CBC NL Here & Now Thursday February 1, 2018

CBC NL Here & Now Thursday February 1, 2018

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This. Is CBC. Here and now. Do. You have an unused, prepaid. Cash card, surprise, you, may have the card but not the cash. We. Are under, diagnosed, a new report says women are dying unnecessarily, from. Heart disease. It. Is unusual. Orcas, mimicking, human words, can they really, communicate. With us. Here. We go again, rainfall, warnings are in effect for the south coast of the island with a big warm-up coming for all of Newfoundland tomorrow special. Weather statements, and more snow on the way for Labrador the details are coming up our. Top story now a cash card that has no value that, is the hard reality, some consumers, are confronted. With those, prepaid, cash cards, poked away in purses and wallets are, worthless. Here are now's Martin, Jones found, out the hard way the, cash cards, are very different than, gift cards, so, I've, had a prepaid, cash card in my wallet since, 2016. When, I tried using it recently all, my money was gone it. Turns out the type of card you have could, decide how much money you actually have, to spend gift. Cards and prepaid cash, cards are different and the. Rules they follow are, different to a gift, card can be used at a specific store or shopping mall they're, protected, by legislation. And often, have no fees or expiration dates a prepaid. Cash card like Visa or MasterCard, can, be used anywhere that accepts credit cards they. Are not included, under that legislation prepaid, visa and mastercards. Fall, outside, that legislation, so a they are allowed to expire, and. They also are allowed, to incur. Fees the issuing company will, charge a fee that will ultimately over time deplete. The balance until it reaches, zero and and. That card is essentially not not, worth anything anymore once, the card is activated you've got a grace period usually, about 12 months before those fees and those charges kick in and that's, whether you use the card or not and that's, exactly where my money went, representatives. For Visa and, mr. card both declined to do an interview but, added that just because their logo is on the card doesn't, mean they decide it's fees or rules that's. Left up to the financial institution. That issued it so, that leaves us with the fine print there's, nothing really hidden here each card has its own specific rules, and regulations, and fees associated with it you can find it all in the card packaging, or write on the card itself the, problem is we. Actually have to read it so, if you're like me and saving one of these for, a rainy day you'll, want to read the fine print and probably, treat yourself to something special sooner. Rather, than later, Martin. Jones CBC, News gander. To. Labrador now we're a very large and costly security, operation, took place last summer CBC. News has obtained documents that show just how concerned, government officials were about, the threat of protests. As massive, transformers, moved from Cartwright, to Muskrat Falls emergency. Measures that were brought in including. Support, from the military here, in aus Terry Roberts has this exclusive report now, on what, the RCMP, dubbed Project, Beltway. Things. Got ugly at the Muskrat Falls site in the fall of 2016. Court. Injunctions, arrests. Hunger. Strikes and a significant, delay in construction.

Activity, The. Backdrop nel cuore was preparing, to transport, giant, transformers. Across Labrador, the next summer with the threat of more protests, alarm, bells were going off at the highest levels, reaching, all the way to Ottawa, it spelled. Out in letters to the military, and the federal government, from Justice Minister Andrew, Parsons, a month, later the Justice Minister invoked emergency, measures granting, the RCMP, authority, to deploy resources, to the extent, necessary to, maintain, law and order and that's, just what the RCMP, did officers. And equipment, from across Newfoundland. And Atlantic, Canada went, to Labrador from a low of 80 to a high of, 135. Officers, were there between June and September that. And other factors, resulted, in a steep drop in the number of speeding tickets and other, traffic violations on, our roads. Why. So many officers, police, say to enforce, court injunctions, again protesters, and because, of Labradors, vast geography. The. Seven transformers. Were traveled, from Cartwright, to Muskrat Falls, 400. Kilometers, with. Limited, services, to support such a large security force q, the military, in this. Letter to the then commander, of Joint Task Force Atlantic. Andrew, Parsons, requests that the military, provide operational, assistance, to the RCMP. In the form of meals and accommodations. The. Military, agrees to do so at five winged Goose Bay but, with strict limitations, on their role. CAF. Members, will not engage in assistance, to our CMP, activities, of an operational, nature this, includes, any manner of forcible, control, of the civilian population by. CAF, personnel, use, of CAF, facilities, or equipment to, detain any individual. Placed under arrest and providing. Transportation to, and from operational. Policing activities. An important. But low key role ensuring. Clashes, like this would not occur the, oka crisis, in Quebec a well-publicized, and, violent, conflict, between First Nations and the Canadian government in 1990. Soldiers. On the front line the, RCMP stop officer, and st. John's agreed, to talk with the CBC this week but, refused, an on-camera, interview we. Didn't want to, find. Ourselves putting. An unreasonable, pressure on existing. Infrastructure. And we wanted to make sure that our people were given. Healthy. And safe accommodation. And. The way to do that was to simply reach out to our Canadian, Forces partners. The. First transformer, left Cartwright, on July 26th. A month later the final one rolled through the gates at muskrat Falls, mission. Complete, and mostly. Uneventful, so, was all the security, necessary, it's, very difficult to decide if. The resource allocations. Were correct because at, the end of the day it was a relatively uneventful event, so. You, know was that because there were police, officers there with the detailed. Plan, and, strategy. Or. Would. It have been uneventful, anyhow, the, Canadian Force has told me it's not uncommon, for them to provide a supporting. Role to provincial, and federal agencies and a spokesperson repeatedly.

