Can you use a Swiss Army Knife as a survival knife?? Rangergrip 78 and the Ironhorse strop.

Can you use a Swiss Army Knife as a survival knife?? Rangergrip 78 and the Ironhorse strop.

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Hello. And welcome to Vinny's day off our. Topic for discussion today is Swiss, Army knives over. The last year or so I've built a number of survival, shelters using, various. Falling, knives and the two questions that have been asked very very often err what. Is my opinion of Swiss Army knives and, could. You build a shelter using. A Swiss Army knife. The. First, one I bought was this I believe it's a camper. I, carried. This for many many years, going. To work and when it was needed to do so going out it's. A very useful little knife and. You. Have the two blades but. What is far more useful are these two screwdrivers. Especially. This smaller, one which which fits most their Philips screw heads. This. One is we use more for prying and poking, and twisting, and jamming. Things, in term and macgyvering, if you will. I'm. Sure guys, come off many uses for these car crews but it got very very little use with me. The. Next knife I got was this this one the. Alpen here. At. That time I was a bit obsessed with, razor. Sharpness and, I may have ground blade very thin but. I got a lot of chipping that's why it's so worn looking now so, my opinion of Swiss Army knives is, that there are basically decent knife maybe. Not the most repairable. Greatest out there but they're a good decent knife one. Thing I've never had is a saw. So. That led me to buy this one this. Is the Victoria. Knox Ranger grip 78. And. This is a fine big saw a four-inch, blade saw almost. Four inch blade knife. On. The back of this one it. Has a proper. Phillips screwdriver I was, very interested in this as, I say, as. I said the corkscrew, is of no use to me. So. That's why I wanted this. I haven't. Been asked by people in the comments to. Try out two specific, knives the, first was the farmer, and the, second was the trail master, I was, very very close to buying the farmer I like the look of the farmer a lot but, I just thought it was a little small for, what I would be doing Trail Master likewise is a fine knife trained master was very very interesting, but, those knives that were offered for sale that, were convenient, for me to buy had.

A Partially, serrated blade. And. This. Is an abomination before me I wouldn't have it there, was no plane blade available, so. I went with this Ranger grip like. In many Swiss Army knives you have the. Toothpick. Do. Or do not there is no try. And. You have the tweezers. No. I've watched. Many reviews and these and. Heard. Guys say how useful these were for taking taking our torrent, the splinters and such I must. Say I've found them completely useless in my experience. They're. Good for nothing except the most superficial, torn, and. He turned his penetrate as well, these, aren't strong enough they're, too flimsy too pliable, they. Won't grip. It's. A superb idea. But. It's badly executed, I believe these these. Tweezers, are much much too weak, and pliable okay. One. Thing I'm very much enjoying youtube is the fact that I get to. Interact. And chat, with many people from all over the world one. Of the first people I came across was. Iron Horse 19, isn't, that a cool name. And. In the course of our chats he offered to make me a strop, and he sent me to a web site showing. Various styles, and sizes of straps what caught my eye was, a little pocket strop so, I asked him if he could make that one for me and he did. And. This is it I have it Lord with green compound, I could do it a little more actually. Now. I was thinking of making something like this myself for a long time but, I never got around to it. This. Is smooth leather. But, I'm contemplating, getting some fine compound, for this. But. As you can see it's it's ideal, for the pocket. I'm. Really pleased with this and we're going to try it out today, thanks. Very much Iron Horse 19 much, appreciated, and I really love this thank. You very very much. So. Gentlemen, and ladies my second. Most asked the question can. You use a Swiss Army knife as a survival, knife, let's. Go find out. Okay. So our first order of business is, to build a shelter but. Today I'd like to discuss the, amount of time it takes to build one of these shelters and, also the problems of logistics. You. May not have all your resources in one area I'm. Going, to use brambles, for. Cartage again. And. I. Need to collect them here and there's a reason for that I'll show you later, where. I plan to build the shelter is about a mile that way okay. So. I'm going to move around and collect some of these and I'll get back to you okay, okay.

