Can Tech Make Ollie Climb Faster? | GCN Tech Show Ep. 58

Can Tech Make Ollie Climb Faster? | GCN Tech Show Ep. 58

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Welcome. To the gcn tech show this week we've got bling, new shoes, recycled. Kit and some. Banned tech plus Ollie's got a challenge, that he set himself and he's gonna tell you me, all about it. Now. In my opinion are like nothing. Screams hot more, than a pair of really simplistic, cycling. Shoes especially if they're an all-white, yeah. An alejandro, valverde the world Road race champion, he's. Been wearing physique shoes a couple of seasons now and, physique I've actually supplied him with a, special, pair, to celebrate him being world champion and Welfare. They're all white but they have some special little details, on them to signify his world champion and they say they say el. Ballet ballet Yoga Bala being al Verdes nickname on the inside which is really nice yeah I do like those finishing, touch at the rainbow stripes but. As far as we know they're actually not going to be made, available for, sale to the public so if you want some well you're gonna have to be world champion. This. Week we are discussing how to choose the optimum, equipment, for, your chosen discipline, event, race or challenge. Yeah, I've quite, foolishly set myself the lofty, goal well, lofty, for for me at least of trying, to ride ups a kelabra, climb, in me Orca in under 30 minutes which equates to an average speed of well, 19, to, 20 kilometers per, hour now. This, is something that I've been trying to do for years and years and years and never succeeded, I've, got close but I, feel, it represents, the limits, of what I'm capable of, physically, and, that's why I really, want to try and do it yeah. And I guess most people out there probably have a climb, which they have a certain affinity to, and they want to do it within a certain time limit I mean, I've probably got someone not gonna tell you though because they don't want to stitch myself about what you've done but, I reckon everyone out there can probably relate, to what you're trying to do yeah, so cycle. Obrah, really, stands out for me it's a climb that I've been riding, up and down for, years but. For those of you who are unfamiliar it's nine point four kilometres long with an average gradient of seven percent and it's, truly. Stunning yeah, but only if you're gonna do this you're. Gonna have to look at things in addition to the training you've been doing because let's face it we, haven't seen you for weeks now you've been living like a month. So. We're gonna need to look and actually find out which equipment is gonna be theoretically. Best, for you in this challenge because I want you to succeed my friend thanks, man well, we, contacted dr. Xavi, a dizzily hello Doctor, yeah of arrow coach, now arrow coach. Aerodynamic. Experts, and consultants. Who help cyclists. Improve, their equipment. And positions. In. The in the wind tunnel but also on velodromes, as well and they, also do course, modeling, yeah, Xavier actually did some course modeling, for you so, well we can actually look at the stats, to see what, it's gonna take for you to get under half an hour right. So first up wait. And, well. Most importantly I guess my, weight and now post. GCN. Christmas, party, are waiting. Myself and i was just, over. 73 kilograms. To. Be fair Olli there was, a lot of mineral water and also there was plenty of chocolates, in the office around that time but. Let's take a look then at the baseline, so far, shall we. Right. Well, the, moment you're 73, kilos, I, let's. Say you have nine and a half kilos extra, when you've got a bike equipment. And everything like that clothing, yeah, sort of pretty standard, sort of bike yeah, a right, ok so xaviar, is said to do the second, opera client in 30 minutes exactly in normal, conditions with what nice weather because you wouldn't want it to be blowing a gale would we you'll. Be looking at 350. 2.8, Watts, average, power yes. Yeah don't panic that's, with a standard, tire like a continental, GP, 4000, and butyl inner tubes assuming, a drag coefficient of, naught, point three five all, right that. Sounds quite hard now. You'd be alright. 352, watts, you, have been training hard make the numbers are looking good the numbers are looking good right well I know I can be lighter than seventy three kilograms, I know that I can be 69. Kilograms. And. Not lose any power because I've. There so, what, what happens right, well according to Sam's calculations.

