CBC NL Here & Now for Tuesday December 12 2017

CBC NL  Here & Now for Tuesday December 12 2017

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You. This. Is CBC. Here and now. Twin. City movers is looking for new customers but, the owner faces, new charges, if. I challenge anybody to explain to me, how Newfoundland. And Labrador is, still considered, a half province the Finance Minister's pitch for more money from Ottawa. I mean. Equalization. Is simply not working, for Newfoundland and Labrador. His. Reckless driving, killed Hanna thorne. No. Comment, is Brian King heads to prison. Another. Messy system working, into the province we've, got yes a messy, mix on the island and into southeastern, library lots of snow for the west and north your, full forecast is, coming up tonight. CBC, investigates, brings you the story of a st. John's moving company whose owner has a lengthy, criminal record, Dustin, Etheridge has a series, of driving, related convictions and he's, now back before the courts facing, new charges all, the, while his business, is seeking out new customers, here, in aus Jen White has the details. Welcome. To Twin City movers our employees. Provide, unmatched, service. 26. Year old Dustin Etheridge has been running this moving company since 2015, with, three employees something. A provincial, court judge was apprehensive, about it, is, somewhat concerning that an individual, with a driving, record and a criminal record such as yours would be starting, a business involving. Being a courier and moving, Etheridge. Was sentenced in February for dangerous driving and breach of probation, in 2015. He sped past police, in a red Dodge Viper on the trans-canada highway east, of Deer Lake at his. Sentencing, hearing in February, the judge said Etheridge had racked up two dozen, traffic tickets in three years six. Of them for driving while suspended or, prohibited, he. Was sentenced to 60 days in jail and wasn't permitted, to drive for a year Etheridge. Told the court I'm very sorry I won't, be back here again but. That, wasn't the case Etheridge. Was back before a judge in July after failing, to report to his probation officer. His. Lawyer Steven, or said his client was sorry and that he, will learn from this then. In October, Edwige was charged again this, time for assaulting a woman with a knife and damaging, property after his release he failed to check in with the RNC he. Was picked up by police on charges of bribery and resisting. Or obstructing, an officer, while. Etheridge was behind bars his company, was looking for new clients on Kijiji, cheapest. Moving service in town and the best we handle your furniture, like it's our own when. CBC investigates, called twin city movers in October, we were told the company does background checks on its employees, but, that phone number is currently not in service, Dustin. Etheridge did not return multiple requests, from CBC investigates, for an interview he's. Not the only twin city employee to recently get in trouble with the law in, June. The driver of a cube van crashed, into two other vehicles on Allendale Road and then fled the scene police. Seized a used needle from the Vans dash and paramedics. Found a clean needle in his pocket, police. Said he later admitted, to being a heroin addict the, driver pleaded, guilty to, impaired driving driving. While disqualified and. Without insurance, and failing. To stop at the scene of an accident he. Also has prior convictions for, impaired and dangerous driving property. Offenses, fraud, theft, and multiple, break and enters the driver. Was given jail time for the accident, that happened here and he was also prohibited, from driving for three years it's, not clear if he's still in prison or if he's still employed by twin city movers meanwhile. Company, owner Dustin, Etheridge is due back in court in January Jenn, white CBC, News st.. John's. So. What regulations are in place for the moving industry and how do you make sure that your valuables, are actually in safe hands we'll tune in to here and now tomorrow for an eyebrow raising, CBC investigates, follow up, another. Sad chapter in the tragic, death of Hannah Thorne, unfolded. Today in a harbor grace courtroom, the, admitted street racer, who was driving the pickup that killed thorne was sentenced, today by judge Bruce, short, he, renounced Harry Roberts reports.

