CAMPiNG at the LAKE!! First Time Tent with Adley at PiRATE iSLAND! swimming, mermaid, camp routine!

CAMPiNG at the LAKE!!  First Time Tent with Adley at PiRATE iSLAND! swimming, mermaid, camp routine!

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Bye luck, bye dad. Good luck on your rescue mission open the. Gates. Wow. This is so cool. Wonderful. Come on. Let's go explore. The best trick. Whoa. Check out these badly used. Boxes. Cheers. Cheers. Just kidding welcome to the best day, ever, ever, how are you mama, good, how are you nico. We're on a secret, mission, yeah, we're on a secret, mission, to sneak, inside, nana's, house. We want to go swimming, today and nana and papa are here so we're going to sneak, in and go to their pool. And my fingernails, are pink because adley, painted, them pink today, go swim, yeah, okay we gotta sneak in and we got, some, pizza. It's gonna be like kind of like a pizza party a little bit you know and i got a surprise, under my hat you have a surprise, under your hat um. We gotta be really sneaky, are you looking it might be locked. Here let me put the pizza down. It's locked. How are we gonna sneak in. We could go under here, i think i could, you think you could fit. And slide under. All right, rescue mission. Addly. Oh there's my surprise, the mermaid, there's a little mermaid. We're gonna be swimming around, oh it was under your hat. Do you think dad could fit, uh no way, i'm gonna try it oh. Boy. Good luck on your rescue mission open the gate for us. Hey did you make it, go back to the backyard, and open the gate. Okay. She's on a rescue, mission can you figure it out. Okay, there's the lock. Oh, yeah. Good job you saved the day. Can you grab the breadsticks. Yeah, okay let's go. Pizza, party. We love nana's pool we used to come here all the time and we haven't been here for a minute because we've been going to the lake, check, this out my dad, is a genius. He made this little contraption, that you like twist, this, and then the pool cover comes up and twists it and then that rotates, off and it just. I can't handle my fingernails, i'm so sorry i have pink fingernails. Chickens. Hi chickens, you are out of the cage, why do you think they want to get out you want to eat the pizza. Coming up she's coming up here, what's up girls, did you guys lay any, eggs, should we go see. Where they lay. Eggs. We got eggs, i think there's two, ah chicken's, coming. No escaping. Oh. There's another one that one's kind of like a brownish, one. Right there good job. Go show mama your eggs. We got some. Eggs. Four, eggs, nana and pop are gonna be so happy yeah. Cheers. This is the pizza part of our party, the pizza party party party party part the pizza part of our. Party. Wow, good idea. Good job, that was a kind of a tingling. Dinosaur, bite you're almost done i'm eating fast because i'm excited to swim right now isn't there like a no swim rule after you eat i don't know legendary, that's, a me, i think that's just some legend. Whoa. Good hops. Nico, has been doing so good in swimming lessons, and that's what i am doing yeah actually. Adley can swim across the entire swimming pool by herself. Whoa. What have you been learning in swimming lessons what can you do i can do on my back i can dive, she dives into the pool, she's practicing. Breathing. And then blowing bubbles, breathing. Is this true. Spicy, tongue. All right we're gonna fish our pizza party then to the pool. Dad push me all the way underwater. I'm gonna do. A secret dance underwater, okay. One, two. Three. That was a pretty. Cool. Oh. You go girl. Yeah. I'm. Coming. Oh hello, little mermaid, let's play a game, where we throw the mermaid, and see who can find it, throw it. Where is it do you guys see it, mom. It doesn't, sink. Wait it doesn't see no. That's why we couldn't find. It. Um. Good. Job. We are. Busted. Hey. We thought we'd sneak into the pool and do some swimming.

Oh Yeah big wet. Huh. Uh and guys look at my. Fingernails. Oh. Ready. One, two, three. He does come up with a smile. Jump over nico. Wow. Oh she's coming all the way. Down. Um. You underwater. Two, three. Whoa. Whoa. Are you. Good. Oh. Wow. One two. Three. Buddy. So. Do you want to help me pad block. Here's all the stuff i'm gonna pass, hello. Hold on. There is, am i finding, a fish. She. Fishy, in the whale, let me go get my clothes. Yes. Yo you packing. Um i'm gonna grab our camping, stuff, do you want to sleep in a bag, or do you want blankets, are you vlogging. Oh yeah. I vlog, you're packing, ooh. Pajamas. Good idea, are these clothes for tomorrow, yep. All right sounds like you know what you're doing i'll leave you guys to let me go grab the sleeping bags and tent and stuff like that okay. Can i can i grab my sleeping, bag you grab your sleeping, bag okay where's your sleeping bag my sleeping, bag is in here somewhere, let me get it okay good job, and i've got some toys too, yes. Guys, play and splash, in the water. I'm getting ready. Dad. We're ready. You ready, yep we're ready. All right. I think the rest of the camping stuff is in the garage. Where are you headed oh my sleeping, bag is in there let's get it do you have a swimsuit. Yeah does uh, i kind of want to go swimming again in the lake this time, do we need fairy wings, nope, okay, we're not playing pirates, oh we definitely want a picnic, blanket. Okay in case we want to have a picnic. That is a good idea picnic blanket. Hi nico, hi mom. Hi. You doing now time you're working. Yep we're uh heading to the lake for the night. Have fun. Still. Right here. It's, camping. Time. Barbies, to play with in the water, and cute little slippers, for tonight, here's your backpack, miss adley. All right. Vloggy, watch out oopsie, can't forget, these, yep that's what we're gonna play with in the tent can't forget this accent. Pillows. We're dropping stuff ooh, this, comfy for my back well it's bright. There we go well i'll get you stay. Right. When i set this back somewhere, that means we're gonna put it there, okay where are you gonna set it we have the whole, yard, anywhere, you want. I like that because then, the sun will set right there and we can watch the sunset, and then in the morning we'll just see the beautiful, water, let's do it. Dump it all right we gotta build these. Okay i just need one more. You're done. All right, play him out. Whoa. Crazy. We're here camping, tonight well i want to let you know martin's got a trick ski which is different from slalom and he does some flips and stuff and so i wanted to see if you guys wanted to ride wait really should we go watch him ski, yeah. Okay pause the tent. We're going to watch these flip tricks, so they're going water skiing but they're doing trick water skiing and i'm all about tricks.

