CBC NL Here & Now Thursday March 1 2018

CBC NL Here & Now Thursday March 1 2018

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You. This. Is the CBC here, and now. We. Think populations, basically, press a prominent. Hunter wants government, to give out fewer moose licenses, I think. We need at, least, 10,000. Reduction. You. May have a rep room at home but this one it's adults, only, he. Had 147. Fights, in Canada. In state student career he only lost three but, he also lost something else and now his family wants, it back. Flurries. Freezing. Drizzle and drizzle. Those will be very common, phrases, in the forecast, over the next couple of days as we get the full right, off the North Atlantic the details are coming up, hospital. Food it doesn't usually bring to mind good memories, let alone mouth-watering. Images, it's, usually one of the reasons, that stay in the hospital is tough, for most people to swallow but Eastern Health is about to change the menu not only to appeal to the taste buds of its patients but also the pocketbooks, of taxpayers here, in aus Carolyn Stokes reports. Hospital. Food has a terrible, reputation, for, being less than appetizing, but, Eastern, Health is hoping this technology. Will change that it's. Called steam, Blissett. E special. Packaging, and a patented, valve used, the natural steam. Inside, the food to cook the meal not, exactly, gourmet, but the company behind the technology, says it's better than a typical soggy, microwave. Dinner microwave. Is just the technology used to heat, it up and get the steam going and, that, cooking technique, is designed to improve food quality, nutrition. And freshness, feels, to me like a major step forward, compared. To what we're able to do now patients. Will also have, a choice, a menu, just, like a restaurant, this, is ginger beef and rice, and vegetables, we, don't often think of restaurant, when we think of hospital, food and so. Now our experience, will be quite transformed. With, this new system but, it's also about the bottom line the, new food delivery system costs, 5.5. Million, dollars to set up but we'll save two, million dollars a year the. Savings, in large part comes from needing, less employees, 26. Full-time, positions, have been eliminated but, there aren't any layoffs, people, are being retrained, or reassigned. Eastern. Health also hopes to save money by reducing the amount of wasted, food if meals, are more appetizing. Fewer trays, will, be returned, untouched, if, you get one choice. On your tray and that's, not something that you're interested in for that particular, meal then we see in, our current system a lot of wastage, and we. Think this system will improve, that quite significantly, but perhaps most, importantly.

How, Does it taste I really. Like cod so we're going to give this a try. A. Taste. Of home for patients, in the hospital, could be just what the doctor ordered, the change over to the steam Felicity, menu, will begin at hospitals, in st. John's starting. Next week, Carolyn. Stokes CBC, News Saint John's, was. Less than a day away the start of canes quest 82, snowmobilers. In Labrador West are set to head off on a 3200, kilometer, race the, bad news fewer, than half of those who start actually finished. Here, now is Jacob Barker is at the start line Jacob. What strategies, are people talking about to try to help them make, it to the finish this year. Well. Anthony it's a funny thing in Kane's quest, to make it to the end of the race you, don't just rely on yourself you also have, to rely on the, people that you're competing, against. And nobody, in this race is taking that more seriously, than, the internation. Now. All the teams, here are joining. Forces it's a big change from years past, so. We've been the ignoring serve past races like. Little secrets, on it but, this year we want to change it work. Together. And the. In you have a lot of people in the race for, teams from natla sheesh and for from shesha she, their. Numbers are second only to racers from Labrador West we, decided, that maybe we should have a communication, together and have some kind of a strategy because, everybody has their own points, of writing. And they. All have their own points, of, making. The trail and all those kind of things and and what, why do they use and so, why, not use, that as an advantage well we've been we've been in interior for, now almost every year we drive around and we know the route then we. Know we're not to vote grand chief of the Indian nation Gregory rich is competing for his second time he. Hopes the race will inspire others, to compete. So. They can be, not, Billa self esteem at the end of the day and that the racers, will, succeed. Working. Together and we're trying to accomplish. So. One, of us maybe, hopefully will go, to the ticket electorate. And. While. Those seven, teams will be sorry those eight teams will be amongst the 41, team setting out from here. At noon tomorrow and after, that they're going to be out in the wild and Ryan. What can they hope for along, the way well. Jacob thanks, very much the good news is that no. Big Deep Freeze is coming that's one thing we can say over the next week or so but of course weather kind of variable, in Labrador, and what, a route they're gonna be under. 3,200. Kilometers over. The next week and for the first few days you can see they're in western, Labrador all the way up the north coast down to the Straits and then back again, so. They may need to hunker down at, times, and, you know what if they do well, here's a pretty good spot how about in Hopedale, floyd, sprack, 'ln spent 50, hours crafting. This, beautiful. Igloo and it. Was in minus 50 wind, chills by the way that Floyd that created this beautiful. Beautiful, igloo. So yes perhaps some of the Canes quest racers, if they find themselves and hope down they need to overnight there's a pretty good spot thanks to Floyd and. Great pictures there, as I mentioned, no, big deep freeze is coming in Labrador and that's because the setup for the entire province is similar. Where we've got this onshore. Flow from, the North Atlantic and certainly no big warm-ups is the flow comes from the Labrador sea for you folks in Labrador, but. The Arctic chill that. Route. Has been shut off and will, be shut off for the next week or so as we see pretty, much right through early neck early to mid next week this onshore dominant, flow flurries, freezing drizzle chances and drizzle chances for the island flurry chances, put some Sun breaks in Labrador, and I'll break down that forecast, in full, detail coming, up in a few minutes Anthony. The. RNC has released this home surveillance video hoping it'll, help find the people who smashed, this vehicles, windows it, was parked in a driveway on, Savannah Drive at Savannah Park Drive rather in the east end of st. John's when another, vehicle pulled. In behind it around 10:30, last, Thursday, night that's, when two people jumped. Out and used what looks to be a baseball, bat and a crowbar to break the windows the, same thing happened to two vehicles, in the exact same driveway, just one week earlier police. Hope someone recognizes something. From this video that will help identify the two. The. New partnership, that was just handed a lucrative, clam quota, is under, fire tonight it claims, to have an indigenous partner.