Justice. For Brian Robert, King the, bay robert's man has been sentenced to a four year prison term less. Six months, time already, served relief. That it's finally over but mixed, feelings for Hannah's family and friends, this, their 22nd. Time in the courtroom we're just happy is over really. And. Hey like the judge said there's never never. Gonna be enough time to justify, for. What he's done to Hannah and Gertie and everybody, else a family. Torn apart by what the judge described, as a senseless, horrible, tragedy. Our lives will never be the same without Hannah never all. Because, of this Kings, large pickup, colliding, with a small car traveling, 130. Kilometers, in the seconds, before impact, no. Passing, lane on a hill, 80, kilometers. Own, 18. Year old Hannah thorne of new harbour dead. Her grandmother Gertrude Thorne body, badly, broken scars. She will carry until, her final, days judge. Short said the facts of the case were egregious. Brian. King and Steven Mercer racing, at high speeds for ten kilometres, several. Near misses Kings, pick up in the wrong lane Gertrude. Thorne holding, the hand of her lifeless, granddaughter, a family. Left to pick up the pieces with, no sympathy, for the man who killed their daughter what's, your hope, for. Brian King. I. Can't. Even go there I don't need any space in my head but Brian King in, handing down sentencing, judge Bruce short said, Brian King has reasonable, prospects, for the future a positive. Family and work history and a drug problem he, seems to have kicked, but. A guilty, plea that came late in the process initially. Uncooperative, with, police and repeatedly. Avoiding, questions from, the media what do you hope to do while you're in prison what kind of a person you hope to be when you get out. Any. Message for the family. As. For. Steven Mercer he's pleaded not guilty and will go to trial late next year Terry. Roberts CBC News Harvard, grace. 13. People, in this province are sick because of an outbreak of e.coli, linked. - romaine, lettuce and according. To Eastern Health four of them were ill enough to be hospitalized. They all live in the area covered by Eastern, Health and they became sick from mid to, late November now. These are, there are similar, cases of E coli in Quebec, and New Brunswick there's, been no product, recall, and the public health agency of Canada is, working, with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, to. Determine where the lettuce came from, people. Are beginning to gather in happy valley-goose Bay for, a candlelight, vigil in support of John Hickey and his family this evening the, mayor was hunting alone on Saturday checking, his rabbit snares when, his gun discharged, and he was shot in the face he, somehow managed, to drive his snowmobile out of the woods to get help he was then airlifted to st. John's and at last report he, was in critical but stable condition. Pterence. Rogers, is heading to Ottawa this week to settle into his new job as Liberal MP, Rodgers, won yesterday's, federal, by-election, in Bonavista Buuren Trinity, he'll, replace, Judy, foot she left politics, a few months ago there, was a low turnout slightly. More than 21. Percent, of eligible voters, but Rogers cruised, to, an easy victory, receiving, more than three, times as many votes as his, nearest opponent, a, business. Professor Ottawa Carleton University, once again predicts that Newfoundland, and Labrador will, go bankrupt within, the next decade Ian.

Lee Says an aging, and shrinking population. Staggering. Debt and reckless spending not, to mention the controversial, Muskrat, Falls project, all of this will, push the province over a fiscal cliff the professor says he, believes that sooner or later Newfoundland. And Labrador will, have to ask Ottawa, for a bailout meanwhile. This provinces, finance minister is in Ottawa meeting his counterparts, Tom, Osborne, says the federal government needs to find a fairer way to share the wealth in this country he joins us in 30 minutes. All. Right let's bring Ryan and I'll talk about the weather yeah so. Definitely. Something. Brewing for sure we've got a system moving into Labrador lots of snow for them it's a messy mix for the island but, not just one system to watch really three systems, over the next couple of days here's how it plays out in terms of your weather on the way headlines so the first is our fall storm that Jackson tonight lots, of snow for Labrador in the West and North but a mix for the coast and even happy about the Goose Bay likely, seeing some mixing mostly. Rain for, most of the island snow squalls and snow, for Thursday, squalls for the island that snow is possible. For Thursday night into Friday for, Central East parts of the island the Avalon I think will stay rain but, the weekend system on the menu could bring accumulating snow to even. The Avalon Peninsula, lots to play, it with that one and we'll talk more about that in your long range here, is a general, overview of how the next couple of days. Are gonna play out there's, that mixing, over the northwest half of the island through the overnight hours tonight into tomorrow morning, looks like why, we will see some periods of rain the steadiest rain moves through the island tomorrow. Evening into. The overnight and, that snow continuing, across Labrador, our note as we move into Thursday, the snow squalls and onshore flurries firing up for the island and then for the Thursday night time period there's that potential snow on the west side of this track which appears to be set, for central. North eastern parts of Newfoundland so we'll talk about that in more detail your full forecast details for the next three days coming up in just a few minutes. I've. Always been into nail polish, but. I was like concerned about the chemicals, that was in it it's an art it's not just chemistry. I haven't met a lot of fifteen-year-old businesspeople, that'll do will help being bossed around you, don't do well being bossed around so. You're the boss, yeah if. Only we had somebody who could be here for a mana the. Mildew thing. Did. Somebody say nail do. Well. It's an issue that affects too, many women, in our province domestic. Violence, half of all women here 15, and older will experience, violence during their lives in some cases the, emotional, scars will also, last a lifetime and, then there's the worry that it might happen again especially. Since in some cases Court decisions, don't offer much protection we'll, hear from two women, now the first, had, an ex-boyfriend, who went to jail for raping and, beating her. Now, she's seen him outside her window and, the second woman is a friend of the first and she lived with violence for many years and they both talked to here and now is Megan McCabe you. Know I know I'm gonna be. Suffering. There. Is no life because him and what, he did to me when. She felt he was too controlling, this woman who asked to be anonymous broke, up with her boyfriend he. Showed up at her door raped. And beat her I feel. Hurt. He's. Walking around like. He. Was convicted of sexual assaults, assault causing bodily harm and forcible confinement. Sentenced. To over two years in federal prison a DNA, sample and registered, as a sex offender he, was released on parole in order to stay away from her since.

