CBC NL Here & Now Friday March 23 2018

CBC NL Here & Now Friday March 23 2018

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You. This. Is CBC. Here and now. If. The divide at a camp gets, another person, they can rule the administration. Deep, divisions, on Bell Island Habana, Mayor Gary design, pleads, for unity, where. We are in that critical zone it's, it's a very precarious. Place to be cod. Stocks, are down for, the first time in years, DFO, is sounding, the alarm. Music. Is a gift that he gave us and he. Was so passionate, about. Songs. And storytelling, and his button accordion beloved. Newfoundland, musicians, the Ennis Sisters pay tribute to their late father. What. A day ten degrees and Sun in the East nearly, 30 centimeters, of snow in the West but what's in store for the weekend looking at more flurries, and some strong winds details, coming up we. Start tonight on Belle Island, where what seems to be a never-ending cycle, of controversy. Continues. There, have been accusations of. Power grabs, threats, of legal action and in, some cases outright, hostility, in parking, lots and caught in the middle of all this is well Bona mayor Gary ghazan who's making what can only be described, as a longshot, call for unity here, in aus Terry Roberts has this report, is. Being. A little bit stressful. My, family's, concerned. Gary ghazan is not so steady on his feet he's battling the effects of diabetes but. It's not the only issue weighing, heavily on his shoulders, I was, thinking about stepping, down but I think I owe to the people to. Try to hang around Bob, Anna is divided, here, in the council chamber and among, those involved, with groups like tourism Bell Island and radio, Bell Island, controversy. Is nothing new here but the current atmosphere, is especially, tense I can't, see this place getting any worse than what it is I've never seen, anything, like the division that there is now amongst. Our community, Don, Englehart, is a longtime volunteer former. Employee with the town and tourism. Bell Island says, she's fallen, out of favor with those wielding power and believes, that leaves her with, to options, it's, gotten to the point where I'm, all. On my own home in 14 months and I've. Come to the conclusion that I'm just gonna sell and leave English. Art says she was verbally assaulted, by a town councillor, for clicking like on a Facebook post it, was a full-on attack. He, was angry, I was scared, I was being tailgated, by by, people you know in a threatening way and my vehicle Kelly Russell left well bana last fall, tired, of the controversy, related to radio Bell Island and his role as station, manager it's, the one, thing that, I'm. Really proud of and it's. Also the one thing that I most regret doing in my life this, is the name that keeps emerging, in all the controversy, Henry, Crane is a central, figure with several important, groups on the island singled, out for criticism in, a mediators, report that failed to end the acrimony but, he refused, an interview if, you want to know where a lot of us pin or ideas to it, mr., Henry great how. So he. Continuously, will, for what we feel blocks, everything crane. Maybe a lightning rod for criticism but. He's not backing down writing. On a Facebook post that I won't, be bullied won't, be threatened and can't, be intimidated, radio, Bell Island is located right here in the high school and tensions, could escalate, on Saturday, when those critical, of the board that runs it meet to vent their frustrations, we, want accountability, Gary, gazai does too, but above all else he, wants harmony we, want to make bail all a happy. Place Terry, Roberts CBC News while Banna. Police. Confirmed, that a 21, year old man died in yesterday's, Supper our car crash on pits Memorial Drive two. Cars traveling, west collided.

Near The intersection, at Richard Nolen Drive and Mount Pearl one, vehicle then struck a utility pole, the car that struck the pole was carrying three men all were. Taken to hospital, the driver died during the night and the two passengers, have serious, but non-life-threatening, injuries, there's, no word yet on what caused the crash, st.. Bonaventure College, has fired, its staff accountant, and police are investigating what, the private school calls a significant. Misappropriation. Of funds the. St. John schools, toute a statement today saying it. Only found out about the alleged fraud in the last three days and that it is shocked and disappointed a staff, accountant, has been terminated effective, immediately, in, st. bonds has hired a lawyer, it plans to have an independent, forensic audit, done the statement, says the full extent, of the misappropriation is. Not yet known but, it says school operations, won't, be affected, police. In Saint John's are investigating, a historical. Sexual, assault complaint, that date backs that dates back rather to 1981, the. Allegation, is against a doctor who was employed by the RCMP the. RNC says the allegation, was prompted, by a police investigation, in Halifax, and that, investigation. Involved, complaints, of sexual assault, by a doctor, doing medical exams on potential, RCMP, recruits those. Alleged incidents, took place between 1981. And 2003. The, RNC says so far no, charges have. Been laid, troubled. Times for the provinces, cod stocks, federal. Fisheries officials, gave an update on northern, Cod this morning, and the news isn't good as here, now is Janelle Kelly reports the past year has shown a steep, decline. It's. Not the update the province wants to hear since, 2012. Cod stocks have been showing improvements, but over the past year that's changed, new, research from DFO, says stocks are down 30% and. One, of the biggest reasons for that drop is natural, mortality these. Large, increases, in natural mortality, can happen and. They're. Very hard to predict, and. But, we do have external evidence, that says, that maybe, you, know there isn't a lot of, capelin. And. Shrimp. Which are food sources for cod DFO. Expects stocks to keep going down scientist. Karin Dwyer says changes, in the ecosystem can. Be unpredictable and, can alter projections, it, was projected to increase this year if something changes from year to year your. Projections, are not going to bear out and that's, what happened in this case it's. Not only natural, causes contributing. To the decline since, 2015. More fish are being caught this. Is a reminder that where. We are in that critical zone. It's it's a very precarious. Place to be and we. Have to be careful with all.

