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CBC NL Here & Now Thursdayy January 25 2018

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There. Are certain things that we would like to do which we simply are unable to do such, as fix roof windows. And plumbing, at healthcare facilities. Turns. Out we have the only flume tank in the Western, Hemisphere, from. Mexico, to the Marine Institute finding. A way to save the world's smallest porpoise. Ninety. Five year old Sarah Sexton. Reflects, on life-and-death, secret. Letters every day and what do you think I think, there's a wonderful place, waiting, it so I can get in oh. We. Have some flurries, in the mix over the next 24 hours the main theme though the cool temperatures, that will carry into Saturday, a bit of a messy mix for Sunday and then some unsettled. Weather for early next week the details, are coming up let's. Get to our top story we told you earlier this week about the millions, in maintenance requirements. That are not being addressed in our health care facilities. But where are those problems and why is that number so big once, again here now is Terry Roberts has the story, the. Buildings, are safe whether, they're efficient, is a completely, different question there's, no dancing, around it most, of our hospitals, and long-term care homes are old and crumbling. One. Hundred and fifty two million, in repairs that we just don't have the money to tackle, we have a very limited fiscal, capacity at, the moment so, we have to recognize, there are certain things that we would like to do which we simply are unable to do because, of. The. Money we don't have we'll, spend 23, million on repairs this year that, won't even cover the largest, single category of, deficiencies, the. Heating ventilation air conditioning systems. People, who build and maintain things, call it HVAC, total. Deferred maintenance about, thirty five million. Millions. More in deferred maintenance for, windows roofs. Building. Exteriors, the. Report detailing, all these deficiencies more, than 200. Pages millions. For everything from electrical, upgrades new.

Ceilings, Walls. Furnishings. Even. Floors and it's, clear there are some big problems with the plumbing more, sixteen, million to upgrade the water systems, at our hospitals, and long-term care centers, most. Of these problems, and the, cost at hospitals. In st. John's aging. Facilities, like st. Patrick's, the Waterford, and the, sprawling Health, Sciences, Center Hagee says the problem is proof that public-private partnerships. In health care delivery is a good option he. Says the new long-term care facility, in Corner Brook will be built and operated by the private sector with, maintenance costs, built into the agreement at, the end of 30 years we'll get a building that's up to code well, maintained, and. That. Cost is is, that, risk is borne, by, the consortium. That, put that building in place we, simply pay a regular. Payment Terry, Roberts CBC News Saint Jones today. At the and Norris murder trial the jury heard more about allegations. That Norris claims she was sexually assaulted as well, as more details about the violent nature of her victim, Marcel Reardon Norris, has admitted to killing ridden with a hammer in May of 2016, but. She says she isn't guilty because she was suffering from a mental disorder here. Now as Glen peut reports. Today. When one of an nurses, lawyers, Rosalind Sullivan, was cross-examining. The lead investigator, in the case constable. Ryan Pittman it came, out that in April of 2011. Norris, went to the police with, an allegation, she had been sexually assaulted, by a former, coach when she was in her teens Pittman. Told the court that it was an extensive investigation, but. It was suspended, after norris's parents, asked, that it be stopped, out of concern for her mental health then. Four, years later in April 2015. Norris, again went to the police claiming, a boyfriend, had drugged her and sexually assaulted, her Norris. Was on a short-term stay at the Waterford hospital, at the time she made the complaint her, father told the police his daughter was paranoid, and delusional again. No charges and just. Months later in September of 2015, she, told the police she, had been sexually assaulted by an ex-boyfriend, who broke into where she was living in Paradise, the, police concluded, there was no break in and said Norris was very mentally, ill. No charges, the. Defense has not said where it is going with this but has told the jury this trial is all about Norris's mental, state when she killed Marcell, Reardon, and also. Today three 9-1-1. Calls to the police about Reardon, were played two. Of them indicated, that Reardon, could be violent. I get. Officers there on Georgia Street you might want to send one to have the water see their subway there's, a homeless. Guy there or grapes, but her red red. Hoodie, red. Hood more or less is, causing, a fight there with one of the customers that homeless, guy was Reardon it was 3:30, in the morning, on May 8th 2016. Reardon. Would be arrested and released later, that day and, at, 5:00 p.m. on May 8th the same day another, call to 911.

