CBC NL Here & Now Friday January 12, 2018

CBC NL Here & Now Friday January 12, 2018

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You. This. Is CBC. Here and now. Beyond. Mount Cashel the province, faces, dozens, of outstanding, abuse lawsuits. I've. Seen co-workers, jump into the ditch everything. From being, spit at from, being cursed on coffee, thrown at dome a flag, person, killed on the job these, workers aren't surprised. It's. Dangerous, out there on the highway how. Would be surprised if I heard something. Nice come out of his mouth and she, came from Zimbabwe. A local nurse weighs, in on Trump's latest high rate I know. Where I stand with Donald Trump. Celebrating. Double, digits, and our January, thaw. With. Supper, and of, course your forecasts, it's all coming up fantastic. Oh. Wow. He's even got the, whole Hawaii. Are. You get the surfboards, ready for Debbie would you and me and we'll get those ready with this warm front sounds. Good. Well, done. Got. All the condiments, I do. Soon. Ryan, okay. That's. Right so now of course in news tonight we'll get to our top story the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary has, announced a major overhaul of its recruiting, process and, that's leaving some people wondering whether the RNC, is lowering its standards, the force is changing the educational. Requirements for, potential, recruits, and cutting. The duration, of the cadet training program, in half, here, now is Terry Roberts, reports. We're. Not seeing enough quality, applications. Coming through the. RNC, is casting, a much wider net in its search for those considering, a career in policing. Potential. Recruits will no longer be required to have completed, certain university. Courses in order to apply and the, one-year cadet training program has been reduced to six months with cadets now being paid an hourly wage of $15. During the training period so, is the force lowering its standards, not, at all, this inspector, we value education, you. Have up to Pullman please studies you have a degree you, have a couple of years University a couple years of college more education, you have you. Will set yourself up for. Advancement. As you move forward however. But it's not the only one, Brennan says recruits must still pass the same rigorous, screening and the selection process remains, very competitive. But, he says the reality is that fewer people are, applying about, 200, each year with 16 cadets, currently, in training he, says the trend is similar for other police forces and the military the.

University, Requirements, have been a deterrent, he says for, many years we've listened, to citizens, talk, about you, know I can't. Afford to do one year University I can't afford to. Be. Engaged in a training program that goes on for over a year without an income the, Chief of Police has, listened, to what the concerns of people are we, wanted to make sure we get enough applicants. Because to be honest with you we're not getting enough applicants. It's a major shake-up to a recruiting, program that's been in place for a dozen years going. Forward recruits. Will only be required to have completed, at least a year of post-secondary. Studies, including. At the college, level by, making changes to our baseline, requirement. We are hoping that we will become more, attractable. To. Citizens. Who want a career in policing, we, want to be the employer of choice for. Young, people, and for people who are looking for career choices the, changes coincide, with the launch of a recruiting, blitz the, RNC, is looking for up to 35 new, recruits, by the end of March with, the six months of paid training to begin next January Terry. Roberts, CBC News st., John's, now. A follow up to a story, CBC, investigates, brought you yesterday the, provincial, government recently accepted. Liability in, a sexual, abuse case that dates back thirty years but. This is not the only civil lawsuit, related, to abuse that the province, is currently, dealing with here, knows Jen White's been following, this story so Jen how, many of these cases have yet to be resolved. It's. A surprisingly, large number there. Are about 75. Outstanding. Active claims of abuse involving, government well. I spoke with Justice Minister Andrew Parsons, who says the vast majority of those cases are historical, in nature and he, says these are not only tied to abuse suffered at Mount Cashel it includes, cases right, across the province we're. Paying now for. What's. Going on years and years ago but the fact is the liability remains. With, government, in many cases you see normal. Cases there's a statute, of limitations but when it comes to these sexual abuse that that's not there we can't stop somebody from coming and claiming this even, though it happened to them decades ago and I have no issue with that parson. Says many of these cases end up in settlement, negotiations, for a variety of different reasons and he says the highest settlement, that the province has ever paid in a case involving abuse, is eight hundred thousand, dollars I wish. We didn't have to see another single case of abuse because when you read just one of these they're. Horrible there are young people's lives that were taken. From them and it's a fair and it's not just something, then it affects them forever. When. You read just the abuse that was suffered by. People in, positions, of trust it's. It's, sickening to read, parson. Says he doesn't know how long it will take to deal with all of these civil lawsuits stemming, from claims of abuse he, says each case is different and there's a thorough process, involved with dealing with each one but, he says government takes these cases very seriously, Anthony. The. Outrage in the United States and around the world over Donald Trump's vulgar, remarks about Haiti and Africa shows, no signs of abating tonight.