Sources Of removal the ground fish enterprise allocation, council says today's news means there's not a lot of fish being born in too many dying the, council says the spawning stock biomass, is below, where it was when the moratorium, was called in 1992. And while. Ecosystem, changes are contributing, to the problem the, only thing to help the situation is, monitor the fishery and keep, fish in the water to, fuel the next recovery, Janel. Kelly cbc news st., john's, there's. Another stalemate, in efforts to restart, the forestry, industry in bought wood Minister. Gerry Byrne shared that news at a government event, this afternoon in Grand Falls Windsor he, says the government has been unable to reach a deal with bulk logistics. That's, the UK company, that wanted timber rights once held by Abitibi, it, was promising, to build a new sawmill on the bottom of highway possibly. Breathing new life into the town's harbor but, Byrne says the company isn't ready to sign a government, offer. Unfortunately. Neither a business plan nor, an agreement on a 60, thousand, cubic meter allocation. Was. Readily to be signed by the company itself we're open for business we'll continue to work with bulk logistics, and others but, it's really really important, that we move incremental. E so. That we, offer an opportunity for investment, but at the same time we. Don't lock, up, incredibly. Valuable. Fibre in forest inventory, for. A very very long period of time and not. Have that fibre utilised. Health. Officials, are struggling, to explain how, a 14-year, olds from nain died of tuberculosis. Gussie. Bennett died Sunday, after first, presenting. At the clinic in Maine last Friday, with TB, related, symptoms the. Province is investigating. Whether more could have been done for Bennett officials. Can't say how Bennett, contracted. The disease but, they're, offering his family, and others who may have had contact with, him, tuberculosis. Screening. Being. Contacted, because, you're. Offered screening, I would really strongly advise people, to come forward it, is definitely. Because. In the first instance you might have the you might have been exposed your body might be reacting, but you might not know it you might be well, but. We, can tackle, it then and prevent. The disease from, developing. Further. Remember. That tuberculosis is, spread through close contact with infected individuals. Symptoms. Include persistent. Cough chest, pain fever, fatigue, and, loss, of appetite. Tuberculosis. Can be treated and cured if Maine residents, are concerned that they or a loved one may have signs of tuberculosis, they should report immediately to, the name clinic. Tomorrow. Is World tuberculosis. Day and the federal government is promising to eliminate. TB in Inuit, communities, by the year 2030. But, the challenge, will be greatest in this province known, at SIA but currently has more instances. Of active, TB infections. Than anywhere, else in the country with. An average rate of two hundred and forty eight point eight active. Infections, per, 100,000. People. Another. Big Skating, day for Olympic bronze medalist, Caitlin Osmond, the Mary's town native is one of 24, skaters, competing, in the free skate at, this year's World Figure Skating Championships. In Milan, Italy, after. This skate Osmund, is heading, home for a series of stadium. Performances. Including. In the mary's town arena named, in her honor CBC. NL will be there to bring you this special moment, next, month.