Stressed The, limited, nature of that support in this case, meanwhile. The bills are still being compiled, for project Beltway earlier. Estimates, put the cost at, 10 million, but Peter Clarke expects the final price tag will be slightly lower Terry. Roberts, CBC News st., Joan's, well. Taps have run dry again on Howley four days after, the town's water first, stopped flowing there. Have been several, setbacks, and trying to get the water running again, from the supply and Sandy, Lake to the town's pump house a temporary. Hose, was working, for several hours on Tuesday, but it became blocked then. Yesterday the town finally, got one of the two main pumps working, again but that pump failed overnight, the, town is now into its fourth day of a state of emergency the. Town says the next step is to turn the prevent to the provincial, government, for, help. So. Before. We get to the weather Orion. I'm. Just looking how cold it was and how we those poor, workers there on the ice pretty. Cold gear very, very bitter here wasn't, awfully, cold although it felt today there's a bit of a chill and it was again, messy getting around a bit this morning you're, not gonna tell. Everybody you came in and heckled me about how cold it was this afternoon. It's. Only minus one Anthony but, it was bitter with that wind chill for sure I'm sorry I had to I had a feeling that was going to do that's and it's that damn cold it's true it's, true. Yeah. That's right now there is a warm-up on the way another. One which is hard to believe and that's where we're gonna start this evening, rainfall. Warnings are in effect for Kanaga. Burgi. Autorama and across the port of a square we're talking about 30 to, 60 millimeters, on the way for that south west coast here's a look at the latest Canadian, forecast, model run everybody, gonna be seeing rain up towards, Corner Brook and haole, some, beneficial, rain hard to believe we're talking about that in February but that is the case by, the time we get to Saturday morning, model. Projections here in that 10 to 20 millimeter range maybe a little bit more that. Is also the case across to the southeast. It's, that southwest coast where any thing. You see in red here from Porter bask acrostic, Negra has the potential to see over. 50 millimeters based on the latest forecast, model runs this is in pretty good agreement with some, of the other runs we're seeing and again, some max totals, here possibly over, 60 or 70 millimeters for, BER Giotto ramya special, weather statements are in effect for happy valley-goose Bay mackovic.

Self To the straights there is more snow on the way here happy, valley-goose Bay the, snow is really adding up there a hundred and eighty centimeters, on the ground right now we'll talk more about that coming up in a couple of minutes with your full forecast details debby thanks. Ryan well our health care system, may be failing female, heart patients, that's, according to some startling statistics in, a new report from the Heart and Stroke Foundation and. It's research that's close to one local woman's heart Jen white has that story. Women. Living with cardiovascular, disease are, under. Treated under, diagnosed. April. Manuel is a nurse and researcher, who studies women's cardiac, health she's. Pleased heart and strokes report is raising awareness the. Report called misunderstood. Has, some shocking statistics. In Canada. A woman dies of heart disease every 20 minutes, women. Are five times more likely to die from heart disease than breast cancer early signs. Of an impending heart, attack were missed in 78, percent, of women and two-thirds. Of heart disease clinical, research, still, focuses, on men, Manuel. Says it's now known that women's, hearts are physiologically. Different from, men's so, they experience, heart disease differently, men. Classically, have what we call, icon. The Hollywood syndrome in that. They'll have extremely. Short of breath they'll, be clutching their chest and be extremely diaphoretic. And say I have, this amazing. Pressure or pain, in my, chest well. As women, have, more subtle signs they have this fatigue. They. Would describe it pressure on their chests, they may have some nausea the. Report also states, indigenous, women and women, living in rural areas are vulnerable, due, to the lack of resources for cardiac care, Manuel. Grew up in the small Newfoundland, town of Charleston and she's, the only one in her family without, any signs or symptoms of, heart disease women. In Newfoundland, have haier haier, wait our, BM eyes are higher we. Do not eat healthy, fruits and vegetables, you, know do we do not exercise, the, recommended, level of physical activity so, you know we have a role as women to get out and start doing these things manual. Says it's important, for women to share their experiences, and stories about heart disease both. With their healthcare professionals, and other women because, she says education. And awareness are key for healthy hearts Jen. White CBC News st., John's it's. Interesting Debbie because we, really do tend to think of heart attacks or at least men do as I'm, men's, health problem, and obviously. This is very good report. To shine a light on. Women. The. Privacy commissioner says he doesn't have enough evidence to say the town of paradise deliberately, destroyed data but, there's one man who doesn't buy that you'll be meeting him very soon. You. Welcome. Back, a paradise, man who ran for mayor still has many questions, about why information. That he asked for was destroyed, this, despite, the damning findings, of the provinces, privacy commissioner over the wiping, out of election, records Donovan. Molloy describes, the town of paradises, actions, as careless, at best and he, goes further saying, the town's destruction. Of requested, surveillance, video was grossly negligent to. Get more in the story I met up with John Roberts late this afternoon, were. You satisfied with let the Privacy Commissioner found, no, I was not I think, the Privacy Commissioner could've went a little bit further and brought, in Municipal. Affairs to do an investigation, and find, out the. True findings of what happened all right now you ran for mayor you didn't win you asked to see the election tallies, what happened I, wasn't, giving him I was. Told I had to sign a, Freedom. Of Information request form. I filled it out. With. The, assistance, of someone with Municipal. Affairs and at. That time they, said they can never be destroyed so I filled it out and upon, the 26th, of October, while the strike was ongoing I received. An email saying, that it was destroyed all, the information, right so everything, was, deleted, as far as the voting records go as. Far as I know anything, to do with the election is gone, all right the other thing you wanted you wanted the surveillance video, for some what was a surveillance video you wanted, I was called. During. The election and I was told that the. Mayor or the other candidate, for mayor at the time was. Campaigning, shaking, hands or what-have-you at the doublers complex I just, wanted to see it for myself and when.