His Parole, was, over last October. Within. A month I've. Noticed, somebody. Coming. Around our property she. Approached that person one day and got chills he, was her rapist I'm, home alone I'm. Sitting on the couch and like my. Neck hurts from, looking. At the window to see he's around. It's. Just I mean, I'm gonna pay that night and I. Sleep. Ornate, my bed what's, worse her abuser is reportedly, planning to develop the property next door why. Would he want to live near me. Why. Don't. But don't make any sense to me at all, to. Me I think it's just his way of still, trying, to control me this. Is her life for the past year you. Know I'm still the one that's. Being punished, for his crime. The. Court couldn't grant her a peace bond saying despite the abuse of history he doesn't pose a physical, threat a piece, of paper is not gonna do anything anyway but, like. I said I just want to live in peace and and, to. Be protected by, a justice system and. Like. For girls, and women who. Are going through the same thing I just want to be a voice to for these people that cannot. Speak out or it's, too late for them to speak out she. Feared for her life the night she was attacked worried. It would be too late for her to speak out about intimate partner violence a fear. Her friend Georgina McGraw has felt as well I lived, with my. Abuser, for, five, weeks after, getting out of intensive care and, at, the hospital, and. I. Was, raped, twice, during, that time and, I. Was told all the time that his biggest mistake that he made was he didn't murder me that night and the, only way that I could get him out of my house was to give a statement to the police at, first McGraw was too scared to give that statement when, she did her acts left the country so he was never charged she, still lives in fear day, to day things, somebody, raising a voice, somebody. Saying a word that he would have said someone speaking, in the terms that he would have spoken. Everything. Comes back McGraw, now advocates, to protect women and girls from the violence she and her friend suffered, because, I don't think I should have to live those five weeks, the. Way that I did and. The. Way that my children, did. And. Unfortunately, until there are changes made this. Is the way it's going to continue tomorrow. Night we'll take a look at some of the changes McGraw her friend and other advocates, are asking for, Megan. McCabe CBC. News st., John's.

Wow. Makes you sick to your stomach but it's it's, really important absolutely. Difficult, to hear but coming, up after the break we'll stay with this topic the, judge did get it wrong her, abuser, pleaded, guilty but, got an absolute. Discharge. You. A. St.. John's woman feels the court system, failed her after the man who admitted, to assaulting, her received no, punishment, for the crime Aiden, said was, ex-boyfriend, Lancelot, Saunders pleaded guilty to, attacking, her leaving her with bruises but, the judge gave him an absolute, discharge. Savoir, was told the judge didn't, want to hamper. The young man's future, by giving him a criminal record I spoke, with her about that this afternoon. Me. And Lyons. Got in a fight he. I asked him to come upstairs and, he was abusing. Prescription drugs, at the time, so. I, asked. Him come stairs to hang out with me and then he just started going, off. And calling. Me vulgar. Names and, saying. Bad. Things about me so we. Got an argument, and I asked him for my cell phone back. That I had. Let him borrow, he. Was just mean, not. The nicest guy so. After, I asked, for that back he started freaking out and saying no and I was on the table so I went to grab it and that's when the assault took place he. Pulled my hair and. He. Hit. Me and then he. Used one, of those you know you. Know those like coat, hangers you hang up on your door like that had like three or four hooks, that. Fell off the door and he use that and he hit me with that I just. Wanted him to stop I just I remember, I I. Just. Kept screaming and I. Scream, louder and, louder, every, time because I just wanted. Someone to hear me I had. Bruises. On my back bruises. On my arms I, had. Light bruising, on my face he, was someone that I loved and. When. You love someone you don't hang up her expect something to hurt you the. Way he did me he, said are you gonna act like this, never, happened, are you gonna be a bitch about it and, I. Said. I can't. Just act like this never happened. I took. It to the. Police. Then, the crown took their case so it wasn't my case anymore, so, then the Crown attorney came, in and told me that he hadn't in fact taken the plea deal and then, he would be on probation, so. We left that day thinking, like this is a win like this is the best he was gonna get like this is this, is closure got. Home I waited. For a couple hours waited, for the email and then around three o'clock is, when I got that email saying, that that's. Not what happened, and, he. Got away with everything, they, used excuse, that he's going to Memorial. University in. The. Future and he just needs to upgrade his chemistry marks, but. As of right now. He's. Not even accepted, into Memorial, University that's. Just a that's. Just, a maybe in the near future I think, that what's, the point of having a lot if you can just break it for. Because. You had you, had plans in the future still. Can't believe it it's just like there, was so much evidence there and he even pleaded, guilty and. It was just like how is this happening the, law is on there like the abuser saw it because that's what how it felt for me because. It. Didn't, seem as if I was the priority in the case it was ascent, it seemed as as if, it was him who. Took. Priority. So. Definitely, not sends message to people who, are. Nervous and scared to come forward because like as I. Mentioned earlier. That. It. Was terrifying I didn't want to go and testify I didn't want someone, I didn't, know calling, me a liar up in front, of people I didn't know in front, of someone that, I didn't want to see as well I.

