Canada Road Trip Vlog | Driving from Ontario to British Columbia

Canada Road Trip Vlog | Driving from Ontario to British Columbia

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So. We are now packing. This. Is our luggage, for two weeks, for. Four people, one. Dog there's, more in the front -. Check. This out oh my, gosh, lots. Of bags, lots. Of food. More. Bags stuffed. Anywhere, where, there's space so, here we have Togo, he jumped, in the car he's. Ready for his road trip ready. To see all of Canada he looks so happy, well, good. Morning good morning guys. We, are kicking off this, road trip it's happening, it's happening so, the planet I feel like we haven't really explained this we. Came, up with the idea to do this last-minute road trip with my family with my parents with the dog so, we're gonna be driving from Ontario. To, BC, British. Columbia, for those who don't know. Yeah. Sam so promise, I've. Been there in over ten years I'm so excited to go back yes. It's, gonna be fun I've never been there before it's gonna be four, days of driving to get there so, yeah we're gonna show you guys the, road trip and then once we get to BC we're gonna be doing lots of hiking visiting. Lakes mountains, nature. So. It's gonna be a good time and then on the way back we're, planning to travel via. The, US if we can get across the border with, this dog and we've got an excited dog in event you need to see the dog. Turn. Shepherd, he. Is ready. For, the, road trip so yeah we are all packed, up and we're, gonna take off we're gonna see Ontario, today let's do this. Hey. First, stop of today we've made it - it's. A parry sound so we've been driving for a few hours for, a picnic lunch I made some sandwiches yeah, I got home some chick actually haven't seen any of these you guys made them oh nice it looks like salami, and cheese some. Nice-looking bread, he's. Got some, vinegar chips, but. The all get settling down a bit got a little hyper and so far on the journey but. Uh yeah a. Whole, lot of driving left to do. And. Mrs.. Holmes for the night we made it to our first, cabin. Hello. Welcome. To, pancake. Bay Ontario. It's. Been a long day how are you feeling, Sam behind the camera, I'm exhausted exhausted, it's been tiring you know the, dog hasn't done well today. We've. Had to stop I don't know how many times, maybe. 10 times for the dog like the dog has diarrhea. Kick. Off a road trip um we, think he was maybe just like a little bit nervous and, anxious this, morning, because. Like, he knew something was, up there received cases, all over the house and then, like we, took off to go pick up the car rental from the airport this morning he was left by himself, so. Yeah. He's a bit of a nervous pop, apparently, or maybe. But. Regardless, there have been a lot of stops for Togo today yeah. Um but, he did well you, know he, asked to stop when he needed to even like yeah like I need the bathroom yeah um but then he was fine he would just like stare out the window enjoy. The scenery you know yeah. Enjoy the the air blowing in his face the wind blowing in his face so. It's been a good trip so far, and. Yeah we've just checked, in to, our cabin, we're gonna eat something I have some dinner and just, relax because sitting, in a car sitting. In a van all day long is surprisingly, tiring, it is. Enjoying. His evening. Walk. And. It looks like he's feeling better he's, looking, peppier. Running. Around he, even ate some right. Definitely. Looking happier. Look, at that. What. Are you doing. Why. Are you tired. What. About all the times he had in the car I. Caught. You nothing. Well. Good morning it is the start of day, 2, to. BC, it, was. Home for the night he rented a cabin for, four people and the. Dog and. The. Dog stretching. We didn't do a whole lot here, we just slept, and, yeah, we were up at 6:00 finished. Making some sandwiches for the day so, we thought we would give you a little tour starting. With her bedroom. So. Yeah this was home for the night, yep it. Was cozy, enough. Definitely. Coziness and the dog is. Inspector, Gadget everywhere. Our living area we had a big couch a, TV, that's. The dining. Area kitchen. Area. Over here we're just making a little breakfast, before I hit the road making. Some coffee. But. Yeah that, was the cabin we arrived here late. And we're leaving early so, yeah just we. Just got here to sleep and basically. The road this morning. We. Have made it to White, River, City, this is our, second. Stop of the date we've already stopped for gas once, before in, wahwah, so we're just walking, the dog giving, him some water gonna, have a quick little snack and yeah. It's a pretty foggy morning, today but I think it's slowly starting to lift and.

