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CBC NL Here & Now Monday February 26 2018

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This. Is CBC. Here and now. So. Here the technology, I would probably describe as cool to, develop, a wireless power, they, need more, workers so. It's very, new stuff. Which. Nobody, has in the world. Money. A government, email says that's why the Ciro's didn't, disconnect. Gorham. The ghouls it just felt like the seventies was a hangover that didn't go away, Alan hawk house news CBC, series, caught premieres. Tonight. Well. We have snowfall warnings in effect and, know. For a good portion of us tonight tomorrow, into, tomorrow night all break down the timeline coming. Up it's. The cost of justice, doing your civic duty being a juror but there's also a personal, cost, seeing, disturbing, images that are often too traumatic, and too graphic to show the public now we've examined, this issue on here now in recent weeks but tonight a twist, the, family, member of a victim steps, in to help those that government. Won't hear, announced Arianna, KELOLAND, reports. Sitting. Through the trial for Brandon Phillips Heather, McGraw, and her family, saw and heard things no one should ever have to her, father Larry Wellman, was killed in October, 2015. Well, man's attempts, to stop an armed robber the, shot that killed him and his last words to his wife were, all caught on camera and that video, was played not once but over, and over again at, trial as she, struggled, herself, McGraw, says her thoughts went out to those in the jury box that. Was constant, in our family's mind, we, spoke of that often, how it's. Not just us going, through this process it's, these 12 people who. Didn't. Ask for that, jurors. Can't get up and leave when testimony, is too hard or turn, away when a photo is too, gruesome it's, all part of the process a process that, in this province doesn't. Provide help for jurors, when the trial is all over and it's, an issue right across the country, former, juror mark 4 even suing, the Ontario, and federal governments, he, was diagnosed, with post-traumatic stress disorder. After sitting through a murder trial we're just starting as a society. To recognize. The. Impacts. And. Luckily. There's people stepping, forward like Marc Ferran - it's. A strong advocate, McGraw, contacted. The Canadian, Mental Health Association, with. An offer of financial, support for. A group that's long been forgotten. We. Were we were delighted to have a chat with her and and, we'll look forward to doing. Some research and seeing what we can do to. To, implement something, the. Lasting, impact of jury duty was evident, at Philips sentencing, hearing last week when, five members, of the jury came back that. Wasn't lost on McGraw it. Was hard for them it was very difficult, for them so. I'm. Grateful, and. It's. Nice to see their faces show, support. Arianna. KELOLAND CBC, News st., John's. There. Was a controversial, decision at, Supreme Court in st. John's over the weekend and Norris. Was found not criminally, responsible for. The death of Marcell Reardon there are those who are saying she got away with murder here, in Aus Glen peut has this analysis, of the not criminally, responsible defense. In. Our system, the crown has to prove someone, is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, a person. Doesn't have to prove they are innocent. But, that change is when the accused, like Anne Norris, claims, not to be criminally, responsible because. Of a mental disorder then. It is up to the defense to show that the person isn't criminally. Responsible and. For, the defense to succeed, norris's, lawyers had to convince the jury that norris, was more likely than not delusional. When she killed Marcell, Reardon with a hammer, put, another way that Norris was not in control of her behavior because. Of a mental illness, lawyer. Mark drew she successfully, represented, Nicholas. Layman in a not criminally, responsible case. A couple of years ago layman. Had attacked a boy on a soccer pitch in Conception Bay South, in 2014. Groo. She says the jury in the Norris case made, the right call. Based, on what I've heard and based when I'm aware of and what was argued and so forth it seems to be the appropriate.