Trump. Refused to answer reporters questions today, about those comments they, were reportedly, made yesterday, during a private meeting with lawmakers who, were discussing, immigration and, a, warning the language, is offensive. Trump, reportedly, said why, are we having all these people from shithole, countries, come here and on. Haiti he said why, do we need more Haitians, take them out today. Trump, tweeted a denial saying he did use tough, language, but. Not that language, and yet that Democratic, senator who was in the meeting says Trump's words were exactly. As reported. Now. As you can imagine what, Trump did or didn't say is reverberating, right, around the world and that includes here in Newfoundland and Labrador here. In aus Karen Stokes has the story all over social, media and, television. Trump. Is everywhere. What he said when, he's accused, of saying it all has a very long reach and today it reached right, into the living room of Terry, and. Epidemia. And. Terry is from, Zimbabwe. In Africa, so, today's news hit close to home, u.s.. President Donald Trump is once again fanning. For, Terry and ebony, Hicks it's another day another, offensive, comment, from President Donald Trump to, me it wasn't a surprise at all saying okay there he goes again I'm, embarrassed, I'm, honestly. Embarrassed. The couple has lived in st. John's for several, years, evany, is American, Terry is from Zimbabwe. A country, in Africa the target, of a vulgar comment, president Trump is accused of saying I've, kind, of grown. Thick, skin. When. It comes to racism, and. Stuff. And discrimination, it. Does make me mad when, I have, to explain, to, the. Children two, of their five children are, from Zimbabwe, the oldest, is just learning about his heritage as, much as he doesn't know, a lot about Zimbabwe, when. You're struggling to learn about, something and then someone. Just looks at it in that way it brings out negative emotions, in people and chilled, it puts us as parents in a very very hard, position it really takes me out because. It's ridiculous, that someone with, such high authority, with such power can. Say the things that he says and get away with it so while it's all enough, to make you shake your head and groan. Tari. Tries, to find a positive way to digest. The onslaught, of negativity, when. Somebody sees you in that way do. You fight, back do, you retaliate. Do you, do. You give, harsh, words just because they say something really, bad about.

You But you. That's when you just have to display love but. Some days are, harder, than others, Carolyn. Stokes CBC, News Saint John's. St.. John's surgeon Andrew Furey has led dozens, of humanitarian, missions to Haiti and he's not impressed with President Trump's remarks dr.. Fury joins here now in about 25, minutes. Snowmobilers. And happy valley-goose Bay are being told to stick to the trails warmer. Temperatures, and heavy snowfall means, the ice isn't, as thick as this time last year there. Have been several incidents, in this province in recent weeks of people falling through thin ice, in one, case it was fatal, a member, of the Grand River snowmobile. Club in happy valley-goose Bay took, here now is Jacob Barker - the ice today for, close-up, look at conditions. Let's. Go and check the ice. This, is what I was telling you wrote the slob on the ice where. The. Where. The snow has. Pushed. Down and there's a crack in the ice so the water's being forced up above it a lot of people don't see it at night when they're transiting, so it, is scary. This. Year is the. Problem with it is we didn't have the cold temperatures, and we. Got all the snow and, so the snow is an insulator what's happening, is with. The temperatures of not getting down in the, low - 20s, and minus, 30s the ice doesn't have a chance to build so, we had what, four or five snowfalls, all of over 10. To 20 centimeters, and it. Just doesn't have time to thicken, up at all. You, saw a partway down the auger. Got stuck I was another layer of ice with slop on top of it so now we'll. Check and see how thick it is so, scrape down beside, the bottom the, correction, the side of the hole and right. There there's a layer. There's. Another layer. There's. A layer right there at 12. Yeah. So, just. Over 18 inches of ice here not, enough not, enough. Last. Year we had a huge freeze in, the. End of November early December where. The ice built. Great. Up until Christmas and then we started getting more snow where. We had about three feet of ice by this time this, year we're less than two feet and in some places the. Water still coming, through and. Where. You need minimum. Four inches of ice even to walk on it and. Six. To eight inches of ice for a snowmobile or a person even to enjoy ice, fishing and everything then when. You're looking at less than 24 inches for us it. Gets scary as, you see there are quite a few snowmobile, tracks around, and everything, talk, to your neighbors talk to your friends and find out what the conditions are there. Are numerous cabins, out on the lake and, people. Go out earlier. In the year and they actually mark the trails out, to rewards rabbit island from burn point they have a trail marked across with spruce boughs and everything so everybody follows the same trail so more compaction. The. The, ice can actually build, up and help make a base what we call it so it, does, become safer stick, to the tracks, definitely. Stay stick to the track. Well. As you saw at the top of the show and as, we heard in that report warming, up of course safety, is always important but also when. It's warm like this a lot of people celebrating I was outta Water, Street for about an hour it was like Manhattan, the end of the zombie apocalypse it, was 10 degrees the Sun came, were life and so, our colleague Ryan stone gets all the cushy gigs out. There. Ryan. Is. Has. Resurrected. The CBC, barbecue, hey Brian, that's right I love how Anthony calls the cushy gig cooking, his supper, I. Love. How you twisted, that who wants to go outside and cook my supper tonight Oh Ryan do it yeah. Yes. Joe. You. Don't even have a jacket on no, it's true it's very mild we did hit 10 degrees here at our CBC, station today so I asked, the boss is it can we bring out the grill yeah absolutely, we've. Got some. Peppers. Peppers. We've, got some zucchini and, of. Course the, burgers are on the go as well good, yeah, looking, pretty good I think they, dress up some formal, barbecuing, there in the Snowden, household you gonna tie on run the bar because that the way you usually do it I grew, up barbecuing. With the time yes, so, I had to stick with tradition good, it. Makes the food taste better, exactly, absolutely. Now, I'll. I'll, dress up your burger in just a second but first let's. Talk about all that whether those on the way and I have a graphic to kind of show, you the Coles, notes here of what is on the way so, there's the snow that we're talking about in Labrador, and of course big temperature, drops on the way for you folks across the big land we are talking, about 10 to 20 centimeters, in the southeast, for, the northern peninsula that's, gonna be where the messy, ice is, we've got ice pellets freezing, rain and of, course the bay Peninsula into some of that freezing rain as well the West Coast is the best Pichette potential, for seeing some localized flooding 50, to 100 millimeters tonight through.

