Canadian Rockies Travel Guide | Canada's Most Beautiful Place To Visit

Canadian Rockies Travel Guide | Canada's Most Beautiful Place To Visit

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Welcome. To the Canadian Rockies, in the last video we showed you the four-and-a-half, D car journey from Ontario, but now it's time to jump into the site scene we, had one full week in the Rockies splitting your time between both Alberta, and British Columbia and, all of our days were spent hiking, in the woods visiting, the lakes and just enjoying being surrounded, by nature this, was a family road trip with our trusty family, dog Togo in tow so, we're going to be sharing with you our adventure, in what may well be the most beautiful, part of Canada, alright, guys so today is our, first, full day here exploring. Alberta, we. Arrived in Calgary, late last night so. We didn't really do a whole lot or, see much, of the city but we got up early today. And, we got our path we bought the Discovery, Pass which. Is gonna give us access to a whole bunch of parks it's good for a year as well which is really cool but, yeah our first stop today is band so, we drove into town park, the car and now, we're walking along, the Bow River Trail. So. We are now crossing, this bridge here, we. Met a local on the trail who suggested, that once we cross the bridge we turn left because apparently, there's a really nice trail, and he, likes that area so since. We don't know any better we're. Gonna follow his advice, turn. Left and see what nature holds, so, we're now walking, through the forest well, it's, a little trail you know line, with the trees that. Looks like a forest to me but, it is super, quiet and super peaceful here we, can just hear the river running to the left and then birds chirping, all around us, this. Is nice. This. Is a great, way to start, our travels, here in Alberta. All. Right so we are just starting the day we've basically been walking through the park for maybe 20 minutes and we came across some benches. Right along, the side of the river. We. Just wanted to me to take a minute and kind of talk about our first impressions, of the place, starting, with my dad who's always wanted to visit and come out to the rock yeah, that's true I always wanted to come first, impressions, is wow, this. Place is is. Hard to describe in, words this, is nature, at its best. Anything. And everything you, see here, is extremely. Beautiful the, mountains the, river, the, turquoise, color of the waters, the trees I mean it. Doesn't, get any better than these guys you know like I mean anyone, that has the, opportunity to come and visit this, part of the world do, so because, I can guarantee you, you, will not be disappointed one. Bit it's, a. Beautiful, place its nature, and. Yeah. It's taking care of everything, is pristine, it looks like you. Know nobody, has ever been here so I recommend. It highly to. Visit. The. Bulb roofer trail is just a few steps down from downtown, banff and it follows the Riverside with lots of benches along the way so that you could stop and enjoy the scenery we followed it up to the bow falls lookout point. From. There we walked over to the Banff Springs hotel, this, historic, hotel opened, up in 1888. It's one of Canada's Grand Railway hotels built by the Canadian, Pacific Railway if, it's, luxury, you're after this chat to us property, fits the bill we, didn't stay here but that didn't stop us from admiring the exterior, after. That we continued to Kenmore. So. It, is now time for our, second. Stop of the day and we've, come over, to Kenmore, so. Basically once we finished hiking a little bit in band for you once the supermarket. Bought a quick lunch you know some bread salami cheese, we ate in the car and then, we drove to can Moore which I would say is maybe like 15 minutes away so it's super close by and, yeah, now we're just doing some more hiking walking. I should call it walking on this. Little boardwalk, following, the river. Super. Peaceful, the. Dogs loving, it he's already jumped in the river a couple of times to drink. Some water and cool down, so. Yeah we're enjoying it it's our first full, day in Alberta. But. It's great, it's, great so far. This.