And I'll make sure I get this exactly right because well I don't want to give, you dull information. From. 73, to sixty nine kilograms we'll save you fifteen point seven watts in total, to three point nine watts for every kilogram lost, which, gets the power dam then to three hundred and thirty seven point one was so there we are you'd have to plan quite as much just got well, lay, off the mineral waters and the chocolates, well that's easier said than done Bell to try my best so. Body, weight seems to be the biggest difference, but what about while, stop saying about the bike and the kit right, again I'm gonna have to refer to safe because well. As much as I would like to really make this difficult for you a little. Bit what settings, right okay take a kilo, off the bike and clothing it drops down to three hundred and thirty three point two watts total. Weight now is down to seventy seven point five kilos. And. If, you. Improve, your tires by putting latex, inner tubes in you'd be another three point two Watts better, off so now I'm down to three hundred and thirty watts, I love latex, I bet. You do and, also. I'm from, y know about tires, and rolling resistance and things I've looked at in the past if I swap say, a so standard, tire like a GP, four thousand out for. A lighter. Thinner, lower, rolling resistance TT. Tire I can expect to save so, to three. Watts there as, well so there. We are spending, alone II can. Get you fast they can rough something, I'm interested in right, arrow. Bike, and deep section wheels are they beneficial, on. A climb like cycle over at the speed I want to do it well, okay referring, back again to doctors, have. Doctors. Have has said by putting on deep sections, at 200, grams heavier they're. Going to drop your drag coefficient, by naught, point naught. One. But. Would be not put one watt faster, so if, you went crazy deep section though that were naught. Point naught 1/8, faster, but 300 grams heavier that, would be naught, point 4 watts faster. Probably, not worth it not really especially when you factor in the acceleration. You need out of certain corners, or, or, when, you start because, the. Added mass and inertia at that point is when that, starts to carry on saying something people often forget about isn't it yeah I think you probably better off just with a lighter wheel in that case it's interesting to see that this. At, this speed and weight, and, gradient. We're, right on the cusp of. Sort. Of where arrow is. Versus, light weight and which has the benefit, and, yeah. It's interesting to see that the, added, weight of say an arrow bike, here. In this system is. Almost. But not quite canceled. Out yeah by the arrow gain that, you get back yeah. Yeah, however, I think it will be easier to build a lighter bike from. A lightweight climbing, bike model so yes it seems like it's the way to go for sure yeah because that did actually say, that if the gradient, was five percent or less that it would have been faster to, use an, era bike because the average gradient is what's a 4 minus 10 percent yeah you've been studying. This haven't you like, a mountaineer. Ready to go up Everest something, else worth considering, here too obvious well are, you a grinder, or are you a sprinter. When it comes to climbing I don't. Think I'm either I do, like to climb out the saddle right. Okay Wow doctors, have he's, got the stats on this one and I don't think I've got particularly, good news for you on this one you're gonna have to learn, to climb slightly differently because according, to zap if you did the whole thing at the saddle it would actually increase, your drag, coefficient, to around 9.45.

