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Moosh. Dolphin. Noise. I've. Said, it many times, I, know I. Would. Change my ways and. We're. In New Zealand today, we're Joan Alicia Merrick this. Is our family, and. You're, watching generally, TV, if this the first time you've joined us please consider hitting the subscribe button and if you've been here before, thanks, for coming back and watching, some more. Housing. To only I'm a bunk bed again. What. Do you think so I. Dunno. What was your favorite part everything, is really. Know. Nobody. Moves you. Mama. What was your favorite part so we. Were looking. For a place just, like this like a cute. Little cabin, with, like. Even, the decorations, like they did such a great job with, the cabin itself with the property, like. Our girls especially, in the States haven't, had a lot of opportunities, to just play, outside because. One. Where we lived in Texas there, were chiggers, everywhere, which. Would. Eat you alive. And -. You don't just let, kids roam, around in, the States really anymore unless. You own a lot of property, and we don't, so we. Really wanted them to have that experience Joe, and I had that growing. Up a lot where you just go and explore and play and be kids outside, so. For. That it was everything, we were looking for, plus it was just really. Well done play. The host was very kind if, you want to just disconnect, and, let your kids play and be kids and explore. There's, a great safe place for that so I really, enjoyed it and it's just the surroundings, are amazing, here everywhere we look like. Like. We. Editing. Is taking me so long because, we have so, many hours of footage because we just keep filming, everything. Because it's so beautiful, so yeah. We, really like New Zealand so. Girls, but a good thing about this air B&B is, that, it's, a pretty nice house but the bad thing is that we have to share it with another family. Yeah. It's a roommate situation the house is just a really nice house so I just I couldn't pass it up plus it's really close to a bunch of cool things to do and stuff we're actually gonna, leave it on soon as we get there because we have an appointment to go do something. While, the big kids grandma. And no. Leeanddamo are. Gonna stay behind. You'll. See a little bit when all the crows. They. Settle down. See. I'm. Gonna ride and, I got it wrong. But. Otherwise. With. Me by the fire. I. Let. It go for a little. So. Be. IRA's. Stars fall. Cool. Cool. Entry. There's a bar for you. Nice. House you. See, that guy over there that's our roommate sorry, roommates. Oh, who's. There oh. Yeah. You. Guys drive from. We. Told them we're seeing at an Airbnb in. Okay. So we, just left. Holly, and Richard's house because, that's who we're staying with they're, our friends that we actually met in Sawa, so now, we're going caving and, this. Is Richard Holly's daughter right here. Nadia. So some up is in the back in the middle and then Kendall, is in the back right, there we're, going caving, with them and with Richard sorry, for the bounciness because, we're using iPhone right now. I'm. Always in, your head. We've. Made it let's, see what we look like when we get back. Danger. Keep, out authorized, personnel only private. Keep out no entry authorized persons. I guess, we're authorized persons police. Should you have your phone you left, it, that. Was fast sorry. Remember. They were talking about all that active, stuff and we're like this sounds awesome except, the whole hiking. Up a mountain thing. Wow. Before. Not. Every. Man. I. Know. A Richard, Holly got us into but, we're. About to disappear and. I. Don't think. That's. A tiny hole. For, sound effects - please. Right. Now that I've gone down the. Entrance, I'll, show you the. Actual entrance. Are. You guys alright. Oh yeah. I'm not going under. Yes. I. Hope. You're gonna fit through here Joe. Look. At you. Gone. Native, let's. Just take a minute to remember, that I told you you should bring hiking, boots. Some. People find it easy to golf it around that some, people find easy. Like. That's. Gonna be good footage. Yeah. There we go now. What now we'll work and. That's. A good warm-up for tonight's party very crab. I. You. Hold, it 27. Meters. For. You folks. That aren't, with. The American, system. This. Is crazy, seriously. Like we're in Indiana Jones. You're, playing. Is criminal. Reset. Like. A ballerina. Crossovers. Yeah. You have to find that thing it's like or. Maybe they're spilling. When, he said it was for beginners. So, it's all hollow. Their. Faith is like in the world.

