Camping with my Husband in Korea (he's not a fan of nature) caravan life in incheon VLOG

Camping with my Husband in Korea (he's not a fan of nature) caravan life in incheon VLOG

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Good morning everyone! It is me with many many bags.  And Kurt and I are going to head to Incheon to go camping for the first time. I've been camping  twice maybe when I was a child. Kurt, you -have   you, you've never been camping? He doesn't think  so. So we are going to head to one of the 160   islands - I think there's more than 160 in Incheon  and we're gonna be in a caravan so we're kind of   cheating, we're not in a tent. But this is thanks  to the Incheon Tourism Organization. And caravan  

camping is really really popular right now and  Incheon is filled with them because there's just   a lot of really beautiful beaches and spaces  to camp so we're going to head to one of   many. We have to hit the grocery store before we get to the campground and that's it. So off we go! A nice long bus ride. We both fell asleep so so  hard and now we are going to head to the mart. Sorry, it's windy again. We're gonna head to the  mart, it's raining, it's gonna rain this whole trip  

by the way so buckle up for a rainy camping trip. But yeah we're gonna stop and we're gonna get   food for dinner and all that. We need to get water but the barbecue stuff is provided. Anyway, we're   gonna get meat and veggies and fruit and then  we're gonna get a taxi for the rest of the way. Let's go! Showtime. Our first purchase - 포도 (grapes) Before he notices... Quick quick quick quick quick! Hello everyone, welcome to our  caravan! We're gonna give you a tour.  

It is raining really hard but we kind of  like that so welcome - oh my god, Kurt's exploring. So we got the Monroe room, as you can tell by the  many pictures of Marilyn Monroe. I don't know why. So I will let you take the lead here. You  walk in and we have a nice little double bed  

with a window and it feels really spacious  actually. We've got all this closet space.   Our nice little kitchen area, dining area and then  this kitchen is legitimately the same size as our   kitchen in Seoul. So you get your pots, you have  an induction, all of this storage, all of your   pots and pans. Got a refrigerator, a rice maker,  a microwave, - yeah 밥솥 (rice cooker) - hair dryer, towels,  

kettle. And then you even have a nice  little bathroom. So we're really not camping. This is not a camping situation. Mirror and then  over here, Kurt has discovered his place, it's   like a bunk bed situation over here. So this is  normally aimed towards families so this would be... Okay bye.   Okay our host brought us  some [ice] because we asked for it so we were interrupted but anyway that's  the whole inside. Oh we also have a tv   and wi-fi of course. And then when you go  out, you have this whole setup. So this huge area  

with a picnic thing, your laundry, and we're going  to barbecue tonight so there's our barbecue. But that is what's going on and we've got  this whole huge area which we'll explore   in a second. But I'm gonna put my stuff down  and we might walk to the beach, I don't know. What the?! Oh. Cari!!!!! Hey, hi. So we're gonna head down to the beach  

in this weather and see what we  can see and then we're gonna barbecue.   So wish us luck. I'm bringing just my phone  because I'm scared my camera's gonna get wet. There's the ocean! Wow you can go out so far! I can honestly say as a Californian, I don't  think I've ever heard rain this hard falling on   sand. It sounds like a fizzy drink, it sounds  like a soda.

They're all so nice look at this one I'm taking this one home - it looks  like a Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans! I'm not with him. Think the rain is coming down at an angle? That's real camping. That's not what we're doing today. Oh, good luck guys! So, on nicer days, this beach is actually pretty crowded and you - oh my god And you can rent, you get like this  square of space so - oh jesus But we're gonna get coffee if I can bring  this kid back inside.

But first, ramen. Ramen crisis. Are you gonna eat it or not? I would eat it if you bought Bibimmyeon. That's disgusting.

