CANTONESE VLOG | visit to Arizona driving an ATV around the desert and staying at an Airstream

CANTONESE VLOG | visit to Arizona  driving an ATV around the desert and staying at an Airstream

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Good morning Jared! Good morning Jared! Okay bye tiny home! Bye tiny home! Say bye bye tiny home I had a great time, now we have to go! Ok we’ve arrived at this room at Sky Rock Inn There’s a HUGE bed Compared to the tiny home, this place is much bigger Right, Zeenie? Wow Jared’s full out relaxing Today we’re not going to do too much I think Z is a little tired He hiked for a long time yesterday I think he didn’t sleep too well last night This morning he threw up and had diarrhea I think walking for two hours in the desert was a little overboard for a senior dog I think we’ll do a little shopping Because Jared originally thought that I was going to help him pack But I actually told him to gather his clothes on his own and that I would help him fold them and put them in the suitcase I think we misunderstood each other He thought that I was going to help him pack And I only packed him a few of these Hawaiian shirts So yeah We’ll need to go buy some clothes or else we’ll have to do laundry So across from us there’s a beautiful view It’s those red rocks Oh Brittany, what do you got there? I bought a hat Oh let’s take a look Oh looking very rugged You look like Clint Eastwood Welcome to Golden Goose Oh my gosh, Jared! Very big Very big portion Yeah, you’ll have a lot of “fun” too lol I ordered a salad I wanted to eat a little healthier But I didn’t think it would be such a big portion We’ve arrived at the doggy park Z do you want to... No it’s “do you want to play with other…” Do you want to play with other dogs? Zeenie, do you want to play with other dogs? No! Hi doggy! We’re done playing Zeenie’s little feet are all red Z’s so tired he’s sleeping on his side Does it hurt? It does? But it’s very pointy How do you say “don’t touch”? Don’t touch Isn’t this panoramic view nice? Does anyone know what “panoramic view” is in Cantonese? Good morning everyone! So right now we’re walking Faye Canyon Trail It said on AllTrails that this was a good one so we’re checking it out He’s a hotdog This tree is so unique! I’m going to climb up that hill So pretty! This is “Tiny Canyon” lol Brittany, what are we going to eat? We came to Tamaliza for lunch To eat Mexican food! I ordered pork tacos Chips and guacamole Chile relleno Jared’s favorite is chile relleno I really like chile relleno And a glass of horchata I don’t even know what horchata is Oooh, spiced rice drink That’s really good What’s your review? Very good I think this is more traditional Mexican food Okay so today we went hiking Today we chose a trail that was a little easier for Z to hike Because the day before he got pretty tired I think the sun was a little too much Today we were hiking inside of a canyon Typically the inside of a canyon isn’t as sunny, not as hot So this time Z was a lot more comfortable At the end there was a portion where you needed to climb a little So we took turns Jared climbed first, then he’d come back down Then it was my turn and I’d go up The view at the top was so pretty It was really worth climbing up there So right now we’re eating lunch of course After we’re done eating we’re going to go back to the hotel for a nap Bath time for Zeenie, he’s so dirty! Zeenie is done showering, all clean! Wipe dry his fur Wipe dry his body ~spa~ Everytime after he showers he gets all crazy like... Crazy dog We’re going back to the trails The sun is is about to go down We thought that it would be a good time to fly the drone To take some footage of the views of the sunset I hope you guys like it! Alright so we’ve arrived at Elote Cafe and ordered takeout because they don’t allow dogs in Isn’t that sad? Tonight’s dinner view So this is elote, Mexican style corn This one is that... Lamb ribs or lamb meat? Lamb adobo Jared’s friend Brad told us to come here for Mexican food I think this place is fancier Mexican food This is so good A little sour, a little salty and a little spicy Every flavor? Yeah Well, except for 甜 and bitter, which I forgot Bitter (fu2) It’s not all the flavors We had Mexican food for lunch That place was more of a hole in-the-wall style That’s the secret Oh! After the sun has gone down There’s a bit of wind so it’s really comfy That’s why I like to sit out at night and just enjoy life Look at the stars It’s gets so dark here that you can see the stars It’s really pretty Good morning This morning we’re going to drive an ATV Do we look cool? Very cool Let’s go! Woo! Alright so we've arrived at the ATV trail Wow, earlier when we were driving on the highway The wind blew into my face until it hurt Driving ATVs are fun Okay Brittany it’s your turn My turn? Oh man I don't know if I can drive this thing Brittany start the car Okay...

