CBC NL Here & Now Thursday December 21 2017

CBC NL Here & Now Thursday December 21 2017

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You. This. Is CBC. Here and now. Our. DFO's, rules forcing, fish harvesters, to take risks, I'm, just disappointed that, people are still dying because because, of these policies, we share the concern, Marine. Atlantic continues. To cancel crossings. We've, lost yesterday's sailings we've lost today sailings, I managed. To convince Jacqueline, Mayer to invite us into her house to do a little baking. Now, gently, gently, gently. Blueberry, groans into, the pan it looks pretty good. We. Got the way in the bay that's, what we got. Well. On the west coast the snow squalls continue tonight, and into Friday at, times heavy though conditions do ease through the day tomorrow and a much better travel, day for the all-important, Saturday, the details are coming up well, Christmas it brings out the best and, it brings out the stress but for those with mental health issues, or those, struggling, to make ends meet Christmas. Stress can become, crippling, thankfully, there are many selfless, people who want to help those who suffer, including. Some downtown, businesses, and shoppers, and that's we're here now is Megan McCabe is Megan, oh. It's. Just incredible, to see the generosity from, everyone, like, fog town barber shop just down the street from here they held a toy drive for the single parent Association, and there are just so many people giving their time and money to, help out I visited, three local organizations. Extra, busy this month. And. I feel like proud of myself a plug no paintings the first time I ever had a paintbrush in my hand Ron Martin is busy putting the finishing touches on pieces for the gathering places Christmas, Art Show he, started coming here in the summer and says if he couldn't be here he'd, be depressed and suicidal like. He was and. When I walked into the gathering place I walked in very excited and when I left I walked out like two rich man with the new clothes at and a full belly these. Artists, are some of the nearly two thousand people who've been coming here since last spring up, to eight new people walk in every day and that means it'll be a busy winter according, to director Jo Ann Thompson almost. All of them are homeless, the, person, may have, a place to sleep more, often than not it's on the floor they, will change. That. Rule maybe four times in a month so it's certainly not, the idea, of a Christmas tree and lights and you, know the ability to go in your kitchen and prepare a meal they work hard to help at Christmas time and all year round, it's very joyous on the one hand and we try to ensure, that every year we add more activities, but on the other side you know when you're not connected with family when Christmas, hasn't necessarily, been, a, positive experience. For you mainly, through you know just illness addiction social. Isolation separation. From family then. It's, really quite painful, Thompson, says they're now feeding. 350. People each day you, know this is where people get the bulk of the food and so if we're not providing nutritious. Food that really is part of chronic illness. Management they're, not eating. For. You this month it was all about eating they, have a few different Christmas dinners for the 16, to 29 year olds they serve this, one is for staff and members of its supportive, housing program, which helps, young people live, on their own especially, those struggling with mental health and addictions, it means to have people around you who actually. Care, about you around, the holiday season especially if you don't have family they. Really treat you very well. Communications. Coordinator Angela, Pico says a lot of their young people aren't connected to family or came out of the foster care system, choices. Helps with transportation, budgeting. Talking to landlords, but, it's also giving, gifts and it's also providing, a traditional, turkey dinner and it's being there to support them when things get challenging at the Christmas time warm. Socks for the winter. We, have little magic gloves a headband, Thrive, is yet another local organization. Working extra hard to make Christmas happy, for its members it can be really isolating, and very lonely for people and people often feel really stressed to. Be able to try to manage. And to. Be able to again, put food in the fridge or have a gift under the tree focused. Mostly on youth and outreach, too like weekly drop-in, sessions, they've got 250.

Stockings, Filled with personal care, and treats to give out at their turkey dinners this, feels like probably. The, most donations and generosity that. We've we've. Seen in recent in. Recent history the community, has has, really been amazing I. Think. It's almost comforting to hear that people are donating, and, helping out so much because we talk about it a lot these are tough economic times, for everyone, in our province and, here at CBC NL, we're doing our best to help with, feed and else supporting, the community food sharing Association, and we'll have an update on that later, in the show Debbie. And Anthony, thanks. Very much that's our Megan McCabe, reporting, live from downtown st. John's, well, winter weather is playing havoc, with marine, Atlantic's ferry service, between Newfoundland. And Nova Scotia several. Recent crossings. Have been cancelled including, today's winds. Gusting, to a hundred, and ten across the Strait with seas of four to six meters are keeping the ferries tied up 500. Passengers are waiting to cross from Sydney, to port a Basque. 250. More trying to get to Nova Scotia and there, are hundreds, of commercial, trucks hung up Darryl, Mercer speaks for Marine Atlantic, well. Darryl Mercer it's been a rough couple of weeks where, marine Atlantic, just how disrupted. Has the schedule been, well, unfortunately last week we did see a couple of systems that move through that caused, some major backlogs, for our service we, did manage to clear those backlogs, this weekend but of course then we had another system, that moved in we've, lost yesterday's, sailings we've lost today sailings, we're, hoping to see some improvement, heading into tomorrow, but of course, the. Weather mother nature's gonna have the final say on that as well so as, you say there's, some improvement, perhaps coming but we're, only a few days from Christmas, Eve how tense is it it's, right now we're seeing a significant, backlog of traffic we. Know a lot of customers are trying to get home for the holidays we, have still a last-minute push to get some of those commercial goods into the stores so. Right now tomorrow was looking ok we should be able to get those ceilings in but of course we're watching another system moving in Saturday night into Sunday and it's a very poor timing we're going into Christmas Eve so, what we've been doing we're reaching out to our customers who have bookings, this, week and letting the know that there is the potential for another impact and, if it's possible for their individual travel circumstance, that they can maybe, choose another crossing but of course we're.