Guys So if collectors are brambles. For cartage now. We need to hike to our central location a mile that way this took us a half an hour okay. Okay. Guys I, plan. To build my shelter here. It's, taken is about an hour and 15 minutes to get here we. Had to move, through some fairly heavy brush and, there's no trail obviously up to this place there's. Not a great deal of flat. Dry ground around here, so this this is about as good as we're going to get so. Our next order of business is gather some pose okay. Okay. Let's, see how to solve our forums guys, this. Pole is fairly, long and I can get to shelter. Points, out of us okay, so, let's have a go. Okay. I got a little bit hung up there. But. He eventually got them down, so. Out of that I got two stout poles. It's. A little bit of work with the saw it's a little bit tedious but is well capable of cutting. Perfectly. Strong Timbers, that. Would make you a stout shelter. Let's. Try something else with the next Pole. When. I was a small boy my dad showed me how to call it a pole with, a knife you. Bend a pole over and you cut across the fibers. It. Doesn't matter how big the pole is if you can bend us you can cut us even with a tiny knife, what. I'd like to find out now, is. Can. I do the same with the sole okay. Let's. Give this polar bend over. I'm getting hung up. A. Little. Bit of a bend. It. Is easy. Not. Quite as we planned. But. Seemingly you can do the same with the saw. It's. Also convenient. To. Crush make cuts around a pole with. The knife and break, it off so. Let's see if we can make a little cut with the saw all, around to, break it off as well. Let's. Try that. I'm. A bit tight for space here. We're. Over here. That, works fine. For, a smaller so it can do a lot of work I'll tell you that right. Let's, crack on guys. Here. We have a poll, that's somewhat. Thicker than I would I would try with the knife to. Be honest and, I just like to see, how. To saw. How. This all works with this one. Timber. Binding. A little. Oops. It is he. As. I see a little tedious but, you. Can cut quite respectable, polls. Quite. A solid poll with this little saw. Very. Useful and definitely I suppose what you call a force multiplier a. The reason I had to gather brambles, back at the other area is, because. The. Brambles, here. Have. Been pretty, much hammered by the deer they're. Being nipping them off as they grow nipping, the tops off. So. They're much more they're, much shorter, and more stunted. There's. Another example here. Let's. Find you some more. This. One is the same. And. That's what I mean you may not have all. The resources you need in one area you may have to travel quite a distance to find what you need, so. That's logistics, for you. And. This is the reason why we travel so far up here guys this, is one of the very few places Believe It or Not left, locally.

Where I can get a plentiful supply of filled rushes and, these. Are the only shelter. Material, I would trust at this time of year a pair, from sod which, would be a nightmare to court without a spade. So. I'm going to gather some of this a. Little. Technique I came up with. For, according this is. To grab your bunch at the top generally. There's a lot of grass and crap growing through it, so. If you grab your bundle up here and course. You. Can pull it up and leave all the crap behind. This. Cutting these is also very hard an edge you have a lot of display. And there's all, rotten, rushes going there and just tough grass growing as well at roots this. Is very hard an edge so. The Iron Horse trough will come in very useful here I'm going to cut away and I keep strapping, is that course okay. So. I've got a couple of hours work here at least just, to get the roof. Dice. Come up come up we get the snow cut ERISA what. See. You in a while guys. It's, three days later life. Got away again I. Finished. Cutting the poles today searching, for the poles selecting. Them cutting. Them trimming them getting the back here took, about an hour and a half. Yesterday. I came up and I caught the rushes. That. Took about two and a half hours, it, was raining away fairly steadily so I didn't get any footage of that it, was pretty miserable let me tell you so. Hopefully we have enough I'm. Going to build a shelter using tripods, again using. Saplings, to support your shelter is is excellent, but it's very difficult to find two. Saplings in a level dry place that. Doesn't have a. Widowmaker, hanging, over us a Widowmaker, being, a big tree or a large branch tie could possibly, fall in you you. Know it's. A very real danger. So. That's what I've taken to making these shelters with two. Tripods of support, so. I better get cracking or this video is going to take after year see, in a while guys. Here. We have the finished shelter. I. Meant. To show more of the construction, but things went against me at. Brambles, this time of year not as flexible I had a good deal of trouble with them. But. My intention, was to do the whole thing with natural, materials, throughout I used twine excuse my fingers now they're quite dirty I used fine to finish the very top row here and, put. The brushes. On the side here as well, also. The, tripods. At both sides I reinforced. With a little bit of binder twine just because it's. Holding the weight, I've. Got, some spruce bars lay down just to sit on this. Is about the best use for spruce, boughs in my opinion. Let's. See if we can get a little fire going have. A little twig bundle here. So. Can. You use a Swiss Army knife as a survival, knife well. We've got a shelter started a good. Waterproof shelter we've got fire started. What's. Left cleaning. Some fish are cleaning game I. Think. It's a bloody good survival knife. And. This little saw is a game changer. This. Is one of the easiest shelters I built now. It takes a little bit of time but, with a bit of patience and. Just let the saw do the work it's. Quite an effective little cell. Now. There are many in YouTube we. Seem. To believe that splitting, wood is is, vital. For survival. Spinning. Logs of firewood with their knife. Now. I searched throughout the woods and I could find no logs the firewood lying around so. I had to cut this one. So. We're going to see if we can split this using, this little little little. Knife. Okay. Let's see how we get on I've. Created. A kind of a knife wedge. Type. Implement, here. So. You've got our little cut. Started, there. So, if you really want to split wood it's.