Wouldn't. Have went through all this if I knew this, would have been the outcome well obviously affects me because. I'm. Worried there's, nothing. Keeping. Him away from my, house from, my my, work like I worked by myself I don't want to hear from him I don't want to see him. Now that there's, now. That there's nothing there. He. Can do whatever he wants, it's, not right, and. He's been talking about this on social media yeah I've. Seen. A message, or two tell, me what you've seen someone. Shared it on Facebook I, think they said something, like oh, it. Must be nice posting. Illegal, drugs and abusing women it, was like along the lines of that and he said it's pretty great but. He was saying that I was attention. Seeker because no one comes three days later, after. An assault and, comes forward I was just looking for attention he's. Basically bragging, about what he did and he's. Not showing, any, empathy. Or anything which again shows, that he's. Not. Gonna go and have. A brighter future not. Showing any remorse like. -. It's. Just crazy it's just crazy that he's saying all this thing and he thinks it's okay. And. That's pretty, much what the justice system let him think is it's okay because they let him away with it. Now. We did reach out to Lancelot. Saunders to get his side of the story but he never got back to us now Saunders did plead guilty in, the courts, but is now saying on social media that he did not assault. Salve walk and this isn't over yet the Crown has decided to appeal judge Lourie Marshalls decision to give that, woman's attacker an absolute, discharge. Your. Maintenance issues, leaks, in the roof in Adelaide, curling, season in Corner Brook we're, estimating to, lose about $25,000. This year. You. Well. It's always great, to visit a, school, in rural Newfoundland and Labrador and, this was the, virtual visit, today I've been doing this a, couple times so far this year this is the grade five and six students, at Catalina, Elementary, and, through. The beauty, of technology have a little Skype chat with them today all about the weather any good questions always, some good questions about, tornadoes. And. Thought. That you know the Sun angle in the sky and yeah. Some always great questions especially with that age because they're doing a weather unit right are they asking you that Christmas weather forecast yet oh yeah, there was actually, three questions, about when, pretty. Much tied to when they're gonna first get a snow day. Teachers. Yeah that's right. And, that's what I said to its the teachers that want the snow days more than the students but. As, I mentioned to them if. Saturday. Was on a weekday, maybe. We're. Keeping a very close eye on a system coming in for the weekend, but, we've got two systems to watch before that so it's very active and, the first one is moving in right now and has prompted a ton of statements. And warnings and here is the latest a special weather statement for the south west. Coast of the island thanks, to the rain that's moving in rec house will gust up to, 150. Overnight. Into tomorrow looks. To be the peak for you folks to morale is driving, that stretch and in fact you shouldn't be driving that stretch with those kinds of winds gusts, up to 130 tomorrow through the day and exposed. Areas along that west coast we have winter storm warnings in effect for the north coast Churchill, Falls Churchill Valley and Labrador. City Wabash this is where the heaviest snow will be blowing, snow advisory, for the coast of Labrador from Postville makovica to Rigoletto snowfall, warnings for happy valley-goose Bay and a rainfall, warning for, the Straits got. All that yeah, a couple of things on the go and here's my latest map this is a precipitation. Forecast, for Wednesday, and Wednesday night, so, I'll. Note. This by saying, the, coast of Labrador from name, to. Hopedale good. Chance in. Fact very good chance that the. Snow will continue for you folks on, Thursday and totals. Could add up to more than 50, centimeters based on some forecast models along the coast there along that north coast by the time we get to Friday morning but this is as of, Thursday.