Tomorrow, With. All that snow melt the double digit temps there it is going to be very. Very, wet, and again. The potential, for some localized flooding in central, parts of Newfoundland we are also talking about for. You folks some. Rain but not quite as much as the west coast but the potential, to get into some 20 millimeter amounts the south coast 20 to 50 and here across the Avalon 10, to as much as 20, millimeters of rain will break down your forecast, in full detail in, just a few minutes Anthony, do you like your bun toasted that's. A very considerate, question I like it toasted but for no more than 15 seconds on all sides. Oh. I. Like it anyway you're, going, to cook it for me how about that. And. Don't forget that. That beautiful apron, that Ryan's wearing we're gonna give away two of those tonight and if. You're lucky it'll be slathered, with snot, and barbecue sauce and, it'll. Be worth more on eBay that's, right yeah I don't get any barbecue sauce on my tie though or else I'm in big trouble are we gonna tell people how they can win this or later, yeah. He'll be the quiz master right I'll take care of all that yeah I'm gonna bring this food in we'll, have some supper and write, down your forecast, in full detail in just a few minutes great perfect. Well. From winning weather with Ryan to winning, the lottery this is Paul and Rita Bowlin, the provinces latest, set for life winners Paul, bought a four dollar lottery ticket on Saturday as a birthday present to himself, yes, charity starts at home he turned 50 that day and when he scratched the ticket he and Rita realized, they won the top prize either. $1000. A week for 25 years or a 675. Thousand, dollar payout being, wise and now 50 Bolan chose the lump sum payment. What. Do you guys come into you now that, you are set, for life. We've, got a few substantial. Purchase that we want to make and. I think we're gonna try to look. Down the road and you. Know planner maybe. An early retirement, for. Both you guys are just, the one well me for sure. Paul. Is there any fun purchases, in your future. I can, see a new motorcycle come for his own yeah. Isn't. That great yes, he got himself a motorcycle, as a birthday gift congratulations. But we're hearing a lot about lottery. Winners lately, promise true. Anyway. To this story Fogo, Island as you know is a pretty trendy, vacation, destination. That has seen its fair share of high-profile. Visitors, and celebrity. You think about a Justin Trudeau Gwyneth Paltrow, Ryan Snowden, but, the latest name to drop is also a big one worth noting yeah David Letterman, says he visited, there while vacationing the. Legendary, a former, late-night TV host has a new show on Netflix. It's called my, next guest it needs no, introduction, and it debuted, a mhm and in this episode - included former President Barack Obama and Letterman, casually, mentioned you'll hear Letterman casually, mention, his visit to Fogo, know. It coincided, with Harry's vacation, we. Traveled, we. Went to a lot of fascinating. Interesting places we visited, Japan, had, not been to Japan before I went, to an island off Newfoundland. Fogo. Island. Had never, heard of it before saw, icebergs. They. Play a critical role in maintaining road. Safety, but, their job often puts, them in danger. You. He's. An ordinary guy with a high-end, habit, Vernon, Smith the collector, of classic currents if it's not original it's not here. Sunday. At noon and Monday, at 7:00, a. Spokesperson. For, traffic, management, company, in Conception, Bay South says the death of a flag person, in heart's content yesterday, is a tragic. Reminder of, just how dangerous this. Kind of work can be Tom. Gardner was part of a crew clearing, brush on route 80 on the beta Verdean insula when he was struck by a pickup the. 54, year old was rushed to the hospital and, later died of his injuries, patty, Murphy, says Gardner, was working for another company and.