At. Shamrock. City in downtown, st. John's. Throwing. The coins in February, yes. I'm. Not saying one but myself. Was. Downed by Sam I've seen his lowest rung Riordan. Wasn't arrested for being drunk that, time because, this woman Jessica peach who testified, today said, she looked after him, peach, admitted, that it was perhaps on that day that Reardon, had backhanded. Her in the face, she said it didn't bother her. The. Day following, those 9-1-1. Calls Norris killed Reardon, with a hammer she, put it and other items, into a backpack she, borrowed from peach and tossed, it into st., John's Harbor, Glenn, Payette CBC, News, st.. John's. 58. Charges, filed against, the owner of a buffing, company, on the Avalon, Peninsula have, been withdrawn the. English School District suspended, a contract, with Calloway Investments. Last January, when, the company was charged for allegedly displaying. False inspection. Certificates, service. And L inspectors. Alleged they found problems with brakes and emergency, doors on buses. That took 3,500. Students to and from 22. Schools today. In provincial court the nearly 5 dozen charges against, company, owner Jim, Calloway, were withdrawn. Meanwhile. The case against, Janet, Jones who operates, JJ, services. Which was charged, at the same time we'll, be back in court February, 7th, Jones, is facing, 58, charges, of unlawfully. Issuing, vehicle, inspection. Certificates. The. New superintendent, of prisons in the province has a lot, of on-the-job experience in, fact, he's coming out of retirement to, take on the new job Don. Roach spent 30 years in, adult, Corrections the the most of that time at her majority at her majesty's penitentiary. In st. John's he, worked as a duty. And training captain before being appointed superintendent. Of operations, in 2008. He, retired in 2013 now, the Justice Minister defends, the rehire, Inc saying that Roach is well respected among his peers and was, the best person for the job Roach, replaces, Owen Brophy who recently retired, after working in Corrections for 35, years. The. Province, is partnering, with community. Groups to offer free, legal advice, to victims of sexual violence, the, program, will offer up to four hours of advice to those 16, years of age and older they, hope to expand, that age to include younger, survivors, as well the, program will establish a roster, of lawyers who are trained to work with clients who've experienced. Trauma they'll. Be available to clients in person here, on the Avalon as well, as over the phone and by email the, legal support program, is set to receive. 250,000, dollars annually, over the next three years. Four, years but we've really noticed it in the past couple, of years is. Survivors. Are going into court and getting into this court process and it's difficult cross-examination. The whole court process, the. Accused have their lawyers we, have the crown who we know what their role is but they are not the lawyers for victims and victims feel alone like they're adrift so in this case these people will get specific, legal advice. Prior. To that all. Right time to talk about the weather Ryan is with us next to us he's always with us. Of course our minds, wandered, to the weekend, tomorrow's, Friday so how's, it looking that's right and again this is a busy, time of year lots, on the go especially, folks. And tournaments, and whatnot, lots. Of sports activities on the go, and of course we have to get, through sometimes. Some unsettled weather the good thing is this weekend looking pretty quiet we're certainly quiet but cold, Friday. Into Saturday some, flurries in the mix we'll talk about that the light snow moving into Labrador through the day on Saturday, that moves into Newfoundland for Saturday night but does change to some showers, on Sunday the, good news for you folks especially in the West doesn't look like those showers will add up to too much and we, will see temperatures not rising too much above zero and yes, unsettled. Early. Next week that's the best way to put it we'll break that down in the next of, course your long-range forecast, will dive, into the rain ice and snow that it does appear to be on the way for Newfoundland, quickly.

Weak, System passing east of the avalon tonight few, flurries in the mix may be enough to brush off the car in the morning on shore flurries the name of the game tonight in through tomorrow on the west coast of the island generally. Pretty quiet but again this is a cooler airmass funneling. In through Friday into, Friday night and temperatures really bottoming, out by. Saturday, morning and Saturday will, be a cold, one although, the good news winds relatively, light here comes our next system again into Labrador, and note, your timeline, here through Sunday we go from snow to mix, over, to some rain showers as temperatures rise above zero more on your weekend forecast in, detail, coming. Up in just a few minutes Debbie thanks. Ryan Marine. Atlantic has, finalized, its prices, for this year and next and, the end result, is that you'll soon be paying more to take the ferry from Newfoundland, to Cape Breton there. Is no increase, in the passenger, or vehicle, fares to cross between porta, Baskin North Sydney however. The cost of a ticket will go up because the fuel surcharge. Is increasing. By 3 percent, in April, Marine. Atlantic says, it is the first time it's raised the passenger, that. Fee. The. Passenger, fee in seven, years excuse. Me the extra money is needed, to help cover the, cost of using a more expensive marine, diesel, fuel that Ottawa. Made mandatory, tonight. Tourism, operators, are calling the increase, disheartening. Hospitality. NL says it will continue, to lobby Ottawa, to stop targeting customers, to, recover ferry, costs. With a flume tank at the Marine Institute is playing a role in international. Efforts to save a species of porpoise, that's on the brink of extinction there. Are only around 30, vaquita, porpoises, still left, in existence and the biggest threat to this small little animal is the type of gill net that fish harvesters, use to catch shrimp in the Gulf of California so, this week the flume tank is being used to test new designs of netting, that won't harm their small porpoise, population. The Marine Institute's, Paul winner explains. The project. We're. Desperately. Trying to find new ways to, catch shrimp in the upper Gulf of California. Many. People will know that there's an endangered, marine, mammal, in, the Upper Gulf of California called, the vaquita it's, the, world's smallest porpoise. It's, quite endangered, and, a lot of attention, is being focused on, trying to save the remaining, 30. Or so animals, and so. Part, of the problem is that this animal is routinely. Caught. As a bycatch, in. Fishing, gear so. A lot of groups including the WWF. The. The, federal government, of Mexico, in a Pesce even. The federal government of the u.s. NOAA. And here, in Canada and and the University of New Hampshire are, trying to find new ways to catch, shrimp, that, don't. Catch, vaquita, so we're looking for a, porpoise, friendly, fishing, technologies, the, Upper Gulf of California it's, quite a large shrimp and they catch, it with gill nets and of course gill nets are. Largely, invisible to porpoises, and that's, how they get, entangled and drowned, one of the helpful things is that the the, federal government of Mexico, is actually banned gill. Nets at the present time and. A lot of the fishermen, are actually are being compensated. To stay ashore, the, government can only do that for so long this. Week we actually have some, fishermen from Mexico, from the Upper Gulf of California from, San Felipe, who are here actually, studying the gear in the flume tank.