Monitoring It we don't know what the impact is going to be yet but we wanted to give that notice in advance Darryl, how much pressures on the ship's captain's, given. The, time of year I've spoken, to the ship captains this morning they're feeling tremendous pressure they look out of the ship they see the people that are there the commercial customers, wind up trying to get to the island of course, they have safety as their primary priority, and they don't feel it's safe to sail right now so ultimately while. They want to get, moving as quickly as possible they, won't do that if they have to sacrifice safety, and when they do give, the go when they feel it's safe enough are you able to make up the backlog well right now we're seeing commercial, traffic that's pulling in we, don't know what's coming at us from a commercial perspective there may be some last-minute pushes to get those supplies, into, the stores so, right, now we should be able to clear up the the backlog as it stands but of course that could grow in the next couple of days and if we have another system. That moves in this weekend that could compound situation. Even worse so we'll, be keeping a close eye on that and hopefully we'll we'll, have some cooperation of Mother Nature and we can get everybody moving quickly tense time for a lot of people absolutely, and it's a it's a poor time of year for to happen but of course we'll, keep our fingers crossed kara Mercer thank you very much great thanks it, was. Always important but especially around Christmas time mm-hmm. Keeping our fingers crossed but, you know we had not a bad day here, in the Avalon but Porter. Bask and the West Coast different. Story very, different and that same system that's been causing the issues today with the the halted ferries was, causing, a lot of snow on the West Coast let's zoom, into the map and show you boy you folks, in Corner Brook happy. Shoveling, and snow blowing and this was the picture that was sent this was taken around 2, o'clock this, afternoon by, Peter Smith and you can see these are two separate photos but the snow already. Looking, more. Than 30 centimeters, at that point the snow has continuing, to been, continuing, to fall through the afternoon Corner, Brook and gross warned still under a snow squall warning, snow squall watched just to the north and again, the warnings, and advisories have, ended to the north, and south of that because, totals, won't be quite as much but for Corner Burke and gross warned we're looking at tonight, tomorrow this is 24 hour snowfall outlook, another, 10 to 20 centimeters and if one of those snow squalls happens, to line up over your backyard well. We could see locally, more than that over the next 24, hours though that area, does look to be confined to Corner Brook and grouse Moor 5, to 10 centimeters general on the west coast snow ending along the coast of Labrador and happy valley-goose Bay as well lighter, accumulation. But still some flurries in the mix for tomorrow we'll, talk about that in full, detail with the next three days right through the weekend coming, up Debbie thanks.