That, The accident, is still under investigation but. Murphy says these, kinds of accidents, affect everyone. In the business. Murphy's. Company, high-vis traffic, control had a crew out today, in the West End of st. John's, they've, been contracted. By Rogers, which is doing some cable splicing, work in the area I met, up with Murphy, there this afternoon, so. Patty Murphy, what did you think when you heard of yet another flagged. Person, killed on the job, it's a tragedy, really it's, a gentleman out there trying to make a living just, like everybody, else is trying to make a living and now he doesn't. Get to go home today. One. On your cruise saying you cruise that are on the job like this and you also have them out on the highway, what are they saying about what, they're seeing what they're encountering there's. A lot they're, coming back with a lot it's almost to the point now where we're. Even contemplating. Putting cameras, on our persons, and on our vehicles, there there have been had everything from being, spit at from, being cursed on Kristen as a daily thing, coffee so NAT dome people, saying how dare you stop me how dare you do, well. You know what gives you the right that. Sort of thing so we're getting it's pretty hostile, environment, for us on the highway, Nicole. What, kind of close calls have you had on the job well. I've had to jump. Towards, the ditch I've had cars come inside of tapers, and, almost. Strike me I've almost been rear-ended and safety trucks it's. Very dangerous, I've. Seen co-workers, jump into the ditch, just. To get away from traffic cars not seen also our signs, but clearly we're in all yellow, it's. It's, dangerous, out there on the highway we've, had you call the RCMP. We've called DLT we've had them all come out and look at us and it was just like oh my god like one. RCMP, officer came out one day and spent today with us and he gave it tickets on top of tickets but it doesn't change the attitude we have to change the attitude and, like I say people people. Are out there you're, doing your job they deserve, to be safe. They. Have to take to protect themselves against, you. Know crazy riders I don't, see the training for the provinces, is is pretty. Minimal it's it's four hours they, do a, four-hour, course, they sit down and then it's up to us as a. Contractor. And a service provider to get them up to what we think is safe then, get them up it's a very, it's. Not black and white it's a very rare, and it's all up to interpretation. To, me my job is to make sure my guys get home at the end of the day to our loved ones to their pets to whoever they got to get home to so, we, changed. The uniform we tried to raise the bar but, at the end of the day it's it's it's the people, behind the wheel that needs to change their outlook to change what they're doing yeah how do you were telling me that even these, highly, visible suits, that you're wearing, they're not even mandatory something. That your company, insists. On providing, that is exactly, correct Debbie, this. Is not a mandatory outfit, I'm have on right now this is not dictated, by any rule in any governing. Body you I could wear your orange and I can just wear just, the best so, I could have black pants on I could have black boots on and I could just have a vest just a basic. Safety net and that's up, to me it's not an off I've had people really come up to us and wearing. This outfit, and say I didn't see ya really. That happens all the time how. Can you not see us no patty government, increased. The fines for. Not obeying. These. Rules, to slow down and. From. The guy standing, on the road. Not. Really. What. Do you think can be done to improve safety. Of, the people who are doing this kind of work I think, that what needs to happen is, enforcement, enforcement, for both. Police and, you. Guys are doing a great job don't get me wrong I'm not coming, down on, anybody trying to do their job it's just there's, not enough of it out there they're too busy and other places. You. Know this is just enforcement, all the rules you know, people have to be responsible for what they're doing behind the wheel of the vehicle texting. And and god. Forbid, everything else they do under oath so I could, go on and on Patty, Murphy, thank you very much, no problem Debbie any time thank you. Well. You could certain you see Debbie's like where you were standing you, sort of put the pylons plus a bit of ice bit of snow and the vehicles there's not a lot of room for mistakes, right there's not a lot of room for mistakes, and of course if you get up in the highway situation.

