Cavuto Live 01/20/18 11AM | January 20, 2018 Breaking News

Cavuto Live 01/20/18 11AM | January 20, 2018 Breaking News

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All. Right welcome back everybody who coming to you live from Washington, DC our nation's capital that has pretty much been ground to a halt, not a total halt but. The government is shut down first time it's happened since, back in 2013, remember, that one, lasted. For about 16, days, Republicans. Were doing everything they they, could sort of cook up to, stop the Affordable Care Act or at least slow, its progress didn't. Work but, the bottom line was they did exact some concessions, on some, other issues that the markets light. And, the advance later on in fact that, tends to be the rule of thumb with these with, these shutdowns, or disruptions. Whatever you want, to call them as as, as. Much as we're willing to look at these things and shake our head and say my, gosh it's like dealing with our kids fact, of the matter is that good things can happen afterwards. I'm trying to look at the half-full. A glass we're it right here in. Keeping, with that theme and the fact that people aren't talking or trying to make, some progress behind, the scenes we're, getting indications out at Mitchell Connell the Senate leader has, spoken to the president, trying. To iron out a game plan about where, they go from. Here they're. Going, to sort of work behind the scenes on a deal. That. They really can't cobble together this weekend, and vote on this weekend more, likely Monday that. Would call for an extension of anywhere, from a few days maybe. To a few weeks way. Way way too early to. Start handicapping. That congressman. Mark Meadows joins us right now he, is a crucial, player in all of this the. Chair of the Sun of the freedom caucus forty, Son Nhut congressmen and women it's strong largely, conservative, largely, concerned. About, government. Getting bigger spending, getting out of control having. Said all that the, good congressman, did, vote for the measure when it was in the house to. Advance the ball, chairman very good to see he thanks for taking the time Neal great to be back with you obviously is, stepped out of a meeting to make sure that your viewers got the most up-to-date information. On. What's, happening, here in in, the, capital right now but, obviously it's, a serious, situation a. Shutdown. Because of 43, Democrats, deciding. Not. To keep the government open, just for four weeks you, know it was a tough, row. To hoe over here in the house but we managed to get, it with Republican, only votes and so, now. We're. Calling upon the Senate to open, back up the the, government, let's, go ahead and, make sure that we address our fiscal concerns.

And. That's what this is all about you know there's a number of people who have said well, this is all about immigration. This is about other things, that. Are unrelated to spending, well I can tell you this is related, to spending. And indeed. It is up to the Democrats, to decide whether they want to open the government up or not. These. Meetings, that have been going on and you talk about it up to spending, and their concern about spending. Will you voted for something that. Still has a lot of spending so, it's like job well. You know for, us we in the freedom caucus we're a lot more conservative, perhaps, than some of our colleagues we. Have believed, that we should not, hold our military, hostage, allow, that those. Increase. In spending. Levels. To increase, for our military and, not, grow the size of government and everywhere, else and yet our Democrat, colleagues are. Saying that the government needs, a 13 percent pay, increase, grow. The size of government by 13%, your. Viewers, and most of my constituents, did. Not get a 13, percent pay, increase last. Year so why should we give it to the government and so, a number, of us believe that we have, put. Forth a measure to continue, the negotiations, keep the government open, and. Ultimately. Hopefully, make a good decision not, only for the markets, that you refer. To earlier but. For moms and dads on Main Street and I can tell you that we. Are extremely, disappointed that our. Democrat, Senate, colleagues, are playing, politics. Once. Again in. On, issues, that really. They have no objection, to what was in the bill I mean we've known. Oh you know you're right about that the irony there but chairman I just want to be very you're shown what what, could be kicked around right now we're told. Another. Continuing, resolution maybe. Of a few days up to a few weeks there's, a lot, in between and, then, a vote on that on Monday to reopen. The government can. You update us on any of that I can, you, know there there could be a vote as early as later today I can tell you in the house we're, going to reconvene, at 3:45. To vote, on what, we call a same-day rule, which. Means that if the Senate acts we can act immediately we, don't have to wait and keep the government shutdown for, any length of time so at 3:45.

Today We'll reconvene, to, vote on that rule to give us what same-day authority, but, let us say they authority, what, it same day Authority mean, okay. In the house we have rules where actually you're supposed to wait three days to, be able to look at either a particular, piece, of legislation we. Don't want to keep the government shut, down for three days for a procedural, hurdle so we're. Preemptively. Getting. Ready in the house side for something that may change on the Senate side that being said is there procedures, in the Senate right now that. They could have a vote, as early as this afternoon. If. The Democrats, were to yield back their debate time or, as you've already reported. If the Democrats want to continue, to play politics, it could, last into Monday before an actual vote takes place, all. Of that gives, a contacts, you talked, in, in context, a short-term. Four, or five day extension, does, nothing, for us at this point it has been rejected it was rejected yesterday. It's. Been rejected by the house I mean if you can't have. For a four, week extension. You, know if the Democrats, have to have some kind of a win is there some flexibility. There perhaps, I know I have communicated, with our leadership, what conservatives, are willing to do but, I see how I don't. See how four or five days actually advances. The cause we'll, just be back here on Tuesday or Wednesday if, we do that so let's get serious about it today. Tell you the, mood within, our GOP, conference that I just stepped out of is. One of just, unbelievable. Seriousness, it. Is it is looking at this issue and saying we've, got to we've got to make sure that we do it but you know you're reporting from here in Washington, DC and, in a few moments, after, we have our quorum call I'm going to be going to the world war two memorial, if, you'll, remember in 2013. You were talking about that for, political, messaging. Purposes. President. Obama shut it down they had barricades, and tape. And. We're gonna go there and show how it's different, under this president, but it's really incumbent upon the Democrat, senators, to, act and act today all. Right sir if you could just stay there Kevin McCarthy is talking to the press right, now may be addressing, and outlining some of these things you you, just mentioned, but, our military is our children's, health insurance program is, being shut down by Schumer, and all these other items this is irresponsible, for what they're doing we didn't put anything in, the, continuing. Funding of government where Democrats, would disagree with, we. Did not put anything there's nothing in that bill they disagree with the only thing they disagree with it's almost like a tantrum, that I have to take over government you have to do everything that I want otherwise. Everybody, else has to be hurt even, though the issue that they're dealing about we're, just as passionate, we're in the room right now trying, to negotiate it but they shut it down so they shut down negotiations.