So. Sad to see him leave us he. Was such a big. Presence, in our life they, say he was the force behind their musical, success, up next the ancestors, talked about their father who, passed away this week. You. You. It, affects your wallet, and our provinces, future and on Tuesday, the province is bringing down its budget and will be here to deliver it to you what's cut and what's not it's an important, budget join, us here in the lobby of the Confederation, building at two o'clock island, time on Tuesday, we'll report live on Facebook and CBC, Radio 1 so, get your questions to us on Facebook and, by using the hashtag and I'll budget 2018, on Twitter that's, 2 p.m. on Tuesday, we'll see you then. Welcome. Back to here and now well their sound is, unmistakable. Three, sisters, whose harmonies, have entertained, us since, they were little girls. The. Anna's sisters have received awards and, accolades over. The years and they, give a lot of credit for their musical, success to, their father John, who, passed away this week I, chatted. With the sisters, this afternoon, and. Karen. Maureen and Teresa, join me now I just want to first of all extend. Condolences from. All of us here how are you all doing. We're. Doing pretty, good you know this. Has been a long time coming, and. You. Know we're all sort. Of relieved. That that. He's, no longer suffering so it's it's, kind of like a relief, and a grief you, know it's a we were so. Sad to see him leave us he. Was such a big. Presence, in our lives and, well, relieved that he's no longer tormented. Lewy body dementia. Is. Devastating. And, you know the last couple of years have been challenging. To. Say the least and, to see him now at peace is just. A relief to us to know that he's okay and Teresa, I understand, you three sang, him out the. Day passed every. Day that we visited him while, he was staying in the hospital for the last three. Weeks we sang to him at some point. And we. Made sure maureen, made up a, list. On her iPhone and we were playing all, of you all of his favorite songs to him music. Is a gift that he gave us and he, was so passionate, about. Songs. And storytelling, and his button accordion and for, as long as I can remember, you. Know every, day he played his button accordion. I remember. At times of my life being so annoyed by that and thinking. One of these days I'm gonna miss that you.

Know And and, that, day is here when. We went in and we saw his tree chair and the accordions, vice-chair, and realized, that he's not gonna play those anymore there was definitely a losing. Your breath moment, you know that you know and. You know the power of music was, something that was quite evident through, this whole journey it's right it was one thing when when, we called them episodes, he'd have an episode and, we'd all gather with, him at the house with mom and we, would sing we would play we would get him to play we. Would get up and dance with him and that would calm him and it would kind of bring him back to, reality, so, um yeah it's very powerful I want to take the back a little bit. Family. And music has been, so. Much part, of your life I remember. Meeting, you in Halifax, when. I was up working you, were girls. Yeah you were there with your mom and dad you had been performing. Somewhere. In the, Nova, Scotia area. How. Important. Was it for, you, to have the influence, of your mom and your, dad well. It was amazing really because, they truly, had our best interests, at heart and they. Didn't want to see anybody coming in before we were ready and. Making these decisions and signing us up to a contract, and making mistakes that, were gonna set, us up for you, know years of you. Know wasting, time and and decisions. That we couldn't get back we were all so caught up in all the excitement and it was really nice that they kept. Level heads to the whole thing and you know dad always, no matter what looked, after our business, right, up until he couldn't anymore investing. Our money and making sure that we made the right choices in our company we've been a, part, of this company for 20 years and, so he you know and he also helped influence the songs we wrote and you know he'd say to us if your ticket cost $50, give them $100 show and, you know our names were very important, and the and our word was extremely, important, and we carried, that through in. Our business and in our daily lives and, family. Was every, and the place Newfoundland, Labrador where we're from, was everything so he, instilled all that in us and we're. Gonna continue making him proud you, mentioned, his accordion, and how he loved play and. Your roots go back to, traditional. Newfoundland. / Irish, music, you. Experimented. Over the years but you seem to have come back to your, roots, I'm just, wondering now when, you're writing and playing, do. You hear his voice always. Always. There's, not a thing, this, whole record that, we have coming out now June 15th which is almost. It's. Bizarre because we didn't choose that date for, any particular reason but, it is he's birthday weekend and Father's Day weekend, and it's, a tribute no we had to go back because of our fathers passing and have. A special on, our artwork on the CD to attribute to our dad and we're, gonna hold on to all the things that he gave us and you know this is a record I think he'd be very very, proud of and. Dad was it was amazing he, was a power engineer, and. At. Nuclear power 37. Years but, when he retired he, didn't. Know anything about the music industry but he loved us so much and he wanted us to do so well because it was our dream and passion that he learned everything he, had to know about the music industry and he managed us for several, years and with this business, there's so many ups and downs and like even through the Downs of it he was there to say you can do this and refocus, us and get us back on track and. We. Were able to follow our dreams and our passions, just because of his support and love and mom of course what. Does it mean to you to be able to look at that archival. Footage with. Your dad there. Oh it's very emotional. It's very emotional, I was. Saying earlier to Maureen and Karen that you, know through this Lewy body dementia disease, that dad developed, you. Know we kind of got used to that new person you know and and having to kind of take on the caregiver role and make sure we were there and but, going back and seeing those you. Know that old footage and going, through the old photos, you know. It. Just reminds. Us again of who he was and he was such a passionate, person for life and and. He loved his family he was a true gentleman he, really was and, I don't know if anyone who had a bad word to say about him and which, is so nice now to see all the tributes coming in and it's, a it's very emotional.