Very Possible. So. How long did this little shelter take to build guys it. Took a half an hour together brambles. It. Took an hour to hike in here, it. Took about an hour and a half together to wood it, took two and a half hours together to rushes. It. Took about another two and a half hours to build this I. Could. Have done it faster but. It went against me because the Brembos, were difficult, to work with. This. Will tell you a couple of things it'll. Show you for instance why I'm not drawing out two videos a week. It. Allows to show you how absolutely vital and precious something. Like a tarp or even a sheet of plastic or a small tent would. Be if you were traveling somewhere, where there was a risk of being lost. The. Reason it would so much effort is. That. I now have a very waterproof. And a, very strong and windproof, shelter. It's. An effective shelter. And. Then we go is just the end of my video I really, hope you enjoyed it and thanks very much for watching indeed, can. You use this with ceremi knife as a survivor knife I think. So, bye. Bye.

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Good work mate again, nice trick that wood splitting, have to try that myself also.

Thank you very much Raine and thank you for watching

I have one of those it's all the knife you need ........Great video pleasure to watch

Thank you very much thornwarbler, I must say Swiss Army knives have gone up in my estimation. I was very impressed indeed

Another good video Vinnie. I particularly like this shelter with the field rushes, they look as though they make a really efficient thatch. I have a SAK Outrider that I carry when I'm looking for sticks to cut as one of my hobbies is making rustic walking and hiking sticks, I have had the Outrider for about 15 years and the saw still cuts quite well so the steel it's made with must be quite good. Using a wedge is a much better way to split wood compared to beating the crap out of what may be an expensive knife and the only effective way if all you have is a small knife. SAKs aren't the perfect choice for survival but with any of the bigger ones, they will certainly help to get you out of trouble. The countryside where you live is stunning

I would agree 110% Chris. I often think people have forgotten what a knife is for. Those woodsmen had fine blades because they cut well. Making a blade thick does not help it pass through material, rather it hinders it. modern bushcraft knives are thick bladed because the knife manufacturers watched guys breaking their knives on YouTube and said we had better do something about this. Light batoning or splitting thinner wood should be no trouble to a good knife but any knife that can stand being hammered through large logs of firewood is going to be a sharpened pry bar. My God I'm ranting, I had better stop before I turn into a grouch :-)

I would prefer to carry a small hatchet to split with than using a knife or perhaps a cheap small machete but although I have batoned with a decent knife I don't really like it. I know bushcraft knives now tend to come with thick blades for that reason but you lose out on cutting ability and fine work with a thick heavy blade. When you look at all the oldtime Scandinavian woodsmen they all carried fined bladed Puukkos for 99% of their work and sometimes would use a large Leuku for heavier work but even Leukus are quite fine blades otherwise it was an axe. I like a stick for hill walking having that extra point of stability makes you safer and faster, especially when it's loose underfoot on a downhill walk. I like to take a camera out with me and a stick is useful to just balance the camera on top to steady some shots.