Morning You can see where we'll see a messy mix across the island again also note that the Straits while I think we'll see 5 to 10 centimetres I also think the Straits will get into that 20 30 maybe 40 millimeter, range maybe even 50 by. The time we, get through the. Day on but. Then we get to a Thursday, morning so where, is this system right now it's, just hitting, the coast and will really start, to bubble, up and grow, into a strong storm over the next 24 hours as it tracks, in hence the very strong winds especially, for the west coast here's your timeline a bit of a messy mix tonight for Central, towards, the west where we could see again, as much as 2 to 5 centimeters of snow bit of freezing rain mixing, in especially through the Humber Valley tomorrow morning you're gonna want to keep that in mind for your morning commute it's a pretty quiet start, I think the Avalon will actually, see clouds and a bit of drizzle on them in the mix as early as tomorrow morning fog as well with that southeast flow temperatures. Again just below freezing in Central but rising and this is the snapshot around, 7 a.m. tomorrow morning - 26, in Labrador. City and then that snow will track in through the day snow, at times heavy again, it's a mix to rain for everybody through Wednesday, afternoon, gusts near 100, km/h. Even, for, non exposed areas of the West Coast and we are gonna be seeing again that rain switch over through the late afternoon into the evening hours, for the straights and the st. Anthony region so there's that icy, messy mix through the day tomorrow, bit of snow early. For gander and Grand Falls Windsor but generally it's temperatures, on the rise in a hurry tomorrow morning and mid. To high single, digits 8 9 degrees for some of us that snow again will really ramp up through the day happy valley-goose Bay mackovic, Maine Labrador. City and Churchill, Falls and there's the snow that continues, into Thursday, morning, mixing. Up the coast gusts, to 100 km/h there and then the story for Thursday is the onshore flurries, and squalls firing, up along the west coast of the island we'll see if you want shore flurries, even as far here, east as st. John's temperatures. Will be falling through the day back closer to the freezing mark or just below - 7 is the snow tapers. Off to flurries in Labrador and happy.

Valley-goose Bay oh go for some drizzle back to some flurries and we'll talk more about the Friday. And the all-important weekend set up coming up in just a few minutes Carolyn thanks. Ryan well the curling club in Corner Brook is having a rocky year, major, mechanical issues, at the rink set the back thousands. Of dollars, curlers, haven't, been on the ice yet this year here in aus Coleen Connors takes a look at what's going on at the curling club, this. Is the first time this year Skip. Daniel, Bruges has stepped foot on the, curling rink he, and his teammates have been driving to Stephenville, to practice, I'm gonna struggle cuz usually we're out here like four, times a week like twice during the weekdays and then twice on the weekend we've, really only had time to go once or twice a week to Stephenville so, it's definitely affected us a lot, there. Are large leaks in the roof and the ice machine at, the five-year-old, rink hasn't, been working properly, it, usually takes volunteers. About a week to make ice this. Year, this. Exercise, has taken us a little over nine weeks it's, been it's been a real ordeal it's been a hard time with the volunteers, after. Several, attempts, in about twenty thousand, dollars in repairs the. Ice machine is holding, up for now curlers. Feel the landlord, the city should, step in and help this. Extraordinary, is not a normal, it's. Not a normal situation it's. It's over, and above for, sure this, machinery it's it's very clear in the contract that they are responsible for maintaining and repairing it, the. City feels bad for the curling club situation. But there is no money in the budget for ice repairs, or a break in rent the. Mayor feels this place needs, a total, revamp, there's. Serious. Design, issues, when, the curling rink was built there were issues with the floor. So. You. Know to say we have a bit of a lemon there might be an understatement but, we. Need to figure out a plan take, control of it and not, just ignore the continue to ignore the problem for. Now the curling, club will open with a reduced membership, fee to, make up for the delayed start. To, make the best of an already delayed, season, the curling club is opening tonight here. In Corner Brook hoping, to have, all the members and some new members come out pay, their memberships, upfront so, that there can be a successful, curling. Season, Colleen, Connors CBC, News Corner. Brook. An. Ottawa academic, says we're on the road to bankruptcy this. Is not new news. You. The. Provinces Minister of Finance is meeting with his counterparts, in Ottawa the province managed to wrestle a greater chunk of the potpie but, Tom Osborne says he also wants to talk about how the federal government spreads, the wealth in this country and, he joins us from our Ottawa studio welcome here now that's.