Verdict. Occurring. In the context of a person with an established history it's like how did delusions Norris's, long history, with mental illness was front and center at the trial a psychiatrist. Who treated Norris, for years testified. That Norris, suffered from delusions there, was evidence that Norris, kept weapons, under her bed because, she was afraid of being sexually, assaulted, in her sleep, two, forensic. Psychiatrist. Testified that Norris, was delusional, when she killed Marcell Reardon, with a hammer that Norris. Believed Reardon, was going to rape or even, kill her a psychologist. Who did a battery, of tests, on Norris said, she was not a psychopath, in other words inherently. Violent, even. The psychiatrist. Called as an expert witness by the crown agreed, with, the diagnosis. That Norris could be bipolar with. Acute, psychotic, features, but. The not criminally, responsible verdict. Does not mean Norris, is a free, woman people. Who are found not criminally responsible, not. Infrequently, end up, actually, in, custody longer, in effect than, people who are found criminally responsible so. It's not a get-out-of-jail-free, card it's actually a very intensive, process involving. A great, restraints, in your freedom and I don't think people realize that and, Norris, is just 30 years old as she begins her stay on the forensic, psychiatric unit, here at the waterford hospital, the hospital that released her just days before she, killed Marcel, Reardon how, long she stays here is open ended months, years. That, depends on a review, panel that, will assess her regularly. Glen. Payette CBC, News, say. Charns. Now. After that verdict on Saturday reporters, asked one of Norris lawyers Jerome Kennedy to respond, to those who say Norris, did get away with murder I did, my first trial I'm. One of these it was a argued. Temporary insanity so we've moved away from insanity, but it's always been part of Canadian. And Commonwealth, law and it's something that's very necessary because one of the basic principles of our criminal justice system is that if someone doesn't have the records the state of mind that they should not be held liable. For their criminal acts a man. Died in a snowmobile accident on the weekend, the RCMP say, it happened around midnight Friday in, Norris arm and there are no details about just what happened police, are only saying that it involved a single snowmobile, and that a 34. Year old was found dead at the scene the RCMP are investigating, the.

Charge Against, a Mount Pearl man accused, in the death of, Victoria, head has been upgraded to first-degree, murder, Steve, Bragg was originally, charged with second-degree murder the body of Victoria, head was found November. 11th, in a field in Saint John's, police, say the upgraded, charge is the result of new evidence a man. Was taken to hospital Saturday, after a stabbing at a notorious. House in downtown Saint John's there, was a police presence outside 74. Springdale, Street for much, of Saturday RNC. Officers, were called to the area around noon to a report of an assault with a weapon it, isn't known what type of weapon, was used the. House has been connected to numerous crimes over time the most recent, a year ago when someone was held against his will beaten, and then, shot. It's. Time now to bring Ryan in to talk about the weather and there's, weather on the way yeah a lot, of teachers a lot of students saying come on Ryan and. More, than that anywhere. I traveled, today everybody's saying so it's gonna be a snow day tomorrow and it's an interesting one because of, the way it's going to be rolling in getting. Under, way slowly, but steady tomorrow tonight and then slowly, but steady through tomorrow and it's more and it's a long-duration event so these are always harder, nail down for students, and teachers I have a look at the map here is what we are expecting again by Wednesday. So it's a long duration. 15. To 25 centimeters on the menu for the Avalon including, Saint John's I think the bull's eye here the best chance of getting those amounts. Closer to 30 centimeters, the Burin clarin Ville Bonavista edging into Terra Nova and then amounts will drop off as we work our way West will dive into this a little bit deeper coming up in your full forecast details, do want to give you a quick heads-up on that timeline snow. Spreading into Central and, then Eastern Newfoundland overnight by, say em we're looking at about five, to as much as 10 centimeters on the ground for a good portion of us heavier amounts over the south coast of the island including, the Buren Peninsula and then as we roll throughout the day the best potential is some of those heavier snowfall rates will be for the Avalon st. John's clarin ville Bonavista the Burin Peninsula so we could pick up another 10 to 15 centimetres, through the day tomorrow so perhaps. A little bit of good news for the students and the teachers there that. Low will roll over the Avalon, that, will likely, bring, some of those heavier snowfall rates to an end on Tuesday night but still snowing, but the steadiest amounts still continue again for areas just to the northeast hence those higher totals, there and we are tapering off in Labrador, as we in western, parts of Newfoundland especially through Tuesday into Tuesday night so a full breakdown winds, what, that what they're gonna do with, that snow and the impact there of course with your full forecast, details in just a few minutes Debbie thanks. Ryan CBC. News has learned the, sea, Rose oil rig. Did, not disconnect, last year when an iceberg came too close to it because, of money a government. Email obtained, by CDC, says the decision was economically. Driven the. Rig was supposed to shut down and sail away as per its ice management, plan, hiren, as chris o'neill yates reports. 84. People were on board and, ordered, to muster, and brace for impact on March, 29 2017. When an iceberg, came within a hundred and eighty meters of the sea Rose the, iceberg, was one and a half times the size of an NHL, hockey rink, in an, email written by an official in the Department of, Natural Resources on January, the 17th, the day Husky, was ordered to suspend production. It indicates. That money was a factor, in the decision not, to disconnect, with the iceberg, bearing, down on the sea Rose the. Suspension, was a big deal for husky, top, brass from head office in Calgary flew here to st. John's to manage, the fallout from the suspension. Of oil production according. To meeting. Minutes I obtained, an email. I also got under the Access to Information Act.