That Company, I had worked for now core came, right across the, island. And. Then. You throw, in high speeds, and Patty and Murphy told me that, a car came this, close to, him going about a hundred, K in a 50 zone so, it's, dangerous, very dangerous work. Caitlyn. Osmond is defending, her Canadian title, in Vancouver. You. Garson. Goes, yes sir yes please you forgot some of the condiments, oh yes of course it's. Not on. Your. Meals. Burgers. And, veggies, all cooked. Some. Of my best work really. And. Of course I love, Dijon, yes you do I do but, I am NOT going to bite into that as tempting, as it is because it's. Not good with Studio, makeup on. If. This was smellivision you would have an idea of how fantastic. It is you. Guys talk and I'll just tied down here, Anthony. Already devoured. So. You had, to pull out the barbecue because of course Ryan's, been talking about all that warm, weather and. There's. A bonus for viewers. That's right so we were trying to decide how to give these away and I thought I know a lot of us barbecue 365. I'm, one of them but with, today with. The warm-up I'm guessing there's a few more barbecuing, so if you're barbecuing right, now. Send. Us a pic Oh Twitter. It's more instant than Facebook. So if you're on Twitter you're, gonna be lucky today if you're barbecuing you're gonna be lucky today send us a pic to Anthony. Or my account okay and, the first two it's not first. Two pictures get. The aprons. And. Party started, lighting up all across yeah that's right how quickly can we start it and. You got to be outside for that. No no. Inside grill no inside girls yeah that's cheating okay. Lots. To talk about not just through double digits but of course the, rain, the, snow the. Ice pellets the freezing rain why don't we start with the mornings we'll, get those out of the way first, rainfall. Warnings in effect for western, Newfoundland. And the. Southwest coast into the baver peninsula special, weather statements in effect for most of Newfoundland as well as southwestern. Parts, of Labrador. We. Also have a freezing, rain warning for the baver Peninsula, the northern peninsula and, a weather warning in effect for the Straits in the Labrador side what's.

The Weather warning well basically. Snow. Ice pallets, freezing, and rain, all on the way there so Environment. Canada has just said hey let's just issue a weather warning because a little bit of everything on the way there for you folks in the Labrador side of the Straits and in, fact most of Labrador again seeing that mix but it's back to snow and these are your primary, forecast. Amounts. In terms of precip, and what you'll be seeing most of rain, along that west coast an along the south coast, talking. About 10 to 20 millimeters for st. John's not, a ton of rain here but. The. Warm temps are gonna be the main story i think for the, st. john's region double digits today. For. Some of us double. Digits more widespread tomorrow, right across the island. And then even into I have, a sesame-seed, my throw I'm sorry even. Into the Sunday time period there's, low, number one that's been rolling in as we speak there, is a low number two and the, contrast. In temperatures, with this frontal boundary quite. Impressive. 14, in Boston -4 in Ottawa - 8 in Toronto - 17. In Sudbury even. Across our provinces, - 14, in Labrador, City, I'm. Not lying I have. A piece of burger. Bun in my throat, I apologize probably. Should have taken a little swig of water or something else now. As we take a look at your forecast. Oh it's. Clean thanks I'm assertive I must. Return thank. You I get food you get water thank you see, what. A great show we have here Thank, You Anthony now take a look at your timeline here we've got temperatures, on the plus side across Labrador, southeast. Tonight as we roll throughout the night it's dropping, and in a hurry happy, valley-goose Bay Cartwright. And to, the Straits around. The freezing mark early, on tomorrow and a very mild start across, the island we were talking about seven, eight even nine degree temperatures, these, are your minimum.

Temperatures, Tomorrow morning at least seven across most of the island - 25, to start in Labrador, City and watch, as we roll throughout Saturday morning, we are going to be seeing temperatures, dropping. Quickly, across the northern peninsula everybody. Else a very. Mild day on the island rain again. Heaviest. Along the west coast shower, chances, through Central and eastern parts of Newfoundland with double digits for st. John's - 27, in Labrador city as temperatures basically stall, there for Saturday and it's, falling, temperatures, as I mentioned in the southeast. Now. Winds are going to be gusting 60, to 80 km/h a lot across the island, and that wind will shift through, Saturday, night into Sunday morning for west, into central note the temperature dropping by Sunday morning, near. Double digits in st. John's to start Sunday morning but we're falling, throughout the day as those winds shift and again they will be a little on the breezy side with some periods of rain on the avalon everybody, else is clearing, out chance, of some freezing drizzle or flurries for, central parts of newfoundland towards the west so your sunday forecast -, 30 in Labrador, City 10, but, falling in st., John's and also, falling temperatures for the Burin steady, in the -2 2-3 range for. Central and west. Lots, more to talk about for next week including a potential snowmaker for eastern. Parts of newfoundland in the avalon the details are coming up Debbie Anthony thanks. So much Ryan well the pressure is intense that, the Canadian, figures getting Championships, in Vancouver, they're there this week no. One is under the spotlight more, than, mer. Is how native Kaitlyn awesome a lot of pressure she's a defending national champion, and last year she won the silver medal at the World Championships. Well, today she kicked off the defense of her national title in the ladies short program but. She, got into, trouble fairly. Quickly. When. She missed that, jump yeah a lot of points deducted there she did recover well though and got the crowd going. She. Now sits in, second, place behind Gabrielle. Daleman. Tomorrow. We this deciding. Day with, the ladies free, skate in, the, afternoon. Edith. Piaf well good luck, Caitlyn now I've seen her fall before she can still win yeah, it's. All about the difficulty, in the points fabulous. Yeah I mean she's she's spectacular. It. Would be great if she were able to. Defend. Her, title, we, great. Motivation. For her going into the Olympics all, right good luck Caitlyn we'll, be watching tomorrow a. Local. Doctor who's volunteered, in Haiti reacts, to Donald Trump's latest remarks. You. Welcome. Back to here and now President, Donald Trump has made it challenging for separate time news shows like ours to keep our coverage clean bit of a language warning there but when the president the United States describes, African, nations as shitholes, and says, he doesn't want people from Haiti in his country how do we shy away from that new feel and surgeon dr. Andrew Furey with team broken Earth has led dozens, of humanitarian, missions to Haiti I was fortunate enough to actually go along with him his team once and he's with us now welcome.