A Pleasure thank you now I don't wanna get too bogged down in the complexities, of equalization, but what's, your pitch, well. I mean equalization. Is simply not working, for Newfoundland and Labrador the. Constitution. Of 1982. Clearly. Outlines, that there should be a. Comparable. Level of services, at a comparable, level of Taxation across the country when. You see other provinces, with a smaller, geography. And much larger population and. And. Are receiving a large portion of Equalization, payments, you. Know I challenge, anybody to explain to me, how Newfoundland. And Labrador is still, considered a have province, well. I guess that's because it's, based on income, and under the mathematical, formula, Newfoundland, doesn't qualify but wouldn't you say Mr Osborne, the bigger problem is our spending, I mean, you were part of two governments, a conservative, one and a liberal one a lot of tough decisions were, not made what would you say to people who say you, know the federal government should not change. Equalization, just to subsidize, reckless spending yep. I mean spending, is a problem, but you know the reality is. You. Know and in defense of the former government even, spending. Had to come up to bring our programs, and and our services, up to a national, standard, we're, now at a national, standard, we've, got an aging population which makes it more expensive to service, as you get older your healthcare costs increase we, have areas of the province that the, population, is declining rapidly. We. Still have to maintain services. In those areas and you. Know with inflation the cost of, servicing, the province and providing, services continues. To increase we've been able to hold it steady within core government, which, has been a challenge, but you know we've accomplished, that so how much money would you be looking for saying, on a per annum basis 1 billion 2 billion how much well. I mean you look at Nova Scotia they've got almost double the population. Third, of the size of the geography, of our island, alone not, even including, Labrador and they're. Getting 1.9 billion dollars, in Equalization. You, know we should be receiving equalization. And we're. Not the formula, is set, up now to. Look, at revenue. Natural. Resources, non-renewable, natural resources. Were added to the formula, there. Were changes in 2007. You. Know that the reality is the. Constitution. We're, not living up to because that guarantees. A, comparable. Level of services, at a comparable, level of Taxation it. You, know it's simply not the case in Newfoundland and Labrador so what's your leverage in this if you think about it you've got a prime minister from Quebec he's got six cabinet, ministers from Quebec he's got 40 MPs from Quebec Quebec, a big beneficiary of equalization, but where's your leverage in this.

Well. You know every. Dollar that we look for an equalization is a dollar out of another province, you, know so it's it's gonna be very difficult to convince other provinces, to change the formula or to agree to changes, in the formula right but we do need the federal government to to. Come. Outside and provide, us with some. Leverage because you. Know we simply cannot, allow. Our province to have. Our services, go below the Canadian average, but. We can't afford the spending we currently have we need to make tough decisions on, that as, a final question Ian Lee professional, Calton University in the news today predicting. That Newfoundland, and Labrador will, be bankrupt within a decade without. Equalization. Changes, are we going to go bankrupt. You. Know we're, going to continue, to try and find efficiencies, we're going to continue to practice attrition. Measures with. Two major projects, coming, to a halt in in our, province, a third, one winding. Down and a fourth one that most people don't talk about and that's the number of Newfoundlanders. And Labradorians who, have worked in Fort McMurray in bringing home. Very good wages to our province we. Can't afford to, lay off large. Numbers of people from our public service that's the reality the. Economy, just won't sustain it but we need to practice attrition, we need our agencies. Boards and commissions practicing, attrition, we, need to continue to find efficiencies and we will, you to work to define, those so you're not afraid of us going bankrupt, you. Know I mean what what he's outlined, is nothing new we've heard that from the federal parliamentary, budget, officer, we've heard it from our former Auditor General you, know this is not new news. The, the reality is as our province. Was in very. Tough fiscal, times. Over. The past two years our government has taken measures to reduce our deficit, from 2.7, to, less than a billion we've, reduced our average. Daily borrowing. From, four point three eight million, dollars per, day okay, down to about two million per day alright. Mr. Osborn thanks for your time, appreciate, it my, pleasure thank, you for the opportunity. The. RNC passed, the collar to its newest, service, dog today, meat, constable, Jody Ryan's new partner, Avalon, gorgeous. Animal Avalon's a two-year-old German Shepherd, who's been training with Ryan since June and he's the nephew of and replacement, for Ryan's former partner Biff Biff. Got the golden paw retiring, just. In time for Christmas. You. Time. Now for our young, athlete, of the day this is Hilary Matheson, of st. John's Hilary is six years old and takes, part in ballet Irish. Step, hip, hop jazz, and lyrical. Dance with the dance studio, it's all right she's saving tap for the future I guess a big dancer Hilary also takes part in aerials, with I fly and she loves swimming, congratulations, over here today's young athlete. All. Right it's Tuesday, and that means your, chance to win, some -.