Thanks very much Chris, good to hear from you. That Outrider looks useful. The Rangergrip is my introduction to Swiss Army saws, and I have to say I was well impressed. Each to their own but I don't like to see all the hammering and walloping that goes on with YouTube batoning. I think there would be very few times if any that you would NEED to do it yet it is rife and "indispensable". But who am I to tell anyone, we must all do as we see fit. I have often admired those walking sticks, that is a nice hobby to have. I make my own shooting sticks (rifle rest) and when I do a bit of hill walking I always have a seasoned hazel stick. I feel the odd man out because nobody else uses them, but I love them. Thanks for dropping by Chris.

Hey Vinnie, I am a big fan. I also share your affection for traditional folding pocket knives. I wondered if you might share some of your thoughts on how to clean and maintain your pocket knives. How do you clean them, how often do you clean them, oil, etc...? Thanks and keep up the great videos!

Hi Brad, thank you for your kind words. I just inspect my knives when I get back from being out, With some carbon steels you get a kind of tarnish or residue from sap or the metal reacting with the sap. I use a little Autosol metal polish to get that stuff off. For normal grime or dirt I wash the knife thoroughly with soapy water and a dish brush. If I used it to clean game I would spray in some anti bacterial kitchen spray and do my best to work it in everywhere, then I just dry it as well as I can. With some knives I would use a hair dryer to make sure all the moisture is gone, after that a little oil and my work is done. I don't know about the extremes some people go to with disinfecting etc. I grew up on a farm and grew up eating apples off the ground etc etc, and would say I am immune to most tummy bugs. It is good to be clean but we are also designed to interact with bacteria. I don't agonise about my knife being sterile, clean is good enough for me. I would oil fairly often, as my environment is usually fairly wet. I have some stainless fixed blades for kayaking and I go to town on them after being in the sea. Salt being uber corrosive as we know, even with stainless knives. Thanks again Brad.

Like the one with the saw seems very handy

It sure is. i would not bother with any Swiss Army knife without a saw again. Thanks for watching

Nice vid Vinnie. If you can build a shelter then yes. It is a survival knife. For you or someone like you with experience. I don't think I could do it but that is more on the lack of knowledge. If you have the skill you can do anything. I suppose in the end it's not the tool that matters the most but your experience in the wild. Thank you.

Hey Rocky, if I can do it anyone can. All I did was use a saw, and did a bit of knife work. After that it was just time and put it together as best you can. I get a little bit needled with YouTubers sometimes because they seem to have forgotten what a knife is for. They are so fixated on beating and hammering on their knife that some of them can hardly cut. The big question is, is all this beating really needed? I don't think so, but then it is a free world and each to their own. We must all do as we see fit eh? Thank you for watching Rocky

Great film Vinnie,the way the shelters are coming along nicely I agree with you about those serrated knives ,I received a leatherman wingman as a gift which has one -impossible to sharpen .I’ll give the ranger knife a go looks very useful thanks as always for the film always very informative atb Mick

Thanks Mick. I have tried out serrated blades on rope, which is what it is supposed to be good for and I can see no difference between a sharp plain blade and a serrated blade. And, like you say, it is hard or impossible to sharpen serrations properly. I certainly would not have it on a single blade knife. Thanks for watching bud!

Greetings to Dyon from Uruguay. Vinnie, the video I enjoyed as ever, but if is my choice, I prefer hands down your Buck 110. I bought a similar chinese copy in OZ and used it to open coconuts in Fiji, my favorite folder since I bought another Tramontina copy in Brazil more than 25 years ago for defense. Both copyes or imitations was 3.5 inches, wich I found more practical to carry. Now I use an almost free chinese 2 and 1/4 inch lockback folder for edc. The 110 changed the rules. It is interesting much people understand survival as days lasting travel to the wild to hunt while we can think survival as an unexpectd change of scenario for what is good to have a little tool and some skills. This makes your videos more worthy than most I seen (love blades so I watch everything I can).I had like three SAK and carryed a Tinker for months, but in the same weight and size I can have a stronger one blade, wich will do almost efficiently what the swiss does with four or five (just personal preference). Enjoy Easter hollydays.

True true. I don't drink much but when I do it is Guiness. If you can get draught Guinness from a pub that knows how to keep and draw it properly there is nothing else like it

Not fair mate, you have the Guiness.