Says That during a discussion, about the sea Roses, close call with the iceberg CNL. LPB had taught scott Tessier. Said, that, the investigation. Showed that Huskies. Decision, was economically. Driven at the, time of the suspension, testier. Told CBC, News that it would have taken in the order of six to seven weeks to get syros back into production had it disconnected. Huskies, suspension. Lasted, just nine days that's, the time it took them to make the changes, the regulator, had asked for I requested. An interview with Tessier about his comment, regarding Huskies. Financial, motivation, but, a spokesperson for the CN LLP B said it would be inappropriate because, the, investigation, is still ongoing I also, asked, Husky to address whether economic, considerations. Factored. Into its decision, to contravene, its ice management plan, a spokesperson, replied, by email that, Husky is committed, to making sure that an incident like this can't happen again and that, they're putting measures in place to ensure that it doesn't well, there have been other other penalties, that have accrued to husky they've lost several of their key senior, people, they have you, know they had they had issues with their stock price their senior management was engaged in this out of Calgary and for quite some time they're, you know their loss of reputation let, alone their. You, know other other penalties, that may have accrued to them and C NL OPP has reserved the right to perhaps. Even put in more penalties so, we will just have to wait until the C NL o P B's final. Report is released to see what it may contain about the role money played in the C Roses, close call with that iceberg, Chris. O Neill Yeats CBC, News Saint John's a worker. On the Muskrat Falls site faces, sexual assault charges, the RCMP investigated. And laid a charge after a co-worker, filed a complaint last fall the, Minister of Natural Resources confirmed. The details today in the House of Assembly the, man charged, worked for a subcontractor. And was removed from the site as for, the worker who made the complaint apparently, that person was fired and that's something Siobhan Cody has asked an Alcor to look into I, understand. From the family that there has been an investigation, I understand for now core the report has been issued I understand. From now cor that they are going back to the contractor, on this very issue they. Are concerned about some. Of the aspects of that report. I dunno it's before the court and that the accused. Is no longer on site, Memorial. University is, hiring two new safety, supervisors. And revamping. Lab procedures. In the engineering, faculty it's. A result of this incident last summer that saw the evacuation. Of the engineering. Building an internal. Report looked into what happened, and recommended. Of those changes, CBC. News obtained, that report, it reveals, that a small hydro. Thermal reactor. Could not release pressure the. Rnc bomb squad, was called in to deal with it the Dean of engineering, now says there was no chance of an explosion, although, that, was not known at the time that. Was. Tense, when it happened. But something else that's not quite as tense it's a complete, different. Mood could, be another, little while before we found out who won the big lottery, jackpot. Yeah that weekend the, province certainly, abuzz, since the Atlantic Lottery Corporation confirmed. Saturday, that one lotto max ticket worth 60, million bucks was, sold in his province the, ALC calls it the largest, lottery win ever in, Atlantic Canada well it's not official there, is talk that it was won by about 30. People who work at the come by trance refinery. And of course if that proves, to be true. We'll. Be referring to them probably as former, yes if. You've ever wanted to work an oil refiner this is probably the time to get your job application and we, can't tell you that someone with the winning ticket has come forward but the reason we can't tell you anything else about this is because the lottery Corporation is going, through what it calls a security, process, to confirm that the winning ticket is actually valid a spokesperson, says, the plan was to do that paperwork today but, security could take anywhere from two to thirty, days certainly.