One. Winner from, Facebook. And one, winner from Twitter and. Anthony. Won't you set, up the question, well. Before you do that you. Guys didn't. Define. Earlier today with our dukes but, you guys didn't mention last week's winner, that's, why we look so embarrassed in that picture that's right and Ryan somewhat, stunned. Was. The question. Yes. Well that was an eternity ago yeah, no. It was if you won the two who would you give it to that's right right if you want to who'd you give it to for, Christmas, that's right and our Facebook winner is Rowena. Butcher Wareham and she, had this great story. Heart-wrenching heartwarming. She said if I won a toque I would give it to the man I saved my recyclables, for he, had a stroke at age 45, and has, really, had a hard time since then he's now over 80, and. Basically. She. Wants to give him the. Hat home. Today without a cap or gloves scarf, and I, think. He would be proud, to wear CBC, - can everyone everybody. Else on my Facebook page said yeah, give her the - definitely. Definitely the winner for sure and from Twitter, James, McCormick, is, our winner he writes if I were to win I would flip a coin with my two grandchildren, and, award the, toque to the winner okay, now this week's question, to, win a two for two to Tuesday, mix is Christmas in a bit of politics and the, question is given, the financial problems, the province faces, what should the provincial, government asked for from Santa, for, Christmas. You, can post that to my Twitter account at Anthony, Jermaine or on my Facebook page again, what should the province. Ask for, from Santa, and I. Posted, that already, and there, are already some dandy badges. You can imagine yeah so we look forward to that and again good, luck to everyone who wants, to win it - all, right, Chuck's definitely. At the ready in Labrador, where winter. Is full. On and will continue to be so in lab. West where 20 to 30 centimeters, on the, way by, Thursday, morning the north coast as I mentioned, the snow will continue through. Thursday into, Friday I think the potential there for 30, to 50 centimeters, but this is by Thursday. Morning again. Talking, about happy. Valley-goose Bay and, even, up towards makovica, will see some mixing, here but generally 10 to 20 centimeters amounts. Less through the southeast where we'll see 5 to 10 centimeters, in a little more rain 20-plus. Millimeters, through the Straits were amounts, could add up to 50 there and. A quick mix to rain for most of the island with rain and drizzle on the menu there's a quick look at the next three days or, we're talking about again, that messy mix with temperatures rising tomorrow, temperatures, falling, on Thursday. As we see. Squirrels. And flurries, moving. Back through and, we, are gonna be seeing a system. Tracking through on Thursday, night into Friday which will leave some lingering flurries and we'll talk about that in a sec there as well there's the next three in Labrador where we are again talking about the messy mix in the southeast, back. To some flurries on Thursday Friday. Generally, looking quiet here's how the timeline plays out there's the heavy snow there's the mixing in the southeast, Thursday morning still a bit of mixing in Labrador, and then, it's back to some flurries into the afternoon there your on shore flurries, and snow squalls Thursday, afternoon I will likely be a little on the dicey side along the west coast and then our next system comes through for Thursday, night as I mentioned into Friday I think it's a rain event on the avilon before, cast models showing, some accumulating, snow Buren. Clarin Ville Bonavista gander into central, so we'll keep an eye on that departs. On Friday with more on shore flurries for the west coast really, looking. Like a snowy setup for you folks along, the west coast right through the next handful. Of now here's the weekend system we were talked about this last night talked, about the importance, of the track and we're tis the season where a slight.

Shift In track is gonna make a big difference this is the European, model you can see here the swath. Of snow on the, west. And northwest edge of this system which would be certainly, significant, if this model was correct across, the Avalon in southeastern, parts of Newfoundland through, the Saturday. Afternoon. Evening and overnight time, period we'll show one more, idea. Here and you can see how much further this model, the GFS is, offshore that, would keep the heaviest snowfall offshore, with, yes a brush for the Avalon so I show, both because, well. It's only Tuesday and we're talking about Saturday, but certainly the potential for, some accumulating snow for eastern. Parts of Newfoundland and confidence certainly building towards that idea but still a few models and a few runs to go so we'll keep you posted cooler, air coming in behind certainly. For Sunday and into, Monday with. Another system, tracking in for Tuesday into Wednesday and, in Labrador, again after we get this Thursday, Wednesday Thursday Friday system, out of the way a calmer, cooler weekend. 75. Years, later it, remains the deadliest fire. In st., John's history, on this, day in 1942. A vicious, fire ripped, through the hostel on Harvey, Road where, a dance, was being held, 99. People, were killed and more than 100, were injured it, was the middle of the second world war and 18, year old Mildred quill teased date for that dance was a soldier, with the Newfoundland Regiment and. I had the chance to sit down with Mildred three years ago on the anniversary of that fire and that's when she told me all about Jim, Ryun and how, much she owes that man. Invited. You on a date yep. Handsome. Guy oh it. Was. Regiment. Uniform, yeah, it. Was 119, and I was 18 and. This I understand is what was called back. In the day a barn, dance yeah, Uncle Jim about it. Every. Time video - Justin. Was singing on the farm bro cause that night. So. What happened when you got there well. It was such understand. Dancers out and then I had to be in say that before, 10:30 I got. Up to leave and the empty. On the door so. You can't be interest, dancers. Over I, sucked. Like in the seat justice up back there's. Something far and, the. Girl I was I was with he says people to my and only Cole he. Put me through the window and I never laid eyes on that rose so. I just want to go back so Jim Ryan your date, grabbed. You by the hand and. What. Happened when. Only Cole but, when I got to the window he put me out I don't, know what happened to him if he, trying to help somebody else, or. Someone pulled him back or what I don't know. Anything. Else you remember about that fire what was what, were people doing when the the flames started the smell was going through the building oh no. I had no so I but the doors was our brightest on you couldn't get out the. Doors was, they. Were swinging they they were swinging late, and, just. For the most of the people were. My. Girlfriend. Death. My. Nose got burned, a little bit scores out so. You have no eyebrows no, didn't see they never, grow back late, so. They've been gone since the night of that fire, what. About other people how did they how did they make oh no I know okay I just can remember some they. Were down to the old general and. Let them so eliminated. The Swiss respond I was their face oh my. Dear. Was. An awful sight oh god. Yeah I. Guess. For a young. 18. Year old girl this must have been one of uh always. Had the, worst nights of your life yeah I was a bitch I was two weeks I'm off I wanted out. Jim. Ryan I understand, not, so long ago you and. Your family went looking for for. His grave. Why. Did you want to find his grave I'd like to see very very - I. Mean. He saved my life. You. Know. Latte. Lotus, it. Was a long time ago yeah I know I know but I. Wanna. Show him I wouldn't be here day I. Forgotten. About doing, that interview with the Mildred she was a real gem and she passed away in September of last year and we have another anniversary to tell you about tonight. The. Arrow air crash happened, 32 years ago today the plane plunged, to the ground just minutes, after taking off from Gander, on this date in 1985. It, became known as the deadliest aviation disaster. In Canadian, history all. 256. People on board were killed most. Of them were American, soldiers returning, home following. A peacekeeping, mission in Egypt, an investigation. Determined ice on, the wings likely, caused the, disaster and.