And, Well that would equate to an eight point seven watt penalty, no yes time to get yourself some. Velcro on your shorts velcro on the saddle because that's where you're gonna have to sit and more importantly, to according. To the doc go. On to the Aero bars so think, back I don't know something like yeah norick in a mountain. Time show standard. Road bike more standard issue we're gonna make it light don't worry but also buts Mary bars on there too because that get, this it's gonna see save you eight point six watts if, I'm in Aero bars the whole way up yeah, yeah. Oh, yeah it's gonna be a difficult for me I've always favored, riding out the saddle so. Yes part of my training should be working on my seat and power for this right with all that in mind Olli quick bit of calculations. Here you're gonna save yourself if you did all of those things to the letter about, twenty five point six watts precise, which is about one minute 50, on that climb so, just. In this brief little chat here we've nearly saved you two minutes, well, he's eyes open but my current PB is. 3106. Which i think is about the same as ever Puli so right. I don't, think she was trying when she went up to be honest helix patella yeah I would like it for me yeah but, I, get, rather that's that's give me some optimism I mean I think it'll be interesting to see if these things when put into practice do actually, equate. To that kind of saving but, either you need to get training and, unloosen. White yeah. Okay. Low humming for some biking kit have to hide the biscuits from you when your desk no. Time. For more tech, now, in the past we've spoken about our favorite. Things that the UCI, is banned, including. Your. Well, rabbit decapitating. Spinergy, wheels yeah. Well. There's a new addition to the list because insurer. Has reported. That their class leading aerodynamic. Skin suit has been added, to that list and been banned yet. The suit. Features. Silicone, surface topography. Which. Is able. To act as Bluff bodies, on the arms reducing, drag. Basically. Little silicone Chevron's, now, that's being used to success, by the Movistar, team as, well as Alex, Dowsett and also Victoria. For our record, what. Success tubers yeah had but it's not all bad news John your that's been man well you can still buy it it. Doesn't really matter to us mortals, do you, see how I ban it to be fair I quite, some time ago in fact episode, two of the gcn, tech show Sinai, we spoke about the initiative, that a company, was making cycling, of, recycled, fishing nets and plastic, bottles and well a year, later and, it's made to be used by pro cyclists. And calls that his press care team where is the, company behind the. Recycled, kit, and it's actually going to be worn by, the. Vita's pro cycling, team who are Pro continental, team this, year which is pretty awesome and preska reckons, that it takes just, seven.

Plastic, Bottles to, make a jersey which is awesome that's not many as it's or if, you look around, how many plastic bottles we do see make, more of these things out of recycled materials I say anyway. More, tech next week. It's. Now time for, screw, riding upgrades by upgrades where you submit before and after pictures, or videos, or I think, will allow drawings. Yeah I'd like. Drawing. In this would. Submit well anyways submit, before and afters of your. Bikes or equipment to show how you've upgraded it for a chance to win the ultimate prize, is, it a cake is it an apron, who, knows we don't know it's the gcn caper and, this is also the part of the show where you can listen to only do his accent, and I really, like them actually. Yeah. A big big fan of them and of course if you've got anything to submit use the uploader tool down below yeah and, well actually we need to announce last week's winner don't wait yeah well I wasn't here no you weren't, anyway, the winner it was a closely, fought an affair, 53%, of the votes as William and his. William. Get in touch with us on Facebook to arrange delivery of the is it an apron, is it a Capron you decide or whatever it was he just said anyway. Let's crack on with the, first submission this week oh we got it's Dan from Columbus in Ohio, so how do we say Dan's name from Columbus, in Ohio Dan okay, there we are right, anyway so not, able to justify, the purchase of, a new bike dan decided to take on the project of restoring, their first real. Bike, a fully. Rigid, steel, 1994. Mongoose, Hilltopper mountain, bike it seemed plenty, of abuse through the years from crashes, and neglect but the frame showed. Promised, after, stripping, all of the original components. Dan soaked the frame in acid, overnight, to, minimize, the rust externally, and internally then, powder-coated, it, dan converted. A Shimano Deore triple, crank set into a one by chain set, eliminating. The need for a front of Radio trendy, fitted, a new 1134. Toothed sunrays cassettes, the rear wheel and a micro, shift of rear derailleur, the. Origin, eight stem is fitted, to the wonderful, knit OB, 1 3 6 r and inert touring, bars in 44. Centimeter, width at the flared drops, functional. With, 7-speed, Shimano. Sora, STI, leavers the bike fits and rides like, a dream come. True I see it then, today. The most smiles, per, miles of any bank in dance stable, and he's proud to have taken part in such, a. Restoration. Double that length right we got from that, there. Is going into the acid bath, and. There it is Ohio. Ohio. That's. A nice nice, upgrade isn't it yeah, it's, not gonna be plain sailing for Dan from Ohio. Because. He's, up against, Sam who's. In his basement so I thought, that'd be just muffles, in it like how, the. Doors lock yeah. Sam, bending. Helped, me. So. Sam bought, this Trek cross, rip mountain bike in late 2016.