Find Out in due time we'll keep you posted. However. With that we have some running lights that you would actually see on an ATV or something like that SOLAS. Power and Mount Pearl is all about wireless. Power but, it's running out of highly skilled local, workers, to hire. You. You. Welcome. Back to here and now it's, a cutting edge company, in Mount Pearl creating. Wireless. Technology. And it's, running out of locals, to hire with the specialized, skills it needs here, are now is Ramona Deering reports, if, you spend time at a desk you've probably got this going on to a mess, of cords everywhere. Soulless. Power in Mount Pearl is all about going Wireless, this. Is the latest prototype, 35. Watts of power hops, across a gap of 100, millimeters, with, no wires in between but, more, than enough power to do this we, have some running lights that you would actually see on an ATV or something like that powered. Fully here Mitch, chalk is an engineer, here, he says sending that much juice that far without wires is unmatched, within, the industry, and just, to show you exactly. How much power is being transferred, you, can see right here this measurement device says the 35 watts are being received. He. Moved from New Brunswick back, to Newfoundland, four years ago to, work at the homegrown company, wireless. Power seemed like this black. Magic unattainable. Thing. That, people were doing here and we're actually doing it and I wanted to be part of that this. Video from the company shows some of the ways wireless, power can be used for. Phones of course but. Also to, recharge, soldiers, gear, just. By sitting down those. Green lights show the vest is charging, and drones. Can recharge. Boeing. Is a customer, Lockheed. Martin has invested. In soulless power it's, also received, funding from the federal and provincial governments. This. Is not your standard office, flexible. Hours are encouraged, and you, can pick up a ping-pong paddle any time, having. Employees with diverse backgrounds also. Shakes things up more. Than half the workers are from Newfoundland, and Labrador, with. Roughly one third from other countries, some. International. Students snapped up from Memorial University, there. Are people from seven countries here, including. China and Jordan. Max rom is from Germany, but, he's deeply familiar with Canada's, tech industry, he. Used to be in charge of product development with, blackberry, so. Here the technology I would probably describe as cool. So. It's very, new stuff. Which. Nobody, has in the world, as. One of the locals, engineer, Mitch choc likes, the mix and what, all those different, backgrounds, bring to the company, growing. Up in different ways means different ways of thinking which means naturally. Different angles. To attack problems from and so, I think it's actually helpful. And and conducive to a productive engineering, environment so. Let's power CEO, Michael. Gottlieb agrees, but. Says hiring, international. Employees, is not a feel-good exercise. Something. Is in short supply locally. A, matter, of skills, expect. This company, to keep bringing in highly, specialized, workers, from outside Newfoundland. And Labrador and. I. Think we've already taken most, of the local talent especially technical. Talent the, company, is in a scale up phase looking. For more customers, it's, all about trying to stay on top in a field where the competition is global, Ramona, Dearing CBC, News st., John's.

Thanks. Very much to our colleague, Ramona Dearing for that story so. Are we doing enough to encourage young people to go into careers in the tech industry well I'm going to ask that question and many, others of Ron Taylor Ron is the CEO of, the, provincial. Association, for technology, industries, thanks, very much for joining me here thank, you well there's never been really a better time to get into the technology, sector I mean we've seen some real exponential. Growth in the last decade, we've. Seen the tactic detector grow up to a hundred, and sixty-five companies, approximately, 1.6. To billion dollars in revenue and employing. About 4,000. People which works out to put $400,000, for every job that we produce here in your fluid levels you're pretty optimistic about, the. Industry, we've, just seen. Soulless. Power, at Mount Pearl, breaking. Ground and wireless, power. They need extremely. Highly, specialized. Workers, but what about the rest of the industry the tech industry, here our company, is finding it difficult to, get the right skilled, workers. Yes, we are having that that challenge here but that's a Canadian problem that's not unique to Newfoundland and Labrador in. The next next couple of years is 182, thousand, jobs need to be filled across Canada just in technology, now the next year after that is another thirty thousand jobs so it's, not just a problem or a challenge we, have here in Newfoundland Labrador it's a challenge across the province we're, fortunate enough here that we do have young people that do take a real interest in it, the technology sector the key is to focus them younger we will have them focus very much now in the, post-secondary system, we really need to get them early early you know that K to 12 system as soon as they get into kindergarten, I'll start teaching them quoting teach but what technology, is about because, we know that not every child is going to go into the technology industry but every child should have that choice now, we have heard a lot about coding. And being promoted as, a good ideas you've just said for younger. Children. It's, not mandatory in this province but what's a situation, in other provinces well other provinces, like New Brunswick, and Nova, Scotia they, actually teach it up to grade sixes mandatory so. There the students those children are going into kindergarten grade one they're, being exposed at technology, and part of technology, is coding it's not just coding it's things like doing gaming it's, robotics. It's it's science, and math competitions. All those things that are preparing our children for the jobs of tomorrow so. We're talking about younger children in the K to 12 system but, what about computer.