All Right. It's boating time, hi puppy, all right we just learned of a new sport called trick. Skiing. Yeah. This is so. Cool. All right what do you see. Ten out of ten, alley gave you a ten out of ten yo that was nuts, i didn't even know this sport existed. Let alone that my neighbor was the best at it. You like. This. You pulling it in. Good job thank you so much what'd you think about that trick skin. Wonderful. Wonderful. I also thought it was wonderful. All right let's set this thing up. Whoa that's super, tall, this one's mine. I can almost touch the sky. Whoa. That's ginormous. All right shut it down let's set up the tent. The water, like this we need to put the poles in. Let me. See. That bug was in your ears. Uh. I don't know. Gross, um. My fingernails, are still pink. I don't know about. This. Dad i love you, i love you too. Look at this sadly knows how to set up tents good job next one. Good job all right that's looking pretty good now we're just gonna sneak, it in, okay let's get the steaks. Put steaks on all the corners like this put them through here, and then we got to push them in the ground. All right buckling, the roof. Good job. How is it in there. Wonderful. All right. All right let's grab our stuff, sleeping. Bag. This is our. Blow up air mattress, so we have a nice comfy bed for tonight, and we might blow up all this, after we um go swim okay yeah i'm thinking we should go swim it's kind of hot still i forgot it doesn't get dark for a long time you go swim hey vlog, sticker. All right, sun break. Swim break come on hi baby, oh you're so cute. Baby. You're that bad. Whoa. Gotcha, let's go. Oh it feels good to be swimming, again. You can swim yourself, mermaid. I keep talking, to you. I'll save you. Whoa. Hop on hurry. Oh no. You got it, dude. You got it. Oh yeah. Whoa. Careful. Wow. Okay. The best trick. Whoa. Holy, cow was that like a cartwheel, off. Yeah that was pretty. Fancy. Oh yeah let's switch sides, wait wasn't that a rule. Yeah, we just broke the first rule. Oh yeah. Whoops. Ugh. And these, are gonna be our blower, uppers. This is a pillow, i love the pillow. Okay, i'll hobble up this. You got the pillow. Nice, whoa you dizzy. All right that's the pillow. Oh yeah is that gonna be comfy for sleeping. All right. Let's go put it in the tent got your sleeping bag i'll carry you in my sleep. Okay, this guy, i hope, hi ho, i. Yeah that's how you know it's our tent you don't know which tent is ours, because, there's so many tents yeah see all those tents over there. So if they if you don't know which tent these are there's this. Symbol. Okay sounds good because we don't want that bug each other when we're sleeping. Yeah, cause you kind of move all over when you sleep, mine has a mermaid, towel. That is awesome. And like i have my own petals, oh that's a pillow. Like you can unzip, it and. Stuff. That is so cool you are gonna be comfy, and then i'm laying this way and i gotta go get my sleeping bag i'll be right back hey vlog. Come on. Let's go explore. Vlog. Should i hide you, if, we go. Hurry. And be quick, do you wanna. Eat. Over, here, see when dad finds you. Over here. You'll never be able to find. It. Nope. I see where she put you. All right we got blankets, and pillows, and i got your ipad. What what's the password. Uh, camping trip badly dadly daddley alley dolly ugly daddy. No it's something, that's a, zebra. Against. Something, that. Is super, big that rocks, on roars. Oh. Zebra lion. All. Right. Look at this beautiful, sunset. Oh, yeah that's a view right there for a campout. Oh there's a towel. That one doesn't have a symbol. And there it is. Delivery. No delivery. Yes, zebra lion is the password. And then i got our pillows. Yeah. I want this big pillow though yeah, and this is my blanket, i think i'm gonna get hot tonight i'm not. So many sure. Because i like the roll room. All right what are we doing. Glow fairies. Clothes fairies. Yeah you hold this you're just holding, this for me for a second, oh that's how i play i just hold it for you yeah cause i'm, cause i'm the one who knows where everything, goes, okay. What are you doing they're hanging, up oh you're hanging up the clothes, did you know these are actually stickers, that, we could put on the fairies. Oh really. These are actually stickers. That's pretty cool i'll hang up this dress. Okay that dress is perfect. I'll hang up this jacket. Oh good job, that jacket's, cute. Thank you. Hold on. Hi look how cute you are vlog. Okay. I'll do all my skirts. Well here's a blue flower skirt, that one will go at the bottom, of here because we're running, out of the room. Here we are let's, hang up things really quick. We actually need some pants, options, we just need two more clothes, and that's on here where do the fairies, go. They're gonna go inside, the back they're. Day. That's where the ferry should be. What about this fairy.