Ryan Police are investigating a, sudden death in the East End of st. John's, RNC. Officers, were on the scene at Kenny's pond around 3 o'clock this afternoon police. Say the death does not appear to be suspicious but, no further information, has been released the. Pond is near to retirement. Homes tiffany village and Kenny's, pond it's, not known if the woman was resident, of either of the homes there, are also condominiums. And apartments in, the area that catered as seniors, the. Relatives, of a Newfoundland woman who was killed in Mexico aren't, sure when the other members of her family are going to be able to return to Canada 41. Year old Stephanie Horwood from st. John's died in a bus crash on Tuesday, she, was living in Gatineau Quebec with her partner and their two children, he Fred Reines hauler and the school-aged girls are, still in Mexico, he, has only minor injuries, but has developed a fever and he can't be released until that fever breaks. Good. Eva that sheesh she's. Gone forever, they, are also it's very hard and when. You're going to come back even harder you want to come back he left with all, his family followed, them they come back and what one is missing the. Mother's little, girl she's not there anymore, Pamir. Says the girls saw their mother at the crash scene with, a sheep pulled over her body but they didn't understand, what that meant until a cruise line employee told them about it yesterday afternoon. Doctors. Are the latest to raise concern, about possible cuts, to healthcare in this province the, Newfoundland, and Labrador Medical. Association says, it's surprised, by last week's statements, from John Abbott, the, Deputy Minister of Health told CBC, News health care spending needs to be reduced by, upwards of 450. Million dollars. Abbit later said his comments, did not reflect government, policy, but the Association, says there has to be input, if cuts are being considered, well. It was startling to know that, that there is this frame of reference, going, on inside the government around the magnitude. Of a change over, five years let, like what we found out so, given, that if that's the case you, know we can't take issue with how the government necessarily manages. Its, way to a better fiscal situation. But what we do take issue with is that if that is the target we need an appropriate planning, process, to manage that it. Was a fishing boat accident, that decimated, a family a father a son a grandson and a friend sank, and drowned off cape speare in September of last year the, Transportation, Safety Board investigated. And found numerous, contributing. Factors including. Two specific, DFO policies, the Board says encourages. People to go fishing, in dangerous conditions I asked, the regional director of fisheries management if DFO is looking at any changes, here's my interview with jacqueline Perry, jacqueline. Perry the Transportation. Safety Board took a look at that horrible incident 2016. And said certain DFL policies, may. Have contributed to a decision to go out in risky weather what's your response to that well. First of all our thoughts are with the families, and the, community, of CheY Heights at, this time must be difficult for them to be hearing all of this discussion. About the incident so, our thoughts are with them. We. Welcome, the, results. Of the Transportation, Safety Board investigation, as we do every time we have an unfortunate, incident like this we'll. Be incorporating. Their recommendations. Into, our fisheries, management process, which. Involves. Consultation. With stakeholders, particularly. Harvesters. Who, are experts, in making, safety decisions regarding, their fishing operations. As we. Prepare for next season we'll be incorporating, that feedback from, them and findings, of the board one. Of the big issues has to do with this weekly quota and the.

Logic Is if I'm a fisherman and the weather, is bad and I haven't been able to get my quota it's kind of use-it-or-lose-it right, and, so if the weather's bad towards the end of the weekend I might go out in bad, bad weather and that's what the TSP said back happened in the Shea Heights case any. Sense that that policy should. Change, I think, if you look back historically at, festival safety issues we've had in the country we. Have had concerns with all of, the various approaches, to management quotas, whether it's competitive, fisheries, whether it's IQ fisheries, whether it's fisheries, managed with weekly quotas, as we've had in this one so, in and of themselves these, measures are not inherently, safe or unsafe. What. We will do is look, at all of the factors as the Transportation, Safety Board did that, there were multiple factors. In this. Case, the. Quota. Management regime being one and we, will determine whether, or not the broad a management, approach. Facilitated. Risk taking or mitigated, rich risk taking can you see how some people might go out when it's dangerous because of a policy like this because I'm gonna it's gonna cost me money if I don't catch my quota this week so it's. Sunday the weather's bad. I, think that same concern exists, regardless of the management approach taken, in, competitive, fisheries we have that same concern there's a limited amount of time I must fish and. Because I'm in competition with others in the, stewardship cod fishery for example, prior to 2016. We, had a very restricted, season three weeks long. Harvesters. Had only three weeks to cut to catch five thousand. Pounds total, and then their fishery was over so you can imagine that the motivation, to get out during those three weeks was, intense. Regardless, of the weather conditions so, that concern. That motivation, that pressure would. Have existed prior to the, introduction. Of the weekly limit right, now what, we have in fact is a much, more extended cease in 21, weeks, with. An opportunity, or the opportunity. To catch 2,000, pounds in each of those weeks so harvesters, have considerably, more flexibility. I would suggest under the current approach than, they had previously, there's, also this 48-hour, rule where people, are supposed to go out check their gear for the to say basically to make sure the quality the fish is good and that the stuffs not in there too long but, TSB pointed their finger at that as a possible, contributing, factor let's I want to show you something from from, a fisherman from Bay bulls this, is Jason Sullivan and this was his take on what they the effect of these policies, I'm, just disappointed that, paper, till dawn because because, of these policies, that have. No business being in the fishery what, do you say to a fisherman who says something as blunt as that, we.