From This province but no one can figure out who it is the, premier says there isn't one and that's a big problem here. In aus Peter Cowen, reports, when. DFO handed over quota for serf clams to the five nations clam, company it said one of the partners is based in Newfoundland and Labrador but, DFO, refused, to say what group was part of that bid and the, company won't say either the, premier says that's because they don't have one stars we know right now there are actually no Newfoundland, and Labrador indigenous. Partner in this five, nations clam. Company and that's we, find that disturbing and it's, one of the objections. That we are taking to this whole process until. Now Clearwater, seafood, has had all the quota for surf clams it recently, invested more than a hundred million dollars in a new ship to harvest and process the clams but, the federal government decided to give 25, percent, of the quota to a company with indigenous ties, indigenous. Groups in this province were part of competing bids and say the clam company is only now trying to find a partner in this province but, they had to line up the partners before they bid municipal. Provincial and federal politicians. Have all come back to one big issue though jobs, may be lost in this province, we'll see potentially. Sea workers on the Burin potential lose jobs do a copy in Nova Scotia that it's not something we can tolerate and we sin certainly not tolerate, an, indigenous groups in our province left, out of this process which, was all Dean and put in place. Through. Reconciliation in, mind this does not this, does not demonstrate. Reconciliation. For indigenous, groups in our province Paul, wants a meeting with the federal minister and he wants this process stopped. Peter, Calvin CBC News st. John's. Well. There's lots, of buzz around a coming attraction to Cineplex, theatres in the Avalon mall but it is not a movie, no it's a new eater tainment complex, called the rec room here, now Zack Gowdy has this preview for you. Coming. Soon to Cineplex, theaters a playground. For adults the. Rec room combines, food and drinks with games and entertainment and, it could really shake things up in a place best known for, shopping. So. We're inside, the old Starrcade. In the Avalon mall I know quite a lot of us spent many quarters, in here over the years now, Cineplex, is betting that those same people though, now adults still. Like to have fun so as you can see this space is already being, transformed, into the rec room but, when it's finished it's going to be a whole, lot bigger, than what you might remember, you.