Science Degrees, what is the. Need in this province for people, with that training. We don't have enough of them we, need more of them we have about about. Under. 50 that are that are graduated, at Newfoundland, Labrador every year which is nowhere close to being where we need to if you want to do a quick comparison NOAA, scotia graduates, over a thousand, oh my and what, would you consider a good, number for Memorial. University I'd like to see it up in the hundreds I definitely. See it up in the hundreds right, now one. Of our more successful technology. Companies, Vera fin they, take up about 75%. Of the graduates coming out of, Memorial so you can see that our our challenge isn't employing the people is finding enough people that go into computer science, studies that we can actually hire, going forward you, hear the comment that technology. Could be a potential. Economic, driver, how. Do we maximize, that. In this province with, the right skilled workers, and and, what could it mean for our economy, well, it's it's definitely going to play a huge part in the future of the economy and it goes beyond just what we have right now it's getting more women in technology at a founder level it's getting more indigenous groups into into, technology, it's going beyond the greater st. John's area and into our more rural rural, parts of the province because as we. As I said before many times is that technology. Knows no boundaries, you, can set up a technology, company anywhere, in the world here, in Newfoundland and Labrador we've, done a really great job of it but I think there's even greater opportunities, outside the greater st. John's area. What's. Interesting when it comes to kind of technology w that's location, doesn't really seem to matter anymore like exactly. What Ron was saying and, he's, pretty pumped about the the, growth potential, forward the industry, yeah he's saying it could double in about ten years and of, course would, be great to have more homegrown. People, filling, those jobs stirred. Not bad pain no no I'm getting those young kids coding, earlier to right interesting points. Even. After, her bronze medal performance Osman. Continued. To dazzle. You. Sweather, forecast, has been brought to you by ghupat land and labrador tourism, 5,000. Kilometers of groomed trails are waiting to be explored, and breaks winter today. Now. I know a lot of you want to hear exactly what Ryan's, going to predict as far as snow goes I'm gonna get to that in just a minute but one of the really fun things about working here now is that we all get a chance from, time to time especially you, to. Go to classes and and read books and stories and Debbie you got to do this and you didn't have to leave the fishbowl I didn't I would have liked to have visited. The school but I joined, the students of Cabot, Academy, in Western, Bay via FaceTime, that, was on Friday just have a look, every, blew his whistle. So. I read, the iconic, French Canadian, children's, book about hockey called, the, hockey, sweater, now. It was the 100th, day of school, at, cabinet. Academy. So. There they are they, decided, to celebrate, with, lots, of fun activities. Including. This reading, and some of them were dressed up by the way in in salt-and-pepper hats too, I, guess. Celebrate. All. Historic. Things they had a lot of activities, as I said on. The go and I just wanted to extend a big thank you, and. It's, a great book warm, yeah. That's. Nice that's good. Get. To write there, you go it, is a great book yeah, you know even. Me as a Leafs fan that's actually my book Debbie, was reading to those kids. Yeah. It's as, a Leafs fan that's hard for me to have a book like that in my house but it is a great book they asked, me of what my favorite, team was and I said Toronto. Keeping. In your good absolutely. The leaf and you'll be happy when we get to athlete of the day today try not yeah, and. Anthony, you guys to the Senators offensive had a tough week so I won't I won't bring it up although. I just did look. At our weather. Map and yes all the kiddies out there Debbie including. The ones you were reading to are gonna be wondering about tomorrow. And here is what is on the menu tonight Tuesday, and Tuesday night again these longer, duration, events are certainly tougher to nail down in terms of whether, it's going to be a snow. Day or not for the kiddies. Looking. At widespread amounts, of 15 to 30 centimeters, over, northeastern. Eastern, parts of Newfoundland, the, best chance I think of getting, those amounts into the 20 25 30 centimeter range will indeed be for connector the beer and Clerval up towards Bonavista as the center of the low moves over the Avalon will kind of shut, off the snowmaking machine for a little bit here especially the later parts of tomorrow into, tomorrow night, where we could still pick up some additional totals, here towards, the Northeast and the Burin amounts.