Yes. It is another day of driving we're going to be spending at most of today, in, Ontario, again, if you can believe it it's gonna take two and a half days to get out of Ontario this. Province, is awesome. Update. From the road, update. From the road the weather has changed. We had some Sun and now we're back in the fog all. Kinds of weather today yeah, okay, you. Had your breakfast at 9:30, this morning yeah. How was that it's, good it's a sandwich in a chocolate bar mm-hmm. And the dogs just been chilling in the back. Well as much as he's able to chill which, is a little bit every once in a while and how many hours of sleep have, you had since yesterday, I fell. Asleep probably like six or seven at, night by. The Green Hornet, okay 6:00 p.m. I woke up with like three in the morning wide-awake, I insist. That you went back to bed until 6 a.m. and, then I had another nap. Here in the car probably at 45 minutes Toby I think he's lying I think he slept 14, hours. He. Says no Sam sorry. You're on camera me Toby we, rely camera besitos. You. Like no just give you don't give you a visitor. Wow. This. Is the dog after. 10 hours on the road tsing, I'm so done with this we. Need to stop Oh. Fancy. Turkey. So. This, right here is our, cabin, this is where we're spending the night, right. In front. Of the lake and. Yeah we're just taking Togo, out for. A little walk we also need to stretch our legs, after, spending ten hours in a car. So. Yeah, let's. Go on down. I'm. Just thirsty stop, throwing pebbles in the water. So. Time, to wrap up day, two on. The road to, BC, so. Still. In Ontario, Ontario. And. Tomorrow we're still gonna be an Ontario where are we. We. Are on, Webb, Egan Lake somewhere. Between rabbuna. And Dryden and we found a place called an Kay's web viewing cabins, which, are online, really. Beautifully. Like you, can walk right down to the lake yeah, and and it's a really spacious cabin, and get Harrison to what we had last night it's a lot nicer we. Have three, bedrooms yeah well give you a little tour in the morning yeah for now we. Had our meal we had like chorizo cheese, crackers, and wine yes, we walked down to the lake the dog splashed in the. Door swing. By accident, yeah, he was just drinking water and kind of like inching his way forward, and then there's like this big drops, yeah it's like yeah. Went. In I got I got, the fly the Jones for the first time which was awesome yeah and, I mean we arrived just, before sunset, so, we've just been able to relax and enjoy hanging. Out by the water and, this is this cabin in terms of location is a hundred times better than last night okay. Seriously, great like I almost, wish we had two nights here so you just enjoy have, like kayaks, yeah. Kayaking. On the lake, I got Charlotte Aaron kayaking it was incredible, so anyways. I think we're gonna call it a night soon, yes get some rest and we're gonna have another yeah tomorrow, show you the full tour of the apartment in the morning yes sounds. Good. Good. Morning guys day, three so as we promised we would show you our cabin so yeah take a look here. Nice. Little stove. Really. Cool rustic, dining dining area, those. Legs are handsome. Wine here, like a nice boy. Get cheese with crackers, but dilly means spicy, chorizo in fact yeah.

So. Just a very simple, twin. Bedroom very, cozy I slept, like, a baby when you woke me up at like 7:00 this morning I, was like. Part. Of it is the location it's so peaceful and quiet out here but part of it is just the fact that we've been putting in so many hours on the road this is one of them. I. Love the walls it's like the lawn come, into here and you. Know. Sundeck. They're. Doing some Renaud's now so it won't be like this if you guys. Show. Up here yeah, um but Wow check out that Lake yeah, beautiful. We actually had one more bedroom yeah. So. Three bedrooms last night I think I said I had, space for five people it's actually six it. Had two double beds and two singles. Bedroom. Living, room with, TV yep. Couches. This, is the bathroom. A. Little foggy someone, just had a shower yeah that's me just, a standard little shower though yeah anyways. Perfect. We, want to hit the road we've, got three, provinces in, one day when, a native the mine yes, so we're leaving Ontario you're going to Manitoba, and then we're finishing, off in Saskatchewan. Oh. God, driving yeah so I believe it's nine and a half hours, without breaks yeah, so you're probably looking at more like 11 or 12 we'll be walking the dog a lot no son let's get going. Laskey. Pasa. -. My little bus. Now. That we have, come. Into the province of Manitoba. One. Thing that is really noticeable, is, that the way the, vegetation, has changed you know all, those big, plantations. Of pines and. Almost. Disappeared, and now, we have a practically. Small. Trees, and, different. Kind of trees the vegetation. Is really changing quickly, no. Legs and no. No. Huge, pine, trees like we, were seeing in Ontario, before you know. Time. For an update time, for a little update so we're getting close to vagina, we'd like blasted. Through Manitoba, huh took us to enough days to get through Ontario in just a few hours to get through Manitoba, flat, roads the whole way and yet. The senior he didn't really change like we started off with a little bit of forest we, crossed through Ontario and to Manitoba, and then it became flat like a pancake and, it was mostly like farmland, so it's a completely different change. Of scenery along the way mm-hmm, I'm just having a picnic here at the dog picnicking, from, the little place to rest for about an hour and a half away from Regina, which is going to be our final stop final, destination. For tonight for, tonight before, we head all the way to Calgary, so yeah. It's been a good trip today we've covered. A lot of ground and. Looking. Forward to arriving, soon having good sleep tonight and now let's say hi to togi, let's see if you want to be on camera talking, say. Hello Sookie, hello. I'm, free, I behaved. So low today when they turned on DAC for me. Well. Hello and welcome, to day four of our roadtrip, we didn't really film a whole lot in vagina last, night we basically rented, an Airbnb. And yeah we were riding pretty tired so we just checked in through. In the luggage to the dog for a walk and had a quick dinner and went to bed yeah. But today is day four we're going to be reaching Calgary. Yeah. Right, now we're in the town of Morris. We've been driving for about two hours this morning. It's, not as flat as it was yesterday it's, starting to get a little more hilly. Slightly. Lately, yeah, so, yeah it's been good overcast. Day it is freezing cold yeah and we'll be we'll be crossing until, averted today that's. Awesome yep. How. Do you feel so gate D after driving, across Canada, for four days. Picking. Up, okay. So it's, time to continue this video because I feel like we press the pause button for a day and a half yeah basically. Morini for my sister actually to, arrive in Calgary and I was hiding around the corner. Sweeping. Yeah. But now that she's here we're going to be continuing the road trip out to BC, so, like yesterday, we did a little bit of sightseeing, around Alberta. But now we're gonna finish off strong so. We have about three hours left to drive over. Across, the Rockies, and yeah, we're gonna show you what that's like because we got a little taster, yesterday, and it's beautiful.