And, He loved that it had this brakes and Sam. Wanted, a drop bar cross bike that, was like his cross rip but, the funds were lacking pull Sam so Sam slowly, managed, to save up enough to. Turn, Jolteon. Into, a drop, bar, hybrid. Using, micro, shift are 9 2, by 9 shifters. He swapped the suspension, fork for a stiff alloy. One even painted, it close to match he. Added a set of spire mechanical, disc brakes FSA. Omega, drops, Race Face stem michelin protec tires and budged, the stock, triple, train set for, a 4228. To go with an, 1132. Cassette, are you ready for this that's a big old look at here as he's mountain boy yeah, that's, your cross rip hybrid, look, at that there's, a lot of seat post on that one and Sam in your basement compliance. Yes, yeah there'll be a suspension there, I like, the fork as well a little. Stiff. Alloy front fork on there I just, hope he manages, to escape the, basement, and ride it outside yeah, yeah, Conti. Much cross riding, or gravel riding then in that basement can you do know who's, gonna be either down, or Sam, I said close one this yeah very close both - excellent submissions, thanks for that yeah I've really liked them well we don't decide anyway so does I boats, up there top right-hand corner maybe, just maybe you. Could. Be wearing one. Of those the, Capron. Bike. Of the week time and last week let's refresh, you with who was going head-to-head it was the Bianchi ultra xr4, of team young both yzma up against the argon 18 gallium, pro of team Astana Angela, with. 72%, of, the votes and the winner it was the being team. You nervous man congratulations. Team dad my spot, what color was that it, was the standard color they doing yeah it's prop and I sign it yeah, right anyway only movie will make who've, we got up this week there's me we've got a bowel of the, French oh nice, yeah and we're. Gonna do the Lapierre's. Elias, of group Armour FDJ the German I called. You're a sonic, Pro finishing, kit nice versus. The. Eddy merckx, of team, Asia desu Lomond. Er yeah what, a Scot Campagnolo on it and verse 19, yeah maverick wheels - that's a big battle that isn't it or, is it gonna be votes up there next week we, will review all the results and we'll have some more future battle I am with. Right. It's no time for the bite valve which we absolutely love, because we get literally, thousands. And thousands, of submissions and, of course we, then get to rent your bikes your pride and joy either nice or super. Nice so if you've got a bike that you want to get submitted into the bike bolt use the uploader tool down there in the description include. Everything, about the bike you where you're from all these things but not too much we don't want to know all the gory details but. What. Happens then when. They, get rated super nice. Like. That anyway, let's move on because the. Viewers they've been asking for me to do it again and of well, I've. Just damaged, him right oh yeah. All right k you are they're still sort. Of mix who. Is first up this, week, in the bike box right first up we've got them from Suffolk. No. Offense, intended bear, Ben how, does likes to do that since then, has got uh betters. Got his quirks cycle, sram1 buy on their fishing kit but. You. May be looking at this bike and thinking hang on to me that's an unusual shaped. Frame yes, big bike class. Ben. From, Suffolk, is six. Foot, nine and. Seven. Centimeters. Tall quick. Maths I don't know if you've ever been six foot nine John never, but I was once and it's really hard to find a bike that fits with you yeah. And he's. Had this custom-made, and. Fair. Play cuz that is nice a good piece work no six but nine ollie you're, what six foot six, one yeah you've just done that accent mmm, so sorry. Yes. Sorry. Then. I'm, sorry right. Personally. I think because, it's not easy to get a bike is it really that time like he's, not in seriousness I think. It's a great looking violin not the paintwork as well yeah yeah, super, nice yeah super nice. Right. Okay, next up is Lars, from Silkeborg, in Denmark, so quarry network and, it's all about that alright okay it's a visor Mike's is disc frame set it's got ceramic eater. HIVs. Prime, carbon. Williams no. Quack. Power me Iran there yeah we've got he said I think it's a really nice bodies, he's. Done well he's taking a subtle back off no bottles, in there it's in the big small, clean.