To Read them but it's so, special, for the family to be able to know that he impacted so many people, I can't. Get over how many things he inspired, or you. Know somehow, was there I remember that exact moment it was so important, to have his opinion on what that song sounded, like him and he's, a part of every, note, of what we do and and he pride I got to say about his promise even. Through this whole journey I mean he was he always spoke. Highly of us but the last several, years, no. Matter who it was he, would go up and say I'm. The father of the unisys do you know the ancestors and he would just he would even sometimes not who know who we were and he, would brag about his daughters to us he, was so proud and so, we were blown along saying we're, so proud to be John and is's dog. It's. So nice to hear you talk about somebody. Who was so special to you influenced. You loved, you you left him it's wonderful, thank you thank you for having us here to talk about him. They're. So lovely yes, sweet yeah, and the, funeral mass for John Anna's will, be held on Monday morning at Corpus, Christi, Church here, in Saint John's very likeable women in the know those, great singers beautiful. After. 42 years of teaching dance Judy knee has decided to slow down her dance tempo coming. Up after the break we'll dip into her career, not, me try. Not to. You. Carolyn. Joining us with her first full look at the weather, mm-hmm. And it was anything but, spring. In Corner Brook today just take a look at this. Slush. Covered roads. In. Parts of central, command's, and close to 20 centimeters fell overnight and today in the Hayley City, residents. Spent most of the day snow, blowing and shoveling making, those snow banks even bigger, and I'll, put the shovel away yet there are more, flurries, in the forecast for, tonight, there right, Carol, yes. And. What, a contrast. Looking. At these, pictures. Here this video compared, to st. John's today, with, sunshine, and and. The warm temperatures, it got up to 10. Degrees in st. John's we almost, broke, the record, for the, warmest, a day on this date, it was gorgeous. 1984. Was, the record ten point two so. Close. Yeah let's have a look at some of the highs for, today yeah, st. John's was the hot spot in the province, today at 10 degrees as you continued. West things definitely cooled, down, a lot as as, the. The snowfall and the flurries moved, through, so this is the weather on the way headlines. Saturday. We're looking at a lot of flurries, on the, island, but Labrador, is looking very nice this weekend, cool but, quiet and. Monday, things really start to clear off for everyone, in the province, this is the situation, right now this, is a the, snowfall, that's. Affecting. That part of the, island, and there is still a snowfall, warning in effect, for the Green Bay White Bay Area and northern peninsula east about, 5 to 10 more centimetres. Expected. To fall before things, start to taper off into flurries, overnight, tonight, and you can see here in Labrador a lots of flurries. Happening, there this evening and as, well on the island in the east there's a chance we could see some flurries or, a some. Drizzle as well, so. Yeah for the island, flurry action pretty, much everywhere tonight and the same story for. Labrador. And the winds anything up as well, on the west coast there, so, Saturday. How is that looking well the flurries they cleared out but then it, all starts to move in again and things, start to to, ramp up a bit more for. Parts of the island by clearing off nicely in Labrador. Some. Morning, flurries there, but as the day progresses, things will get quite nice but, you can see here there there, are a lot of flurries on, the island, and in the East we won't see that until probably. Late afternoon. So, if. You're in st. Johns this is what you can expect in the morning mainly, cloudy skies 0, as, the high there, as. We get into the afternoon it'll, go up to about 2 or 3 degrees and, we won't see those flurries. Or, that drizzle until, late. Afternoon into the evening and.