So, Some of the technology, we've been working on this week is more. Visible either. Or, audible. To, this vaquita porpoise, they can see it or. Hear it and then that way they avoid it so we're, looking at things that we can tow through the water or things, that the boat hangs on to called a syrup perronnette and so the boat tends, the gear we it stays with the fishing gear so it's more noticeable, to the porpoises, and they just simply stay away one, of the challenges, is this animal is is quite shy and cryptic. There's, no living animals, in, captivity and. So. Really the only solution we can find is something that's kind of fun on the water solution. Yes. The numbers are getting very low yes, the the attention. Is mounting, and now there's this international, committee that's kind, of focused, in on it so it is grave it, is quite a concern, there's, an expert, committee, of international. Gear technologists. That have kind, of zeroed in on this challenge, from as far away is as Sweden, and UK, the US, and Canada, they've identified a number of possible. Solutions, some. Of which in, order to perfect them they needed a flume tank and there's, only a small number of flume tanks in the world. Denmark. Australia France, Japan. China. And Newfoundland. Turns, out we have the only flume tank in the Western Hemisphere. So when, you're dealing with a challenge in Mexico. Even though Newfoundland seems like a long way away we're still the closest, flume, tank. That's. Great it is it is an interesting story and there's so much urgency needed. To. Protect this little animal yeah 30 of them left we have got stories this week on here now both the right whale being in danger now this poor little porpoise, was great to see Newfoundland technology maybe given, a little help. It's. Costing the town of Holyrood thousands, of dollars to replace pumps like this one because people here are throwing all kinds of crazy crap so to speak down their toilets.

You. You. Welcome. Back some people in Holyrood are flushing the wrong things down their toilets and that has the town flushing, away tens of thousands of dollars in repairs sewer. Pumps that should last thirty years are, burning out ages before they should I met, up with Holy Rouge chief administrative, officer Gary Corbett to plunge, into the problem. Right. Gary let's start off with what is it this thing behind us right here behind us right now we're at the location of the must, call the Duff's lift station which, is the process, for getting the sore, from the residential and business homes, on this section of town up to the sewage, treatment plant in. The center of town so, this is a pump of sorts this is a pump there's usually two pumps, in this Throwdown over five meters in the ground it's, gravity feds or into this and then the pump station pumps, it up to, the sewage treatment plant all right now there's a problem at Holyrood people. Are putting things down the. Toilets. That they should not be putting well what's going on well we're finding a lot of issues, with our pumps we, have four major. Lift, stations in town and we have three abydos pump, systems all of them seem to be experienced, in the same kind of, problems. And that is, usually. I mean the message sets that the mayor, and council in putting out is, I mean toilet paper is the, acceptable, product in in, the in. The toilets obviously, when you say the acceptable, product that, tells me that you're, seeing some unacceptable. Products well one of the things we're seeing a lot of is. The. Floor swiffers. The. Dusting, Swiffer, types, diapers. All, kinds. Of material. That's not going to break down in. The sewer system and the problem is car causing. In this lift station and. Others, is that it plugs, up the pumps and eventually. The pumps come to a grind and if, we don't get Public Works staff there in a reasonable time period we, burn out the pump this is costing you money well the two new pumps just for this lift station alone not, counting ala the other work that got to go with it it's, over sixty thousand dollars that's, all because people are putting things in the toilet they should not be well the lifespan of the pumps you know or somewhere, in 25, years thirty years plus and you. Know we're not the last number, upon so we've put, in a number of these lift stations haven't, lasted any number in a couple of years and it. Seems to be coming very very problematic, and where, the, mayor and council are asking for everybody's support. About. Residents and business to please be very careful what's, flushed down the toilets, what, what. Do you think a person would. Want, to actually put a full diaper down the toilet. I'm. Not so sure I don't know if I can answer that one after me it's, it probably, happens because it, may, have been an old habit of years gone but I'm not really certain, but. We do know there's so, many different varieties. Besides, the the clothing materials that I mentioned those types of things and synthetic products but, we get we've, had face cloths we've had towels we've had rocks. Towels. Like a full towel full, towel in there main, beats lift station we still haven't figured out how that one got in there and we've had some other you, know strange. Objects, and we don't know how to get in there and you. Know we make all kinds of assumptions but at the end of the day it, doesn't matter how to get in there but they will cause a problem in, the town's infrastructure. And as soon as you have a problem with the town's infrastructure, other residents, have problem because they might have backups, in, their homes and, everything else. Is. There no common, sense. Did. Say a couple. Years back they had a problem with bacon fat and grease and so they went on the campaign said don't stand that and he said people stop so now, stop, flushing, your beach towels and diapers so there, you go as you said the toilet is meant for toilet paper and toilet paper only. Keeping. You on your feet, the story of an Atlantic Canadian pioneer. Who kick-started. The non-slip. Movement. You. Trying. To outsmart nuisance, beavers in central Newfoundland, the trouble with beavers and archival. Special, at a new time Sunday. At noon and Monday, at 7:00. This. Weather forecast, has been brought to you by Newfoundland, and Labrador tourism. 5,000. Kilometres of groomed trails are waiting to be explored, and breaks winter today. Well. Here we are as I said Debbie mentioned earlier a lot of people making weekend plans it was a little colder out there today when I headed up but I thought it would be as a windchill nasty oh yeah, roller coaster, and temperatures, yes we've been talking about in. The name of the game from January. And certainly a lot colder right, across the board for.