To Solve the problem they say they want to work on you talk about rigging about Democrats but what's the result in your conference coming out of this community you feel that everyone, is in line with your thinking here then it's not worth it to come up with some sort of doc okay we are all united, with the idea that it's wrong to shut the government down and her children, and veterans we, are all aligned with the idea that we took a vote to keep government funded, for, another month and continuing, to negotiations. To solve the problem that the president yes who brought everybody together who, got the ball rolling we're, in the process of getting it done but, for some reason Schumer, thought that wasn't fast enough this, is a complex, issue we, were met every, single, day they, walked out of the room the day before saying this was the best progress they've had yet, but for some reason they, wanted to shut it down you're. Responsible. Ser. What the date changed the February 8th and the House passed that I believe, we would accept if they went to February 8th now I don't know why wouldn't they do that last night why, would they put the government through this I just. Think if, they look back in history they'll, realize they were on the wrong side thank you very cool a terminar thing. Okay. Back, at Mark Meadows house freedom caucus area, again echoing, a lot of what you just said. Chairman, um that, this is on Democrats, but I don't see, anyone. Talking to the other side right now well. We we have had conversations. With the other side I can I can tell you I spoke to the president, yesterday at. Length, on a. Number, of issues he, obviously, had, a one-on-one, meeting, with, Senator. Schumer and the president, has been consistent. He told. Me that he didn't want to shut down he. Told me that he wanted to make sure we did. Right, by, our military, men and women and our veterans, and and. Also on the chip issue he says you know we need to make sure that we fund that and authorize that and make sure that we we, help these, children and and have the resources, there to do it so there is nothing that was in this bill and leader McCarthy is right nothing, in this bill that, should, have caused Democrats. To vote against it and I can tell you I asked, for a lot of things that I wanted, in that bill that Democrats, would have refused, but, yet at the same time, hearing. The leadership, of our president and certainly. Understanding. The the serious. Nature of this, we. We decided to to, look and continue, to negotiate now leader. McCarthy, made another point if, immigration and. And, the, way that many of the Democrats look at it amnesty, is. The most serious, function. And the reason why they're shutting this down then. They. Have just stopped the negotiations. We were making very good progress on, a number of fronts still, major differences, but, if they, want to get to. A deal then they need to open back up, government and make sure that we do that Neal all.

Right Watch. Closely you should hear the horrible things I say about you by the way. Say. Bad things about you Neal and so it's gonna be with you all, right same here sir thank you very very much for taking the time on, a crazy day I'm sure by. The way this. Is the one year anniversary of. Donald. Trump's immigration it's, President of the United States some of the same groups that that. Were protesting, on that day are back, for a return engagement maybe, not in the same numbers. But big numbers expected in this city and in, cities across the. Country Carolyn, Shively is joining us to. Talk about that, a lot of people. About, 50. Events and marches, and rallies, happening all across the u.s. today one year after the women's March that, brought out millions of people to the streets we're not in the millions here in DC but certainly in the thousands, my photographer Jason can take a pan around and show, you what the crowd is like here today, they are very excited, the speakers just got underway, we are told that they'll have about two hours of talking including. Some new names some. Members of Congress who, are here in DC for the weekend unexpectedly. Trying, to deal with the federal government, shutdown and find a solution there now last year the focus was on protest, and the election, of President Trump, and how they were angry over that much of the focus, today though is on power to the polls they're trying to get women elected women, running and women registered and, the numbers are proving that out a record number of women are, registered. A record. Number of women are running for Congress and also on the local level they'll, speak here for about two hours and then folks will put on their walking shoes we're here between the Lincoln Memorial and an out frozen, lake right behind us they, will be walking all the way down to the White House delivering, their message to President Trump back, to you man, all, right Caroline thank you very much actually had you had, Judy Kurtz talking about this similar. Issue here at Judy it, is interesting they're big numbers but, a lot of the same protesters. From last year. Maybe. Now is the time you could sit back and say alright we, don't like what you're doing mr. president last, year's they, were going after him from the get-go yeah last year it was almost like this emotional, outpouring me, love you know the president just being sworn, in the day before this. Year I think the question, really is has the shock value worn. Off of President, Trump being in office it's, the passion still there as the folks we see on the screen here look certainly. Passionate but, has that faded, over the course of the year and you. Know where do they go from here and to, the ballot boxes the, real question well a lot of the things we're galvanizing. Ourselves, not only a protest, but to sign up vote, put ourselves on, the ballot. Have, there been significant, numbers that because they are very confident, that they, can tip Congress, this year yeah they're certainly very confident. About that and the the, focus of this year's March is getting. Women registered to, vote I think they the, organizers. Of the March to, their credit realized, they had to transform. This expression, of anger from last year's march against, the president, into, real action. And so the. The, notion now is you, know quit waving, the pink hats and start waving voter registration, form are they going to be doing the big cats this year we don't know I haven't. Seen that it was. When. You talk it's not a monolithic vote I grant you but. We. Talk about the female voter. Overwhelmingly. They. Rejected. The president, last. Year are the numbers still like that this year because obviously. Got elect a TV on whereas in the United States and. It's. A White House concerns fact. Is there's no doubt that men. Pull. Better with President rome's and than women do but women did vote for President, Trump you. Know right now the the hot-button issue of course is immigration we have a shutdown going on abortion. Doesn't really seem to be on the table so the question becomes what, are they really targeting. As far as women's issues all, right Judy Kurtz of the help thank, you very very much I thought I was going to both of them silence an aside Paula Joanie already. To meantime we've, got Ronnie Beck Daniel Lee the Republican National Committee Chair joins, us on the phone and Ron I'll ask you what I was, just raising with Judy the possibility, that whatever. Happens with these protests. This. Is where Republicans. Have to do some. Better work to, get Women. Voters or female voters. And. And and, and. Get them at, least more of them on their, side do you agree yes, that's. Why the RNC, is holding trainings across the country today we're gonna have thousands, of volunteers. Coming out and getting ready for the 2018 midterms, I just attended one in Florida the.