Then It starts to get very windy. As well, and that wind is gonna continue on, Sunday, so this, is the picture for the rest of the province you can see very similar story, chance. Of some flurries or some showers, in the clarin ville area five more centimeters, of snow expected in the Grand Falls Windsor Bay first area tomorrow so, it's going to be windy and it's going to be very snowy, there tomorrow on the west coast not quite, as much snow about two to four centimeters expected. There as well as up, in the, Straits. So if. You're, in the, western part of a Labrador, you'll see some of those morning, flurries but then it'll, start to clear off and temperature, is much cooler their lab City looking at minus 8 as the. High so Saturday, night into Sunday, for. Most people, things, are looking quite nice, as we head into Sunday but in the east and in parts of central we are looking at some more flurries, and some high winds, 75. There in st. John's and Saint Lawrence, so I'll have. More of those details coming, up later. Thanks. Carolyn Judy nee was a dance instructing. Pioneer, when she opened her studio in st. John's in the late 1970s. Now after 42, years of teaching thousands, of people how to cut a rug with new moves she's, making a move of her own she's, selling, the studio I met, up with Judy Dee to tap our toes and have a chat about her lengthy career and her, passion, for dance, you. Do you need big decision you're gonna sell this building which you've had for. Seven. Years why. Are you selling well. I've had my studio for 42, years. I turned, 65 this, year so. I figured I haven't got a lot of time left and to. Do, traveling. And pick up some other hobbies and things that I want to do so, I'm gonna cut back so. I want to sell the building hopefully. And then. Maybe have some classes in another location okay so you're still going to be teaching. A little bit yes just not the full-fledged schedule, that I do now okay so you start your left foot box, forward. Side close, back, side, close left. How. Old were you when you got into dancing I was. Four when I started dancing and. So you. Decided. You. Were gonna do this and, know what actually was my grandmother, who decided, that I was today and she loved she lived in New York for a while and, she. Used to watch the Broadway shows down there with all the tap dancing right so she signed me up for tap dancing first at, age four right even dancing for 61, years yes mm-hmm, yes well I guess you can be forgiven if you want to slow down a little bit I think so. How. Did the your. Arrival, on the st. Johns dance scene how did it affect the place because I've spoken eat you you've taught thousands, and thousands of people over those eight students all ages, yes, there's, been thousands, I wouldn't be able to tell you I think the how was them that have come through the doors for, the past 42 years from age 3 up, to, 63. 73, whatever, so, there's been many what, have you taken the most satisfaction, from as a as a teacher, of dance we'll, all the teacher training students. Have been excellent but I get a lot of pleasure out, of the person with to Lafitte I really do. Let, forward, right foot forward side close, know. The person that really doesn't, know how to dance and they really feel embarrassed. They, don't feel like they can go out to a function, and they're embarrassed, to get up on the dance floor they. Are the happiest, person that when they discover, how, they can do just a smallest, thing right and how many people have you had who've actually been with you for more than just a few years I've. Actually have two people they've been with me in the whole 42. Years really yes just, to their relatives no. A. Lot. Of footsteps on these hardwood, floors here it must must have a lot of memory this floors had to be redone about three or four times over 237 years in this building good use, yep side.

Clothes, When, I first started in 76, when I had my first ballroom, class there might have been about two men in the class and the two men were war ups they, had. To dance with all the women so it wasn't easy so over the years it was a gradual. Process, that, eventually, the. Men started, to come and now I don't have any trouble with men call me but what are you gonna miss the most as you walk. Away from this mostly. I'm. Going. To miss all the people that I meet and many of them have become my friends they're not just teach their students especially. The ones that have been here for a long time we're, friends so it's, the friendships, that have built over all these years just about everybody, I know was all connected, to the dance world and it's a wonderful, world being. You're. Gonna keep making friends yes I indeed I am good luck in your retirement Thank You semi-retired, thank you very much. What. A wonderful. Career her name is synonymous with dance, here, yep I made, some mistakes for the new break up calling her Judy foot. Yeah. My apologies, at Judy knee but she's invited us to go and you know sure stuff yeah, I. Made a date for us what did she think are. You lost she hope. She told me I had improved. Whatever. That means. A whole. Experience with such a rollercoaster of emotions, but the fact that everybody was willing to do it for me just says a lot about how, amazing of a school and community, it is a broken. Leg derailed, a local high schools musical, but everybody's. Cutting loose and getting Footloose, tonight, some. Inspiring teens coming up next. I'm here now. You. Welcome. Back once again well, a little little patience, tenacity, and being quick on their feet is paying off for Mount Pearl High School O'Donnell, delayed the opening of their musical, Footloose, this after, the lead actor, took the theater expression, break, a leg, a little, too literally, the show opens tonight at holy heart theater in st. John's with some very, creative, choreography. Like. The old adages, break, a leg, but unfortunately, for us it was quite literal, our. Lead actor Andrew epic, broke, his leg about a week before we were supposed to open and so. We, kind, of scrambled, to figure out what we were going to do because, you. Know we were school and being, a school we want to be inclusive, and Andrews, just a fabulous actor so we. Made the necessary changes, to get him in the show and we couldn't be happier. It. Was such a devastating feeling, because, I didn't I wasn't even sad because I couldn't, do the show I was like I've let everybody down like. All I'm so selfish, like how could I do something so stupid I think, it really brought us closer together I mean we never had this energy, that we have right now we've never been so excited and, yeah. We really feel like a family now that whole. Experience was such a roller coaster of emotions but the fact that everybody was willing to do it for me just says a lot about how. Amazing of a school and community, it is. I'm. Almost gonna come to tears because he's. Just a phenomenal, student you know he and, the rest of them they are just great, great students, oh. Isn't. That great well. This here's BMO, Winterset, award has been handed, out and Joel Thomas Heinz takes the prize for his book will all be burnt in our beds some night the, award celebrates, excellent. Writing in this province and comes to the. $12,500. Prize, finalists. Bridget canning and Wayne Johnston, each get, $3,000, and on, the music, front we've got some people from this province to watch in the Junos, on Sunday, night Amelia. Curran, Matt Maher and Andrew, Stan öland are all, nominated. You. You. Let's. Say they're a young athlete of the day tonight we're giving a shout out to McKenzie, Turpin, from Labrador City who, proves you don't have to be involved in organized, sports to be an athlete. Twelve-year-old. McKenzie. Focuses, her abilities, on dents have, a lot of dance songs. Yeah. She's been dedicated, to studying jazz, dance for the past six years and we're it's hard to constantly, challenge yourself great, outfit for a dance, finale. Yeah way, to go McKenzie. Congratulations. On being today's young athlete, of the day the. Weather update is brought to you by Beltone. Hearing service. St. John's helping. The world hear, better. Sisters. It's. A musical, artistic, theme.