To Here now thanks for having me so. Trump. Has made these comments then he kind, of backs away from them but sources are saying this is exactly what happened what's your sense of Donald Trump's stance on, Haiti, well. I think where there's smoke there's fire and, regardless. Of the, current spin, on this by. Our neighbors, to the south I think. He definitely. Has some ill. Ill will and poor, feelings towards the people of Haiti and, whether it was in the language that was quoted by the Washington Post or in some of the previous comments, that he's straight away from about everyone, in Haiti has AIDS yeah, I think there's a common theme there and it's, quite, disrespectful. Not. Only to the American public the office, that he's privileged. Enough to hold but of course the Haitian people who have struggled for. So long it's it's, you've been to Haiti dozens. Of times now oh yeah. Yeah. I lost count after 28, for those of us who've had the good. Fortune and sometimes in challenging circumstances to, go to developing countries like Haiti there's. Beauty everywhere. Right and the people and geography, and parts of Haiti and gorgeous. Some. Haitian people are remarkable, the. Overall tenor of his comments we don't want any Haitians how does that make you feel if somebody's trying to help the place oh it's, profoundly. Disappointing, and. Hurtful frankly. To someone who's trying to make the. Place a little better to have someone of his power. And authority. Make. Those kind of comments. They're. Frankly completely, ignorant and and in and represent, the degree of intolerance, that I think I hope, most. People in the United States don't agree with now you're a keen observer of politics do you think part of this is Trump, remaining as crass, as it is reminding. His base that he's still the guy who's gonna be there saying look I'm going to keep, undesirables. Out of the United States 100. I think some of this is just pure I hope I hope, as pure theatrics, that I mean you look at his career from day one it's a lot of theatrics, a lot of showmanship. History, on histrionics. And and, distracting, from real issues that are going on in the United States right now yeah look, over here watch the birdie and I'm not gonna do something else I'm gonna pass some tax reforms, and and everyone's, going to be shocked about my recent comments, and nonetheless shocking.

Is What he said is, the. Fact the United States puts. A great deal of ability on Nations the, United States still a major funder, for, international. Aid he, signaled he wants to pull the plug comments, like this do you think that might signal that places, like Haiti and other developing countries that need Western aid that maybe he is going to tighten. It up absolutely, he's already started to withdraw some funding from the United Nations and world aid development. Agencies, and I think he's going to continue to do so I think, that's a move a political, move I don't think he realizes the ramifications. Of that move hopefully. Other countries like Canada, and other countries around the world will step up and fill that void like we all have a responsibility as, a developing, other developed, country right to do so. Here's a guy says, I don't want people from hey the United States most. The people coming out of states from, Africa, come from countries that are we've. Heard the word enough is, this anti Haiti anti. Africa, or anti black. For. The president, I think it's probably a combination of, items playing, to his base as. You. Know as horrific as it is I still, think I spent, some time in the United States training, the, racial tensions. Still still, exist and there's and they're still real as much as we'd like to think that they're not there they they absolutely, are and, those people's those people vote so. I think he's again. Using, a topic. Like this to, try to rally and solidify his base as his popularity, is. Questionable. At best and. Going into his urine number two you'll, be going to Haiti in 2018, I imagine going, in May yeah right Andrew, Furey thanks for dropping by I appreciate that thanks very much. A Toronto. Student, is attacked, on her way to school for wearing a pin job. You. Time. To meet our young athlete. Of the day and this is Gavin sinneth, of fuels. 7, years old and in his third year of jiu-jitsu and, first-year weapons, at Alex Foley's martial, arts alright so do not mess with Gavin, he loves learning new skills and, place first congratulations, in a recent tournament well done congratulations Gavin. You're today's young athlete, of the day. That's. Great yes, okay. We have an update that's. Right we're giving away the CBC, aprons and we asked for your barbecue. Pictures, a ton of people are pre queueing this evening I'm good on you Lee we, only had two aprons to give away here. Are. Now. This is a picture from Corner Brook Golda. Randall sent this in and said I barbecue, 365. Meaning every day of the year but, caught fire today it's. All good so I hope things are okay Gould unfortunately, the fire. Retardant, feature of Ryan Scott the CBC aprons you could smother that fire with, one, of these aprons if you had to that's. Right and. This is a great one yeah. Barbecuing. Pizza, and rowdy. I'm sorry do you have the name there on that one I, will. Dig it up yeah. Never. Tried, that on the barbecue I hear it is delicious. And, I actually haven't, tried. That on the, rosemary. Okie thank you very much rod fail. To bring. That info with me over to the desk here so thank you very much. Graeme into I did, everybody I always think it's the guys where they like barbecuing, in the winter and here you got to. Congratulate. Yeah. And thanks, everybody who was sending pics and I love that people were sending their pics to our my, picture of me barbecuing, to their family and Ontario, saying hey. Look, at all here. Because it's really cool down in Ontario, and it will cool down for us that's one of the big points we have to make with this messy weekend system is yeah. We have a warm-up on the way for the island with primarily, rain and a lot of it for the west coast but, temperatures, really dropping and already doing so in Labrador, and will. Continue, to drop across the province, from, west to east through this weekend, st., Anthony starting. On the plus side tomorrow but minus eight by the afternoon steady there as we roll into the Sunday time period even.