Particular, Trail is called the policeman's Creek boardwalk, trail it's 3.9, kilometres in length and it's a very light and easy walk you think he's gonna take a little swim a little dip well, Xuan. And, the one who's been enjoying this the most has been the dog and I feel so, happy for the dog because it's been in the truck, for like four straight days and today it's, done more walking and it has an any other day of its life I feel as though its instincts, are being awakened, it's wolf and German, Shepherd like instincts, are being awakened out here in the nature. And that. Brings us to day two our, first stop was cascade, ponds which I would describe as one of the hidden treasures of the Canadian, Rockies it, had glassy emerald waters a beautiful, rocky backdrop, and not a soul in sight. So. It is day, 2 here. Continuing. Our road trip and exploring, the Rockies my sister, got married around here, in a little forest, so. She's, showing us around kind. Of retracing, her steps oh yeah. This place is beautiful like I thought yesterday was beautiful, and now. Today it's like oh wow we haven't even seen the best stuff, yet were the only people here you, are gonna. Love it yeah, except for some ducks on the lake yeah, some. Ducks they had to go ruin it. From. There we drove over to lake minnewanka, which has more of a bloomer hue in comparison, to the other turquoise, and emerald lakes, in the rockies lake. Minnewanka, is a glacial lake 21, kilometers, of length making it the second longest lake in the rockies it's, a hub for water activity, like boat cruises, kayaking, and canoeing and, well it's, beautiful. And that. Brings us to day three. All. Right guys, so another, day of sightseeing here. Around, BC. And Alberta today. We are driving through, Kootenai, Provincial, Park and. Honestly. If there's been like a theme or a word that we keep repeating over and over again it's just wow wow, wow the whole time. We've. Just stopped over at the Kootenai, viewpoint, lookout so. Yeah you can see like the whole valley, and, the mountains, forest. It's. Amazing. My. Parents are struggling with the dog, they, forgot the dogs. Collars. So we've had to like make tea with a leash and like wrap it around his body because. All, dogs must be on a leash here, so.

Yeah. Boogity. Show, off your little. So. We are stopping at a place called the, Paint Pots and, we're. Gonna be having some, lunch here we packed a picnic. We're. Also gonna let the dog walk around. The bit stretch his legs it's. A little squeaky, at the moment, whenever. We arrive somewhere. New. This. One has to sniff. It out and get used to the environment. Isn't. That right to get Dee let's. Give you a tour, of the picnic bananas. Triscuits. Cheese. And salami. Papas. Grapes. Peanuts. Peppers. Crackers. Ooh. All. Those an artichoke, yum. Yum, looks. Awesome it, looks like bears, tend, to roam in this area maybe, we'll see a bear if we get lucky maybe, not so. Now. That we've had a quick picnic, we're. Gonna do some. Hiking little, walk in the woods got a burner meat. And cheese that, was a light meal, I wrote a there isn't much to burn off no, last year was it it was more of a snack and, it's, better like that because if you had a great big lunch then you wouldn't want to be doing all these outdoor activities, yesterday, instead so. We are hiking to the, Paint Pot, and. Apparently. These are like little lakes, little. Lagoons. Where. The, water has strange. Colors, I imagine, because of the minerals maybe sulfur. Yeah and I've noticed that there's a few different I don't know if it's routes but different varying, lengths, of this trail yeah and so we're. Not gonna go that far in we have a lot to do today but if you want to like make this into a half-hour hold it not a maybe not a full day but a half the activity, you definitely can because some of these trails go I think like five six eleven yeah you can hike a lot in here but, we want to see the Paint Pots apparently, they're like yellow and orange and green so. Let's see if we can find them. To, find the Paint Pots we've walked across the bridge and then turn left this, led us down a Horace trail and eventually, to an opening. The. Paint Pots consists, of three pools made up of cold mineral springs and surrounded by earth predominantly.