See That black box underneath, the Avalon cinemas, sign well that box is where, the old arcade, is located, in order to accommodate the rec room they're going to expand. That box almost, to the edge of the roof it's going to triple the amount of floor space inside, that structure all without, increasing, the footprint, of the Avalon mall building. The. Rec room promises. A very modern, menu of cocktails, craft, beers and shareable, plates but it's also a games, room featuring, arcade, classics, alongside, ultra-modern. Virtual. Reality, experiences. It's aiming to be a destination for, beers and wings but also for, bachelorette, parties, and team-building, events, and it's. Going to keep bar hours, so, you may find yourself in a late night taxi, heading, to the Avalon mall for. Cineplex, this is about expanding. The brand the company wants to be known for more, than just movies, now it already has four rec rooms two in Edmonton, one in Calgary and one in Toronto and while the st. Johns location, is under construction it's, also building three, more one, in Mississauga. One in London Ontario and, one in Vancouver, in the next few years the company hopes to have 10, to 15 rec rooms right across Canada, and for the Avalon mall this announcement is also well time as people have been here lately no there's already a lot of construction, happening here, for the most 50th, anniversary, renovations, and as. Everyone knows it, recently, lost a huge, tenant, in Sears, now in the next couple weeks mall, management will hopefully be, ready to unveil some, of the changes, that have happened here and to, announce what will become of the old Sears space but for now people here are excited, at the prospect of, a new business that will bring a lot of energy into this space the, rec room is hoping to open its doors in early 2019, Zac, Audi CBC News st. John's, well. I'll definitely, be checking it up yeah like fun yeah I wouldn't mind checking with the bachelorette, parties even though he lots of interest in the mall no doubt. Mrs.. Norman downy I'm going to talk to him in just a few minutes about his grandfather, who he's named after he's, got his boxing trophy but what he's really looking for is his grandfather's, championship, belt it vanished. You. Oh. I've. Just been slimed, at BER geo Academy. Coming. Up on here and now I'll take you inside the doors of the school and we'll find out what makes it tick or, stick, what is this. A. Descendant. Of a championship boxer in this province is refusing to throw in the towel in the 1930s. Norm Downey learn how to use his fists, and was almost by accident he, rarely lost inside, or outside of the ring and for, decades now his grandson has, been searching for something precious his, grandfather's.

Championship. Boxing, belt and he hopes that you might help him find it so. Norm tell me about this norm who who is this man, that's my grandfather, Norman. John Downey and this one named after, he's. A gentleman, that was born in what, we call Winterton now used. Because Silicon, Valley was okay born, 1910. All right obviously he's a boxer got. The belts got the gloves so what kind of boxer was he he. Was a feisty boxer, actually, when he started he. Moved away to Kitchener, Ontario for. Work and I ended up working with BF. Goodrich. He. Was at the bar one night have a few beers with the boys and the fight broke him grandfather. Being a down Lee he decided to get involved. Don. His job and actually, it was ago it was after the gym, that night right that, came and asked him to join the gym grandfather, had no interest in boxing so. I took, several attempts, for the the gentlemen come see him so finally he went to the gym just to watch a few, bouts okay so then he decided to put the gloves on and he got in the ring and you started getting taste of it so, after four or five sessions in the in. The, ring, that's. When they decided okay let's, let's try something here and start to get some of motors it all started the bar fight you know I shared with barfi well now. You've, been looking for what. He's wearing right there what is this what, is this on his waist here that belt was donated, to the new. Flam Boxing Association back, in 1930, he had 147. Fights, in Cannon, and States big career he only lost three and, he, moved back home and he had another seven before, okay. So, he wins the belt but, the belt goes, missing, ya see backtrack. A little bit earlier I donated, that to the new flame box Association, it was valued at 50 pounds of English, money and all three so we're something is, the leather belt in, the front it's a gold. Frame in that frame is, two. Boxers curbing artery. And that's. Linked, on each side, there's cone. Lumps. Each. Gold. Nugget. Is linked, with gold chain so it's word few dollars grandfather. Was the only name that's on the belt he's the only one ever fought for it his. Name. Is engraved I, believe on the left side the first nugget okay, you. Want to find this build I want to find this but I dreamt many times find this belt I even, put up and reward my home when you're trying to find this belt I dreamt that that belt was framed in my bathroom right, one. Of these days I'm hoping somebody.