You should have tried Ireland in the eighties! You certainly learned how to make do.

Yes, nothing like to be free from the overprized sharpened pry bar. Yes I know your philosophy, I seen some of your videos and agree with, while learn some skills you share. Tramontina uses good steel, the stainless is the same of Victorinox, but the quality controls are not comparable to the americans or europeans. I live in a small country and the items offered are reduced, so I must buy what I found.

I told Dyson you said hello and he looks at me with his head sideways :-) A friend of mine had those Chinese folders for years and swore by them. i did not know Tramontina copied them. I have a Tramontina machete which was very cheap, but is an excellent tool, apart from the handle which can slip out of your hand sometimes. I imagine a Tramontina 110 copy should be decent. Well the next step in survival would be hunting and fishing but unfortunately the laws often prevent us from using primitive traps and methods. To be honest I got into the shelter videos just to make the point that a good folder could be used to good effect as I was annoyed by what I heard people say on YouTube. It seems to have progressed from there. Thank you for your comment and I hope you have a good Easter too my friend!

Excellent. Very good technique for splitting wood without an axe. Any chance you might know the latin name of the gras you are using for the shelter?

Same here. But still grows in the moor.

Not as common as it was Lars. Any marginal land has been planted with forestry up here, so it is getting harder to find

Ah, lysesiv in danish. Makes good sence!

Thank you Lars. The proper name is soft rush, or in latin Juncus Effusus

I like it and enjoyed it. The work, the knives and how you split the log.

I´ve prepared a small package with some fatwood and a "farmer" for Eire. Muahahahaha!

I know, that's why I got the Rangergrip first, The Farmer would be useful too

That´s nice! Consider, the saw by the "Farmer" is not so long like the saw by the "Rangergrip 78". But it´s okay!

I thought you might like a Swiss Army Knife video Tom. I liked the Farmer when I saw you using it. I think I will get myself one of those too. Thanks for watching

In my experience, Silky saws work on the pull, & SAK saws work on the push stroke. This might make a difference in the overall effeciency.

Hi Richard. You know even after working with it I was not able to say which way it cut. I've just ran out and tried. The Rangergrip cuts (removes material at least) both pushing and pulling, but seems to take a little more on the pull. It seems to cut more like a normal wood saw (cuts both ways) than a silky. I am no expert with SAK knives or saws whatsoever. This is the first SAK saw I have used. It is not in the same league as a bigger saw but for the size is impressive. Thanks for dropping by

Great video vinnie glad you like the strop

I like it very much Chris.Things turned wet and miserable cutting the rushes and things went against me the next day so I did not show it in use. there will be more videos coming though! Thank you again.

I have the Wenger ranger 55 blaze and hardwood camouflage design, which for me are great knives the saw is my favourite tool on the knife the blade which is too long for legal uk carry and has a great lock release is the perfect camp knife Got to love the way you split the wood so easily

Good to hear from you John James. I am no expert on SAK's by the way. The Ranger is a fine looking knife, fairly similar to the Rangergrip I'd say. Thank you for dropping by my friend.

Great as always!!

You are a gentleman as always!

Another awesome video Vinnie.. I carried a Swiss army knife exclusively for years and had no complaints. Recently I have been more interested in traditional folders.. I think more for the nastalgia.. I hope your planning something for the Hayin Helper you have.

Ta JH, I sure am. I need to use it a bit and gather my thoughts on what I think of it.

Great video Vinnie. Really enjoy your videos.

Thank you very much Aple, and thanks for dropping by

Great video Vinnie, as usual.The back of the saw also makes a great scraper for a fero rod, as long as you grip the saw firmly.

My pleasure!

Scrapes moss fairly good too David. Thanks very much for watching

I carried a SAK Hiker for years, but now I carry a Farmer, both have a saw blade. Great tools! For camping I have a Tajima G-Saw with an 8" saw blade that weighs about 8-1/2 oz.

Whose recommendation could possibly be better? I will keep a look out for them here

My son, a skilled wood worker, recommended them, and they are less expensive than the Silky. I'm very pleased with mine.