Composed Of iron ore which stains to ground and orangie red color a nearby stream, then flows into the two larger pools creating, a greenish color. Later, that day we drove to moraine lake which is another glacially, fed lake it has a brilliant blue-green, color due, to light refracting, off of the rock sediments, and like most destinations in the Rockies this one was another stunner even, Togo couldn't resist the waters. Okay. Okay one, more Lake to visit Lake, Marine this is one of the lakes we've just, been dying to visit yes just beautiful, it really lives up to its reputation I mean just take a little turquoise waters guys the color is unbelievable. Unbelievable we. Were so lucky to get a parking spot yeah Lake actually. Every. Car in front of us had been turned away and suddenly, some, spots opened up and like we were honestly gonna come tomorrow we, were able to go today so yeah that's something worth mentioning we're visiting here on a weekend and it's super busy so it's better if you can come in the middle of the week or like early in the day or late in the day if you're here Saturday or son exactly or not during peak season maybe later yeah. Update. It is time for our, final lake, of the day where. Are we Lake Louise probably. The most famous of all we, were very lucky to get a parking spot right near the end of the parking lot we. Had to wait to someone pulled out yeah, so we're visiting this one at 4:00 p.m. so people are slowly starting to leave but they're still you know quite a few people snapping, photos yeah oh yeah this lake is probably the most famous in all of Alberta, it has beautiful kind, of like turquoise, milky. Waters, right. Now we're just waiting for the light to pop because the Sun is hiding behind the cloud I think it actually just is right now so, we better run into that yeah. The. Views from the shore were nothing short of stunning we had Victoria, glacier, perfectly, framed by mountains, on either side and then the brilliant glacial waters dotted, with red canoes. Since. We spend part of our trip in the town of Invermere, and BC we also did a bit of hiking around east Kootenai one, trail we really enjoyed was the old coach Trail which sits between radium, hot springs and dry Gulch this is a 9 kilometer, trail that follows the Columbia River from a height offering, views of the river and the wetlands below. Yes. Getting. All dirty. So geeky. We. Finished off the hike by driving back into town and enjoying a break along the shores of Windermere, Lake where you guessed it the dog enjoyed some more splashing around. Next. Up another cool stop on a road trip through the Rockies, the Continental. Divide. So. Right now we have stopped, off at the Continental, Divide you, can see the sign kind, of right behind me here so in a second we're going to explain to you what that's all about. No. Keys the strike oh he sees the dog that's why the dog, okay. So, another. Stop on this road trip right now we're standing at the Continental. Divide the, dogs going with my sister. Yeah. Right now we're standing at the Continental, Divide we've got this big sign right, behind us and basically. This, line right here divides. Three. Different things so let's try to go through them yeah. It divides the two provinces yeah we're with, the British Columbia yeah, it, divides, the, two parks Banff, and the, Kootenai, and. Also, divides the area where the rivers, start. Flowing, either towards. The Pacific. Ocean, yeah or towards, the Atlantic Ocean yeah. We're. At five. Thousand, three hundred and eighty-two feet above sea level yeah so that's pretty cool and yeah we're just surrounded by mountains, by forests really scenic spot so we're stopping for a few photos and to walk the dog again yeah.