Where Do you think, oh i know where this fairy, should go on this flower. Okay that's perfect. Now we're going to go inside the box. That's cool. Fairy mermaids. Yep, i like that idea okay we'll just leave these in, in case, we want to put things on them which one do you want to be you choose, um. That one has orange hair so that one could be like you this one looks like me because it has long black hair well that's a girl oh i'm gonna have this, fairy, talk. Oh that's cute this is my pet dragonfly. And she follows me around because we're best friends. We'll get my cube. Yeah, this is our last, trip. Back to the dock before we hunker down for the night what do we need on our final mission what are we forgetting. Snacks, and dad's phone. Oh yeah my phone. Um. Got my phone, what do you need to get. Snacks. What are you gonna get. Some yeah. For both of us, raisins, for both of us. Don't tell bomba we're gonna eat some candy. Okay some candy, it's a campout we gotta eat some candy. Crispies. All right i think that's a lot of treats we'll load your backpack, with snacks. Oh yeah, get yourself, a drink we're gonna fill up our drinks, okay. Check out these deadly juice boxes. I don't know if we've showed you guys these yet what do we want to put in our juice boxes. Oh, no it's already open i got the lid over here you are gonna do that one, oh. The purple ones moms, pink ones addly's. And mine's yellow, these are gonna be available, at Soon they're not ready yet okay what are we thinking, do you want juice. Juice. Just please. Here you go. All the way full. Halfway. Full. Lids. Here's my lid. Yep so that's how the lid goes on, and then it doesn't even spill. Pretty cool, all right. They're really, cool. Awesome, do we got everything. So no bugs get in. Yeah we don't want bugs in here. And we're out for the night don't forget, your phone. Got it. Whoa, you okay. That bag is full. Yeah that bag's really heavy be careful. What if you would have fallen into the lake. Look how beautiful the lake is. So beautiful. I'm glad we. I'm glad we had a sleepover, this is a wonderful. Sleepover. This is a wonderful. Idea. We're staying till the morning time right.

We're Staying no matter what till the morning we decided, even if it gets, cold, or hot, or there's sharks in the water. And we won't even get eaten by sharks, because we're not even by the water, yeah what if we were a mermaid, that we had, then we staked, it for the water we lived in the water, and a mermaid, tent in the water, and then and then the sharks, come date us. Uh no. After, you. Yeah. Okay give me one two and my juice, box. So, so, happy. Secret, passport. Here you go okay thank you here i go. You just put juice, on us. Cheers. Cheers. Cheers cheers vlog. Guys we're in the tent, we're gonna play for the rest of night we'll give you any updates once we fall asleep and it's all the way dark then really fun day. Thanks for watching. Bye. Did you get distracted. Okay thanks for watching but, thanks oh wait is that a bug. Watching, but wait. What's up this is my little friend, and she's a butterfly. My girl's gonna have a run. My girl's gonna have a flower, hat. That's a. That's not a hat. That's a beast, finger. This thing's, out of beads so like you can protect, yourself. Oh, that makes sense. She's actually going to be a fairy mermaid. She's a dream controller. And that was our dream, her dream was to be a mermaid, yep a mermaid. Wearing, a princess, dress, living the best of both worlds there. Fairies. Real, fairies. Wears. Pretty. Dresses. Not, like that. Not, weird, things. Like weeps. Are done. We, are cute, things. Are cute. Our, favorite. Things. Are must, purdue. Our, fairy, things. Will do, much, too. Our fairies. Are, a, beautiful. Like a, magical. That's cute. Fairies. Are cute. Like, royalty. And no one wears. No one. Is a fairy. Except. Real, fairies. Like wearing. An. Umbrella. I carry. My purse. I carry, my special, one, too. And i know, nowhere. I'm gonna, eat. No one, knows, us wearing. Dirty, clothes. No one, knows just wearing, dirty, clothes, everyone, wears, cute, things. I have a pet butterfly. And that's what i do. To be with my best friend. My best friend, is coming with me. And what my best, friend likes. Is being. Pretty. So we wear. Together. We're sisters. Everywhere. Nothing. Is more, tragical. And that's, what we like to do. So what can i do. Without. Anything. With my. Sister. With my, sister. With my, sister. With, my. Sister. That's a good sign. Your turn. All right. Hi, whoa hey. Uh, you're a yogurt, boy it's on here, it's all over how's that yogurt. Good.

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