I had not heard of the Tajima saws Ronnie. They seem to be similar to the silky saws. Looks like good kit

Rangergrip 78 is some bad ass piece of kit. The operator cleary knows how to use it. I showed this video to my Falkniven A1 Pro and said to it, "You best be on your best behaviour from now on". Another cracking video Vinnie!

I never thought of that. A fast melt means floods eh?

I still have 1.2m of snow on my front yard. The mountains have at least 2m. Hopefully its a slow melt.

Thank you very much Johnny. How is the weather up there?

Great video Vinnie! It's always great watching someone who knows what they're doing whether be rebuilding an engine or building a shelter. At the beginning, the first knife you discussed I believe is a Vic Spartan. i carry one like it. Don't dismiss the corkscrew so quick. It's great for undoing knots in your shoe laces. Search youtube 'Victorinox corkscrew uses' and you'll see a few uses. I've been using for knots long before internet myself, prefer it over the phillips since the can opener's screwdriver is usable as a phillips. I can appreciate that you don't put out 2 vids a week, quality over quantity. I'll be looking forward to your next video.

Rodger that dude, I am no expert on SAK's, thank you. I must look up those uses.Nice talking to you as usual.

It's a very handsome looking tool. Great video as always my friend. Amazed at how well the saw works, very clever it manages to cut green wood with no set on the teeth, am sure a lot of it was your expert technique!

Well I suppose they do stuff that us mere mortals might not stand up to

Lord only knows what happens to blokes in the SAS!

You have a point there Turbo :-) A lot of what he shows is dangerous though

Who's going to be stupid enough to give me a gun? The man gets a bit of credit from me for his work with the scouts, anything that gets young lads outside is hugely beneficial to them and society.

The spine is thinner. The blade gets wider as it goes towards the teeth. If I ever turn out like he who must not be named who deals with Gerber I give you permission to come over and shoot me!

That's what I'm on about, is the spine of the blade ground thinner than the pivot? If your head really is getting fatter you are doing a good job of hiding it, I'll pull you up on it when you are dressed entirely in Gerber outdoor products with your own reality TV series!

Ta Turbo. I'm looking at the saw since you commented. I don't have your technical knowledge. The teeth do protrude slightly from the side, does that count as set? Your adulation pleases me! My head grows fatter daily :-)

Great video, Vinnie! That Victorinox RangerGrip is a definite survival tool to have in the woods. IT does a good job at sawing good size branches. It probably would work well on bone too. Excellent all around knife companion.

I had not heard of it Raul. I listened to a good deal of the presentation and it seems sensible. They left poor old Amir in the lurch after he helped them, however it is hard to say what any of us would do in that situation. I gather you are preparing for the worst. I would imagine you would need family AND community standing together in that situation, you would need numbers and I can't see anyone doing it alone. I also think these bug out guys running to the woods are a non runner, it does not make sense. If you are thinking of wilderness shelters I can tell you most of what I see on YouTube are complete shit. I tried to spend the night in a bad shelter I copied from YouTube. See "Case large trapper s.s. survival shelter build" in my videos, and that was an eye opener. if you are thinking of these shelters I urge you to build one and see how it fares in wet windy weather. There are only a few good materials to use too. There is a reason that nobody used spruce boughs or loose leaves to roof their houses in the old days. They don't shed water. What I have learned is that carrying some proper shelter like a tent and having sleeping bags suitable for your climate would save you an enormous amount of work. I am far from an expert, I am just a country guy trying stuff out, but that is what I think. Thanks for watching and for your comment Raul.

Cheers for this, been searching for "family survival techniques for urban" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across - Lidacoob Protection Percipience - (just google it ) ? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my friend got excellent success with it.

Thanks Jim, I was quite impressed with it . For such a compact package it offers a lot, I am very happy with it

Top class video vinnie. Keep up the great work look forward to the next one

Ta very much Headcase!

The corkscrew, join the club man, I have absolutely no use for it. I've never met anyone who speaks positively about the corkscrew. I read somewhere that a screwdriver head was made to insert in the end of the corkscrew. I can't imagine.

Thanks Hoonzit. It did save the day I think twice at family get togethers when there was no corkscrew to be had. There is a mini screwdriver, the type you would use for reading glasses, that fits into the corkscrew. That would be useful if you depended on glasses.