Has In someone's attic forgotten, about well. Take a look right down for that lens, there and somebody, watching here and now you never know they might what you want them to do. Contact. Me if at all possible I'm, on Facebook. You. Can catch me there, at any time, any. Stories, on it I did talk to the lady who when. The war broke out or just before the war broke out and went in the safekeeping, yeah when in to lawyer's office in, vaults, down in the, downtown. Office and, attacked. A lady who actually seen a command is in a velvet. Box. Inside. That box was the belt everybody who not to closed it never, seen, since vanished yes you, do have a trophy though. 1936-1937. Featherweight, champion yes Norman, J Downey you. Got the trophy let's, hope you find the Bell I hope to get the, belt and then finish, the the. Cuesta, quest yeah thank you very much thank you very much good luck thank you so. Got interesting story you know very, interesting, story he's been doing this he told me he started doing this his dad started doing and he started this when he was in grade 9. Here. In town and doing, social studies and he made that his first project and he's been looking for it ever since grade 9 so if you know you get ahold of norm Downey on Facebook cause you'd certainly make his day you definitely would, and speaking. Of boxing, and news and is back in the national, spotlight tonight. With the debut of another. Television show shot, in this province that makes for, two in just one week with Alan hawk OHS caught having started on Monday night not. Doing too bad here with TV shows now, tonight's, debut, is called little, dog and we've, been fortunate enough to get a sneak peek have a look. We. Won. Bidding. On Ross Enrico. Havoc, st. George. These are my friends, off walk come. On. With his tail between his legs. Years to come. Oh it. Stars Joel Thomas Hines as a boxer, who thus you could see walked away from the ring, and then five, years later tries to revive his career and Shari, white another well-known Newfoundlander, is one of the executive, producers the, first two half-hour episodes, are on tonight. Looks. Pretty good. Are. We in for a repeat of last year's early ice pack Ryan has the details next. You. Weather, forecast has been brought to you by Newfoundland, and Labrador tourism. 5,000. Kilometers of groomed trails are waiting to be explored, and breaks winter today. The. Iceman Cometh. Yeah. You. Can use it yeah although. You know ice good. And bad one, obviously. Icebergs, are huge for tourism here we want to see them it's a little early for tourism season though and, the. Pack ice can obviously be, very problematic. Remember, last year this, was the scene of we had it, was terrible, those driving, northerly, winds late, April into early May and. We. Really didn't have a southerly wind to take that pack ice out until mid-june. And so early, June these were still the scenes along. The north coast of Labrador, well. Perhaps. Similar. A similar, setup taking, shape here in terms, of those harbors. And bays that are going to be filled up with ice in the coming days and it's all because of this setup that is underway, and. When you look at the ice map here, across. To. The north of Newfoundland, you, can see there is a ton of ice just northeast. Of the island this is already, moving to. The south and west at about 4 knots that is going to be increasing, in speed as the, wind picks up over the next couple of days note, again, the ice is all offshore Conception. Bay Trinity. Bay Bonavista, Bay still primarily ice-free. Here as well, as the bay of X Blitzers some light ice in here but not that thick thick pack ice that is just offshore up. Towards again, the Green Bay white Bay area as well, as the Strait of Belle Isle well all of that ice is going, to be moving. Towards, the island watch this is the time line over the next week or so I've, got the wind contours, on here and so the northern north northeasterly, direction, not, going anywhere here we are Saturday, we have a lo big, storm to our south area, of high pressure blocking. High over Greenland and that flow is going, to be relentless, from Friday Saturday.

Sunday Monday. Tuesday. And so all of that ice is really gonna start to pack in Jam into a lot of those bays, and inlets unfortunately. Again. It's much, earlier than what we had the set up last year again was late April into May, but, it's gonna take a quite, a southerly, flow to kick that ice back out I think, by. The time we get into late next week perhaps. A bit of a wind change but it's gonna be a while that, we'll have to watch these dominant. Northeast, winds which are already starting to move in here's the warm front that's been bringing some snow mixed with freezing, rain some, freezing, drizzle already. Underway and there's a freezing, drizzle advisory, from st. John's to really, let this evening and expect. That to be in place pretty, much over. The next at least over the next day or so some colder air will push in as we roll, towards the weekend. Watch, as we. Take a look at your temperatures near +1, in st. John's minus 1 and gander minus 1 and 28 and minus, 3, & 4 for the North Coast but temperatures are gonna be on the rise there as that warmer. Marine. Airmass, starts to creep in here we are 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning bit of mixing and you can see where the temperature contours has Corner, Brook and areas south cold, but. We, are all around, the freezing mark from st. John's towards. Cartwright, tomorrow morning in that front will continue to, push back to the south and west winds, tomorrow in from the Northeast as. Expected. And that is going to be the name of the game we are looking at freezing, drizzle chances primarily, early on as temperatures. Rise to and above the freezing mark into the afternoon, it's drizzle, chances, note, inland, areas like Placentia. Bay Mary's. Town down towards fortune bait 2 3 4 degrees tomorrow and especially the west, coast of the island corner Brooks south down to port of Basra talking, about 3, & 4 degrees tomorrow so. Temperatures. Are certainly going to be on the rise even some sunny breaks there again, nicely shielded, away from that onshore North Atlantic flow and that freezing, drizzle, mixed. With flurry. Drizzle, mix all the way up to named numoral happy. Valley-goose Bay near +1 into the afternoon after a bit of light snow in the morning just mainly cloudy skies minus, 2 2-3, churchill. Falls towards. Labrador, City lots, of talk about for the weekend forecast but. I can, tell you it's, a much the same will break down the, nitty-gritty. Details coming up in just a few minutes. Lose. Season, is done for this year but next, season they're going to be even fewer, moose, licenses. Not, few enough according to hunters like Dwight Blackwood. You. Welcome. Back to here and now a group representing, news hunters, in this province says the, moose quota just, announced, for next season is way too high. Dwight, Blackwood, of the Federation, of hunters and anglers believes. The most population, is headed for extinction, if government. Continues, to allow such a big quota I met, up with Blackwood, to talk about hunters, concerns. Well. Dwight Blackwood. Government, says, that your. Group and the Outfitters Association. Wanted, a reduction, in the number of moose licenses, they listen to you they cut it by almost, 2500. What do you make it out well they listened I guess something is better than nothing but by, enlarge the. Amount they reduce apart is very minimal, honey we've got still. 29,000. Plus licenses. They're. Basing, their, assumption, on that we have a population of 110,000. And I. Don't think anybody in the. New plant Association, of hunters and anglers and all, hunters, in general believe, that we have as high a population. Probably. More like 60 or 70 house well we'll get to the science part of it how you come up with that number in, just a moment but what. Is the ideal, number that, you would like to see the. Licenses. Drop by and why well, right now I think we, need at, least. 10,000. Reduction, because no. We think the population, is basically, crashed and. Where. We don't have science, where, we haven't. Done enough aerial, surveys, to determine the actual population.