Again Dropping off towards the west but a solid 10 to as much as 15 centimeters Corner Brook more, so towards Grand, Falls Windsor and amounts. Dropping off into southeastern, Labrador as well just a trace from name back to Labrador City happy valley-goose Bay closer, to that 5/2. As much as 10 centimeter, range including, the snow that fell today now especially weather statements in effect from Corner Brook to Bonavista but the heaviest amounts again right along the south coast towards, the Burin clarin ville and up towards the Avalon Peninsula issued. By Environment, Canada the snow is underway, along the west coast of the island the low, that will be our snow maker is still just to the south of Nova Scotia it will spin up and really, start to develop that snowfall, we are looking at that snow marching. Into central Newfoundland as we speak it's underway right now Porter bask on the west coast getting a little blustery, there as those, southeasterly. Winds are picking up watch. Your timeline as we roll into the midnight hour and just beyond that's, when that snow will get underway for places, like Saint John's and the Avalon winds picking up from the southeast, so your snapshot. For tomorrow morning is snow that. Steadiest, for the avalon the Burin the north east into central, amounts. Will start to taper off through the morning in central parts of newfoundland, and we are looking at just, some flurries lingering for, most of Labrador your detailed. Regional breakdown winds, are gonna be gusting here from. The southeast, and that 60 to 70 kilometer per hour range the darker purples indicate some of those heavier, snowfall rates, that we'll be working through throughout. The day tomorrow tapering. Off a little bit later days that low starts to push in from the south over the southern Avalon temperatures, near the freezing mark and so some localized. Blowing, snow here but not. A traditional, real, you. Know and I want to say the B word but really blowing around in terms of a blizzard not quite there but gusts, to 60 or 70, localized. Areas will certainly be blowing. Seeing some blowing snow especially places, like the southern shore, central. Parts of Newfoundland will see some steady snow throughout the day tomorrow as well temperatures, are going to be near the freezing mark and, it's snow on the go from start to finish note the west coast here some of those heavier. Snows start to depart into the afternoon I think even port of ask over maybe over towards bur geo but afternoon sunshine winds, becoming northwesterly. With some gusts to 40. Generally, some gusts or towards, 60 importa bask, lingering.

Flurries, Into the afternoon but the steadiest snow fall into the morning for the northern peninsula southeastern. Labrador and that snow starting to taper off for nain makovica, chance, of some lingering flurries into the afternoon but primarily in the morning and temperatures near minus, nine for Labrador City again that snow will continue for. Tuesday night in through Wednesday hence, those totals, that's wild they'll be so high because it will last for, quite a while and even lingering, flurries through the day on Wednesday and, we are talking about temperatures that are gonna be still hovering, near the freezing mark will break down the long range like northeasterly winds you're in luck, details, coming up Debbie Anthony. Thanks. So much no. Anthony Caitlyn, Osmond continued, to shine at the Olympics, even, after, capturing, an individual. Bronze medal, in Pyeongchang yeah and on Saturday, at night she took to the ice once again at the Olympic gala and she was just radiant, skating. To Tori Kelly's version of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah. Experience, started off with the gold medal in the team competition and, she followed, that up with, a bronze, medal in the women's event making her the sixth Canadian, woman to, win an Olympic, medal in singles skating. Yeah. They're. Sensational. Fabulous. We're also proud of her yeah still. With skating see znl held a free family skate on the weekend just have a look at how it unfolded, you, have to help celebrate the end of the Olympics we invited everyone to the glacier arena in Mount Pearl and this, cute kid that you're seeing their four-year-old, Sebastian, Eddy only his second, time on skates, not bad. Everyone. Had hot chocolate plenty. Of giveaways, by the CBC and with Caitlyn shining. As she did in Pyeongchang, we. Can expect to see a lot more interest, in taking skating, is that. Nuts. For. Us on Saturday was just about, regular. Old ice skating, having, a.

Well, This time he's on the other side of the law, there, he goes on that side, Alan, Jaco makes his return to television this. Evening tonight. Spider-man. Jump. You. Welcome. Back once again well they say the clothes make the man but Alan jaco says they also make the character, tacos. New TV series caught premieres, tonight on, CBC. And it's set in the 1970s and the IRA's groovy fashions, are on full display in this mini series here, are now Zack Gowdy got an exclusive, peek inside. The caught closet, a. Weirdly. I dress kind of like this anyways. The. Main bulk of the story set in 1978. So that was a lot of fun and you, know I wasn't alive and I was born in 77, but I feel, like my entire experience. Growing up as a kid was so. Influenced, by the 70s, like Gorham the ghouls it just felt like the seventies was a hangover, that didn't go away like. On Slaney he's got cowboy boots like I knew he had to have cowboy boots because it felt like every every, guy who was you know 15 years older than me growing up I always had cowboy boots I always wanted to be, a cowboy boot guy it's, never really happened for me. Close. When, it comes to constructing, a character, many ways for an actor the the costume. Is the first. Sort. Of experience, an audience has right so they they form, their impression, who, the person is about what they're wearing who, is this this, is a mannequin, I like to call no this is shalini this is my character so Slaney lot set a prison in the opening. Of the show and we follow his journey where, he's trying. To get some redemption, or revenge for why, he's in prison in the first place. What. Is a hero, a herald piece is something that the character. Will wear always. And a lot of actors only like to wear the hero piece because it starts, to form to their body and they've they kind of come attached to it this jacket, is an original, from the 70s, and so, so, this is for the hero piece and then we had three made for all the stunts. Classic. I. Think you should try that out there I don't, know I definitely definitely. Get a costume fitting for Zach and you should wear this okay. Right. Are you casting for season two yet yeah, I think, she's trying the heroes oh, wow. Hold on oh is this authentic Alan taco blood. Gets. Shot in the making of this that. Actually is a spoiler. Yeah. All. Of this stuff all the work that everybody does behind the scenes this entire costume department, all, of our designers, Oliver you know are people in our sets and, all that kind of stuff is what builds that fabric, and what you see at the end of the day it.