Drivetrain. You. Know he's got no spaces, above the stem, cranks. In the right position, the logos, of the wheels like, you know that sort of colors of the middle so on the stem. And the seatpost they all match, really. Really, well with that inner. Is excellent, excellent, taste in bikes good, eye for detail, but last but. But. Yeah. We. Can't let such a. Blatant. Disregard for health and safety of unchecked, in the bike fault there being a fire warden myself, yeah I totally, on your side that only well, I'm I'm a first. Aid one of the first aiders at gcn as well so this health our Safety's very, important, to me and almost, train, tracks there I mean that's just reckless, yeah slap. On the wrist for you Lars nice bike though yeah very nice but nice primary nice point, okay. Right. Who do we have up next family. We've. Got Glen, from Bethel Road I don't. Know where don't know where the road I'm assuming, is America. No. Idea well these guys is Willie a trusty, no-confidence replica. So right. That's. Got an FSA, crank set on it Campagnolo, record, it's, going to come. Carbon. Doraleous, a brake shift levers Mavi SSC. Carbon. Brakes. For this don't let me not as much Ritchie, seat post on there goes well that flights saddle, those, elite carbon, tail all guys are really really. Cool buy a nice piece of history there and also. Presented. Beautifully cranks. In the right position very clean, you, know space, is above the stem ticking, of boxes. Yeah. I even like, normally, I don't like color sidewalls, on tires but it goes well it is part of that be part of the ear right, there's one thing and there's one thing only I can find with it alright it's not the most exotic, backdrop but we will let that go this occasion. It's that brake lever on, the right hand side look the quick release button, has been in his pop down slightly yeah but I think, I honestly, think that can be a slight oversight, this week super, nice for me yes super nice for me too, Bethel. Road massive, super, nice yeah. Right. Next, up is Joseph, from Avondale, Arizona, Arizona. Very. Us it's, the giordano. Fixed. Wheeled bike um, run, interesting looking bike but. Each. Photograph photograph. D on the non-drive side we've. Told you time and time again no, it's. I mean I. It's. Nice but, the wheels quick-release, I'm not where was on the wrong song is the wheels aren't on matching. Which is yeah, it's, upsetting. Me you've. Got water bottles, mounted on the rear when you could use it looks me up there is some water bottle bosses, on the don't you availa I mean it's a cool-looking frame, it is it's, just. This. Just doesn't do it it's really nice it's a nice bike though it's, nice crossed by right. Time for the final, submission for, this week's bank vault here we got we, got Robert who's, from Hartsville, South Carolina. Actually. When a camp in Carolina.

What A summer camp indeed. Did. You really yeah, alright, well we can probably allow, the sense in that camp. There. We go right away, Robert. Got it is stable, um he's. Got a cannon Dale super six Evo with beautiful, by force twelve on it and, rovol wheels CL 64's. Yeah I had a bike just like that must. Butterfly, in the pool in his eye yeah nice, backdrop, yeah, shoot. You bye no. I, slammed. Stem, there no spaces, above it no I would have removed the water bowl I think. I would have done two also, the. Wheels. Mmm. Really. In line with one another are they which is a big shame yes, I've taken all the boxes up until that yeah. It's. A. Nice, bike though I think. It seems we gave the oversight, over the little shifter lever being out the way I think yeah I think I think right thing is only affair. That this is a super nice, something. I love about a climbing, frame with your wheels on it Robert, you. Are lucky, my friend because, good news. Super. Nice so, there we are the, clothes I, have yet another bike bolt for another week sad, times there so which next week yeah, so keep uploading pictures. Of your bikes we love going through them don't wait yeah we do and maybe that. Will get drunk. There. We are at the end of another tank show almost because. Well don't go away just yet remember to like and share this video with your friends and also if you haven't subscribed already, make sure you do and press that little bell icon, so, you get a notification, and, what seems it make only. Something. Like the lads rise, the sound he makes yeah and also well I think we should give a shout out to the shop yeah, well if you'd like to support the channel then. We've got loads of cool stuff in the shop but, my favorite thing at the moment is, the. Gcn, keep. Cups for coffee that i've got all what any hot beverage, you could put in there Bovril, as you can see mine's a little bit dirty because it's being very well used at the moment oh yeah but yeah they're really cool when he's not on his turbo trainer living, like a monk, for this challenge you can find him drinking coffee and, being well very excited, so. Yeah there we are now, if you want to check out another video how about checking out some, of the greatest helmets. And shoes from the Tour Down Under another, pair of wife's do something yeah father days are cool yeah it, wasn't there see. You next. Week.

