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Canlaon City Mini Tour

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Is there Electricity and Internet in Canlaon City? Aren't you afraid that the volcano may erupt anytime? What's in Canlaon City that made you stay there for good and leave Manila and the City life? Those are my most commonly asked questions from my friends. Hey! Uhm, I have not used my Facebook for almost two months now, I actually uninstalled my app for some peace and quiet so I don't know what you guys have been up to But I hope that you guys are doing well and being safe whichever part of the world you're in right now. My name is Mariel Ranza and you are watching me all the way here in the province of Negros Oriental The Vegetable Basket and Summer Capital of the Visayas, CANLAON CITY. So please excuse my background if you hear motorcycles or chickens crowing, that's province life! According to Mr. Wikipedia, Canlaon has a population of 54,509 people and with 12 barangays, that I can attest true.

Okay guys, so, some of my friends and family scattered all over the world have been asking me to start a vlog primarily on Canlaon City and after almost a year of convincing I am finally giving in to that. So, for starters, I will feature Canlaon City, the entire town I will be featuring our tourist spots We have for example, theCentury Old Balete tree We have Sudlon falls, and I will even take you to my favorite spot here which is Mapot Basecamp If we get lucky and Mt. Kanlaon gets opened for hikers, I will also take you there.

And I will also be featuring food stops, and Inns for those who plan to come and visit and I will also be interviewing Canlaonians to see their life perspectives, know them personally, and learn from them. That being said, hop on and let's go for a mini ride. Come on! Come on! First stop, our main drop off area. If you are coming to Canlaon via Public Transpo,

there's only one bus line that caters Canlaon, Ceres Liner. That's why the word Ceres has been a generic word for bus. People here means "bus" when they say "ride a Ceres". From the bus terminal, there are public motorcycles and tricycles waiting to take you to your destination. Yes, ma'am/sir! Only public motorcycles and tricycles are available as public transportation. But don't you worry, because they are all registered by the City so you will surely reach your destination safe! We are now here at Prince Hypermart Before, we only have small grocery stores So if we need something else we usually go to the nearby towns which is San Carlos City or Bacolod City.

But now that Prince Hypermart is here, almost everything that we need are here already. Update for all Canlaonians who have been away for a while, we have Prince Hypermart already! Let's go check it out! Guard: Good morning, welcome to Prince! The primary school that I went to was just right across this street so I used to walk on this road when I was young but there were no second-hand clothes stores yet. Although, in my opinion, these stores ruined the nice view here, I'm still thankful that the land owners opted to keep the trees despite which is what I like most here in Canlaon City.

Roads covered with trees. Up next is what we call here "Midtown". The busiest street in Canlaon City. Most government and Public offices and establishments are located here. Canlaon City Public Market for dry goods are also located here.

The only bank available in Canlaon City is also located in this area. The Producer's bank. In our town, Senior Citizens are very active, Before the pandemic, they would meet every week in this building beside the City Tourism's office. And just right beside the City Tourism's office is our City Park or what we call here "Children's Park". I'm not sure how Children's Park look like the last time you were here but this is it now, no more benches in the middle but the children's playground have been preserved. Kids usually come here in the afternoon playing Sepak Takraw, Badminton, Volleyball and the like. Mt. Kanlaon is also visible from the Children's Park

and now we also have a replica where you can take photos. For the Canlaonians, do you remember the public restroom here? It has been taken down and the isle now has benches. It looks better, right? Amazing! There are no malls nor Watson's here in Canlaon City so before, we still have to go to the bigger city for our vanity needs but now, Grathia's Beauty Shoppe caters all of that! Now we are on our way to Uptown Public Market where for sale vegetables are located. Canlaon City is the Vegetable Basket of the Visayas. That means, our farmers' produce are being distributed to different towns.

That's one of the many perks of being a Canlaonian Cheap and sometimes free vegetables! For now, we will only take a quick look at the Uptown Public Market bur I promise to take a closer look to it on my next vlog. Look at that, Kimchi lovers! Loads of napa/chinese cabbage! Just a quick look for now but as I said, I will feature Uptown Public Market in one of my next vlogs. We will ask them about the prices, we will talk to the vendors on how's life in this area and those farmers supplying the produce here. Good morning! Farmers use motorcycles and multi-cabs to transport their produce. that's why just right across the market, there are repair/vulcanizing shops available.

Come on! I'll show you one of my favorite spots here in Canlaon. If you are like me who prefers outdoor exercises, this is one of the best spots where you can have your uphill and downhill plus a full view of Mt. Kanlaon! But wait, there's more! Look at that beauty! That's where you'll pass by! Trees covered road! Amazing, right! Since Canlaon City is the mini Baguio of the South, foggy mornings are normal here. So imagine walking or running on a fog covered road, It takes away fatigue, guys. Canlaon City is so beautiful greens more than buildings. So, to my fellow Canlaonians, let us take care of this so that the future generations will be able to enjoy it too! Up next, is one of the primary schools here in Canlaon City Macario Española Elementary School which served as one of the Covid19 camps here in Canlaon City.