The Island even a little bit colder for Labrador than we were 24 hours ago I love showing this map because it it, shows if you're out walking the dog this evening it's, a noticeable, difference in temperature, in Eastern. Newfoundland especially, at 12 degrees cooler this is your 24, hour temperature change map. So basically. Shows, the difference between now, and 24, hours ago there are where, temperatures, are sitting, -4, and st. John's minus 8 in Corner Brook minus 11, and happy valley-goose Bay Mont is 23, in Labrador City and yes Anthony bit of a wind out there as we take a look at the wind chill map it is feeling closer to minus 12 in st. John's minus. Teens into most. Of Newfoundland, and minus, 20 to 35. For. Inland parts of Labrador, why well the winds are sustained, in that, 30 to 40 kilometres per hour range easing. Through tonight and into tomorrow though is still a bit of a breeze especially, in Long coastal, or areas, Labrador. Winds have really backed off as well as our, latest storm, moves. Out into the Labrador sea out towards Greenland, the colder air is wrapping, in on the other side of this system temperature is cool tonight and, certainly. Over st. John's we're gonna be dropping down to around minus, 8 by tomorrow morning sunrise at 734. And will, be pretty cold through the day tomorrow - for wind chill values be closer to the - double digits with those westerlies, in there sunset, by the way at, 452. We're gaining, right, now about, two and a half minutes. Give. Or take a few seconds, across, eastern. Parts of Newfoundland and across most of Newfoundland right now even a little bit more through Labrador, now as we take a look at your future tracker we've got those onshore flurries, tonight along the west coast that. Continues, into Friday morning 2 to 5 centimeters possible, especially areas Corner, Brook and south, weak. System passing east of the avalon as I mentioned earlier may, bring a trace to a, couple, of centimeters at the very, most for the southern shore eastern, parts of the Avalon to dust off the car by Friday morning otherwise it's pretty, quiet out there winds, will continue, to ease but still some gusts in the 40 kilometer per hour range even 50, along the west coast by tomorrow morning with those onshore flurries thereíre morning.