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The secret to power to weight ratio, other than the training programs everyone tests, is eating as if you're diabetic. You must cut out all superfluous sugars.

Climbing "secrets" are: Doing the right kind of intervals: FTP20 * 105% for 3 minutes, 3 times in one session, 2 days before your climbing day. FTP20 * 90% for 20 minutes with smoothness the day before. If you're not fit enough to recover from that then see what you can accomplish the first time and then gradually complete more of those sessions. If you're already fit enough, add FTP20 * 120% for 15 to 20 seconds repeats 2 days before, establish a baseline structure without getting fatigued. That all serves to train you how to pace yourself for all other sessions. IOW, add it to what you normally do but make sure at first you don't go too hard on those 2 days before your climbing day until you know how well you can recover while at the same time getting work done in those zones under controlled conditions where you build good habits and discipline. And pay attention to where you falter out on the road because few people know how to read their fitness data in order to choose the right cogset. Today it's probably a good idea to get "junior" cassettes for climbing (training) days if you struggle to pace yourself on long climbs. If you can manage it, the on the road climbing should be done with an "ideal" gear and a cog on each side that you can keep smooth (above and below your ideal cadence) to practice smooth efficiency with a wide window. All of that also serves to help you recognize the various sensations as you start to "blow" before it gets critical and you learn how to respond to keep the pace up, which also helps you complete your training goals, ultimately making you stronger over time. Don't be fatalistic about what you think your "genetic" limits are. Nobody reaches their genetic limits in road cycling.

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Gents, In Denmark there are lots of pristine dis-used railway lines. You can hire a pedal buggy type thing and cycle along the line for a small fee from the local tourist board. Thats why there are railway lines still there, and perfectly safe to use as per your want.

The tech duo back again! Love the show fellas. Great stuff


Ollie’s ears ringing when Jon RANG THE BELL... I’m dead, that killed me.

Glad you liked it

Quite possibly the best bell ringing yet.

At first I thought the 6foot 9 guy had 26 wheels!

Everything wrong with that Giordano. lol

Jon what did you do to your finger

Serious damage

I sure Ollie make it since he is supported by Jon! They together are the unbeatable duo stronger than any hill or Mountain.

Yeah, I'm the Clyde to Bonnie

Excellent video as usual guys. Good luck on your quest of Sa Colabra in under 30 Ollie!

That was a Trek Dual Sport (DS) not a Crossrip.

Spot on. The Crossrip has drop bars right out of the box.

That bell has no resonance. I'm sure there are upgrades. I'll have a dig around.

Upgrade of the week was un votable. Those were terrible.

Ben Wright I saw your comment and thought it a tad negative but then on seeing the upgrades I reluctantly have to agree

Sounds like with all these changes, Ollie will have to ride the brakes on the way up!

Gr8 video!!!!

Your supernice rules are as randomly applied as UCI rules... well done!


The bike vault is getting funnier each time. Each week I look forward to the last second flaw they find in the blingiest bikes.

Ollie in a circle saying 'trendy' and 'functional' I died laughing!!!

Team AG des jeux?

how can a bike without peddles get a super nice ?

Can we get some better lighting in the studio. Thanks. Cheers!

Great show gents, can we get a meet the GCN presenter for both you guys? I want the history on Ollie's accents mainly. One gripe with todays show, the Wilier being super nice despite not being in the smallest cog, on the small ring and not even having pedals. Slipper slope

Luke. At ease.