Going Here on here and now so I expect a pirouette when you head over. And. Yes. I thought I'd start with the, current temperatures, right, now in the province, going. Down and down and down I hope you guys got out to enjoy a bit of the sunshine, warm. Temperatures today no. For. A walk they'll be more yes, there will be we're, on our way so. This is how, girls, are looking right now in st. John's we've gone from that lovely 10 degrees down, to, two degrees zero in badger three in Stephenville, much, cooler in Labrador, -, 9 in named and cooler. Still with that. Windchill. Just, notice that the snowfall warning, for. The. Green Bay White Bay Area has been lifted but still in place for the northern peninsula east that literally, just happened so 5 to 10 centimeters, of snow expected, there. Tonight, before it starts to taper, off into, flurries, overnight, and, we have lots of flurries there in Labrador, for tonight and into tomorrow, as, well, in the gander area area, and Badgers. So tomorrow, we're looking at a pretty. Were, lots of flurries, on the island, tomorrow, clearing. Off in, Labrador. But, yeah it's gonna be a bit blustery, and lots. Of flurries we won't see it there in the East until later in the afternoon. So. Then things start, to clear out on Sunday, we'll get to that in just a moment so this is the picture for your Saturday, a chance of some flurries. Or showers. In the Clarion Bowl Bonavista, area and. The chance of some late, day flurries in. The East as well, as about, 5 more centimeters, expected, in the Bay vert at Grandpa's Windsor area, and. Up along the northern peninsula there. So, for Labrador. As I mentioned morning. Flurries, then things should clear, out very, very nicely and you're in for a lovely, but, cool Saturday. For. Sunday, some, of the flurries start to clear out for most of the island, lovely, clear, skies, in Labrador. There but, in the East those worries, will linger. And persist, and the winds are going to ramp up a lot as well, so Sunday it's gonna be lots. Of flurries in the east and very very windy, for everyone, on the island but, another, very nice day for, labradors, so we're looking at flurries and winds in Central, and the East Sun, and cloud on the West temperatures, not too bad, Sun, and cloud in, Labrador. For Sunday. Now. As we head into Monday, we, all get a nice break, from from. The weather things really start, to clear, off you could see nothing is really happening we're here Monday one, o'clock clear, skies right, across the board so, and winds, not too bad as well so nice light winds and clear.