Newfoundland Minus two in central on Sunday, minus three in the. West and on Grand, Falls or in Corner Brook rather 10, on the plus side in st. John's Sunday, morning but temperatures fall there as well so a little, bit of everything, on the menu and you would talk about this frontal. Boundary and the sharp cutoff minus 15 in Labrador city it was plus four this morning and temperatures, are really going to be dropping off and that air mass that is on the way for you folks in Labrador, is just, off to your West and you can see it there now okay one last look at this timeline note. That the rain to, the ice pellets and freezing rain which, will most dominant for the northern peninsula in the baver Peninsula, through Saturday, into, Saturday night that front will edge into, central parts of Newfoundland, for Saturday, night in through Sunday morning but the bulk of the precip is gone so it's light freezing rain or freezing drizzle not, looking at a ton of ice build up based on the current set up and we are looking at most of that rain set. To move, southeast. Of the Avalon as well but we will get into some of those steadier periods, of rain through Sunday especially. Over the the southern parts of the Avalon Monday and interesting, set up over the Avalon could see some accumulating, snow mix. With some freezing drizzle as temperatures are gonna be around the freezing mark and then, have a look at this Monday. Night into Tuesday this, is going to be our next Weathermaker, snow, on the leading edge and maybe. Significantly. Accumulating. Snow for the Avalon but right now I'm thinking, just west, of the Avalon will be the bullseye with the snow but, a lot of time too of course iron this out as we, roll into the next week time period and then. Watch. Your timeline here Thursday into Friday forecast, models, projecting, yet, another warm-up right across the island with snow for, Labrador. So. Yeah. Lots. Of up-and-down, temperatures. And a bit of a rollercoaster ride as we run through this seven-day forecast temperatures. Again really bottoming out Monday, on the island rebounding. Somewhat, Tuesday with that weather maker in the mix for Central and Eastern Newfoundland, back down Wednesday rising. Through Thursday, into Friday now, for a Labrador, it's, just, a whole lot of cold and the good thing is that after the temperatures. Drop in a bit of snow well at least you can get out and enjoy a little bit temperatures, into the minus 20s and 30s with lots of sunshine through. Midweek. Turning. Now to national. News police, in Toronto, are investigating. A shocking, attack on a little girl an attack that may, be a hate crime I feel. I'm confused. Scared. Terrified. 11. Year old koala no man was, walking to school with a little brother when a man came at her with a pair of scissors and tried, to cut off her hijab she says she screamed and he ran away but came back and tried again cuales, hijab, was cut but. She, was not hurt police, are looking for a man in, his twenties. -. In Sugar, Land Texas rather, multiple, vehicles, collided, in a shocking, accident, a semi. Truck flipped, over the railings. Of an overpass, and landed upside down on top of a car below, police. Say there was an accident, on the road above, which, caused, the, truck to jackknife. Witnesses. Say a Good Samaritan helped. The driver of the car to escape, the wreckage both, were taken to hospital, reportedly. With non-life. Threatening injuries. Our. Viewer picture of, the day the, second, of the week of folks, out enjoying. This. Beautiful ice, conditions which, unfortunately we'll be taking a bit of a hit to this weekend, Oh perhaps.