Temperatures, As you head off to work or to the bus - 30 to start the day in Labrador. City wind chill values to be closer to that minus 40 range when the wind does pick up now, for Friday afternoon again, expect the clouds to dominate, but some Sun in the mix across the island much more Sun on the menu for Labrador, as we, work throughout the day on Friday, winds. Still gusting near 40 temperatures, in the - 3-4 range, for the avilon of the beer and tomorrow highs near minus 6 for central parts of Newfoundland and steady, near that minus 8 range with those onshore flurries, continuing, along the West Coast - 11 to 12 for the northern peninsula the southeastern, parts of Labrador, and highs in the - 20 to 22, range for, you folks in Labrador western, Labrador that is now as we roll towards the weekend still. A chance of an onshore flurry, for st. Johns and the northeast coast into Saturday but Saturday, is a very quiet day on the island a great travel, day if you have some plans snow, building in the Labrador, through, the afternoon on Sunday, there are your highs again a very chilly day across the, island highs in the - 6 to minus 7 range for. Most of Newfoundland a little bit warmer along the south coast our next system will spread in for, Saturday night into Sunday and, note Sunday, morning a little bit of light snow and it's a changeover to some rain showers and, drizzle into, the afternoon winds will be in from the south and a little on the breezy side this, will be lingering flurries, through Labrador, our temperatures will edge up closer to the freezing mark in the southeast, for the straits into, the 2 to 4 degree range across most. Of Newfoundland. Unsettled. Next week we'll talk about that. Coming up in a couple of minutes looks like we'll have some snow, some, ice some, rain, and. Yes it. Is the season isn't it where ice is on the menu it definitely. Is it, I I'm, so tentative going, out to the driveway in the morning that that I don't slip and fall and how, about you guys well. I find personally that with one. Kid in this arm if one kid in this arm, Palace. Is, actually pretty good. And. If they have big winter coats on there's a bit of cushion there you know. Well. There is a handy-dandy kind, of footwear that you might know storm treads or crampons, and that has nothing to do what they're flushing out in Holyrood those, are those those. Bits of shoes with the wire spike, kinds of pairs. One with big changes. One. With big chains and others that are a little, more subtle change, depending. On whether you want the rest of your outfit or the snow conditions. Boob. On I I'll. Bet you don't know I certainly didn't know this at one of the pioneers, who actually developed this handy Footwear which sells very well right around all the cold northern countries, is a Canadian Katherine Harris has that story. Some. Go on easier, than others. Ashley. Kenney Emma McArthur, and Brianna, Hicks, are trying out different types. Of anti slip dreads well, they were a little hard to get on because you gotta like stretch them a lot yeah. The bottoms are like. Like. Cleats those were the Fredericton, made once and what these women don't know is that, they were among, the first to, stir up the market. Peter. Baldwin is the retired, owner of icers Inc he's back, we are under the gun because we have to get it through these orders out and the, company scaled back its workforce, because sales were slipping, and when the oil patch went down it. Hit us hard so right, now we're kind of. Coming, back in, the late 80s Baldwin, and Russ Hanson, went into business a car, accident had, permanently, damaged, Hanson's, right side that, made walking outside in the winter often, impossible, he. Dreamed up the super-soul, and with, sheer determination they. Created, a company, one. Of its biggest clients. Became, the post office, it, started getting out there, then everybody climbed, on the bandwagon that. Ate away a good portion of their market later as cheaper. Sleeker. Non-skid. Treads slipped. Into the market, we kind of made a heck of a lot more money, gone. To China but, icers Inc didn't move its operation, to China and. Continued. Having the souls manufactured. In Massachusetts. The rest assembled, in Fredericton, it, recently made a deal with Lee Valley tools, Roz, Hansen passed away last year, almost. Seven people I've ever met he. Swore he'd never get in the wheelchair and he never did, he, walked even. On the most treacherous surfaces. Catherine. Harrop CBC, News Fredericton. I. I. Think we can't live without a sense of the OMA and that's, just one life lesson, from Tommy sexton's mother Sarah.

You. Welcome. Back Alexis, I stumbled upon 10 in the cafe this morning he seemed quite taken with the northern woman if, he's still dating Heather Alexis. Came by this morning and, was really, adamant, that we go out tonight sometimes, in, life and in love Rick must. Be taken. The. Hyundai Tucson can. It keep you from hibernating, this winter well. We. Gave it all wheel drive so, you can go anywhere, with confidence. Standard. ADA front seats so, you stay toasty, apple. Carplay sir. You're connected, and, we, backed our quality with one of the best warranties in Canada, get into any Hyundai, SUV, with known charge all-wheel drive during the I love, winter events that's the, age factor. No. Worries, no, problems no. Hassle, when it comes to tax preparation, bcj. Tax Center has, all the answers, professional. Reliable, and fast, it comes, from years, of experience it's. A matter of figuring, out the tax puzzle and, we make sure all the pieces fit, bcj. Tax enter the, total tax solution. Closed. Captioning, is brought to you by, Rowbotham. Makai, Marshall if you've, been injured in an accident make. The call. Welcome, back to here and now she. Is a well-known local, AIDS, activist. A role Sara Sexton, a fell into after, the death of her son Tommy, from AIDS more, than 20 years ago. Tommy. Sexton, was a larger-than-life, entertainer. The. Frontman with a wonderful grand band, losing. Her son was a devastating, blow but it focused, Sarah's resolved. To make a difference, in other's, lives as. Driven. As she's been in raising money for AIDS research and. Establishing. The Tommy Sexton, Center, Sarah, is pausing. Today to, reflect and, to, have some fun it's, her 95th. Birthday she. Invited me to her home this afternoon. Happy. Birthday, Sarah Sexton. Thank, You Debbie, how, does it feel to be 95. Years old. You. Know it feels pretty good because, when I look back I, have. Good memories, and. You know when. You're alone my, memories, are a great help, to me I have. Every. One of my brothers on a picture, over there I had, nine brothers and. They're. All gone ahead of me I'm the only one left of the 11, I have. One sister we. Were very close and I, kept in touch with her till she died she. Was 99. No no, and she just passed away just passed away yes in November, so what. Keeps you going what. Excites. You these days and keeps you going well. My, family, mostly, they're all so good to me you know I I, don't expect, it but, they do every. One of them you know and and. They have a great sense of humor, and I I think we can't live without a sense of you we. Must be able to laugh because. It's. So, you. Know it's, like a cure being able to laugh heartily. Is. That, what gives you the, most pleasure these, days or is there something else that you're involved with that really. You love well. I love. Being involved with, the AIDS people. This. Is a big thing. In my life and, you. Know that's what I do now I, need. Dishcloths, and. I send him over to my daughter and, she sells them and I. Keep my brain going, playing. Scrabble, with Sara and crib. With the rest of them you're. Very lucky to have family, around you, oh and, and, Sara when you look back, 95. Years what. Life. Lessons do, you think you've learned. Well. I've learned to be very patient, I, wasn't. Patient when I was a small child, because. I was a girl. Among many men, and, I, had to stand, up for myself I, was. But. I, think I've learned a lot of tolerance for. For. An awful, lot of stuff in this world. Because. I I can't, be a part of the smart world I I'm. Not fast enough for any that. Thing. They do and so. I don't even try to get.