Skies As, you begin your work, week so Sun and cloud across. The board temperatures, not too bad 4 degrees on the west coast on Monday, so that will be very nice, and this. Will continue into Tuesday as well so we'll have two days where everyone. Will be seeing, some nice weather but then as we get into Wednesday, and. Thursday you. Can see this system starting, to move in and. Will bring some snow and some rain to, the islands so you have two days to get out and really enjoy the weather before, we get another system moving in and Friday. Is looking I mean it's still still, pretty far out so things could definitely change but, right now Friday, is looking very nice, for, sure, and. In Labrador. Tuesday, Wednesday won't. See really anything until Thursday. So yeah, you have one two, three four wonderful. Days to enjoy Debbie, thanks. Carolyn in, national, and international news tonight there's an old joke that Ottawa. Rolls up sidewalks, and shuts down at five o'clock that wasn't, true last night in the House of Commons the, Conservatives, staged a filibuster. Keeping, the debate going all night. Long oh. Dear. That is Liberal MP, Renee masse singing, Lionel, Richie's, song, conservatives. Had threatened to keep MPs in the house for 40 hours but stuck this afternoon, they want the prime minister's national, security, advisor to testify, to. Parliament, about what he knew of the gospel, ah 12, scandal. He's, the man convicted of, attempted, murder. India. Trip. China. Says it does not want a trade war with the united states but it isn't afraid to engage in one that's the response to Donald Trump's announcement that the United States plans, to impose tariffs, worth billions, of dollars CBC. Asia correspondent Sasha, Petro SEC reports. Beijing. Was clearly prepared for this American move and its response came quickly it, urged Washington to, pull back from the brink and avoid taking us-china. Affairs into what it calls a dangerous. Place one. That could affect far more than the half trillion, dollar trading, relationship, between the two countries the Chinese, ambassador to Washington had. A stern, message as far, as a possible, trade law is concerned. We. Never wanted, to start. But. If somebody imposes, a trade Waris will. Fight to the end indeed, China is in a combative mood, perhaps more confident. And more nationalistic. Than ever before, and that's been stoked by Chinese, President Xi Jinping. He says China will back down for no one today, state, media, said that US President Donald, Trump was just, in a panic over China's, economic rise, in. Any case for now China, is imposing, some, three billion dollars, in new tariffs, on US imports. Food mostly, pork. Wine, and fruit as well as steel and aluminum, but, in a sign of the mood here if you look at the internet it is full of comments that this response, is just simply not, tough enough sascha, petrol sake CBC, News Beijing. Three. People are dead after a gunman took hostages, at a supermarket, in France French, media say, the, suspect. Is connected, to Isis. It. Happened, in the south of France police, say the attacker hijacked. A car and killed one person inside. The vehicle the, gunman then shot, at a group of police officers, before, taking, hostages at, a nearby grocery, store, two, more people were shot dead at the store a standoff.

Lasted. For hours until, police stormed, the supermarket, and killed. The attacker the president of France says it does appear, to be a terror attack. Back. In this country now Gerald Stanley, is making a pitch to tell his story in a book a jury, acquitted Stanley, last month in the shooting death of kolten Buchi but, so far Stanley, has had little success getting, a publisher, and one, company has taken the unusual step of denouncing, the requests in a press release Olivia, Stefanovic, reports. Gerald. Stanley, hasn't been heard from since he was whisked away by the RCMP. Moments. After being acquitted in Colton bushi shooting, death despite. Multiple attempts, to contact Stanley, it appears, he's trying to get his views out another, way the, Toronto based publishing, house between the lines received. A request from Stanley's, legal team this week to, tell his side of the story it. Rejected, the offer and, is encouraging, other publishers, to do the same given. The limited resources there are. For. Publications. How, much time and energy it takes really think long and hard about whether this is the right thing to do the, publishing company says sharing, Stanley's story would, allow him to gain financially. From Boucher's death and contribute. To the in justices experienced. By all indigenous people, especially, Boucher's family, that's, the mission of our publishing, house is to. Comfort. The afflicted and, afflict the comfortable and. There. Are few other people, hurting more than that family, so we want to stand. With them in an, email statement, to CBC News, Stanley's, lawyers Scott Spencer says his client isn't looking for a book deal, nor is Stan Lee's legal team also acting, as his literary agents, rather. Spencer, says Stanley, just, wants to set the record straight. Olivia. Stefanovic, CBC. News Regina. Well. Here's today's viewer, photo, of the day interesting. Site so. Look familiar, no, but, it's sure interesting. Tree. Growing, out of. Rock. I'll. Tell you where this photo was taken after, the brain. You. Zach. Once again will st. John's East MP, Nick Whelan is continuing. His tradition, of colorful, reaction. From channeling Pierre Elliot Trudeau fuddled, uttal when he got elected to that memorable.