Enthusiasm Is so high with our base but yeah we've got to reach every voter and the White House held a wonderful. Event this week where the president came out and said yeah women are 50% of the electorate but we care about a hundred percent of the issues and they presented a broad. Forum. Where we talked about national, security and health care on the opioid crisis and that's how we're gonna engage women because, we, don't push women to decide and say you only care about one thing women care about everything. And when you treat women as the whole voter and they look at what, this president's, done for our economy, for our military, pushing. Forward and making our country better that's, how we're gonna engage those women and get those votes right. Are you surprised, though, that that, hasn't. Resonated. At least the president's polled on there is that they, still bump around a you, know an era around 40%, or so a. Lot, of people say you know given the way the markets, been and the economy's, been it, shouldn't be that we. Look well. You guys deal with the press that you, know 90% of the coverage is negative. According, to Pew Research so, that's that's an impediment but we are seeing those numbers pick, up and in these battleground states we're always monitoring. Those states that we're going to be engaged in in 2018, to keep those majorities, and especially. With the tax reform going, through and seeing people. Benefiting, so much from bonuses, and, wage increases, and additional. Monies into their 401ks, and then you see these great announcements, from companies like Apple, which, is going to bring 20,000, new jobs to this country people, are feeling good about where our country is and we next November when people take, stock of am I better off than I was two years ago has president, Trump delivered on the things he ran on they're, gonna say yes and they're gonna return those majorities, to him are. You worried about the number of established, Republicans though, who, are leaving, the house endured Senate and furthermore. The difficulty. It seems to be recruiting, big. Names to run, for those positions whether it's Tim Pawlenty in Minnesota. The former governor to run for. Senate. Or. Maybe your own uncle and the, peekaboo game he's playing or. Seem to be playing in. Utah to run for, Senate campaign. Foreign Hatch's see what's going on well, I'm energized, by the recruitment class that we've seen across the country of course I have to stay neutral as RNC, chair but we've got Josh Holley running, and in Missouri, against, Claire McCaskill, we've got great candidates, in Indiana and, in West Virginia, and I think Florida we're gonna have a marquee candidate I feel really good about the candidate and what, they're doing to prepare for winning. Senate seats yes, it's always hard when incumbents, step down that makes those races harder but the RNC, with. Our record fund raising raising 132, million in 2017. More than any other political party, that, translates, as putting resources, on the ground registering. Voters and, getting ready to build out that ground game to keep those majorities, in 2018. So in terms of where we are heading. Into a midterm we've read more voter contacts, we've, had more trainings, we've recruited, more volunteers, and we've raised more money so, we are in the right position to keep those majorities. Could. You tell us whether your uncle Mitt Romney is indeed going to run for that you don't see you. Know Neil I purposely, don't ask my, dad or my uncle Mick I don't want to know so I don't have to lie when I come on. Rhonda. Thank you very very much Rhonda McDonald the RNC, chair again. We'll be keeping up on those developments want, to go to Michael Dukakis right, now the 1988. Democratic, Party standard, bearer, a three-term, governor the, state of Massachusetts. And the Massachusetts miracle. And that, we're told the miracle today would be Republicans. Holding.