Hey guys keep up the great content! Just two things on the Wilier you gave a SUPER NICE to the shift lever is in the position to remove the wheel and where are the pedals????

Apparently South Carolina is now Texas.

Ollie...very nice "flat" Ohio accent!

I like it when Ollie drops that British accent and takes normal.

There's someone in South Carolina with a Supersix Evo? I have to meet you, Robert!

If anything is associated with Graham Obree, It will be bannned by the UCI! just saying!

Absolutely love the tech show but I have a question. I’m a 81kg rider with an average speed of 30km/h as a lone wolfer but have my first competitive grand fondo coming up and would like to know how much faster I will be able to go if I learn to draft the competition, BTW I’m 40 years old going for an age category placement

Lads . . . a bit of consistency please . . . the Wilier "Super Nice" had its chain on the SMALL ring!

And no pedals! Pedals should be mandatory for a Super Nice.

All goofs aside, I am hoping, Ollie, you accomplish your goal on that climb, and as one who enjoys presenter collaborations, I think you should work with Joe and Jack at BikeRader to get your bike as skinny as possible--they seem to get all the best crazy-light components. And super smash 30-minute motos on your trainer. And maybe crank up Eye of the Tiger on your boombox. Go, Ollie, go, go, go!

0:35 a couple of seasons ? It was last year the first year that they started using not only Fizik saddles but shoes as well . Good info that u have

hahaha i WISH i was 73 kg! i'd have to lose 44 kg to get there! you can do it, ollie!

Ollie's accents may be my favorite thing on any gcn video.

After Matt's laughter

+Jon Cannings I love your insight as well, but you two have a great chemistry on the tech vids. Definitely my favorite GCN team.

Not a fan...

Don't encourage him...


13:17 to enjoy an easter egg

after dans bike pimp its now damn ! with ollies accent of course

Jon is really blossoming like a butterfly into using the silly humour that he's always wanted to. Bring it on Jon. Bring it on.

Is Ollie going to do a vlog like from 0 to just above zero Dan for when he does his Sa Callobra climb

It's the climb.

Love the comment on the trainrail.

Si's special climb is right by where he lives, Ollie's special climb is in Mallorca, obviously.

Dan and Sam should be shot

Ollie just needs to face the reality that he, too, needs the Zero to Hero program.

Wow, my bike, on the Bike Vault. Thanks, but in my defence, The picture was taken on a guarded railway-crossing with no trains due to pass in the near future. Thanks for the nice words. That just saved my week!

+David Crow Thank you for the nice words, and I don´t mind the pun.

Super Cool bike, super cool background: not very often get to 'track' where you've been (weak pun), or even worse pun, is it a new definition of a 'track bike'? Love the bike and the photo composition.

Jon Cannings Nice to hear from you Jon. That locomotive you see. Is it celeste colored?

Sexy as hell!!!

Lars.... Come on mate... I can see a locomotive

+Carl Forde Jep, just a little bit :-)

you was robbed

+Starclimber Thanks... :-D

I thought your bike was fully worthy of a 'super nice!'

What did Jon get his "grubby little hands" on, it must have bitten back.

It was a snappy one...

He can do it for sure. It's because of the new GCN coffee cup though, I just got mine and it has added significantly to my power.

both of the upgrades are shit

Really enjoying the presenter challenges, like following the planning and theory behind the attempts. Keep it up!

You can have aero and light weight now days. My f10 is 6kg with pedals, bike computer and power meter, aero and lightweight is the way it go oli1

Why does the UCI hate innovation? Good luck Ollie.

Probably Not

how geeky, get some new material, this channel is dying quickly

Quirk Bikes, genius

#GCNTech  What happened here in "Upgrade of the week"?! Couldn't decide what bike was more ugly!

So... All Ollie needs to do is sit on Emma's wheel for the whole climb, then outsprint her at the end. :-)

And the Froggy goes to lapierre

If the bells aren't ringing, train tracks are safe. Give that a super nice.