I'm Sorry that's where the votes were hasn't. Heard the election was happening you can go up there and vote at, that time I just wanted to see you, know see what happened and I. Asked for it and again. Gone, destroyed. All right so the election tallies were deleted, the video you wanted was deleted the Privacy, Commissioner said, this was incompetence. Basically, this was negligence, but there wasn't enough evidence to say this was intentional. What. Do you think you buy that know, where there's smoke there's fire okay. That I have, no idea what happened. When you, run, for an election you hope there's some transparency, there and, reasonable. To. Believe that they know what they're doing so no I didn't, believe. That this. Is not intentional, or what-have-you I think it was I think it was destroyed he beat me 8220, right, that gives him bragging rights why, not show me I just wanted to see the tally sheets from, each polling station so I can adjust. Just, in case I ever wanted to run again right no. More than that so now you're kind of suspicious about the result it's. Not suspicious about the results right now they can't say I lost or I won or I didn't do anything and, there was a lot of people that ran in this past election that, had the same feeling, this is the only council in Allen off and land that the exact, same council, went back in with no question last, question for you look back there found a paradise they say they're gonna change the way they manage their data and records do, you you sleep better at night now no. Because, I still feel that someone, should, be held accountable and responsible. For what happened it's, fine to say for, Malloy, that, something. Has to be done the privacy Commission has to, be. Accountable, better. Not someone, has to be accountable I'm not gonna be happy until Municipal. Affairs walks. In there and does, a full-blown. Investigation and. A frenzy got it on the town of paradise for everything that's happened now and this past summer with everything, that was ongoing I appreciate, your time thank you very much you very much, so. Anthony what's the town saying well, because of the privacy commissioners report Debbie the, town says that it is reviewing, the way it, handles the, access to information requests. When people are trying to find some information so they're at least reviewing. What happened it's still kind of curious though.