Share The concern we, share the concern that rules, that we may be developing, although, in consultation, with harvesters, are potentially. Contributing, to risky. Situation, putting lives at risk and it is for that reason that we will take very seriously, the Transportation, Safety Board's recommendations. And factor. That into our decision-making as we prepare for the 2018, fishery, okay any sense as to whether that policy might change I. Think. It will be dependent. On the type of feedback we get during our post season analysis, and the type of feedback we get during our advisory, process with harvesters, and other stakeholders, jacqueline. Perry appreciate your time thank you very much very well thanks, just. Add to that story the Transportation, Safety Board also highlighted, the fact that the boat named pops pride did, not issue any distress, signals and it didn't have a radio location. Beacon I. Get. Schooled at how to make blueberry grunts. A. Girl is it I think so yeah. You. Welcome. Back to here now busy time of year and Debbie, and for everybody watching have you managed to get your Christmas baking done, yet. My. Family, will be laughing at home okay. Well it's not one of my talents all right you. Got many talents but bake well I've got a treat for you and for everybody watching and this will help you over, the holidays it's a handy recipe, of a Newfoundland dessert that you can just whip out when people are coming over very quick to make for your holiday guests I went out to a beautiful witless, Bay to visit Jacqueline mare in her kitchen. Welcome. Back to here and now I managed. To convince Jacqueline, Mayer to invite us into her house to do a little baking the holidays are here you want a quick dessert and she's, the master thank you for inviting us to beautiful witless bay oh and finally you came yes yes. So what are we gonna do well we're going to make up a little little, berry grunt. Simple. And easy and, fun, to me okay I would start with some blood. Or back here you have our two cups of flour already, those, eggs don't look like eggs that I'm used to see you we have an egg lady that we're lucky enough to go to degraded. By baby herself, so however they come out of the hands that's how we get them now we want to solve for the baking powder in here that's. All I. Do. I, like, to make things like lemon. Loaf banana, bread simple, heart yeah yeah, right quick easy mm-hmm. And always gets eat I'll, put a cup of sugar now in with this quarter, you, have a lot of guys, in your life right sons and husband and all that today do they appreciate your baking when you uh I think, so over, the years now, I mean you know when, the kids were younger to come home and so you make something up and sure enough it disappears, but with three men in the house the toilet seat was never down.

That's. Quite, the beverage you got there for cooks in the afternoon yes afternoon. When all the cooking is done then, all the woods brought in and supper three parts cooked that's. A little traced for the cooks in the bay article sit down you. Know they can give it a go as well if they like yeah. Well neither milk now okay. Wait. To dry and, you can put this bowl full of vanilla. Into your wet as well if you like I don't to measure that do I judge. That's what I do judge its we're just doing a definition, and show off your CPC we usually judge. Certain. Look like a batter oh alright the magic ingredient of course of blueberries, which I brought I have to provide something where did they come I picked, these in salvaged and I know this what this baby very but I thought oh. Sorry. Now. Gently, gently, gently, we, don't want to break these the room. Now. You've got the oven preheating, at, 325. 325 okay. Blueberry. Brung into, the pan last chance if it's not in the recipe now is not going in there, shall, we bake that okay, into the other we go. Four, minutes, so, the cakes in the oven what, are we gonna do now well, you got the ocean right outside your door here, beautiful, witness Bay well go for a walk while this thing's baking why don't we do that alright let's go. Well. You can always ask. Summer. Is nice walking, and. We'll find patches. Of little. Small wild, strawberries. Out there oh yeah so, Ann come back and do something then big strawberry, grunt or a jam. I'm. Sure that grunt is probably smelling pretty good in the house by now I dare say there's a lovely friend going through the kitchen by now when do I get the cat alone with. Come. On. It's. A girl is it I think so yeah well we won't know. Why. Not. Tell. Beige meets what the space we got the way in the bay that's, why we got. Thank. You so much thank Oh merry, Christmas, to you oh. That's. Fantastic. Tough assignment Debbie, but somebody had to do it and. I have to say I am gonna bake something, oh good trachmann didn't quite inspire, me I had, planned to make a couple of Apple towards Apple towards very good excellent, for, the year let me know when I'm invited over.