By. Being conservative at. Least if we do the science do the aerial surveys, next year then. We have something to base our our, assumptions, on and if that 10,000. Needs to be reduced further or if it needs to be increased, so, be it right at least we can based on scientific, evidence so, you'd like to err on the side of caution in this situation. Well let's get back to the science then government. Said that. They did consider science, when, they made the reduction, of almost 2,500. This, year. Don't. They have the science no we, all know how much they cut back under, scientific, data through. Budget cuts now the, only science, they have as far as I know they. Do three to four aerial, surveys, per year and the, and the balance of it is basically coming from return, so hunters who, have been successful and they're seeing moose have. Submitted, to the government so you know, the, chance of error on that is so great it's unbelievable. Now you you gave an estimate of sixty. Or seventy thousand. Moose is what you and your group. Feels is out there but what science, do you base that we had no science, really I mean the, only basis on we. As hunters, were familiar with the woods what, we've seen over the years moose. Population. When science, was being done properly it. Peaked at about one hundred and forty thousand, animals now. By enlarge it, decreased, about one hundred and twenty thousand animals, nowadays. Based. On what we're seeing, you. Know just on that, evidence alone. We know it's far far less I'll give you an indication up, to Northern Peninsula you couldn't drive up there without seeing thirty, forty fifty moose I actually, counted fifty-eight, the 15 kilometer stretch one day. Probably. Eight or nine years ago but. Now you go up there you're lucky to see one I've driven from st. John's to, Port. Hope Simpson, in Labrador, and not. See, you want animal what. Do you think is the reason why government, is reluctant, to, drop. The number of licenses, either even, further where's, the pressure coming from I, think buying ours, majority. Of the pressure is coming from so Peck know they were formed, because the people who were being injured, and who were being killed in most vehicle, collisions some years ago and, they've. Gotten, the. Year of government for. Quite some time now obviously. We, all sympathize, with. People who. Have had. The, unfortunate circumstances. Of having an accident or being killed however, we, don't want the moose population, to become extinct, and if. This trend continues it, will become extinct, and and you really truly believe, that this, might happen to the most population, you know if you got sixty thousand animals. Or 70,000. Animals left you. Have 29,000. Licenses, that's. A huge chunk and one, of the telling, criteria, right now is that there are not many calves being born that's, the North American phenomenon until. Such a time that, that is determined. Why. There are no caste being born if you continually, killing moose, the. Numbers are going to drop to a Bismil low Loomis. Blackwood. We'll leave it there thank you, you're very welcome thank you for having me. So. Packed that's the group of course looking to reduce the moose population says. Moose hunting licenses, have been reduced in each of the past few years it, doesn't sit very well with them no not at all founder Eugene Nippert says if the government isn't going to put up fencing, along the highway it definitely should not be reducing licenses, and by the way there has been no reduction in moose licenses.