Coming. Up meet a gentle, giant named, Charlie, and her unlikely. Best friend. This and. You. You. So, weather forecast, has been brought to you by ghupat land and labrador tourism, 5000, kilometers of groomed trails are waiting to be explored, and breaks winter today. Just, hold your weather thoughts, because. We, have a little bit of video of, an, unlikely, pair, of pals in Conception Bay south it's Charlie, the Rottweiler, and her. Boss. Penny. Get. That old bird Charlie. You. Got her they're, asking friends, best of friends yeah they've been friends for quite a while Jenny's, had quite, a few chicken friends over the years so, she's really good Johnny - what she's she's, really good around all animals Penny's. The boss in the shop yeah, Charlie, doesn't doesn't. Like to be pecked in the face and penny has a tendency to pick journey and fades so she's, a bit of a silk like that so, six pound bird is totally around our thirty pound guy was pretty good. They. Do it quite often actually every Polly two or three times a week yeah, but usually when it's slow when I'm doing, something else and they're kinda bored don't find out ritand occupies oh she's, naked date somewhere, in my shop usually so it's like an. Easter egg hunt every, day trying to find the egg and, it's Charlie refining the eggs sometimes. Yeah, Charlie we'll bring him back to me actually if she finds him oh she won't you know no no she doesn't even want him break him penny is the boss she's a store manager. At. Our mark quinn dropped, by there to pick that footage. Up for us so there you go why did the chicken. Cross the Rottweiler. Charlie. Seems pretty gentle yeah, give. Him that annoying, bird. They'd. Pop in the face so yeah I wouldn't, if I was that bird I wouldn't be turning my back on Charlie, for. Too long right, you never know okay. So welcome, to February happy, February, everybody this, is a month of course the shortest, month but despite, how short it is we gained quite a bit of daylight and that's, one of the themes that I'm looking at as we hit this halfway point of winter is, the. Longer. Days. Necessarily. Will be seeing Sun on all of these days but if you again, pick out your location st., John's will gain one hour and 26, minutes this month our. Sunrise, this morning was at 7:27, by the end of the month our sunrise will be at, 643. Our, sunset, tonight at 503, it won't set until 5:45, a month from now and how about Labrador, really. Picking up the. Light right now at an hour and 45, minutes generally, from happy valley-goose Bay across, to, Labrador. City so some positive. Thoughts, there also, another, thing to point. Out is if, you look at the averages, of temperatures over the last thirty years well. This week, is when temperatures, generally, bottomed. Out the trend is upward in, the road to spring, begins. After, we kind of bottomed out this week in terms of again those 30-year, average temperatures. Every year is different but a couple of things that if you're not a huge fan of winter well this. Halfway point is perhaps a little bit of something that you can look towards the end of the light of the tunnel if you love winter well you've got half left so you're still good now of course if you're on the island you're saying what winter and again another warm up look at these temperatures, 3 4 5 degrees, across the Maritimes, right now that, is the warm air that is trucking, into our neck of the woods right now, and again, still waiting for that warmth are. Still waiting for that cold air to kind of sit around and stay for the island and not seeing any of that in the next little bit now as we take a look at the, satellite. Our picture we're seeing a couple of flurries edging up towards the southwest part of the island right now some showers again pushing over the Maritimes and here, is how things will play it with your future tracker it's, very light flurry action not really much in the way of accumulation some, showers before morning, for most, of Central and Eastern Newfoundland, fog.

Is Gonna be an issue for your drive tomorrow morning as. The, fog and drizzle and the winds in from the south gusting 60 to 70 kilometres per hour so keep that in mind especially across eastern and southern Newfoundland, some wet flurries even mixing in tomorrow morning for Corner Brook and especially up towards the northern peninsula Labrador. Is pretty. Quiet to start the day but we will see some of that snow tracking, in as we roll through the Friday afternoon, time period and into Friday evening hence those special weather statements in effect there could see 10 to as much as even 15, centimeters, over the southeast, happy valley-goose Bay likely, in that 10 centimeter range as well now watch your timeline here we will see rain again, through, the day along. The west coast of the island 4 Corner, Brook and south grouse Moor and up towards beaver to, the higher elevations, will still likely see a few wet flakes mixing in through, the morning hours before change over to the afternoon the temps are warm for sure, warm relative, term of course but for February they're warm 4 to 7 degrees across most of the island and up into southeastern Labrador again temperatures will be edging, close to the freezing mark and you can see in blob. West the cold air really filtering, back down as winds, shift to the northwest watch, your timeline, here the rain will push across the island through Friday night some gusty, winds in the 8090, kilometer per hour range by Saturday, morning we're back to a burst of flurries, may be enough to coat the grass as we roll into the Saturday afternoon time period it's gone Saturday. Certainly, a breezy day and these temperatures are your, highs we, will be falling into the minus double digits along the west coast Northern, Peninsula southeastern. Labrador and falling, into, the minus 7 even 8 range by the end of Saturday here, across central and eastern parts of Newfoundland minus 30 in Labrador. City and we're gonna be pretty quiet for Sunday still a chance of seeing some flurries in the mix temperatures. In the minus 3 to minus 7, range on the island and pretty cold again through Labrador - teens and 20s. For, highs on Sunday next, week two systems we're watching and guess, what more snow and rain in the mix we'll talk about that coming up Debbie and Anthony. Again Ryan well let's take a look at the latest curling, results, from the Scotties, Tournament of Hearts today's. Action was a real nail-biter, between, Stacy curtis's team and team Newfoundland Labrador versus. Ontario, the, game was a tiebreaker, to see which team would advance to the finals, well the lead went back and forth from end to end but in the end it was a huge disappointment for, Curtis and her teammates, despite, this valiant, attempt, Newfoundland. Wasn't able to rebound after Ontario. Scored, three points in the eighth and then two in the Knights Ontario. 111. 8 now of course the loss means Newfoundland. Is out of the competition. Yeah. I've said a betcha most offices, around Newfoundland, Labrador were, like ours today where we're sort of trying to do their job and keeping an eye on the curly in the same factly, but anyway, there was always next year's you say they're a young team and and, they. Obviously have, the ability, as they showed a great tournament. Great match and Ontario of course always a power us about there is a silver lining to Ontario's, victory one, member of their team is actually, from this province yes Corner Brook curler, Stephanie LeDrew, moved to Ontario seven. Years ago and is now a member of the Sarnia, curling, club she, has an impressive curling, resume, including two previous, Scotties. Wins, and some. World Championship. Medals with Rachel, Homan so. Congratulations, Stephanie LeDrew and one, last note on curling, of course it's the men's tankards, in st. John's team Smith is leading the pack with five wins no, losses team, Boleyn and team Simmons are both four and one pretty, tight at the top the championship, action that, all continues tonight. Well. To another female, athlete, originally, from this province who's also at the top of her game that's, figure skater Kaitlin, Osmond, yeah I really from Mary's town and she's getting ready along with the rest of Canada's, Olympic figure, skating team to head to South Korea, here's Kaitlin speaking, about her previous Olympics. Experience. And the one she's about to embark upon. I. Never. Watched the Olympics growing up so when I showed up at the Olympics, I had no, idea what to expect but, it, was so exciting, seeing. So. Many other athletes from different sports being. Able to compete and be on the the team. Event team, and.