All. Right so Jacqueline gave us a copy of that recipe she uses and it's basically, her take on a recipe she got from rock recipes. So. Here it is, pretty. Easy too and a half cups of flour and 3/4, a cup of sugar you, need 2 teaspoons of baking powder one, to one and a half cups of blueberries and. 1/3. A cup of melted butter, 3/4. A cup of milk and 1 teaspoon of, vanilla extract and of course you can always go to, the website and, Rock recipes too if you want to check this out very simple great recipe you'll love it. It's. A busy night in downtown st. John's and a busy few weeks for, everyone, helping out with feed NL we have an update coming up next on here now. You. Welcome. Back well just a few days remaining until Christmas, so there's still time to pick up last-minute, gifts for loved ones and there's still time to give gifts to total, strangers, CBC. NL, is trying to do its part in helping those in need through. Our feed, NL, campaign, here now is Meghan McCabe is in downtown st. John's tonight so Meghan how can people help out the community food sharing Association, at this at this time of year before Christmas. Well. Anthony that's where our colleague, Katie Rowe comes in katie is the driving force behind feed. NL and I'll, ask her how's the campaign going, it's. Been going fantastic, I mean it's, honestly overwhelming, everyone, across the province has gotten on board and the generosity is, incredible. We. Had our turkey, drive in Labrador, last week that brought in over 400 turkeys, and. Three thousand dollars Lea. Gandharan Corner Brook collecting donations, here. In Saint John's we collect us we're, still collecting online and CNA. College in North Atlantic they've been collecting turkeys as well at all their campuses right up until tomorrow so, we have over 93, thousand, dollars raised which, is incredible, and the donations are still coming in every day Wow, and of course all of this is going to help feed Newfoundlanders, and Labradorians across, the province. If. People want to donate where can they do that now sure, yet they can still donate by visiting cbc.ca. Slash, feed and L day or, they can visit any RBC, branch and that's right up until January, 6th perfect. And of course we know that the, need is great all year round especially during, the winter so what's next, yes. Our feed NL campaign, will clue up now in early January, and which, is awesome but yes the need does continue, so up, next is our tasty Tunes event we did that last year for the first time as a singer and songwriter circle, and all the ticket, proceeds go, to feed it feed NL so that's, going to be happening in March and people can stay tuned for details on that one perfect. Well I'm sure we'll keep an eye out for that thank you so much Katie thank you, reporting. Live for hear and now i'm meghan mccabe in st. John's. One. Other day other day closer to 2018. And but now looking back at 2017. And the weather stories mm-hmm, following, the miserable, strip spring, many. Of us were pretty nervous going into the summer months yeah that me included, very, nervous is everybody so tell me summer is not going to be the same, but. We all know some, are delivered, for. Some of us. With. Plenty of icebergs, lingering, along the coast from our chilly spring plus, a bumper, year for whales it seemed, too, good to be true that the weather on the island was amazing, as well what's, your favorite part about coming to the park. Temperatures, finished near or above average for much of Newfoundland, for July and August but, the big story was, all that, sunshine can, I have one of your fries. Just. One. Thank. You. This. Is the life you guys this. Is it warmer. Temperatures, and little rainfall contributed. To some salmon rivers being closed down in July and August so. Where did all that rain go it. Went to, the big land, while. July was wet August, was record, shattering in western Labrador, breaking, the previous total by 100. Millimeters adding. To the misery snow. Fell in Labrador, City in early July and then, again in late, August, that, means that in 2017. Snow. Fell in every. Single month in western, Labrador. Wow. Great. Single. Month. Wow the should. Mention that July snow, that fell in early, month it wasn't officially recorded, but, there was a couple of visitors in here actually just a few weeks ago talking about this fact that it's snowed in early July and so they were my verification. There and so. Yeah here we go a Labrador slow clap. And. Of course the, good news is that that wet, summer. Has turned into a snowy. Fall and of course the snow on the ground is a good thing in western Labrador cuz they love it and so we'll talk more about that tomorrow. Okay. Speaking, of snow yeah, it's. Been snowing just wee, bit along the west coast have a look at this picture, this, sent to us from Charles Pender this was, taken around lunchtime and it has been snowing since.

Then All. Afternoon, and, into the evening and of. Course through, the overnight, into. The overnight hours it will continue, snow squall warnings for Corner Brook and also, grouse mourn we, have a snow squall, watches. With. Again not quite as much expected, up into, the Daniels, Harbor region and, just south of Porter schwa winter. Storm warnings still continue for makovica, and the snowfall warning continues for Eagle. River happy valley-goose Bay and, Churchill. Valley this is a 24 hour snapshot, of what we're looking at in terms of totals 5 to 10 centimeters the coast back to happy valley-goose Bay generally. In that 5 to 10 centimeter range though Corner Brook and grouse more and likely, under that 10 to 20 centimeter total. Tonight. Through tomorrow and if one of those snow squalls, lines. Up perfectly, over, the Corner Brook region could see more than 20 centimeters, over the next 24 hours again, totals a lot less as we roll to the southeast and to. The north, and west parts of Labrador. This is the low it's pulling away you can see those onshore flurries and snow squalls do continue, as we, speak and this is how it will play it with the Future tracker note the winds, gusting. 60 70 80 km/h today, across the island and parts of Labrador, easing. Slowly, into, the overnight and tomorrow morning though do, expect, more snow squalls, along the west coast the Burin southern avalon, chance to see chance of seeing some flurries I'll back that up for st. John's temperatures, near minus 2 winds are still gusting to 60 70, kilometer per hour range early, tomorrow morning, along the northeast coast - 24, to, start in Labrador, City and then, note as we roll throughout the day the winds continue to ease the, onshore flurries, coming a little bit less a little bit less not quite, as intense and so, conditions, a little more favorable, as we move through the day tomorrow the temperatures will actually drop, or stay, steady from happy valley-goose Bay to, Cartwright, down towards, the Straits and st. Anthony tomorrow and yeah. I expect, those gusts in, the 60 to 50, kilometres per hour range for, eastern parts of Newfoundland tomorrow and 40. To 50 for western, parts of the island, Saturday. Most, in. Fact busiest, travel day of the year is, what many say especially air wise of course the Saturday, before Christmas. This would be the 23rd and it's a great travel day in our neck of the woods if you are heading around the bay or heading into town or just trying. To get some last-minute Christmas shopping done Saturday, looks like a great day through. The day note. The timeline here 7 a.m. or 7:00 p.m. rather and already. Starting to see that next system approaching, so here are your conditions through the day on Saturday a little on the chilly side bundle, up as you do, your last minute running around you guys probably. The, ones that have to do the last-minute shopping, they're nothing like me now Saturday. Night here comes our system and it will see snow on the leading edge but by the time we get to early Sunday morning it's looking, likely that we will be transitioning, to rain some, very gusty winds set with this one I think as well and for, most of the island likely a change to rain though I think any terms of a significant. Rainfall, are, looking set for the eastern half and look at these temperatures, for Christmas Eve day 6 7 8 degrees in the east cold, continues, to be the theme in the west and will break down the, next system Christmas, Day, into, Boxing, Day coming, up in your long-range Debbie thanks. Ryan well when the weather is warm swans, and, st. John's have a pretty comfortable. Life but when the cold creeps in and the ponds freeze over it's time to fly well some swans in st. John's Limerick. More than an introduction, they've, been evading city staff it turns out these beautiful birds are harder to catch than you might think and our mark quinn has been looking into this - fine and answer the question where do our swans, go in the winter in.

