If. I get a whopper, how am I gonna bring it in I can't tire them out. Yeah. I mean. It's. Challenging, enough man I don't need to make it harder bro. You. Really mean this. Guy's pretty good size though. Yeah. I'm just gonna work them I'm just gonna tire them out. Yeah. Yeah dude. Wait. Hold up I'll come to you man I'll come to you hold up. This. Guy's strong, man usually, like. Usually. Those frickin Krauts, are get, tired by now. Feels. Funny is I saw you guys and I started heading over here. Yeah. Man I was like I'm gonna whisk. Those anglers, to the rescue brah. Event. Eight nip. That's net, that fish from you man huh, this. Is funny hold on let me get you on camera dude. Hey. West. Coast anglers. Yeah. Baby. Thanks. Bro. Thanks. Man right on the lip down I. Am. Doing, the moneymaker, the moneymaker. Man. Thanks dude. How's. It kart it. Was a cart. Pull. Me a little bit, thanks. Man. Hey. Hey. What's up man so. Now here like games or kickin. It yeah, 2018. Oh on. Fish. On yeah. Baby. This. Guy's this guy's on for sure. Who. These guys fight. These. Guys these, guys fight. Man oh. Fail. These. Fish are so pretty they're so different, dang. Look. At the colors on this one. Colors. On that one and the. Spots. So. Cool man. Well. Guys hopefully this vicious. Couple. Got. A couple in there Oh. Like. Ten feet down. Really. How. Big are they though are they big. Three. Oh okay. Yes. And. You came off the hook. Three. Guys. We. Got number three guys. Yo. We got number three guys and. It's. A good one it's that top one on the Shelf right. There. See. That guy yeah. Number. Three. And the. Third one is a good one in, middle of the lake, cast. Master. What. Is it cast master, and. I just let the line out it's like 123. Feet here and you. Know whatever, I stuff like 40 feet out holding. Also with that Walmart. Repeller, Deep. Diver that.

Hasn't Gotten hit yet but I'm hopeful for that and I think I'm just gonna troll with that now since I got three I'm just gonna use that big-ass feet and see. What I can hook up to you so, let's get back to fishing yo. It's. Coming in guys. Just keep the tension on this. Other ones jacked up. Just. Get this gotten a boat in real the other one in oh this. Guy feels good, come. On come. On baby. Oh. Missed. Him. Number. Four guys, oh he's. Healthy too dang it nice dude, yeah. Nice. Fish guys check that out. Couple. Pounds. It's. Definitely a keeper. This. One is going to be a good one guys. My. Last one, this. Is gonna be a good one hit. On the shad yeah. Let's. Go. Not. Bad not bad. Take. On one. Yeah. Get. Out boys, number, five limited. Let's. Get out of Dodge. Good. Luck guys, have a good day. Yeah. Limited. Taskmasters. Hitting pretty good. Silver. Or, chrome. The. Chrome yeah the I need a three-quarter, ounce I just. Let, a bunch of line out. And. Also. The shallow. Shallow. Divers. Shad. What's. Up guys we. Limit, it out today that's, right limit. Yeah, it was tough, this. Leg is tough. The. White was slow. I think this lake has a afternoon, fight. First. Time fishing here so I'm not quite sure but yeah, man, limited. Out we've got five fish got, three, and. Then I went back in, dropped. Them off and then got two more, man. Can't, believe I limited out a lot of people didn't get even one, fish today and a lot of them just got one so. Yeah. Cast, master. Shallow. Diving Rapala, did, a trick. Couldn't. Get the big ones though I don't know they keep talking about these big trout here. Anything. Hey. We're. Now got two more dude. Limited. Nicole. Yo. What's up guys, so we're closing, out Amador, here why I had a such a fantastic, time at Amador Lake caught. A bunch of fish. Camped. Out and. Learned. A little bit more about the lake and where to fish I I. Recommend. Amador Lake it it's nice it's, not too crowded right now it's kind of off season, but. The. Camping sites are nice. The. Lake is nice there's, a lot of fish here too and. The. Owners are nice, we met the owners and. The. People who fish here are nice as well highly. Recommend Amador Lake I had a good time I will be coming back. Yo. What's up I'm gonna go home a there's a boat right there whoa, dang. Dude slow down buddy oh I'm. Gonna go home and take a hot shower and, go. Kick it with my family. Get, a nice meal in me we, had a fun time this weekend at Amador Lake thank, you for having us Amador, we, will be back keep, those lines tight and, fish on later.

2018-05-09 18:33

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Man! Thank you brorher! I'm waiting Head down, work hard! ...doing what we love!

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Fire Amador video bro!

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SuperDuper Outdoors yah trout opener last weekend but the river i went to was blown out. Hopefully better this weekend!

Everyone can use kayak now and then...Thank you for watching bro. Yes, an awesome day on Lake Amador... Isn't it starting to warm up where you're at bro?

What an awesome video!!! All them rod bending hits while trolling and hearing the drag peeling out!!! That's what got me addicted to trolling.....LOL!!! ---Skunklime

I use the GroPro Hero 2s ...1080p and easily replaceable. I would like to have the 60 fps tho...but this works for me.

SuperDuper Outdoors after watching this video I'm gonna look for alternative action cameras. I wanna capture them trout that jumps clear out of the water when they try to throw the hook out. Who knows maybe capture myself falling off the kayak too.....hahaha!!!

Thanks D! Yes, Lots of drag peeling out is a good thing bro. Fish on!

Catching limits is the BEST! :)

That little trolling motor is pretty good how long does the battery last on it

The 50 amh (not 55) is 30 lb. and the 35 amh is 24 lbs -  Mighty Max on Amazon  ...I'm generally out for 6 hours at the most and the 50 amh  is enough for trolling but with the extar 35 amh I zip around from hole to hole. 8)

SuperDuper Outdoors how heavy are they

I have 2. 55 amh and a 35 amh. With both, all day 8 hours. Thanks for watching!

Nice video Bro!

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Nice vid ive fished n camped amador all my life and we have nailed some big trout there. Biggest ive hooked up was 6lbs and many nice 4-5 pound beautys. And camping is beautiful there. It looked like you caught one a a white rooster tail too? Cool fun tho lets meet up soon and maybe rent a boat at Los vaqueros i know some great spots there

Thank you bro! We're so lucky we have so many awesome choices, like Lake Amador and Los Vaqueros. Yea the white "Money Maker" is always reliable. I hear there are Stripers too at LV.

great video, you pulled some nice fish into the yak!

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Haven't been to Lake Amador since 2012, which was the height of the drought. Great to see that the lake level has rebounded. Great video as always!

The water is actually higher now and I've seen the spillway run well the second time we went. I appreciate the support brother!

Its on the Agenda!!!!!

Hey man! Really cool video, been watching a bunch of guys kill it on the yak!! New member here, found you from a shout out! Keep it up man #465

Yo whatsup bro! Thank you! I appreciate the kind words. Hey get in on my give away on my latest video. I will be altering the GiveAway to be either a Bass set up or Trout set up....

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