Making. That podium it was just absolutely, incredible. I'm. Definitely, excited. But. I'm more excited for the lead-up to, Pyeongchang. I'm excited. To compete throughout, the year I'm excited, to show, that I've worked really really hard I remember. Watching. The 2010. Olympics for the very first, time watching Olympics. And. Saying. I was never gonna be at that level and. By. The next Olympics, I was competing there and I was standing on a podium and since. Then it's just been one thing after another another. National title of. World medal. And still. None of it feels real I. Still, think, I'm watching. The 2010 Olympics I just, want to thank, everyone. The. Most because. I would never have gotten back on the ice without the support and I, never would have continued. Competing, without. Knowing that I had. People to compete for and, I. Just want to say thanks for getting me back to where I can be. Well. With legalization, just months away the federal, government is talking about how it wants to deal with issues around drug impaired, driving Public. Safety Minister Ralph Goodale was at a Senate committee to talk about the Liberals enforcement. Plans our, senior parliamentary reporter, Julie Van Deusen was there and she joins us now live from Ottawa, with more so Julie the focus today was on enforcement, and not. The actual marijuana legislation bill, no. That's a separate bill Anthony and that hasn't gone to a Senate committee, yet but c-46. Which, gives the. Government the tools, or, the police to, stop, you at the wheel of is before, committee and that's what's being studied in Ralph Goodale said today the the big message is they, don't want you. Driving. Drunk and they don't want you driving high, so. C-46. Comes with penalties, that's, for sure from a fine all the way to jail time depending, on the circumstances. Of what, you've been involved with and it's, all about testing at the wheel so the, police can stop you once this bill is passed and. Basically. Give you a roadside. Breathalyzer, test, they don't need a reason to see if you're drunk or they can give you a saliva test to, see if you've been smoking dope, and, so. There was some concern that some of this equipment wouldn't, work but they've tested it in six cities and they say it does the. Committee had, concerns, today from some of the senators that the police may not be ready but the police says everything's. A go so take a listen to the RCMP, followed. By Ralph Wiggum. Wood. Additional, time be beneficial, always, more. Time is always beneficial to provide police time to train and to pant a plan that's what we do but, given the amount of time that we have we will be prepared, with the resources that we have to be able to respond the, risk of impairment, the. Risk that you are putting yourselves, and your passengers, and other people on the road in. In. In, mortal, peril is just. Too high, do not smoke. High, period. All. Right Julie as you know there is a constituency, across the country that's looking forward to legalization, when is this bill going to be passed well. They want it passed as soon as possible, because legalization. Is supposed to happen in July but. In the meantime they're, coming out with a big advertising, campaign, of about three million dollars you're, going to see lots of ads and bars on social, media on Facebook with.