You're. Gonna eat just caused an earthquake, somewhere. He's. Refusing, to use the rope. It. Is. My. Right hand, coming. Up. Me. To still clients. No. Nice. Oh. When. Oh. And. May. All your Christmases. Bwaah. Like. Your. Family. Oh. My. Shoes. Ow. You. Guys are too amazing. We. Have emerged, unscathed. With. These crazy people. Everyone. Wants. To be. Sighs. Idealized. Anymore. It's. Got me. It's. A bar. Richard. Thank. You so much for taking us on the tour awesome. Welcome anytime this day was a pretty epic day with, a big long drive but, that caving, was excellent. We had singing, in the cave in the Cathedral. But Richard and Holly, definitely. Have way more confidence. In us then. Do we in ourselves. They. Were like yeah you might could, bring it to year old in the four year old and if we like we, probably should have even brought a 42. Year old in the 40 year old so. Anyway. Hopefully you enjoyed the ride today with us and survived. We, survived we're all dirty and we're all tired time, to go to sleep for. A new adventure tomorrow thanks. For coming by, if, you liked the video please like it give, it a big thumbs up and subscribe thanks so much see ya. You.

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Another awesome video Family love watching you guys hopefully to see yous around in Samoa I’ll be there this Friday for the next two weeks

What a PERRRFECT Adventure through the Waikato Caves.. wow how awesum was that singing kiwi harmony

Loving the Vlogs Jamily Team! Our household have to watch each vlog twice every time one gets uploaded because I’m always the first to watch it with the kids and then hubby misses out so we have to watch it again

Amanda Aso-Lealali yay!! Thanks so much for watching! Twice, haha! We’re excited for you guys to bring your girls! How old are they? How long do you get to stay?

i didn't expect to see my brother and some of my family in law...

Thanks for watching! Which one is your brother? Luke or Richard?

If you get to Whanganui let me know, You could stop in say hi to mum and my sister in law.

We’re already back in Samoa. Taking us a long time to edit these massive blogs from NZ! But maybe next time. Thanks mojoo101!

spot the islander....caving in NZ wearing jandals lol. Malo!  what a crack up.

Lol! #always!! My new motto is if i ain’t wearin slippaz, it ain’t worth it! Haha!

4:02 looks just like the Shire! (minus the road and fence). 7:55 looks like Rohan, and that cave entrance... does it lead to Rivendell? Joe, what kind of drone do you have? Awesome video... looks like a fun time!

Thanks man! We’re trying to keep pumping them out. Takes a lonnnnnnng time to edit these things. Anyway, i love the Mavic Pro 2 because of its camera, speed, battery length, portability, and durability. But it’s super expensive. If i were getting a drone for hobby, it’d be the Mavic Air. Lots cheaper, but still great everything else. Might get the next Mavic Air when it comes out later this year or next year.

+JAMily TV A drone is very high on my list of toys! Keep the awesome videos coming

Haha! You’re totally right, it does!! New Zealand is truly awesome!! We didn’t get to make it to the actual shire this visit because we went there in 2016. But we’re definitely going there next time!! But the cave was so much fun. So much more awesome than we thought it was gonna be. This was recorded with a Mavic 2 Pro. I have a Mavic Pro Platinum as well, but i only use that as a backup. Are you looking for a drone? Have you owned one before? Thanks so much for watching the vlog!

Nice adventure there!

I'm from the Philippines I also just uploaded one of my caving videos. and I found out this.

Thanks! We did have a great time. Where are you watching from?


We tried to finish another one for tonight, but it’s still too long. So we will be releasing that one on Wednesday. Thanks for watching this one!!

Epic footage - thanks for sharing. I was hyperventilating just watching haha... Memories to last a lifetime.

That’s awesome! Thanks so much for watching! Glad i could provide a laugh for you guys!! My wife enjoyed it too, haha! Brisbane! We’re hoping to make it to Brisbane later this year. Family there. :)

We are ex-kiwi’s, born and raised in Auckland, now living in Brisbane, Australia. We miss those adventures growing up in New Zealand. We didn’t have to contend with spiders, snakes and creepy crawlies like we do here. Malo lava le onosa’i Joe - My husband and I had a good laugh at your expense. Keep them videos coming.

Haha! I was too when i was stuck in there, haha! I seriously thought i was spending the night in Middle Earth to lose some weight, haha! Thanks so much for watching! Where are you watching from?

Wow.. Middle Earth exactly.. the vocals on those kids were beautiful, the place brought great acoustic all over.. Thanks for exploring those caves and bringing us along for the ride.. Malo Joe, seki a lou wiggle wiggle in those caves.. the kids were in those caves like it was just another day of walk climbing.. lol.. Faafetai lava Fam

Wiggle wiggle!! Haha! Man. That was scary. Not gonna lie. I literally thought i was sleeping in there for the night to lose some weight. I was freaking out a little bit. Friggin pitch black without the flashlights. Haha! But yes. The acoustics!! Holy cows!! Those kids were friggin amazing!!

Nice voices

JAMily TV  definitely amazing

Crazy, aye?!