The Winter the. Pair that's in the duck pond here at bearing Park they they. Stay in the duck pond the duck pond. Doesn't, freeze over where the river runs into it and staff. Are here on a daily basis can check on it the. The one. Lone male that's in the fountain pond that. Will freeze over so that's not a suitable habitat for, him then in the winter so we move him down we have a small, enclosure. Here, at bearing Park where we, can keep them and he got access to it outside, and he's got shelter and we can provide food and stuff so they generally winter in the shelter here in here, in bearing Park this same, thing with Monday piemonte pond will freeze over so that's the main reason while will capture the Swans and and bring them here to the same enclosure now they will remain separated. Because. As too many get together they, can become very aggressive with each other but, but we have a suitable. Condition. Conditions for them here at the bearing Park. Location. Now, those mundi pond swans, have they been captured yet they, have not been captured yet we've, tried a couple, of times but have been been unsuccessful. So far to date and, what's why is that I. Guess. They're. They. Figured, out what's happening, and they're not ready to go to to the small the smaller enclosure, yet but as the weather conditions. Deteriorate. I think, they'll be more, inclined, to come with staff and, winter. Here at bearing Park. Clever. Birds they don't want to give up their freedom no blame them no even. Though they're beautiful they're pretty saucy and they'll peck, you to death before they'll let you take them anywhere so be, careful the swans. Sushi. Fan well up next the story from, behind the counter, how son sushi, got its start in st. John. You. Welcome. Back to here and now if. You're a fan of sushi, in st. John's you've likely heard of son sushi, it's, red and white logo has been on the east end of duckworth street for years but do you know its back story CBC. Is exploring, the stories behind some, ethnic, food restaurants. That have made it in st. John's when others have not. Hi. My. Name is Ming SIA I only. Said sushi. She. Came. Here it's a. 2002. She. Processes come. Syndromes. She, didn't see, Japanese, restaurant, here so she. Went to Japanese. Restaurant. I. Think. Stay here, I love, here yeah, the people and. Alec. Oh shit. My. Favorite, is to my. Desire. Oh it's. A, chef. Senator, the. Inside a soft, crowd. Shin, experts. It's, row mellitus and the crown needs avocado.