For Zones along the trans-canada. Well. Remember last night we introduced, you to the 31, come by chance coworkers, who are now millionaires. Al Antonia fired a bunch of questions at them I. Asked. Them are still taking the lotto almost, a full share of hands great. Celebration today. You. You. Let's. Meet, our young athlete, of the day she's only four years old but she's quite busy with an active, lifestyle. And great. Pink footwear brooklyn Tremblant is from pasadena and divides her time between soccer, swimming. And gymnastics. Anthony, has a pair just, believe. It or not for running. The. Weather update is brought to you by Beltone. Hearing service. St. John's helping. The world hear, better. Before. We get to the forecast let's go back to Labrador West and the, Kanes quest snowmobile, race last. Night over, 1600. People showed up at the lab West arena for Fan Appreciation Night. And they came to check out the riders the gear and of course the sleds. I. Watched. Them left the, lab and, it was pretty interesting. Was. It cool to meet them yeah go, team seasick. Finland. Yep. For. Them I think, the. Job of different. Said they only make tag link on. Finland. They. Don't make you more America so what, do you think about people, coming over wanting to talk with you when, to get their pictures taken. Bubbly. Bubble, remains because we are northern around from here, it's. Amazing that the way that the, long way that we came here it. Takes like you know 48 hours to come up here you know so finally. Made, it, I'm, glad the people are happy for that. What, do you like about him. What. Did you think is seeing all the racers tonight. That's. Great right, there, vent. For, sure, I'd. Love to do it although I think I'd last about a, couple. Hours. Just. Getting it started well for sure hurt yourself on the comet I know and, and, you know you think about not just the elements, but those, trails are not smooth. I mean, their bodies, go through a beating, over the next one seven eight days. The. Days are getting longer though oh it's, wonderful to wake up in the morning and it's bright and that's right so they won't have to drive in the dark quite as long as my segue to this graphic, which, is welcome, to March you, know we're just 11, days from the, clock springing, forward and when you look at this map. One, of the things that really stands out to me is Labrador. Will gain almost. To more, than two hours of daylight this month on the island gaining, about an hour and 45 minutes, over the next month you'll note that the sunrise, time doesn't really change for Saint, John's not at all in fact well, it will change and then it will of.

Course Jump, forward. And so we are going to be seeing really, the most of that, new, light, gained. In the evening, thanks to that spring forward of the clocks that is because, of that spring forward that's why the sunrise. Time is the same at the beginning of the month as it will be at the end of the month we've, been talking all about this onshore, flow and really why not because that is going to be the big weather story over, the next couple of days and you can see where it is setting up this, big blocking, high over Greenland that is the dominant, weather player the other big weather. Player is well. This is gonna be a bad storm for the northeast parts of the US talking, about perhaps historic. Flooding for places like Boston coastal. Areas are really gonna be hit hard as this. Storm moves, off the coast and really winds up into, a powerful weather maker we have weather, freezing. Drizzle, advisories, that is from st. John's to Rigoletto in case you missed it all along the coast of Newfoundland. And it's thanks to this again the front that's going to be moving from east to west very, rare to see this and that onshore. Freezing, drizzle with, temperatures rising on Friday we will change over to drizzle and it's a very similar setup for Saturday although, with flurries. Likely, in the mix early on temperatures, rise and then it's a better chance to seeing some freezing. Drizzle mixed. With drizzle into the afternoon where, temperatures, will rise above the freezing mark so Friday's, temperatures, from, 1, & 0 along, the coast who is warmest 3 or 4 for, places, like the southwest coast Labrador. Sitting near minus 3 a look at Saturday temperatures. Again gonna be right around the freezing mark freezing, drizzle chances early and then into the afternoon cloudy. Chance of a, period, of drizzle and we, are looking at along the south and west coast again a bit of sunshine in the mix maybe even some Sun for happy, valley-goose Bay Labrador City likely, just, mainly cloudy with flurries ances, but, really not much in the way of temperature. Differences, here across, the province and across the next three days where, we are looking at again more Sun breaks for the southwest coast two to four degrees there and right, near the freezing mark and winds are gonna be, strengthening. As we roll into the weekend. Time period the Saturday, Sunday time period as this big low moves, just to our south and that area of high pressure is off to the north pretty, good pressure, gradient between the tune so we have that relentless flow, it looks like we will see that system. At least skirt. Into our neck of the woods and over the Grand Banks and a bit of a messy mix rolling in for early next week and that is our first. Chance of a wind direction change will, really be Wednesday, moreso. Thursday into Friday of, next week and it looks like we could see a bit of a messy mix rolling in there but until. Tuesday. Almost. For certain that we have northeasterly. Winds on the menu, right across the province and you can see where temperatures are really on the rise some, good news for the riders of Caine's quest not, quite the risk of frostbite there is in other years more. Updates of course in the coming days Debbie thanks.