Onto The house. Consensus. And and predictions. Are always danger so, governor you can maybe remind us of that, do. You think your party is getting out. Of itself counting, its midterm. Winning, chickens. Well. You never camp their chickens I think, we have a great opportunity to, take over the house and hold. Us and and and make gains in the Senate but we've, got to get out there this has got to be a 50-state, campaign Neal, none of this red blue stuff, we're. Doing extremely, well as you know in lower. Level offices, in places, that voted, overwhelmingly from, Trump so I think the. Prospects. Are good but as. You know I'm, obsessive. On the importance, of grassroots, campaigning, and precinct based organization. That's what we've got to do we've got to do it in every one of the 50 states, you. Know I was thinking of you governor and as a former governor maybe you can offer, some perspective on this film Murphy former, Goldman Sachs executive spent. Twenty million dollars getting elected governing. New Jersey he now is coming. After chris Christie he, is talking up still, a millionaire's, tax a surtax, that, has divided, him with some fellow. Democrats, he has the run of the state. Letter there with both houses of the legislature, and of course the, governor's mansion but. Some saying go slow especially a high tax state a lot, of residents can't write off as much as they used to so. That could blue meringue on it what do you say. Well. You know he's a native of Newton Massachusetts you. Know so. He's. He's, very very, good and he's, gonna be an excellent governor. So. The idea I'm, still going through with a surtax, on millionaires would, you do that. Well. We're gonna have it on the ballot in Massachusetts. Shortly. And. I'm. Certainly going to support it I see no reason why and, by the way we have a, very. Impressive number of. Successful. Businesspeople and others who are millionaires who are supporting, it because. They've seen the importance, of it look we have two principle. Needs in Massachusetts, one of them schools and the other one's transportation. And, people. Know it and sense it and I. Think the referendums, are going to pass and I think gonna be fine Massachusetts, is doing extremely well these days you know economically, and. We. Feel good about it we still have some regional. Economic. Issues that we've got to work on but. I, think. It's going to pass in Massachusetts, and so. You don't think any of those people will be chased. Away from the state because is there no. No, that that's, that's a myth that's a myth. Right. It, wasn't it there wasn't. A mythic round, if. You look if you look at the numbers, it's. Really not, significant. I mean people want. To stay where they are and, and I think most Americans, feel. This sense of of unfairness. I mean we've just passed a tax bill which i think is a piece of garbage yeah eighty-three. Percent of the benefits going to the wealthiest, 1% of, the population at, a time when we're running, a federal. Deficit, of six hundred billion dollars, I mean I don't understand, this deal. Look. At these companies though that. Are now sharing. The loot with workers, and bonuses, and extra stuff like that would youwould no. Let's. Wait and see all I know is we've got a six hundred billion dollar current.

Federal, Deficit, of time when were close, to full employment. This. Is crazy. Those. Deficits, were piling up under Barack Obama, right they they seem to pile up no matter what well wait. A second, he cut it significantly. Proposed. All kinds, of revenue measures and they were rejected, by the Republicans, I mean, that's what happened it isn't that he wasn't, trying to balance that budget now. It's. It's open season I mean I don't understand, this Republicans. Used to be, committed. To fiscal responsibility. That's. How you know deficits, don't matter. You're. Not blaming the ten trillion and they had a debt Governor squarely. On on. Republicans. That let's go round right, wait. A second, Neil you were around in built-ins, Bill Clinton's last year weren't you your memory State of the Union address, where he proposed, remember. He proposed a plan to reduce and eliminate the, national, debt in ten to twelve years remember, and, it was real at that time we had a quarter of a trillion dollar surplus, what. Happened well Al, Gore won the election but George Bush took over this crazy electoral, college system of ours yeah, immediately. A tax cut mostly for the rich then we went into this war in Iraq which has cost us three trillion dollars and then, another tax, cut for the rich under Bush and disaster. Economically, now. It. Took Barack. Obama eight, years to get us back to something close to a, balanced, budget couldn't. Get the revenue that he was looking for from a Republican, Congress which insisted. It just, refused, to, approve, them we're, looking you, know what we're paying now in, debt service that is interest on the national debt every year you don't know what that number is it's. A half a trillion dollars we're. Paying just on interest of the national debt but Governor. Bhama. Had, the run of the table. In his first two years in office a lot of that started happening then, right. Well. He had to stimulate, the economy god we were in terrible shape I mean. How, do you think President Trump is doing right now what do you think of well. I think he's a disaster, I mean, you know no. Governor. What do you really think of him. Look. Just, look at the last week you. Never know where he is from day to day I mean, you. Know he's chief of staff another. Great. Product of Massachusetts. And busts and explains. That this whole thing. About the border is evolving, you, know that wall, is the dumbest thing I've ever I've, ever seen it doesn't you know that we have. A. Shoreline. That we share with Mexico for thousands, of miles what do you think is gonna happen if he builds this thing in any event, so. His chief of staff explains, that were evolving, on this thing he, turns around the next day in and basically, counter. Bans his chief of staff I mean this goes on every day and, I. Don't know how you deal with them but I know this if. If, we're gonna straighten this out. The.