Well. I think we can say it welcome to home, sweet home where are we welcome to my home province of British Columbia guys, this is my first time in Invermere looks like a beautiful town and we're, gonna show you the house that we're staying in yeah so this is gonna be our little base as we explored BC, and Alberta but, before I, just gotta show you how big the property is let's check this out. Surrounded. By forests, yes it's, just wonderful for the dog the dog will love this yeah so let's go in and I'll show you the apartment. Oh. The. Cabin. This. Chalet, the. Country, home this place is pretty big so this, right here is our bedroom looks cozy, yes it does look cozy. Massive. Closet we didn't actually bring lots of clothes on this trip it just carried I wouldn't even use it a lot, of cool. Barn. Sliding. Door football suite bathroom, gotta love this there's, also there's. Also a second bathroom for the other guests and your sister looks. Good yeah, and we're. Going to show you the, upstairs. Okay. Here. We go. As. Well inside. The house for the house, well. He's having fun. It's. Huge so we've got one kitchen table one. Dining, area yep, coach. Boardgames, and start to stuff this, is what the main living area much, bigger living area, please. I love the decorations here, this is yeah but. I love the the craftsmanship, here of this, yeah. Your table it's beautiful, that's awesome, yeah just really, nice hole in. Here it's very, cozy have, a really nice table, mm-hmm. Huge, kitchen and we'll. Finish off by, showing you guys. The. Deck. Wraps. All the way around here, we have a nice view of the property. If. You come along this way. If. You come along this way you can see. This. Is where we're gonna be staying but yeah we're, just happy to be here and we're, gonna really enjoy this place.

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안녕하세요~ 사무엘과 오드리님^^ 브리티시 컬럼비아에서만 5년 살다가 지난 달 7월에 서울로 컴백했는데요.그 곳에서 로드트립했던 온타리오. 퀘백. 알버타..캐나다가 무척 그립습니다♡ I miss Canada♡

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고맙습니다! 브리티시 컬럼비아의 고향에서 살기 좋았습니다. 곧 다시 캐나다에 올 수 있기를 바랍니다.

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Wow. How much did you spend on gas, cabins...? Beautiful

Great video! We are thinking of doing a similar road trip from Ontario to BC but would like to take 30 - 40 days and stop a lot along the way. Anyone know where the best places to stop would be?

That would be a great trip! I'd suggest spending more time out in Alberta and BC and going faster through the prairies.

Can't stop watching your videos! You guys are awesome! Greetings from Romania :)

Looking at doing the same thing any chance you could forward info on the house you stayed at in BC

Thank you very much! We miss Romania. Where do you live there?

Which highways you took or a lot off side roads and you made a orderplace for the cabin or you just come and pay for the night

quel vehicule avez vs utilisé?

We do it the American way. Fuck Brits.

I am very happy to love to see your travel. I have a plan this summer, so a little exciting to watch you guys.

Thank you very much!

Canada is very beautiful. Super views from car. The dog is very cute.

Thank you very much. It was a great family trip.

This video is amazing. What's inspiring me to build a business is the thought of travelling & road tripping, whenever I need motivation I re-watch this video & think that if I work hard now in the winter I can afford a trip like this (though I'll make it last longer) in the summer. I'm only 18 years old though I want to travel the world. I had a small 5-day road trip last summer though I want to blow that out of the water this year with a few week cross country trip & maybe even go through America.

Thanks Jorden! That is fantastic to hear. Wishing you the best with that.

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