These are the moments that you'll remember forever thank you for sharing with us

So glad we have committed to preserving them on YouTube and that others find value in it too. Makes it a lot more easy to push to get our memories filmed and edited knowing that we have such an awesome support system in yous leaving us encouraging and loving comments. Thanks Chill!!

in NZ we usually call cabins huts for some reason

David Onslow-Osborne y’all got all kinds a cool words for stuff!! It’s sweet as, haha!!

Thank you Joe and family for sharing, beautiful view. Good work out for big Joe

+JAMily TV Yeah that is the way, wiggle wiggle wiggle

Haha! Was a good workout!! Gotta get this old body moving again!!

Heyyyy thats cool yous have met up and staying with another fam in nz the scenery footage is awesome

Haha! The Cathedral was truly amazing! Even though i got stuck in it, haha! I literally haven’t worn a shoe other than a jandal in 6 months, lol! Don’t see a change coming any time soon, either. Loving it!

Aloha n Talofa from Hawaii..Enjoyed your adventure in the caves. Joe malo lava definitely represented us big soles very well.. Honestly, if that was me they would probably have to call 911..LOL..Keep posting them great adventures. By the way Ive been to NZ a few times but never got to do much exploring like you folks. I love NZ..Take care and Happy 2019. Mahalos and God Bless.

I seriously thought i was gonna have to stay in there overnight and lose a little weight, lol!! I was definitely scared, haha! Where in Hawaii?? I met Alisha in Laie!

Hahahaha! All for your entertainment! Haha

Love your family vlogs and the amazing adventures you share as a family. Enjoy our beautiful country of Aotearoa

Talofae...if we were still in Palmy North, we would have loved to have u’s. Most def luv to see you’s in Samoa. You’s will be locals by then and can tell us the cool spots

My favorite Wheel of Fortune episode EVER!! Haha! A hero to all Polys! Haha

We’d love to meet up when you get here in September. We actually have some family in Brisbane that we are gonna go see this year sometime. Haven’t exactly planned it out just yet. AND we tried to get to Palmerston North before we went to our friends house, but all the AirBnB’s were booked unfortunately. Next time.

PS....’O’ for Osome

I didn’t know i was claustrophobic until my big belly got stuck and i was thinking i was gonna spend the night in the cave to lose some weight, haha!! Where are you watching from?

freaking claustrophobic...thank you but no thank you...have fun ya

+JAMily TV uso,the only cave i did was in Disneyland. half way thru that sucker and i thought i was gonna passed out...thats how i found out im claustrophobic

Haha! It was a bit scary, but it was so much fun!! Have you ever gone caving?

How cute when the girls sang Jingle Bells. I was confused at the start when you arrived at the Air BnB...I was thinking to myself. ."Gee everyone is so friendly with the strangers "!! Hahahha You're a brave lot. .I'd not go further than the first big entrance Richard went through and thats it!

+JAMily TV awesome thanks for sharing ur video

Haha@tummy. Sounds like my problem too. Next time carry an axe! Hahaha The part where you get to the rocks in the water inside the cave was very pretty. Good idea singing in the cave..sounded great. Seems like theyre a musical family?! Very nice.

Hi Jamily Team! Definitely excited everytime we see your vlogs haha. Our oldest is 4 and second is the same age as your beautiful Noli

caving in jandals!.."AKA Samoan boots" lol...Love watching the jamily journies...

Anyone else binge watching their vids?! When I watch you guys, I think of how true the saying is “Good energy is contagious”. Love how you guys are raising such awesome, well- rounded, grateful, kind and intelligent children.

Tia, so kind!! Thank you for watching. We REALLY appreciate it!! ❤️❤️❤️

@JAMily TV A drone is very high on my list of toys! Keep the awesome videos coming

@JAMily TV awesome thanks for sharing ur video

@JAMily TV Yeah that is the way, wiggle wiggle wiggle

@JAMily TV uso,the only cave i did was in Disneyland. half way thru that sucker and i thought i was gonna passed out...thats how i found out im claustrophobic

Love these videos so happy I stumbled upon this channel

We’re glad you stumbled on the channel also!! ❤️❤️

The singing was awesome. There are caves like this in Victoria, Australia. Bucham caves. Yes that is their real name and a local's joke - "No, I don't know where the Bucham Caves are". LOL

Crazy awesome singing, huh!!

Joe, the correct answer is no we don't cave!

funny how Joe's wearing jandals for this adventure LOL real island guy! lol

so glad i stumbled across this channel via your vid of the Pacific Games. i am totally living vicariously through your adventures.

Aww how awesome is this and the singing

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