Camping in the rain - Overlanding in Norway 2020 - Land Rover Drive

Camping in the rain - Overlanding in Norway 2020 - Land Rover Drive

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and now we just have to drive down again welcome to overlanding in norway. This is a new overlanding series by Land Rover Drive and it's going to take you through one of our most epic trips so far. In this episode we steer our Land Rovers north heading for Trondheim. We find ourselves looking for camp in the dark again, but this time it would prove even harder to find a place to put up Ørjan's lavo.

I keep looking at the camera. okay, the new wheels. We have driven down the toughest part of trollstigen and are down in the valley now. You get kind of tired driving this kind of roads after a while because you're so consentrated all the time. but it's fun, scary and challenging at the same time, so, mostly fun.

Just a short drive to Åndalsnes and we are going to fill up our coffee cup and start north. So we haven't eaten since the burger we ate before we started up Trollstigen. That's probably about three hours ago and we are loading up on coffee and chocolate in the hope that we will find camp soon and can make dinner. So this is on Åndalsnes from the other side of the fjord and you can see the mountains in the background is where we drove earlier today. Overlanding in norway is not about extreme off-road or so remote tracks you have to pack extra fuel.

It's about experience the raw nature, the diversity that you can't find anywhere else. From fjords to mountains, glaciers and even trolls some say. It's to be expected, two unknown cars showing up.

He was not upset at all. Just need to talk to them, people are people. So we were going up that road but the landowner didn't want us to go, but that's okay.

I talked to him and he was, uh, seemed like a really okay guy. So it's a beautiful view and we are going to continue driving just, uh, I think just five minutes we're gonna take up the same mountain but a different road and that's a toll road so it's allowed to drive there, so yeah, see you there. We are still driving on coffee and chocolate so we are pretty optimistic that we're gonna find a camp on this road So we just came to we came to a toll road, uh, I need to check how we gonna pay, hopefully it's not cash because we don't have any cash. So they have vipps, so you can send money. Ørjan has continued up the road. Tollroad paid, going to catch up with Ørjan, he is just a few hundred meters up the road.

Ørjan: It's kind of a jurasic park feeling up here. Simon: Is it scary? Ørjan: You know that scene where he has stolene the egs, it's raining a lot and he runs of the road, goes out of the truck and the small blue dinosaurs come. Simon: oh freaky So you survived? Ørjan: Are you over here? Damn I'm blind now.

First of I turn into my own headlights, and then into yours. Hey. Simon: You survived? Ørjan: Yeah.

Simon: Good. This is going to be exciting. Only just started up this road. Ørjan: No, not that far left. Simon: No, not that far. Ørjan: The sign said to; "Pay the toll, regular controls and notify about injured animals" Simon: A car is coming, let's drive through.

So we just had a car pull up on us, behind us, just when we're at the gate so, I don't know if they are just checking who we are or if they are checking that we have paid or, i don't know. we are now on the dirt road up into the mountains again so uh tonight i'm looking forward to setting up camp and actually making a proper dinner, uh, chicken wrap, uh, it's gonna be good and yeah. It's been a long day but it's been a really good day so i'll chicken wrap and something to drink and just relax it's gonna be good now. Okay, so we drove up the whole road so kind of disappointing.

Ending up in nothing so far, but there are ,there are, uh, there was one place beside the road that we saw, so we're going to check it out. It's kind of hard in the dark to see if there's some small roads where we can hide away, but I don't think it is on this road so. But there was one spot and we were gonna check that out. So we are back down from the mountain road, going through the gate again now on the return. Nowhere to camp.

yep So we are at the, we have driven for a while now, uh. up a valley. And we are on Vistdalsheia. It's 10% up and now we are going down again. There is a bike over there.

Do you see the bike over the to the left? After way too much driving we finally find a place to camp. And the weather has gone from bad to worse. So it's raining and it's raining sideways and you can see the only spot that is dry is where i've been sitting cooking. It's been a really long day and it's going to be good finding the sleeping bag. Good morning so it's uh it's raining and it started raining uh yesterday, uh, but first off we had trouble finding camp uh so we found this, off the road the rest stop. yeah and uh yes we drove until uh i don't know i don't remember.

My back broke. Yeah we drove way too long. But we got set up here and made some dinner, actually pretty good, with some chicken wrap. We got the lavo setup all in the rain. And it continues to rain today, so, a little bit bummed about that but. We're gonna pack down i'm gonna make some coffee and then we're gonna start to oppdal and then Nærskogen where Hans Erik has his cabin.

So we're gonna stop there for lunch. He was kind enough to invite us for lunch today. And after lunch there we are going to drive home, so yeah. It's about three hours of driving today i think.

Give or take,so maybe four hours and with a lunchtop so we are home at a reasonable hour on sunday, so, yeah today, yeah yes. Coffee time. Since we are going to Hans Eric for lunch we are just making coffee and a easy breakfast No Storm, it's just coffee. Ørjan: Did you not just make coffee? I thought you were just about to start. I was so ready for coffee I felt the disapointment in my whole body.

Haha, that's funny. Ørjan: I guess I'll start packing down then. Simon: Yeah, coffee is almost ready. Ørjan: I'm soo looking forward to coffee today.

I haven't felt the urge for coffee so bad as I do today. Simon:No, it's good with some morning coffee. It's a part of the rutine.

Need to press the coffee, or else it's going to be super strong. so so the story storage box turned out to be a great place to just make lunch and short stops uh food because it's just the perfect height so that's something to think about when i'm going to make a table for for easy lunch very good to uh to help with the coffee perfect yes all packed ready to start just put the heat on We are driving to Hans Erik for lunch. It's going to be great, look forward to seeing Hans Erik again. This is one uh one of the places you can drive up to Eikesdalen or Aursjøvegen.

I have a video on youtube, just check out the link here. We drove Eikesdalen. I think it's called overlanding in Eikesdalen or overlanding in a Range Rover classic, yeah. So checked that out, really nice. Just driving in here to Sunndalsøra I have to pivot my, my gopro upwards on the dash because the mountains are so high and straight up so uh.

They are it's crazy they are really epic they so, Sunndalsøra. really somewhere you should drive by. So leaving Sunndalsøra behind. Driving up the mountain against the Oppdal.

And from oppdal we are going to drive. to Nærskogen. Good morning. He said you were coming to eat in 10 minutes.

So we have just arrived at the Hans Erik's place and it's a beautiful cabin and, uh, we're just going to go inside and have some lunch and it's going to be good.

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