That Message that Tim Ralph Goodell had really, is don't, drive high so, expect, to see those soon all. Right Julie appreciate that that's Julie, Van Deusen a senior reporter at CBC's, parliamentary, Bureau in, Ottawa this evening. Ami. Orcas. Imitating, human words well, our national science reporter, on, talking. To these animals. You. Cousins. Come together for, the forty-first Evans, family, reunion, on the point precious, to the family, that first settled it. Sunday. At noon and Monday, at 7. Orcas. Have long, fascinated, people. They're intelligent sophisticated, hunters. With complex. Vocalizations. Much, like their dolphin, cousins, but, killer whales imitating. Human voices well, that's what a new study out of the UK claims. Wiki. Is a 14, year old Orca, at a marine land aquarium, in France she reportedly. Imitated. Several, words including. Hello and Amy here's, wiki apparently, repeating, words spoken by her trainer. Amy. Bye-bye. Bob. MacDonald is a science, reporter, and the host of CBC Radio's, quirks and quirks and we've reached him in Victoria, BC thanks. So much for joining us Bob, my, pleasure Debbie so, what do you make of this study was that whale really imitating. Those words, well. It was imitating, sounds, I don't believe it was talking it reminds me of the guy who says hey my dog can talk and it says to the dog what's, on the side of a tree and the dog goes bark. So. It's it's imitating, sound but I don't think they were actually speaking, or understanding what. They were saying but they were communicating with humans, and they were imitating, which is what the whales do in the wild so it's part of their natural behavior, but I haven't heard though of a whale actually. Imitating. Human. Words before I know other animals have. Done, this like parrots and so on but this is rather unusual isn't. It it. Is unusual but, it's it's. They do communicate, with us because. In in these captive, whales you know they learn to do tricks and all that they learn hand signals, they learn body, position, and and how do what, the people want and how they Spahn to that and back and forth. I've spoken with people at marinas, who have. Talked, work with killer whales and say you know they have moods some days they're in bad moves they don't want to do the tricks if we got to work them up or sometimes, you got to stay away from them so they express emotions, just like we do and and, when you think about it you know they're mammals like we are in, fact they have brains that are larger, than ours not just absolute, size but compared to their body their, brains are bigger than ours compared to our body so, they, have very complex, communication.

That They do in the wild and I think this is just just, part of it and in, fact scientists. Use their, vocalizations. To actually identify them, out here I live on the west coast and I'm a sailor and I see work all the time both on my boat and I've been to a number of, aquariums. And seen them in captivity and, they. Have different ways of communicating they. Click, just just to understand, distance, they use it like sonar to, find food, to see where each other is but. They those, squeals, and, and, whistles, that they make are, actual, communications. That the mothers teach the children and they. Have family, groups and what they have found out here scientists, on the west coast have found that family groups have dialects, that, they'll say, there sounds a little differently from another group and there. Are clans, there, are clans of families that communicate, with each other and the, scientists are actually using these to see who's, identified with. Who who's related to who when they just see a fin swimming by they can listen with hydrophones, and say oh that's that's related to this one over there so they really do have complicated, communication. Yeah much like dolphins that, have been studied many years. Now, getting. Back to the study out of the UK though is there, any possibility. In Orca, as you've, said such. An intelligent, animal that you'd brain could. They actually be taught to understand. Our language. Well. We don't know how much they understand, I mean dogs understand, a lot when you talk to them but I think. There's, then. Talking back is another issue maybe. We should be learning well. But they don't have the same vocal mechanism we do so don't expect them to start speaking English. We don't even know among themselves what. They talk about whether, it's just hey I'm me and I'm, your mother or I'm, your sister, I'm your daughter whatever or whether, they're talking philosophy and it's, I think it's important, for us to understand, animal communication, if, we're, going to understand, them, and their habitat and our impact on them if we could communicate with them it would be great, the more we communicate the width and the better but they're not going to be speaking English back I don't believe that Bob.