Cucumber And. On. Top -, Neal shrimp. Avocado. And. This best email, your. Sauce homemade. Sauce. Calathea. Artichoke. And interference. Even. Rubenstein. So, it's a union, like the pin wash so here woman does some work we made, a note which we'll put on the stands yeah so, consume shocking, see manual so. It's a, since. I live in Sandwich in from English to Dutch real life we get older then she, went up inside solution. That ribbons. Had seen, Central. Street on yes. And all. Young. Man making, a goal that in a tough industry yeah, yeah, but recognizing, an opportunity, no Japanese restaurants, you just sort of took it and ran with a lot of artistry to making the beautiful. I'm, so hungry right now. All. You stop it's nice to have to. Come back to. Hit something really nice some. Fort Mac fire victims, return home while others are still waiting almost two years on. You. Let's. Meet our young athlete. Of the day this is thirteen year old hailey she leave of st., John's and this, was Hailey's first, season, playing co-ed, tackle, football with. The Avalon Minor football, under, thirteen division, yeah I wouldn't, mess with her she won Player of the game during her very first game despite having never played before, way to go hailey here today's young athlete, of the day. Pretty. Good yeah, nice, okay. So. Lots of travel happening, over, the next couple of days as I mentioned I'm pretty sure Saturday, is the busiest travel day of the year flight. Wise the. 23rd, the Saturday before of course makes. Sense and I think that's probably either. Saturday or Sunday luckily one of the busiest travel days here in this province as well so. Keeping, that in mind as we look towards the long-range forecast to systems, to watch that. Are coming up the first of course is. Coming. In for Christmas, Eve tibs. Eve night into Christmas Eve but if, you do have some travel plans over the next 24, hours one last look at this map which I made up this is a snowfall. Accumulation, again the snow squalls along the west coast but those warnings. And watches in place will continue to be the story through. The day on Friday though, conditions do, improve, as this. Low moves, to the north and the conditions, improving along the coast of Labrador tomorrow, for. Those traveling, in that neck of the woods certainly. Still. A little on the breezy side for Friday but Saturday a much better day and there are those snow. Squalls and on shore flurries continuing, for the west coast chance, for the Burin in the avalon as well and a burst of flurries coming down the north east coast into. Central. Parts of newfoundland for tomorrow afternoon as well by. The time we get into the Saturday morning time period it's very quiet and again. Saturday, is the best travel, day of the forecast, no doubt about that when. You look at the next handful of days note, your timeline Saturday. Evening snow, building, in through Saturday evening into the overnight it, looks like already. By Sunday morning transitioning. To rain along the south coast, maybe. An. Early morning transition. For st. John's and central parts of Newfoundland but certainly into the afternoon, looking likely that it will be a mixed rain for. Most of the island even Corner Brook possibly, seeing a little bit of drizzle mixing in that low will then work off to the north now this is picking things up Sunday evening watch. Your timeline, here onshore, flurries possible a. Little, bit for the Sunday, night time period but gone by Christmas morning this, is Christmas evening, so if you're traveling. On Christmas, Day you're gonna want to keep an eye on the forecast as this system will build in through the day it looks like snow once, again on the leading edge right, now the forecast models are leaning towards a mix to rain for the east possibly. Central, parts of Newfoundland maybe even the West the track will be obviously, key and some gusty winds on the backside of this system moving, in for, Tuesday with. A bit of a much, cooler setup, and a bit of a windy setup for, Tuesday. Night and into Wednesday there's. A lot there but generally. The theme here is. Christmas. Eve definitely. Looking a little on the wet side and a little on the windy side Christmas, Day again nice, to start but turning stormy, christmas, night and into boxing, day and then that system quickly departs, as well with some blustery conditions Tuesday, into Wednesday in, Labrador, I think the big weather. System will be for Christmas Eve with, that snow moving in Christmas, Day looks quiet and then another round. Coming in as we work into the Boxing, Day time period so Christmas, night into Boxing Day so keep that in mind we'll keep you posted. To. Fort McMurray now where some families, are looking forward to celebrating the holidays, in a new home but.

