Cappadocia, Turkey Adventures | Hot Air Balloons | Underground City & Much More!

Cappadocia, Turkey Adventures  | Hot Air Balloons | Underground City & Much More!

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Here it is quite far away from Constantinople, from the capital that’s why the education they were taking in here was only religious education nothing else. Thats why they were trying to send all the students here. If you want the best education they would say come to the Cappadocia region. So this is one of the examples of the schools Until the 12th century this place kept going. The Seijuk turks never got involved with christian life. They said ok we like this land we want to conquer they conquered and said if you are Christian be Christian. You are paying taxes right? Pay taxes no problem, that’s all.

Thats what the Seijuk Turks did because there was a man if you go to Konya, Mevlana. He said it doesn’t matter who you are come to me he accepted all the different beliefs And all the different thoughts. You can be a sinner you can be a killer don’t worry just come to me. So hospitality and this kind soul was brought to the people and the different beliefs as well So Mevlana said this and the Seijuk Turks followed the path of Mevlana. So that’s why it wasn’t a problem that they were living together

But until the mongols. Mongols they are a bit dangerous people they attacked the Seijuks and they beat us quite well. And after that this monastery collapsed and all the monks died Or they just vanished and after that point they didn’t use this place as a monastery anymore so the turks changed it to a caravan center We are standing on the Silk Road. A camel in a day can walk approximately 50 km that’s why for the night they needed a shelter to stay So Seijuk Turks to support the commercial use of the Silk Road what they did, you can stay here with you caravan and the first 2 days everything is free. You should know that the first underground city dates back to the Hittites time. Hittites it a civilization we have already talked about them a little bit They lived in the center of Turkey in the Cappadocia region. They ruled for nearly 2,000 years and it was nearly 3,000 years before First they make some small rooms. Basic rooms for he animals because its cheaper than building a house. When you carve this rock is much more easy and cheaper

So first it was started by the Hittites but we know that 90% of the underground cities were made by the first Christians Until the 3rd and 4th century between that era, Christianity was not allowed by the Roman Empire. If you are Christian it makes you a criminal So that's why what they did to live their belief they were christian they were living in normal houses in the village but when the enemy arrived to catch them To kill them, They were hiding in the underground places for weeks. It depends on the situation and how many people are living in there We are thinking between 2,000 and 6,000 people lived in the underground city we are going to visit.

You should know that this is the biggest underground city but it is only 20% of it You should know that when the Christians were hiding the entrance wasn't like that, it was quite small there was some trees and rock in front of it Thats why there is a sign outside that says there is a underground city here because they turned it into a museum. Some rooms collapsed and they made it bigger and larger but it was smaller They put some grass some goat food some water and they tie it up here there would be a line in this place so this is the animal shelters Maybe 3, 4 or 5 families would share this small area. There is no sunlight. They don’t get the sunlight they were using linen seed for the lighting But this material has always been expensive even if you go back to 100 to 200 years before. We know that it was an expensive thing to get the light

Just imagine there is a little baby staying in here. Of course all of us love the babies in good conditions you know? But if its crying in here for 2 weeks or 3 days After a point you would want to choke it. Believe me this place itself is a burden for human psychology. Just imagine how hard their life conditions in here There was nothing wrong with them they were roman citizens good citizens they paid their taxes just because they were christian they become criminal that’s their only fault We will see a kitchen, they could cook something but rarely because there is no chimney. If they make a chimney the enemy early sees the smoke

Usually they don’t cook at all they have Bulger you already ate it during lunch its like a rice. Yea that’s Bulger We call it Turkish Rice its much more healthy than rice. Its broken wheat at lunch you ate it and that’s the same thing but without cooking put it inside water wait for it to get soft Drink it and it makes you full not tasty but its working I’ve tried it. And guys why they made the underground city such a small place. Some people say are they dwarves. But they are normal people like us

Human beings are actually getting taller. They were probably the best size, like me its the best size for a man. More than this height I don’t know But guys they were normal people. Yea im sorry guys They made the tunnels narrow because if you made them to big they would collapse. It may be hard for us but it much harder for the enemy Enemies they come in like this usually they don’t know people are hiding in here they are thinking they are just runaways or something else Even with this knowledge just imagine you are in a village 2,000 people should be living in it and no one is there they don’t even think people would be hiding down here In old days it was impossible to make these things in the soil you would need rock like this and softer So if the enemy is to lose to the gate this is the door. It will be like a horror movie after 1 to 2 weeks of an em=nemy trying to reach this place. Thats why this structure is perfect to defend you kill and run kill and run So that's the for example we think they have multiple ways to go out from this underground city and several entrances this is not the only one We will see the ventilation. The ventilation will be the well as well. Top ventilation here well on the top of the ventilation the put some stones and trees that’s why the enemy can’t see

The connection because if they see the connection they could cut an animal throw it in the water and you will be poisoned Thats why for the different places another underground water well its not that famous. What they did was this is the ventilation shaft 5 meters away from there is the well so there is no connection Maybe they learned that this does not work perfectly. So they make it perfect they always improved So we think that the Hittites might have used it 5,000 years ago. They were the first to carve it and make a settlement. The history of these caves started with them But after Jesus when christianity started to expand in the first century And in that period until Constantine which is the late 350 A.D. So that’s like 300 years If you have spears and arrows that's the thing its perfect place there is some gaps and traps like this. And another stone door it repeats itself

Did you realize the other people didn't know the path to follow? Thats the enemy. Thats the enemy without light without any information. And you don't know where the people who will try and defend this place will appear to kill you so this is the perfect place for defense This is another stone door but it is quite small it was probably smashed or cracked. The tunnels that don’t have stone doors the same thing happened to those doors This is the door and this is the way they were rolling it to close the door When I was a student and I was living here I was always interested about the history and reading so after I realized such a place existed I always spent my free time here To try and understand what kind of life style they could have had. Once I tied to hide in here to see the night situation without any light. But the officers they catch me and kick me outside

Thats my problem im always like what if I do it? Usually they catch me In the dark but you know they usually have sheep’s. What did you see on the way here? sheeps right? Those times they also had the sheep’s and its not a problem Hold it by the nose and use a little force it will hurt and the sheep will come easily In here this is not the door they may have brought it from the outside but probably they were using this to shape copper. Not melting but copper is quite soft This curve it also helps to give the shape No we didn’t find any this is the only one They have small ones but it can be used for different purposes. This is, That I know of, we have only in here Another stone door you can easily see the line where they pushed it and closed it on the wall there is a niche as well and this is the hole to use a spear In my good days I could have lifted it but yea One person can lift this? No, if its in here with a wooden thing basic physics you can move it. But there is another underground city 3 turks closed it and they were stuck there for 5 hours If you push with 2 people you can roll it to open it that’s the problem it need much power. You can put some wood here push it to this side to open it The problem is from the outside it’s impossible. So after you close and you put a pice of stone even if you have monstrous strength you can’t roll it back to this side

So after you close it put something under it Next stop will be pigeon valley. We are going to visit a jewelry workshop in Turkey it is a very rich country for the gemstones as well. Maybe you have Even the Base of the word has Turk in it. This stone was found in Turkmenistan mountains Here it is different no fake stuff here at least the places we are visiting. The government said we will make Cappadocia the gem of Turkish tourism So some places are supported by the Government. Like the carpets the ceramic places and this gem stone place That's why the quality and everything is insured buy the government and these companies give you the certification pieces if you have a problem you can send them back

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