Democrats Are gonna have to go out and win these, midterm elections, and I hope and expect we're going to do so well. They hope with these protests, today they're getting their marching orders and doing to adjust that we shall see governor, Dukakis it's always, good out of you thank you for taking the time it's. Great to be with you Neal thank you all right governor michael dukakis the, 1988. Democratic, Party standard. Burr I just. Want to get reaction to a lot of what the governor was just winning out here because it does set, up this classic left-right argument, as to whether. Tax cuts are the answer what this, resident, now in that building behind me is proposing. David Asman is, joining us right now we got Christie, sensei here Steve. Forbes in New York Steve, ended with you. What. Governor Dukakis saying isn't all that different with what other prominent Democrats, have, been saying that these tax cuts now. Is not the time we. Don't have the money never, mind about debt the piled up under the. Prior administration that, was I guess a lot of Republicans, for but I think said that, it's. Comments that was standing I didn't. Think these tax cuts are surprising, people how. Broad base they. Could be especially coming, from, the corporate side what and how they're sharing that Luke what, do you think well, the way you get the deficit secured Neal over, long term is with a vibrant, economy and you get a vibrant, economy when you get off the backs of the American people. Not, only allowing to keep more of what they earn, but also lowering the price of productive, work risk-taking, and success, when, you do that not, only you do you keep more of what you earn but, your salary starts to go up job opportunities, start to go up investment. Goes up which is I create, new opportunities and, get a higher standard of living so these guys think that by crushing the American people they will have a good fiscal situation, fact, of the matter is debt. Goes up badly. When you have a stagnant, economy or, when you're fighting a war Ronald, Reagan increased the defense budget he won the Cold War then they were able to cut the defense budget so. Good things come when you have prosperity, Kennedy recognized, that Ronald Reagan recognized. It Donald, Trump recognizes, it but governor, Dukakis and the Democrats, are still living in a time when, crushing, people with. Taxes, they think is the way to prosperity, doesn't, work alright, our Democratic strategist, Christie readily agrees with pretty much everything. You. Know I'm looking at these protests, going on around here the women's March other sympathetic. Marches like it across the country beyond, here but, their feeling, seems to be these. Tax. Cuts all, these corporations know what they're doing they're all benefiting, fat cats and all but a lot of those taxes. Those, tax cut relief in. Terms of bonus at all they're. Not all going to fat cut so how does the party handle that well. See you raise an interesting point because they're having lots of you sure do because. They've been all these high-profile, announcements. As you know of, companies. That are you, know announcing, one-time bonuses, for their for, their workers or, even in some cases raising, wages the, the problem, is that this, is not representative, they, collectively, represent a tiny, tiny portion, of the workforce and in fact most of the wealth but it's over three million now it could be next week five million after that tenant you know it, is growing again we'll see right I mean because again. We're talking for the most part about one-time bonus is not permanent, wage growth and you look at companies like mortgage. A lot of money though yeah it is and a lot of it is going back to shareholders, and to and. To you, know corporate executives, themselves and, not necessarily, to let's say you know borrowers, or what, about utility, customers, getting five percent rebate, some of those aren't even the workers those a customer, yeah I think that's a great thing again I just I guess wouldn't ask you without jumping on your console here like a rude person.

Do. You think Democrats, might regret, their obstinate. Rejection. Of these tax cuts that mark, Penn was here earlier saying they could I. Don't. Know that we're gonna regret it I think that overall, the. Country, believes that these tax cuts are primarily. Benefiting, the wealthy and, not actually, benefiting the middle class I think that it's right, now an argument that Democrats in fact are winning the. Frame that they're putting out there is that these are going to fat cats so, so, no I mean look I think that that could change if people are saying oh wow look at this I actually am getting more but, for the most part right now no David, what do you think of that you. Know I think what's interesting is the contrast, in a general, outlook. On what business is, as opposed to what government is in the it states Democrats, as we've seen from Michael Dukakis and just now from Christie the, the terms that you hear fat cats and everything we had eight years of a. Suspicion. Of businesses. And we had eight years of growth that was well under three percent the lowest growth, rate in an eight-year period, for. Decades and decades and decades not since the Great Depression have. We had growth, that low now we have an administration, run primarily, by business, men and. Women, is starting, up at the top I mean you go through the, cabinet you see people like Linda McMahon and you see people like Steve. Minuchin, and these are people who understand, what, blocks growth, in the United States what, stops, businesses. From growing what, stops individuals. From starting, a new business now. You have rather than the academics. In the Obama, administration, you have business people in the Trump administration and, that is affecting, directly. The actions that they take on taxes and regulations, and that's stimulating, the economy. So. Steve Forbes if it's so great for Republicans. Donald Trump why. Are Republicans thought, to be in big trouble in the midterms and the president poll numbers. Looking. So bad well. A couple of things one is the tax cuts are only 20 days old you're already starting to see an impact usually, takes months for these things to work their way through the economy so in 20 days it's quite a bit of progress the. Republicans, have been miserable in terms of communications, they call this thing for months tax reform which means nothing to people call, it tax cuts from. Trump understood, it and now the Republicans and, the White House have to work to show that there's.