Takes So much work from all of these expert, people so many of them from here in the province who've been you, know working with us from the start of Doyle who now are you, know keys of departments, and just, dedicated, to their art and their work and it gives me like shivers to think about how well they do. You, try and go out with a bang, better. Be more the crash Oh. Even. The old logo, something. Looks, like you're gonna see a lot of stubby's and cigarettes in this series and you can catch the first episode, of caught tonight on CBC, Television it's on 9:30, island, time Episode, one is called the break. Okay. Go easy. Don't. Rub any more hair off. All. Right be careful with that precious, cargo. Think. The left sides got to come up a little tiny bit. Well. There it is it's official, we'll see you bright and early Monday morning March, 5th on, the CBC st., John's morning, show. You. What's. Shining, the spotlight on, one of our local young athletes, this is four-year-old, Slade Freeman. Who comes to us from the port nexton area, yep Slade you just made Ryan Snowden's, night, Slade enjoys lacing, up as a Cabot, with, a Bonavista, Hockey Association. Way to go Slade, congratulations. On being chosen as today's young, athlete, of the day and wearing such a fine, hockey, jersey. The. Weather update is brought to you by Beltone. Hearing service. St. John's helping. The world hear, better. Okay. Right before we get to the weather for people, who sometimes complain. About their jobs how's this for a day at the office a couple. Of Parks Canada workers, used a pulley system to carry wood down, the cliffside there this morning is at Signal Hill do. You know how I see it is up I can't imagine they're doing offseason, upgrades to the north head trail that trail is closed to the public so Parks Canada is, asking, people to steer, clear until. Spring but there is good news there, are more than 300. Kilometres, of east coast trail so, plenty. Of other options if, you want to get, the yaktrax out, or you, need them for. Sure. With. That snow cover you and I were talking about our weekends, and both saying the same thing that let with that little bit of powder on top yeah. It was lip real quickly go for a slide so be, mindful and, that will even apply after the latest snowfall which is on the way let's, have a look at temperatures across North America many, snowbirds, down in the south are enjoying. The heat how about Orlando at, 29. Degrees, today 23. In New Orleans Houston's, at to 21 our friends out in Arizona we're always keeping an eye on this as well temperatures, near 20 right now in Phoenix. As well, so, it's yeah. Pretty warm on there now as we take a look at. The, weather systems, across the country, we're going to be watching the jet that's set. Pretty far to the south right now and. Which is allowing us most, of that warm air to stay confined. To the far south watching, this system that's going to be rolling on that is rolling its way on to the west coast right now that's going to be Souths and then up towards.

Our Neck of the woods as we roll towards the, mid. Stages, of next week but it looks of, this week but it looks like an area of high pressure is going, to be holding, firm and keeping any of that active weather primarily. To the south after. This. System, so with. All that said here is what how things are going to put playing out by Wednesday morning case. You missed it 15, to 30 for the eastern, parts of the island although the best chance of 30 does appear to be can agree beer and Clerval Bonavista I think will top out near 25. Centimeters, across the Avalon and even. Towards Gander terranova and then amounts, dropping off to as you work your way towards the west this is going to be the, scene temperature-wise, tomorrow, temperatures, near the freezing mark winds aren't gonna be a huge issue with this system but we will be seeing some gusts in the 60 70 kilometer per hour range with. Some blowing snow for the Avalon the beer and clarin Ville and Bonavista, though that's where we'll see our gustiest winds around the center of this low and then winds not so much an issue for central and west where we're talking about gusts in the 40, to 50 kilometer per hour range it's very quiet through Labrador tomorrow as that, light snow tapers off to some flurries now watches, your timeline here continues. And that low moves overhead. Later. Tuesday, into Tuesday night that, will mean, that the, snow tapers off to some very light snow even some flurries for the Avalon but, continues, for Claire involve on Avista and, up towards the Northeast coast even the Burin peninsula with those additional totals that's why you have your better best, chance of getting to 30 centimeters, there Wednesday, again, light snow just tapers off to a few flurries and then watches we roll into the long-range backdoor. Front here comes through snow, to some ice and then some drizzle.