Another update for my fellow Canlaonians all over the world, Along the National Highway, we now have Delicia Mall. It doesn't exactly look like a usual mall but this is where we can also buy stuff that we see in a mall like clothes, cellphone accessories, etcetera but here, there are more Cafes. So despite being away, now you know where to find those those cafes you see on Facebook.

So, see you when you get here! So there, we have somehow toured Canlaon City Proper. Up next, we will take a quick look at the only College in Canlaon City. Yes, there's only one college here as of yet. That's why before, we usually go to other towns for Tertiary education.

But as far as I know, the project proposal for a university has already been approved. St. Joseph College of Canlaon City. and right across you will see Canlaon City Police Station.

But wait, I want to show you something.. Look at that! Beautiful, beautiful morning in Canlaon City! This is how Canlaon City looks like in the morning! Awesome! If there are early birds, there are also early ducks! Ducks and their eggs are one of the means of living here. Another reason why nearby towns like coming to Canlaon City is our best tasting brewed coffee! There are no Starbucks or whatever fancy coffee shops here but I can guarantee you we have one of the best brewed coffee! With Bichokoy (local donut) on the side! Yum! But not just Bichokoy okay, there is also a Pizza place here. Plus one for a beautiful view! Another means of living here in Canlaon is Sugarcane plantation. And now we are at the downtown area of the town where different government offices are located like DSWD office, Department of Agriculture office, City Health office, City Engineering office and the only Home For The Aged "Hospicio De San Jose".

I forgot to pass by our City District Hospital but it is located just a few blocks from the Uptown Public Market. We have seen the Midtown Public Market, and the Uptown Public Market for the Vegetables, now here's the Wet Market. Now this is our City Evacuation Center which also served as one of our Covid19 camps.

At the back of the evacuation center is our CDRRMO (City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office) Right beside it is Canlaon City Fire Station. Now friends, let me take you to our City Hall. In case you have not noticed, we don't have bumper to bumper traffic here. One of the perks of being a Canlaonian! If you see one, it's probably caused by a parade or a dead being brought to the cemetery. Let me take this opportunity to give a kudos clap to our City Clean And Green team! If you have not noticed, our town has been very well maintained, you won't see garbage on the road, very clean and green! That would be all for our mini tour but let me show you first night life in Canlaon City.

The Dumaguete Boulevard and Manila Baywalk of Canlaon City where you can buy barbecues and some drinks.. This is just in front of the Children's Park. Since Canlaon City has a small population, if you go to this spot it's almost impossible not to see familiar faces.

so just hi, hello.. Alright, guys. I'm home and all freshened up! Safety tip: Always take a shower, freshen up when you get home to make sure your loved ones are safe and I know that Canlaon borders have been re-opened already and we are kinda enjoying a little bit of freedom but let us all be responsible especially when we go out and and come home to our loved ones, alright? I hope that you guys enjoyed the mini tour, thank you for joining me and to answer your questions, yes and no, yes, we do have electricity and internet but not DSL, hence, no landline. For me, as an Online Freelancer, I'm using Globe Wimax it works okay for me in my location but I know people here who uses Smart and Sun and there's a new service provider, DITO. and I know they have already started construction they will soon be operating in Canlaon City and we will hopefully experience a better service.

I know you have been hearing news about Mt. Kanlaon being active and that's true, Mt. Kanlaon is actually an active volcano but people here are still living a happy and normal life and no signs of panicking or none that I'm aware of but we are always vigilant and ready for the inevitable. Life in Canlaon City is very simple, laidback, fresh air, fresh vegetables, low cost of living, no traffic, and there's tons of physical activities that you can do here especially for your kids.

And that is why I like it here better and opted to stay here for good. So before I end this video, I wanna share with you guys something. The reason why I pushed through starting my own Youtube channel is because I was able to speak to some of my friends who does have their own Youtube channels and they're using it for something good and that's what I wanna do as well. My goal is to be able to hopefully monetize from this channel and the proceeds will go to charity and mission projects especially outreach programs for our children which is my main advocacy. Why kids? Mainly because they do not have as much capacity and freedom to get theirselves a better and happier life so I wanna reach out to them, make them happy somehow.

Seeing these children happy, sincerely happy whenever they receive their gifts, their presents, it's overwhelming, it makes my soul happy from deep within. So I wanna continue doing that. I have been doing outreach programs but I am not rich so I need funding to be able to do that. And if this is the platform that could probably make me do more of that then I'll do it. So, if it's not too much to ask, please hit on the Subscribe button down below and the Bell icon as well so you will be notified once I post a new vlog.

So, I think that's it for now, see you on my next vlog, and thank you for watching!

2021-03-28 13:54

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