For Many that's still not possible, more than 2000, homes were destroyed by that huge fire nearly two, years ago and less, than 10% have. Been rebuilt, David certain reports, Posada, and other wildfire ravaged, communities are filled with a mix of wooden frames open, basements, and the drone of construction, vehicles many, families, are still not, home but Denis Hurley and her family are some of the lucky ones they're, expecting, to move in this week once, the home passes a final, municipal, inspection. After. Losing all your stuff and. After. Losing all your stuff it's nice to have, come, back to have something really nice this is the best Christmas gift, that you can get. The. Regional Municipality of, Wood Buffalo says the Fort McMurray wildfire, destroyed over, 2,500. Dwelling units as of, December 1st, 250. Units or about 10% are move-in. Ready, Jordan Redshaw is a spokesperson, with, the municipality. And there's a lot of work to be done as long as there's families that aren't in their homes yet there's still a lot of work that this municipality, and the recovery task force and all of our partners are going to continue to do contractor. Kalyn sokolovsky, worked, on many rebuilds. Including, his own fortunately. We're in our house and we're. Gonna be celebrating, Christmas here, terrific. Feeling you. Know being back in your own house all your family. Expect. To see more back in the homes in 2018, the, municipality, says David. Third and CBC News well the quarry, throngs. Of Christmas shopping procrastinators. Will be spending the next few days looking for that perfect gift and most, shoppers for new toys will want to keep safety in mind CBC. News looked into the kinds of hazards that have triggered toy recalls Valerie. Willette has the details, what, do they want for Christmas a hunter. Would like a thomas toy like, maybe a nerf gun what, are the big ones they've, asked for a doll, and, a truck, among. The thousands, of choices are. Some hidden hazards. CBC. News analyzed, over 400, recalls issued by Health Canada in, the past ten years in that, time they polled 11, million toys, overall. More than half because, they were choking, hazards, for children a big, concern for this mother of two little. Pieces in, in sets of toys or pieces. That can easily come off that's, the beam. In issue I would have the, second most common hazard, chemicals. One. Out of every four, toys that gets recalled, contains, a toxic, substance like, lead paint boric acid and phthalates, kids. Put everything into their mouths christine simpson monitored toys for health canada for more than 30 years the. Requirement, is that if you have a product. In the marketplace and you do testing, in production. Models. And you find a failure then, you have to report it to health canada she, says in recent years Health Canada has added more inspectors, CBC. Found at least, 132. Defective, toys flagged, by the agency's, own testing, many. More were triggered after complaints, from consumers and, in, 49, cases, toys were recalled after a child was injured, CBC. Analysis, also found, three, out of four, toys, recalled, in Canada are made in China but. Safety isn't about where the toy is made it's, about how it's made according. To this expert it. Is not because of poor, manufacturing, in. China that that we see a lot is it is simply because we, have pretty. Much all the products are being made in China but, many parents say they don't wait for Health Canada advisory, when picking out a perfect gift you just won't have to be aware as a parent what are you buying under, Canada's Consumer, Product Safety Act recalls. Remain voluntary, but, any store found selling arica product, can be fined up to five million dollars. Health Canada says that hasn't happened yet for, a recall toy velena well at CBC News Toronto. Continuing. Our look at some of the top weather, pictures, of the year this is certainly up there in my ranking, in a great picture one of many, submitted, this year by, Mark GREs a great photographer, up on the Bonavista Peninsula, region and he, snapped this shot this, summer. Beautiful. It. Really is show. Anthony and Debbie's, pics after, the break boats and icebergs don't usually mix but in this case I make an exception, absolutely.

You. Welcome. Back to here now the Vancouver, Aquarium welcomes, its two newest flippered, friends, huh here, are walrus, calves alakina. And balzac, testing. The waters at their new home, their. Their half siblings they are born at the aquarium of Quebec in the spring of last year and they are thought to be the first full, term walruses, born. Captivity, in Canada the staff will, shield them from the public for the first little while but, you'll be able to swing by and visit them sometime in. The new year. Pretty. Large for calf's. -. We remember, we had a sighting of one here. In Newfoundland, on a on a tour, Bay and, sunning. Himself on, the slipway, these. Guys gosh. They. Are big enjoying. Themselves. Pre. Tusk on. To, a Christmas story of sorts people in Rome are none too pleased about the city's Christmas tree yeah, it looks more. Like something out of Charlie, Brown that a dozen full and, festive. It. Died, and, lost most of its needles, just two weeks after being placed in the city's Piazza. Venezia. Yeah and someone called it a disgrace, even saying it looks like a toilet, brush oh I, I don't think they usually go for that look in Rome one, thing's for sure it is bringing in tourists hoping to get a look, but. Not perhaps for the reasons that original, intent. Is. Pretty. Sparse. Would, that be the right word yes, you. Definitely wouldn't want to put a match too close to that thing I, wonder, what happened though seriously they have one every year I, don't know the, mystery all right as long as people are still coming to see it though tourism, is tourism right as true yeah that's true but I'm guessing the guy that picked at the tree or has, the the, job of watering, the tree which, is more important, probably, won't get the job again and you know I think not okay. We've been looking at some of the top, pictures of the year in case you missed it before the break this. Was one of my pics by, the way the top 50 picks basically. Based on. Share. And likes on my Facebook page and Twitter feed it's. Kind of how I can up with these fifty they will be revealed at cbc.ca, slash, NL on January. 1st that's one of them this is another one and this is one of debbie's favorite our. Sorry Debbie, and Anthony's, face off. The top fifty Debbie was gonna pick this but I said ah sir Anthony already picked it so, but. It is gorgeous, I'm glad it we, were able to show it so, that's Mike freak I wonder where his favorite. Pool is, it's. Probably not gamblers, making a lot of these they'd notice yeah right. River. By the way yeah sorry about my spelling. There and the. Last picture is Debbie's. Pic. Isn't. That beautiful, yes. Boom, the land this water the sky. Emotion. Color everything, good pick thanks very much to Vinita, and thanks to everybody, just. Gorgeous, pictures, glad we can share them and. That's. It for us this. Thursday, the week is fastly. That's. Right big. Days coming yeah, thanks. For being with us see you tomorrow okay. You.

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