It's An area that is really, attractive and, for. The last hour or so we've, been traveling, through. Part. Of the foliage that has been devastated by a wildfire. Wildfires. And, it seems that they've been at three different fires. At different times because, some. Of the 40 has already, regenerated. There is another area where it's beginning to get there you know that new trees are about a meter, and a half height. And the, third part is the newest, burned there, is nothing there everything, is charred - burnt. Wood and it's really sad to see that he's really sad to see but I guess it's part of nature in, order to have. The. Forest get to a point that the it chokes itself, with so much growth that, the trees are just no. Place to go and this gives the chance to new regeneration. New regeneration new, growth and a, new forest, is being born all the time yeah yep and with the fires it's something that happens every single year here, you see an Alberta, and they say that 73%, of the fires are started by lightning, yeah I'm and I guess the other percentage either, people smoking or campfires or stuff like that careless, carelessness. Yeah, it's an issue every, year we're here at the end of summer start a fall so. A lot of the big fires have already gone out but yeah you can see that the temperatures, the, temperatures, dropping and also some rainfall coming soon will help put, out the rest over here but we have seen a few smokes, like there's areas where it's still smoking in the mountains off in the distance so hopefully. That'll be over soon. Another. Day of sightseeing here, we go yeah we're in kananaskis, country this, place is a little more remote definitely. A lot more quieter. Is awesome, there aren't really, any tourists, here we're the only ones here it's just us in the dog basically in a big lake to explore so, it's exciting a warning, what. Does it say Sam let's get a bit closer. It. Says you're entering, a bear travel, corridor, prevent, a surprise encounter, by look. And listen for bear signs make noise traveling, groups keep, pets on a leash and carry bait bear spray all right well we didn't do the bear spray. And last. But not least our final destination in the Rockies, was kananaskis, country, our. First stop was lower kananaskis, Lake which was a nice place to hike picnic, and splash around with the dog he, didn't seem to mind the icy waters at all. And. From. There we drove to Upper kananaskis Lake where we didn't see quite as long because the weather started, to turn but, the real highlight was finally, spotting some wildlife, just as we were leaving for the day. And. That's a wrap for our Rockies road trip we still have lots left to see of our home country but we can honestly say this is one of the most beautiful destinations, in all of Canada we, hope you guys enjoyed following along and that you also got a few ideas of places to visit on your trip wishing, you happy travels and, see you next time.


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Thank you very much! It was a pretty amazing place to visit.

Thank you! That is awesome to hear. The fall colours must have been nice. The weather can change so fast out there - in the snap of a finger!

Yeah, we use a lot of mixed up systems. For instance we tend to be more familiar with things in pounds than in kilograms...haha


+Samuel and Audrey - Travel and Food Videos Was there in September, so Autumn (Fall)

That is really cool to hear! What time of year did you visit?

crazy beautiful

Your welcome! :  )

Amazing and stunning video! ☺

Thank you! We felt lucky to visit.

Love your videos! Subscribed!

Thank you very much! Welcome and where are you watching from?

Thank you! This is somewhere we'd recommend anyone visiting Canada come and check out.

Togo doggo was like: "such scenery, much watery, wow" :) Canada has the most awesome nature, it seems

Thank you! Togo was like where has all of this been my whole life...haha Thanks, Canada definitely has some great nature. I think that is the nicest part about it to be honest.

I want to explore Canada

We have to check out some of the spots we missed on our first trip there. Bow lake has some magic. we probably need at least two weeks to see all the parks.

Thanks! Hope you can go back again soon. Totally agree with you. We felt like we just barely scratched the surface.

Hope you can soon!

I loved wowooooo like from morrocco

hey Sam and Audrey next year I was to visit this place in Canada so i will ask you guys for tips. The color of the water looks like laguna 69 in Peru. Bueno so when I'm ready I will come to you guys for tips.

Thank you! Woah, that is awesome to hear. Let us know when you're going as the time gets closer.

Alot of Canadian use meter for height as well, so feet isn't always used

Excellent online video! Sitting here at Y&S FOOD! we like to check out such type of contents. We create Travel & Food video too, throughout the world, and we are continually aiming for inspirations as well as concepts. Thank You.

Its beyond description. Canada is described as like heaven at korean very famous drama Do-kkae-bi(Goblin in eglish). i envy you~!

Love it!

I do not wish to meet face to face with bears.

Guys you are right ! Beautiful places ! Togo was very happy I'm sure :) I suppose that whole Canada is so beautiful like Canadian Rockies. You got paradise :)

Thank you! It was like Togo found his dream destination on this trip.

I can understand! They are quite unpredictable.

Thank you! There is some beautiful scenery in Canada but it is sure cold in the winter!

thes videos you make is cool

It is beautiful beyond description. Canada is described as like heaven at korean very famous drama Do-kkae-bi(Goblin in eglish). i envy you~!

Loving your videos and now binge watching. I live in Calgary and have been to Banff area many times and it never gets old. Lots of wildlife and scenery that is so refreshing. Now subscribed.