In. National news tonight Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has appointed, the next Chief, Justice, of the Supreme Court, of Canada to, replace outgoing chief, justice, Beverly, McLaughlin, the. Prime minister and our government has every confidence in, the, abilities, the. Breadth of experience, of justice. Wagner to lead the court for. Potentially. The next 15. Years. Justice. Rees our vogner is from, Quebec. You practice law there and was appointed to, superior. As Superior, Court judge rather five years ago vogner was, chosen, to sit on the Supreme Court by, Stephen, Harper, the. Federal government announced today that it's in the market to buy fighter, jets their. Government, is delivering, on its promise, to launch an open and transparent competition. To replace Canada's, fighter fleet with 88 advanced, jets this. Is the most significant, investment, in Canada's, Air Force in more than 30 years. The. Government says all suppliers are welcome to enter the bid process but, Ottawa. Also says it will put companies, doing economic, harm to Canada at a distinct, disadvantage that's. A warning shot to Boeing, which filed the trade complaint, against Montreal base Bombardier, last spring new, planes are expected to replace Canada's, aging cf-18. Fleet starting. In 2025. And. Our, viewer, picture of, the day is very festive, now, I know this, is going to be kind of a tough one to nail down I've. Given you. No, but. I'll give you a big, clue it's in. Bonavista, Bay you, can name, the, actual community. Well then big bonus, points. That's. A toughy snug I know. You. Welcome. Back an extremely, rare bird flew into mirror machine New Brunswick over the weekend it's causing quite a stir yes. The missel. Thrush is. Attracting. Bird love lovers, from all over Eastern. Canada and the u.s. bird watchers, converged, near, a residence, lawn where it landed just to catch a glimpse that's quite pretty, yeah the, birds you can see the pepper rat sees right the, bird is usually only found in Europe so, it's a long way from home in fact it could be the first one in North America, and the feathered friend could continue to draw even more people from all over the continent if it sticks.

Around The mirror machine a Snow Belt, adorable. That's nice. And. A halifax man has found online fame. Through, a uniquely. Halla go nyan Christmas, craft Gary, Marsh built this Donaire. Ornament. Using a 3d printer and repurposed, motor he, posted this video on reddit, and received so much interest, he, decided to partner with a 3d printing company to refine the design that is a bizarre idea for an ornament they, say that a man has been crazy you, can get your own online for, a mere. $14.99. Nothing. Like a revolving. Roll of meat Christmas, tree. Make. Sure it stays cool and your, place, two. Minutes. Plastic and not real meat yeah. I, should, have given this clue how about Bonavista, Bay and think royalty, royalty. Kings. Cove oh good gasps hey Lowe's oh just, down the road in Princeton. Oh. Yeah. Kings, co-op very good yes yeah Christmas. In the cove and thanks to Bonnie who posted, this on my Facebook page and lots. Of folks, getting festive, and we're gonna see so many great pictures over the next couple of days gorgeous, that reminds. Me to order lobster for Christmas as well the holidays. See. That's what I'm here for, it's. Good for your eyes. Well, thanks for joining us everyone have, a great night. See tomorrow.

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