Over-exaggerated. I role in the House of Commons, to. This during. That all-night filibuster. In the House of Commons who told you about the, Liberal MP was energetic. Puffing, his fists there after. One vote so, he was fist pumping and then to continue our dancing theme he was dabbing, there, you go, a few chuckles from same piece dabbing. It's well, it's that dance move that we just showed off and it caught on pretty quick. They're. All tired yeah. The Buster's do that some very precious cargo, headed, west today four giant, pandas, who, have been on loan to Toronto, Zoo from China since 2013, are, relocating. To Calgary, a. FedEx. Convoy picked them up this morning two. Of the embarrassment. Of pandas, yes that's the actual, term for. A group of pandas I had no idea. There. Were twin cubs born, in Canada and you're looking at some memories, from their five years in Toronto the, family are on their way to a new multi-million. Dollar residence at the Calgary Zoo Toronto. Zookeepers, sent, them off with plenty of bamboo, and apples, they'll, be loaded onto a Boeing 757, with. Their handlers, who are traveling, with them they're on loan, to Calgary. For the next five, years so. They got around every five years. Beautiful. Animals. Absolutely. Lovely. So. It is a Friday, and. That. Means we'd, like to show you who's celebrating birthdays, and anniversaries. Happy. 90th birthday to, Ida, Sullivan, of Calvert. Happy. 90th birthday as, well to Belinda, Hutchings, formerly, of cow head now in Bombay, happy. 94th, birthday to, Miriam. Weedon whose special, day is today, happy. 90th birthday to katie booze an of bishops falls who is an avid hockey fan and loves, her montreal, canadiens. Birthday. Wishes to twins Alice, Clark of Paradise and Mabel, Babs da of Conception. Bay South they, will be 96. Years old this coming Monday happy. 97th, birthday to, all of yet men of Mount Pearl celebrating. Her birthday tomorrow. Olive, is a war, bride who arrived in st. John's in, 1946. Happy. 92nd, birthday to Rosemary, Whelan in Corner Brook still, living, in her own home and a, happy 90th birthday to, Mabel, Oxford, in Lance amour currently, in Corner Brook happy. Birthday to Helen Walsh from Deer Lake Helen will be 96, this Sunday, Daisy. And Cyril Clarke in pinson's arms celebrated, their 65th. Wedding anniversary. On March the 15th and a.

Happy Fiftieth anniversary to, John and Ruby McGonagall celebrating. This Sunday they are in Saint Anthony congratulations. To, Boyce and may Vivian of hare Bay who celebrated, their 56th. Anniversary yesterday. Happy. 62nd. Wedding anniversary, - Garland and Stella Perry of Corner Brook coming, up on the 28th, happy. Fiftieth anniversary to Doug and Donna at bar fit of clarin Ville happy. 50th wedding anniversary greetings. To Garr and Marjorie, chant, of Gander formerly, of town Porter bask, whose anniversary was, on the 19th, happy. 90th birthday -, Louise, Jared of Greens pond now in new West Valley happy. Birthday, to Island, Arnold, Eileen Arnold, rather of trade, town now in Glover town who, will celebrate her 95th. Birthday on, the 28th. Happy. 50th wedding anniversary -. Reverend Jim, and Rita, Pollard, who are celebrating their golden, anniversary today. Birthday. Greetings going up to Greta rose from Buren who turns 90, this Sunday she is currently in Grand Bank mary. Slaney in st. lawrence turns 96. Years of age on March the 28th happy birthday to you and a. Happy 53rd, anniversary two, majors Fred and Winnie Randall in Birchy Bay they celebrate, on the 26th. Also. Celebrating, on the 26th, a happy 67th. Wedding anniversary, to Patrick, and Marguerite Waylon in Pasadena. A happy. 50th wedding anniversary to, William and lush in Saint John's and, happy. And. Happy. 90th birthday to lydia his from victoria, who celebrates, this sunday. We. Make the odd mistake. Yeah. You might have noticed we had a 65th, anniversary therefore, daisy and cyril clark in pinson's, arms so we said 65 but i think it said they were celebrating their, 96th. Anniversary. I certainly hope you get there but, anyway. Apologies for that but congratulations to everybody yes well. Let's have a look at our viewer photo of the day anyone know where this could. Be, no. Interesting. Is that's it that's a tough little tree for, short and this, is Little, Harbor, East on, the, Burin peninsula. No. It. Does look kind of, like. A. Bonsai tree yeah does. Look like one and thank, you very much to Mina tebow for, posting. That on Ryan's Facebook, page and she mentioned that lots of people go to to, visit that, site too just to see that rock with the tree on it so it's a bit of a an attraction, in the area it's nice very nice. So. Ryan's. Going to be back on Monday yes yeah and I'm. Going away for, the next couple of weeks so you're. Here. And Ryan will be back so see, in a couple weeks we're, going. To take a little bit of R&R but, well-deserved. Dance. Lessons. He. Made his mind to go tomorrow after, that anyway. We've had a lot, of fun hope you've enjoyed our program, have a great weekend, and some of us will be back here on Monday good, night everyone. Good night have a good one. You. You.

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