Thanks for your reply. Waterton Lakes National Park is a really beautiful place. Its very near the Montana border and you can even take a boat from Alberta into Montana. It is about 3 hours from Calgary. Lots of wildlife and can even see bears on a good day. Drumheller is also a very nice trip. Dinasaur Capital of the world. You can also go to the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology which is really interesting. Its a very nice prairie drive from Calgary. Best to do during the week as it is a very busy place on the weekends.

Thank you very much! That is so cool you live in Calgary. Do you have a favorite park you like to visit on a day trip from home?

bastante parecido a la patagonia argentina , una pregunta , me encanta togo es bilingue tambien ??entiende ingles y español?? saludo chicos desde argentina

+Samuel and Audrey - Travel and Food Videos y togo?? X lo visto entiende tambien jajaja

Si, yo (Audrey) entiendo Inglés y Español. Samuel también si el vocabulario es simple.

Beautiful scenery

Beautiful scenery. I love the fact that Togo was included.

I agree, the Rockies are one of Canada's most beautiful places! We are hoping to get there in 2019.

Ive been to banff. Beautiful part of the world

I'm dreaming to have journey at Rocky Mountain to admire Banff and Jasper National Park. It will be my first time , so I need some advise. Having plan to stay at Calgary to reach Banff is one option. But how to manage the time to visit the far spot from Calgary such as Jasper, Johnston canyon, etc ?  5 hours driving from Calgary to Jasper is wasting time that we can spend better to stop enjoying scenery and trail.  Do I have better to  stay at some location near the interesting spot? Is there easy to find available hotel ?

+Samuel and Audrey - Travel and Food Videos Thank you , Samuel & Audrey :-)

That is exciting to hear! I'd consider Cochrane for visiting the Banff area and then you can actually stay right in Jasper when you head up north. Take a look at airbnb. We found some incredible value with apartments and houses on this trip.

Did Ashley and Ariel come too?

Ashley joined us by flying out to Calgary for a few days but not Ariel.

Muy lindos paisajes. Qué bueno que llevan el perro en todos los viajes. Gracias.

Muchas gracias!

AUDREY you are pretty , look natural, I like your video , it 's so spectacular and woderful . Welcome to Thailand to enjoy beautiful places,nice people and good food, though unlucky with so long governed by military dictatorship.

Thank you! We sure miss Thailand these days.

This is amazing! May i ask, what time/season of the year did you guys go?

We visited in early September.

Love your dad

Thanks Joseph!

One of the best videos of the rockies I’ve seen. When were you there?

Thank you very much! We visited in early September.

W O W! This makes me want to go to Alberta, Canada for real! I knew I wanted to visit Banff and your video makes that a plan. You’re lucky to be able to travel with your loved ones. Cheers from the Philippines!

Thanks Enia! It is a remarkable experience to visit.

Daniel es un genio! se nota qué sabe de todo y tuvo que ponerse el equipo al hombro! por cierto, cual es el nombre de la canción del comienzo del video? saludos Dani! pd: vayan a comer asado a "el entrerriano" en José León Suárez. .. lo mejor de bs as

¡Muchas gracias! Se une a nosotros para un viaje por Argentina. Estamos muy contentos de que la serie salga en unos meses.

Hi I been following you guys for The Thailand and Vietnam trip that we just came back and amazing to know that you were not for fare from where we live. Huntsville we are on the Fairy Lake. Winter is so beautiful in Canada. PS we when to Nun’s restaurant in Chaing May it was delicious. Thanks

Thank you very much! Ah, we so miss SE Asia.

I went to Canadian Rockies last year and it was so beautiful. I want to go there again in the summer!

I live in Calgary, close to Banff, I realize I dont enjoy the Rockies as much as I should. Lovely video guys :).

Thanks Carla! Hope you'll get a chance to visit more this year.

That is great to hear! Hope you can go back again soon.

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