A Difference between style, and substance on substance, this president's, got a lot done in the first year more, than most presidents, in their first year, and that's what they got to emphasize to the American people all. Right guys I want to thank you all very much and your indulgence, breaking. News in. The meantime I want to bring you a rest, of these protest, marches going around this city looking. At the one-year anniversary of, President drum included by the Lincoln Memorial on Washington DC this will be minted with, others, planned for New York Philadelphia Chicago host. Of other places where there's protest, groups and not just women will, be gathering to let it be known one year in there's, still not, that's right with the guy who. Was moved into that building behind me we'll. Have more to this. Alright, welcome back everybody on the old Cavuto you're watching, our debut show here from Washington DC and, we didn't time this for, government, shutdown but be that as it may that is what we've got for, debut day the question is how long how many days this, could drag on a. Number. Of protesters, across the country especially those, gathering. In Washington DC in North Carolina. Virtually. A lot, of women's groups were not just, women's. Marchers but those, who say that it has been in the state last. Year of the, trump presidency try, to tell that who have been those. Who've been investing, male or female in the markets, or those enjoying a sudden, surge in economic activity, that could have this being the full year growth of three, plus percent, something we've, not seen on a annualized. Basis, in the better part of a. Decade speaking. Of this one-year anniversary. Protestors. Are acknowledging, it but so was the first lady Melania. Trump saying, this, has been a year filled with many wonderful moments I've, enjoyed the people I've been lucky enough to meet, throughout our great country and, the. World the President himself tweeting. Earlier this morning that he, has been looking at this government. Shutdown and the Democrats, who contributed to it at a special, present, for him on, his one-year, anniversary. Would be that as it may the. Read right now for Texas governor Greg Abbott of the, beautiful, state as I said it Texas Republican, there you. Know governor very good a view I was, thinking of these ironing and looking at some. Of the developments, in a number of states that have welcomed, either. A Democratic, governor aback. In the case of Virginia, they would turn one term limits for a new, fellow taking over there and in New Jersey where, chris Christie has been replaced by a Democrat. Phil. Murphy who promises, a surtax. On millionaires. What. Do you think of what's going on in New Jersey. And. The fear expressed by even. Some Democrats in New Jersey that. He's going to chase some people away. Well. First Neil congratulations. On this fabulous show well. Deserved it's going to be a great, way to communicate with America, and, this is a classic example because, we, see almost two, different Americas we see some, states whether it be California. Or New Jersey or New York or other states, that continue. To take. More money from their, own citizens their own tax payers and then we see states, like Texas, where, kneeled this week. Contrary, to what you're seeing in some of these other states this, week I outlined, ways in which, Texas. Is seeking to cut, taxes. Even, more and what, we're seeing as a result is an influx. Of people, coming in from these other states the. Only thing I hear from my fellow Texans, is governor, please make. Sure these people coming in from these other states understand, there's a reason, why they are fleeing these, high tax states and make, sure they hold fast to the reason why they want to come to Texas and that is for lower, taxes, less government less, spending. Very, responsible. Government all. Right well I had Michael Dukakis on here might surprise you he doesn't quite, buy that view but Phil Murphy in New Jersey doesn't. Quite buy their view and I guess looking. At some of these protesters.

That Are gathering in in Dallas, of all places they. Don't buy. It our. Republicans. In some trouble what do you think. Well. First let's talk about women. For example and that is that in, Texas, as an example there. Are texas. Ranks number two in the nation with regard to women-owned. Businesses. Our goal is to make texas number one of the nation for women-owned businesses so we have so, many entrepreneur. Women who, are sitting tremendously. In the state and I think that unemployment, for women is either at an all-time low or, pretty, darn close to it is so women. African-americans. Hispanics, everybody, across the board is benefiting. From, the rising, economic. Empowerment. That, we're seeing across both the entire nation as, well as the, state of Texas with. Regard to how. Were Republicans, do it let me tell you Republicans. Are looking very strong in the state of Texas and the reason for it is because in, Texas, we, are insisting for fiscal. Responsibility for. Lower tax for less spending for empowerment, of the individual. And when you see that happen that, makes, the electorate happen because listen, what most Americans want and what Texans won is they want to have the ability to run, their own lives without, government, dictating. Their lives that's, the brand of government that Republicans, offer and that is exactly why I think Republicans will be very successful this election year we. Shall see governor thank you they're, very much we've, been monitoring on Nancy Pelosi. She's. Speaking about this shutdown still, midstream, let's dip into this guy's if we can he promised, infrastructure. He, gave us a train wreck he. Promised, he loved the dreamers. From his heart and, we would be able to work together in a bipartisan, way and he, always seems to be pushed back from it so. He said what this country needs a good shutdown, we. Don't agree, what. He said a President, Obama when we D when, we didn't control the Congress and he, controls the, White House the, Senate and the house but, he said of President, Obama who didn't control the Congress it starts. At the top well exactly what he said the problem start from the top and had to get solved from the top the, president, is the leader and he's got to get everyone in a room and he's, got to lead. President. Trump and, now. One-year-anniversary, a, big. Fat. Failure. F, for. That first year so it's no use having another CR, unless. We have the terms of engagement. On how we go forward on the, pay-fors, on, the, parody on the pay-fors, on the pensions, on the. Daca. And on, the. Have. The government open, while. You negotiate. This. Is the tits one and. Then you just Secretary. Of the Navy, has. Said what was his his, comment, he, says. That. As it was Secretary, Madison, it just creates unpredictability, it makes us rigid, we cannot deal with new and revealing, threats, we know our enemies are not standing, still so, it's about as unwise, as it can be, the. Secretary. Of the Navy had. Similar, words to say about this this is no way have, a government is not only about defense, it's about transportation. All. Right continue to monitor Nancy Pelosi here promoting the fact that this shutdown hurts, the, defense hurts the, Navy that's, exactly, the argument Republicans, have made and they've been blaming Democrats. For bringing us to. This point but. Regardless. Of your political points, of view on this Ben Stein that's. Been a signature, issue of, his and a concern of his, he joins us right now. This. Is something that is ill time certainly, now. Given, security threats, and everything else right then. Extremely. Ill time and it shocks me that the Democrats, have closed the government down when, government, spending, on defense is so urgently, mean where we need to have a complete, government revamp. And how we build up our defense when we need to stand. Back as they look we've got trouble from Iran we've got trouble from North Korea we've got trouble from Russia we got trouble from China let's, not worry about closing. Down the government over Dhaka, or about some other immigration, reform we can worry about immigration, reform while, we're worrying about the vents but, the idea that they would take government spending.