Into It and I've, learned this. Your. Hands, are so important. To you I look. At them and I say boy they've. Been through a lot I. Want. To ask you about as, you, look ahead I, mean the clock is ticking for you oh yeah you got fewer years. Ahead then you certainly do behind do you ever think, about, your. Dying and about. Dying I think about it every day and what do you think I think, there's a wonderful place waiting if I can get in. I'm. Hoping they'll accept, me and, besides, Tommy, is up there, and. I know we even got Tommy, make. Even God laughs. How. Important. Has your faith been, to, you look. Debbie, I'm. Being truthful when, I say it's the biggest part of my life even, when I was a child and. I thank. God every, day for how. Good my life has been do you know I've, missed more. People, than, the bad ones there's only a few and I never think of them cuz. I have one prayer that says pray, for the person, you like least I can't. Find anyone. Well. That, brings me to today, to, the celebration. Of your life 95. Years and you're going to have a party, tonight well we're going down bowling. I love, bowling. I don't, know if I get it haunted or I'm happy with myself I'm not looking forward to 200. But. All, my children, and grandchildren are. With me and and. They, really, enjoy you, know sarah, sexton it's always. A pleasure to speak with you happy. Birthday again yeah, joy, your family, and your bowling. And dancing, been wonderful, Debbie, yeah. That's. So sweet, she, is and you've had the pleasure of being in her company yes and her children then the Sexton is certainly a force to reckon with I guess Scrabble. And bowling go key. To longevity, speaking, of bowling, we're gonna check in at the bowling alley to see how Sarah, is doing it will usually be 100, and, her. Daughter Mary. Sexton, is going to join us now we're, just having, it oh there she is, I was, Mary and a Sarah so, how. Are things going Mary. They're. Going very well mom's already got 12 and I actually haven't had a turn yet so she's, beating me already, and. How's. Her form tonight she said she's looking maybe, to get a hundred.

Well. She's, usually pretty good she's. In, in the past she's actually beat them at most of us but. You know she takes her time and make sure that she had she, has her proper stride. We're. Just seeing a some video of Sarah, getting ready to throw the, ball down the alley. Yeah. Wow. The first goal issue I didn't, do as well as she had home. Free. Straight shooter. My, goodness. That. Is something. Married. When we were talking with your, mom, this afternoon, she she was talking, about how, important. Her. Family, is to her but I want to know how important, your, mother is to, you and, all your siblings and the rest of the family. Well. I I, am, blessed we are blessed to have mom with us and as, I say to mom she can't go anywhere yet, I'm not ready for her to go so I'm, really hoping that she's gonna live to at least a hundred, at. Least a hundred and. She's. Very important, to us because family. Is everything to mom and we make a point of getting together as a family, and you, know we both like as we used to say mom stamped, us all at Birth and we all look alike we all hang out together and we enjoy each other's company and, we have a good laugh and that's what, family, sticks together well. Thanks very much Mary and I think your mom is anxious, to get back and. Justin, bowler age tonight I think. Thanks. Turning, my turn okay, thanks. For checking in Debbie thank you bye. Well. Let's meet our young athlete, of the day this is nine-year-old, cadence, Maloney, of Grand Falls Windsor, cadence, is currently, in her third year of figure skating and recently competed in the snowflake, skate tournament where she won silver she. Also enjoys bowling, there you go and, volleyball, great. Work cadence you're today's young athlete, of the dip, the. Weather update is brought to you by Beltone. Hearing service. St. John's helping. The world hear, better. She. Could beat me. Last. Time we're bowling everybody, was saying you should get those inflatable. Bumpers, along the side really. Do. You know she told me that she's been having a bowling. Birthday, party for the, last 20, years she. Loves it working and you can see how active. She is it's, fantastic, happy. Birthday and why. Don't we start with a little bit of weather, and with the North, American temperatures, and we've, been talking about that too all-important. Jetstream where we're gonna be seeing things line, up for, next week we'll be off, the, eastern seaboard and into. Our neck of the woods and, you can see where that jet is right. Now most. Active, and that'll be where it's active early, next week as well as we see a, system, developing, along this frontal. Boundary that'll be stalled out there we'll talk about that coming up in just a minute there's the where the low was yesterday is now actually pushed off to the north as that. Graphic, should have reset for me now as we take a look at your timeline, over, the next 24. Hours to, 48 in fact to note, those onshore flurries, that continue here along, the west coast 2 to 5 centimeters tonight by, the time we get to tomorrow morning maybe a little bit to dust off the car on the avalon as well as the system brushes. The avalon it's well offshore but, its outer edge may bring, enough for a trace to a coating, now as we roll into the saturday time period we are gonna be seeing again some of those onshore flurries continue in the morning but of a break into the afternoon and here comes our next system tracking in with some snow so.