Most Of those drinks, needing a flood, for. Mother Nature you can make a Christmas, card out of that that's a gorgeous, shot it's from Eastern Newfoundland, somewhere on the Avalon Oh take, your guess. The. Break I don't know. You. It's. Getting towards the end of our Friday program. And of course everybody, knows what that means right. That's right time for birthdays and anniversaries. Rose. Turner formerly, of st. Brendan's, now in Oshawa, Ontario who. Celebrated, her 100th birthday. This Tuesday. It's. A golden wedding anniversary tomorrow, for, dominic and Elsie McGraw of Patrick's, Cove happy. 54th, anniversary. To Fred and Christine Vincent, in Hopedale they, celebrated. On the third happy. Birthday, to Dorothy, hotter of port a Blandford who turned 92, years old on the seventh happy. 93rd, birthday to Philip, Critchley, of gam bow and. A happy 92nd, birthday to grace for sea in Grand, Bank celebrated. On Monday and happy. Anniversary to George and Phyllis crew they're celebrating, 50, years of marriage and, a, happy 92nd. Birthday to George Elliot from Maine Brooke happy. Anniversary to Cyril and Isabel Waterman in gam bow who celebrated, 68, years together on the 10th and a, happy 92nd. Birthday to, Norah Tobin, originally, from conch now in happy valley-goose Bay and, a, happy 92nd. Birthday as well this Monday, - Louise Wells from little burnt Bay now in Embree, happy. 90th birthday today. - Lily, Penney in, Springdale. Happy. 53rd, wedding anniversary. - Phyllis and Ron pedal of chance Cove who will be celebrating on Sunday. Congratulations. To Wilbur and Marjorie break from Corner Brook on their 60th, anniversary, coming up on Monday happy. 97th, birthday today, - Arthur. Inkpen, of soul harbor happy. 50th wedding anniversary -, Carl and Yvonne pilgrim, of Saint lunare Crickett whose special, day is tomorrow, best. Wishes to Ruth Burton, and twill and gate who will celebrate her 91st, birthday tomorrow. And. A happy 60th, wedding anniversary to reg an Emmy Clark in Victoria who celebrated, this Wednesday, and birthday. Greetings to any lane in gorgeous selves age as she turned to 98. Today and. Happy fiftieth anniversary to Joseph, and lorina hotter in Mary's town they're, celebrating, today and a. Happy 60th, wedding anniversary to, Max and Sheila Porter in Porterville is coming up on Thursday the 18th and a.

Happy 96th. Birthday going out to Louise O'Flaherty, in Avondale. Currently, in Conception, Bay south and a. Happy 50th anniversary. To, Alethea and John peddle, happy. 93rd, birthday to Ethel Mae canning in Bridgeport, happy. Birthday, to dean burry of greens pond new west valley who will be 92 years old Tuesday, the 16th. Congratulations. To melvin and lena grandi of garnish who will celebrate their 65th, wedding anniversary. Tomorrow they. Were married in st. Lawrence happy, birthday, to rose KC of conscience Ellis who, is celebrating, her 91st, birthday today. Best, wishes to Sara Han Warford of Pollard's, Point celebrating. Her 96th. Birthday today, happy. 91st, birthday to Florence, drover, in Irish, town gordon, durdle of salvage, who's, now in st. John's turn 93, this Wednesday, happy. 95th birthday this week - Lily Brown in kilbride. And. Best wishes to Louise and Ted Ryan from Monroe on their 59th, wedding anniversary, that's tomorrow and a, happy 51st wedding anniversary - jr. and Judy wells in Mount Moriah their big special, day is Sunday, and happy Anniversary to Pauline and Eldon snow from Clark's Beach who will celebrate their 53rd, wedding anniversary, tomorrow. Congratulations. To Leonard and Lena Ruby, from. Killbride on their 60th anniversary, and best. Wishes to David, and Marjorie Roche and Coley's Point who celebrated, their 59th, wedding anniversary, this Wednesday. All. Right some great pictures there yeah congratulations. Once, again things, to observe here's a few that said it's pretty hard to forget wow, this, is scene from 2,000, metres above Prince, Edward Island some remarkable. Ice patterns, in the Northumberland, Strait it, looks like dominoes, it, was, created. By the confederation. Bridge the, pilot who snapped the picture says just. West of the bridge, ice appeared, as a solid. Sheet, but, it was slicing, dices it as the current pushed it underneath the. Bridge and these, squares went on for kilometres, and kilometres photographer. Says he's never seen anything, like it I definitely have not know so, interesting, hunks of tofu, I was gonna say cookies, on a baking sheet there's a Rorschach, test in, here somewhere. Speaking. Of pictures of your picture. Of the day is a beautiful, one and if you guessed briga s-- you. Were correct, and I, have. Unfortunately. I don't have who actually set the picture with proof. That it's Brittany recites, photography. You'll have to trust me on this one Anthony a beautiful. Picture they're taken, in Burgas and unfortunately. Yeah those ice, rinks are gonna take a bit of an that is sad that's, a couple of pictures we've had now from briga soy sauce, because I've never been there not, at summer time so, hmm, looks very inviting got a great weekend we'll see you all back here on Monday good night everyone.

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