Im a huge fan of the German flecktarn pattern but for the life of me I cant identify the piece of gear in your opening sequence.

well like the name says it is lightweight. It is not warm at all, and the wind goes through it. Likewise rain just goes through it, not like a surplus jacket which will keep a lot of rain off before it penetrates. So you need to dress warmly under it. I use it as a load bearing coat for deer hunting. It has lots of pockets that I put quite a lot of stuff into, so I need no bag or backpack. It has had a lot of wear with me and is none the worse for it. I am very happy with it. I think it is somewhere around eight years old. If you want a look at it I wore it in my very first video . Link here It is hard to get out, or I find stay out and get stuff done, but what would we do without the family eh? Hopefully we get a good Summer.

vinniesdayoff tired actually, between work and family still no dirt time in recent months for me but that will change! That smock, is it decent quality? I love my Mil-tec ponchos and rucks but how is the jacket quality?

HA! Gotcha JC. It's a miltec jacket. I think it's the lightweight smock. How are you keeping?

The silver lining. : )

Good review thanks.

Felix immler has a channel using SAK

Thanks Peter, I will look him up.

Do you guys use machetes much over there?

Quite a lot for settling drug debts and in traveller fights :-) Google Irish travellers fighting :-). Not a tradition in the countryside where most people use billhooks for that kind of work. I have a Tramontina machete that was very cheap but is a great tool apart from the handle which can sometimes twist out of your hand. To be honest apart from playing with it I don't have a great need for it.

Nice job, Vinnie. I'm a fan of the Victorinox Rangerwood.

I misread your comment Jack, I thought you said Rangergrip. I have to agree with you, the wooden scales are more lovely looking.

So am I Jack!

Nice vídeo

Thank you for watching Cesar

thanks so much for letting us see this it's one of the best Swiss army knife videos and you done a very nice job on this I've subscribed to you very good videos thanks so much by the way I've got many Swiss army knife's and I have used theme for many years now I'm going to have to get a openal they look like a very good knife as well thanks so much and very good videos thanks

Thanks very much Will you are a gentleman!

The most useful feature to me is the saw, the saw on the farmer is amazing, and the saw on the rucksack which has a locking blade is even better. I use the rucksack mostly on my allotment because I have good legal reason to carry it down there, but otherwise I will take the farmer out with me. You can certainly build a shelter using the saw on an SAK, just don't waste your time trying to cut something too thick, partially cut and snap is the way to go.

Thank you for watching and for your comment. I was very impressed with the work such a small saw could do. It really is a capable folding knife

Amazing video as always! Very entertaining and informative, I hope you get the chance to make more of these videos! I know it takes a while to get this footage, so thank you for taking your time to do so, much appreciated!

Thank you very much Sean. I have a few videos I need to work on, hopefully the weather picks up which is a big help

A man after my own heart! Great video! Atb Sean

Really fine video, and a more practical and intelligent way to judge a knife.

Thank you very much. I like to know how they will work in the field

Oops. meant to say big for the pocket . Carrying the trekker in a cheap belt sheath for now but there are handle scales a available with a belt clip from another you tuber Swiss Bianco . He does great work on all his products . Look him up if you haven't already . Good stuff. Thanx again .

Another great video ! Thank you. Vinnie. So I now have a few swiss army knives and I've been carrying a soldier on the weekends and a climber at work. I'm a mechanic and work on big rigs and all kinds of speciality equipment. Most of the equipment is hydraulically driven . Also work on hi pressure water pumps and everything has O rings of many sizes. That cork screw works great on removing most of the o rings I encounter . Does a good job on getting the knot out of my shoe laces when needed too. Lol. I'm sure if you do more research on you tube you will find more uses for that cork screw . I agree with you on the tweezers but they are better than nothing I suppose . I also have trekker great knife but kinda ignorant for the pocket

Well I have said it before Frank, I learn a great deal from everyone in the comments. Thanks for the tip and thanks for watching bud.