MacDonald, Thanks very much for joining us, hey, Debbie, just. Beautiful animals, oh they're magnificent. I'm so fascinated with, all that communication, between, those. Animals. And, I did, study a bit of it when I was in university, dolphin. Tester whales. Fascinating. I. Think they could talk they say get me out of this tank, look so beautifully. This. Is a huge. Step. For us a Nova, Scotia laboratory, is one step closer to creating a test for Alzheimer's, disease. You. Time. Now to introduce, our young athlete, of the day this. Is four-year-old, favorite. A words of food, cope Spencer. Started his first year of hockey this fall with, the Northeast, Eagles Minor Hockey Association. That's, quite. The cage on. Spencer's, head Spencer's, also played two seasons with Timbits soccer and also, attends, weekly, swimming lessons, great, work Spencer your today's young athlete, of the day the. Weather update is brought to you by Beltone. Hearing service. St. John's helping. The world hear, better. So. I'm getting punished on social, media for complaining - Ryan Snowden, that it was really cool that it turned out to only be with - one much more exposed, yeah it, was a cold - warm it was it was a damp - one your folks and happy valley-goose Bay you should never complaining about his driveway, shoveling. Because when. You see this picture I mean there must be some sorbic, snow I know a lot of people have snow blowers you happy about the game they. Need them because, if, you. If. You know someone, who doesn't have a snow blower please, help a friend Wow this, picture, was taken today, or. Maybe, late yesterday and, Annette and Dale Michelin, say enough, is enough right. Always piling up so I did some digging there, so, to speak SOTA and. You found out that dale is only four foot two well. Again. And this measurement. Comes from the airport so Dale I'm not actually, measuring. You here on the air but at the airport there was a hundred, and eighty centimeters, of snow on the ground so that's about five foot nine yeah, and, that. Is the most snow to start the month of February since, 1980, when 1980, is the record-setting, year basically. There. Was a big, snow a year in 78, and again in 1980, and those are the years that this, year we'll be chasing in terms of the record books actually, only about a foot. Shy, of what, is the record which is 202. And 206. Centimeters, for February, and March must, have taken an ages just to get that gate open yeah. Wow, a lot of digging alright I won't complain anymore Ryan I promise you. Could complain to me all you want just don't complain to the folks of happy valley-goose book. Especially. Given what I'm about to say and that is that there's more, snow on the way for, happy valley-goose Bay we already have a special weather statement in fact with, this next system moving in and there's two more. Waiting. In the wings as we roll into next week this. Has really been the setup over the last well month six, weeks even two months the. Cold air sitting, in place in Labrador with the snow and the warm air that keeps moving in a Newfoundland and changing the snow over to rain special, weather statements, are in effect for happy valley-goose Bay makovica. Down towards the southeast we could see some totals in that 10 to 15 centimeter, range the, rainfall warnings in case you missed it earlier I want to recap that Porter. Bass to connect 30. To 60, millimeters and it looks like the Burin peninsula not into the rainfall warning though, 20, to 30 millimeters looking not out of the question there by the time we get to Saturday morning, but again the 50-plus, totals, looking, best.

Possibilities. There from Canoga back, towards Porter bask in terms, of your timing and how things play out quick, little wave tonight light. Snow over to some showers drizzle, lingering for fraud and morning fog patches are really gonna be an. Issue for the drive tomorrow morning expect fog, and drizzle steadier. Rain works into the afternoon for western Newfoundland even the northern peninsula will see snow, mixing over to rain there's that snow really ramping up happy valley-goose Bay but more so for the southeast, and then that rain will walk across the island from west to east for, by the time we get to Saturday morning. That's. Where we see our transition. Through, Saturday morning to some rain over to a quick. Little burst of snow may be enough to whiten the grass a couple of centimeters not under the question on the back side of that cold front and, for. The west, coast some onshore flurries that will linger into Saturday, Sunday's, pretty quiet to, start but our next system will move in as we work into the Sunday afternoon time period this is the long range outlook one. Model but I got to say for a long range, both. Of the long-range, forecast, models the two of the best anyway the American, and European are both in pretty good agreement here that we see snow moving, in on a Sunday, night it's a mix over to snow from snow to rain for the island. Day more, snow for Labrador, sorry as, we roll into the Tuesday time period we've got onshore flurries, then watch our next system the same track. Farther, west snow, for Labrador rain. For the island and in fact that Thursday. Forecast. Could. See, at this point anyway models, flirting with some double-digit. Possibilities. Again, and that. Is well into February so there is what. You see basically. February, picking up where January, left off which is a roller coaster ride of temperatures, were above zero, we're below zero we're above zero or below zero and above again across, most of Newfoundland, as we, rule over, the next seven days central, western. Newfoundland also, into those warm ups for, early next week and mid, to late next week so we'll be keeping a close eye on that situation for. Happy valley-goose Bay Labrador city more, snow and more cold in, the forecast, and again for Goose Bay chasing down those records Monday and Thursday we'll, see snow Debby and Anthony appreciate. That Ryan in national, and international news tonight NDP Member of Parliament Aaron Weir has been suspended, from caucus, duties after, an allegation of harassment, against female staffers, leader, Jack meat Singh says Weir's status, in the party will be evaluated, after an, an independent, investigation, we. Just have a concern, that's. Been raised by one of our members the. Concern, is serious enough for me to take action and that's why I'm taking action at this point saying, had no details but said the accusation, did not point, to harassment, of a sexual, nature it, came in an email from another member of parliament no, one claiming to be a victim has come forward, Weir was elected in a Regina riding in 2015. And was previously, a senior, NDP, advisor in a statement he says he does not know what is being alleged and he says he's confident, that he has not harassed, anyone, an.