The chair is too hot How do I get in closer? Just lightly apply the gas, you’ll get the feel of it It’s gonna get bumpy! Make sure you’re holding on to Douglas! Oh my gosh Brittany, what's driving like? I just started, don’t know yet But so far it’s pretty fun You watch the dirt! What are your thoughts so far? I’m so tired And I can’t press the gas pedal, I’m too short This helmet is too heavy But it’s so fun Better than sitting in the passenger seat keke It’s so bumpy! Ah! Get in the car! Alright so now we’re headed back to the ATV rental Jared, what are we eating right now? Acai bowls So we’ve finished driving that ATV Jared, any thoughts? Driving ATVs is fun But it’s too loud So next time if you were to go again You would wear headphones or plug your ears Ear plugs would be nice Z liked hanging out the window We got nice and dirty Zeenie Have you packed everything? Zeenie packed his little squirrel He’s ready to go Close the door Okay we can go So now we’re driving to our next destination Because we have to drive back towards Monterey we’re going to stay one night in Yucca Valley Because of Jared, this trip I wanted to stay at some places like the tiny home and the teepee and tonight we’re going to stay in an Airbnb that’s a...vehicle? We’ll be staying in an Airstream Sedona is one of the most beautiful places we’ve ever been to Yeah, hands down We came all the way to Arizona to see these cactuses Oh my gosh we finally got to see them! These were the cactuses we wanted to see the most There are a lot of different kinds of cactuses Let me show you guys I don’t think we’ll be staying here for too long because it’s too hot! Right now it’s 91ºF There isn’t even any shade! This is a good one This part of Arizona is really hot Isn’t this ridiculous It’s 97ºF here There’s no way I’d be able to live here It’s too hot Brittany do you prefer the cold of Canada or the heat of Arizona? The cold of Canada, of course Oh my gosh I’d rather live in negative 30 degrees celsius Okay maybe I take that back Maybe not negative 30, negative 20 We’re almost at our Airstream! ‘Kay Brittany, say a few words We’ve arrived at the Airstream It was a little hard to find because there’s no reception It's nice! Pretty good view This is the Airstream Let me walk out a little, let you guys take a look So now I’m going into the Airstream Wow, it’s cute! I don’t know if you guys remember the RV This one’s way more modern! This is the living room You can sit here and eat Let me take my shoes off first So here they have a fridge Whoa this fridge is pretty nice Whoa there’s water and coffee So down here there’s a microwave There’s a stove I think you can actually use this as a bed Back here there’s a bed Here you can put some clothes This is the bathroom I think as far as trailers go This bathroom is already pretty big This bathroom is even bigger than the RV’s bathroom Not bad not bad Okay so we just arrived at the Airbnb At this Airstream Everyone, remember if you’re going out to these kinds of remote places It’s really important to remember to write down all the information or take screenshots of the emails because there’s not reception out here so we’re not actually sure if this is the right place so they have some business cards here so we know we’re actually in the place we were going to Now I’m on the Airbnb app and can’t receive the messages the host of this Airbnb sent me I can open it because there’s no reception I can’t get on the wifi either My phone has no reception But it’s okay because now I can unplug a little It’s a good thing I can actually see a few emails This one sais that the Airstream is very close to a famous restaurant or dive bar in Yucca Valley called Pappy’s and Harriet’s I think we’ll drive out to Pappy and Harriet’s Once we’ve turned back around and there’s reception we’ll put it in the GPS I don’t know what this Pappy and Harriet’s is I think you can eat there Before the sun goes down I think we’ll drive out and see what they’ve got there Okay so that day I was actually so hungry that I forgot to mention something Which was why we didn’t end up going to Pappy and Harriet’s Because once we actually got there there was a really long line So because we were so hungry we decided to go next door to Red Dog Let’s eat! We ordered 4 tacos Even though there weren’t many people in line there were still a lot of people there So we figured “huh, the stuff is probably pretty good, why not just eat here?” So that’s why we went to Red Dog The food was good so it was actually a good choice We ordered elote again, corn Chips and guacamole Zeenie? Do you want to go to jail? You’re guilty of being TOO CUTE Okay now we’re going back to our Airbnb Airstream to enjoy life! Are you comfy? Not quite comfy! Okay That looks very comfy You look like you’ve never been in a hammock before I have Imma roast you It lit on fire Good job Jared Okay so this fire pit is little broken We’re having a little trouble turning it on Once you turn it on it doesn’t stay on So I constructed this jimmyrig to press on the button Isn’t ya gurl Brittany super smart? Are you super lucky? Okay! Good morning This morning we’re having a yogurt breakfast I put some cashews on top with some honey Good morning Zeenie Hi Jared, good morning Good morning We’re going back to Monterey today Are you excited? Okay so this is where the vlog ends I hope everyone enjoyed travelling with me, Jared and Z Everyone let me know in the comments which place was your favorite Remember to like this video, subscribe and leave me a comment! See you next time, bye!

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