That Is gonna be the name of the game for Saturday, afternoon, quick look at Friday minus. 4 to minus 8 on the a little bit warmer towards. The Burin Peninsula minus 3 there minus 22, in Labrador. City and for Saturday minus 6 or 7 for most of the island from. St. John's to Corner Brook a little bit milder along the south coast but, overall. Saturday. Is a cold one for sure you don't want to bundle up and note Labrador, City a little bit milder than, the East is temperatures, are rising there in that southwesterly, flow and, that's, the same flow that will then move into, Newfoundland. For the, Sunday time period with some showers and you can see where we are gonna be mixing over to some shower activity through. The day on Sunday temperatures rising into that 2 to, 4 degree, range as I, mentioned earlier now watch the setup here for next week there's our big frontal, boundary this is gonna be the low that develops forecast, models still trying to nail down exactly when. It develops, and how strong. It becomes when, it does latest. Thinking appears. That we'll see snow and, ice and then eventually rain backing, into eastern, parts of Newfoundland first central. And western Newfoundland better chances, that you'll stay snow with this system I think we will see a boundary, of some ice pellets and freezing rain in the mix, here but, odds. Are right now that the Avalon will change over to rain eastern, parts of Newfoundland and then, Central West more of a snow story possibly. Even up into eastern parts of Labrador, as well as that, system slowly, departs, so the. Name of the game here were shower, and flurry activity for, Sunday although pretty light and then Monday, turning. Unsettled, Tuesday, Wednesday really, the days to watch next week for a potential. System, that's going to be tracking through and in the Labrador looking pretty quiet over the next seven though that potential. Snow later Saturday into Sunday although light and then cold, is the name of the game with that potential snow in the east through mid next week Anthony. Thanks. Ryan developing, news out of Ottawa tonight federal, sport and disabilities, Minister Kent hare has resigned, from cabinet, it comes following allegations of sexual misconduct made, against him a woman, in Edmonton says he made sexually, suggestive comments, to her and many, other women while he was a provincial, minister in Alberta, reporters. Asked the prime minister about the accusations, earlier today before, Justin, Trudeau left the World Economic Forum, in Davos Switzerland. Really. Important, to believe and support, any. Woman who comes forward with allegations, of, sexual harassment or or sexual. Assault and, that's exactly what, my. Government and myself we do these, aren't the first allegations, of wrongdoing by, hair last, year he was accused of making insensitive. Remarks to thalidomide survivors. And of, speaking, in a condescending. Manner to a woman, who was fighting, for maternity, benefits hair. Later acknowledged, that his comments, are sometimes brash and, insensitive. In August he was demoted from Veterans Affairs and given, the sports and disabilities, portfolio, and as I mentioned about ten minutes ago haier resigned, from, cabinet pending, the, completion of, an investigation. And. Still with major shake-up, in Ontario, politics, Patrick, brown has resigned as leader of the Progressive, Conservatives. Amid, allegations of. Sexual misconduct. Allegations. Are. False. Categorically. Untrue. Every. One of them I will. Defend myself as. Hard as I can with. All means at my disposal the. Allegations, were made by two women, and date back several, years to Browns time as a federal, MP both. Were teenagers when, Brown allegedly, made, unwanted, sexual advances. Brown, stepped down late, last night after, six key aides including his chief of staff resigned. His, departure gives, his party little opportunity. To recover before, Ontario, goes to the polls on June 7th, and. Reaction, to that has been Swift all of Ontario's, major parties, held news conferences, at the legislature, Queens Park and here's some of what was said would. Say to those young women that they. Were very brave and I I want, to I acknowledge. That, that. It was very courageous for them to step forward didn't, I have to say I was pretty disgusted by what I heard in terms of their story and, and yes I mean these are allegations but. I think it's incumbent upon all of us to take those allegations seriously. Clearly, it was a shock. None. Of us knew about what the allegations, were we're, if there were going to be any allegations. And. Last night. To. Nova Scotia now, where the PC, party is in a very similar situation to.