And Freezing drizzle, and look at the relentless. Northeast. Wind here blocking high over Greenland just, dominating. With days and days of northeasterly. Winds this would, not, be good in June. Or July. You. Get the idea when we see that northeasterly. Wind there be an RDF, set up for sure this, time of year it's gonna mean our temperatures, are hovering near the freezing mark we're gonna see some flurries ances, some freezing drizzle chances. Basically. That's the setup Friday. Saturday into the weekend northeast winds so we're not getting much temperature-wise, a little, milder, on the west coast shielded, from that onshore flow, but even Labrador warming up relative. To what you've been seeing this winter it's been a cold one he'll be back closer to the freezing mark as we roll through the next at, least the latter half of that seven-day trend that's your forecast tonight Debbie in, national, news now police. In BC are investigating, the cause of a major highway, pileup, that, sent 29. People to hospital, overnight some, with critical, injuries a lot. Of screaming I believe, it was the driver over the intercom said brace yourself, or or, get written get, prepared or brace yourself, and there, was this felt. Like a forever silence, and then, boom we, were hit. Hard, by something the, crash happened, on an icy stretch of the Coquihalla Highway near. The town of hope that's, about a hundred and fifty kilometers, east of Vancouver, the, spectacular, collision. Involved, at least two semi trailers two, loaded, buses, and two cars first. Responders, worked for hours, to free people trapped some, were in vehicles, that skidded, down a steep, snowy, embankment. It took almost 12 hours before, the highway fully, reopened, to traffic a. Commission. Looking into child protection cases involving, the mother risk test lab says, bad science, tore vulnerable, children out of more than 50 families in Ontario, the, lab tested, hair samples, for drugs and alcohol and the results were presented as evidence in, all of those cases but, the lab and its methods were discredited, and it was shut down in 2015. Today, the commissioner in charge of the investigation made. A number of recommendations to. Help families, who've been affected by the labs faulty, work out, of the 56 cases where families were broken apart because. Of the tests there are only four instances, of children being returned to their parents. Well. Yesterday. Was a great day but I'm not sure it was Wow, quite enough. Of, a great day, to go swimming. That's. Just what these folks did for a great cause if, you can guess so where this was and bonus. Points for what the cause was for we'll have the. Answer after, the, break. Wow. A, beach. Ding. Ding ding ding ding ding ding. You. Welcome. Back once, again well archeologists, say an underwater caves ought to be the biggest in the world can, shed new light on the ancient, Mayan, civilization. They. Say that they found ancient, artifact at the site along with the bones of humans, as well as some extinct, animals that date back to the last ice age the cave in eastern mexico measures. 347. Kilometers, it's, hoped that further exploration. Will help researchers, better understand. The history of the Yucatan Peninsula, that. Is fascinating, I wouldn't, want to be down there though you, don't like God or water games no before. I. Just. Couldn't do it anyway, robots. Ever take over is man's best friend yeah. You may have seen this one on your social media feed before spot. Mini can. Open a door on its own by, locating the handle, with built-in body cameras, but. This is a test of the robots ability, to handle human, disturbances. As it tries to complete. Its mission. Engineers. Say poking, and pulling it's pot mini helps to improve its function, yeah no robots were. Harmed in the making of this video. Animal. Robotic, cruelty. Where. The legs are sort of actually like a real animal one. Step closer to the Jetsons on. Our. Weather picture of the day and Debbie.

Got This one that during the commercial, break very impressive, I was looking, at finals small sand. Or stones so, it's not middle cove and that's right and then I looked across and I thought Holyrood, yes. My, lobster, or crab I think a little bit of both there I'm not sure anyway, I can't believe the smiles but, great. On them this crew for the Canadian Mental Health Association, went, for a dip so, a great fundraiser a great cause there and thanks, to Jim for sharing yeah a great shot and thanks, for being with us everyone, have a great night and we'll see you tomorrow good night.

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