And Make, make it a hostage, to, their, ideological. Once. I say obsessions. When, we need to fence so badly it. Shocks me shocks the conscience, you. Know what's kind of weird about it is that they're, talking past, each other we see a Nancy. Pelosi event a Kevin McCarthy, event, Republican. Senators talking Democratic, senators talking so, far not to each other today I guess. The sign of the times and why these, shutdowns. Happen. With such alarming frequency but, what do you make of all this. What. I make of it is that there is a very poor budgeting, process, there has to be some kind of multi-year, budgeting, process, instead, of having to size a hand-to-mouth, lips. To lips, to tongue budgeting. Process there has to be some kind of ongoing process, and there has to be a recognition by, the Congress, by the executive. That we are in a defense, crisis. We are in a potentially, defense catastrophe. Let's, stab. I can say doc. Is important, immigration. Is important, everything is important but defense is the most important, let's, stand back and give them multi-year, authority to build up to get a Reagan style defense build-up Ronald. Reagan understood this, that's why we won the Cold War. Digressing. A little bit here Ben but you know futures, look like they're going to be, continuing. It's a sewer then we go down between now and Monday and that, even factors, in the, shutdown, that. You, know came into effect early. Early this morning, what, do you make of Wall Street's, ambivalence. Wolfies. Idea bill at Wall Street loves this man Wall, Street says at last we have a president, who's got his foot off the oxygen tube, of the, economy, and has taken his foot off the oxygen tube and it stopped this excessive, regulation, and as guys- business, America's. Business, is business, Calvin, Coolidge said that as true America's business is business when, American, business is doing well all of America's doing well homeowners, are doing well people, are looking, for jobs are doing well people are starting businesses are doing well us, old, people as pathetic old, weak, people who, have savings. For our retirement, we're doing well everybody. Is doing well if, the market, is doing well and if the economy is doing well let's, remember when the market is doing well it means your retirement, plan is doing well it means your children's, college and, down is doing well it means your pension, fund is doing well let's, remember that let's give Donald Trump credit for that I mean Donald Trump in terms, of freeing the American economy from the shackles, of Obama, era beautifu, bombing or excessive, regulation has done a hero's, job. All. Right Ben Stein always a pleasure thank you very much my friend always, a pleasure and have a very nice time in Washington thank. You I am having a nice time and this being watching you know they were still playoff, games to set up the the league championships. In football tomorrow I don't care because my watching the Redskins are not in them i. Arcing. Back to the days when the watching of Redskins they were routine. Playoff, Flyers that that's when a fellow named Joe Theismann, dominated. The headlines I am, about to interview my idol because Joe Theismann, is here. And I have already guaranteed. Not one tough. Question. After. This. All right welcome back everybody I'll be able coconuts till it's done silence here not because of the logic that you see the government is shut down but, I'm with Joe Theismann, hello. When. I say Cupido live yes for anyone you want I said Theismann, boom. He appears watch. It red since Fame quarterback, what, this man could. Endure with pain could. Teach so many players who are out six weeks I think sometimes with hangnails very, good to have you it's great to be with you and congratulations. Thank you very very first, you made it thank. You I'm, looking at this one-year. Anniversary. Of The Donald Trump in power these protests, going. On around the country here. Well. I think it's the the, ability of people to want to express their opinions I think well we've entered a stage in society, with through social media people, instantly, can create.