Have you heard of anyone attempting to re-harden and temper the spring steel of the tweezers? ive made a few knives but they were all high carbon steel. ive repaired a couple of rifle springs by re-hardening and tempering them but something realy small like the tweezers could be done(if they are capable of the process) without damaging the plastic piece. the only part that would be required is from a bout half way down the haft of the tweezers. if its capable, then it could make a big difference in the tweezers. again, thanks for the videos :) and my favorite medium swiss knife design is the Ranger and moreso the Handyman. They not only have the wood saw, but include the metal saw/file. If i am going to carry a knife, then around the house or in the field there seems to always be some wierd thing that needs to be filed down or cut off... The handyman also comes with a small pair of pliers. Oh.. and from some other bush crafters, there seems to be a consensus that the cork screw can be used for untying tight knots.. Lastly, i purchased a small pack of jewel drivers to insert into my corkscrews. its the perfect hiding spot for one and they are more useful for battery covers and what not than most of the other blades on the knife.

vinniesdayoff maybe someone can enlighten us on the topic :)

I have not heard of anyone hardening the tweezers Wayne. As you said it is very small and I don't know the process for spring tempering stainless steel. I have made a couple of basic knives myself and they had hard blades. Is there a different process for hardening and tempering a spring or is it the same as a knife blade?

Once again, a super video! I’m with you on the saw blade. I use it more than any blade on my SAKs. I’m also with you on the tweezers. When I finally did need it, it let me down. As you stated, you can’t put enough force on it. However, as perverted as a partially serrated blade is, I found nothing cuts through tall grass and rushes like serrations! It’s the only time I ever needed them. Mine are on a Spyderco knife. Excellent demo on wood splitting! The average guy on YouTube would try to baton the blade!

Most but not all of the stuff I cut is reed canary grass. It was brought here from Europe to feed cattle. A smooth, sharp edge cuts it, but the serrations blow right through it almost effortlessly. They also work well on outdoor carpet. Otherwise, I can't stand serrations, and they usually place them low on the blade where I don't want them.

I must definitely try a serrated knife on rushes Joe. That might make my life a little easier. I should have thought of that. I would not like to baton a folding knife and anyway, I find that technique with a wooden wedge/knife blade works very well so why beat on your knife when there is no need. Thank you for watching bud.

Classic old school camp work showing you understand the limits of your knife yet got the work done!

Thank you Michael. There is more than one way to skin a cat :-)

great video vinnie as always! i own one too and it served me really well . Obviously the star of the show is the saw u cant beat it for its size. also i like that u take ur time with ur videos, i guess everybody wished that u could upload a bit earlier.. but if we want a quality content we need to wait( like u mentioned).

Thanks Andreas. The saw means that a small knife can do the work of a large chopper. This knife made quite an impression on me

Hi Vinnie you are consistently the most non bs tester of kit especially folding knives you have bought yourself. I agree that pocket knives are well able and I too have many Victorinox knives. For the money they are excellent quality tools. The saw on my old Huntsman saved the day once when I had to trim some branches on a high seat. Thanks again for sharing. All the best from Scotland. Garry

Thanks Garry. To be honest I am learning myself as I go. I came to a stage where I decided that it was time to get myself "s nice knife" as I had always got great satisfaction from having a pocket knife. also I was worried that some bullshit law would come in and I would no longer able to buy knives. Then came the problem, which knife? So I am learning as I go

Wow. Great video. You seem to really have great skills and knowledge, based on your words and actions. Glad I stumbled on your channel. Subscribed. Looking forward to seeing more of your videos. Take care.

I have seen some of Felix's work, he is a skilled chap.

vinniesdayoff thanks! If you haven’t seen his channel yet, Felix Immler has an amazing YouTube channel that pushes the limits of Swiss Army knives and imagination.

Thank you so much. I too have subbed.

Survival knives badass sharp ranger knife, swiss knife

Yes sir!

I have a Farmer and have gifted them successfully, but that Rangergrip seems like an ideal upgrade. The one handed opening would be nice when you are holding something in your left hand. Also nice to see you using a wedge to split wood rather than baton and damage the knife blade. Love these torture test videos. Thanks Vinnie!

Thanks Mary. It is not really a torture test. Apart from the Opinel video where I did put more pressure than usual on the knife to show they can take it, I am just using the knives as normal and they will be perfectly fine afterwards. The Rangergrip is an ideal knife for the woods.

Thank you XD

vinniesdayoff i like your vids lol never expected someone to like this especially not the creator of the video XD

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