You're not gonna touch it? You're not gonna even touch it? No. Look in my eyes. If it would make you happy, I'd eat a bite, that's it.   Okay good then you should not eat it, that makes it easier. So I want to come back here (I'm pausing  The Stones, sorry) I want to come back here   because this island is also famous for  its hot springs and it has a ton of them   that are just like open-air hot springs  that seems really nice. We're down here

but yeah, as you can see, Incheon is just a ton  of islands - this is just a tiny tiny portion.   But yeah we're here right  now - and dinner is almost ready! Take it off after 1 minute. While that, I'm going to make ramen and rice. I didn't know you were making fancy ramen! I'm very full but we still have so much asparagus  left so it's my duty to finish it all and I will!   So here we go. How much do I have to deal with? Oh god that's more than I thought. Okay, okay... Even though I said I was gonna  die and I haven't finished the   asparagus, we're gonna take a break with some podo (grapes) We're making coffee at eight pm because we love pain! Uh-huh I see you. Want a blueberry? You gotta wake up, you  gotta wake up - everybody's on the move! Ten.

What time is it? Hello! As I eat my grapes and  drink my terribly brewed coffee... Just wanted to give an update. Our night was very  nice, very quiet, very rainy. We just watched TV. Yeah   it was just - this is lovely. This is ironically kind  of the size of our apartment so we didn't feel   any claustrophobia or anything. The barbecue was  so good, the people working here are really nice   and they like helped set up the  barbecue. The only thing that we didn't eat,  

I have to finish these grapes because I promised  I would finish them because we bought the bigger   pack when Kurt said we should buy the smaller  one, soIi'm finishing these. Also   just a tangent about these grapes - growing up in  America, we had like red grapes or green grapes and   I never understood why grape flavor tasted the  way that grape flavor does, like if you're getting   a lollipop or a popsicle or something like that -  these grapes taste like grape flavor. I understand   now. It took me 20 something years but now I know.  That's the grape story but yeah once again this   area, like all of Incheon but especially it seems  like Ganghwado and the really close islands to   Ganghwa have so many of these caravans and so if  you want a camping experience but you don't have   a tent or you don't have just a lot of camping  gear - this is kind of a way to ease your way in. Had it been better weather, we probably would  have like done more stuff on the beach and then   there's a lot of hiking, there's a temple and stuff  nearby. Like I said, there are those hot springs  

that we're definitely going to go to in autumn,  I will bring you, I promise. But yeah there's just   so much to do and it's relatively easily  accessible if you're coming from Seoul -   we had to take two buses and then we took a taxi  as you saw so it's not quite as easy as   my previous Incheon video where I showed you  you could just take the literally the subway   there in like an hour. This one's a little  bit more difficult but also you're camping in   the countryside so I think that makes sense. And  yeah I just highly recommend it. This was so nice   there are literally so many, like just on this  street, it's all different caravan places so   definitely look into it. You have to book  ahead because this is really popular   but yeah I had a lot of fun, I have only had  great - I've only been to Ganghwado twice but I've   had great experiences. I'll actually link it above  because I came in summer as well I think I came   in the beginning of summer, this is like mid-summer. But i'll link it because Ganghwa has an insanely  

beautiful cafe scene going on and then I also went  to a temple and there was this woman selling   these cherries that she picked off of a bush -  I don't know, it was a magical day   and I will link that above if you aren't quite  yet convinced about Ganghwa but anyway I'm   going to finish this, we're gonna see -probably  hit a cafe or something before we head back   so I'll see you once again but cheers from  the Monroe caravan at Hello Caravan on Seokmodo next to Ganghwa in Incheon - bye! You are so bad at this - give  it to them with your fingers! No I don't want them to lick me. Hand! Wow, he speaks English well too! And we are home from Seokmodo - why is  that so difficult for me to say? It is a small island off of Ganghwado  which is an island that is part of Incheon.   And so once again thank you to the Incheon Tourism  Organization for sponsoring this. I had such a  

good time and I'm so glad that Kurt had a good  time too because he's very nervous about nature   but that was just the perfect mix of like -  he basically was in a hotel room but we were   also really close to nature. It was just a really  great time so definitely check it out inchon   um there like visit incheon website which i will  link down below actually has a few care vans that   they recommend that are listed and then there's  literally a ton like that entire island was just   for camping um so definitely check it out for this  summer for this autumn it would be superb um so   yeah and they have different levels if you want  to do glamping if you want to do a caravan if you   want to do like just being in a tent you can do it  all so um yeah inchon love you so much i will see   you again soon so i'm gonna leave you here i hope  that you enjoyed our little camping adventure and   i will see you guys very soon once again so yeah  thank you for joining me see you next time bye

2021-07-19 19:34

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