Ontario's. Conservatives. Its leader, forced, out over, allegations of, inappropriate behavior. Sources. Health CBC News the allegations, involve a female staffer, in the caucus office. Jamie. Bailey, stepped down yesterday, at the behest of the party it, had arranged, an independent. Investigation. Into the allegations against. Him and found, that he dilated. A House of Assembly policy. On harassment. In the workplace. There. Are already more than 20,000. Confirmed cases of the flu across, Canada this season the effects can range from discomfort. To severe illness but. Ontario, study suggests there could be an even bigger risk researchers. Have found a significant, connection between influenza. And heart attacks in older adults especially the, week after they initially catch or get infected with the flu Christine, Burak has the details. Isolated. In intensive, care 65. Year old Dwight lemare recalls, the moment, everything. Went black I get up to go to the bathroom I didn't. Make it I got as far as the door and, then, things started spinning and, out. Of control he. Collapsed, his daughter called, 911. A, of, heart trouble lemare, knew something, wasn't right it, was just a cough and. Every, time you know I coughed. Affected. My heart his. Cardiologist believes. Lemare, had the flu which, caused his heart to fail, while. Doctors, have long suspected, it a large new Canadian, study published. In the New England Journal, of Medicine has, found a significant. Association, between. Lab, confirmed, flu cases and, heart, attacks you're six times as likely to have a heart attack during. The week after, being, diagnosed, with influenza. Generally. Flu symptoms can cause inflammation, in, the body all, that swelling, can irritate, the walls of your arteries, if they're lined with plaque buildup, swelling, can cause a plaque, blockage, preventing. Blood from flowing to the brain or heart, causing. A heart attack or, stroke, some. People have lower risk a heart attack and some people are a higher risk for heart attack but, anyone. Is basically as six times, increased, risks this is a big deal I think that this really hammers home that it's time to do something dr.. Jacob you Dell treated, la mayor he. Says healthy people don't usually end up in hospital with the flu but, that a flu shot can go a long way toward, protection, if you can get something for protection, I would definitely advise it lemare. Says he got the shot even though it didn't keep him out of the hospital this time he.

Knows His heart needs, all the help it can get the bottom line is that boost my, immune system I'm. Happy, with that Kristine, Burak CBC, News Toronto. Scientists. Say the Doomsday, Clock is now 30 seconds, closer to midnight the clock first used in 1947. Is a metaphor, to measure how close we are to destroying. The world, today. The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists. Moved the time to 11:58. P.m. the. Group says the danger of a possible, nuclear catastrophe is, greater than it was during the Cold War and they, say the decision was influenced, by heightened, tensions, between the United States and North, Korea. Our. Viewer picture of the day was taken, today, this. Is somewhere. Along, the, Bonavista Peninsula, oh I, wasn't, going there at all in. Your name we're. No. But, it is a beautiful, picture the colors, are gorgeous. All. Will, be revealed after the break. You. You. Buzzer. Wind down here and now we're going to show you what a quick turnaround and construction, looks like this, train station in China was built in just nine, hours that's right nine hours, it, took 1,500, workers seven, trains and twenty-three diggers to complete, the project that is remarkable. The station, will be a main transport. Point, for, the high-speed railway. Connecting, southeast, regions, of China to, central, parts of the country right could have use them at Muskrat Falls the rest of the line is still under construction but if this is any example it's, not going, to take much longer look. At that all in a day's work it's. Incredible. Wow, they, get things done that's amazing, a. Lot. Of effort yeah. A. Little bit of coordination yeah make sure everybody, is on the same page, and not trying, to do the same task Wow. Great, video yeah okay, our viewer. Picture of the day was a great one today and it was taken today and yes. I explained. Before the break it was east. Of the. On. The east side of the abano just. East of the, port Rexton area and chant. Meas West. Days. Beach this is a. New. Beach, for me that I have just learned about today Evelyn, Johnson thank you very much a beautiful. Spot there looks like a great, place to go for a hike along, I thought you were gonna say a swim, no, it's, too cold maybe we created a few months. Nice. Shot great thanks Evelyn thanks so much bring. On summer sometimes, I guess yeah that's right feel, the heat look at there yeah that's, our program for tonight have a great night come back tomorrow, good, night everyone see you tomorrow. Nice. You.

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