So what exactly has Jon done to his finger...........?

+Bungle2010 I have been by the railway and I always would be careful. Yes, people have been hurt but it does make it interesting.

Railway tracks are not a playground, they are very dangerous places. The currant fad of using them for photo locations is highly irresponsible. And yes people have been killed. People are killed trespassing on the railway all the time.........

It doesn't work like that. Using a railway line as a photo location is an asinine and irrepressible thing to do.

After Ollie's test you should do a GCN pace line like Team Sky does up the climbs to see how much faster he can do the segment.

Assuming those numbers are correct it means Ollie would need to produce around 4.8W/kg for 30 minutes. Something tells me it's going to take more than just weight loss and optimizing drag coeff and rolling resistance.

If Emma P's time is over 30mins, he's gonna have his work cut out...

Being a lightweight rider @ 60KG, I've ridden sa colabra in 30mins dead with sub 300w. Loose some weight!!

I've always loved the tech show. With the addition of Ollie it's some of the best content on the internet.

Sweish cycling cloth brand Sigr goes one step further this year and uses recycle fishing net to make jerseys

I have a ride i do occasionally 40km with 1100m of climb I would love to crack it in anything under 2 hours 1 hour 59m 59s is my target, mind you I am 58 and about 10kgs over an ideal weight !


I think BAD call on the WILIER Bike.. A Super nice sorry I do not think so.. Chain is on the small chainring, no pedals, the front valve at the 2'Oclock position, no idea where the rear valve is at, and what a crappy back drop!!!! Then the bike on the RR Tracks only a nice because it is the on the tracks Booo HIssss Booo !!! But I really liked the first bike that got the Super nice.. I do not know why I I was so drawn to that bike but, It looks it may fit me..

@12:38 So Ollie; why don't you speak "normally" like that all the time? (Cousin - from Silicon Valley)

Gentlemen, I appreciate the "Super Nice" vote, even with the lever issue! I'm not sure how my information from the photo location (Bethel Road) from another of my submissions ended up with the Wilier (pronounced VEE-lee-air, c'mon guys). I'm actually from Royersford, Pennsylvania. Love the show!

Yeah, the lever was an oversight (as in open your dang eyes before setting up the photo!). I build/restore bicycles for clients, and there is no sense in putting pedals on when they are such a personal choice.

Same here

The only actual super nice didn't get it because of the train tracks?! You guys hurt my heart.

Ollie should pop round to Bike Radar and borrow Reuben's 5.2kg climbing bike. :)

Some of you folks (maybe even the hosts) are forgetting it isn't "best photograph of a bike". I think the whole feature is supposed to focus on the bike itself. If I put a beat up Schwinn on the rim of the Grand Canyon with it's valves lined up, should it beat a Campagnolo- and Cinelli-equipped Pinarello in cromovelato paint that is photographed in someone's cement-walled basement?

If he goes for marginal gains like tires, aerodynamics or a light TT suit and trains a lot, he may be able to do it.

Wheels: "Hello, is that Lightweight? I would like to borrow some wheels"

LOL QOM Emma will be watching closely

Go tubeless for a small savings in wattage.

I'm all for the odd bit of *coarse modelling* - oo-er, fnar fnar. But seriously, folks... when I woke up this morning my face looked like it had been subjected to some *coarse remodelling* . Boom boom (best Basil Brush impression).

And the Oscar for best supporting actor goes to........ Jon Cannings in Transformation Segment!!!!

It's not a quick release on that Campagnolo lever. It's a detente

how can that first bike get a super-nice??? Completely disproportionate frame, crank not horizontal, wheels not aligned, bottle on.... and then you start to discus about super tiny details on other super-nice bikes refusing them to give a super-nice?

Amazing that aero vs lightweight is still a wash at 7%.

@Craig Gruber oh yeah great Idea. And maybe some beard-gains? Not because it makes sense, but just for the commitment :D

@Bungle2010 I have been by the railway and I always would be careful. Yes, people have been hurt but it does make it interesting.

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