Ryan And national. And international, news tonight Russian, President, Vladimir Putin, boasted. About his country's, military might, today in a, lengthy, speech to supporters he. Unveiled a new generation, of nuclear weapons he, says can strike anywhere, in the world, Russia's, next, a presidential, election is a little more than weeks away the, CBC's, Moscow, correspondent. Chris Brown reports. Well. The speech Vladimir, Putin was giving today is almost like a throne speech in Canada or a State, of the Union speech, in the United States where you're meant to kind of lay out in, very broad terms the agenda, for the, next year, and I think a lot of people were expecting, him or at least they hoped he, would focus on issues involving the economy, sanctions. Have really crippled Russia's economy the growth rate here is anemic and. Certainly. For the middle class their. Incomes, have not been growing and economic, reforms, are badly needed, according. To many people who study the, economy here so that's what people, were geared up to hear from Putin after 18 years in power what, more can he do instead. After, spending, only a really a little bit of time on those issues he turned the corner in his speech and got, to the point you could see he was he was galvanized, over and that was talking about the military and that's when they came out with all these computer-generated. Images. Of new cruise missiles, flying over mountains, over the oceans, they can hit any targets, in the, world said, the, president putin with a nuclear warhead and they're basically an intercept. A ball they can't be stopped and a very, dramatic, very ominous. Message, he said for. The west as you tried to constrain, russia well that, failed you wouldn't listen to us but you have to listen to us now so. Lots of messaging, here the, fact he turned to the military, and this pre-election. Speech is very significant. And he didn't focus on the economy a lot, of Russians respond. To the military, and and and, Putin, is worried I think the Kremlin behind me is worried about voter, turnout, on Election Day after 18 years of the president there's a bit of sense of lethargy, from voters so, this may well galvanize. Voters. Here it may get them to come out and cast, ballots, which just, 18, 17, days before, the. Election, is, probably, really what the Kremlin was hoping for with, all this talk, ominous, talk again about the military, Chris. Brown CBC, News Moscow. How. Young is too young to go on a diet the, biggest and oldest name in the weight loss industry is getting an earful, about its plan to recruit teenagers, Weight, Watchers has, announced it will offer free memberships, to people between the ages of 13, and 17. Dietitians. Doctors, and eating disorder groups say that may do more harm than good health, reporter Vika doppio has the story, Caitlin, Edmunds was always a bit anxious about her weight, but then the pressures of University, and a sick mother at home led, her to drop pounds then, she was checked into the hospital I was, physically.

Unstable So. My, heart rate was, too low my blood pressure was too low Edmonds. Is preoccupation. With weight began as a teenager, and she worries about other teens who feel pressure to slim down I don't think that a diet, company, like Weight Watchers that's, not their place. Since. Oprah Winfrey became a major shareholder Weight, Watchers has, rebranded itself, as a company, teaching, healthy lifestyles, one that can help overweight, youth as young, as 13, they. Will have free free. Access. To Weight Watchers when, they join with an adult in summer. 18, helping. Those who need healthy, habits develop develop. Them at a critical life stage Weight. Watchers insists. It doesn't just focus on calorie counting, but rather healthy, eating and support meetings this, veteran, dietitian isn't buying it but, the kids are still coming in and the first thing that would happen is, that they would be weighed, on the scale, and, that's. The issue, weighing, kids, at that, point is not, what should be happening the, u.s. National Eating Disorders Association agrees. So, does a mounting, online, campaign, using, the hashtag, wake-up, Weight Watchers this. Pediatrician, says youth obesity needs, intervention but, he says any youth weight loss plan must consider, family history, ethnicity, and what stage, of adolescence a teen is in what, we're looking for is a healthy, rate, of weight gain as you, grow taller you have to put on more muscle bat mass you have to get, heavier so weight. Loss quite, often is not even, what we're looking for in teens we're looking for weight maintenance and have, the body grow into the weight weight, watchers' says that here's the criticism, and we'll consult health. Before launching the team program which, is still set to go ahead this summer, Vika topia CBC, News Toronto. There. Is more fallout from that deadly, school shooting in, Florida one, of Canada's, best-known sporting, goods retailers. Is joining a boycott, of Vista, outdoor, products Mountain. Equipment co-op says, it will stop selling this to owned brands. Such, as Bolle and Bushnell. Vista. Makes, guns, and ammunition. Including. A rapid-fire, semi-automatic. Rifle with high-capacity, magazines. Mountain. Equipment co-op doesn't, sell guns or ammo. But, tastes pressure from, co-op members to. Distance, itself from all Vista, brands. Canada. Steel makers on shaky ground tonight could be big news for iron ore in Labrador, and not, good news US President Donald Trump says he plans to impose new tariffs, on foreign steel, and aluminum, it'll. Be 25% for steel it'll. Be 10% for a little bit of. It'll. Be for a long. Time, now. It's not clear if the new US tariffs will be slapped on imported, products, Canada is the number one supplier of steel and aluminum to, the United States Steel. Workers in this country say tariffs, would decimate, the industry here. Beautiful. Shot here, after. Our recent snowfall, finally. A bit, of snow here, in the east and that's a big clue that this was taken now in eastern. Newfoundland, all right Wow yeah, threw me for a loop I'm, going west me, too, Bonavista. Close. But it does start with a B and that's the last clue you're getting. The. Answer after the, break. You. You. Well. Hope you've already finish your supper for this next story it involves, a ghostly, white figure, causing, a bit of a stir on kiddie, vide lake in st. John's yes. This, white morph, cheer Falcon joined a grey morph to dine on a fresh, Iceland, gull Clyde. Thornhill snapped these photos and he says to see these two birds up close is really. Exciting, for a bird watcher and photographer, like himself he was one of about, a dozen bird watchers, who rushed to kiddie vide after a flurry of excited, text, messages, the, juror Falcon is the world's, largest, Falcon.