18. Year old Quebec man is in hospital, with severe, head wounds after he was shot by a special, constable, in a provincial courthouse, the, incident, was caught on video yesterday, by a witness, a caution. To viewers you may find the sounds, and images disturbing. It. Happened, during an altercation between, the young man and the special constable, in mana joaquin north of ottawa. Investigators. Say the teen grabbed, the constables, Town and hit him with it the shot was fired soon, after the teen is reported, to be in stable condition. Quebec, Independent, Police watchdog. Is investigating. Researchers. Around the world are determined. To find better ways to diagnose, and treat Alzheimer's. It's a, disease that will affect more and more people each year as the population. Ages at, one, lab in Nova Scotia they're, working on identifying, Alzheimer's. Earlier, Colleen. Jones reports. These. Are all of the brain tissues that restore and look after for. The last 20 years dr. Sultan, Darvish has been collecting, brains, we. Started this brain bank over 20 years ago and we, have been able to. Archive. And collect over. 1,100. Brain, tissues and you know we use them for our research there. Haven't been many breakthroughs, in the treatment for Alzheimer's disease partly. Because they can only diagnose. The disease by, examining, the brain after death this, one is a healthy one where my tummy's in my. Right, hand I'm holding. But. Dr. Darvish and his research team have discovered compounds. That at least in mice are able to diagnose, the disease this. Is a Eureka, moment this, is the MRI scan sir this is normal and, this is our mouse when, we inject, our compound. Into. The normal Mouse you can see there's very little radioactivity. In, the brain but. When we inject, into the animal, morrow with. Alzheimer's, disease there, is a lot of retention of this. In the brain and this. Is a huge. Step. For us they'll, present their findings at the global Alzheimer's, conference in Chicago in, July where the world's brightest, minds, are looking, to solve the Alzheimer's, riddle the next. Step a safe, test for humans, but, we are hoping that it you know in next three to five years we'll be in a position to, apply, for permission to. Being. Able to test for Alzheimer's, while the person is alive opens, new doors if. You can. Definitively. Diagnose Alzheimer's, early. In. The, human brain the. Therapies, that are, used. And. In, a disease that affects, so many people this success, brings. Hope, Colleen. Jones CBC, News Halifax. From. Alzheimer's, tests to brain tests I should say DNA test you've probably seen the ads on television from companies that offer to test your DNA but, if you actually read the fine print before, following through on those tests a Halifax. Privacy, lawyer warns the results, of those tests, could have an impact that extends deep into your family tree Ivonne Kolbert has more. Ancestry. DNA is, the biggest testing, company, with more than 6 million customers, worldwide the. Test is as easy as spitting, into a vial but it can result in surprises, I got, a match that said that. This lady was either, my. First. Cousin, or closer, and, I. Said to my husband we'll help you be any closer their first cousin, and. Then. It started to sink in Oh sibling. Most. Of the DNA testing, companies provide you with a list of relatives, DNA. Matches, who've tested, on their site they. Warn potential, users that test results, may provide unwelcome. Or unexpected. News including, family. Secrets, or relatives, the family never knew existed. 23andme. Which, does genetic testing, warns, testers, results, could alter your life on top. Of that some companies also collect, personal information about, you if, you access, them through Facebook, or other social, media, they may collect your friends and followers your, computer, IP address, the service provider and much more they, disclose all of this in their privacy and cookie policies, and their, terms and conditions however. Few, people read them it, has become one of those things that is almost as casual, or potentially, as casual those other things we do on the Internet and a, huge number of people just kind of click I agree and they and they continue they don't necessarily think about this but they really should think about the fact that, this, is some of the most sensitive information that, exists.

Fraser Points, out it's not just about you but your family members, as well he. Advises people to read the policies, of each company and choose, the one that best suits them, Yvonne Kolbert CBC, News Halifax. There. Is so much happening in this picture. Hard. To believe that it was taken, last, week, hmm. So, don't let the sand fool, you this is a beautiful, spot in Newfoundland, I don't. Want to give it away and I feel like a will if I say exactly. Where it is but it's in the western half of the island how's that Western. Net western half yes, and. We'll. Reveal. Where and, what, else you should be spotting. In the picture after the brain it's the port of port tourism association paying, you to promote that particular, not on the paw report oh good guess though. You. Welcome. Back well Winterlude, kicks off tomorrow and Ottawa something, that you explained. Berry. Big deal preparations, are underway and these carvers are turning Confederation, Park into, the Crystal, Garden artists. From around the world will transform, big blocks of ice into frozen works of art it's. One of winter land winter. Ludes biggest, attractions. My. Wife went to university, in Ottawa I was there numerous times it's such a great event, so. Nice so, great, to see that's back on ok, if you, guessed Burgi, oh you guessed right and so, as I said there's a lot going on in this picture, one. Of the things I didn't notice it was the bear from, one sculpture to another the ice sculptures, how about the bear which, is basically, that I see there on the left hand side that rock with ice on top of it beautiful. Just a big old grizzly right there and bird geo such, a nice picture we're gonna leave that there, and say good night to you and hope, you're back tomorrow good, night everyone.

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