Marches. They can create situations, where people, want to be able to express their opinion I mean with the marches that are going on not just the women's marches but where we see the protests, in different cities it's, the American people saying we, want change we want to see something different and I think we've never been more polarized, in our life when it comes to either side of the aisle which is a problem, and that's why the government I think is shut down but, I think it's wonderful, everywhere, right. You're. Not gonna kneel ratings, are down yes does that mean this get, too. Crazy for me. I always, looked at sports as an escape yeah both as a fan and as a player you sort of put the real world outside then, you get into that little world of athletics if, you're a fan in some place to go cheer and and expend. That energy I, think there are a lot of things going on in society that need attention I've. Always felt that the world of football was somewhat safe from that when we really found out that it's not it's just really a microcosm, of society of, people who opt out you, know you. Know annealing, during a national, anthem we're not right I didn't agree I didn't I don't agree with that I think that flag represents something very special in this country represents, the men and women that defend our freedom it represents, the men and women that are the first responders, the police officers, the firemen and I think it's disrespectful that's my personal opinion well that's what the president has been said here's he says that it. Actually two. Tracks from, the game and our country, hi Rob. I do, think, it represents this, it represents, the fact that you have the right to be able to be free to choose in this country that's what the flag represents, now some people choose to do some things one way I don't agree necessarily with the guys that have been kneeling I just think it's wrong that's, my personal opinion. Like I said I think it's disrespectful to those that have sacrificed and, given, up so much and, then, the families that sacrifice, so much while our men and women are overseas, or in, the United States or in any country, trying, to make sure that we can protect the freedom here I totally. I totally, feel. That my NFL ratings, are gonna go down five part of it person it's 18 percent in some places I mean you go into a sports bar someplace now and that all the owners will tell you we're down 15 percent 16 it was Chuck look at all the empty seats at Redskins, stadium, an amazing. I think that the Commissioner has a real chore going, forward this year as well as the NFL owners they have to really, come up with the way they. Punted. On it no they haven't, they have but they have to you can't keep hiding from this yeah I mean you have saturation, I believe you have Thursday Night Football that everybody seems to be bidding on but, you have saturation, and Thursday night Friday that's a Saturday, it's. Not just one thing yeah that's the thing it's not just one particular um it's just like what's going on in society it isn't just the, fact that we, can't get some, type of resolution at immigration we can't get some type of health care situation I believe tax, reform is a great thing I mean everybody, wants to knock tax reform and say oh the rich are going to get richer we don't even know what's going to happen yet except that we know a lot of companies, that are giving out bonuses to people that, they would not have gotten had tax reform not been passed so. It's it's a lot there's. A rise - total numbers aren't better give, it because you're going right whether, you agree with taxes. Or not if, they're generous, and bigger than we thought what. Don amis doing better but he's not what, a very, good the first thing well the first thing first of all I don't think that it. Matters to him I think what President Trump wants to do he made promises to the American people, and he is attempting, to fulfill those promises now. Because. You, know because you have a house because you have a Senate because you have Democrats because you have Republicans and, remember one thing he defeated both the Republicans, and the Democrats no you're right I mean it's, not like, one side of the aisle and all of a sudden we're gonna worry but but, he's managed to win over people I think he's managed to upset, a lot of people but. He is who he is going to be I think everybody. Sort of keeps waiting for him to change he's not gonna do that don't do that could I ask you this are you and I were matching during the break and I can, remember well I was a grad student when, you in this town when you were the.

Big Star and the Redskins and what a guy I would, marvel that is you. Were paid but a fraction of the stars, I, know it was funny my the, year we won the championship in 1982. I made. Two hundred and thirty five thousand, dollars the next year I made 265, we went back to the Super Bowl and I was a MVP of the league and just, to put it in perspective Derek. Carr for example at the Oakland Raiders Matthew Stafford with, the Detroit Lions and Kirk Cousins with the Redskins this year all making in. Excess of twenty four million dollars which is 1.6. Million. Per, game now, actually more than the rate of it that is that's a little bit more right they'll be ok let's put it down I don't reasons, gonna go but I hope he stays here, but then it's going to be his choice people answered he didn't end the year and a great no no endow it but, he's played a lot of football mean you lost a lot of key players the, Redskins, if they, had been healthy I think could have competed with anyone but they weren't and I believe this football team will be a lot stronger going forward who's. Gonna play quarterback that's. Really up to Kirk he is in a very available, are you know I'm not available trust, me I don't even I you know there's a list I shouldn't. Be on the list love you put it that way I don't even want to be considered, for it but I would like to see Kirk stay but he's in a very unique situation Neil, where he has an opportunity to, make a choice that very few athletes do, he gets to pick and choose baby, in that free agent Road he's got that I rolled the dice and now, we'll see what happens, but a couple more wins would have helped him at the end couple more wins would have helped everybody in yeah I did, not know that pay disparity, then but hey. You could probably had a lot of endorsements right. Because. As soon as he shook my hand he could break it and, he said no. Tough question if he did not say Joe. Thank you very very much another. Guy who could break your hand just shaking it is chat, program, oh yeah sure looks unassuming but the guy could Killians was one look and he, is keeping track of what's happening on Capitol Hill Chad, it doesn't seem like a whole lot but updating, yeah. We don't have any plan right now to reopen, government, and what I suspect, is that this will take a few days of the minimum for, this to play out and we probably don't get even any update on what, the path forward is until. Later today the Senate is going to come in in, just a couple of minutes at noon Eastern Time and Mitch McConnell has, set up a procedural. Vote which might not be taken, by rule until, 1:00 a.m. Monday. To. End debate on a three-week. Interim, spending bill to keep the government open, until. The 8th of, February. So that's the next move that would require 60, votes and it's unclear if the. Government. So. Are, they talking, I know each side is, having its press conference, and each side talking to its own respective, caucus, I don't, see a lot of each, side talking to the other side but what's. Going that's the problem that's the problem and this is where Lindsey Graham you know who's been trying to broker something, on immigration and daca he. Says he feels like he is Switzerland his, term going between the sides with an armed army the size of the Vatican's you. Need to get everybody on it together on one page would you have House Speaker Paul Ryan and, the Republican, leadership indicating. That they're not going to negotiate, on daca until. The government reopens. And, you have Nancy Pelosi in her press conference which, is ending, as we speak here she, slightly, cracked the door open to being interested, in a three-week. CR, a continuing, resolution so, long as they that, they got in agreement on non-defense, spending an, increase, there and that, made some progress on the daca side so what I suspect you're gonna see a lot this weekend Neal there's.

A Lot of grandstanding, charades. Press. Conferences, everybody kind of walking in because, nope.

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