And The white morph is rarely seen. Beautiful. Birds, yeah not too many people cheering for the goal though. Holy. The, Hindu festival of colours begins, today. The. Two-day celebration marks, the end of winter and the start of spring and on the first day of this event participants light a bonfire that represents, the triumph of good over evil. People. Then take to the streets dousing, each other with coloured powders, and water the, tradition, dates back to the 4th century. I. Could try that, looks. Like fun, warned. Or landy. And Polly Phillips. Made history. Today. They. Are the first same-sex couple. The whetted ought the iconic, Sydney, Harbour Bridge four years ago Orlandi, set his sights on climbing. To the top of the bridge but, he didn't think he could because he weighed about 800. Pounds 800, pounds and since then he has shed more than 400, pounds and he made that climb today with. His new husband. Let's, plate the client. All. Right nice been, lucky enough to be at that spot it is oh yeah so. Beautiful, there. I remember five. Or six years ago or longer yeah amazing spot yeah if you ever have a chance for sure it's, worth the jetway. Okay. Time, to shine a little light on you. Okay, uh we're, rather the cameo, appearance, he's made in a new music, video just have a look. Local. Comedian Vicky Mullaly singing. There and you probably saw her last night and if not you can check it out online who. Like many, of us is just begging Rhinestone for some sunshine. How. About it yeah. Well. No. Sunshine sorry. Vicky but, some great comments and happy to hear so many of you like the song cuz. Not. One for, singing but certainly Vicky is she. Did a great job, is she there Maggie on Facebook says she can't get rain fog sleet and snow out, of her head so well, done and. Eileen. On facebook, says love, it everyone, needs laughs during the long cold month, of March mm-hmm, and Christopher. Dunn says he got a stitch from laughing so much way, to go gang he writes yeah. There, you go it's kind of nice to lighten, things for. Sure definitely, laughing and stitches glad, that so many of you enjoyed it and if. The, weather holds like it is going to be over the next week well that can be the soundtrack and certainly, although. Not a lot of snow. There certainly will be some fog and freezing drizzle, and drizzle in the mix so we'll. Be keeping a close eye on that situation. There was a bit of Sun in the viewer photo today, aha alright and I, said. The clue from was Easter Newfoundland, it starts with Abby Bay, Roberts, Oh close. Bring. It oh, and. Hills. There it does look almost like a scene you see and on the west coast I was thinking the Humber River and all but I guess the hills aren't quite high enough, I've, never seen that River and Britta's like that or. The river saltwater, lion. I believe in perhaps, a freshwater, pond, maybe Briggs, Valley so I don't actually know mm-hmm. It's open water there though Greta. Canned yeah that's what I was thinking it was perhaps. You're. Right Debbie it probably, is a river if there's open water there maybe Greta can let us know on Facebook they posted. The picture and, you're always looking for more hey Bryan there's. A constant, stream there if you go to facebook.com. Slash Ron dots no dots, not know, my own name click on post a page and you see a constant, stream of folks, posting. Great pictures, from around the province it's fantastic, yeah keep, sending them especially if it's Birds ripping other birds apart like miles well. You know it balances off the beauty nature's, beauty.

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